26 April 2012

Barça-Espanyol aims to Saturday May 5

All indications are that Barça-Espanyol, corresponding to the 37th and penultimate game of the season will be played on Saturday May 5, as well as other matches scheduled.

The LFP is scheduled to confirm the times of the day said, that since the 38 th will be consolidated during this Thursday or Friday morning. It is recalled that this weekend will be held the 36th day and that in the next Tuesday and Wednesday will host encounters of the 20 th day, delayed in its day.

By now all the duels of that penultimate day have something at stake (title, European competitions or descent), hence it is scheduled for one day, with Saturday 5-M date originally chosen, but according the sign of the markers recorded this weekend at the 20th day in one of the shocks of the 37th day and not transcendental LFP can not wait until next Thursday (may 3) to announce the program of encounters for that Saturday, May 6. (via MD)

Guardiola has already spoken to Rosell

Pep Guardiola and Sandro Rosell, and held its first contact to address their future. The Barcelonista coach will announce his final decision Friday. At this time, would be closer to leaving than staying in Barça.

The meeting between the coach and the Barça president took place just hours after the elimination of Barça in the Champions League. Specifically, on Wednesday at nine o'clock at the home of the coach. The event has transpired today and unveiled by Ona FM, lasted about three hours.

Guardiola, who contract ends June 30 and Rosell spoke of continuity in a long meeting was also attended by the area director of football, Andoni Zubizarreta, and vice sports, Josep Maria Bartomeu.

Thus, contrary to initial forecasts on Thursday there will be no more contacts. The key day will be Friday morning, when the team returns to practice. Guardiola kept a new face to face with Rosell and all staff, to the person who wants to communicate its decision before publication.

Guardiola still be mature response, but right now, would be closer to leaving than staying. For this reason, the club deck several options as alternatives, if ultimately will choose to leave the club. Among the candidates are Ernesto Valverde, Laurent Blanc, Marcelo Bielsa and Manuel Villas-Boas. (via SPORT)

Work still to be done in La Liga

Barça have the chance to continue breaking records as they go into the last four games of the campaign.

The 7 points which separate Barça from the leaders with four games left to play might seem a lot, but the players won’t be letting that stop them from giving their all right to the end with a number of team and individual objectives on the agenda.

Beat the 105 goals scored in the 2008/09 season. At the moment, the team have got 97 goals, which is already the fourth best total for the Club in a league season and with an average of two goals a game over the four remaining matches, they could match the 2009 all time record.

The team have already established a new scoring record in all competitions this season, with 170 so far and with the four league games and the Cup Final to come, they’ll be looking to improve even further on that total.

Despiter the defeat to Madrid, Barça still have the best home record in the league, with 15 wins, 1 draw and 1 defeat, having taken 2 more points than Madrid have at the Bernabeu. Barça also have the best scoring stats, with 65 goals and just 10 conceded.

Pitxitxi, Golden Boot and world record for Messi: Leo has scored 41 league goals so far – just 1 behind Cristiano Ronaldo in the fight for the Pitxitxi. The Argentinean superstar is also chasing his second Golden Boot award and with 63 goals so far this season he is closing on on Gerd Muller’s record 67 from the 1972/73 season.

Valdes’ fifth Zamora as the best keeper in the league. Valdes is closing in on his fifth Zamora title as the keeper to concede the fewest goals in a league season, with just 26 goals in 34 games, four ahead of his closest rival Casillas with 30 from the same number of games. If Valdes wins the trophy he will equal the legendary Antoni Ramallets who also won a record five. (via FCBarcelona.com)

Barça fans in suspense by the decision of Pep Guardiola

Barça still pending technical continuity and his meeting with President Sandro Rosell scheduled for today.
Guardiola himself first wants to communicate his decision to the players tomorrow morning feeds the theory that it will.

The barcelonismo, and also the sports world football in general, remain to Pep Guardiola continued and the meeting between the coach and Sandro Rosell scheduled for Wednesday.

As reported MD, Pep contacted yesterday with President having spoken previously with Tito Vilanova and want to keep secret its decision to continue or not in the azulgrana bench until tomorrow morning, when the template resume training after two days party scheduled for Guardiola himself after the painful elimination in the Champions League at the hands of a rocky Chelsea.

It is precisely this desire for utmost discretion has been interpreted by many as a sign that Pep could end his successful career as coach of the blaugrana first team: it is noteworthy that want to communicate that decision first expected the players and before the public is aware, since to date there has never been so much mystery and successive renewal ads always came through official statements.

In any case, Pep and continuity, coveted by fans, staff and club, and will be the topic of the day. If at the end Guardiola opted to leave after four seasons historical, Barcelona would launch his 'plan B', header, MD on Wednesday as advanced by Ernesto Valverde and Laurent Blanc.

Since Italy is pointed also the name of Luis Enrique as a possible candidate and other sources have quoted André Villas-Boas, although it should be noted that profile does not resemble that of the former Barcelona Valverde and Blanc. (via MD)

The five challenges of Barça in La Liga

The set of Pep Guardiola has four days to take their last five challenges in league competition.

Without the Champions League and the Copa del Rey final on the horizon, the remaining four games of the season should enable the Barça take five challenges that, despite being seven points behind league finish would make the best possible way.

The first challenge they face is Pep's men seek to overcome the 105 goals scored in the 2008-2009 season. So far, totaling 97 goals and adding an average of two goals per game, could be equated historical figure.

You can also leave in the memory the record scorer in a season. So far 170 goals in total amount and may increase this figure to the league and the Cup final here at the end of May.

The Pep team can battle to become the best place in la Liga after making a fort of Camp Nou. Despite the defeat in the classic, the club has 15 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss at home.

Finally, two players in the squad can round out their season best: Messi and Valdés.

The Argentine is still immersed in the struggle for the top scorer, the golden boot and the world record for goals in a season. So far, does not cease in its struggle with CR7 totaling 42 goals by the 41 goals from Argentine. Who conquers wins the golden boot. But also 'the flea' accumulated 63 goals all season and threatens Gerd Müller who scored 67 in 1973, to date, have signed this world record.

Valdés is also very close to crown with another individual award: Zamora Trophy fifth. Have conceded 26 goals in 34 days while Casillas has been exceeded 30 times. Where to get this awardValdés will equal Ramallets as most successful goalkeeper in history. (via SPORT)

Piqué is grateful to the fans support after hospitalization

The defender azulgrana wanted to give those thanks to all for his interest through his profile in twitter.

Gerard Piqué is resting at home following the accidental collision with Valdes and while you save a week of rest for medical prescricpción wanted to reassure the azulgrana fans and thank the support received in the last hours.

The defender azulgrana admitted to hospital the night of the game and left the hospital the next morning with a collar. Some reports suggest that once in the hospital, Piqué even said he did not remember hardly anything about the game against Chelsea, very stunned by the blow.

In another example of his sense of humor, Gerard Piqué has also changed her picture on twitter to make way for a fun emoticon that reflects your dizziness after the coup. (via SPORT)

The Russian Anzhi willing to pull the house through the window for Alves

The team managed by Guus Hiddink has in mind to launch a major offensive by the Brazilian full-back.

Dani Alves could be reunited with Samuel Eto'o in the Anzhi. That is the intention of the Russian billionaire club is willing to pull the house out the window by the Brazilian full-back ahead of next season.

According to Radio Marca, the team led by Guus Hiddink wants to try to achieve their dream of qualifying once and for all for the Champions League and will not hesitate to recruit the best players for that.

It would be a best value at the height of the 'global cracks' to try and make the most of the Brazilian doubt which has always expressed his desire to continue as an azulgrana and has a contract until June 2015.

Although the figures of the offer were not disclosed, yes it is noted that the Anzhi would be one of the teams and try to position themselves to sound out the intentions of Alves with which they are very happy at the Camp Nou. (via SPORT)

[Former coach] Van Gaal congratulates Johan Cruyff

The Dutch coach remembered the former coach of the Dream Team on the day of its 65th anniversary.

On his 65th birthday, received a greeting Johan Cruyff unexpected. It was one of his more illustrious compatriots, also one of its 'enemies' best known, Louis Van Gaal. Former Barcelona coach Johan remembered and was very conciliatory in an advertisement for one of its sponsors published yesterday by the newspapers 'De Telegraaf' and 'Algmemeen Dagblad'. "We've had our disagreements and we have but we also have much in common: love of Ajax, Barcelona and attacking football," the tulip iron. In this sense, Van Gaal reminded the merits of Cruyff and its impact on contemporary football. "Johan was famous Dutch football and was involved at different levels. That deserves respect. "

Remember that earlier this 2012, Cruyff led Ajax to court to prevent Van Gaal to become the Dutch club's sporting director. Now, however, it appears that Van Gaal has buried the hatchet and shown conciliatory to his compatriot. (via SPORT)

[Former youth player] Pacheco: "At Barça beats a little praying and making things perfect"

"I think they come wounded and eager to prove to all the people who are still the same team."
"The season finale is still hard, injuries are coming but we are in a comfortable situation."

The player Rayo Vallecano, Dani Pacheco, says that to beat to Barça this weekend his team needs to "pray a little bit" and "make things perfect" without the azulgrana "have the day."

"I think Barcelona is very difficult to beat now and always. I think they'll come wounded and they will be willing to demonstrate to all the people who are still the same team. Everyone likes to play big games with great players. Sunday is one of those and we are looking forward, "he acknowledged.

A shock that come with several important players, "It's a shame. The season finale is still hard for many people, are coming injuries and luckily the computer is in a comfortable position."

In addition, the midfielder admitted that the main objective of the Madrileños before the final stretch of the season is to ensure permanence. "We have it very close, we did a great job all year and just need to put the icing on the cake. Would it be against Barcelona."

"I think every game in the end are very hard, they all play something above and below. We are thinking of getting three points to be calmer and face the final league with some comfort," he added after an act of BBVA in the streets of Vallecas who came with Diego Benito Diamanka and Roberto Trashorras.

Finally he referred to his future: "It's a little early. Let's finish this, we will achieve the objective and when the season ends we will value," he said. (via MD)

Juanma Lillo, "Guardiola's decision does not depend on what happened"

Juanma Lillo has spoken about the renewal of Pep Guardiola for Barça in 'Ona Esportiva' Onda Cero Catalunya and assured that "there is always the fear that I can think attribution for what it truly is. But I do not think Guardiola's decision based on what happened. it may be that Pep had it tied up "

In this sense he added: "I do not know if he feels able to continue. Who knows how to find when taking the decision. "

Guardiola on relationship with the costumes, Juanma Lillo says that "at this time seems to have spent much more pleasant things that things are not pleasant, although it is true that the time tested everything."

"The players feel admiration for Pep, a coach there are few criticisms to make. Personally, anyone have any reproach to make, "says the former coach.

Asked if Barça's model can be used up and the teams have to get the hang of Barça, Lillo replied: "Who is the trick to Messi when you faced? You can not be sublime in perpetuity. That has never happened in history. " (via MD)

Pulido: "I hope that Barcelona comes a little more relaxed"

"It's not the same so if you come to Madrid had won, would come to a point. Be more affordable."
"You know that is Barcelona and have always dreamed since childhood to take on the world's best."

Rayo Vallecano defender Jorge Pulido, says his team will try to exploit the wrong time of Barcelona, the rival of the next Sunday to get the three points and take a step toward salvation.

"Hopefully this slump to lengthen a game and we can get a good result. I think the league does not have much to do. I hope to come a little more relaxed. Not the same so if you come to Madrid had won, would come to a point and by la Liga. will be more affordable, "he said in the press room.

"The week is celebrated as one more but when he gets that game you feel like playing. Know that is Barcelona and have always dreamed since childhood face the best in the world," he said after the morning training.

The Madrileños face a collision with several casualties, which the center is taken with resignation: "We must accept, as in the previous game. We have a good squad and I think we can make up pretty well." Pulido said the team is "not concerned" about the permanence while recognizing that want to get it as soon as possible: "It is clear that is the goal and want out as soon as possible and fixate.

"I hope it this weekend so you're all happy." Finally he referred to the semi-final of la Liga Europe that will take on Atletico Madrid, the club has loaned to Rayo Vallecano, and Valencia: "I ​​always want to win Atletico. I think the tie will take forward . I look forward to the final and win too. " (via MD)

Nadal: "Congratulations to Barcelona, losing wrongfully"

Rafa Nadal acknowledged the superiority of Barça against Chelsea despite yesterday's draw at Camp Nou (2-2) and lamented the eliminacióninación of Guardiola in the semifinals of the Champions League.

"Congratulations to Barça, by the way you play you have and what they have shown. You can lose, yesterday was lost (tied but was eliminated) I think unfairly, but that's football, have won many things in the past and deserves the highest recognition for what they have achieved, "he said at a news conference after his debut with victory in the Trofeo Conde de Godó.

Nadal will tonight's match Real Madrid against Bayern Munich in the hopes that your computer run better luck than the azulgranas.
In this sense, no secret that the interests of his team, the best thing that could happen is that the set of Pep Guardiola has not qualified for the final, because the quality of both sets "is preferable for Real, if passed, play the final against Chelsea rather than against Barça. "

In any case, Nadal recalled that it said yesterday that he wished that the European finals of the Spanish teams have played in full: Barcelona and Real Madrid in the Champions League and the Athletic Club and Atletico Madrid and Valencia's Europa League . (via SPORT)

Rosell and Zubizarreta came together ... and on Thursday it is up to Guardiola

FC Barcelona and works fully in planning for next season. Sandro Rosell met Wednesday with Andoni Zubizarreta. And on Thursday it appears that will do so with Pep Guardiola.

Club azulgrana president, Sandro Rosell, met Wednesday afternoon with the director of professional football area, Andoni Zubizarreta, to address various aspects of what has to be Barça 2012/13.

The summit took place in the office of Rosell at the offices of the club, started about six o'clock in the afternoon and lasted a little over an hour.

One issue that surely came to the fore, was the future of Pep Guardiola. The Barcelonista coach contract ends on 30 June, and has not communicated its decision to continue or not.

The coach himself admitted, after completing the Barça-Chelsea, who once ruled the team's options in the Champions League and the theme of renewal "and tap", but did not specify in what way or what his decision.

In any case, it is clear that the mystery about its continuity, or otherwise, at Barça will be unveiled shortly. This Thursday there could be a meeting between Rosell and Guardiola to clarify the situation permanently. (via SPORT)

FC Barcelona - Resposta de campió al Camp Nou

FC Barcelona - Gràcies, equip!

Rosell: “I’m proud of the attitude of the players, the coaches and the fans”

The Barça President expressed his regret at the defeat but also his pride at the attitude of the players and the fans who: “gave a message of maturity tonight”.

As to Guardiola’s future, the President declared: “we are still confident of renewing his contract . I’m sure that if he’s made his mind up, he’ll let us know when he thinks it’s best”.

Sandro Rosell spoke to reporters just after the defeat to Chelsea and declared: “it’s a real blow. I want to congratulate Chelsea. This hasn’t been a good week for the Club members, but we’ve given a message of maturity tonight. We showed ourselves to be a civilised crowd, who supported the players and the coaches at all times. We lost and that’s part of the game, but we couldn’t ask for any more from the players. I am proud of them and the coaching staff, but especially of the fans who have shown that they are the best in the world”.

Rosell continued: “the team has shown character and a desire to win the tie. It’s a game and tonight we didn’t have the luck we needed. We had many more chances than they did, but they beat us”. The President had earlier gone down to the changing rooms to speak to the players: “I wanted to shake their hands and congratulate them on their attitude and the great image they showed the whole world. I guess that like all Barça fans I was confident we would get through, but when we got into the last quarter of an hour, you could see it was really hard for us - the ball just didn’t want to go in, we’ve simply got to accept that”.

Rosell was asked about Leo Messi and he was quick to make it clear that: “Messi has already given us so much – there’s no more to say. He’s still the best player in the world and we are very lucky to have him here with us. He was unlucky with the penalty. Our opponents know he’s the best and they put two or three players onto him”.

Guardiola announced that he would be meeting with Rosell to clarify his future and the President reiterated the board’s desire for him to continue at the Club: “we are still confident of renewing his contract . I’m sure that if he’s made his mind up, he’ll let us know when he thinks it’s best. We are all confident that the group will stay together and that next year we’ll be in with a good chance again to win all the competitions at this stage of the season. Right now, we need to deal with the defeat – there will be time to talk about the future”. (via FCBarcelona.com)