20 May 2012

[Barça B; Liga Aderante; Week40] Numancia 3 - 0 FC Barcerlona B

Eusebio's team could not reconnect with the victory and falls against Numancia in the 40th game of the season.

The azulgranas, who have accused the casualties, have not felt comfortable in the field of play until the second half.

The subsidiary azulgrana lost in Los Pajaritos 3-0 in a bumpy ride in the first half but with many opportunities Culès in the second. Although none of the two teams playing anything, Barça B wanted to add a win to continue ascending positions in the upper middle part of the classification. But it has been. Despite this, Eusebio Sacristán are kept in a quiet location in the Second Division.

The first part has been dominated by the locals. Although the azulgranas had possession of the ball, Numancia has been gradually taking out of their field. The result of this, the first goal has been reached on 15 minutes in an action unfortunate. Muniesa tried to pull a ball from Barcelona's large area, but the ball has bounced Cedric's chest and ended up entering the goal of Oier.

Numancia has continued opportunities until Julio Álvarez has increased the distances in the light in the 32nd minute with a free-kick from distance. Barça B was still not comfortable in the field of play, hard to generate occasions, and could not avoid going to the break trailing by 2-0.

The subsidiary azulgrana has found its identity to start the second half. The boys of Eusebio Sacristán had more offensive presence as they moved the minutes, and have gradually acquired more and more coming, especially on the wings. Thus, Rodri has managed to get the ball in the net numantina in 53 minutes after a pass from Kiko Femenía, but the goal was ruled out for game.

Lobato has been leading for much of the second half. The Barcelona forward has caught the home defense with his quickness and raids down the left, but none of his colleagues has been able to finalize their centers. Sergi Roberto, meanwhile, has also stressed its constant arrivals, although neither has enjoyed success. The Barça B was showing his best stuff, but the Numancia has managed to contain the offensive boost azulgrana.

Although the second half barcelonista had an accent, was the home team which has ruled the game. Juanjo has taken action to counterattack in the 74th minute to round out the day and give his team three points. Next Wednesday the subsidiary Guadalajara will face azulgrana in the match postponed for the 30th time. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Match Stats]
Numancia: Edu Navarro, Sunny, Julio Álvarez (Nagore, min 55), Juanjo, Cedric (Víctor Andrés, min 67), Cabrera, Lago Junior (Nieto, min 53), Nano, Bedoya, Pavón and Unai.

FC Barcelona B: Oier, Muniesa, Carmona, Rodri, S. Gómez, K. Femenía (O. Rosell, min 76), G. Ledes, Riverola (Sergi Roberto, min 59), Planas (Lobato, min 59), Balliu and Espinosa.

Goals: 1-0, Cedric, min 15; 2-0, Julio Álvarez, min 32, i 3-0, Juanjo, min 74.

Referee: Amoedo Chas.

Another nod of Neymar to Messi: "I am his fan"

The crack of Santos reiterated that he "is the best."

Taking advantage of his stay in Argentina, coinciding with the dispute of the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Copa Libertadores with Velez Sarsfield (the Argentines prevailed 1-0 to Santos), Neymar again Hats off to Messi, just hours after Cristiano loosen it from "I'm better than Messi."

In an interview with Passion Libertadores, the Brazilian ace was resounding. "It is a joy very important to me the affection of the people of Argentina. The rivalry exists, but when a team plays against another rivalry is another side. To those who love football know who does appreciate it. For the who understands football or nationality does not matter, and equipment to play it to appreciate the plays well. I am a fan of Messi and for me he is the best in the world even though he's from Argentina. no matter where it is. If is the best there is to say 'chapeau' and removed his hat, "he said. (via MD)

Keita gives priority to stay in Barça of Vilanova

His agent revealed MD that Seydou talk to Tito before considering other offers.

Although the list of suitors is large and is headed by Milan and Liverpool, the priority of Keita is staying at Barça. His representative, Pascal Boisseau, MD said yesterday that the Mali midfielder will not listen to anyone until meeting with Tito Vilanova. "The player wants to stay at Barça and this is his first choice. Those teams who want to sign him to wait. Not talk to anybody," he said.

The summit will be held "within 10 or 15 days," once you have played the final of the Copa del Rey on May 25 against Athletic and after the new coach to take his first steps. Keita wants to know if Tito will include in its plans and whether it will be a technician to open the starting line to those who are in better condition. It does not require ownership, far from it. Knows the competition is tough, which is in the best club in the world surrounded by cracks and is 32 years. What is not to be relegated to a substitution to lengthen in time or omitted from the relevant parties. The experience of this season gives actually meditate. In the section just has had decisive role. He did not play a minute in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, even in the immediate encounter against Real Madrid at the Camp Nou with the League at stake and just 17 minutes on the pulse agonized in the Stadium to the English.

Keita's future is in your hands. With no holder disputed half of games this season (with 24 of the 63 possible but has participated in a total of 41), the contract includes an escape clause that lets you go free to any other club. Therefore, out of contract and has a free hand to pluck the daisy of its future. And knowing that you can sign a contract juicier and more economically advantageous to sporting, midfielder wants probe laalternativa Barça. His Barça. (via MD)

[Seletion; Olympic Games] Menezes does not discount Alves for the Games

The Brazilian coach will be without the full-back for the next friendly, but do not forget it.

Dani Alves is not completely ruled out for the Olympic Games which take place this summer in London. This was stated yesterday Mano Menezes in an interview with the 'ESPN', which referred to the situation of some of the Brazilian players are today. On the full-back of Barcelona, who recently broke his collarbone and will be between 6 and 8 weeks off, was cautious. "We talked directly to him and there is an initial estimate that is four weeks inactive. We have to see how it evolves but we still believe in the possibility of carrying the Olympic Games. "

For now, the side will miss a friendly next canarinha that will measure against Denmark, USA, Mexico and Argentina. Menezes has decided to call the Manchester full-back of Rafael da Silva to take the place of these meetings Alves for waiting to see how the full-back of Barcelona, ​​the first choice for coach. Brazil will largely with players under 23 years old but the coach can choose up to three players older and Alves was a fixture in the initial plans of the technician. Menezes is hoping that azulgrana full-back can be in good shape for the debut match of yours, which will occur on July 26 against Egypt. Brazil has high hopes in a group of players who will take the flagship Neymar. Santos forward as a footballer is vindicating differential and the Games will be a splendid showcase for impact away from Brazil.

To all this, Menezes also referred to European football and stressed the style of Bayern Munich, who understands football is a reference to the coaching team. "Bayern has characteristics similar to those that try to apply the selection." Also regretted the injuries suffered by the Brazilian defenders in recent times. "In the last few months have been injured players like Thiago Silva, Dede and David Luiz." (via SPORT)

Bale calls for efforts to Barça

The offer of 45 million for the Welsh to the Spurs still seems not enough, according to his agent.

Gareth Bale needs a strong gesture of Barcelona to step forward. The Welsh international Tottenham Hotspur is looking forward to the club blaugrana make a proposal to the Spurs to start putting some pressure on his club. However, this gesture that asked Bale on the part of Barcelona does not seem at all easy, as his agent, Jonathan Barnett, said yesterday the newspaper 'The Telegraph' that if the Catalan wanted to bet heavily on his client had "to pay even more than what they say they have offered. "And the figure that has struck in recent days is an initial proposal of 45 million euros, so it seems quite feasible that the transaction is closed if the first change the player's agent calls for more money.

And is that a sine qua non 'for a player runs out of this world coming to Barcelona is willing to make some sacrifice, especially in their pocket. At first glance it seems feasible that Bale follow the same steps as Javier Mascherano and Cesc Fàbregas, for instance, who accepted his condition and part of the transfer sheet to call at the club catalan.

In any case, we must bear in mind that the context of Bale and the two players mentioned are very different, because the first is still very young Do you only 22 years what has no particular connection to Barcelona, while Mascherano was two years I was trying to get out of Liverpool and his family was the first one was forcing his departure because he had not finished adapting to life in England, and wanted to return to Barcelona Cesc or yes, after a successful step in the Arsenal, to be with his family and the club of his heart.

Thus, as things stand, it appears that the saga of Gareth Bale has only just begun.

"Bale is happy at Tottenham to think about leaving," he said his agent, aware that the more interesting options has become more of cashing in all this.

The Barcelona assumes that the operation of the Welsh star is extremely complicated, since in no case can compete with other clubs on economic issues, much less get into auctions and bids. The club has always resorted blaugrana in these cases with the trump card that the player agrees to step forward to come to the Catalan.

Clearly Bale is presented as one of the best options to strengthen the left wing visibly 'touched' on the waterline after Eric Abidal's disease, but obviously not at any price. This brings up the Welsh player, who would put pressure on the leaders, asking them to let him go to Barcelona and putting all eggs in one basket.

But it seems that Bale also wants the club blaugrana are 'wet' and how, since it appears that the 45 million that could Habre Barcelona offered are not sufficient, as emphasized his own agent. (via SPORT)

Counter Of Milan for Thiago Silva

Zubizarreta already know that the defense is finally on the market, although its pricing is almost prohibitive.

The Barca sports management has received good and bad news regarding the desired transfer of Thiago Silva. The first, possibly the most important, is that Milan are willing to part with one of its jewels. Despite what was said in public, Berlusconi has authorized Adriano Galliani to negotiate the sale of crack. The cold water is motivated by the certainty that negotiators should be patient Blaugrana and exploit their abilities to prevent the transfer to become a full-scale looting.

Milan has shown signs of life and I understand that the Brazilian center-back is not transferable. Thiago Silva can leave but its price is soaring. The vice president, Adriano Galliani, play all the cards possible in anticipation of multiple scenarios. Yesterday Tuttosport still assured that "I have to resist the assaults on Thiago Silva. There is a row of clubs across Europe who are willing to do crazy things for the Brazilian, "but the truth is that the club already has a first counter if you want to attach to your most coveted piece in the summer market: Thiago Alcántara and a figure approximately 10 million euros.

Neither the name nor the price chosen rounding are frivolous from the perspective Rossoneri. Galliani has Thiago at the point of view in a while. Whether in the form of assignment or transfer, Barça knows that the older brother Alcantara dazzles in Milanello. Last summer was the Rossoneri chief executive who declared his passion to Sky Sports 24. "I spoke with the representative of Thiago, who is on holiday in Forte dei Marmi, but Barcelona will not let him go." And now I try again.

The Milan has become the exchange of players in an art in recent seasons. Manages the change of picture cards with ease and great friendship has grown with major European clubs. And the club, with Ibrahimovic, Kluivert, Reiziger, Coco, among others, is a clear example.

It's time to measure forces, to use emissaries and pave the way to sit down and negotiate. The decisive moves will not arrive until the dispute of the final of the Copa del Rey. Barça has been concerned with various consultants use to convey the will of Thiago Silva to tax at 20 million euros plus the odd player, Ibrahim Afellay profile. Milan, as a likeness, has picked up the gauntlet and has also used external channels to express discontent and small replicate using a similar formula. The counter requires an economic amount of 10 million plus a player, although in this case it is Thiago Alcántara, the old dream of Galliani.

At bottom, the figures come into balance, but very differently. The estimated market in crisis Thiago Silva has an approximate value of just over 30 million euros while Thiago Alcantara reaches 20 'kilos', despite being on the increase.

The operation seems difficult to achieve under these conditions. The Milan is aware that Thiago Alcántara is not on the short list of transferable Blaugrana players and the roster of players in the center of the field is wide and great quality, but the youth of hispanobrasileño make it a coveted piece facing the future.

Not yet time to capture in writing and sit down and negotiate the respective formal offers. It's time for the denials, to divert attention and aerate the zero interest in a transaction such as Thiago Silva. The negotiation stage will completely change in a week.

Ibra may hold the key to the operation

The transfer of Ibrahimovic to Milan may have one of the keys of the operation. In the classic dance of millions, offers and counteroffers, Barça always puts a bullet in the chamber of the first caliber. And is that the club has yet to receive the third installment payment of the progress of the Swedish. That is, the Milan should at least eight million euros. This is a respectable amount when you consider that the market continues to repeat that Berlusconi and Galliani cash goes stiff. In fact, the reinforcements announced in recent days, Ricardo Montolivo and Bakaye Traoré, have signed without any transfer. Van Bommel and Gatuso have found relief at zero cost. The coffers are not going buoyant and the club makes the most of scarce resources at its disposal. The eight million that Milan Ibrahimovic should be opened many doors in a negotiation that is not presumed not easy. (via SPORT)

Rosell, back home

The Barça president has participated Saturday in a meeting of the ECA in Munich.

The Barça president, Sandro Rosell, has returned to Barcelona after attending this Saturday morning at a meeting of the ECA (European Association of Clubs).

The leader Blaugrana failed to get to watch the Champions League final between Bayern Munich and Chelsea for a family commitment.

Rosell, important member of ECA, has seen the report of the confirmation of the income of the clubs to let their players for Euro 2012 (exceed 100 million) and other agenda items laden, although no absolute relevance . It was a summit to review the agreement of 'Good Governance' with UEFA and the subsequent relations with FIFA. (via MD)

Messi, resting on the beach and surf

Pep Guardiola has given two and a half days holiday the staff before finalizing the preparations for the cup final next Friday against Athletic Club and Leo Messi took the opportunity to go "to the beach and surf" with his family, just as explained in your account at Tencent Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter.

Messi says his 'break' will be for the Mediterranean and will be his father, Jorge, who will pattern after having removed the license. "I really like sailing, water gives me a sense of peace", he is also the top scorer and Golden Boot award of the season 2011-12.

Barça was brought on Friday morning and not return to training until Monday afternoon. Cesc Fàbregas will stand before a news conference. (via MD)