19 May 2012

Pinto, Piqué and Puyol most used in the cup

The goalkeeper is the only player that has played every minute (720) of FCB’s Copa del Rey campaign, while the two centre backs have only missed one match.

Leo Messi is only the tenth most used Barça player in the tournament.

Barça play the Copa del Rey Final on Friday after winning two-legged matches against Valencia, Real Madrid, Osasuna and L’Hospitalet. José Manuel Pinto is the only player who appeared in all of those matches, 720 minutes, and Víctor Valdés and the injured Afellay who played no part.

The outfield players that have contributed the most are Gerard Piqué and Carles Puyol, with six complete matches each (630 minutes). But the captain will miss the game with Athletic Bilbao with a knee injury.

One curiosity is that three times winner of the Ballon d’Or, Leo Messi, is only the tenth most used player, with 422 minutes in 6 games. After Pinto, Piqué and Puyol, the most minutes have been given to Cesc (588), Xavi (485), Thiago (465), Busquets (464), Abidal (436) and Cuenca (428). But the Argentinian’s participation has increased has the tournament has gone on, especially since the quarter finals.

In the first two rounds, in which Barça made light work of L’Hospitalet and Osasuna, Pep Guardiola gave run-outs to several reserves. Five of them have appeared in the cup this season, namely Sergi Roberto (150), Tello (145), Dos Santos (135), Montoya (90) and Rafinha (15). (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Ribery wants to win for Abidal

Bayern's French international admits that if it achieves the Champions will devote to Eric Abidal, his partner and friend French national team.

Frank Ribery is a character on and off the field. Under the image of hard, there is a sensitive person. The last sample has been said that he wants to win the Champions League by his friend Abi. Achieved if Bayern win on Saturday against Chelsea is going to devote to Eric Abidal. First to recover soon and then to agrdecerle the support that gave barcelonista crack over time difficult for Bayern striker for his alleged affairs with a child who ended up in court. Ribery wants to give the title, a lthough it is possible that jump into the field with a shirt with a slogan in support of Eric Abidal in the event that maqrque a goal. But its main purpose is to "win for Abi". (via MD)

Mascherano: "Guardiola is going through the front door"

Mascherano is one of those players that run deep within and outside the locker room and discussed the situation in Barcelona and Pep Guardiola.

'El jefecito' reviewed his impressions of the moment lived at the FC Barcelona a few days of playing the Copa del Rey final and Guardiola gave before his departure.

"Guardiola is different in how they watch football. When I had come here had a different concept of what it was football. He taught me to see it differently and how to take this profession. I learned a lot how to be better profeisonal take you seriously because the profession beyond the results, "Mascherano said in an interview with the newspaper 'ARA'.

In addition, Argentina has no doubt Pep and qualifies as "the coach who most influenced me."

"Perhaps we agree on a stage where I was more mature. The two most influential are Bielsa and Guardiola although Benitez also gave me a hand when he was 'fuck' at West Ham," he says.

Now, with the departure of Guardiola on the horizon, 'el jefecito' is clear that Pep is going as a giant in the history of the club.

"It's very difficult for a coach to do well in a club. Or get kicked out or not will renew ... Here was his decision. I think it goes through the front door," he says.

Finally, Mascherano believes that the achievement of the Copa would be "the best way to close the cycle of Barça coach Pep" and said that also would allow them to start the season fighting for another title as the Super Cup.

Lastly, on its continuity at Barça, Mascherano does not give rise to doubts: "In these clubs you have to go when you throw." (via SPORT)

Rupture sight between Van Persie and the Arsenal

Dutch forward could be pushing 28 years at Arsenal demanding astronomical economic conditions for its renewal.

The departure of Van Persie's club 'gunner' is closer after the Londoners are unwilling to accept the Dutch forward's wage demands to continue.

Both sides began talks for a possible renewal this week but Arsenal fully met the demands of a Van Persie who has put a high price for its continuity.

According to reports the 'Daily Mirror', the Dutch player would have required an increase in their file at the height of the great stars of world football as Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. And pretty much over Arsenal.

As the British newspaper says Van Persie would have their backs to the wall at his current club aware of the interest of Manchester City, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid have him.

The 28-year-old could be looking for a change of air and so far, the break with Arsenal seems obvious. (via SPORT)

Keita will go free if Tito does not prevent

The midfielder handles multiple offers, although the Premier seduces him as the next destination.

Seydou Keita's future is a mystery. At this time, and waiting for a second meeting with Tito Vilanova, the Malian is with foot and a half outside of Barcelona. From the outset, because despite everything said and published, midfielder contract ends June 30. And, most important, because it burns with desire to accumulate more minutes and feel important in big games. Deals will abound from almost all European leagues.

About Keita contract has generated enormous confusion. Under the leadership of Joan Laporta, the Malian signed a complex agreement. The footballer was committed through 2014, but its continuity was subject to a minimum return season after season. What has happened? Very easy. Keita has joined the campaign set the minutes and, therefore, has secured its automatic renewal. The African is free on June 30 and is not a bargaining chip in any transaction with Milan or anyone else. No More Auction and speculations as to the market.

The starting point is unclear, but Keita is a type grateful as they come, their links with Barça and the city goes beyond the sport itself. The Malian has been one of the players who have already had their particular face to face with Guardiola to leave their personal capacity. It was the appointment before speaking to Tito Vilanova to see first hand what he thinks the new coach of Barcelona and what you think about the future of Keita. The conversation was brief and she told him that Tito would love to have their sevicios next season. A simple approach before sited for a new meeting may be held immediately after the final of the Copa del Rey.

Until then, Keita has ordered his agents to stop any contact with the many clubs that have been directed at you personally. He favored leaving and enticed some of the proposals of the Premier, but will not move any thread to clear all the doubts at Barça. If Tito is able to guarantee a greater role within the field and that translates into an offer of renewal thereafter, all can be redefined. Otherwise, after meeting with Villanova, be considered absolutely liberated to announce where he will play next season.

Keita wants to stay on top at least two more seasons. At 32 years, thanks to his prodigious physical, is convinced that maintain excellent performance to the 2014 World Cup. The sports management continues discreetly in the background. The Malian ends and no one has taken a step to propose an alternative to the current contract renewal. (via SPORT)

Milan has long been following Ibrahim Afellay

The Dutch like to set 'Rossoneri' and their presence in the Euro could revalue its cache.

Barcelona wants to lower the signing of Thiago Silva including any player that is not essential for coaches for the academic year ahead. In this scenario, the player should be to the liking of Milan and Afellay is the player who best meets this profile.

The whole 'Rossoneri' while following the Dutch and was one of the clubs that showed interest from the winger before closing his move to Barcelona. So the club azulgrana paid 3 million for a player of greater projection of Dutch football. 'Ibi' contract ended at the end of the course and the Barcelona paid a very economical for a player of their characteristics.

The Dutchman hinted quality during the first six months in the club azulgrana, but a serious ligament injury ended his adaptation Azulgrana system. Once recovered, its best hope is to participate in the Euro, a possibility that seems increasingly likely once it has passed the first two screens of coach Oranje.

A good performance from the Dutch provide a context more conducive to Barcelona to negotiate. For now, the sporting azulgrana player valued at five million, a figure that means reasonable, since the player took three kilos and has barely played in the last year. Adriano is another player that would Barcça willing to include in the operation.

Luis Suárez was in Barcelona

One of the objectives of the sporting, Luis Suárez, Uruguay back today after having rested for a week in Barcelona. The season ended over the weekend for Liverpool and the player and his wife traveled to the Catalan capital for a few days with his parents, who live in Castelldefels. Suárez will return to his country today as it must incorporares of their selection to play qualifying matches for the World Brazil to Venezuela and Peru. (via SPORT)

A commemorative T-shirt sale to the final of the Copa del Rey

This Saturday is selling a shirt to support Barça at the end of this May 25 against Athletic Club de Bilbao.

The shirt, which is blue, symbolizes the sporting career of the Club throughout the story and defines the feeling FC Barcelona in one sentence: "Juguemsota principi not a final tea."

To mark the final of the Copa del Rey to be held on 25 May at the Vicente Calderón stadium between FC Barcelona and Athletic Club de Bilbao, Nike launched on Saturday a very special shirt. And this, which is blue, stands on the front sporting success of the Club and its players: two mundialitos, 21 league titles, in 2009 year of the 6 titles .... are some examples. As the back bears the phrase that defines the feeling of FC Barcelona and their fans, "a sota Juguem principi not final tea."

The price of this shirt, which aims to support the group led by Josep Guardiola who is the ultimate challenge of the season is 29 euros for adults and 23.50 euros for children. As for the outlets, you can buy at the official FC Barcelona in the Nike Stores in the El Corte Ingles, in Tenths, Sport Zone, Shops Base, Intersport and specialty shops. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Youth] Juvenil A - Athletic Club: The best appetizer

Juvenil A is visited by the Athletic Club at the Miniestadi on Sunday (12.00 hours) in the return of the second round of the Copa del Rey Juvenil, having won a tie at 3 in the first leg in Lezama.

Óscar García: "We hope you can come a lot more people than usual, as both players and the game deserve it."

Juvenil A FC Barcelona will play on Sunday (12.00 am) the pass to the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey. This, however, you must defeat the Athletic Club of Arostegi at the Miniestadi where the fan support will be key. It is the best possible prelude to the title to be played at the Vicente Calderón on Friday 25. In this case, however, Barça has the advantage of being able to decide at home.

For this reason, Óscar García appeals to the culés are encouraged to see the confrontation: "It's hard to see a better match young age. I encourage people to come. Hope you can come a lot more fans than usual, as both the players and the game deserve it. "Admission to watch the game is free.

Azulgrana coach wanted to make clear that the season is not over: "It is a source of pride not finish the course here" and, therefore, says it will do everything possible for its players to win the game.

The main purpose of the Juvenil A's win the title of Copa del Rey they won last season against Espanyol. But to do so, one of the previous steps is to defeat the Athletic Club in this round.

Looking to match, azulgrana coach has full strength except Bakoyoc and Ella, who are injured, and Grimaldo, with the Under-19. The main novelty in the team is Carlos Julio Martínez, 'Charlie', who has been discharged from his injury. According to Óscar García, "the players are very psyched and looking forward to overcome this tie." One factor that the Catalans are in favor is that playing at home.

The set Bilbao finished as runner-League in the same position as Barça after being drawn against the first of its group. "We played against one of the best teams in the category, and showed us the way it is a very strong rival, aggressive. Do not put anything easy," said Óscar García.

The set features the front Arostegi Santamaria, who in the first leg in Lezama scored a hat-trick and with Bengoa, which is the top scorer of the team. Despite the rivalry, Barça coach believes that games are like that "play nice" as the Copa del Rey is "a beautiful race."

In the first leg of the knockout stages in Lezama, the Juvenil A superimposed, in the second part, the three initial goals of the Athletic Club and tied at the last minute, closing the scoring with a 3-3. Thus, it became clear the large response that has the set of Óscar García: "We were surprised so strong out of the Athletic Club and we had three errors that cost us goals, but the second half went much higher and, even could have won, "the azulgrana coach. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barça doesn't remove eye on Nilmar

The azulgrana sports management is considering the hiring of Villarreal attacker.

The decline has caused Villarreal his most quoted are subject to the desire of many teams. Barça deck the signing of Brazilian Nilmar, but has not yet begun any negotiations with the club Castellon.

The azulgrana sports management Nilmar valued his versatility in attack, speed and overflow, resources needed for a team that suffered during duels jams crucial offensive (Chelsea and Real at the Camp Nou).

the president of Villarreal Fernando Roig, aware of the temptation that is its declining equipment for those looking to be with his players, says he will not sell anyone a bargain. But Nilmar could be passed over by about 8 million euros, quantity for which the yellow club already wanted to bill Sao Paulo in the last winter market.

Villarreal assumes that his players must output more burdensome. Nilmar, with a salary of 380,000 euros per month, is one of them. His agent, Orlando da Hora, has revealed that Internacional de Porto Alegre, like repescarle, but not the only suitor: "There is a Spanish, one French, three Italians and one Englishman interested in Nilmar."

The forward, 27, is signed through 2014 and played the World Cup in South Africa-2010 with Brazil. It is the most expensive signing in the history of Villarreal, who in 2009 paid 13 million euros to Inter of Porto Alegre. Its performance has been uneven, particularly for his injuries and lack of involvement.

In his first season with Villarreal signed 11 league goals, a figure repeated last year. This campaign only made 4 goals in 21 games. Last year gave Rome 18 'kilos' by the Brazilian, but his club did not accept.

"It would be a dream to play for Barcelona"

Nilmar has never hidden his preference for one day wear the Barça shirt, which you can always throws a wink. A little over a year, the Brazilian striker admitted, during a publicity event held in Barcelona, "it would be a dream to play in a team as big as Barcelona, hopefully someday I can have the opportunity to get to a club with the history and grandeur of the squad. Working one day I can go to a big team, "insisted the Brazilian.

Barca's sporting director, Andoni Zubizarreta, takes time that takes the eye to Nilmar to strengthen the right wing attack squad. The player still Villarreal and appeared at the time, along with AC Milan Pato, as an alternative to Cesc Fàbregas, who eventually ended up calling in the FC Barcelona after a long and difficult negotiations with Arsenal. (via MD)

PSG bet on Alves rather than Maicon

Qatar Investment Authority has promised another generous financial game to please Ancelotti.

Let's wait a little longer than expected and desired, but Barça has strong indications that the PSG will eventually submit a formal offer of transfer by Dani Alves. The Parisian club's sporting director, Leonardo, has confirmed the list of priorities for the next season. After a disappointing season in which the Montpellier has all the numbers to be crowned champions this weekend, the club has warned that have a generous economic game to reinforce all equipment lines. The owner, Sheikh Nasser Al-Khelaïfi has given carte blanche to make every effort to form a competitive package on all fronts.

Leonardo and coach Carlo Ancelotti will have spoken. The periods are marked, the priorities are set and meet only a matter of stages. Barça will have to wait until the PSG confirmed the arrival of a born center forward and a second end which apparently would be aimed. The list of stars that have been associated with Parisian club catarí reaffirm that the money will be generous this summer.

After the first official announcements will turn to tweak the defender. Ancelotti has repeatedly complained of not having a right-back guarantees. Their changes have been constant for weeks and is also public that Leonardo has promised the arrival of a 'first sword' to cover that district. But there were questions about who could be chosen. The Inter's Maicon and blaugrana Daniel Alves left with a clear advantage over other competitors. From France now ensures that the Barça player is preferred. It is further believed that the fluidity of relations between the two institutions could help in negotiations with a happy ending.

Barça, true to his tight communication policy, neither confirms nor denies any contact with Paris Saint Germain or other clubs. In this case, the player's own environment is limited to stating that all the rumors that have emerged in the press did not result in formal contacts.

With the unlimited support of Qatar Investment Authority, the football market is convinced that the PSG is not bluffing. There is speculation that Leonardo handle an economic game of over 100 million euros to achieve three to four reinforcements that enable the team to return with full guarantees for the Champions League. Ancelotti takes it in stride but has asked to have the bulk of the signings coinciding with the start of the preseason. The PSG has made its stage of pre-season Austrian lands as of July 4. Until then, no time.

Given the Gauls, in the Gamper or Paris

The links between Barcelona and PSG are getting closer. In addition to sharing contributions millionaire Qataris, both clubs have opened various avenues of collaboration. During the past winter market, Maxwell asked permission to leave the Nou Camp and accept a lucrative offer from the sporting and economic Paris Saint Germain. The club blaugrana did not hinder the operation and helped to crystallize the transfer. Months after it has been known that in the course of these conversations, Barcelona and PSG were placed to play a friendly match in preseason. However, balancing the two sports calendar is not proving easy. Both clubs are studying two possible choices: close the Joan Gamper trophy poster with PSG as illustrious opponent or play a game in Paris. From France ensures that on 4 or August 12 could be a viable alternative. The club has asked for a week of time and has promised its preseason schedule set after defeating the final of Copa del Rey. (via SPORT)

Barça launches 'Operation Thiago Silva'

The willingness of player to reach the Camp Nou plays in the best interests of the club Barcelonista.

Barça of Tito Vilanova team up the legacy left by Pep Guardiola, but not exactly the same. It is obvious, since the group needs to be strengthened and the Technical Secretariat is focused for months to find new pieces that can make a strong workforce. In fact, the very technical Santpedor already said weeks ago, when he still had not announced his future, "I am working on the next season."

Pep, despite mulling over continuity, not abandon even one of their functions, which is also to analyze the weak points that are less thereafter. For that reason the name of Thiago Silva while flowing through the offices of the technical secretariat and so the Brazilian center-back is one of the most convincing future at Barça. Not only Guardiola, but also his second, that next year will be the first and whose responsibility has grown since it was learned. Tito Vilanova has no problem when players interesting review for the team. Quite the contrary. Before joining the project Pep in Barça B, occupied the sporting of Terrassa. There confeccionaba reports and studying videos of possible reinforcements for the club Vallès. So his experience in this sector is large and although the demand has now grown, the opinion of Titus is vital for making the next squad.

Thiago Silva gets everyone agrees and is total unanimity when assessing the Brazilian center-back as the piece that best fit into the Blaugrana system. This is a player who is well passed it's strong on defense and has good ball out, all conditions necessary to wear Barça shirt. At least at present. The reports are excellent and the club has followed closely this season. The Brazilian pitted Pep Guardiola in the double confrontation of the group stage of the Champions League and could not do in the quarter-final tie to be injured. In the Camp Nou scored the equalizer in injury time.

Thiago Silva is the first in the list, and for that reason, Barça is willing to make substantial efforts to achieve their recruitment. The first offer, in fact, includes a figure from the club Blaugrana is considered more than enough for Milan to take it into account. Barça will make his first offer this week and it will state that is willing to pay up to 20 million euros for the player. Not only that. The club goes further and, in addition to cash, you also want to include one of their players in the operation. In this case, from the Camp Nou assesses various options with specific preferences, but not close ranks and also want to know the opinion of Milan in this regard.

The club blaugrana is aware that this is not a simple transfer. And is that Milan has always brought to Thiago Silva as one of the players who form the backbone of your project. In fact, Ibrahimovic and he routinely advertised as players who do not accept any offers or are prepared to start negotiation. But things change and it is dangerous to put his hand in the fire because at these levels there is a risk of burning. It can happen with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, whose agent, Mino Raiola, has flirted with Real Madrid, but also with the Brazilian center-back itself, which appeals to you, and much, the possibility of wearing Barça shirt and join the new project Tito Vilanova. It is precisely this, the strength of the club, which is very clear that one of the essential points to achieve their goal is to have the complicity of the player. In that sense, the Blaugrana club knows that Brazilian it attracts Barça.

Anyway, Thiago Silva, at present, player of Milan. The footballer, in fact, in May 2011 renewed its relationship with the Rossoneri and spent the end of their relationship in June 2014 to do so in June 2016, two more seasons. And that's the strength of the club Adriano Galliani, who is in charge in these matters. Barça is very clear that negotiations with the Italians will not, in any case easily. He admits that the most likely to be long and complicated. So much so that the sporting club blaugrana in no hurry and, except surprise, considering that his move is likely to continue with the League already begun at the end of August. The will of the player for a change of air play for the club, but Milan has plenty to say throughout the negotiation.

Thiago Silva is a highlight of his career. At 27 years old (turns 28 in September), must take one of the most important decisions of his life and, as he understood Barça, you've taken. And none other than dress blaugrana next season. The Brazilian wants to come and Tito Vilanova, who would coach wants to come. Now the work is dependent on others. (via SPORT)

The elegance of Piqué and Iniesta, who stars in the new Nike campaign

Piqué, Iniesta and Neymar are some of the players in the spectacular new Nike ad.

"Do not tell me I have a great potential" is the theme of the new campaign for Nike Football "MY TIME IS NOW". The campaign launches with a new video on May 18 in which are some of the best players in the world and pays tribute to the hunger for success and the impatience of young players ready to enter the top-level football in the door great.

First we see a match between France and Holland who suddenly interrupted by several waves of young players who invade the land, ready to prove they have the quality and hunger necessary to meet the world's best. Characterised by their impatience and their distinctive black and white uniform, players embody Nike looking through "The Chance", a worldwide search for young talent promises prove themselves in an elite test and get the jump.

While young players trying their luck, they are joined by a new generation of footballers and sports idols. The game is encouraged. Neymar impressed with his amazing dribbling and feints. Take the field Gerard Piqué and Andres Iniesta, dressed in smart suits as they come from an intense board meeting. Even Cristiano Ronaldo is ready to wear the distinctive black and white uniform worn by the boys, but no luck since the last shirt that comes is small. It puts however, prepared to join the game. (via SPORT)

Javi Martínez: "We are intrigued by the future of Bielsa"

The Athletic Club player acknowledged that the continuity of Marcelo Bielsa at the helm would be a "major boost" and admitted that the costumes are "intrigued" by the final decision be taken by the Argentine.

"We do not know and his companions (the coaching staff) either. If you (reporters) you are intrigued, just imagine how we are us," said the midfielder concluded Lezama developed training for about three hours.

Martínez admitted that "everyone" in the red and white staff were "seduced by the project that has been formed" with the arrival of Bielsa and, where appropriate, emphasized its intention to continue in Bilbao and remain part of it.

"I always said I'm very happy and would like to continue," said world champion, who, on the possible interest in signing of several major European clubs, said he takes "with ease" and as intrinsic to the world of football.

"It's what surrounds football and the players have to be prepared to know wear. If you give that ball to you and decentralized, with the final week, we have to have the five senses in it. Would be unfair, especially for the fans, think of something else, "he reflected.

About the quote of the day 25 against FC Barcelona, ​​Navarre said the team is already "recovered" from "hard stick" that led to the defeat in the Europe League final against Atlético Madrid and will try to conquer a Cup title that Athletic "needs" because they would "grow and improve a lot."

"We qualities and why players are not going to get. We have a thorn in the previous because we did not callus. We were not at our level best and this final resarcirnos can help us and show the world that we have not come here by chance, "he said.

On the other hand, his partner gave Anderson Iturraspe favorite's role in the final against FC Barcelona, ​​but qualified: "Doing the right thing, giving up and making them do not play to stop the" Athletic "have options" crowned champions of Cup

"Bielsa conveys confidence and peace of mind and tells us that after the negative run of results is the perfect time to strike a blow on the table and you have to show why we are here. With that's enough," impacted. (via SPORT)