17 May 2012

Neymar: "Someday I'll play in Europe, I don't know if Barça or another club"

The Brazilian player Neymar recognized that some day play in Europe but unknown if Barça or another club.

Neymar da Silva, who plays for Santos and claimed by many clubs has made some statements that recognizes that "someday" will play in Europe, adding: "I think at the Barcelona or another club." "I am a Santos player until 2014," he added.

On his brilliant career at Santos, Pelé commented: "I ​​am very happy to make history with Pelé for Santos, where I was raised a child and follow the footsteps of Pelé." (via SPORT)

Rosell: "The greatness of Borregán demonstrated in time to retire"

Sandro Rosell, president of FC Barcelona, ​​spoke about the difficulty of withdrawing and praised the decision to Alberto Borregán.

The president of FC Barcelona, ​​Sandro Rosell, he shrank from any comment outside the scope of hockey in the dismissal of Alberto Borregán, although the comments about football came up with some questions.

Rosell began his speech by saying that "it is one of those days that makes me very happy to be President of FC Barcelona". He announced to honor the player: "start with what was done at the end. The board announces that he will retire the jersey 'Beto' Borregán.

"Bob could be a hockey Kubala, look at the interest is in the press room, it usually happens with hockey, that makes the character, I like to say that hockey is the Kubala," Rosell said to be asked if there were any parallels with the player to be honored this Thursday morning in the courtyard of Camp Nou.

He was also asked by the fact Rosell retire and whether any president that has not been able to withdraw, referring to the last words of Joan Laporta.

His answer, laughing, was whether there was another example and said: "The greatness of Beto is shown at the time of retirement. In life in general is very difficult to withdraw a lot of people struggle and athletically to be even more complicated. "

"The day we stop being withdrawn acclaimed by the masses. There is no doubt that greatness is that it also makes it easy to difficult, "he added. (via SPORT)

To Emery is aware that Valencia has sold Jordi Alba

The coach ché made ​​a slip very revealing about the future of Jordi Alba.

Unai Emery revealed in his latest interview with Onda Cero that Jordi Alba is already sold. At least that is what is clear from the words of coach Guipuzcoan, who pronounced the following sentence directly: "Valencia is a team that buys players who are not facts and, if made, possibly the band, as happened Jordi Alba. "The sale of the left back is a mystery among fans of Valencia. As Sport has published in recent months, Barça would be on the lookout of the Catalan player to reinforce the defender and be one of the signings of Tito Vilanova era. (via SPORT)

Seluk: Mourinho likes Yayá and Yayá likes Mourinho"

The representative of Yayá Touré said the Ivorian likes Mourinho as a coach.

The representative of Touré Yayá, Dimitri Seluk, went by the microphones of COMRàdio Barcelona to talk about the player's marfileño situation, former azulgrana. According to Seluk, there are several teams that are interested in Touré, and they will listen offers: "Madrid is interested in Touré, as other teams, but Madrid wants him and we are open to all the propositions."

Also, Seluk assured that Touré likes Mourinho and vice versa: Mourinho likes Yayá and Yayá likes Mourinho because he is a great coach. It is more, we speak with Mourinho when it was in the Inter and when we negotiate with Marco Branca - technical staff of the Inter - we told him that alone Yayá would go to Italy if it was with Mou." The representative of Yayá also wanted to leave clear that the motivations of his represented are not economic: "The most important thing is the human relationships, that is what Touré worries about it. Because if went for money he would go to Anzhi where they would pay him double what gets paid." Finally, on the option Barça, Seluk left clear that there are options that it arrives to Barça in some moment, but that anything of that said means that City will leave: "The option Barça is also possible, but that doesn't mean to 100% that he will abandon City this summer." (via SPORT)

Luis Suárez in the orbit of Barça following the departure of Dalglish

In England Uruguayan forward linked with Liverpool after Barça coach Kenny Dalglish was sacked this week.

Barça could fish in troubled waters along the Mersey in Liverpool. Kenny Dalglish's dismissal after more than discrete classification of the team in the Premier League, finished eighth, 17 points for fourth place giving access to the Champions-and low expectations of success of the whole 'red' in the short term could cause the Uruguayan forzase a transfer next summer.

It is in this context from England, specifically in the portal rumors 'Caughtoffside', think that Barça might be interested to take the opportunity to address an interesting operation to strengthen the forward azulgrana to a player who would please the technical future, Tito Vilanova.

The marked Dependêcia goalscoring of Barça this season Messi's boots, doubts about the full recovery of David Villa and other discrete input scoring forwards in the Barça squad would have caused the coaching staff apostase by the incorporation of a man with more goal and Suárez respond to those requirements.

At 25 years, Uruguay has signed 17 goals and seven assists this season in all competitions, a few discrete numbers in their prolific seasons with Ajax, defending the colors of a club that does not cross its best and the removal of Dalglish, who notes the unstable situation facing the club sports, would have led to doubts about his future Suárez.

'Luisito' had long ago admitted his desire to play someday in la Liga BBVA, in addition to not skimp on praise for the 'Pep Team'. The fact that Liverpool has been left out of the Champions for the third consecutive season-not played in the 2010/11 and the 2011/12-, which means that has not yet played a match in the continental showpiece with 'reds', could be a decisive factor for the Uruguayan see a move welcomed.

The owners 'Lpool', however, want to keep the pillars of the house team after a poor season that even the achievement of the Carling Cup and the dispute of the final of the FA Cup, where they fell into the hands of Chelsea have managed to make up. Suárez at Anfield want to be a key which support a winning team again and will not easily possible departure of former Ajax. (via SPORT)

Atlético Madrid again for Keita

Atletico have asked Barça for African footballer.
Caminero, which wanted him last summer, continues to insist.

Atlético Madrid has returned to knock Barcelona to ask Seydou Keita. José luis Pérez Caminero, the club rojiblanco sporting director, and he has informed his counterpart at the Catalan club, Andoni Zubizarreta, his interest in hiring the Mali midfielder.

At 32 years, his continuity at the Camp Nou is not guaranteed. Has two years left on his contract which are variable depending on the games, but it is clear that going to meet. Moreover, the door can be opened Can Barça wide to Keita. And Atletico is awaiting his movements.

It is recalled that Caminero and 'asked' to Zubizarreta Keita last summer. It was in June, and after taking up his new post in the Manzanares, the Spaniard moved to Barcelona to meet with Zubizarreta.

Partners in the Spanish team in the 90's, Caminero put three names on the table of Basque: Keita, Thiago Alcantara and. Bojan The forward headed to Rome at the hands of Luis Enrique, but both remained in the discipline midfielders Blaugrana under the leadership of Pep Guardiola. (via MD)

The Mali is not alone on that dialogue both clubs

Botia And Tello like in the Calderón, and Adrián has dazzled the Camp Nou.

Seydou Keita's name will not be the only one I talk Atlético Madrid and Barcelona in the coming weeks. Most have spoken of is Alberto Botía, center-back of Sporting Gijón on which the Catalan club have an option to repurchase.

From 15 May to 15 June, the entity will incur Blaugrana 2.5 million to recover the player and thereafter, twice, ie, 5 'kilos'. Thus, it is expected that soon, Barcelona becomes effective for that option to repurchase then put on the market at Murcia.

And that's where it enters the Atlético, who has already made ​​known to Barcelona (in one of those conversations Caminero with Zubizarreta) you want the player. The transfer price could be around four million euros, although the interest from teams like Málaga and Sevilla could price increase. Of course, plays for Atlético verbal agreement that has already Botía as MD unveiled this week.

Another name that like much in the Manzanares is to Cristian Tello. The winger culé, which has excelled this season in the first team of Guardiola's hand, is viewed very favorably in the Manzanares, where even have groped the option of a transfer, but until Vilanova not take possession of the bench is not made movements.

And the other name, in this case to the contrary, is that of Adrián, who loves, and much in the Camp Nou. His clause, only 18 million, and his great season make it very appealing. (via MD)

Summit of Alaba with the top of Bayern

George Alaba, father and representative of David Alaba, held a summit with the leaders of the Bayern Munich to see first hand what your intentions regarding the Bavarian club promising left-back.

At the meeting, Mundo Deportivo has learned, were as leading representatives of Bayern Uli Hoenes and another legendary former player on the team, Christian Nerlinger.

Germany have come to the echoes of the story forward by MD, advancing to Alaba is one of the left side more like coaches of FC Barcelona Eric Abidal potential relief for his enormous physical strength and tactical and technical versatility .

Hence it was not strange that the immediate environment to Alaba liaise with leaders Bayern. The conclusion of the summit between the Alaba and his club is ambiguous. "We believe that Alaba play at Bayern next season," reported off the record ', but never said "sure he will play at Bayern."

Alaba, Austrian international age 19 and physically imposing that lets play, plus full-back of midfield and even center-back, is signed through 2015. Bayern, by Karl Heinz Rummenigge, and Barca recommended that "better to save telephone money." (via MD)

[Former player] Eto'o, attentive to the movements of Barça in the transfer market

He was in Barcelona, ​​known to be looking for a forward and would not mind returning.

The news that Barça is looking for a forward has not gone unnoticed by Samuel Eto'o, who on Tuesday was in Barcelona and was with one of his former teammates with keeping a good relationship.

The Cameroonian was animated half-jokingly, half seriously by their environment in Barcelona to return to the club he never wanted to leave. The fact that his friends like Xavi, Puyol and Valdés left on the computer and go to Pep Guardiola, who from the outset would not have 'Samu' although he had a season under his command, together with their current team, the Russian Anzhi, stayed the weekend out of the Champions League, has put honey on the lips.

Eto'o is now 31 years and 20 million charged in the Russian team would not be an insurmountable problem, and would be willing to significantly reduce that amount. The main problem found is that the Cameroonian sources claim that club azulgrana right now is not provided for his possible return. (via MD)

Wenger struggles to retain Van Persie even one year

Arsenal run the risk of going free.

Robin van Persie is already the star forward for the summer market. The top scorer in the Premier League, with just a one year contract with Arsenal, Juventus and Manchester City has clearly and lurking in the background, also the Barça.

It has emerged that Dutch forward, who turns 29 in August, is at home in England and in case of migration, which is more like Barça. Not be ruled out at all to continue in the Premiership, with Arsenal or the City.

In the club 'gunner', his manager Arsene Wenger starts to repeat his usual ritual with the stars who speculate on their future and summarized in one sentence: "I count on you, you will not." As noted yesterday the 'Mirror', Wenger and the executive director 'gunner' Ivan Gazidis and have taken the message to Van Persie.

They are willing to fulfill his contract, assuming the risk that in half a year the gunner 'Oranje' choose your favorite club Arsenal without charging a euro for sale.

The cracking of Wenger may be strategic. In fact, the coach Alsatian never said "yes" to the first time, at different times, their cracks asked a change. Patrick Vieira, Thierry Henry, Cesc Fabregas Samir Nasri or as lengthy case, fought for months for his departure.

Van Persie has a trump card over all. Has a contract that is about to enter its final season of life, which means you owns his future.

Van Persie takes 70,000 pounds a week and now has an offer to join the City the next three seasons at a rate of 150,000 pounds a week (188,000 euros, more than 9 million per annum) plus an additional bonus of five million pounds (6.25 million euros).

According to reports Arsenal fought back with five-year contract and 130,000 pounds a week (163,000 euros, more than 8 million per year), plus a signing bonus. (via MD)

Isco, of Málaga, enters the orbit offensive azulgrana

Barça has two years following the evolution of Andalusian front and if no budget, will probe his signing.

Barça reaches prioritizes two defenders and reserves the hiring of a forward for later. So far, the only national name and preferably has transcended from the list of attackers Andoni Zubizarreta, azulgrana sporting director, is that of Adrián, of Atletico Madrid, but MD has learned that Isco, of Malaga, is also included on the agenda and in leading positions.

Its inclusion in the provisional list of the Spanish coach, Vicente del Bosque has uncovered the interest Catalan. The Andalusian playmaker like a lot. He knows his environment and set Malacitano directive, which is aware of the discrete movements barcelonistas.

A Isco (Málaga, 1992) have been following him since before the Valencia, his home club since age 14, he very reluctantly pierce to Málaga for six million euros.

The sheikh Abdullah Al-Thani extended his contract until 2016 and put 20 million buyout clause. A single season has been enough to become one of the engines that has led the team of Manuel Pellegrini at the preliminary stage of the Champions League. He played 32 games in the league, has scored five goals and has exhibited his 20-year talent to lead the attacking football.

The azulgrana technical secretary has already made several approaches, both the environment and the individual player's club, the last time to mark the league match of the day 20 of the Camp Nou was postponed to 2 May.

Although at La Rosaleda have no intention of selling, because they need money, both parties could end up being understood. Málaga claimed by the signing of six players to reset your spine.

Borja Valero, Villarreal is one of them and one would be Thiago. It is unlikely that put Barca to negotiate for one another, but they know that the coaching staff Andalusian prefer to have some of the pearls of the quarry. Keita also has sounded in the Andalusian capital of Mali but is more work to change the league.

What most like about Isco at the club is its overflowing technical capacity. He is a player with a refined touch, with a marked oriented control, who can put the ball at the bottom, with dribbling and exploits its physical limit.

A notable addition to Messi and the Barça players who tread the area frequently. Other clubs of First Division and abroad have also tried to find information but have always found with Barça involved. (via MD)

Barça team dined at the W Hotel

The Barça squad met at the Hotel W for a relaxed dinner yen before the Cup final.

In the midst of preparing for the Copa del Rey final, FC Barcelona template decided to take a break and make pineapple with dinner at the prestigious Hotel W Barcelona.

The players met to try to tackle the final stretch of the season with Cup title at stake.

The evening was held from nine o'clock at night where he turned to show off the good relationship between all members of staff. Virtually all the players arrived in their cars and many of them were accompanied by their partners. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Montoya points to meet Alves against Athletic

The clavicle played yesterday a trick on Alves and the Brazilian joins Abidal and Puyol and low for the last game of the season.

The low of Eric Abidal and Carles Puyol, coupled with the departure of Maxwell at PSG during the winter had left in 'jack, knight and king' Pep Guardiola options in the defensive line for the final of the Copa del Rey on 25 May against Athletic at the Calderón.

Always assuming that bet on a coach behind four, seemed to have secured the position Javier Mascherano and Gerard Piqué as central, with Dani Alves on the right and Adriano on the left.

Nevertheless, not ruled out that the squad Martin Montoya, who has done well whenever he has had opportunities to stop at the dominant Brazilian. Well, the broken collarbone that Alves was in training yesterday that speculation becomes a near certainty.

Born in Gavà on April 14, 1991, Montoya made ​​his debut with the first team on 26 April 2011 in the stronghold of Mallorca and in this course has already played nine games for Guardiola's orders (seven league, one Copa del Rey and one Champions League).

Under-21 international, is one of the jewels of the cantera, not far desentonará against Athletic. Thus, Montoya will be the companion of Piqué, Mascherano and Adriano, if Guardiola surprised with a defensive line of three units, which seems unlikely.

The Blaugrana defense seems to be cursed, because in many of the big end has been severely decimated by sanctions, injuries and even diseases. In the Champions League final in Rome '09, Pep was without Marquez through injury and the suspended Alves and Abidal, Puyol played so the right and Sylvinho on the left, with Piqué and Toure as central.

In the Champions League final last season against Manchester United at Wembley, he could not play out Puyol, ailing after a very difficult season for his knee problems, his place was taken by Mascherano and served with notice.

Guardiola had to cope with the absence through injury of their central theoretical holders, Puyol and Piqué in the last final of the European Super Cup, so they played that day starting at the Louis II of Monaco Abidal and Mascherano in the center of the defense, the right Alves and Adriano on the left. (via SPORT)

[Barça B; Liga Aderante; Week39] FC Barcelona B 1 - 2 Real Valladolid

The Barça B lost in the Miniestadi to a Valladolid, much higher after the break and has traced the initial goal of Carmona.

Great match which has seen tonight at the Miniestadi between Barça B and Valladolid, a team that has many options to play next season in the Primera Division. Despite the initial goal of Carmona, all coached by Miroslav Djukic has traced the marker and has taken all three points.

Although the match was at 10 pm Barça B players and Valladolid have not given any concession to the audience to sleep and have offered a pretty sight on the pitch. From the beginning the two sets have chosen to go on the attack and already at 2 min the azulgrana Rodri had the first chance to open the scoring after a failure of goalkeeper Jaime. Finally his cross shot is out touching the stick. Five minutes later a shot from Javi Guerra has saved Armando by sending the ball in a corner. Have been the clearest cases these first minutes that the azulgranas danger created by Rodri and Deulofeu, while Valladolid did everything on the left flank through the centers of Jofre Mateu and Javi Guerra, always very helpful in the area. The opportunity would be happening and could either ahead first. But it has not reached the goal in the first half, but has failed to score Deulofeu and the stroke of halftime. Starting in front speed just the play with a final shot with much merit Jaime stops.

After a closely fought first half, the second time a film has been completely different. Valladolid, who had to win in the Mini if I continue to aspire to the second place in the league that gives direct access to board first, has gone all out. It has been a constant attack from the Valladolid what has caused the team to step down and stop Eusebio conveniently make dangerous moves. With all the more squeezed the Valladolid goal azulgrana has come. It was 58 minutes when Rodri has endured the ball very well and before the arrival of Carmona has left him in the face for he scored. Despite going ahead Valladolid continued harassing the goal of Oier. Balliu saved on the goal line shot Jofre Mateu and 61 the referee annulled a goal Javi Guerra. Carmona, 70, was able to score the second in two days but James stopped the counterattack. And nine minutes later reached the target of Valladolid by Óscar, who has distanced himself very well for the defense to score the equalizer. And in 85, Good has made the winning goal at the exit of a corner. The azulgranas have not dropped their arms and sought the equalizer, but things have gone awry when the referee has rigorously expelled Jonathan dos Santos, who had recently entered, for a foul on Álvaro Rubio. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Match Stats]
FC Barcelona B: Oier, Muniesa, Carmona (Riverola, 76’), Rodri (Dos Santos, 82’), Sergi Roberto, Sergi Gómez, Armando, Lobato, Deulofeu, Rafinha and Planas (Balliu, 45’)

Real Valladolid: Jaime, Marc Valiente, Rueda, Guerra (Manucho, 76’), Óscar (Nafti, 89’), Jofre Mateu (Bueno, 64’), Peña, Rubio, Sisi, Víctor Pérez and Balenciaga.

Goals: 1-0, Carmona (55’); 1-1, Óscar (79’); 1-2, Bueno (85’).

Referee: Sureda Cuenca

[Youth] Alexis, a 'killer' runs a lot

The striker won la Liga on Saturday with the Cadete B and Sunday and worked with two goals in the comeback of A in the field of Damm.
The Cameroonian, which landed at La Masia in 2008, blending the power of Ronaldo and Samuel Eto'o instinct goalscorer, his two idols.

Alexis Meva (Douala, September 16, 1997) is a forward who runs a lot. Chasing the ball and chasing the dream of stepping on a day the Camp Nou. On Saturday, scored a goal in the victory of his team, Cadete B, against Villanova (7-1), who gave him the league title and twenty-four hours later, on Sunday, was the hero of A, with two points in the second half in the turnaround in the field of Damm (2-3).

The Cameroonian landed at La Masía in 2008, forming part of the third batch of promising young Samuel Eto'o Foundation. He was 10 years and its quality was so extraordinary that, unlike his peers, did not need to overcome any evidence. Never tired of scoring goals and the barcelonismo began to meet at the end of that seasonwhen in Semana Santa won the prestigious MIC against Arsenal in July and was the MVP and top scorer of the popular tournament organized by the Cadena Ser every summer, and in 2009 was held in A Coruña. Alexis signed twelve points and led the title of the guys who ran Sergi Milà, who beat Almería in the final (2-1).

In the next two seasons, during childhood, Albert Puig continued to grow and Fran Sánchez, and the current has been commissioned to complete the scoring countless actions which has generated more than enough talent Cadete B, with his good friends Ayoub and Sergi Canós and Paik, Josimar, Sarsanedas and co. The Fran Artiga, despite being first-year players and measured second, have secured the title with three games remaining, thanks to his eleven points clear of the Santes Creus de Reus, whom they are measured on Thursday the Ciutat Esportiva (19.30 h.).

Alexis is particularly remarkable for its powerful physical condition and his extraordinary filmmaker. Going the Distance, combines the power of instinct goalscorer Ronaldo and Samuel Eto'o, his two idols. But over time will improve his game of combination, required in all youth football rams azulgrana after the explosion of Leo Messi as 'false 9'.

The forward, who spent many of his goals to his agent and friend Sandra Mesalles, enthusiasm and willingness to learn will not lack. It is working and living with him at La Masía have to spend the day watching football. And his ranting when there are tremendous brand. Understand that not everything is the goal. (via MD)

[Former player] Touré Yaya: "Mourinho has not called me"

Touré Yaya denied receiving a call from Mourinho and visited Abidal in Barcelona.

The Ivorian midfielder is in Barcelona where he took the opportunity to visit Abidal, former teammate and close friend of his time at Barça.

"Abidal is very good and very encouraged," he said.

Touré, with the Premier under his arm, responded to the microphones of RAC1 and answered about the rumors surrounding his future, especially those that relate directly to Real Madrid.

"I can not say anything about that. We have to wait and see what happens," said Touré. And pointed out: "Mourinho has not called me." (via SPORT)

Fernandez Borbalán, the arbiter of 'finger in the eye', will whistle the final

The RFEF has announced the decision at the meeting held at the headquarters of the Federation in the Ciudad del Fútbol of Las Rozas.

David Fernández Borbalán belongs to the Andalusian college and debuted in the Primera Division in September 2004 in an Levante-Racing.

However, the referee is remembered by the fans to pass for being in charge of running the second leg of the Supercopa of Spain, between Barça and Madrid in which occurred the famous incident of the finger in the eye of Mourinho to Tito Vilanova. (via SPORT)

[Selection] Del Bosque: "I do not rule Puyol either Villa until 27"

The national team coach said that "until 27" will not rule out "any player", referring to Carles Puyol and David Villa.

"We have time to give the final list for Euro until 27, so until that day does not rule out anyone, including Puyol and Villa" he said.

Although Puyol was operated on his knee last week and Villa is still recovering from a fractured tibia, the importance of both players allowed to have the doors open until the day the selection will go.

"Puyol is a team leader and there is no hurry. On 27 decide, and Villa is the efficiency at goal. In ten days we will leave doubts," Del Bosque said after chairing the Committee IV football draft, who chose the best players and young players in Spanish football.

Del Bosque, having declared that his work with the youth ranks at Real Madrid represented phase "richer" and that he felt "more comfortable" in his career, said the Italian, the first rival in the Championship, "and fully analyzed. "

"Italy is a new team, they know the lines together and make a balanced game. Speculate with the ball in central midfield, but they know to find the good pass to their forwards created danger. May have little game, but they are dangerous" he said. (via SPORT)

Pruna: "Puyol has no chance of going to the Euro"

The doctor of FC Barcelona ruled out Puyol ahead of the next round of the Spanish team.

The doctor Ricard Pruna was firm on the possible participation of Puyol at Euro and left no doubt:

"Puyol has no chance to go," said Pruna.

The Barça medical settled the debate about a possible call and despite the wishes of the national coach, Vicente Del Bosque, the center back will not arrive in time to play in Poland and Ukraine.

Pruna, however, did become more optimistic about the chances of Villa who ruled for the Copa but not to play for the next tournament. (via SPORT)

[Youth] First group photo with the new Masia residents

This Wednesday, the residents of the new Masía posed for the traditional group photo with Masía staff.

This Wednesday, 56 of the 74 residents of the new Masía posed for the traditional group photo with Masía director, Carles Folguera, and the rest of the Masía staff. The only members of the Masía that didn’t make it were the junior basketball players, due to a scheduling conflict.

Photos were snapped in two different locations. The first one was done in front of the main entrance of the main building, while the second one was done under the sign the reads ‘La Masia. Centro de Formación Oriol Tort.’

The new Masía was inaugurated on October 20 of 2011. The new building has an area of 6,000 square meters spread over five floors. (via FCBarcelona.com)