25 May 2012

Rosell said "all we want this to end well"

Sandro Rosell has said in Madrid on Friday, hours before the running of the Cup final between Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao at the Vicente Calderón, who "all want this to end well," meaning that the party will be the last with Pep Guardiola the azulgrana bench.

Rosell added that "players, fans, club directors are confident to win the title Pep offer it to the culmination of an extraordinary step. FC Barcelona president also stressed that" we have come with the hope of winning. And then vacation. "

Sandro Rosell has predicted a possible outcome for the meeting tonight, but stressed that "I always think we will win, but sometimes can not be. I think we will win this final." (via MD)

The first team is already in Madrid

The group led by Josep Guardiola is already in Madrid land, where tonight will face the challenge that is the final of the season: the finals of the Copa del Rey.

The expedition left Barcelona at Camp Nou the esplanade at 10.15 hours to the airport of El Prat, where shortly after 11 am taken off the plane that was to move it to its destination. In addition to the coaching staff and players will be in Madrid president Sandro Rosell, vice president Josep Maria Bartomeu, Jordi Cardoner, Javier Faus and Carles Vilarrubí, and members of the Board Sue Monk, Antonio Freixa, Jordi Moix, Eduard Coll, Jordi Mestre, Javier Bordas, Pilar Guinovart, Ramon Pont, Joan Bladé, Dídac Lee, Silvio Elias, Manel Arroyo, Josep Ramon Vidal-Abarca and Ramón Cierco.

Although originally scheduled to travel all staff except Abidal, has finally seen fit to Dani Alves, who has felt pain in his right collarbone, remember that the player was involved in a fracture in this area on 16 May-to stay in Barcelona to rest.

The plane has been moved to the Barça squad to Madrid has landed at the 12:25 hours. Once at their destination, the group has led directly to the team hotel, where it will be up when moving to the Vicente Calderón stadium, where from the 22 hours will face Athletic Club Bilbao. After the match, the team will spend the night in Madrid and will undertake the journey back to Barcelona tomorrow, Saturday, at 12 hours. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Selection] Dorsal of the Spanish Selection

You can see the numbers that will carry twenty-man squad for the National Team Absolute, which could challenge the international friendly against Serbia on Saturday in Saint Gallen and against South Korea in Bern. (via RFEF)

1-. Casillas
2-. Albiol
3-. Monreal
4-. Javi García
6-. Juanfran
7-. Soldado
8-. Bruno
9-. Torres
10-. Beñat
11-. Negredo
12-. De Gea
13-. Mata
14-. Alonso
15-. Ramos
16-. Adrián
17-. Arbeloa
18-. Domínguez
19-. Isco
20-. Cazorla
21-. Silva
22-. Navas
23-. Pepe Reina
24-. Jordi Alba

Fernández Borbalán: A 'whistle' authentic

Fernández Borbalán noted for his iron control.
It was adjudged him the finger in the eye of Mou to Tito, whom the Luso called "Pito".

David Fernández Borbalán, international collegiate Andalusian 38 years and businessman by profession, will be responsible for dispensing justice tonight. His appointment somewhat calmed the troubled waters in which the subject moved arbitration this season. Borbalán is one of the highest rated category and known for its tight control of the game, a style that is very different from what will be his fourth official today, Mateu Lahoz, famous campaign by the praise he received from José Mourinho.

Among his most notable precedents are both classical it has taken this campaign, the finger in the eye of Mourinho to Tito Vilanova (3-2 for Barça) - "Pito" to Mou-andLeague at the Bernabéu (1 -3 for the culés). It was also the referee whistled the first league match of Pep Guardiola, in which Barça fell 1-0 to Numancia. Will thus that welcomed and dismissed Guardiola. As blur more important is the match between Ray Vallecano and Real Madrid, where he saw Sergio Ramos elbowed by Diego Costa, who was a penalty and expulsion.

Numerically, has led to Barça in La Liga 17 times, with a record of 14 wins and 3 losses. Athletic has whistled 18 times, with 7 wins, 8 draws and 3 losses. He has refereed two games between the teams, both in San Mamés, with a win for everyone (3-1 and 1-3).

His way of arbitrating goes through a basic concept, that of game control. To get there, the college has a way to prepare. Considered basic plot as a tolerance level for the two rivals both coach and disciplinary.

As explained in a report, he likes to study before the game how come the two teams and see if they have a history of problems between them. It also identifies those players that can hurt or because simulate actions or because they cause many faults on the edge of the warning or expulsion.

These things put together with his assistants and tells them to line judges what are the players that they can cause more problems in offsides.

Once the shock has begun, the Andalusian introduces the concept of open and close the tap. It's about letting the game flow or not. To do this, you must have a proper test of the advantage rule and disciplinary sanctions. When the shares are very on edge, it is not advisable very smoothly and does a proper card use. It is clear ideas. (via MD)

The other hat trick from Messi

Argentina's is good at the Calderón, is good at the Athletic Club and moves like a fish in water in the end. At last comes the final.

Barça tonight dispute last game Josep Guardiola on the bench and is a duel to remember: the final of the Copa del Rey against Athletic Club. With another title on the line, Leo Messi lead the best possible equipment that may present at this time the Blaugrana in a stadium, the Vicente Calderón, who is good at.

The Argentine is a life insurance look at it: he has scored nine goals at the Vicente Calderon eight with Barça, one with Argentina, fifteen goals in the final twelve he has played as Blaugrana first team is not able to play other what has made three other nine in direct confrontation against the Basque side: six in the League, two in the Super Cup in Spain and one in the final of the Copa del Rey 2009.

Barça defend their nest in the competition the winners of 25 titles by 23 of the rojiblancos have the best team that can occur in those that are not too far from the eleven that many would consider ideal.

Jose Manuel Pinto is the keeper of the Copa del Rey since Guardiola became the first team and will be the last. With it, the blaugrana have played two finals and won one. Is the line of defense that raises some doubt due to heavy losses to be covered. Absent Alves, Puyol and Abidal, Piqué and Mascherano are called to be basic.

If Pep commitment to line four, Catalan and Argentina comprise the central axis, with Montoya and Adriano on the full-backs, if the end has a line of three, most likely it is that Brazil remains in the eleven.

The midfield holder during the cycle of have integrated Guardiola Busquets, Xavi and Iniesta. The three were able to regain strength in recent weeks and hence, under normal conditions, Pep present this midfield that combines touch and defensive balance. Another option is that, in defense of three, set a diamond in which Cesc would be located at the top of it, alternating with Leo Messi in the nine false position to take advantage of the arrival area and the ability to shot from Fàbregas.

As for the front, Alexis Sánchez and Pedro and Andres Iniesta in the case to bring forward its position to the left wing seem chosen to accompany Leo in the attack. As in the case of his companions, Chilean and Tenerife have been able to hone their fitness and arrive in top condition. Just like a Messi with 72 goals this season has blown all records scorers. This night can increase these records but have already secured, of course, the second Pichichi, the second Golden Boot trophy as the fourth top scorer in the Champions League.

It seems a match for the Praetorian Guard for Guardiola, who make up the core of Pep Team, always at the expense of Santpedor coach Marcelo Bielsa try to surprise a student of rivals, with some tactical variant introducing any grown players. The last charge to try to add the title fourteenth of nineteen possible. Figures of legend. (via SPORT)

Cesc wants to Van Persie at Arsenal ... or at Barça

Arsenal's Dutch forward Robin van Persie has called the attention of several major European after the great season that has caught on in the club gunner.

The Dutchman has highlighted the campaign in London and is the subject of desire for clubs like Barça, Madrid, Manchester City and Juventus. The English team manager, Arsène Wenger, is aware of the importance of the Dutch player in the template, as this year scored 30 goals in the Premier League, which helped much do what that Arsenal had just the league in third position . But Van Persie progress would also have a very negative impact for the Gunners fans, who last summer and looked like it was his captain, Cesc Fàbregas, eventually signed for the club. In fact, if the player Arenys de Mar, his transfer had been negotiating the previous summer, but finally the Catalan was one more season to Wenger orders.

Indeed, the current Barça player was expressed about the continuity of Van Persie at Arsenal. Cesc Dutch forward recommended not to leave the London club, only to admit that he should make landfall in the ranks Blaugrana. But that in no case leave the club to finish in any of the other teams were interested in him. "As an Arsenal supporter I am, I would like Van Persie to stay at the club to help Arsenal to win trophies," said Fàbregas. Van Persie, 28, is going through the prime of his football career and, although it still has a year contract with Arsenal, the player must consider what path will take.

Moreover, Arsène Wenger will do everything she can get her hands to retain the figure of his team, which has already offered to Robin Van Persie a new contract that would collect 130,000 pounds a week, and a plus 5 million pounds if the player renewing his contract with the London club. (via SPORT)

Schalke and the City come for Alves

The first deals by Dani Alves are starting to get FC Barcelona that came from Germany and England.

The player of FC Barcelona, Dani Alves, is one of the objects of desire of the market for 2012 and offers the player has begun to reach even without FC Barcelona season officially concluded.

Manchester City has been quick to contact the FC Barcelona to put on the table a bid for Alves, with economic data of 15 million euros and the inclusion in operating the Serbian full-back Kolarov.

Also from Germany, as reported by 'Esports Cope', has come an offer from Schalke 04 to try to gain the services of the player but environment Dani Alves, is not aware of the interest aroused by the player. (via SPORT)

Joan Laporta: "Esperanza Aguirre sometimes what comes out"

The former FC Barcelona president Joan Laporta has said that the president of the Community of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre, has "tics authoritarian."

As indicated in a press conference today in the Catalan parliament member and former president Joan Laporta's Barça, "would have to explain to Esperanza Aguirre who, though she does not like to have citizens who whistle the national anthem of Spain and the monarchy, "there is a basic right recognized internationally and in the Spanish Constitution is freedom of expression."

According to Laporta, trying to prevent display a gesture of protest, Esperanza Aguirre notes that "has some authoritarian tics are inappropriate for a Democrat." "This perhaps someone can be shocking, but now people like her who profess a very stale Spanishness Democrats are dressed, but then show that in reality are as they are," added Joan Laporta, is that "however much put on liberal Democrat, he has said, sometimes you get what it is. "

According to the president of Barça, "Esperanza Aguirre's belief that if you whistle are bad and if you do you are good is typical of totalitarian thinking as hobbies have every right to express the world as they wish, and sport is also political unity as political sentiments. ""Let not exclaim both sport and politics mix, because it occurs throughout the world and nothing happens," he noted.

In your opinion, what should not do Esperanza Aguirre to divert attention from "management mistakes" in the government of the Community of Madrid is "fueling the conflict" in Catalunya and Euskadi in Spain, in what is considered "a new slip "due" hopefully the last. " (via SPORT)

Esperanza Aguirre is removed from the cup final

She threw the stone and hide the hand now. After heating the mood before the final of the Copa del Rey, Esperanza Aguirre now will not go to the match.

The president of the Community of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre, will not attend the final of the Copa de Rey, as reported by the regional vice president, Ignacio González.

The "number two" of the Madrid government, which also plans to attend the final, made ​​the announcement at a press conference following the Governing Council, which she described as "regrettable" the controversy they have generated the recent statements of President regional. Some statements that suspend Aguirre raised the Cup final between Barcelona and Athletic if the Basque and Catalan hobbies "whistle" Prince Philip, the Spanish flag or anthem which led to a barrage of criticism and opinions, even in the ranks of his own party.

Among these criticisms is the Basque President Patxi López, who yesterday sent a letter to Aguirre-and she has already received, in which, according to own lehendakari said, told him "everything he had to say" about of his controversial words. González, who has reported that Aguirre intended to respond to the letter "today," asked the Basque president "to appeal to the tastes and especially his own, to really respect" which is "a sporting event and state symbols. "

The vice president said he found it "surprising" that there are positions like President of the Basque Government to "ask someone from demonstrations, in that report that are being used for political purposes sporting events." He also said that what "seems regrettable" criticism is that attitudes like Aguirre and yet there is no "widespread condemnation" whom "is spurring on purpose or by calling" to become a sporting event "in a way to achieve ends "that have nothing to do with" a Copa del Rey final. (via SPORT)

Guardiola: “I told Tito that he was going to be the manager”

The Barça manager made it very clear how the decision to name Tito Vilanova as FC Barcelona’s new boss was made.

Guardiola confirmed that he told Vilanova that the Club was going to offer him the job.

Josep Guardiola explained the decision process behind naming Tito Vilanova as FC Barcelona's new manager during the Cup Final prematch press conference. Just before diving into the topic he explained that “I’ve given 546 press conferences, which is about 272 hours in front of you guys, in these the 4 years that we’ve been together. That’s 11 straight days of talking. During this whole time I’ve tried to achieve one objective: credibility. I may have made mistakes along the way and I may have been spot on, but my goal was to always be honest.”

He added: “with that said, I’ve heard that Pep needs to come out and talk about his relationship with Tito.” And that’s exactly what he did: “in November I had lunch with Zubizarreta and he asked me what I thought about naming Tito to the head manager job. I told him that it was a great idea. When we played Chelsea, when they eliminated us, I asked Tito to come into my office and I asked him what he thought about being manager of FC Barcelona. He didn’t know [we had been talking about it], and it was I that notified him.”

Guardiola also disclosed that he told the newly appointed manager “to do what he thought best.” Guardiola went on to say the two major reasons Tito got the job: “I couldn’t tell him anything else, he’s the person that has helped me be the manager I am today. The most important thing, seeing that life has challenged him, that people haven’t seen how much he’s gone through. He thought about it, he felt strong enough, and he decided to move forward. We’ve known each other for 13 years, and the person that feels the need to step aside is me.” When asked to verify the rumor that he didn’t like the fact that Tito was announced as the new manager during the press conference where he announced his departure, Guardiola said: “I’m not the person to tell the Club what it needs to do. The Club gives the orders, and if they decide to name Tito, who am I to say otherwise?”

The Barça manager also talked about the article written by Salvador Sostres in El Mundo: “I spoke with Salvador after the article was published. He knows that it isn’t true. I told the President that I was leaving and that I’d step aside, nothing more. Within the Azulgrana world I’m stepping aside. I would never denigrate a President [of the Club]. The education and manners that his house and my parents taught me does not allow for me to do seomthing like that. I’ve had a magnificient relationship with Laporta and also with President Rosell. I’m eternally greateful to both of them for allowing me to work. I’ve told both of them that I’m leaving, that I’m no longer around, and that I’m stepping aside. They shouldn’t use my name for this.”

He insisted that “I’m eternally grateful to the Presidents Laporta and Rosell equally, because they allowed me to do my job in the Club of my dreams. When it comes to everything else, I want them to know that I’m leaving, to leave me out of it.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Bielsa: “FC Barcelona are the best team in the world"

The Athletic Club manager doesn’t believe there is a favourite for tomorrow’s match and he assured the journalists in the press room that his team’s excitement ahead of the Cup final is “optimal” because it’s an “excellent opportunity” to win a title.

Bielsa: “This match stimulates the footballing world. To be invited to a party like this is beautiful”.

Marcelo Bielsa held a prematch press conference this Thursday ahead of the Copa del Rey Final. The Athletic Club manager praised FC Barcelona by saying that the Catalans are “the best team in the world” even though he doesn’t consider Guardiola’s side to be favourites for tomorrow’s match. The manager believes that the matches played between the two sides this year “established the setting and the differences between the two teams.”

“We’re very excited,” said Bielsa. This will be the second final that Athletic Club play this season, and the fans are looked ahead to the clash with a lot of “optimism.” After losing in the Europa League Final to Atlético Madrid, the Argentine considers that “being able to play another final, so close to the one we lost, is an excellent opportunity.”

Bielsa has trained his team, not seeking to boost their morale, to focus “on the dynamic and intensity of play.” The manager considers himself fortunate because he’s “invited to be part of a match that stimulates the footballing world.”

For the Cup Final, the Athletic Club manager analysed the matches his team have played against Barça. He studied “why we lost” and “why we didn’t win.” Bielsa believes that, in order to win the Cup, “it’s vital every player is close to his full potential.” He’ll try a collective strategy that will “make the difference” in favour of Athletic Club.

Bielsa said that he still hasn’t decided on a starting line-up. However, the whole Athletic Club team made the trip to Madrid: “I asked Iraola and Gurpegui and they told me that they wanted all their team-mates to come. I only followed the orders of this command. For me, it’s a difficult situation because you can hurt a player that has made the trip but doesn’t end up playing.”

Athletic Club's desire

Iraola said that his team have the “desire to win the title” and this Friday they will have “the perfect opportunity.” On Barça, he said the Catalan team “haven’t changed” in four years but that, with Athletic’s new players this year, “the distance between the two teams isn’t as great.” (via FCBarcelona.com)

Alexis and Pinto are given medical clearance to play ahead of tomorrow's Copa del Rey Final

The striker and the keeper were named to the squad ahead of tomorrow's Cup clash with Athletic.

Guardiola will take the whole team to Madrid with the exception of Abidal: 16 first-team players, 4 injured players and 4 Barça B players.

On day before the Copa del Rey Final between Athletic Club and FC Barcelona, the Azulgrana managers unveiled the list of players named to the squad. Just as expected, Alexis Sánchez and José Manuel Pinto, both of whom have been working with the first team this week, were given medical clearance to play and were named to the team. There are also four Barça B players in the squad: Montoya, Bartra, Dos Santos and Tello. Alves, Puyol, Abidal, Fontàs and Villa will not feature in tomorrow’s match.

Pep Guardiola will take the whole team to Madrid, with the exception of Éric Abidal.

Barça completed their final training session ahead of tomorrow’s Cup Final this Thursday afternoon. The technical staff decided to hold the closed-door session at the Camp Nou instead of at the Ciutat Esportiva. Planas and Oriol Rosell, both Barça B players, trained apart from the group. (via FCBarcelona.com)

[The squad]
Valdés, Piqué, Cesc, Xavi, Iniesta, Alexis, Messi, Thiago, Pinto, Mascherano, Keita, Busquets, Pedro, Afellay, Adriano, Cuenca, Montoya, Bartra, Dos Santos and Tello.

Alves, Puyol, Villa and Fontàs, all of whom are injured, will also travel with the team to Madrid.

Barça-Athletic Club, history that spans more than 100 years

Athletic Club and Barça are classic and legendary teams in Spanish football. Both the sides are strongly represent the athletic traditions in both Euskadi and Catalonia. Athletic and Barça have always been in Primera División since the Liga was established in 1929.

In 1898 a group of young Basques opened up the Zamacois Athletic Club gym and a year later a group of young foreigners led by Joan Gamper started Solé gym, where FC Barcelona started. Here are a series of curious anecdotes from two of the oldest clubs in Spanish football:

- The first time fans from both teams met was on May 15th in 1902. Both teams were participating in a tournament in Madrid in honor of the coronation of Alfonso XIII. The show match was between Barça and Vizcaya, a team made up of both Athletic Club and Bilbao FC players. The Basques won by 2 to 1 and the behavior of both sets of fans was commendable. When the team returned to the Basque Country, Bilbao asked the fans to greet the players that “beat the best team in the world, Football Club Barcelona.” A Catalan, who wasn’t really a fan of football, living in Bilbao added a negative tone to the celebrations when he said: “I don’t understand how the people of Catalonia and the Basque Country, who are very serious and have a good work ethic, can dispute anything by kicking each other.”

MORE: www.fcbarcelona.com

Martínez: "It’s a beautiful opportunity to play against the best team in the world"

Javi Martínez and Fernando Llorente, two key players for Athletic Club, talk about the Cup Final. "We'll have to play at 120%," says the striker.

Llorente and Martínez are eager and excited to play in the Cup Final. Llorente doesn’t hold back when he’s asked about Messi: “he’s the best player in the world and in the history of the sport.” Martinez talked about his manager: “Bielsa is a person worth knowing.” (via FCBarcelona.com)