06 May 2012

Mourinho accused Guardiola of "selling an image of perfection"

In an interview with the "ABC" madridista coach José Mourinho again criticized the coach azulgrana Pep Guardiola.

"I've never tried to hide my flaws. However, some people have different personalities, the hide, but eventually time takes care to show it all. Not normal is to sell an image of perfection because in the end it shows that none is perfect, "said Mourinho, referring to Guardiola, though without naming it. "I know him since he was a player and I assistant. I keep it a very good memory. Then life changes, people change," he added.

Asked about the rivalry Barça-Madrid, Mourinho said his "goal" in life is to win at Barça. "Losing to Barcelona does not hurt to lose to Bayern or winning Barça gives me more pleasure than Bayern win the Champions League final I won," said the coach of Real Madrid.

He also gave his opinion on who should be the next Ballon d'Or "Who won the world's largest League? Cristiano Ronaldo. Who won the UCL? None. Who deserves the Ballon d'Or? Cristiano Ronaldo," said Mourinho .

"Florentino said that Madrid needed me. And I needed to Real Madrid for my career was full, "said Mourinho, who was clear from the outset what their goal as Madrid coach:" It was necessary for Madrid not to allow the dominance of Barcelona is accentuated. "A mission accomplished for Mourinho, who wants to win "more links with the Madrid" after having won the title three major championships such as England, Italy and Spain.

Also the Champions League is a prime target for the Portuguese: "Barcelona, considered by all the most talented team in recent times, has won two consecutive Champions. The Madrid a few years ago was not getting to the quarterfinals and today we played two semifinals and lost one on penalties. Madrid is clear that this is much better than two years ago, "he said.

Finally, he defended his game model, much more direct than that used by Barça: "I love the beautiful game of Madrid. I like football live, dynamic, strong transitions. Much more than the wear of the adversary by possession, "he said. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Dos Santos: "Tito Vilanova will continue to rely heavily on cantera"

The azulgrana midfielder Jonathan Dos Santos confident the Barcelona coach for next season, Tito Vilanova, continue betting on providing opportunities for homegrown players, keeping the line of Pep Guardiola, which has said his goodbye is a "Goodbye, because again".

"Tito is the right hand of Pep has always been with him. I think it even has the same thoughts, which may favor us both me and the homegrown," said the Mexican to EFE. After renewed in November 2015, Dos Santos will be in next season one of four team players that azulgrana will have information about the first team, along with defenders Marc Bartra, Martin Montoya and Marc Muniesa as sports director announced Andoni Zubizarreta for months.

But despite the relief on the bench at the Camp Nou between Guardiola and his current assistant coach, Dos Santos believes that it will not change policy in recent years to bet heavily on the talents emerging from La Masia azulgrana. "Villanova has worked well here in La Masia and, like Guardiola, I think it will continue to rely heavily on cantera," said the midfielder. "The virtue of Tito, it always supports you, encourages you and knows a lot about football, as Pep. I think I will bring a lot next year."

A decision by the club that "surprised" the player, like most of the world football and the fans of FC Barcelona. "Nobody expected it. Everyone thought he was going out club with Pep, but I am delighted for him. What has gone wrong with his illness (he was involved in the parotid gland) and he deserves it" acknowledged Jonathan. The player, who this season is completing a remarkable campaign leading the Barcelona B, has emphasized the successful legacy left by coach Pep Guardiola, who took leave Saturday of the azulgrana fans in their last match at the Camp Nou.

"Pep has made a new era in the club, a great job. But it's not a farewell. I think it's a see you later and again," concluded the young player, who turned 22 last week. (via MD)

Betis-Barça, Saturday at 22:00

Barça will play the last match of the Liga this Saturday at 22:00 at the Benito Villamarín.

FC Barcelona will play in Seville, at 22:00, against Betis at the Benito Villamarín in the last game of the 2011/12 La Liga competition. It will be the last match of Guardiola’s Barça in the La Liga, but not the last match of the season seeing that there still is one more match on the schedule: the King’s Cup Final on May 25 at the Vicente Calderón against Athletic Club. (via FCBarcelona.com)

The last day schedules are as follows:

- Saturday May 12:
20:00 Real Sociedad - Valencia
22:00 Betis - Barcelona

- Sunday May 13:
20:00 Getafe - Zaragoza
20:00 Levante - Athletic Club
20:00 Real Madrid - Mallorca
20:00 Rayo - Granada
20:00 Espanyol - Sevilla
20:00 Málaga - Sporting
20:00 Villarreal - Atlético Madrid
20:00 Racing - Osasuna

The most intimate farewell Guardiola

When the lights went out in the Camp Nou, Pep Guardiola had another exciting moment with their loved ones.

He had finished the official press conference and there was no one in those stands that had been about to burst a few minutes earlier. The received echoes of the cheers died away, but now, half light, Guardiola wanted to have another very special farewell which was, is and will be home. The Santpedor, accompanied by his partner, Cristina Serra, and their three children, Màrius, Maria and Valentina, walk back to the lawn for a few minutes with them.

In this intimacy, Pep recalled what was a magical night and a memorable stage alongside you love. He sat on the same bench where he has been working over the past four seasons, with his children near him. It was an intimacy that was short lived, because soon joined that meeting other relatives and friends improvised Guardiola. His parents, his brothers, his nephews, his representative Josep Maria Orobitg ... all accompanied him on that particular farewell Camp Nou.

Immortalized by photojournalists who were still at the Camp Nou, Guardiola and his men culminated one day they will not forget while living. One day you will not forget anyone who claims to be Barcelona ...

VIDEO: www.sport.es

Guardiola: "Messi has helped me be better"

Pep Guardiola was very grateful for the tribute to his farewell to the Camp Nou, both to the public, as players who have had these years.

"When you see the stadium filled to the top, all you can do is notice a lot of satisfaction. I am very happy and very grateful for the treatment during this time, the link I have with this club will always endure," admitted azulgrana coach after beating Espanyol to a 4-0.

Guardiola had words of affection for all its staff: "I will always carry deep inside these players, from first to last I've had over the years. It is not easy to let a team like that. All have helped me strive to be a better coach , Messi also has helped me be better. I have received lots of love, know that they love you, "he said.

Asked about the celebration of Messi in the 4-0, when the Argentine and the rest of the team embraced the coach, Guardiola said he was "very happy with these details, I'm happy I formed this club."

Guardiola refused to explain what has been said he and the 'crack' Argentine holding that much: "Messi has not spoken much, what it does is score goals, I have thanked him." (via SPORT)

The players show their gratitude to Guardiola

The players highlighted the manager’s work on the Barça bench and what he’s taught them over the past four years.

Adriano: “These two years have been very important in my career and I’ve learned a lot”.

After beating Espanyol by 4 to 0, the players thanked Pep Guardiola for what he’s taught them over the last four years. The players were unanimous in their message and they paid tribute to the Barça manager after his last match at the Camp Nou.

Pedro Rodríguez praised Guardiola for his confidence in the youth system. “He gave me the chance to be here, to win titles,” said the Spanish striker. Pedro said that he didn’t know Guardiola’s decision to stay or leave until last week’s press conference: “I honestly thought he was going to stay. He worked the same way. It’s a pity that he’s decided to leave, but we have to understand [his decision].”

Great season that could end with a title

The Barça striker lamented the fact that his team was eliminated from the Champions League despite the team’s season-long good form. However, Pedro recognized that the team is mentally prepared to win the 14th title of the Guardiola era. “The main objective is to win the King’s Cup,” he said.

Here are statements made by the FC Barcelona players after the match, some of them were made on Twitter:

Adriano Correia:

“Very emotional night, without a doubt. Even more so because it was a derby, and for the manager’s farewell. We can only say thank you. He brought me here and he gave me the chance to be his player.

“These two years have been very important in my career and I’ve learned a lot. I’ll remember what he’s taught me for the rest of my life. I’ve improved a lot of things on a personal and footballing level.

“I like Guardiola’s transparency. He always tried to help you. He’s a good person and he has good character.

“We managed to make the party much bigger than the final result (4-0).

“The people have been with us. It’s a shame that we didn’t make it to the final or win the Liga, but the people know that we gave it our all. We’ll keep on fighting. We still have a very important final coming up.

“My objective is to stay here. I have two years left on my contract and I’m very happy to be here at Barça.”


“It was a great tribute to Guardiola. I doubt we’ll see anything similar to that in a long time. Besides, it’s good that people acknowledge what he’s done.

“Pep Guardiola got to our hearts and he taught us values.”

Cristian Tello:

“I’m very pleased with the victory. Thanks to the fans for the love that you show us and thanks to Pep Guardiola. He’s taught us a lot.”

Cesc Fàbregas:

“I’ve had the incredible privilege this year to be at the Stadium next to this man. Eternally grateful, thank you, Pep.” (via FCBarcelona.com)

Guardiola: "I'll see you all soon"

FC Barcelona bid farewell to Pep Guardiola with an emotional display of appreciation, before, during and after the game. The boss replied, telling the fans: “you will never lose me”.

“Life has given me this present. For five years I have been able to have you close to me and enjoy the great show that these boys have given us during that time. I’ve been no different than you - I’ve been equally privileged. A little closer to the pitch maybe, but I’ll take this privilege with me. You can’t imagine the happiness and pleasure I’ll take with me”.

“Thank you to absolutely everybody, especially those who have been closest to me, because every day we have been working hard so that you can enjoy watching us play. And thank you also to you in the crowd, who maybe haven’t been so close, but who have really made us feel your support”.

“You should know that I will miss you. I’m the person who is losing most, but I am leaving you in the best possible hands – particularly of this group of players. The pressure was strong and I needed to ease it a bit, but you don’t need to do that – stay with us, because this still has a long way to go. I wish you all the best of luck - I’ll see you soon and you will never lose me!”.

That was Pep Guardiola’s final farewell speech made to the fans from the centre of the Camp Nou after tonight’s game, during which the crowd never stopped paying homage to the departing coach for the many wonderful moments he has offered them over the years.

Before the game, a video with the best images of the Guardiola era was shown at the stadium and with emotions running high, 40,000 flags with the Barça and Catalan colours welcomed the teams onto the pitch.

Then one of the iconic moments of the night, when Guardiola stepped out onto the pitch and took his place on the bench. A massive banner (46x47 m, a total of 2.162 m²) with Pep’s photo and the words ‘T’estimem Pep’ – “we love you Pep” was unfurled as the fans sang ‘Ser del Barça és el millor que hi ha!”.

Once the game was over, the crowd stayed in their seats and after Manel Vic spoke a few words over the loudspeakers about how much Guardiola had brought to the Club with the music of Coldplay and Luis Llach in the background, Guardiola, surrounded by his players waited to take the microphone and make his farewell speech.

There were tears in many fans’ eyes as he spoke and afterwards the players threw him into the air in celebration. Just as they have done when winning so many titles, the players did a lap of honour and then made a guard of honour to see their manager off the pitch and into the history of the Club. (via FCBarcelona.com)

Pochettino: "The team feels slighted"

"On one side pita and the other does not. If you shut up and look silly if you say, irresponsible. I'm pretty tired," said Mauricio Pochettino, Espanyol coach.

Mauricio Pochettino, Espanyol coach has said after the 4-0 defeat against Barcelona at the Camp Nou that "the locker room feels slighted and is quite angry, there have been situations that do not deserve us or anyone else, deserve the respect of establishment arbitration. "Spanish-Argentine coach, questioned by two penalties received and the maximum penalty protested the middle unmarked parakeet Baena, has stressed that it has remained the same criteria in both areas: "On one side pita and the other not . If you shut up and look silly if you say, irresponsible. I'm pretty tired. "

The preparer 'parrot' was asked to reflect the establishment of arbitration. "They should analyze, team by team, what happened throughout the season. We are a club man who never has complicated the work to anyone. It's the straw that broke the camel in the final stretch of season we've experienced," has asserted. Apart from the controversial arbitration whitish coach congratulated his players for their attitude in the derby. "They have shown great courage chaste. We knew that Barça uses much the center aisles and wanted to be well positioned to go fast on the counter by the gangs," he analyzed.

Moreover, Pochettino has valued the departure of coach azulgrana Pep Guardiola: "It must have been very emotional for him and must have seemed very nice to receive a tribute as well. We are two coaches that we love our club and what we put into our personal issues. " (via AS)

Sandro Rosell: “Pep left through the front door”

The Barça President is very pleased with how the Camp Nou said goodbye to Josep Guardiola: “The Camp Nou clamored for Guardiola. Pep we love you. We can’t say anything else”.

“We’re in an era where Barça have learned to win and lose, where we also pay homage to our heroes,” he said.

Sandro Rosell was very pleased with how the Camp Nou said goodbye to Josep Guardiola.“The Camp Nou clamored for Guardiola. Pep we love you. We can’t say anything else. It was fantastic,” said the FC Barcelona President.

Moreover, Rosell highlighted the changing mentality of Barça fans and members: “we’re in an era where Barça have learned to win and lose, where we also pay homage to our heroes.” He added, “it’s important that our heroes can leave through the front door. We’ve matured as a Club and as supporters.”

During his talk on the Camp Nou’s pitch after tonight's match, Pep Guardiola hinted at a possible return when he said “I’ll see you later.” Rosell said that this “is good news. Everyone loves Pep and we all want him to return.” He added that the manager has “exceeded any protagonism in the Club.” He added, “he left through the front door and he’ll come back through the front door. When he wants. In these moments, I’m proud to be FC Barcelona’s president."

After two years of leading Barça, Rosell explained that Guardiola’s success is based, among other things, on work: “I’m sticking with the image of him on the plane, after an away match, when he returns home and starts to work. He doesn’t stop. It’s admirable. I’m very surprised. Success isn’t achieved by chance, success is achieved through hard work. We’ll miss him but I’m sure that we’ll thoroughly enjoy [this team] once again.”

Tito Vilanova, the new manager

The President also talked about the decision to name Tito Vilanova as Guardiola’s substitute next season: “the Club is mature. Decisions are thought through, with maturity and wisdom. It will continue to be a good story.” He added, “it’s Barça’s philosophy: create and bring up the players and the managers.” (via FCBarcelona.com)

The best and the worst of the Barça-Espanyol


Leo Messi returned to shine in front of goal to increase its number of goals to a brand unthinkable years ago: 50 goals in la Liga! Against Espanyol, the Rosario marked variously: pieces, in a direct free kick or penalty, and one of those plays personal lvantan fans from their seats. Mark 50 goals in a league is hardly something to be seen again and was the best tribute that Leo could do to a coach who knew how to exploit its strengths.

WORST: A GOOD HOURS Penalties ...

With la Liga decided in favor of Real Madrid, the referees are losing their customs first before. Interestingly, those penalties in the previous days were going to limbo, become maximum sentences without appeal when all is resolved. Last Wednesday against Málaga and this Saturday against Espanyol, the referees on duty pointed to two penalties by whistle for Guardiola. Months ago cost more, such as in the first round match between Espanyol and Barcelona when he saw Turienzo hands of Raúl Rodríguez after shot of Pedro. This time, Teixeira did see the Cristian Gómez. To quote that old saying, "a good hour, green sleeves." (via SPORT)

Estiarte announces he’ll also be leaving

Manel Estiarte has informed Club President Sandro Rosell that he will be standing down as the Head of External Relations at the end of this season.

“I want to give an enormous thank you to the Club, the board who have shown their confidence in me and especially to Pep”, he told Barça TV.

Manel Estiarte, Barça’s Head of External Relations has announced that he will be leaving the Club, along with Pep Guardiola at the end of this season: “I told the President three days ago that I was leaving- It’s been an amazing time that we have enjoyed together and I want to give an enormous thank you to the Club, the board who have shown their confidence in me and especially to Pep” he told Barça TV.

Estiarte also admitted: “I feel very sad but also pride in the fact that I am following a friend”, referring to Guardiola’s decision to quit. “maybe I’m wrong, but I have always done what I thought was best for the Club”.
Manel Estiarte joined Barça in the summer of 2008 as Head of External Relations and for the last four years he has worked in the post, always closely linked with the fortunes of the first team. (via FCBarcelona.com)

[Liga BBVA; Week37] FC Barcelona 4 - 0 RCD Espanyol

It was a triumphal send off for Pep Guardiola, as the team won their last game at the Camp Nou under his charge, beating Espanyol 4-0 thanks to four Messi goals.

The emotion surrounding Guardiola’s last game in charge at the Camp Nou made up for any feelings that this was a dead rubber, with neither team having anything to really play for but pride, and the packed stadium (89.044) saw Leo Messi score all four goals in an atmosphere of appreciation and respect for the departing manager.

Espanyol’s well organised and disciplined approach restricted Barça’s typical possession game at the start of the match and neither team imposed themselves in the first 25 minutes. Once again, it was the genius of Leo Messi which made the difference, with the world number one opening the scoring with an exquisitely hit free kick from just outside the box . There may indeed not have been much at stake in terms of points, but this was a derby and pride was up for grabs, something that was clear to see in the intense rhythm of the early exchanges.

With Espanyol dedicating their efforts to stopping rather than creating, the weight of making chances fell on Barça, specifically their leader in attack, Leo Messi. Cristian Álvarez made a double save from Keita and Iniesta o 29 minutes to keep the visitors in the game, though Barça weren’t quite showing the attacking finesse which has become their trademark under Guardiola.

With no real threat at the back, Guardiola switched his attacking options just after the break switching to a 3-4-3 with Adriano and Pedro out on the wings, which gave the team more space and soon began to create more danger. On 64 minutes, Messi put away a penalty after a rather harsh handball in the box, just after Espanyol had had their own claim turned down in the Barça area.

At 2-0, Espanyol were forced to push forward and they began to have a bit more bite upfront, with Mascherano denying them a goal with a goal line clearance. Then Leo Messi put an end to any hopes the visitors might have had with two more goals, one a penalty and another a well taken individual effort, after which he ran over to embrace his boss. The Camp Nou was boiling with emotion now and that just increased with the appearance of Xavi off the bench.

The final minutes of the Guardiola era at the Camp Nou were full of emotion as the ground paid homage to a manager who hads brought so much success and who will close his fantastic time in charge of the team next week at the Benito Villamarin and then at the Vicente Calderon in the Cup Final. (via FCBarcelona.com)

[Match Stats]
FC Barcelona Pinto; Montoya, Puyol, Mascherano, Adriano (Cristian Tello, min. 77); Sergio Busquets, Keita (Cesc, min. 65), Thiago; Pedro, Messi and Iniesta (Xavi, min. 79).

RCD Espanyol Cristian Álvarez; Javi López (Cristian Gómez, min. 59), Raúl Rodríguez, Héctor Moreno, Dídac; Baena, Forlín; Víctor Sánchez, Verdú (Rui Fonte, min. 79), Weiss and Álvaro (Coutinho, min. 65).

Goals: 1-0, min. 12. Messi, from a free-kick. 2-0, min. 63, Messi penalty. 3-0, min. 74. Messi individual move, after a game-changer of Adriano. 4-0, min. 79, Messi penalty.

Referee: Fernando Teixeira Vitienes (Cantabrian). Showed yellow cards to Sergio Busquets, Montoya, Cristian Tello and Puyol, by Barça and Forlín, Victor Sánchez, Cristian Gómez Dídac and Cristian Álvarez, by Espanyol.

Subs: 89,044 spectators at the Camp Nou. Last official match of the 2011-2012 season at the stadium Barcelona.

[Barça B; Liga Aderante; Week37] FC Barcelona B 1 - 0 Elche CF

Eusebio's team could not score his fifth straight win at home against Elche has fallen into a party that has dominated from the start.

A goal in the opening minutes of the second half of Xumetra has ruled the game.

The subsidiary azulgrana could not continue his winning streak in the Miniestadi, and lost by the minimum at home against Elche. The azulgranas have not exceeded a goal in 51 minutes of Xumetra, although they have taken control of the game at all times. Despite the defeat, the set of Eusebio remains in the upper middle of the standings with 50 points, and faces the final with ease.

Azulgrana possession and control from the start of the meeting. Barça B wanted to add 3 more points in his fort particular, and left try from the first minutes. Rodri has had the first chance of the game when it was a minute that the referee had whistled the beginning of the game. Azulgrana forward was left alone with the goalkeeper but his shot has gone out on the left wing.

As the minutes passed, however, Elche has begun to enter the game. Although the ball was at the foot of the azulgranas most of the time, have used their game alicantinos live to reach the goal of Oier. The first clear chance of César Ferrando has arrived in the 20th minute on a play where visitors have surpassed the Barcelona defense with a ball to the back that Angel has finished, but has finally come out the bottom right corner.

Rodri has become a protagonist in the final minutes of the half. The subsidiary has capped player after a quick combination with Balliu, but the shot has fallen short and the defense has finished rejecting Alicante spherical.

Things have been difficult for the azulgranas at the start of the second half. Xumetra has advanced the visitors on 51 minutes taking advantage of a defensive team imprecision Eusebio Sacristán. The player of Elche is alone in a counterattack to Oier and has passed, raising the 0-1 on the scoreboard.

With the goal down, Barça B has focused on offensive pressure and chances have not been slow in coming. Deulofeu has made a devil center in 61 minutes, and ten minutes later, Rafinha was almost opens the scoring azulgrana, but Juan Carlos has saved his team. In the final minutes, the subsidiary has taken the expulsion of a second yellow Mantecón and continued opportunities, including a shot of Rodri who has finished in the suit, but the ball did not want to enter. Finally, narrow defeat at home after four games unbeaten in the Mini. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Match Stats]
FC Barcelona B: Oier, Muniesa, Dos Santos, Rodri, Sergi Roberto, Kiko Femenía (Deulofeu, min 56), Armando, Lobato, Riverola (Rafinha, min 57), Planas (Espinosa, min 75) and Balliu.

Elche: Juan Carlos, Carpio, Etxeita, Perico (Rúper, min 74), Mantecón, Ángel (Palanca, min 85), Beranger, Xumetra (Nicki Bille, min 71), Generelo, Albacar and Héctor Verdés.

Goal: 0-1, Xumetra, min 51.

Referee: Daniel Ocón Arráiz. Yellow card shown to Sergi Roberto (min 29), Rodri (90 +2 min) and Generelo (90 +3 min). Mantecón red card per second yellow (min 65 and min 71).

Attendance: 2578.

50 La Liga goals for Messi

The Argentine, after breaking Müller’s record this week with hat-trick in the match against Málaga, broke Georgescu’s record of most goals scored in a European league in a single season. Messi leads Ronaldo in the Pichichi race by five goals.

Absolutely brutal record set by Leo Messi. The Argentine genius took his La Liga goal tally to 50 goals, which sees him clear of Georgescu’s (47) record, as he fired 4 past the visiting team’s keeper. The Argentine goal-scoring machine, who smashed the record set in 1976 by the Dynamo Bucharest striker of most goals scored in a single season in a European league, has one more game to increase his La Liga goal tally.

With an average of 1.24 goals per game, Messi has scored 72 goals in 58 official matches. The Argentine has scored in every competition that he’s played in this season: 50 in the Liga, 3 in the Spanish Super Cup, 2 in the King’s Cup, 2 in the Club World Cup and 1 in the European Super Cup. After breaking Müller’s record this week with a magisterial hat-trick, Messi continues to increase his legendary numbers at a breakneck pace.

Messi continues to raise the bar for most goals scored in a single La Liga season, which was previously set at 41 by Cristiano Ronaldo in the 2010/2011 season. The Argentine currently leads the Portuguese by five goals in the Pichichi race thanks to the four goals he scored against Espanyol this evening. (via FCBarcelona.com)

Third time

Arsenal, Valencia and Espanyol. These are the teams that Messi has scored four goals on in a single game. Messi also netted five times against Bayer Leverkusen.

Barça fans, eternally grateful to Guardiola

Multitudinous response from the Barça fans in their acknowledgment of Josep Guardiola’s managerial career at FC Barcelona.

Messages dedicated to Guardiola can be found in nearly every language and from all parts of the world and the globe bids farewell to the manager.

It was a night of gratitude at the Camp Nou as Josep Guardiola led his team for the last time in the Barcelona stadium. Minutes before kickoff between Barça and Espanyol, a massive banner was unfurled by the Barça members and fans that read “t’Estimem Pep! [We love you, Pep!]

On the esplanade of the Camp Nou two murals were installed under the heading #GraciesPep - where fans wrote their farewell messages to Guardiola. In groups of 10, fans of all ages offered up their acknowledgment to the outgoing manager. In fact, new murals had to be brought in as the amount of people leaving messages quickly surpassed original estimates.

The murals boasted messages from around the world. “Pep, thank you for returning football to its essence,” wrote one Mexican couple. “Thank you Pep for all the moments of glory and tears that you’ve given us,” said a Barcelona native.

People also wished Guardiola farewell on social networks: Twitter, Facebook and Tencent Weibo. You can read all of the messages tagged with #GraciesPep on FC Barcelona’s website. Moreover, fans can upload photos related to Guardiola’s departure.

After the match against Espanyol, the fans, players and technical staff also paid homage to the outgoing manager. (via FCBarcelona.com)

[Former president] Laporta split at the party of Pep

Joan Laporta, who is following the derby from his seat partner, has lashed out before the start of the match against the Board of Sandro Rosell, indicating told Catalunya Radio that "have not done everything possible to continue as coach Guardiola" and "It is an evidence that they have done well," the coach decided to leave at the end of the season.

Again according to Laporta, who sought prominence slipping in the party Pep, Sandro policy "is obsessed with destroying everything we build, and Pep was part of it. I have not done everything possible to continue, I will explain more things later. There's the wear Guardiola, who has had to assume functions not touched. This team, with players and with it is long distance. "

Laporta, who has declined to sit in the box saying that "I have the habit of accepting invitations from people who lodged lawsuits against me and stain my reputation," he also insisted that "I am proposing to introduce again Barcelona president, I am entitled to it. If I recover him being president? I think is now going solo, but I would like to know that we are here to build something new. Tito Vilanova? You will see if it works. I hope to develop skills "for the bet get it right. (via MD)