09 May 2012

Zubizarreta and Vilanova are scheduled to meet this week

The sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta, and the next coach of Barça, Tito Vilanova, are scheduled to meet this week to plan all the ups and downs in the face of the 2012-13 season.

To date, Zubizarreta and his team had been working according to the guidelines agreed with Pep Guardiola, who had opted for a line continuity and retocarán only some parts.

With the coaching change, Zubi want to see first hand if Tito Vilanova shares the same view or, instead, is in favor of making a more profound change.

Once Zubi and Vilanova lay the foundations of the new project of Barça, and finished the final of the Copa del Rey, sporting director Azulgrana and his team will begin work to provide an outlet for players that are not available and try to sign those players who ask Tito as reinforcements. For now, Jordi Alba already has the blessing of all. (via MD)

[Former player] Yayá Touré: "I would go to Barcelona"

Yayá Touré admitted RAC1 that "if they call me I would not think twice" and reiterated his dream of retiring from FC Barcelona.

Yayá Touré was surprised yesterday with some effusive statements regarding his desire to return to Barcelona. In an interview with RAC1, the Ivorian midfielder Manchester City spoke with feeling about a hypothetical return to Camp Nou.

"Two years ago I said I would return. Has been the most important equipment for me and if they call you do not think twice. Barcelona I love it. I would like to return." Touré recalled that "in the press conference I did when I was told again, in life you never know what will happen tomorrow, has been the team of my life and wanted to finish my career here. If I could be phenomenal."

About to become champion of the Premier League with two crucial goals in Newcastle-grown, the former Azulgrana midfielder had words for Pep Guardiola's farewell to the bench of the Camp Nou.

"It was a decision a little strange, because Guardiola has been instrumental in the success of Barça in all these years. But we are all humans and do great things though, has decided to leave," he said. About the appointment of Tito Vilanova off the bench, Toure praised the decision.

"I know very well I think Tito and apply the same philosophy as Pep. Tito is also very good person, with a very similar concept of football. I think Tito is also a good coach."

It told the British broadcaster Sky Sports, Toure praised the role of coach Roberto Mancini at City as a key factor to overcome a disadvantage as important as having regard to Manchester United in the Premier.
"I always trusted us and told us:"Guys, you have to believe in you because United can lose points. The important thing is that we keep winning. '"

In the absence of a day to finish the championship, the City is leading on goal difference with their neighbors at Old Trafford. Touré, decisive in la Liga 2010 for Barça in the final match against Valladolid, admitted that winning la Liga in the City "is making history and I came." (via MD)

The new Barça shirt, in the MACBA

Not everything is left for after the final of Copa del Rey. Life goes on and, commercially, more. If you want to cash, do not miss a minute. Therefore, Nike and FCB, have agreed to submit with honor the shirt of the new season. The already known. Which only has a red stripe, diffused large plant.

The party will be May 22 at MACBA. The Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona closed on Tuesdays but that day, at 12 am, will be the launch pad, according to all studies will be the best selling jersey of all time. Unequivocal proof that the taste of the signer is very, very outmoded. (via MD)

Puyol upbeat: “It’s just like taking your car in for a service”

The captain is full of optimism and courage ahead of his knee operation.

Regrets missing the Cup Final and most probably the European Championships, but is just focussed on getting back to 100% fitness.

The day after the announcement of his knee operation and the fact that he could be out for up to six weeks, Carles Puyol gave an upbeat press conference at the Club today and assured the assembled media: “it’s just like taking your car in for a service. I was more worried about it last year, but this year I’m more optimistic – soon I’ll be back to full fitness”.

Last year’s similar injury has given Puyol more confidence and hope ahead of this year’s operation and he explained: “I didn’t know then what the injury was, but it’s clear now and the doctors have recommended I give my knee a good clean out. If I carried on playing, I’d put my team and my knee at risk”.

The injury means Puyol will miss the end of Barça’s season and he commented: “it’s a bad time for it to happen and I’m annoyed about that. The Cup Final is the best game of the season for me, it’s incredible. I’ll still try and help my teammates all I can from the sidelines and try and enjoy the match”.

Puyol will most likely miss Spain’s European Championship too and he admitted: “it looks Llike I won’t make it, we’ll see how the operation goes, but I think it will be impossible - I need recovery time too. I was very excited about getting my 100th cap and going to the European Championships, but now I am just focussed on my operation and getting back to full fitness as soon as I can. I’m sure it’ll turn out okay”. Puyol also reckons that for as big a tournament as this summer’s: “the fairest thing is that the best players go”.

Puyol, who is 34, doesn’t see the operation as putting an end to his international career though and insisted: “if there’s one thing I am clear about, it’s that I want to retire on the pitch, not in surgery. I’ll see how I am next season and take a final decision then”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Training focussed on Betis game

The squad trained this Wednesday morning at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper in preparation for Saturday night’s game against Betis in Seville.

Alexis Sánchez continued to work apart from the rest of the squad, whilst Seydou Keita, who has a calf problem, did some specific work on his own.

Pep Guardiola led this morning’s session on pitch number 1 at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper, with all of his available first team players, (Puyol, Villa, Fontàs and Abidal are all out)including Piqué and Cuenca, who were both given the medical ok on Tuesday, as well as B team youngsters Tello, Bartra and Montoya.

Alexis Sánchez, who missed last Saturday’s derby game with a knock on his left thigh continued to work apart, whilst Seydou Keita(calf) did some specific exercises to help his recovery. Tito Vilanova, who has a virus, is expected to be back for Thursday’s session.

The squad will be back in training at Sant Joan Despí at 11.00 on Thursday morning. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Adriano has decided not to listen to offers

"There is no reason to leave," says his agent.

Adriano appears in all the pools as one of the Barça transferable. The specialized websites signings and rumors place him agree on the 'calcio', although some will even open the door of the Premier League.

His agent, Paulo Alfonso, MD has clarified that no club has warned of this possibility, which has two years of contract and not hear or foreign national offers. "There is no reason that Adriano leave the Barça," he said.

The agent went to London for the Chelsea-Barça Champions League and will also be in the finals of Copa del Rey in Madrid. "No manager has told me anything.

Instead, I say they are happy, "he added. The representative also emphasized that" Adriano has adapted very well to the city and the philosophy of the club. "

Its versatility, understands, is an added value, although the club will strengthen Brazil's position that deals with specialists. "Having a player of his characteristics is very good for any template. Such is his conviction that Paulo Alfonso avoided prosecuting the assumption that the club could raise output.

"Adriano has just the season well, responding to everything the technician asked. Has overcome his injuries and there is no reason to not have him," he said. With Abidal sick, Adriano has entered the starting lineup fairly regularly, essentially when Pep raised back four. Also entered into one of three. (via MD)

Santos president gets angry in the interest of Barcelona in Neymar

Neymar in 2013? That Barça will plant potatoes!", loosed annoying.

Santos president, Luis Álvaro de Oliveira, is upset by reports on the future of Neymar, who is said to arrive at Camp Nou in the summer of 2013. "We do not speak now neither Messi nor Neymar. We are focused on playing. Odds of Neymar out before 2014 are equal to zero," released in Ona FM and added: "I have the hope to continue with the player after 2014, to stay 80 years. We will compete with Barcelona and Real Madrid when the contract ". But had not lost out to Real Madrid? "The truth is that it is up to 2014. Then the decision is only the player," he said.

When in Brazil asked about these rumors, the official said indignantly: "That Barça plant potatoes in Barcelona." Yesterday qualified his exclamation. "It was a joke that we get from management." Then questioned their relationship with Sandro Rosell and Florentino Pérez, said the president of Barça "I have a special relationship. He is a gentleman and a loyal friend. With Florentino too, but not so close as Sandro," he said. The president did not hesitate to confess that "I prefer to Neymar than Messi. I have great admiration for Leo. It's a really great player, but Neymar has over the face of the Santos." (via MD)

Guardiola visited Abidal in the hospital before training

After the intense and emotional derby against Espanyol and before returning yesterday afternoon to training, Pep Guardiola in the morning went to the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona to visit Eric Abidal.

It is the second time the azulgrana coach even comes close to the hospital to inquire about the side since last April 10 was subjected to a liver transplant because of a liver tumor.

Not surprisingly, doctors have restricted visits. Besides his family and the core of doctors who are attending, very few people have seen the player. Among them, Pep and Henry, who took a trip to Barcelona to be with his close friend.

The French international is recovering from an operation that kept him in the operating room for over ten hours. "Both Abidal as his cousin, who donated part of his liver, developing well," said the president Sandro Rosell hours after surgery.

It was the only information that was provided to the media. At the express wish of the player's family, recovery and development is being silently from the start.

Hayet Abidal, his wife, in a text published on the website of 'facebook' player, said: "Eric wants to thank all messages received. Your support and all the strength that have handed down. Thank you." His agent, David Venditelli, who also visited him days later revealed that the news received so far were encouraging.

All his fellow of wardrobe will have sent messages of support during these days and in the Camp Nou, each Match 22 minutes, the Barcelona fans remember him with applause. (via MD)

Jordi Alba, ever closer to Barça

Barça want to tie the first to the left-back of Valencia, who still has not renewed with the club ché, and if renewed, will escape clause.

Jordi Alba could be the first to arrive at Camp Nou. Pending finally conclude all other possible signings, Barça will gradually preferring to undertake their employment.

The low definitively Eric Abidal has forced the club to join forces to reinforce the demarcation of left-back, without Abidal and with the departure of Maxwell to PSG in January, has left as the only effective Adriano in that position.

Gareth Bale is on the list, but its high price-Tottenham not be less than the 30 million euros, forcing the Barça opt to look more to Alba.

Club azulgrana's strategy to ensure their employment passes before which triggers the next European Championship in Poland and Ukraine, as if doing a good job, the price of Alba may increase a lot.

Despite the interest of Valencia renew, Jordi Alba, his current contract ending in June 2013, has not yet reached an agreement with the club 'ché'. The footballer, who has already shown their interest to Barça to go home, it is who has the upper hand.

Alba is very grateful to Valencia and do not want to leave by the back door. So is willing to renew as long as in his contract specifies that if an offer arrives from Barça will sign for club azulgrana in exchange for 12 million euros.

However, Valencia now provides this option only as long as the clause is 18 million euros, something which neither the player nor Barça accepted. Consequently, and not to agree, Valencia would risk Jordi Alba free to leave next summer.

Although originally not scheduled to come into operation, Barça is saved with an ace Cristian Tello case you have to use in negotiations with Valencia.

Tello is a player who really like the whole 'ché' and his manager, Braulio Vázquez been following since last season, when the de Sabadell subsidiary active in the squad.

Of course, if you Tello had just signed for Valencia to Alba arrived at Camp Nou, Barça would keep an option to buy over the end, as has been done in the past transfers of home-grown.

Botia would lower the transfer

To lower the signing, Barça meditates in the operation include Botía central Sporting Gijon. The club azulgrana has optioned to buy back 2.5 million euros when he passed two summers ago. Valencia aims to strengthen its axis and the former Barcelona defensive fit the profile they want. Atletico also goes after the Murcia.

The price of Bale and Alaba, prohibitive

The other letters that Barça manages to reinforce the left side are Gareth Bale, Tottenham, and Alaba, Bayern. Its high price, in the case of Welsh with 50 million euros in first strip, and, above all, the refusal of their respective clubs to negotiate the transfer are currently unfeasible any negotiation. (via MD)

David Luiz, crazy to come to Barça

After causing a sensation at Benfica, is about to celebrate its first season and a half at Chelsea.

Recently won the FA Cup at Wembley on Saturday, Roberto di Matteo rested David Luiz last night against Liverpool and the player weapons and sailing towards the grand final of the Champions on May 18 against Bayern. Still be the dismissal of the Premier against Blackburn at Stamford Bridge, but it probably is not the game.

At this point in the film, the head of David Luiz only are Bayern and Barça ... Yes, Barça. The Brazilian is very clear that his future lies in the Camp Nou and not willing to let go of a train that may be lost forever if not wave the flag violently to stop it. With just turned 25 years and about to complete a season and a half at Chelsea, the Brazilian international feel ready to take the final step in his football career.

By its terms, could be adapted perfectly to the Barça system and those who know him emphasize his humility and, above all, that has nothing to do with last chapters of his countrymen who created real problems on the computer, without going any further in the last stage of 'Rijkaard era. "

The Brazilian has also shown that with solvency can occupy the left side and if Tito Vilanova insists the defense of three, would be very useful playing alongside Carles Puyol. In addition, huge speed advantage allows you to reach the crossing still playing away from goal, a must in the game system that has elevated the current Barça.

Luiz David lives in London with his girlfriend Lisbon, Sara Madeira, whom he met during his time as player of Benfica after several months of bachelorhood. Both are a couple living away from the flashes of photographers and only appear in public.

The setting of the player and knows first hand that her dream is azulgrana dressing and even dare to ensure that the true aim of FC Barcelona not Thiago Silva but also David Luiz. In this regard, it should be remembered that Chelsea signed him from Benfica in the winter of last season endorsed by Carlo Ancelotti for 30 million euros and sales price could be around Now this amount. (via SPORT)

[Selection] Rafinha plant in Spain to Brazil

Julen Lopetegui offered the list of players invited by the Under-19 pre-European contest in Italy on the category of 23 to 28 May and the main news was the absence of Rafinha, the Barça B playmaker in recent months had debated between going to do with Spain or Brazil. The ETF has waited long enough to make a decision, but this absence, coupled with the call to the Brazilian U-20 to contest the MIC (but ultimately Barça does not give permission), confirm that the desire is to play football with Brazil and thus give up Spain.

The coaches had warned at the time that this time is key to the interests of each other and leave out the hispanobrasileño means close the doors and go for other players. Since the ETF is believed to have made every effort to keep him and only playmaker has been in charge of changing his destiny. Spain will play the position in the pre-European to Belgium, Armenia and hosts Italy. Only the first qualifies for a date in which they will share the seats for the FIFA Under-20 Turkey in 2013, so that fall into this qualifying round also involve being outside the World Cup. This should do it now without Rafinha appreciated. (via AS)

Puyol: "Soon I'll be butt"

Nothing more known the severity of the injury to Carles Puyol, who will prevent you from playing in the final of the Copa del Rey and be in the next European Championship, the player support samples of La Pobla de Segur has happened.

Cesc and Pedro have been the first to lament the injury of their captain, and quickly had joined fellow Blaugrana, as Andrés Iniesta, David Villa and Isaac Cuenca, as well as players from other formations, such as Sergio Ramos, but partners with the selection . The center-back core of the Seville wrote in his Twitter account: "I did not want to end the day without giving my mind to Carles Puyol and wish him a speedy recovery. Courage, Puyi!

Grateful for the many expressions of support, Puyol responded with the following words on his Twitter: "Bona nit (Good night)! Many thanks to all your messages x. I am encouraged, soon it up! A big hug". (via MD)

[Ex player] Hagi: "Messi is a genius in a great team"

The ex player of FC Barcelona George Hagi, spoke on 'Com Radio' on the figure of Leo Messi who has said he is "unique, a genius."

"Messi is unique, a genius who was born and has also been fortunate to play at a phenomenal team. Messi is a genius. It's amazing how easy it is to score goals," said the Romanian ex player George Hagi 'Com Ràdio 'on Leo Messi.

The ex blaugrana was compared with the Argentine and stressed the role of pin: "Messi is very technical, very fast, makes goals easy. The difference between Messi and me is that the brand a lot of goals, I gave the passes to mark" .

On the final of the Champions left their preferences clear and said that for him the better ending would have been one in which Barça won against Madrid: "It would have been incredible a Champions League final between Barcelona and Madrid. I think if you would have faced had won in the final Barcelona. "

Hagi also talked about the politics of his country and praised the Romanian communist politician Nicola Ceausescu, "Ceausescu did many good things for Romania, the only bad thing is that people let out of the country" (via SPORT)

[Former president] Laporta: "I'm weighing the possibility of returning to stand for election to Barça"

The former president of Barcelona and now deputy and leader of Democràcia Catalana (DC), Joan Laporta has reiterated the possibility of opting again for the presidency of Barcelona.

"I have nothing decided and everything is open," Laporta stated in a press conference that took place in the Parliament. His view is that "in a year and a half has broken the club model in which I believe" and this "perception" that has been "altered" is what has caused is now weighing the possibility of appearing in Barcelona the next election.

Laporta is concerned, above all, the march of Pep Guardiola as first team coach. The technician arrived at the Catalan club in 2007 and five years later decided to put an end to his time as coach of the club citing exhaustion. Laporta had to step down in summer 2010 and was replaced by Sandro Rosell. The former has found the "scenarios" that arise in the coming years are not inconsistent its current political activity as party leader Democràcia Catalana, a deputy in the Parliament and councilor in the city of Barcelona, ​​with the possible return to the presidency of Barça. "No early elections in Catalonia they take place in 2014, while 2015 and will be municipal elections in 2016, FC Barcelona are," he recalled.

In any case, the former president wanted to point out that Barca has not yet made a decision: "I have nothing decided, and everything is open." As Laporta, if there is the fact that his return to the presidency of the club azulgrana was incompatible with his political activity, the latter would be continued "by others in my party, in which people are perfectly capable." (via SPORT)

[Fprmer player] Bojan: "The decision to stay in Rome is mine alone"

Bojan Krkic discussed in 'Esports COPE' season finale with Rome without losing sight of what is happening at Barça.

The forward is very quiet at how the season has gone and admits to being happy with his performance but does not deny that he struggled to adapt to Italian football.

Bojan is now pursued by the uncertainty about his future, although the front does not appear distressed.

"For weeks we talk about my future but I know nothing of next year. I would finish the season and best value when you start the holidays," he said.

He noted that his decision is not subject to the continuity of Luis Enrique.

"I like to rely on myself. Therefore, the decision to stay or not in Roma is mine alone. If I'm OK, as now, I do not mind the coach there. Obviously Luis Enrique can go and come another mister, but I want to be outside and focus only on me, "said.

Therefore, Bojan is being questioned for their possible return to FC Barcelona, a possibility which does not waste time thinking until the time comes.

"FC Barcelona can repescarme but we should talk a lot. Barça is my home but I have come to a place where I have been welcomed with open arms and I feel like home," he said.

In addition, he spoke of his relationship with Tito: "I can only say I had good dealings with him. He was very kind to me when I was, obviously you have to give trust and chance, because he deserves and has arguments for Barça ".

Guardiola progress, Bojan said no grudge against Pep and showed his gratitude for the works on the front of the azulgrana set.

"My progress has been linked to Guardiola much and I went for it. The end alignments Pep did but it was not his fault. There were other things not going well. Guardiola is a coach who has given everything. It deserves affection because it has led Barça where he belongs, "he said. (via SPORT)

Piqué and Cuenca receive medical all-clear

The defender and the striker trained with normality this afternoon and were given the medical all-clear after the session.

Alexis Sánchez started his recovery work on the pitch, whilst Keita continues to recover from a soleus injury.

The first team returned to training this Tuesday afternoon with two important additions: Gerard Piqué and Isaac Cuenca. Both the players trained with normality with the rest of the team. Alexis Sánchez, on the other hand, continued his recovery on the pitch. The Chilean missed the Catalan derby due to injury.

Seydou Keita worked apart from the group due to problems with the soleus in his left leg. Carles Puyol, who will miss the rest of the season because of a knee injury that he picked up against Espanyol, did not train. The other first-team absences are Villa, Fontàs and Abidal. The Barça B players Tello, Bartra and Montoya trained with the first team.

Tito Vilanova did not attend this afternoon’s training session due to a viral illness that was caused by a slight fever. The assistant manager is scheduled to return to the team’s training sessions on Thursday. Barça will continue preparing for the match against Betis in their next training session, which will take place on Wednesday at 11:00 at the Ciutat Esportiva Sant Joan Despí. (via FCBarcelona.com)

Thiago: “We have a lot of confidence in Tito Vilanova”

The Barça midfielder is convinced that next season, with Tito Vilanova as manager, the team’s style of play and philosophy won’t vary too much from the past four seasons.

While reiterating the team’s respect and acceptance of Josep Guardiola’s decision to not continue as Barça’s manager, Thiago Alcántara praised the newly appointed boss Tito Vilanova. The player considers that next year’s team “will be more or less the same as in past years.” He added: “it won’t be anything new, except that we’ve lost someone very important to us. He [Guardiola] will be the most notable absence in the dressing room. Tito has always been by Guardiola’s side, he knows the team perfectly and he knows what he wants.”

Along the same lines, the midfielder said that Tito and the players are very accustomed to working together: “we’re very accustomed to see Tito in the dressing room. We know him, and he knows us. I’m convinced that he’ll adapt well to this new role, and we’ll have no problems identifying him as the head manager. We have a lot of confidence in him.” Thiago also talked about the division of labour between Guardiola and Tito for the past four seasons, noting that the outgoing manager attended “to the psychological aspects of the game while Tito has guided us tactically.”

The news broke this morning that Carles Puyol will be out of action for up to six weeks, which means he’ll miss the Cup final. “It’s a very important loss for us ahead of the King’s Cup final,” said Thiago, just before saying that the Catalan captain “will do everything he can to get to the EURO.” The midfielder added that he’d like to participate in the international tournament.

When asked about what someone with the character of Puyol brings to the team, Thiago said: “consistency, the top-notch level of play he brings to what is the best Club in the world. Each person can come to their own conclusions after that.” Also on the Barça captain, Thiago highlighted that Puyol shows “a consistency throughout each and every match, it’s something that’s contagious and excites you.” He added, “Carle’s commitment is amazing. He’s our insignia, a leader in every regard, he exemplifies the Club’s values like no one else.”

Thiago's advice: Keep calm and believe in yourself

When asked to give advice to players that are on the verge of breaking into the first team, Thiago said: “they need to be calm, meaning, that they need to be faithful to the qualities that brought them this far, and they have to believe in themselves.” This advice is almost identical to the guidance that Guardiola gave the midfielder when he was called up to the first team. (via FCBarcelona.com)