01 May 2012

[Ex player] Koeman: "No wonder Pep's farewell"

"I would have done the same if he had won so many titles," said the Dutchman.

Ronald Koeman, current coach of Feyenoord and teammate Guardiola in the Dream Team at the time of player both in the Netherlands has said that "the progress of Pep (late season) is a penalty for Barça, but all comes to an end. "

The 'hero of Wembley' added that "I was not surprised to announce his farewell. I have done the same if he had won so many titles. I know he has never looked like Ferguson's Manchester United (version azulgrana ) ", referring to the longevity of Alex go on the bench of the 'red imp', where he has since 1986. According to Koeman, "it is difficult for a coach to find the right time to decide to quit, and I think Pep has found."

In Brazil dream of Guardiola as national team coach

The country of 'jogo bonito' dreams Guardiola as coach for the World-2014.
Different campaigns on Twitter and Facebook reflect the passion that awakens the Barça coach.

Since Pep Guardiola announced that Barça seguiríaen the bench next season, the successful coach is the raffle. A Pep deals have rained Italy and England, and now Brazil has also jumped on the bandwagon: the influential sports daily Lance! 'has initiated a macro-campaign for the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation) as fiche as coach 'canarinho' for the World-2014.

After the farewell news conference of Pep, the country's leading sports daily front-page headline: "Open your eyes, CBF". The fans responded en masse through the online edition of the newspaper (LanceNet) adding to the request.

For Brazilians, Pep Guardiola could return to the 'Seleçao' spirit of play and attractive football and have always spectacular sense. After his last two failures in the South Africa World Cup-2010 and America-2011, where it went from room in the country of 'jogo bonito' it has opened an avenue of hope to achieve his dream of winning his sixth World Cup and also at home.

On the other hand, parallel to the initial campaign launched by 'Lance!' Internet and especially through social networks has created a strong current in favor of Pep takes over the Brazilian national team, replacing Mano Menezes criticized, as proposed by Racana not like football. And with the confirmation of the output of Barça coach, has created a profile on Facebook, "Guardiola to selection" which has more followers every day. The label on Twitter # guardiolanaselecao as is 'trending topic' in Brazil. (via MD)

The dismissal of Pep in Barça-Espanyol

Guardiola close his cycle at the Stadium against Espanyol, another incentive to not miss the appointment.

The timing would have it the last game of Josep Guardiola at the Camp Nou, in his first stint as coach of Barça, is a luxury: the Catalan derby against Espanyol on Saturday 5 May at 21.00. For the cocktail dress, a referee to rise to the occasion, Fernando Teixeira Vitienes.

Fernando, the eldest of the Teixeira saga was the one that upset the blaugrana on the Getafe match, if not pointed out to them a penalty and a goal annulled for offside in injury time and with 1-0 for the hosts. Also, is the braid that José Mourinho waited in the bowels of the Camp Nou at the end of the quarter-finals of the Cup Reu against Real Madrid which ended 2-2. 'Mou have you said it was "a scoundrel" and liked "fuck professionals."

There are aspects less rugged but equally morbid grace the game. The derby between Barça and Espanyol have recovered much of their rivalry in recent years. The balance between Pep Guardiola and Mauricio Pochettino at the Camp Nou this year is two wins for Santpedor (1-0 and 2-0) and one for the Santa Fe (1-2), and two draws and two Pep wins in Cornella-El Prat.

For the parrots were especially stung 1-5 of la Liga 2010-11, but in this championship took his revenge with a 1-1, controversy included: Turienzo Alvarez said not a penalty at the hands of Raúl Rodríguez in the discount.

No doubt those two points would have done well to Barça in the struggle for chaining a fourth title. A title that, depending on what happens in tomorrow's games (Barça, Málaga and Athletic Club - Real Madrid) may be awarded mathematically. Likewise, blanquiazules can get to the Stadium with no chance of qualifying for the Europa League next.

In any case, Barça-Espanyol seems a good match for Josep Guardiola last occupies the bench of the Camp Nou as a local technician, at least for now. Also, for the blaugrana fans come in droves to honor the coach and players after an intense season, which still remains to be played the final of the Copa del Rey and to close a period of legend.

The club intends to develop a tribute

Josep Guardiola knows that is not in favor of grand events, particularly when there are still games and titles on the line and the center of the tribute he is. But the reality of the calendar indicates that the derby on Saturday is the last opportunity for the Camp Nou to dismiss Pep and thank the team's success the past four years. Therefore, in Barça are considering the formula to give a tribute Guardiola sense and in line with what he has achieved for the institution but without disturbing the concentration of the team. For all, the best tribute is to win the derby against Espanyol and this is the main objective. With tomorrow's match against Málaga at stake in the club are managing time, aware that on Wednesday the stands will be a spontaneous tribute to Pep in the form of banners and chants. But that does not prevent the entity wishes to act more institutional channel where you can capture the appreciation of FC Barcelona. Of course, everything must be discussed and agreed with the coach and these are in 'can Barça'. (via SPORT)

[Ex player] Bonano: "Guardiola will return to Barça"

The Argentine goalkeeper believes that Tito ensures the continuity of the model but know that Pep will closely tied to FC Barcelona.

Roberto Bonano has no doubt that Guardiola FC Barcelona will return sooner or later. "In the future I think Pep will return to Barcelona. I do not know what role, perhaps I see it as an office manager, general manager, manager, perhaps as president, "they said in the program 'Mas Esports' COM Radio.

The ex Barça goalkeeper Pep defined as a "role model" and "an exceptional coach" and tried to reassure the fans to the succession of Guardiola.

"It is difficult to assume the post Guardiola, but his successor will continue the project. It is always dramatic and traumatic post Guardiola but we must trust. The fan should not worry why there is a strong philosophy, "he said.

In addition, Sticking, "Guardiola has set a cycle. It's over a cycle, the cycle empazará Guardiola and another. "

On the election by Tito Bonano said he was surprised because I thought "that the working group was to go with Pep." (via SPORT)

Van Bommel's departure reinforces the offensive of Milan by Keita

Keita's name still sounds hard on the environment 'Rossoneri' and, especially, after the departure of Van Bommel.

Mark Van Bommel will leave Milan at the end of the season to return to Dutch football, as the Italian press reports.

The midfielder will sign an annual contract with his team life, PSV Eindhoven, to live at home the last years of his career.

At 35, Van Bommel will not renew with the whole 'Rossoneri' and these are becoming increasingly clear that Keita is the ideal candidate to fill its low in the squad.
Interest in the Mali midfielder is not new but with a hole in the template and, Galliani will press to convince the azulgrana. (via SPORT)

Barça have 'controlled' to Van Persie

The top scorer in the Premier out of contract in 2013.

If the option is not viable Llorente, both sporting and economically, FC Barcelona is working in parallel in any other form of elite: the Dutchman Robin van Persie, the top scorer in the Premier League.

Wenger's pupil, who joined the London team in the 2004-2005 season, has the same profile as Llorente, as it is not a striker born. In fact, both in the Netherlands (played three years in the Feneyoord) in its selection, as for many seasons at Arsenal, has played down the right to wrong foot, being left handed.

He has been in recent years when their coach has been used more as nine, yes, with total freedom of movement. About to turn 29 years old (in August), out of contract in June 2013, making it one of the most desired players from across Europe. Arsenal will have no choice but to listen to offers for him if he will not run out of anything within a year. And this fact makes their transfer price is affordable for big clubs in Europe.

Van Persie has refused to renew yet, knowing that he has the upper hand and the possibility of signing the last big contract of his life with a computer can aspire to win titles, something that has not been done in the 'Emirates '.

Van Persie really like the technical secretariat of FC Barcelona for its versatility, high technical level, speed and experience. His friendship with Cesc Fàbregas could bring him to the Camp Nou this option if it wins the whole of Llorente.

Barca fichará a central defender. It is one of the priorities of the technical squad. And the steps to hire long ago they occurred. Thiago Silva, as in all the signings, has been probed by FC Barcelona and the Brazilian player has given his approval to the operation. Want to come to Camp Nou.

It is very probable that Milan put a thousand fault for not getting rid of one of the few young players you have in your template. In favor of Barça play the Lombard entity still has to pay a share of the signing of Ibrahimovic, which could bring down significantly the recruitment of young central defender.

In the offices of the club azulgrana are designing the strategy for the immediate future, given the age of two power holders at the moment, Puyol and Mascherano. Thiago Silva is considered the most promising center of Europe at the moment. Their representatives are familiar with the interest of Barça. (via SPORT)

Guardiola 150 games in the league meet on Wednesday against Málaga

Wednesday's match against Málaga at the Camp Nou, the first of the last three remaining to complete la Liga, shall be 150 coach who runs the competition from the first team.

Throughout these still 149 games in the regular competition, FC Barcelona 76.5% of total wins and only 7.4% of losses.

In the Camp Nou against Málaga is where Josep Guardiola will reach the 150 games in the league since he took over the bench the first team of FC Barcelona. One thing to remember more of the many Santpedor than on a bright stage will be completed by the end of the season. In the specific case of the regular competition, Guardiola added a total of 152 commitments, remain ahead of games against Malaga, Espanyol and Betis.

Guardiola ends his time as Barca coach at the fourth position of the more coaches league games club history, behind only Johan Cruyff (306), Marinus Michels (204), and Frank Rijkaard (190). A competition, la Liga, that the club has risen in three of the last four seasons, three with many points (87, 99 and 96). Throughout these still 149 games in the regular competition, the numbers of first team have been spectacular.

And is that Guardiola FC Barcelona, taking into account the 149 games played so far, amounts to some spectacular rates: 76.5% of wins, draws 16.1% and only 7.4% of losses. The figures in terms of goals are also printing: 402 for, for only 106 against. In short, some statistics that place it very highly compared to the Cruyff, Michels and Rijkaard. Only in the number of wins, for example, have a percentage of 59.8%, 51.4% and 59% respectively. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

These would be the data of the three other technical, more in detail:

Johan Cruyff: winning 59.8%, 22.5% and 17.6 draws defeats.

Marinus Michels: 51.4% of wins, draws and 25.5 to 23% of losses.

Frank Rijkaard: 59% of wins, draws 23.6% and 17.3% of losses.

[Youth] A Barça - Malaga against youth unemployment

The Foundation will carry out various actions of visibility on youth unemployment in the pre-Barça - Malaga.

The initiative is part of the collaboration agreement with Caritas.

Coinciding with the game Barça - Málaga on Wednesday, the FC Barcelona Foundation will carry out various actions of visibility in the Camp Nou for the fight against youth unemployment. A few weeks ago the Foundation and Cáritas had a collaboration agreement to work on this line, through which 50 young unemployed held internships at FC Barcelona.

In order to give visibility to this social problem, the 'speaker' of the Camp Nou, Manel Vich, make mention of the Club's involvement with the cause and give way to a video produced by Cáritas awareness that will be displayed in the stadium scoreboards.

The Foundation also invited to watch the game at 50 young people, the result of the agreement, undertake internships in the Club. On stage at Camp Nou will also be the Cardinal Archbishop of Barcelona, Lluís Martínez Sistach, the Episcopal Delegate of Cáritas, Salvador Bacardit, and the director of Cáritas, Jordi Roglà. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Valdés to equal Ramallets’ five Zamoras

The Barça stopper is heading for his fifth Zamora Trophy, which would equal the tally of club legend Antoni Ramallets.

Valdés would also become the first person to win four consecutive awards for the best goalkeeping record in La Liga.

If, as seems likely, Pinto plays in the three remaining league fixtures, Víctor Valdés will collect his fifth Zamora Trophy for the best goalkeeping record in Spain. It would also be his fourth consecutive title, and would equal the record of FC Barcelona legend Antoni Ramallets, who won the accolade in each of the 1951/52, 1955/56, 1956/57, 1958/59 and 1959/60 seasons. As Guardiola has hinted, Pinto will probably play all the team’s last league games. “I need to give some minutes to the goalkeeper who has taken us into three cup finals in the last four years” he said.

“Records are there to be broken”, said Ramallets in issue 43 of Barça Magazine in October 2010, an article in which he and Valdés shared anecdotes and impressions. “Whenever I have met Antoni, he has always made it clear that he has faith in me. Ever since the start. He trusted me, and I am grateful to him for that. It has been a luxury and a privilege to have always been able to count on such support” said the current Barcelona number one.

Valdés has let in 26 goals in 34 league matches to date, a coefficient of 0.76 goals a game. He is followed by Casillas, with an average of 0.86. Even if the Real Madrid keeper gets three clean sheets in his last three games, Valdés would still have a better record and so it is just a case of waiting until the end of the season before he is confirmed as the winner.

Having grown up through the club youth system, Valdés first won the Zamora in the 2004/05 season, when Rijkaard was still manager. Under Guardiola, the keeper from l’Hospitalet has added four further titles, in consecutive years (2008/09, 2009/10, 2010/11 and 2011/12), something nobody has ever done before. The nearest anybody came was Arconada, who won the award three times with Real Sociedad in the early eighties.

Pinto commented at his Tuesday press conference that “individual honours are recognition for the work of the whole squad … He is the goalkeeper who most deserves it.” (via FCBarcelona.com)

The 18 Zamora winners for Barça

Velasco (1948)
Ramallets (1952, 56, 57, 59 and 60)
Pesudo (1966)
Sadurní (1969, 75 and 75)
Reina (1973)
Artola (1978)
Urruti (1984)
Zubizarreta (1987)
Valdés (2005, 09, 10 and 11)

Drogba is free and offers style Larsson

The crack of Chelsea wants to end his career at Camp Nou and would be willing to negotiate economically.

The only thing that is uncompromising is he wants a two-year contract, but is willing to sign a '1 +1'.

Didier Drogba's environment has been sent to Andoni Zubizarreta and Barça would be willing to be the new Henrik Larsson. The crack of Chelsea wants to end his career at Camp Nou and would be willing to negotiate economically. The only thing that is uncompromising is he wants a two-year contract, although as blindly believe susposibilidades is willing to sign a '1 +1' with a performance clause in the first year through its agent Tierno Gaye Seydi.

Didier has full confidence in their chances though with 34 years of age. Unless the illness he suffered in this early season (had malaria) the Ivory Coast international is in an enviable physical shape and his power is great finisher. He is a man like no other area and was vital in removing the Barça to foot of the Chelsea in the semis of the Champions.

Drogba confessed to a journalist friend who went to Barcelona for the semis of Champions that was impressive Nou Camp, who would love to play alongside Lionel Messi, Xavi Hernández and Andrés Iniesta.

So far Chelsea has not commented on its continuity and only has a very interesting financial offer from Nicolas Anelka to go play in China's club Shanghai Shenhua.

The option of having a 'killer' of the institution Drogba is to be considered. A profile and does not exist in the current squad.

The Welsh alternative to await the time

Jordi Alba agrees to renew for Valencia, but MD and reported that renewal is a trick. The left back 'che' is aware of interest of Barcelona and also knows that the first name on the list azulgrana for his position is the Welshman Gareth Bale. So Alba will have no problem in continuing in Valencia because it would have a clause that would allow him to go Barça without a transfer exorbitant.

Continues to send signals to finish culé

Gareth Bale week does not pass without sending a message. The Tottenham left-back said Sunday it will leave the London club "if it gets into Champions". It is clear that Bale throws Barça. So Sandro confessed, companion of the Spurs recently, and Bale himself by saying it would be "a dream" that Barça was after him. Also in the Nou Camp like the Welsh. The problem is its price.

Will think more than anyone to leave Bilbao

The priority of the Barça technical reinforcements crack goes through a defensive profile, with Thiago Silva and Javi Martínez at the top of the list. Targeted names, if anyone will think twice to leave his current club that's Javi Martinez, even to come Barça. With a big contract, Athletic and exciting sporting project brought to the San Mamés Navarre will be expensive. (via MD)

Torres and Van Persie dreams of Barça

Cracks like Torres or Van Persie happy to come azulgrana equipment.
With Pep or with Tito, the hook is now the Camp Nou is unmatched.

Barça is coming a new, as yet different. Pep Guardiola will leave the team with worldwide prestige that goes far beyond its 13 degrees and is about to take over his close collaborator Tito Vilanova. This year will not fall or la Liga or the Champions League, but this team captivates like no other in the world. And that power of attraction also affects top-level professionals, such as Fernando Torres and Robin van Persie. Any of them would be happy to wear at the azulgrana in the football project with more punch in the world. And Barça knows it.

In the situation of the Dutch forward has been reporting MD. Arsenal captain, top scorer in the Premier League, has for months without renewing a contract that takes away just one year of operation. That makes it a market opportunity. Friend of Cesc Fabregas, we would be happy to return to play with him and that Barça move tab.

The forward of Chelsea, who beat Barça in the Champions League, also has friends in the Camp Nou. And the way he spoke of Barça seconds after deleting it confirms what level is the degree of admiration culé.

Wenger brings Podolski and he assimilates his escape

According to the initial plan, the lead is not, today, to reinforce the priority line for the club, but the market sometimes gets in the window a great opportunity that would be foolish not to value. Robin van Persie is in a contractual situation so special that it almost becomes a bargain. The top scorer in the Premier League with 28 goals out of contract with Arsenal in 2013, so that is about to enter its final season. The club 'gunner' has failed in its attempts to extend the contract for Van Persie, who now gives long under the guise of the Euro. If Arsenal do not want to see how Van Persie free will in a few months, the opportunity to profit is to pass it this summer, with the handicap that he could not do it the way 'gunner', ie, asking for a morterada. Coach, Arsène Wenger, has already hedged its bets. Yesterday Cologne Arsenal accepted wholesale from Lukas Podolski, a former Bayern forward, for about 13 million euros. Van Persie can not ask for much more.

No one spoke so well of a Barça played

Fernando Torres is recovering a goal and enthusiasm to play the Euro due to its season finale, endorsed with his latest hat trick. This whole course and a crack appeared in disgrace. After his high level in Liverpool, in January 2011 put Chelsea 58 million euros to sign him until 2016. But be that for whatever reason, did not fit. Now, many times from the bench, is giving and scoring goals that have helped Chelsea to be in the Champions League final. Achieved while Barça settled in the European tournament and still at the Camp Nou, released this: "Barça is ahead of all but the best does not always win." No one spoke so well of a new rival eliminated. Further proof that, if for him, would love to play with friends, some of them as intimate as Iniesta. Athletic heart 'El Niño' never go to Real Madrid, but Barça. Recently, he had sold to Chelsea for 20 million euros. If Barça make a gesture, 'El Niño' help. (via MD)

[Barça B] The ostracism of Espinosa

The Talavera returned to training yesterday with the first team, but Eusebio still does not give ball at Barca B.

Javier Espinosa began the season excited about his new career at Barça B. From the juvenil, came to the Second Division with Rosell, Balliu and Gustavo. Of these, only Balliu is appearing regularly in the reserves after hatching in the first team.

Rosell and 'Guga' seem not to have to Eusebio Sacristán, since their participation is anecdotal. Not so for Javier Espinosa, with whom the coach has told Valladolid, although much less than expected. Moreover, in the latter half of season, his presence has even fallen. In the first 18 games he played a total of 587 minutes, while in the last 17 sum 365, a figure too low for a midfielder who fits perfectly in the Blaugrana game plan. Their presence is reduced to only 47 minutes in the last four games.

Eusebio and the footballer have spoken on occasion throughout the season, much more at first than in recent weeks. The coach always asked patience and keep working, even though the trust did not translate into minutes. Carmona and especially Riverola, have passed in front. Espinosa returned yesterday to train with the first team, something he has repeated several times this season, but his presence does not guarantee the greatest part of the eleven elected by Eusebio Sacristán. So much so that of Talavera de la Reina has started just nine of the 26 parties that participated in this season.

In addition, it has only finished two, so it has twice played the ninety minutes. And in both cases the result could not be better: the blaugrana thrashed 0-4 in Cartagena (September 4) and 1-4 in Alcoy (October 22). Of that ages ago. Other data exemplify how little account Eusebio: six of the 26 times he has played he has done less than ten minutes, while in another 17 it has less than 35 minutes. There are numbers to be happy, although Espinosa also under contract next season. Has been international sub 17 and sub 19 and from the first team to take care of it, although it does not translate into a greater presence at Barça B. (via SPORT)

Barça goes for Llorente

Barça could recover next figure of the striker who disappeared with the departure of Ibra. Llorente is the one.

The technical secretariat of FC Barcelona, ​​under the responsibility of Andoni Zubizarreta, is actively working, but with the utmost discretion in the way Fernando Llorente, center front of Athletic Bilbao and the Spanish team.

The nine rojiblanco, who turned 27 last February, has become part of the list of priorities to face Barça of next season, which are also included, primarily, a central and left back.

Interest in Llorente, which have also been interested different clubs in the Premier League and Real Madrid, it might seem a contradiction given that two seasons ago the club decided to dispense with a center forward like Ibrahimovic born for the benefit of Messi who went on to play since then what has been called "lying center forward."

The reason must be sought in what experts call "tactical changes", ie to improve or change a system that has worked very well but, over time, has quit or been known to be offset by opposing teams.

While it is true that Messi has never shown much capacity as the season scoring (65 goals so far in ten months of competition), for some time have found some problems in the Barça game that need needle and thread.

Messi has been playing more and more backward, starting the play almost as a creator more. It has been customary image of FC Barcelona without a single player in the central defenders of the opposing teams, but when Alexis has made this role between the lines.

The absence of a center forward in the old style, type Eto'o or Ibrahimovic, has caused much of the game on the wings is sterile, because of little or no focus from the lime used if there is nobody to finish, beyond arrivals from the second line, which has often been the norm in recent times in the game ofnsivo azulgrana.

The enormous difficulties that the club has had to overcome the defenses ultranzas Chelsea or Real Madrid in recent games has resulted from the technical direction of the first team has raised the need to sign a striker of some characteristics.

Llorente meets that profile. First, it is amazing with his head, a rare commodity in the current Barça does not dominate the air. Second, because there are few strikers like riojano able to fix as well to opposing defenses. His height and build often forces have to be marked up to two plants. Few players move so well in the area as Llorente. (via SPORT)

Ten Cate blesses the choice of Tito Vilanova

The second of Rijkaard at Barça believes that Pep Guardiola relay "is the best option."
The Dutchman said: "Guardiola's Barça is an enhanced version of Rijkaard's Barça.

Henk ten Cate, assistant coach of FC Barcelona between 2003 and 2006 in a bench headed by Frank Rijkaard, has blessed the decision of the board of Sandro Rosell to elect Tito Vilanova as a substitute for Pep Guardiola. "It's a very good decision. Tito knows the whole environment and style of Barça. I think it was very important in recent years, knows the players. I think is the best option," he assured the current coach of the Shandong Luneng Taishan Chinese in an interview with COM Radio.

Guardiola understands the Dutch for having communicated their march. "It's a miracle that a coach is five years. Are working hard with the pressure of everyone having to play well and win matches and with a style that is most difficult to do." In this sense, Ten Cate has stated that "Rijkaard and Guardiola has done a great job" and that "Guardiola's Barça is an enhanced version of Rijkaard's Barça. We started something and Guardiola has improved on. The Guardiola's football been the best but yes, less spectacular. "

Moreover, the former assistant to Rijkaard, who fought with Barça José Mourinho's Chelsea in the second round of the Champions League 2004-05 and 2005-06, has praised the Portuguese: "Mourinho's style is very defensive. a personamente me I like, but you can not say that's not good coach. A good coach is a great coach with success. is a different style that people like of Barça or holadeses. Mourinho's style is also a winning style. "

Among the other names of the interview stand Sandro Rosell, "a very intelligent person and a great leader" for Ten Cate, and Joan Laporta: "A big chair." The Dutchman has described Leo Messi as "the best player in the world" and Ronaldinho as "the best in his time," while also emphasized the value of Xavi: "It is the player previously less appreciated by the environment, something different from now. for me, Xavi was one of the most important players of Barça at the time I was me. "Finally, Thiago Motta has hit out: In the Barça he was a player unprofessional. " (via MD)

[Youth] FCB Juvenil A 1 - 3 RCD Espanyol

The Juvenil of Òscar García can not reditar the title won last year after losing to Espanyol in the quarter-finals.

The azulgranas have moved forward with a goal of Babunski (9 '), but Espanyol have forced overtime with a goal from Bonilla (74').

The front Jafar, 99 and 110, has given the ticket to the semifinals to the set blanquiazul.

The Juvenil A of FC Barcelona has been dismissed from the Champions Cup has begun to challenge this Monday in Lepe after losing to Espanyol. Oscar Garcia boys have seen the blue and white have rallied from a 1 to 0 and ended up taking the win in overtime.

From the first minute of the game Barça has been much more focused that Espanyol. If only they had played three minutes the referee annulled a goal for offside Campabadal. But the azulgranas have tried and followed in minute 9 has reached the goal. It has been Babunski, after a good play Dongou staff, who has attended Patric, and this has left him facing the ball to mark Babunski.

With the score in favor of Òscar García continued with the domain of play, but Espanyol was slowly generating arrivals danger. But a great Miguel Bañuz solvency stopped with the opposing team's shots.

After the break Espanyol took the lead of the game and much of the game has been played in azulgrana field. The more minutes had passed more tired on the pitch. But on 74 minutes came the equalizer. Jordán's last in-depth that ends Bonilla and raises the 1 to 1 on the scoreboard.

With the tie the azulgranas have been activated and have gone for the win, but the goal has not arrived and played going into overtime.

The fatigue was growing, but the two teams have not dropped their arms. But Jafar has been the player who has finished deciding the match. In the 9th minute of extra time has made 1 to 2. In addition the azulgranas are seen as more complicated the game when Grimaldo has been expelled. Then, at 110 match, Jafar again has put the final 1 to 3. And The azulgranas have seen nine remained after the expulsion of Patric. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Match Stats]
FC Barcelona: Bañuz, Campabadal, Grimaldo, Bagnack, Ayala, Samper, Cornejo, Patric, Quesada, Babunski i Dongou. También han jugado Quintillà, Moreno, Olivan and Bakoyock

RCD Espanyol: Parreño, Héctor Rodríguez, Bonilla, Arroyo, Duarte, Muntadas, Miravent, Jordan, Herráiz, Grant i Yeboah. También han jugado Granados, Molina and Canadell

Goals: 1-0, Babunski (9’); 1-1, Bonilla (74’); 1-2, Jafar (99’); 1-3, Jafar (110’)

Referee: Enrique Figuero Vázquez.

International press hail Guardiola

The international media has been unanimous in its recognition and appreciation of Josep Guardiola after the manager announced that he will leave FC Barcelona at the end of the season.

The international media has been unanimous in its recognition and appreciation of Josep Guardiola after the manager announced that he will leave FC Barcelona at the end of the season. The announcement was made this Friday during a joint press conference with President Sandro Rosell and football director Andoni Zubizarreta.

Writing for ESPN, Graham Hunter analyzes Guardiola’s trajectory at the Barça helm and traces the overall impact Guardiola has had on the sport: “That is to say anyone, at all, who loves soccer owes Pep Guardiola a debt for the style, the creativity, the thrills, the bravery and the inventiveness. Sure, Barca fans covet and treasure the trophies, but neutrals like the majority of us simply know that someone who revolutionized football has been among us for a short, dramatic space of time.”

Hunter goes on to make the case that Guardiola did, in fact, make the right decision to step aside after achieving unprecedented success in his relatively short tenure as Barça’s boss. “My view is that those who think that losing this season's Champions League semifinal and probably watching Madrid lift the title are reasons to delay departure are absolutely wrong,” writes Hunter. “[N]ow he has taken the correct decision ... Guardiola, in life as in football, sees things just a little differently. His decision to leave the club he passionately loves comes at a cost because sooner or later it will move him to tears. Count on that ... But he knows he has reached that moment in time that, if ignored, will bring errors, regret, ill health and possibly failure.”

Football writer and ESPN columnist Phil Ball explains how Guardiola raised his Club’s profile in the world of football: “it has been interesting to see just how the whole Barcelona image, internationally speaking, has changed since Guardiola took over back in June 2008. Before then, people were very aware of the club and its culture, of course. Now they're hyper-aware, not so much for the politico-cultural reasons but because of the footballing paradigm that Guardiola has helped create. Its impact has been massive, will continue to be, and the news last Friday that the architect of the edifice was not going to continue was akin to the resignation of a head of state.[...] He leaves on a wave of affection, but his departure should nevertheless mark a point of reflection for the club, and perhaps for La Liga in general.”

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