28 April 2012

Sandoval: "Guardiola has illuminated a path in which all have believed"

Rayo Vallecano coach said, Pep Guardiola, Barça coach is like "the Messiah" since "has illuminated a path in which all have believed" that allows "the error in the definition but not the error of the effort ".

"Guardiola have to respect him in his decision to leave Barcelona since it is a person who has gained much international football. Is a person who allows the error in the definition but not the error of the effort," said the coach in conference release.

"It's how the Messiah, has illuminated a path where all who believe. It's good to rest if you think so because you subtract the bench a lot of energy," confessed Sandoval referring to Guardiola.

The coach from Madrid refused to evaluate the European phase of Barcelona against Chelsea and the league defeat against Real Madrid, and does not believe that Rayo can pay the 'broken plates' last two trips azulgranas.

"Rayo will not pay any broken plate tomorrow, but Rayo have to play their competition, which is to save the category. What you have to do is compete and Rayo put it hard as he did with Real Madrid and Atlético, two teams of the greatest difficulties that happened here, "he said.

"Vallecas is different and will play against eleven or twelve thousand fans who will lead the team in a twinkling. We have to go to football concepts and try to beat the Barcelona game. I want the players to see that this is saving us category, "he said.

"I think Rayo has a philosophy and style of play themselves. We are playing eleven to eleven, although it is true that they have such quality that any minimum error is going to penalize us. Hope you do not have the successful day and I my team to compete. This game can be one that gives the glory, "he said.

"I hope the same Barcelona that league, because sometimes you have to applaud them, and not take it off or by hand. We will take a small step to risk as always, we have to play our game and not because it is the Barcelona intimidate. We are at home and is the ideal time to put the icing on the season, "he said.

The Barcelona arrive tomorrow to Vallecas the withdrawal of the injured Xavi Hernández player who Sandoval scored one of the four best in the world. "Barcelona have enough players to replace Xavi. For me it is within the top four in the world. Barca have players for that role, and you leave the bench to be unbalanced. What we have to do is not let think the player who plays in his position, because if anything, is Barcelona through excellence, "he said. (via SPORT)

Bielsa: "What Guardiola has done is unforgettable"

The Argentinean recognizes that the output of Guardiola is a "capital loss for football." Athletic coach did not want to assess their possible relationship with the azulgrana bench.

Athletic Club coach, Marcelo Bielsa, has described the progress of the Barcelona Pep Guardiola announced yesterday by the Catalan coach as a "capital loss for the stage of football"

"It's a personal decision, obviously, not for me to interpret, but their loss is capitalized because their presence gave luster to the sport. What he did is unforgettable and not to remain, one loss," has affected the Rosario.

Bielsa has refused to evaluate his name was one of the most sounded in recent weeks to relieve Guardiola on the bench at the Camp Nou before the club azulgrana said it would be the new coach Tito Vilanova next season.

"That is hypothetical and never talk about these issues" has settled Bielsa, who can not "imagine" that the output of Guardiola can have any influence in the final of Copa del Rey which will face Athletic and Barça on 25 May and will be the last game Santpedor technician in front of your computer. (via AS)

Cruyff blesses the choice of Tito Vilanova

It assures that it was "excellent solution" in the Greek newspaper 'Sportday' and 'do not know if it closes a cycle with Guardiola's farewell. "
According to the 'thin', "you never know until you spend a few years and see if this time a team does not win titles."

"I do not know if it closes a cycle with Guardiola's farewell, you never know if this happens to take a few years and see if this time a team does not win titles," says Johan Cruyff told the Greek newspaper 'Sportday' , made ​​a special envoy of the publication in Barcelona between last Tuesday and Wednesday, when Pep met with Sandro Rosell and decided to leave the azulgrana bench.

In his conversation with 'Sportday', published today, ex player, ex coach and ex honorary president of the club blaugrana and prophesied that Tito Vilanova could be the relay Guardiola: "Barça has a different philosophy as far as coaches are concerned . they are not the most important election, but the players who are playing, those who win and lose. But the coach has to watch football in the same way. So Vilanova, if he would like to try, would an excellent solution for the Barcelona bench. " (via MD)

Puyol: "Tito is the best news"

The Barça captain has revealed the players’ satisfaction at Tito Vilanova’s appointment: “He knows the team and our philosophy better than anybody and has been working alongside Guardiola the whole time”.

Puyol went on to add: “He’s the ideal person to take this project forward”.

Puyol believes that Josep Guardiola "has marked a ‘before and after’ in football”.

Carles Puyol spoke at a press conference on Saturday which was, obviously, dominated by the news that Josep Guardiola is standing down as first team manager to be replaced by Tito Vilanova. He confirmed that the players “wanted Pep to continue” but on learning of his decision and the reasons behind it, he explained: “The fact that Tito will be the manger is the best news we could get. He’s the continuation of a project and has the support of all the players”.

Puyol also expressed his agreement with the thinking behind the choice of Tito Vilanova: “He knows the team and our philosophy better than anybody. He knows a great deal about football and has worked hand in hand with Pep all this time. It’ll be more or less the same as it has been up to now. The philosophy and the idea will be the same. He’s the ideal person to take this project forward”.

As for the mood of the players now that they know Guardiola is stepping aside, Puyol spoke mainly of gratitude: “We’ll be eternally grateful to him. He has marked a ‘before and after’ in football, and that’s really important. He’s given us so much, more than we could have imagined. Things like always going out to win, having great respect for opponents…Now life goes on and we will try and follow the path he has marked out for us and to do as good a job as he has done”.

Puyol also revealed how the players had heard the news: “If you’d asked us before the Chelsea match, we’d have said he was going to continue. After having two days off and, given everything that has been coming out, we were expecting it yesterday. We players have tried in our day to day work and attitude to get him to continue. We’ve given our all. But when the pressure is like he’s explained, it’s difficult. It must be really hard to be a manager, and even more so the way he lives it. He thinks about football 24 hours a day”.

Asked by reporters what he would most remember about Guardiola, Puyol didn’t hesitate a moment: “I’ll remember everything he’s given us. His way of understanding football. He’s left behind a legendary team that will be remembered for ever. I hope he gets the send-off he deserves, for everything he’s given us. The players are united and keen to take this project forward”.

Finally, turning to this Sunday’s match against Rayo, Puyol told reporters. “They will be motivated to win the match, the same as us. We’ll try and do a good job, get out there on the pitch the way we’ve always done and then we’ll see what happens”.

"Messi is very grateful to the boss"

Regarding Lionel Messi’s absence from the press conference in which Guardiola announced his departure, Puyol insisted: “I want to clear up what’s been said. When training finished yesterday, we got together and said that the four captains would go. Leo wanted to go but on seeing that the captains were going, he took a step back. Then more players appeared by their own volition. Leo is very grateful to the boss, just like all the squad, and if there’s a farewell do then we’ll all be there, because we’ll all 100% behind him”. (via FCBarcelona.com)

Squad named for Rayo clash

Bartra, Montoya and Tello from Barça B have been named alongside the 16 available players from the senior squad to face Rayo Vallecano on Sunday.

Josep Guardiola has announced a squad of 19 players to make the trip to Madrid for the match against Rayo this Sunday. It includes the 16 fit members of the first team squad (Fontàs, Villa, Abidal, Piqué and Xavi are all out injured) plus Montoya, Bartra and Tello from Barça B. The manager will have to leave one player out of the final squad before the match.

The players had a final training session on Saturday morning at the Club’s ‘Joan Gamper’ sports complex, after which Guardiola named his squad.

They will fly to Madrid on Sunday morning where they are due to arrive at noon. The match kicks off in the Vallecas Stadium at 9.30 pm. The Barça party will fly back to Barcelona immediately after the match. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Barça B wants to conquer Galicia

The subsidiary will try to get in the game this Saturday against Celta de Vigo (20.00 hours), bringing good run also in the attacking half.

Eusebio Sacristán: "The mood has Celta to get the promotion is a huge motivation for them."

Since two days ago that the Barça B is in Galicia after take off on Thursday with one goal: get a new triumph. The azulgranas are looking for another victory, this time out, to end April and extend unbeaten streak of eight consecutive games without losing. However, Celta will not make things any easier, because you want to keep the third place in the standings.

The last time the subsidiary was lost outside the home in Galicia. It was, specifically, by 18 February in a match between Deportivo La Coruna with Barça B and ended with a 2-1 defeat. The set of Eusebio Sacristán stands currently in eighth place on the leaderboard with 50 points.

Barça B figures are pretty good home. In 16 games played, has only lost five, drawn seven and has won four. But since November that the subsidiary has not won away from home confrontation. "It is our unfinished business if we want to be in the group that leads the standings," said Eusebio Sacristán, who will be without Montoya, Tello, Bartra, Rodri, Miño and Ilie.

Meanwhile, Celta Vigo ranks third with 62 points and in the game this Saturday, want to maintain their position in the promotion group. In the first round of la Liga, Barça B beat Celta in the Miniestadi with a score of 2-1. However, the coach azulgrana calls not to trust "is a team that is in a very good dynamic and is doing a great season. The mood you have to get promotion is a huge motivation for them. "

The strength of Celta, well known to Eusebio, is the attack as "cons do very well and are able to generate many scoring chances." One strategy that the azulgranas should consider if they want to take, in Galicia, the three points at stake.

The squad

Oier, Masip, Muniesa, Carmona, Jonathan dos Santos, Sergi Roberto, Sergi Gómez, Kiko Femenía, Armando, Lobato, Gustavo Ledes, Espinosa. Marti Riverola, Carles Planas, Gerard Deulofeu, Dongou, Balliu and Rafinha. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

The team knew the appointment of Tito Vilanova by Zubizarreta

Pep did not skip the hierarchy: the coach announces the coach.
Zubi said the captains in Sant Joan Despi, after Pep talk.

The squad barcelonista yesterday heard the name of the successor of Pep Guardiola. The coach still explained his decision not to continue in office, but omitted the information regarding the succession.

Andoni Zubizarreta broke the news to the captains before heading to the Camp Nou. The captains subsequently communicated to all staff. Guardiola wanted to be scrupulous to a group that has felt very close and would not do something that belonged to Zubi.

Pep of his players said in a press conference in which he explained his motivations for leaving, "I have been privileged to train them. I have actually enjoy this job and I appreciate that there have been millions of plays and parties that have made reality. not know the pleasure of imagining a play and every day them come true. "

The coach also highlighted what will the years on the bench for first team: "I get the many emotions and details and have lived the good and bad times. Displays of affection are very large these days. I remembered Abidal, Keita, who has been my thermometer ... all these years. "

At the news conference yesterday in the press room at the Camp Nou Maxenchs Ricard, smaller than the Sala Paris, which was introduced four years ago, Guardiola was wrapped by the captains of the workforce, besides the two homegrown who came with him and stayed Segunda B, Sergio Busquets and Pedro, and Cesc and Piqué, former pupils of Vilanova. So was Messi, who nevertheless was not yesterday, apparently because of a misunderstanding. "Leo? Is here," said Pep.

Also most of the board, in addition to soccer training coach, Guillermo Amor, Guardiola also supported the day he announced his farewell, in addition to one of the most important of his career, his agent, Josep Maria Orobitg, agent also Tito. (via MD)

The Keys of wear of Pep Guardiola as the coach of Barça

The technical staff feared that ceased to believe in him disgust.
It has kept the group stressed to the max and relentlessly for four years.

Throughout the season, Pep Guardiola has explained in several ways. For active, passive, more clearly, inline or by reference to the 'Panxa plena' (full belly), a metaphor for the many titles won the previous three years.

In all these ways the coach has tried to explain the difficulty of keeping on top the tension of a unique group, a tension that has been as important as the talent to build the best four years of the history of the Barça. In this difficulty is, above all, the main motivation of the technician to decide to leave a job with which had dreamed.

These are not fights, arguments or hard feelings that it has had persistent Pep in previous seasons, for example, Eto'o and Ibrahimovic, but some disparity of opinion expressed by major players point of the template, which in 2008 almost kissed the ground she walked by the coach. The infatuation of the early years is not so pure.

Guardiola has been explaining those feelings you have over several interviews, such as that given to Rai for the centenary of Brescia a little over a year, which aroused great controversy. In it, Pep and warned that it was closer to the end than the beginning. And alluding to wear of personal relationships: "Over time, players get tired of one," he said. And there have been other episodes, which may one day transcend, reflecting the weariness.

Manage that fatigue is what Pep does not feel strong enough to do. Vilanova, yes, because it is worn as your 'boss' and friend. Guardiola had to make decisions, perhaps painful, Tito probably find a way to prevent.

Vilanova has intact the deposit of its ability to convince a group some of whose pieces major-Messi included-trained when they were cadets. Pep, however, and used his power of seduction.

Guardiola, in short, has been detected this year than the belly, indeed, is full. The attitude has been good, but the need, insufficient. And that has come to help the small details crashing in the post

Guardiola said he left Barça to rest, as explained at length, not to undertake another adventure football. The Barcelona coach said "not interested" what their activity. The Santpedor remained enigmatic about his future but his words will not train shows that, despite the offers that drive, especially English teams and English Federation itself. (via MD)

Mascherano will be a special guest in the party of 'Messi and his friends'

The Brazilian Robinho, Diego Forlan and Argentine Ariel Ortega, Javier Mascherano and Ezquiel Lavezzi, are part of the friendly 'Messi and his friends', to be held on 21 June in Bogotá.

They are joined by Colombians also James Rodríguez, Mario Yepes and as was confirmed, Falcao García, among other Colombians who played the game with the best player in the world, Lionel Messi, said Lorena Petersson, press officer of Total Concerts, company in charge of the event.

It also confirmed the Venezuelan names like Danny Alves of Portuguese and Brazilian Julio César. Part of the proceeds with the game tickets will go to Lio Messi Foundation, the philanthropic organization created by the player who also is an ambassador for Unicef. (via SPORT)

Jordi Roura is emerging as the assistant of Tito

Tito Vilanova wants a House aide and current rival analyst points to the first team bench.

One of the issues pending official confirmation is none other than knowing the name of the person who will occupy the present position of Tito Vilanova. That is, who shall disclose the work of technical assistant from next season.

The demands of Vilanova are clear: you want a coach house and a person of his confidence. Based on this profile, the name of Jordi Roura sounds insistently. The technician is part of the team composed of Jordi Roura, Domènec Torrent and Carles Planchart, whose main task has been to conduct extensive scouting work on all opponents of the team. His image, associated with a film camera, has become routine in the Ciutat Esportiva.

In principle, Roura part with some advantage over the rest of his teammates as he joins a close friendship with Villanova. And is that the coach was now an essential part in rebuilding the whole network of technicians and assistants around Guardiola. In addition, Roura has some coaching experience, because in his day, Charly Rexach hand, had the opportunity to address a couple of adventures that led him even to Japanese football.

The assistant is not finalized, but will emerge from the short list of technicians who are scoutings team. (via SPORT)

Jordi Alba, Barça's first signing of the 'era Tito'

The new coach has always been aware of all movements in the chapter of ups and downs.

Tito Vilanova will be responsible for a workforce that will have several new faces on the picture of the actual dress blaugrana. The relief does not involve any coach or trauma necessary to revise the plans designed by the sports management. And is that previous conversations between Pep, Zubizarreta and Vice President Bartomeu have always had the complicity of Tito Vilanova.

There is much work ahead, but the first steps have been taken decisively. In this sense, as SPORT forward several weeks ago, Jordi Alba and is tied for the future. The Valencia left-back contract ends in 2013 and only left to seal the transfer price of the Levant squadron. Or agreed to a figure between clubs, or Alba return to Barcelona in two seasons at no cost. All indications are that Barca and Valencia finally materialize an amount settle the controversy.

Alba is the first but not the only one. The defender requires the addition of another plant. There are two alternatives: if the economic game have generous, Thiago Silva remains the favorite, but Milan is not the work and sign the Brazilian seems complicated by a number less than 30 million euros. Conversely, if the coffers tighten, it could choose to go in search of a young promising future. It works in both directions.

Where there may be surprises gauge is on the point of attack. For months the technicians are convinced of the need to strengthen a plot which accuses excessive reliance on Messi. It is true that the injury of Villa has hit the attack on blaugrana, but estimates a need for a profile of nine to provide additional tactical resources. In these last hours, more than one recalled Tito Vilanova statements extolling the virtues of Athletic international Fernando Llorente. Also, is gaining weight the theory of seeking a second striker to unfold in one on one band. The market offers many interesting and reasonably priced alternatives. Not surprisingly, these high mean the transfer of some existing forward and the transfer of Tello or Cuenca.

Tito's contract, about signing

Public were not disclosed details about the contract that will Tito Vilanova as new coach of FC Barcelona. Indoors, club sources have confirmed that all is said and there will be no problem for signature only when the time comes to end of season. Rosell it has expressed its willingness to close a contract beyond one season, as required Pep Guardiola. Of course, Vilanova update their remuneration. (via SPORT)

Valentí Guardiola: "We learned practically yesterday"

Valentí Guardiola has said in the program 'The tribe of Catalunya Radio', which after his sonthe decision of not to continue as head of the staff of the Barça" are now calmer. There are difficult days because we have learned practically yesterday. When I insinuábamos, and we did a few times, we cleared and no longer insisted nothing. "

On the possibility of entrerarse Pep's decision through the media Valentí says, "His mother told him the day we're clear what we would like comunicases before we have to find out on the radio and television. This has been done "

In this sense, the father believes that "The feelings are mixed a bit. First, sorry for all these years we have enjoyed and suffered, but also sad because there are thousands and thousands of people who were very fond of our son. We also have a relax because now we have no concern if the team played badly. "

Valentí reconce suffering "because we knew how he lived all this of Barça since he was thirteen and as suffering if things went well. Pep know more or know less, but gives everything." (via MD)

Messi too emotional to watch Pep farewell

Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi says he felt far too emotional to face the media glare at coach Pep Guardiola's farewell announcement.

"I want to thank Pep with all my heart for everything he has given me in my professional career and personally," the 24-year-old Argentinian said on his Facebook page on Friday.

"Because of the emotions I feel, I preferred not to be present at Pep's press conference and to stay away from the press because I know they will look for the pain on the players' faces.

"It is something I decided not to show."

Del Bosque: "Pep Guardiola has made a decision from the heart and I wish him well"

The coach Vicente del Bosque has been reported in Pedro Bernardo (Ávila) to Pep Guardiola progress alluding to is a "personal decision" that he understands: "The decision-understand and I wish him well."

Del Bosque has made these statements to journalists during the visit he made to this town of about 1,000 inhabitants, located south of the province of Ávila, where he has been invited by the Council to meet these people and participate in a talk.

The national team has done a tour of this town known as "El balcón del Tiétar" and signed in the Book of the City, referred to farewell Guardiola, without going into too much detail because it is "a personal decision ". "What you do is well done," he added, and then, after being asked if he understands the decision made by saying: "Of course I understand and I wish him well." "It has taken a decision as barcelonista and nothing but accept what he has done, because he has done from the heart and from what he thinks is best for him and for Barcelona," has held national football coach, after City Council receive a gift with typical local products. On the contrary, has refused to comment on the appointment of Tito Vilanova as his successor in office, because he said not to be "no one to enter the clubs own decisions."

As to whether the elimination of Barça and Real Madrid in the semifinals of the Champions benefit or harm the Spanish National Team, Vicente del Bosque has been emphatic in stating that "undoubtedly damaging" to the national team. "I wish I would have continued and both teams have played in the final," he argued Del Bosque, who considered that both teams "have deserved it."

It has also considered a "surprise" that this would not have occurred because his point of view "are the best." In his opinion, "not the same train to let go during the season, to be ready until the last day to the final of the Champions", reflected on the impact that the elimination of Madridistas and barcelonistas in this international competition on Selecting performance. (via SPORT)

Tito Vilanova: of gestating the best cadete of Barça to repatriate Cesc

The future coach of FC Barcelona first laid the foundation of the best cadete azulgrana's history and was the principal architect of the return of Cesc Fàbregas at the Camp Nou.

Ten years and a half after taking the reins of of Barça cadete B in which militated Messi, Cesc and Piqué, Tito Vilanova will now have the opportunity to lead his former pupils from the dock at Camp Nou, after relieving his friend Pep Guardiola, who has accompanied one of the most beautiful passages in the history of FC Barcelona.

Tito went to Messi, Cesc and Piqué in the second round of the 2001-02 season. The azulgrana coach still had started this campaign as Gramanet player, but a knee injury at 33 years and a number of difficulties to complete their recovery resulted in an end of the professional football career and his imminent arrival in the dugout.

In December 2001, after receiving the approval and support of then first team coach Charly Rexach, Vilanova returned to Can Barca, he had left home in 1990 after his stint as azulgrana squad for the entity. After Christmas of that year, Tito took care of Cadete B, led to date by Albert Benaiges-current head of football at Al Wasl Dubai-which would help to Tito in the beginning, as he combined his office with the Juvenil B.

From the first practice Tito left clear his intentions to maintain the level of demand in that promising cadete B. Some classmates remember the future first team coach with great admiration. "Tito spoke to us of all rivals as if they were real good and so always motivated," says Julio of God in the book "Discovering Cesc 'Jordi Gil.

The same player Tito recalls that "controlled all the data from other cadets. Added that if a player so many goals, that if this is too fast or do these things ... i had all studied. I think it's a very similar analysis to which makes the first team now. "Vilanova getting his players were always "in tension and motivated." "We looked for not just slogans but we do not relax back crazy with the blackboard or the strategy. Just right for not lowering their guard and take the field to win," said De Dios.

Vilanova and cradled a cadete, the generation of 87 with Cesc, Messi, Piqué and Víctor Vázquez as basic pillars, which a year later would enlarge his legend from the hand of Alex Garcia to win League Copa Catalunya and Championship of Spain and finish the season unbeaten. Tito, however, eventually abandoning the ship azulgrana with the arrival of the new policy.

The future first team coach then tried his fortune in the Palafrugell, which could not save the First Catalan descent after half a season as coach. From there, Tito held the positions of athletic director and secretary Figueres and Terrassa coach, respectively, until he received a call from Guardiola to venture in order to ascend to Barça B to the Second Division B. His success in the first season and the decline of Barça of Rijkaard would open wide the doors of the first team.

During his five seasons seconding the work of Pep Guardiola in the subsidiary and the first team, Tito Vilanova always paid a high level, a fact that always endorsed his friend Pep, holding that each claimed the title role his assistant in key wins.

Tito's weight in decisions Santpedor coach was such that Guardiola convinced that the return of Cesc Fàbregas should be a priority. As revealed in the book "Discovering Cesc 'by Jordi Gil, the future first Barca coach defended his move arguing that Cesc was the" most competitive "players of his generation. Its objective is materialized in August 2011. A decade later, after inheriting the best Barça in history, which today remains competitive desire and hunger for titles, Tito aims to reissue the successes and harvested with whom he also is remembered as the best cadete of the club's history . (via SPORT)

[Ex president] Gaspart: "As culé do not like to go Guardiola"

The ex FC Barcelona president Joan Gaspart talked about Pep Guardiola's farewell of the direction blaugrana coach.

Gaspart analyzed the story from both sides and both with different sensations. "As a ex president and as an ex vice-president of Barça: I understand. I know very well and understand that Pep has made a decision he thinks is good for the club and for him. As culé and is different: I do not like. I like to think that more than 120 years of history of Barca, is the first time in history that a coach leaves us, without us the Catalans want to leave us, "he told the microphones of COPE Barcelona.

The president calls for respect for Pep's successor, Francesc 'Tito' Vilanova. And he was not overly compare Guardiola: "The new coach Tito Vilanova is Pep Guardiola / TitoVilanova. Will the new coach will have its own personality. And Guardiola certainly want your friend Tito Vilanova if anything even better coach than him. " (via SPORT)

Lillo: "All I felt Pep when he played it has passed when trains"

Coach Juan Manuel Lillo, a personal friend of Josep Guardiola, dijoa Efe, on the latter's decision not to continue next season at Barcelona, "Whatever makes you happy Pep makes me happy me."

The Basque coach Guardiola noted that "meditate a lot of things and have taken this decision is because he thinks is best for him and for someone else to him."

Lillo not know if Guardiolathe decision of is a break to re-train or definitive. "We should not dare to say things in time. Have to see how you feel. Like you want to go back to four days or you're fine, you never know."

As for the legacy he leaves the club azulgrana, Lillo said: "Pep and Barça are the same. All I felt when he played it when training and has passed over with a level of passion and enthusiasm. His daring to put together to which others would not have dared and this has also helped the Spanish team that not the thing has gone wrong. "

The ex coach of Almeria, Salamanca, Oviedo, Zaragoza and Tenerife, among others, defined a joke as a "coach on call in case someone gets sick," adding on if you have any plans to lead a team: "I'm waiting you want you want and, if given the circumstances, we palante ".

On the Europa League final between Athletic Bilbao and Atletico Madrid told EFE: "Welcome Whether you are facing two Spanish teams and it is curious that both with the same name and same lines in a final. Two coaches also Argentine although conceptually very different. "

As to whether it considers that it was unfair that Barcelona and Real Madrid to stay out of the Champions League, Lillo said wryly: "Injustice is not because Chelsea and Bayern have no criminal record certificate so they can not play it. What happens is whether it is more or less deserved. "

"It is clear that the two parties became more merit Barcelona. In contrast, Bayern was more present, closer to the area that the Real Madrid".

Asked for a prognosis for the winner of the next three finals, Champions League, Europe and the Copa del Rey, Lillo avoided making predictions. "These are questions to Rappel, no idea." (via SPORT)

Lobo Carrasco: "Guardiola has chosen the healthiest thing"

Lobo Carrasco understood the decision of Pep Guardiola and supports the choice of Tito Vilanova.

Lobo Carrasco, ex player of FC Barcelona, ​​is convinced that "Barça and football will always have a debt to Guardiola." Then, told Mas Esports by Sergi Mas in Com Ràdio, explained that "things have happened in the locker room, undoubtedly, when a coach does not control the locker room, you could get out of humility and respect línia proclaiming with very good judgment and have known players like Iniesta and make the flag. There have been others who have gone a little of that road and he has chosen the healthiest in terms of return to avoid problems or to anticipate problems that can arise. As it is very smart, the step taken is consistent with the things that have happened and now to see who is able to revive the costume that needs a different momentum that has given Pep ".

About the new coach, Carrasco explains, "I met with Tito Vilanova in Figueres. He is a very good coach furnished mind. Has had a great experience these years next to Pep Guardiola and his approach to bring football. Most important thing is who can master all that surrounds the FC Barcelona, ​​that's the most important. the costumes, hopefully heads visible to those who gave them over as Iniesta, Xavi, Valdés and Messi know dress him, to help and understand. " (via SPORT)

[Ex player] Stoichkov: "It's a sad day because it is the myth of Barcelona"

The exbarcelonista Hristo Stoichkov has expressed dismay over the farewell of Guardiola as coach of FC Barcelona and ensured that it is a sad day because it is a myth of Barça.

"I'm sad. Today is a sad day. It is the myth of Barcelona, the last Mohican of the Cruyff era," said the Bulgarian former player, in a statement to the station 'COM Radio'.

The ex Barcelona player believes the club will not have "never again" to a coach to win six titles in a year, as happened in 2009 when Guardiola's team was done in the same year with la Liga, Copa del Rey, Champions League, Super Cup in Spain, Europe and the Club World Cup.

Stoichkov believes that Guardiola may not enjoy all the "love of the club must", but has not entered into any more detail, concluding with the following statement: "Barcelona is the best club in the world by far." (via SPORT)

Wenger: "If anyone understands feeling the pressure Guardiola that's me"

Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger said he was "surprised" Pep Guardiola's decision to leave the bench of FC Barcelona.

"For me it is a surprise to see Guardiola left Barcelona. May not be the best time to take such an important decision, just one week after living with so many disappointments," Wenger said in a statement included in the team's website in London.

Alsatian coach also believes that "the philosophy of Barcelona has to be bigger than winning or losing a championship." "Guardiola is one of the representatives of this philosophy and the person who did it succeed," said Wenger. The coach of the "gunners" also explained that he had "loved to see this philosophy insisting Guardiola on the bench for Barcelona after a disappointing year," which would be "interesting."

The Catalan coach, who left Barcelona after four years full of successes and triumphs that won 13 titles, will take a year out of football, a decision that Wenger "understands". "Believe me, if anyone understands feeling the pressure Guardiola that's me," said French. "I can understand that there are some coaches who take career breaks," he said. "From the outside you can not really see what a man suffers. Perhaps he has not shown much stress, but it sure has felt. I understand that you take some time to rest and reflect," said Wenger.

The French coach who joined Arsenal in 1996, said he decided to do "the opposite of Guardiola," not taking any rest in his long career. "The work ends up being your life, but I understand why some people have to rest from time to time," the Alsatian. (via SPORT)

Vilanova to take over from Guardiola

Pep Guardiola has announced to the president and squad that he will not be staying at FC Barcelona after June 30, when his present contract ends.

Sandro Rosell, Andoni Zubizarreta and Guardiola were speaking to a packed press conference at the Camp Nou.

It was also announced at the press conference that Tito Vilanova will be the next FCB manager.

Pep Guardiola is leaving Barça on June 30 after four years in charge of the first team and the club has also decided that his successor will be Tito Vilanova. Guardiola announced his decision this Friday morning to president Sandro Rosell and the squad just before training at Sant Joan Despí. Afterwards, Rosell, Guardiola and Zubizarreta gave a press conference in the Ricard Maxenchs pressroom in the Camp Nou.

It was a hugely attended affair, with the board of directors present, along with the four captains in representation of the players and a large number of media professionals

Sandro Rosell was responsible for announcing the decision to the public, whereupon he expressed his “eternal gratitude” to the coach for the “happiness” he has given the club by “perfecting a model that should never be questioned again.” He also commented that Guardiola was simply “the best manager in club history.” The outgoing manager himself named exhaustion as his main reason for deciding to leave, but sure that he could do so “with the feeling of a job well done”.

Rosell then announced who the next Barcelona manager will be, a decision made by the coaching staff and ratified by the Board. Tito Vilanova is the chosen man, and Andoni Zubizarreta explained the reasons why. Vilanova thus becomes the seventeenth Catalan manager of the Barça first team.

Guardiola is departing as the most successful manager in FCB history, having won 13 titles to date. Having also played for Barça between 1991 and 2001, he returned in 2007 to coach the reserve team. A year later he took over the first team and led them to four unprecedented years of success. (via FCBarcelona.com)

Tito Vilanova: Homegrown, methodical and a winner

Tito Vilanova, FC Barcelona’s 2012/13 manager, has shown that he’s more than capable of managing the team after five seasons as Pep Guardiola’s assistant.

As a footballer, he was at La Masía and he played in first division with Celta de Vigo.

Barça's incoming manager, Tito Vilanova, knows the team perfectly. He has been Pep Guardiola’s right hand man for the past four seasons at the head of FC Barcelona. They both got their start with Barça B in 2007, the following year, after Barça B was promoted to Second Division B, they were awarded manager positions in FC Barcelona’s first team. They oversaw Barça’s most glorious era in Club history.

Guardiola has highlighted the impact that Vilanova - simple and discrete - has had on the team on more than one occasion. The current manager has praised Vilanova’s ability to make decisions both on and off the pitch, especially when it comes to executing strategic plays. Vilanova, who has a strong personality and a winning character, is studious in his football and clearly prefers an attacking and passing style of play. His four years on the Barça bench has earned him the reputation of being methodical and hard working when it comes to preparing the team.

Born in Bellcaire d’Empordà, Girona, on September 17th 1969, Vilanova joined Barça’s youth system in 1984 - interestingly enough, this was the same year that Guardiola joined the team. Vilanova was part of one of La Masía’s most successful youth teams. The future first-team manager applied his skills in the midfield, he made the leap to Barça B and played three friendlies with the first team in the 1988/89 seaon.

He played professional footballer for Figueres, Celta (Primera Division), Badajoz, Mallorca, Lleida, Elche and Gramenet.

After hanging up his boots for the last time, Vilanova started his career as a FC Barcelona manager in 2001/02 when he took charge of the team’s U15 B squad. The team featured a young Gerard Piqué, Cesc Fàbregas and Leo Messi. He then managed Palafrugell, Figueres and Terrassa before reuniting with Josep Guardiola in 2007. Five years after helping Guardiola manage Barça B and the Club’s first team, Vilanova will make the jump to head manager of FC Barcelona. (via FCBarcelona.com)