14 May 2012

Thiago Silva accepts the role of Baresi hederero despite interest from Barça

Thiago Silva is the center-back favorite of the technical of Barça, but has always been assumed to be a virtually impossible goal.
So it seems after Brazilian defender has accepted the role of being the 'new Baresi' in Milan of the future: "I will continue here."

The message has cleverly released on Milan over the figure of Thiago Silva as his "new Baresi" seems to have penetrated deep into the Brazilian center-back. Although in recent months, Silva did not close the door to any possibility when he spoke of Barça interest to seize his signing, the departure of several of the famous San Siro veterans leave him as 'lord' of clothes. Thiago Silva after being awarded 'Rossoneri' of the year, he is accountable to its new role. "I would love to be compared with Baresi because I want to repeat his great story here, just like Maldini did."

Milan, in the words of its leaders Adriano Galliani and Braida Ariedo had already appointed Thiago Silva and Zlatan Ibrahimovic as "untouchables" of a project that needs rejuvenation. Thiago is now the real treasure of Milan and he feels so. "My motivation is great and I hope to continue to do well at Milan. The responsibility that Nesta has given me is great. First was the hederero of Maldini, Baresi and now am Nesta, a larger than helped me and now I am sorry to leave because his departure for Milan loses a lot. " (via MD)

Ribery: "Tactically Chelsea is stronger than Barcelona"

The French international Franck Ribery, Bayern Munich, Chelsea is considered, from the tactical point of view stronger than FC Barcelona, ​​which warned that his team is not going to take things easy in the final of the Champions.

"Regarding the game, Barcelona is stronger. But if you look at the organization, the tactical and situations with set pieces, then Chelsea is stronger," Ribery said in an interview published today magazine 'Kicker', when asked about whether the England team will not be an easier opponent than it would have been the Catalan team.

"In the semifinals played as you have to play against Barcelona and Munich will focus on the defensive approach, compact and well organized. Will be very difficult," added Ribery. (via MD)

José Angel: "Always pleased that Barça is interested in you"

The Roma player, José Angel, spoke about the interest of Barça and the possibility of signing that was last year.

"I always like a club like Barcelona is interested in you, we are talking about the best team in the world during the last five years. It is important that you always have there is something to be put under the clubs," has said Jose Angel in the program 'Mas Esports' Com Radio.

The player has had that came close to signing for Barça last year: "Last year there were contacts, spoke Barça and Sporting and ultimately failed to reach agreement. Was made for me why you can not say no to a club like Barcelona "

He has also spoken about his teammate Bojan Krkic: "Bojan do not know what has to plan to do, is a great boy and a great person. Not know what they do plan to do Rome with Bojan." (via SPORT)

Puyol, slowly but surely

After surgery of the knee, Carles Puyol has not rested a single day before starting to work for recovery.

Carles Puyol, FC Barcelona captain, left the hospital on Sunday after knee surgery and almost no time to rest and has made a recovery session on Monday morning, he told the player on his Twitter.

At the same information published in social network commented that this Monday afternoon also carried out another recovery session, though, making it clear that it will "slowly but surely." (via SPORT)

Messi: "I thank my teammates to help achieve the 50 goals"

The Argentine took advantage of social networking to thank his teammates to achieve Pichichi.

Leo Messi thanked his teammates achieve the pichichi and Golden Boot with 50 goals in league and made it through the social network Tencent Weibo China: "I thank my teammates to help achieve the 50 goals in League . I'm happy. be top scorer in a league as difficult as Spanish is an honor and a pleasure. "

The Argentine forward, who can still win with the club's Copa del Rey against Athletic Bilbao at the Vicente Calderón, has achieved an incredible 50 goals in one season in the league championship, something never seen in LFP. Cristiano Ronaldo, his closest rival, was left with 46 goals. That is why the crack Rosario won the top scorer and Golden Boot. (via SPORT)

[Former B player] Jonathan Soriano, Austrian champions

The former Barça B player, Jonathan Soriano, has proclaimed this Sunday Austrian champions with the Red Bull Salzburg.

The Salzburg became champion of the Austrian Bundesliga to win at home to Wiener Neustadt for 1 to 5, in a game where the Catalan Jonathan Soriano scored twice.

Soriano left the discipline of FC Barcelona during the winter to anchor in the Austrian team.

With the win on Sunday in the penultimate League game of the Austrian, team Salzburg wins his fourth championship since 2005 when the company Red Bull took over the whole. (via SPORT)

[Former Youth Player] Icardi, debut and winning goal with Sampdoria

The former azulgrana canterano Mauro Icardi debuted with the first team Sampdoria in the best way possible: with a decisive goal five minutes from time.

The former azulgrana, which was experiencing a great form on team 'Primavera' of Sampdoria, joined the squad for the match against Juventus at the lower Stabia Eder and other physical problems as usual striker Nicola Pozzi and had the opportunity to enter the field in the absence of a quarter to the end when the score was tied at one.

Iachini, coach of the Genoese, decided to go for Icardi to give fresh air to the front of the 'Samp', which was also a man down and needed the three points to keep the place playoff for promotion to Serie A. And he failed Icardi Italian coach. The young forward, just 19 years, took the second time I had, five minutes remaining to put the 1-2 on the scoreboard end to finish off a low cross from the left.

Without doubt, the best possible debut for Icardi, who finished the match being congratulated by his teammates and happy for his debut with the first team scorer. "I never imagined a debut as well. During the week I thought I might get to play, but did not think he could do so many minutes or even less would mark" Icardi said after the meeting. "I'm happy for me, but especially at Sampdoria," added the forward.

The premiere scorer in Serie B Icardi also coincides with the interest of several teams in Spain to bring it back to the peninsula for the next season. (via SPORT)

Zubizarreta: "in the Liga, we lacked the final touch"

The director of football feels Barça was missing the final touch when it mattered most in their Liga and Champions League campaigns.

Zubizarreta insists "we did all we could" to persuade Guardiola to stay on as manager.

He offered support to Tito Vilanova: "we will give him our support and protect him in everything we can".

On Tito Vilanova, he said "we will support him and protect him as well as we can”

Andoni Zubizarreta, director of the sports area of football has reviewed the season on the TV show ‘Hat Trick’ on Esport3: "It is our obligation to always be fighting for titles. We did very well in the Spanish Supercup. We won the European Supercup. We also performed to our best at the World Clubs Cup. But when it reached the final stages of the league, having won our place in the title challenge, we were beaten at home by Madrid. We couldn’t finish the job. In the Champions League, the semi final with Chelsea showed what an unpredictable, yet wonderful, game football can be. This year we haven’t got our reward. Let’s hope we get it in the cup".

But looking back at the season as a whole, he commented that "if I was the father of a child who got grades like these, I’d tell him to relax and go off and enjoy his holidays”.

Zubizarreta also spoke about Guardiola’s resignation and the announcement of his replacement. "What Pep said in his press conference about the confirmation of Tito as the new manager being made on the same Friday as the press conference is quite right. We had spoken to Tito on Wednesday. There were a lot of meetings after that Wednesday, it seemed like months but it was only a matter of hours. On Friday, Tito told us he’d accept the job and that was also the moment that Pep found out that the proposal had been confirmed". He also insisted that "we did everything we could” to persuade Guardiola to stay, but the decisive factor was that the outgoing coach simply felt exhausted.

The former FC Barcelona goalkeeper also denied rumours of any deterioration in the relationship between Guardiola and Vilanova: "I know what conversations we had, and on Friday morning Pep was telling Tito that he had to do it, he had to take the job. The rest of it seems totally over the top to me. All of the speculations I have heard are simply making a mountain out of a molehill". He added that, aside from sporting matters, Tito is a very different person to Guardiola and “will be in charge of the football part because he is different to Pep … We will help and protect him as much as we can.”

As for the future of the squad, Zubizarreta said that no decisions will be made until after the Cup Final. "We’ll start talking to Tito from the 28th onwards. Any other matters are pure speculation … We don’t have any players up for transfer, and we have not received offers for Alves, Pedro or Piqué. In the time I’ve been at Barça, there have been no more than four offers put on the table. Some were accepted.” And as for possible signings, Zubizarreta refused to reveal what kind of money the club might spend, and
limited himself to saying that “next season, we will have the squad that we want to have." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Record breaking ‘Pichichi’ and ‘Golden Boot’

Leo Messi’s 50 league goals this season have made him the highest ever ‘Pichichi’ (top scorer) in La Liga and catapulted him to the head of the ranking of ‘Golden Boots’ of all time.

Leo Messi just keeps on breaking records. Now he has established a new record for both the ‘Pichichi’ (top scorer in La Liga) and the ‘Golden Boot’, beating Cristiano Ronaldo’s record of 41 La Liga goals in the 2010/11 season, and Dudu Georgescu’s 47 goals for Dynamo Bucharest in the 1976/77 season. He is the highest scoring ‘Golden Boot’ since the award was established in the 1966/67 season. Behind him in the ranking comes Hector Yazalde of Sporting Lisbon, who scored 46 goals in the 1973/74 season. Messi has smashed all the records at a stroke. (via FCBarcelona.com)

Here is a list of the ten highest scoring ‘Pichichis’ and Golden Boots’:

50 goals – Leo Messi (FC Barcelona, 2011/12)
41 goals – Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid, 2010/11)
38 goals – Hugo Sanchez (Real Madrid, 1989/90)
38 goals – Telmo Zarra (Atletic Club, 1950/51)
35 goals – Baltazar (Atletico Madrid, 1988/89)
34 goals – Telmo Zarra (Athletic Club, 1946/47)
34 goals – Hugo Sanchez (Real Madrid, 1986/87)
34 goals – Ronaldo (FC Barcelona, 1996/97)
34 goals – Leo Messi (FC Barcelona, 2009/10)
32 goals – Diego Forlan (Atletico Madrid, 2008/09)

[Golden Boot]
50 goals – Leo Messi (FC Barcelona, 2011/12)
47 goals – Dudu Georgescu (Dynamo Bucharest, 1976/77)
46 goals - Hector Yazalde (Sporting Lisbon, 19973/74)
44 goals – Josip Skoblar (Olympique Marseille, 1970/71)
43 goals – Dorin Mateut (Dynamo Bucharest, 1988/89)
42 goals – Mario Jardel (Sporting Lisbon, 2011/02)
42 goals – Eusebio (SL Benfica, 1967/68)
41 goals – Hansi Krankl (Rapid Vienna, 1977/78)
40 goals – Gerd Müller (Bayern Munich, 1971/72)
40 goals – Eusebio (SL Benfica, 1972/73)
40 goals – Cristiano Ronaldo (Madrid, 2010/11)

It tightens the noose on Jordi Alba

Barça offers 8 and Valencia calls 12 for the left back.

Jordi Alba is four million euros to be the side that will strengthen the left flank of the Camp Nou. Superdeporte reported, the club azulgrana offers to Valencia 8 million euros for international polivaleente, while Valencia at the moment requires payment of 12 million.

One factor to take into account and that plays into the player and Barça is that the contract of Alba with the club che subtracted just one season of operation. So far, all attempts from Mestalla to renew your player have failed. One of the keys is that Jordi Alba, but would be willing to extend the contract because if it is to go to Barça and is very comfortable in Valencia, is intended to include an exit clause at a fixed price. (via MD)

The medical reports Puyol fun for the fans Barça

Carles Puyol has become a participant to the fans to pass from right knee surgery he underwent last Saturday through his Twitter account. Barça was the same captain who reported that the intervention had gone well, enclosing a photograph of him in the room hospital Quirón.

He later hung another picture, entitled 'How do I take care of my brother', and which shows to the aforementioned, Putxi, guarding his bandaged leg. And, after being discharged, he offered a third photo, which shows "and at home, playing with my cousin." The estimated time low for 'Puyi' is 4-6 weeks. (via MD)

Ibrahim Afellay leaves a good feeling

Running for the final copera, but has few options they hold against Athletic.

Ibrahim Afellay debuted last Saturday at the Benito Villamarin as a starter this season after spending most of the campaign on the sidelines for a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. The Dutch, with excellent poster in his country, left a good feeling in the last league match against Betis, but not assured continuity next year because Barça could give out if there is any interesting offer.

Afellay played in Seville as a left winger and was plugged in during the 58 minutes that remained on the ground, to be replaced by Montoya. The Dutch ran for the next Cup final on May 25, but has few options they hold against Athletic.

For 'Ibi' this match will close the official Barça course is important in their aspirations to be present at the upcoming European Championship. The Dutchman has been shortlisted by the Netherlands, where part of an initial ratio of 36 players. The second list of 27 names will be released before 17 May and the final 23 by 29-M. (via MD)

Barça ran out of their league prize more homegrown

Football has not reward that would have deserved Barça more canterano of the Guardiola era.

2011-2012 FC Barcelona is the most homegrown players in the league has aligned: 19. However, unlike the previous three projects Pep Guardiola is the only one who did not sing the alirón. Players formed in the lower divisions were without reward.

The Santpedor coach ranked 17 in his first season at the helm. In the second the number dropped to 14 and the third was 18. And the last is that taken by most players part of the house: 19: Messi, Valdés, Busquets, Xavi, Cesc, Puyol, Iniesta, Thiago Pedro, Piqué, Cuenca, Tello, Montoya, Dos Santos, Sergi Roberto, Fontàs, Deulofeu, Bartra and Muniesa. Those who enjoyed their first opportunity in the regular tournament were Cesc (who came from Arsenal), Cuenca, Tello and Deulofeu (which they did from the subsidiary).

Two thirds of the first team squad have gone through the Barca youth football, a fact which indicates that things are being done very well in the formation of new talent.

In the starting rate of the League 2011-2012 are based on seven homegrown players who have played the most minutes. Another proof that Barça continues to promote people from home. And the fact that Tito Vilanova in command for the first team from next season for optimism to all players who are very close to making the leap to the first team.

This season has again been undisputed Valdés in goal (again obtained the prize for fewest goals goal in the league), captain Puyol in the center of the rear and in the middle, Busquets, Xavi, Cesc and Iniesta . Above, Messi, author of 50 goals, has again shone brightly. The other players who have entered the starting ideal have been Mascherano, teaming with Puyol, despite signing two years ago as defensive midfielder, Alves, Abidal and Alexis. In the position of the French gained prominence following his Adriano operation of the liver and Chilean, Pedro. Injuries and illnesses that have beaten the players have motivated workforce necessary step to stop others who had not had so many minutes. Overall, Guardiola fielded 29 players, and in its first year.

Always in Champions area

FC Barcelona, ​​three-time League (2009, 2010 and 2011), could not defend the title and came within one step of matching the team record of Johan Cruyff, who won in 1991, 1992, 1993 and 1994. But the club's fourth draft Pep always moved in Champions area course: 3 days leader, 30 second, 3 third and 2 quarts. Madrid was fifth twice and seventh one. (via SPORT)

Alves broke the test of the Cup

While the top four played together on today's defenses, the team completely controlled the game very well and stopped Betis.

Pep Guardiola fielded against Betis out the defensive line, but last-minute surprises, will meet on Friday, May 25 Athletic in the final of the Copa del Rey to be played at the Vicente Calderón. The technician would thus take the last official engagement for a trial at the highest possible level, against a Betis trying to attack throughout the match and in a stadium with that much pressure from the opening whistle.

However, the expulsion of Dani Alves in the first minutes after the break disrupted the plans of the technician, who did not relish the Brazilian hard tackle on Jefferson Montero when he was booked. In fact, the two yellow cards that saw Dani Alves on Saturday at the Coliseum Betis were completely fair. As he passed the bench road tunnel, Guardiola does not even look digested, which served to make clear the anger of the coach.

Despite his expulsion, it seems that Guardiola will not invoice and the right back will be part of the best defense possible that today can present the team azulgrana in the final cup-bearer. Eric Abidal is recovering from his liver transplant and Carles Puyol is still recovering from his speech in his right knee, which together with the progress of Maxwell at PSG during the winter makes the most likely option is that which was measured at Betis.

Thus, it seems that Javier Mascherano and Gerard Piqué be paired in the center of the rear, with Adriano on the left and Dani Alves on the right, since it seems unlikely that Josep Guardiola on the bench to risk leaving the Brazilian international and give the option to Martín Montoya squad, who is serving to perfection at every opportunity he has had so far.

Guardiola bet that if the Calderón align defense with four elements, a choice that day almost no one dares to discuss. Against a team as strong in the air as the Athletic and without the benefit of Puyol, will be essential that the two plants are very helpful especially to Fernando Llorente. Therefore, it would be inadvisable a defensive line with only three pieces. (via SPORT)

Zubizarreta: "We have offers for Piqué and Alves"

The Basque showed the utmost confidence in the current squad and does not think make movements until you have played the final of the Copa del Rey.

Andoni Zubizarreta analyzed in the program 'Hat-Trick' of Televisió de Catalunya some recent decisions that have surrounded the club and left for the future strokes, but not wanting to talk about specific names. The athletic director said that "the next season we will have the template you want to have" and explained that after the Cup final will start talking with Tito Vilanova.

The Basque explicío that "I do not know the money we will have in the summer. It is a closed chapter. Depends on the chips that are free. "Of course, Zubizarreta said that the club has no intention of selling: "We have no portable player, or have gone bid for Alves and Piqué. I will have had four offers on the table maximum since being in office. "The only 'signings' confirmed are those of young Montoya, Bartra and Muniesa because "the first team will contract" and did not go into further consideration.

The signings and the final composition of the staff put on hold "until the June 28" and only stated that "we are not constipated" to look only at home.

On the role of Tito Vilanova, Zubizarreta announced that it will only be "responsible for the football because it is different from Pep", so you should not assume communicative functions. Zubi said that "Tito will help and protect all that we can."

The process leading to the departure of Guardiola, Barça executive explained how the movement was: "Guardiola said on Wednesday it to us after losing to Chelsea. After many meetings there were hours that seemed months, until Friday morning, Tito told us he assumed office. "

Zubizarreta would not answer to criticism of former president Joan Laporta because "not one to do it" and was harder to Aitor Karanka, who said he "did not understand his words. There are things that are outside of the results, as is the contribution to football in a business where we all. "

Pep offered the youth as 'game'

Andoni Zubizarreta revealed a casual conversation he had with Pep Guardiola weeks ago when "we had reported that Òscar was leaving and was the Juvenil and offered it free. I looked for a moment and thought about it, but it was more a game than anything else. "The athletic director praised Òscar Garcia "for the great job he has done regardless of the results" and said that "we will follow for the future." (via SPORT)

Van Persie hints at his possible departure of Arsenal

The Dutchman Robin Van Persie linked to Barça and Madrid in recent days, he said he loves Arsenal and that this feeling will not change "whatever happens" with their future.

The forward, who finished top scorer of the Premiership with 30 points, under contract with the Gunners until 2013 and whose future depends on a renovation that has refused to negotiate until the end of the league, said the chain BBC to hold "conversations" with the club next week.

"We'll talk next week somewhere. Never know, but Arsenal is a huge club, a fantastic club," said the player.

Van Persie, who arrived from Feyenoord to London in 2004 by the hand of coach Arsene Wenger stressed that "after eight years playing in this club," feels connected to him for life.

"I love it. Whatever happens, it will not change," said the striker, who has led the Gunners in a turbulent season in which the team progress accused Cesc Fàbregas to Barça and the French Samir Nasri Manchester City last summer.

After a gradual recovery of his game led by the Dutch, Arsenal have finished the championship in third place, which leads to the next Champions League, by winning the final game at West Bromiwch 2-3. (via SPORT)

[Youth] Athletic Club 3 - 3 FCB Juvenil A

The set of Óscar García overcomes the three initial goals of the Athletic Club and ties in the final minute of the first leg of the knockout stages of the Copa del Rey.

After losing in the Champions Cup, played in remaking the Copa del Rey against Athletic Club facilities Lezama. Óscar García players needed a good result in the first leg of the knockout stages of the Basque Country and become a draw satisfactory after a tough game start. Now, the Juvenil A of Barça already mentalizing to play the qualifying round of next Sunday 20 May.

The Barça has jumped onto the field asleep and Athletic took advantage of the relaxation azulgrana to damage in the area of three quarters. With an asset Gorka Santamaría, the Bilbao team has knocked out Óscar García players and has dominated the first half. With this background, the front Santamaria scored the first goal of the fourth hour, and four minutes later the same player has extended distances on the scoreboard.

With a 2-0 unfavorable, FC Barcelona has set a goal sought to rekindle their hopes for the Copa playoff. But Gorka Santamaría has completed his hat-trick, leaving a very negative result to rest.

After the break, the talk in the locker room of Òscar Garcia and changes in the starting lineup have resuscitated the players, who have cut distances quickly thanks to Sandro. The azulgrana has caught a rejection inside the box to the exit of a corner and scored culé's first goal after ten minutes of play.

The tie was wide open. And Barcelona is the team has improved greatly in the second half and finally found a fitting reward. Brian, with a masterly free-kick, has cut the gap further in the light. And when the game seemed ready for judgment, Sandro has signed his doublet particular to achieve the set equal to three. Thus, the set of Óscar Garcia to complete his move to the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey next week in Barcelona. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Match Stats]
Athletic Club: Aitor, Artabe (Lozano, min 81), Arribalzaga, Molinos, Monteiros, Seguín (Etxaburu, min 87), Gil, Iturraspe (Escobar, min 66), Bengoa (Vegas, min 69), Etxeberría, Santamaría.

FC Barcelona: Tienda, Edu, Brian, Bagnack, Ayala, Samper, Ernesto (Sandro, min 46), Patric (Calvet, min 81), Dongou, Miguel Ángel (Cristian, min 79), Nando Quesada (Quintillà, min 46).

Goals: 1-0, Santamaría, min 15; 2-0, Santamaría, min 19; 3-0, Santamaría, min 28; 3-1, Sandro, min 55; 3-2, Brian, min 73; y 3-3, Sandro, min 90.

Referee: Asier Istúriz Latorre. Yellow card to Arribalzaga (min 43) and Quintillá (min 80).

Messi, La Liga's highest scorer, has won Barça's eleventh Pichichi Award

Leo Messi, highest goalscorer of the 2009/10 season, has won his second Pichichi award.

Here are Barça's other Pichichi winners: Martín, César, Ré, Rexach, Krankl, Quini, Romário and Ronaldo.

Leo Messi won, for the second time in his career, the Pichichi Award. The award is given to the the highest goalscorer in La Liga. The Argentine, who scored 50 goals in the competition (in 37 matches), established a new record in the Primera División, and he broke Cristiano Ronaldo’s record, set last year, of 41 goals. This is the 11th time in Club history that a FC Barcelona player has finished as La Liga’s top scorer.

Leo Messi closed out his La Liga campaign with 4 goals over Cristiano Ronaldo and 27 goals over Falcão, second and third, respectively. This is the player’s second Pichichi Award. This first time the Argentine won the trophy was in the 2009/10 season, when he scored 34 goals in 35 matches.

Before Messi, nine FC Barcelona players finished the season as the Liga’s top scorers: Mariano Martín (1942/43, 32 goals), César Rodríguez (1948/49, 28 goals), Cayetano Ré (1964/65, 25 goals), Carles Rexach (1970/71, 17 goals), Johan Krankl (1978 / 79, 29 goals), Quini (1980/81 y 1981/82, 20 and 26 goals, respectively), Romario (1993/94, 30 goals) and Ronaldo (1996/97, 34 goals).

It’s worth noting that Samuel Eto’o also won the Pichichi award in the 2004/05 season, level with Diego Forlán (25 goals apiece), but the daily Marca, entity that awards the prize since the 1952/53 season, stated that Eto’o had scored 24 goals, the 25th goal, scored against Mallorca, was given to Deco. (via FCBarcelona.com)

The Zamora Trophy belongs to Valdés

Victor Valdés has matched the record of the legendary Antoni Ramallets, up to now the only goalkeeper to have won the Zamora trophy for the fewest goals conceded an amazing five times.

He is also the first goalkeeper to win the trophy four years running.

"I’m excited about winning this fifth Zamora trophy and equalling Ramallets. He’s a reference point for me in goal”. Although Victor Valdés has always given priority to collective prizes rather than individual honours, his achievement this season of winning a fourth consecutive Zamora trophy (for the goalkeeper who concedes the fewest goals) is a source of great pride as it puts him up alongside one of the all-time greats, Antoni Ramallets. Valdés has now won the trophy five times (2004/05, 20008/09, 2009/10, 2010/11 and 2011/12), equalling the efforts of Ramallets, up to now the only player to win the trophy five times (1951/52, 1955/56, 1956/57, 1958/59 and 1959/60).

It’s taken 52 years for another goalkeeper to equal the record set by Ramallets. And it’s fitting that it should be equalled by a Barça player. This latest honour consolidates Barça’s position at the top of the Zamora ranking with 19 trophies, ahead of Real Madrid’s 16.

Valdés has not only equalled Ramallets; he has also set a new record of four consecutive Zamora trophies, all of which he has won during Guardiola’s time in charge.

In laying claim to this year’s trophy, Valdés conceded a miserly 28 goals in 35 matches, giving him an average of 0.8 goals per match. Along the way he’s kept 17 clean sheets and established a record of 896 minutes (between 21st September and 6th November) without conceding a goal in competitive matches. (via FCBarcelona.com)

[The 19 Barça Zamora Trophies]
- Velasco (1948)
- Ramallets (52, 56, 57, 59 and 60)
- Pesudo (1966)
- Sadurní (1969, 75 and 75)
- Reina (1973)
- Artola (1978)
- Urruti (1984)
- Zubizarreta (1987)
- Valdés (2005, 09, 10, 11 and 12)

[Youth] Two more titles for the Barça's youth system

Benjamín D team managed by Jordi Pérez and David Sánchez beat Pomar CD by 12-1 to seal the Liga title with three matches still remaining on the schedule.

The Infantil A team managed by Francesc Sánchez also clinched the Liga title after beating Damm (6-0).

With these two titles, Barça's youth system have won five Liga titles in the span of five days.

The Banjamín D team managed by Jordi Pérez and David Sánchez claimed the Tercera Divisón Group 2 League title after thrashing Pomar CD 12-1. Whilst the Infantil A team managed by Francesc Sánchez and Xavi Franquesa won the Primera División Group 1 League title after beating Damm by 6-0.

Benjamín D: League title clinched with three matches to go

With 69 points, the FC Barcelona Benjamín D team are now 10 points ahead of the second-place team, Montañesa CF. With nine points left in play from the three matches remaining on the schedule, the Azulgranas have sealed the title in spectacular fashion. Barça’s youth team have scored 263 goals and have only conceded 27. Furthermore, the team have not lost a single point all season. The convincing victory over Pomar CD was the culmination of a perfect season.

The Barça team managed by Francesc Sánchez and Xavi Franquesa claimed the Primera División Group 1 League title after beating Damm 6-0. The team, with 79 points, topped second place RCD Espanyol with one league game still left on the schedule. A brace from Javi Ruiz and goals from Dani Morer, Carlos Aleñá, Dani Olmo and Salinas (O.G), sealed the title for the Barça youth team. At the end of the match the players celebrated the title on the pitch with their managers.

Remember, this Wednesday FC Barcelona’s Juvenil B claimed the league title in their division, while the Cadete B and Benjamín B sides did the same this Saturday. With today’s two titles, Barça have won five Liga titles in the span on five days. (via FCBarcelona.com)