27 April 2012

Guardiola: “I have feel emptied and I need to be refreshed”

The outgoing Barcelona manager gets the feeling that it was the right decision to leave when he did because after four years on the Barça bench, he simply doesn’t feel like he has the energy to continue.

“I have been emptied and need to be refilled”. That’s why Josep Guardiola decided to put an end to his time as manager of the FC Barcelona first team. After four years in the job and becoming the man to manage the team for the third highest number of games and winning 13 titles in the process, he has decided he simply does not have the energy to carry on in the position. “Four years is an eternity as Barça manager”, he said. “The next person will be able to offer things that I wasn’t able to offer. It has been very demanding and a coach has to be strong and be able to get that energy across to the players. I have to recover it and I’ll do that by resting”.

It is not easy for Guardiola to leave a place that feels like home to him, but he didn’t want his sentimental attachment to Barça “to stop me from being clear about my decisions”. He has admitted that “this club is the best possible place, but I’m doing what I have to do." He feels that the exhaustion of staying on any longer “would have been bad for the players and for myself. And I have too much love for them to disrupt things just in order to be here”.

He once again thanked his players for the professionalism they have shown to him over these four years. “I have had the major privilege of coaching from the first to the last player. They have made me enjoy this job and I have to thank them because so many imagined tactics and games have become a reality thanks to them. There is no more valuable prize than that, and that is what I’ll be taking away”.

Guardiola has been especially considerate of Abidal, who is recovering from his liver transplant of just a few weeks ago. And also Keita, who a few months ago he described as “the child of my eyes”, and who this Friday he called “my thermometer here”.

He also wished to thank president Sandro Rosell and his Board of Directors for everything they have done to help him at the club, while not forgetting Joan Laporta in his day as well.

Guardiola is convinced that “I am leaving with the sensation of having done a good job and I’m proud of what I’ve done here. I have not forgotten anything that I was taught by my predecessors. And I am leaving at peace with myself”. The manager now feels he needs to put some distance between himself and the game, and has no thoughts of an immediate return to coaching. “Sooner or later I’ll coach again, but I wouldn’t be able to fill this emptiness if I were to carry on coaching now” he confessed.

Sorry for doubting

Josep Guardiola admitted that he had thought of leaving FC Barcelona way back in the autumn and that president Sandro Rosell and director of sport for football Andoni Zubizarreta had already been informed of that. “I’m sorry for the uncertainty I’ve generated over this time. It’s as if I’ve had to beg to leave” he concluded, after commenting that it might have been a mistake to let things drag on for so long. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Gràcies Pep!

Sandro Rosell: “Barça will be eternally grateful to the greatest manager in our history”

The Barça president has expressed “the club’s utmost respect” for Josep Guardiola after his decision not to stay on as manager next season and has thanked him for everything he has done for what he calls “your Barça”.

After stating that the aim is to be able to administrate “Pep’s legacy”, Rosell announced that the next manager of FC Barcelona will be Tito Vilanova.

Sandro Rosell has announced on Friday that Josep Guardiola will not be staying on next season. He described the decision as “the most difficult” that he has had to accept in his time as president of FC Barcelona. After expressing “the club’s utmost respect” for the outgoing manager’s decision, the Barcelona president highlighted that “the club is more mature and solid than ever … which has to be the basis for consolidating a strong and unified future”.

The president constantly reiterated his gratitude to Guardiola, and for a number of reasons. “For the happiness you have given us and for all you have done for your Barça; for having perfected a footballing model that can never be questioned again; for having represented the institution in such an exemplary fashion, honouring the values that define us as a Club; for all your support, affection and love”.

It is for all these reasons that Sandro Rosell has no doubt that fans “will be eternally grateful to the greatest manger in our history … with all my heart, thank you very much, Pep”, the president reiterated.

Looking ahead to next season, Rosell expressed aloud his desire for the club to administer the legacy that Guardiola has left, and what he says will always be called “the Pep system.” Having revealed that Tito Vilanova will be the next FC Barcelona manager, the president said that he is convinced that “he will be working from an excellent base … he has to improve whatever he can and never settle for things as they are”.

The trophy of pride

Rather than any of the many trophies that FC Barcelona have won in the last four seasons, Sandro Rosell feels that what matters the most about everything Guardiola has achieved “is not any particular championship, but rather the trophy of pride. It is thanks to him the we have won it. Since I can remember being a Barça fan, I have never seen a reaction like the one I saw on Tuesday at the Camp Nou. It’s clearly not a trophy that will ever be in the museum, but it will always be there in the spirit of the Camp Nou”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Tito Vilanova to be the new manager

President Sandro Rosell has announced that Tito Vilanova will be the next manager of the Barça first team in replacement of Pep Guardiola.

In the press conference to announce the departure of Pep Guardiola from Barça on June 30, president Sandro Rosell also reported that the next manager will be Tito Vilanova, who has been Guardiola’s assistant throughout his four years in charge of the first team. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Training session with all available players

Guardiola to leave Barça on June 30

Pep Guardiola has announced to the president and squad that he will not be staying at FC Barcelona after June 30, when his present contract ends.

Sandro Rosell, Andoni Zubizarreta and Guardiola were speaking to a packed press conference at the Camp Nou.

Pep Guardiola is leaving Barça on June 30 after four years in charge of the first team. He announced his decision this Friday morning to president Sandro Rosell and the squad. Afterwards, Rosell, Guardiola and Zubizarreta gave a press conference in the Ricard Maxenchs pressroom in the Camp Nou.

Sandro Rosell, meanwhile expressed his “eternal gratitude” to the coach for the “happiness” he has given the club. Looking to the future, he added that “I am sure we can overcome this new challenge”.

Guardiola is departing as the most successful manager in FCB history, having won 13 titles to date. Having also played for Barça between 1991 and 2001, he returned in 2007 to coach the reserve team. A year later he took over the first team and led them to four unprecedented years of success. (via FCBarcelona.com)

Löw and big change Germany

Joachim Löw's style has revolutionized the game of the German team, much more 'brawl' than before.

Zubi pondered the idea of ​​bringing that Pep should leave, but, being now the main challenge of Löw take Germany to the European Championship title, the conclusion is obvious: it would lack time to start with Barça through the five senses. (via MD)

Ernesto Valverde, serious option

Valverde, ex Barça player, is a feasible option, the second in power after Bielsa. The coach responds to the profile Extremadura Zubizarreta intended for Barça bench.

They also maintain a great relationship. A few days ago, Valverde Olympiakos announced his farewell to the team which won the championship. Sounds also for Valencia. (via MD)

Luis Enrique has advocates

Luis Enrique was the natural successor to many, but his candidacy began to lose steam as his career in Roma has not been as expected.

Still, still has defenders at the club and prominent members of the wardrobe, who know and admire him, would welcome that was chosen to replace Guardiola. (via MD)

Blanc saw the Barça-Chelsea

Laurent Blanc, current coach of France, has not the whole problem of time Löw, but also part of the range of candidates.

Despite playing just one season at Barça, made ​​his mark by his personality and class playing the ball as central. On Tuesday at the Camp Nou was watching live on Barça-Chelsea. Any clue? (via MD)

Villas-Boas, discarded

The name of André Villas-Boas has been strongly linked to Barça in recent days but the club has not done, or intends to do, no movement in this regard.

The Portuguese, only 35, is now without a club after failing in his quest at Chelsea. That in itself is a big fan of football and Pep Guardiola declared enemy of Mourinho. (via MD)

Guardiola announced his decision to the players

Pep Guardiola is already in the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper, where he is now announcing the decision whether or not to follow in the Barça players.

Barcelona coach came to the facility where the team trained this morning just minutes after the club president, Sandro Rosell.

The players were quoted at ten, and begin to exercise at eleven.

Before the session began, Rosell Guardiola and all staff informed the decision. The brother of coach Pere Guardiola, also located in the Ciutat Esportiva.

The outcome of the continuation or not of Guardiola will be announced in the next few minutes. This afternoon is planned joint press appearance. (via SPORT)

Commotion in the Barça dressing room

The players still can not imagine a Barça without Guardiola, the coach to have won it all.

The two days of rest granted by Pep Guardiola after removal against Chelsea have been largely marked by the blaugrana coach's future.

Although the players tried to disconnect, it was impossible to completely disengage today.

The continuity or departure of his coach affects them so directly, with more or less intensity, followed by news and rumors that were appearing at an accelerated rate during the day yesterday.

The first reaction was widespread astonishment. The locker room has always maintained the same confidence indoors to publicly demonstrate on the renewal of Santpedor. Therefore, as different media and social networks spread widely felt that Pep has decided to end his time on the bench, the players responded with disbelief.

The principal reason that the players had lost faith in the renewal of Guardiola was focused on the implication that continued to show day after day. The coach has responded to the foot of all the training field with maximum intensity. His dedication was absolute transmitting still looking forward to the players. This enthusiasm seemed to indicate that Pep wanted continar least one more year at the helm, but his destination points away.

The erosion of four years of living in a professional clothing is inevitable and Guardiola could have detected it was time to depart to let another coach getting another boost. A way out of time before it is evident that the wear would refine the project and give a different shape.

Pep would go with the basic work done with the spine renewed and guaranteed the rise of the youth of the subsidiary and Bartra, Montoya or Muniesa. The team is established and should be the new coach to decide the adjustments that were appropriate in relation to their game plan.

In any case, waiting for who would be the substitute, clothing knows that Pep all had their share of ownership to be a short staff and now there would be a period of uncertainty.

Players will leave doubts in training this morning. At ten are scheduled to train from eleven. During that hour will be when Guardiola probably talk to them and inform them of his farewell. (via SPORT)

Messi: "I had dreamed of going to Munich"

Lionel Messi wanted to speak on its website after the defeat in the Champions League against Chelsea. "We have suffered another blow. Not reached," said Barça 10.

The crack azulgrana used a page in which China has a verified profile to send a message to fans of Barça. "We have suffered another blow. You have ever seen that we have spending in the two semifinal games, still not reached. I had dream of going to Munich. Now turn to play the league and especially the Cup final next season we'll try again. Thanks for the messages of support "reflects 'Olé'. (via MD)

Raúl: "I'm sure Pep will make the best decision"

Schalke forward, who gave a news conference in Madrid, said that "football needs Guardiola."

Raúl González Blanco maintains a personal relationship with Pep Guardiola, despite having been both the banners of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. The current forward of Schalke 04, about to play his last game for the German club, was categorical when asked about the future of Guardiola, pending renewal, or not as Barça coach. "Football needs to Guardiola and he will make the best decision," said the former captain merengue.

Raúl also spoke of the playoff semi-finals of the Champions League. Barça said that "the best do not always win and that is one of the attractions of the sport. Although Chelsea did their merits to be in the final footballing was a winner and will not be in the final." Real Madrid-Bayern Raul said it was "a more balanced tie." (via MD)

The rayista Casado, down penalty against Barça

The Appeals Committee of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) dismissed the appeal by the Rayo Vallecano against the penalty of a one-game suspension, imposed Tuesday by the Competition Committee, to their player José Manuel Casado Bizcocho.

Casado at Sporting Gijon-Ray Vallecano (2-1), played last Saturday and for the thirty-fifth day of the First Division, was sent off for two yellow card (m.20 and 86).

The second of the warnings, which the Arbitration Act was to "knock down an opponent in the dispute of a ball," was challenged by the Rayo Vallecano in holding that it was "unfair" because the opposing player "jumped boldly, not there any contact. "

Appeal, however, considered that "the defense punished, and eventually recurring interrupts the action of the attacker, interposing his right leg in the path of playing for Real Sporting de Gijón, making it fall." It has therefore determined to dismiss the appeal by the Rayo Vallecano. (via SPORT)

Villas-Boas offered to Barcelona

Given the uncertainty about the continuity of Pep Guardiola at Barça, Portuguese André Villas-Boas has already presented his credentials.

His name has emerged in the last hours as a possible relay Pep Guardiola of Santpedor if not still at FC Barcelona. However, André Villas-Boas does not expect to be called, but seems to have already expressed interest to be in contention for the Barça bench. SPORT.es has been told, the environment of the Portuguese coach has already made ​​known to club informally Barcelona interest to occupy that position in case there is 'no' Guardiola.

Villas-Boas to seduce him the challenge of coaching a big as Barça after doing great at his hometown Porto last season. And again, after his unfortunate experience in the Chelsea team which was dismissed last March. Since then, the Luso coach was seen, among other places, at the Mini Stadium watching a game of Barça B, although at that time denied that the visit had nothing to do with his future as coach.

Now, André Villas-Boas seems to be loved by the club once his name has been on the list of candidates in a possible 'Plan B' if Guardiola does not renew. However, another club of the Liga BBVA, Valencia, is also among those interested to sign him for the future progress of Unai Emery the bench che. (via SPORT)

This Friday, the 'D' in the future of Pep Guardiola

As reported by 'Ona FM' on Friday, Pep Guardiola communicate his decision to his players and then there will be a joint press conference with Rosell.

With the meeting held Wednesday between Sandro Rosell and Pep Guardiola would have put an end to the talks between the two on the technical decision about their future. As reported by "ONA FM ', no more meetings and, in the absence of a call to confirm the final decision on Friday morning Guardiola communicate its final decision to the players.

Once the template has known the decision of Pep and after training the team, FC Barcelona president, Sandro Rosell and coach Santpedor be appearing at a press conference to publicize the technical decision for the next season. (via SPORT)

... And Luis Enrique, on the line

At Roma coach, Spanish Luis Enrique, has dried up credit. The press loves him, the fans, who so far had supported him, crying out to go and the players are silent.

Although Roma sports director Franco Baldini, reiterated yesterday after losing 2-1 at home against Fiorentina that Luis Enrique does not play and a few days ago, after the humiliation of 4-0 against Juventus, repeated support society, it seems that the adventure of Luis Enrique at the Roma is over.

A few weeks ago, Luis Enrique claimed that he was very happy at the club and the city and would not rule out staying "up to 5 or 10 years", but this Sunday after the defeat of the season number 14 vented coach "You can rest assured that is one less day to get out of here. "

Words to reporters in recent days accused him of being to blame for the negative results of the club, which could even after several years even stay out of European competitions.

And today the Roman press not skimp on reviews and the "Corriere della Sera" four columns devoted to this: "I fight you're right it is just all your fault."

A holder who responded to the last news conference of Luis Enrique, in which the coach, with sarcasm, had told reporters: "I take my responsibility as coach from the first day you get to Trigoria (Roma training center ). It's all my fault. I have one hundred percent wrong. "

The romance with the press, who had hailed as the new (Pep) Guardiola has been broken, but also initiated the divorce with fans.
The bus from Roma had to wait several hours to leave the Stadium and made it through another exit face of protests from fans, but even so, some 200 fans surrounded the vehicle, shouting "You are a mercenary," "come out Luis" and "Where is the project?

Roma fans excited by the arrival of new shareholders and a young coach who would open a new era had forgiven the output of the previous stage of the Europa League, the two derbies against Lazio lost, including the two 4 goals conceded against Juventus, but the defeat against Fiorentina at the Olympic did it.

Before the game against Fiorentina in the stands was even a banner that read: "A real man in a world of fakes. Forward Luis".

The banner disappeared and instead just let the whistles, insults and the chorus calling for the departure of Luis Enrique.

In watching the game against Fiorentina, Luis Enrique had gone clung to the press: "The day that the company has no confidence in me I will go, the day that players do not follow me, I will go; the day in which the fans do not want me, I'll go, but I will not go because you (reporters) critiquéis me, "he added.

To join this disturbing words of one of the supporting columns of the team and fan favorite Daniele De Rossi: "I support the coach, but if society tells me he wants a coach to win the scudetto will be the first support you to leave Luis Enrique ". (via SPORT)

Barça's first team set to return to work on Friday

After a two-day break, Barça will return to training on Friday morning to prepare for the match against Rayo Vallecano.

After the game against Chelsea, Barça’s first team were given two days off, Wednesday and Thursday. The team will return to training on Friday at 11:00 at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper. Pep Guardiola will start to prepare his men for Barça’s next La Liga match, which is away to Rayo Vallecano on Sunday at 21:30.

Barça will also train on Saturday morning, this time at the Ciutat Esportiva Sant Joan Despí. The team will travel to Madrid on Sunday morning. The coaching staff have 16 first-team players available for the match, while Gerard Piqué and Xavi Hernández will miss the game due to injury. (via FCBarcelona.com)

Xavi out for 15 days

After tests this morning revealed his left calf has a tear, Xavi Hernandez will be out of action for the next 15 day.

Xavi Hernández will miss the end of La Liga season after it was revealed that he had suffered a tear in his left calf and will miss the next 15 days. Xavi has so far played in 47 games this season and scored 14 goals, but he has been subbed in all but two of the last eight matches. Xavi has been suffering from trouble with his soleus muscle at the back of the calf all season and missed the Champions League game against with a right calf problem. (via FCBarcelona.com)

[Barça B] Last training session before travelling to Vigo

Eusebio Sacristán: “if we want to be in the group of teams at the top of the table we have to win away from home”.

Barça B will travel to Galicia this Friday; Rodri, Ilie and Miño will not travel with the team.

Barça B trained this Thursday morning for the last time before the team departs for Galicia, where they will play against Celta de Vigo on Saturday. All of the Barça B players trained during today’s session with the exception of Tello, who continues with the first team. Bartra and Montoya, who were present in the last training session, trained with their team today as well. “The team is on the right path, getting good results and giving off a solid and secure image. It is true that if we want to be with the other teams at the top of the table, we have to win away from home,” said manager Eusebio Sacristán.

New opportunity to win away from home

The team will fly to Vigo this Friday at 11:15. The reserve side will be without Rodri, who is suspended, and Ilie and Miño, both of whom are injured. The Barça manager talked about the strategy he’ll make his team employ against the Galician side: “we’re going to Vigo with the intention of breaking our bad streak away from home and try to continue the good form that we’re in.” Barça B haven’t won away from the Mini Estadi since November.

The Barça B manager said, that for him, Celta is an important club: “I was there for a year and a half, it was a very positive experience. They gave the me the chance to make my debut as a manager. I’ll always be thankful to them.”

Sacristán has named the following players to this weekend’s team: Oier, Masip, Muniesa, Carmona, Jonathan dos Santos, Sergi Roberto, Sergi Gómez, Kiko Femenía, Armando, Lobato, Gustavo Lede, Espinosa, Martí Riverola, Carles Planas, Gerard Deulofeu, Dongou, Balliu and Rafinha.

Oriol Romeu watched today's training session

Today’s training session had a surprise guest, Oriol Romeu, who currently plays for Chelsea FC. (via FCBarcelona.com)