02 May 2012

Barça is still the best

Although the month of April ended with painful defeats against Chelsea in the Champions League (1-0) and against Madrid in el Clásico league (1-2), Barça head is held in the world ranking of clubs, in which the Madrid meanwhile remains second, deserve mention Atletico and Athletic: both finalists in the Champions League also listed in the top ten, occupying seats 5 and 8.

Effective 'Team of the World', a title already won in 1997 and 2009, the Barcelona adds 367 points against 306 white set, in December 2011, when the azulgrana were crowned a second time with Guardiola and for the third time in términso absolute Blaugrana the advantage was 55 points (367 against 312), in January, 57 (359 against 302), in February, 77 (369 against 292) and in March, 76 (382 against 306). Now sends Barça with 61 points ahead of Real Madrid, that has not stopped going to his trailer. It is recalled that in this classification, developed by the IFFHS (International Federation of Football History and Statistics) since 1991 is scored only performance and are rewarded regularly at the highest level, with this leadership Barça partial sum and a record 44 .

Third place now is for the University of Chile (304.5), followed by Bayern (287), Atlético (278), Velez (264), Chelsea (245), Athletic (244), Sporting Lisbon (235.5) and Vasco (235). The 'blues' FA Cup finalists and Champions League, have climbed from 19 th place. The IFHHS held on Monday its Gala-2011 at the W Hotel Barcelona, ​​Pep Guardiola ('Top Manager'), Leo Messi ('Best international striker'), Xavi ('Best organizer of the game ") and the actual Barça ('Best Team') among the winners. As infomado MD, the club has yet to confirm whether all the winners will attend the evening, which comes after Saturday's derby with Espanyol. (via MD)

Rummenigge: "Madrid and Barcelona are not respected"

The rivalry with Dortmund, according to Rummenigge, is something which should be the pitch.

President of the Board of Bayern Munich, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said he does not want his team's rivalry with Borussia Dortmund acquire the characteristics between Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​teams who say they have lost their respect.

"We should not go as far as Spain, that's something I do not like. Look at Real Madrid and Barcelona, are treated with no respect," Rummenigge said in an interview published today in the magazine 'Sport Bild'. The rivalry with Dortmund, according to Rummenigge, is something which should be the pitch.

Dortmund has already secured this season and his second consecutive title May 12 against Bayern played the final of the German Cup. (via AS)

Manchester United dreams of recovering Piqué

According to the tabloid 'Daily Star', the center back on the list of reinforcements from Ferguson, who would see him as a replacement for Ferdinand.

According to British tabloid 'Daily Star', Manchester United dream back Gerard Piqué, who played in the ranks of Old Trafford side between 2004 and 2008, with assignment to Zaragoza (2006-07) included, before returning to Barca coinciding with the arrival of Pep Guardiola at azulgrana bench.

Again according to the newspaper quoted Sir Alex Ferguson would have included the center-back azulgrana on its list of reinforcements ahead of the 2012-13 season, which also include Wesely Sneijder (Inter), Luca Modric (Tottenham) and Eden Hazard (Lille) ; other players whose names are handled as 'future events' are those of Nicolás Gaitán (Benfica) and Shinji Kagawa (Borussia Dortmund).

Although Piqué finished asking Veriano Ferguson, 2008 to accept the offer of Barcelona in order to have the minutes and the protagonist in the axis of the rear than in the ManU he was vetoed by the clear commitment by the tandem Vidic-Ferdinand, Gerard and veteran Scottish coach still maintain a good relationship.

Now Sir Alex looks for a replacement for Rio Ferdinand, who at 33 has lost the old bellows; Piqué not only familiar with the operation of the equipment, also goes well with Nemanja Vidic and off the field, reinforcing the belief of the 'Daily Star' that really yearns to regain United Catalan defender, although it is noteworthy that Ferguson himself is aware that for Barça Piqué is not transferable.

Previous training in the Camp Nou

Barça has completed the final training session behind closed doors in the stadium, before the visit of Málaga.

The team receives tonight at Málaga (20 hours) and in the morning has carried out previous training behind closed doors, at the Camp Nou. They have exercised the same players in Tuesday's session. That is, 15 with the first team and three subsidiary Bartra, Montoya and Tello. Piqué has continued to work the sidelines. The center-back is one of the low azulgrana, along with Xavi, Alexis, Villa, Fontàs and Abidal.

After the training, the squad ate in Barcelona the Camp Nou and free time available to one and a half before the game, when they come to be cited in the stadium. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Youth] Barça's youth players, excited about Tito's appointment as manager

The players in FC Barcelona's academy are excited that Tito Vilanova will be the team's new head manager. They hope he'll continue to utilize the team's youth system

Barça TV sat down with some of Barça’s youth players to talk about the transition from Josep Guardiola to Tito Vilanova. The youngsters hope that the new manager will continue to utilize the Barça youth system and wish him the best of luck for next season. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Ex player & coach] Cruyff, "Guardiola has done well"

The founder of the Dream Team and the man who inspired Pep considered successful azulgrana coach's decision.

Johan Cruyff, the legendary player and azulgrana coach, current director of Chivas Guadalajara of Mexico, publicly endorsed the decision taken by Pep Guardiola not to continue as coach of FC Barcelona when the current season.

Speaking to Cadena COPE, Cruyff said: "Guardiola has been successful in making this decision" because the work he has performed for four years, "consuming". The Dutchman said that during this period Pep "has done extremely well and now to continue must be equal." According to Cruyff, who said he knew the intentions of Guardiola, "is that it has taken this decision and must be respected."

Regarding Tito Vilanova said it was "the house has been raised here and has major bases, but you have to see how it goes ..." He also said that "Barça have to put a high note because it has reached the last week with options on all fronts. "On the future of Guardiola, Cruyff is clear that "Pep will return, although Barça there are many objections and in football it is never known...". (via SPORT)

Keita, a key to the signings of Thiago Silva and Capoue

That of Mali holds the key to Milan, who wants to sell its headquarters and Barça look for their replacement in Toulouse midfielder.

Unwittingly or drink, Seydou Keita has become a key piece for two players of interest to Barça ahead of next season to finish clocking: the center-back of Milan Thiago Silva and Toulouse midfielder Etienne Capoue, though different reasons.

Keita, who accumulates four seasons at Barça, is one of the major objectives of Milan to strengthen their midfield. The veteran Clarence Seedorf (36 years) and Gennaro Gattuso (34), together with the confirmed return of Mark van Bommel from PSV, AC Milan to sign forced to shore up its average.

The Mali midfielder has many girlfriends (Anzhi, Liverpool, Milan ...), but of all the proposals that most appeals to you is primarily Italian club, which not only ensures its high last contract in the economic, but also allows you to continue to compete at the highest level as in the Camp Nou.

Consequently, and given that Barça is the best substitute but not a permanent fixture, the club azulgrana could use the 'weapon Keita' to get Thiago Silva, a center-back that continues for several seasons but so far not even had been raised by high economic demands of Milan.

Now, however, and although still a mainstay for Milan in the axis of the rear, with the letter Keita, the club could at least bring down the purchase of Brazilian international, who last summer renewed by all 'Rossoneri 'until June 2016.

Given the eventual departure of Keita to Milan, Barça has prepared a plan B to replace that of Mali. One player that most scouts have followed the culés, and already sounded in their day to supply the lower Touré Yaya is Toulouse midfielder Etienne Capoue.

The French footballer of Guadeloupean origin, possesses all the qualities required Barça midfielder: good ball control, intelligent interpretation, strong defensively ...

In addition, the cost would not resemble in anything that would ask for Javi Martínez Athletic, the most liked at Can Barça, so almost the same price as the red and white, plus Keita, Thiago Silva could end up landing and Capoue. (via MD)

Gerd Müller: "It's a honor that Messi overcomes me"

With his two goals to Ray, Messi already has 65 this season with the club and appears to only 2 points of the European record held by Gerd Müller, listed as the current record holder attributed 67 points with Bayern in the year 1972-73.

According to Argentine media, worldwide sends the Scottish-born American Archie Stark, author of 70 goals with the now-defunct Bethlehem Steel (AL) during 1924-25, Stark managed 67 goals in 44 league games and another 3 in two games of the League Cup.

It cannot stop the time. The records are made to be beaten, it doesn't stop to be eternal. And I don't find it not well at all that it is Messi who snatches me my record, it is a honor", Gerd assures Müller in exclusive declarations to MD.

At 66 his health is going through a delicate moment, but the legendary former Bavarian forward agreed to talk to Leo, "a great player, I admire"

For the very 'Torpedo', his record is 67 goals in 55 games made ​​(33 of Bundesliga, 6 European Cup, 5 Cup and 5 League Cup) Müller marked 36 goals league, 7 butler 12 mainland and 12 in the League Cup.

Notably, although the latter event was sponsored by the German Federation, in its legal name has the initials of this, DFB-some sources give only an informal and emphasize that according to UEFA, Gerd had 11 goals in European Cup '72-73 and those 12 included in most documents.

Also in the chronicle of MD Party rooms back against Ajax, Müller is listed as author of two goals from Bayern (2-1), meanwhile UEFA gives the first as a goal by Krol.

"If Messi gets score 68 goals, I will be the first to congratulate you because it will have been reached that level," says Gerd Müller, assistant coach of Bayern II.

The 'Torpedo', which established their historical record with 27 years and nearly 8 decades ago, not to praise Leo. "It is technically superb and perfect with the ball. It is also a footballer despite being great does not act in selfish plan whose goals are simply sublime," describes the crack barcelonista who made ​​the difference as 'gunboat' in the seventies.

Again according to Müller, "in the history of football has been and there are few players who reach the height of Messi. If I would be able to score as many goals now as they'd rather not speculate. To me it means a lot to my record, which shows that 40 years ago and had great scorers, has survived through 40 years. "

Gerd had wanted to congratulate Leo on the occasion of the Champions League final the 19-M. "I would have loved a Bayern-Barça" he says. Chelsea broke that dream. (via MD)

Barça-Malaga: Night of challenges

Barça get to Málaga with the motivation that will give the impetus for Copa final
Helping Messi to win the Golden Shoe and historical scorer and achieve more goals than ever goals.

The merit of a championship team is always finding the necessary incentives to compete. Barça has no chance of winning this league wise, but that does not mean that you will live the weeks prior to the final of the Copa del Rey as a holiday. Not at all.

Among other reasons, to reach the May 25 game against Athletic Bilbao with the competitive tension that requires the dispute to a grand finale. In addition, it has not been needed much digging to the template to try to give his best in three league games remaining.

Since he did against the Lightning and wants to do today at the Camp Nou against Málaga played a part in the next edition of the Champions League. This boat has the honor of being regarded by much of world opinion as the best football team of all time and pleased that condition requiring the same extent.

Pep Guardiola rushes his last days as head of the bench before handing the baton to Tito Vilanova and the importance of the driving forces is not negligible.

Leo Messi, the flagship of this boat in these four years of splendor in the grass, faces several challenges on an individual basis, however, will require the help of his fellow intestimable.

His pulse goalscorer Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid is history. Both add 43 goals in La Liga and hope to win the Pichichi and Golden Shoe with unpublished records.

Messi, the great crash of the 13 team titles, will have the full support team to write another chapter legendary. Leo is a record four goals in the European Golden shoe, Dudu Georgescu held since 1976 with 47 goals in the Romanian league.

Officers with 65 goals this season, Messi is also two goals to be the best striker of all times in a season. Gerd Müller with 67 in 1973, supported on these pages to MD who better than the '10 'Barça to dethrone him. If successful will be much closer to its fourth consecutive gold ball.

The aim of these parties of Messi and the rest of the team is also the possibility of signing another brand memorable. With 104 goals Barça has already improved the club's best offensive output in the league, one of his own record and 8 of the 112 that adds the Real Madrid in the current league.

Leave the bar as high as possible goalscorer, Messi push to another legend and seek the best farewell to Guardiola well worth a Camp Nou that will deliver. (via MD)

Barça will have 100 million to sign

The Blaugrana staff will undergo significant changes and over the planned move for months.

The controversial former director general corporate Barça, Joan Oliver, came to confess, half seriously, half jokingly that there is no better deal for the club coffers to reach all the finals and not win. Ie using all the income of the competition and save the millions spent representing the concept of premiums derived from the titles. A very questionable philosophy, but that fits to some extent to the experience this season and will impact directly on the budget of Barça 2012-13. There will be major change of pace.

Sports disappointments suffered these last days will involve a significant increase in the budget for the chapter of reinforcements for the next season. At the moment, waiting to see how the delicate chapter of ups and downs, the sports management led by Andoni Zubizarreta estimated to be in a position to face the rigors of the market with a figure of around 100 million euros.

The bulk of the total amount comes from four principal items to be added gradually. The first is none other than their own budget for signings. The crisis has dented the specific section and caused a significant decrease already starts in the last year. Barça used to manage an amount that was around 50 million euros. Facing the 2012-13 campaign is not considered an initial figure of over 30 million euros. From here, the directive would have given approval to derive appropriate unquantified revenue to date is the case of transfers at the end of the season, and savings directly from the first team.

Zubizarreta and Tito Vilanova are convinced that the club closed several transactions whose amount will be around at least 30 million euros. Nobody wants to put names and devaluation pressures on the final assessment, but the output of a couple of more players of the first template 'Dani Alves, Seydou Keita'-moreodd squad must round this amount. These 30 'kilos' additional to be incorporated directly the budget for signings.

The third way to finance the remodeling of the workforce comes from the direct savings in the premium section for the big titles and the Champions League and la Liga. This concept, luckily for Barça had meant an economic drain on the balance sheet of the entity during the last few seasons. This season, the absence of the Champions League and in the windows slightly higher mean saving an additional 30 million euros. The discussion remains open because the deficit continues to hinder the entity carries several future projects, but it is considered that a generous portion of this amount already provided should result in the sports area, specifically in the chapter of signings.

The circle is completed by Pep Guardiola. His absence will allow saving a very significant monetary amount. Tito Vilanova will see his contract appropriate to the new position of head coach, an adjustment that will affect the substantial increase in their file. Yet in this first season, over in the dock will alleviate the coffers of FC Barcelona in just under 10 million euros.

In the end, what matters is that the board seems to understand the need to shore up the team with a pair of future first-class reinforcements. A circumstance which requires a budget to provide much more generous than the initial 30 million over the concept of transfer entered. With 100 million itself is able to compete with the best also in the transfer market. (via SPORT)

Messi wants Pichichi and Barca record goals

Return la Liga and the Pep Team has on individual and collective records some of the greatest incentives to remain competitive.

With the League well on its way to Madrid, Barcelona has on individual and collective records another reason to not let go in the domestic competition. The 'Pep Team' takes second place in the scorers table but their numbers are those of a championship team. Moreover, Guardiola have the opportunity to achieve his best scorer in la Liga. To date, totaling 104 goals and are therefore only one of its particular record. It happened in the 2008-09 campaign, the first with Pep on the bench when the team reached 105.

Guardiola then staged a stellar campaign, overwhelming offensive arsenal, with players like Eto'o, Messi and Henry, who completed a splendid campaign. La Liga was azulgrana and the beginning of a long list of titles that staged the best season in club history with a hat-trick to remember.

With three days to close the league break the record seems most likely for a married team goal. The Barcelona is now even more scoring, which is explained by the exponential growth of Messi (in 2008-09 marked `alone Do 23 points) more than ever the alpha and omega of Barcelona. More than ever the thermometer of the possibilities of joint Guardiola.

More difficult will be to the numbers of Madrid (112 goals), this course has been characterized by a devastating punch with three players as Cristiano (43) Benzema (20) and Higuain (21), which ensure a large number of goals . Particularly the Portuguese, who keeps a pulse spectacular Leo. Both play the other league. In the case of 'La Pulga' have you already passed his best scorer in La Liga does the of the 2008-09 season with 34 goals 43 goals what amount. The same as Christian. Leo competes for the top scorer with figures from another planet that just resists Cristiano. They also compete for the next Ballon d'Or a trophy contested than ever, because both have are completing an extraordinary season. The latest disappointment of Barcelona, especially in Europe and the elimination league defeat against Real Madrid, question repeat again that Messi Ballon d'Or more so when the summer is Euro and Leo is not present.

By the way, Guardiola is expected to continue to give Pinto minutes to reach its best level in the final Copera and ensure its fifth Valdés Zamora. (via SPORT)

Cazorla: "Barça is the best team at the level footballing"

Santi Cazorla has said that before the final, and against FC Barcelona and Atlético Madrid, the team has to "make a last effort to achieve the goal."

"Hopefully we can finish our best, because we are in the final two games and very difficult to" international commented in reference to clashes with Barça and rojiblancos.

Although the Málaga depends upon himself to qualify for the Champions League, Cazorla has acknowledged that the last three league games "very complicated" and has therefore called for to go "party party" and "without looking at others' because now "is a very difficult game."

"Barcelona are the best team there at the level footballing the field and much more," added Cazorla, although he remembered what happened against Real Madrid, "we have the example of the Bernabéu, which stood up."

Despite fewer options for Barcelona in La Liga, said it "will always win out" and also "has players accustomed to victory."

Cazorla, however, has said he is wary of Barcelona, "it looked at a complicated time and goes to the field of Rayo and win that way", with a clear 0-7.

Therefore considers that the key to get something positive "is to be perfect in every way" because "players are destabilizing in all lines", and "you have to have that put them, because they are not going to forgive" .

About the rivals for the Champions League, Valencia, Levante, Atlético Madrid, Athletic Bilbao and Osasuna, said that "they will be there until the end" and stressed that the Levantine team "is doing well" and Atlético "you have to play there," so that "we must take account of them all" (via SPORT)

Guardiola: “The transition has been impeccable”

Guardiola praised the way the Club handled the transition of managers. He also said that Tito is “very enthusiastic about the upcoming challenge”.

The manager explained that Barça’s last three La Liga matches will serve as preparation for the Cup final against Athletic Club.

Pep Guardiola reminded the press room that he has eight more press conferences, not counting today’s, as Barça’s head manager. The Barça boss used this Tuesday’s press conference to talk about the match against Málaga, how the team will prepare for the remaining matches of the season, and obviously, his departure. “The Club has handled the transition impeccably. Tito is very enthusiastic about the upcoming challenge,” said the Barça manager.

After last week’s announcement that Tito Vilanova will take over the Barça helm next season, Guardiola said: “my relationship with him hasn’t changed at all. We’re following our usual process and I’m by his side. I want Tito to know that I’ll be close to him.” At the same time, the manager said he’s worn down because of “the day to day [work] with the team, winning so many titles.” On his farewell at the Camp Nou - Barça’s next two games will be at home- Guardiola said: “I’ve always believed that things should be done naturally, that’s how we’ll do it.”

On the other hand, with the Liga out of reach, Guardiola recognized that Barça’s three remaining matches in the domestic competition will serve to prepare the team for the Cup final. “Each game and each training session is done in preparation for the Cup final. Everything is focused on that. Against Rayo the players proved that they’re eager,” he said. Guardiola went on to say that “I’m mentally prepared for the Cup final. It’s this month’s objective.”

Guardiola added, “we cannot play poorly in our next three matches and then go on to the final.” The manager also said that “Pinto will play” in the last three La Liga games and that he doesn’t want his players to obsess about Leo Messi’s fight for the Pichichi award. “We just have to play well and attack as best we can. We’re playing against good opponents, football will do the rest.” When asked if he would give Messi the Ballon d’Or again, the manager said “he’s done a brutal job this year” and, therefore, the Argentine’s merits “are evident.”

Guardiola's future

Pep Guardiola indicated that he does not know what the future holds for him after June 30. “I’m going to go home and I have no idea what my goal will be for the future. I don’t know,” he admitted. He also said that he doesn’t know if he’ll manage FC Barcelona again. (via FCBarcelona.com)

Alexis to miss the Barça-Málaga match

The medical tests that Alexis underwent this afternoon confirm that the player will miss tomorrow’s match.

Piqué, after resting for a week, is recovering well from the knock he received in last week’s match, but will not play against Málaga tomorrow.

Valdés, who was with fever this Monday, returned to training this afternoon.

Alexis Sánchez will not feature in Barça’s team against Málaga this Wednesday. This afternoon the player underwent control tests to evaluate the hematoma caused by the contusion on his left thigh. The results confirm that the player will not be able to play in tomorrow’s match, according to the Club’s Medical Services.

Gerard Piqué will also miss tomorrow’s match. The player’s recovery is very favourable after a week of rest. Piqué returned to training, albeit apart for the group, this Wednesday. He’ll miss the match against Málaga and his recovery will mark his availability against Espanyol this weekend.

The keeper Víctor Valdés, who was with fever on Monday, trained with the rest of the team this Tuesday. Bartra, Tello and Montoya also trained with FC Barcelona’s first team.