25 April 2012

[Youth] Xavi Quintillà, a cadete between juveniles

The defender is ahead Lleida: born in 1996 but it is a permanent fixture in the Juvenil B and points the next season to A.
Although it may act in the central and left-back, its reference is a skilled and Marc Bartra and his idol, a midfielder Sergio Busquets.

Although Xavier Quintillá Guasch (Lleida, August 23, 1996) meets only his third season at FC Barcelona, ​​is one of the most loved canteranos all colleagues, coaches, assistants and managers. Beyond his talent, which takes you to always play with bigger rivals since his debut with the Spanish Under-17 with only fifteen years old, stands out for its naturalness, his heart and his smile, which always end up giving the bracelet captain.

In football, going forward. Military after seven seasons in the UE Lleida (two Prebejamin, Benjamin, Alevín and the first Infantil), landed in Sant Joan Despi in August 2009 to join the Infantil A of Andrés Carrasco. His second year at Barça he started in Cadet B of Fran Artiga but ended up winning the league in the Cadete A García Pimienta. And in today, but was still a cadet, he has played since the first day in Juvenil B. It is the only cadet in of Barça juveniles, which also plays his brother George, in the A Òscar Garcia.

'Quinti', as it is known in the football scene, is left handed and acts usually full-back, but can do well in the center of defense. His references, however, have nothing to do with their favorite river. His idol as a midfielder Sergio Busquets, while the current reference in the cantera is a skilled center-back, Marc Bartra.

One of its main strengths is the versatility, because outside of the two positions of defense and his ability to play in a lag of three or four, coaches also have lined up in midfield at times. The versatility, however, also forces you to improve various aspects. He lacks speed of the ball when it acts as an organizer, aggressiveness and passing game if you do plant, and create more danger when he plays up the band. But many more qualities are: technically very good, has the notion of the game the first touch of the school Barça and his vision and intelligence allow you to anticipate the actions. Learn and know if it continues to come up for sure. (via MD)

[Ex president] Gaspart: "After losing Liga and Champions Guardiola is obliged to follow"

Joan Gaspart believes that Pep has to continue because now, as "captain" can not abandon "their boat.".

Now more than ever, the ex president of FC Barcelona wants to know what will happen to Guardiola. After the defeat against Chelsea, Joan Gaspart pronunce Guardiola calls on renewal and this has been stressed in the program "Mas Esports' COM Ràdio.

"What I know is that when Guardiola says whether to renew or not," he said. He noted: "The partners of Barça do not deserve to be with the question of whether Coach will not. Has to continue, I hope he stays and that his decision is positive."

And then gave his opinion: "Pep, having lost la Liga and the Champions is more bound than ever with Barça members to throw one out for the future, hope and illusion. Has a moral obligation to continue."

Gaspart was blunt about the renewal of the technician and said that if Pep will "make an ugly" Barça since "the ship's captain can never abandon in a storm."

Regarding the semifinal between Madrid and Bayern was blunt: "" I the blows, or Spanish team and shit. I am a culé antimadridista. What the Madrid blows me. " (via SPORT)

Iniesta: “We’ll be back”

Andrés Iniesta spoke after the game on Tuesday night and admitted that the squad were “pretty down, but we will be back and fighting for every title again”

Iniesta reckoned that football wasn’t fair to Barça, but that the team missed too many chances.

Andrés Iniesta visited the Barça TV studios after Tuesday night’s game to speak on the “El Mirador” programme and he explained” it hurts us as players for all the people who are suffering for the defeat – all the people that are behind us. Still feeling the fans are with you, even though we have missed out on the Champions League final, is great. All we can say right now is that we will be back and be fighting for every title again - we just fell a bit short tonight”.

The first thing that Iniesta did was to congratulate Chelsea on their qualification, whilst lamenting the defeat and pointing out some of the reasons behind it: “football wasn’t fair to us – we had so many chances that didn’t go in and Chelsea had three over both legs and scored three times”. As to Tuesday’s game, Iniesta revealed: “we tried everything, but even when they were down to 10 men they defended en masse”.

After the disappointment of the league and Champions League, Iniesta admitted: “we have been up there in both competitions, but we just fell short of the line”. With the Spanish Cup final and the last few league games to come, Iniesta assured the fans: “we are Barça and we know what that represents, so we will be going out to win all our remaining league games- that’s the best way to prepare for the Cup Final”.

Hopes Guardiola will stay for “a long time”

With Pep Guardiola announcing that he will be meeting President Sandro Rosell to discuss his future, Iniesta made his position clear: “it’s a decision between him and the Club. He knows what we all want and let’s hope he stays here for a long time. Pep knows that, not just for tonight, but always”. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

46 shots to 12 over both legs

Over the two legs, Barça won out in terms of possession, completed passes, shots and corners, as well as in many other aspects.

Xavi Hernández made more passes during the Camp Nou game than all the Chelsea players combined.

It’s sure to be a long time before there’s another tie like the one Barça ended up losing against the Londoners. The stats from the two legs show an enormous difference between the two teams - with the only stat that really counts of course – the goals – favouring Chelsea. Di Matteo’s team scored three times from four chances over the 180 minutes, whilst Barça scored twice from 11 chances on target. The total number of shots made by both teams was 46 from Barça (24 in London and 22 in the second leg) and just 12 from Chelsea (5 and 7).

The possession stats tell a similar story, with Barça enjoying 73% over both matches, completing 1,537 passes (782 in the first leg and 755 in the second), which was nearly five times more than Chelsea’s 329 (194 and135). In the end though, that just wasn’t enough – and neither was the corner count: 18 against 2 over the whole tie.

There’s no better example of Barça’s impotence than the number of passes Xavi managed to complete - a total of 295 - just 34 less than the whole Chelsea team – even though he sat out the last few minutes at Stamford Bridge when the team were laying siege to the Chelsea goal. On Tuesday, Xavi completed 168 passes, against the 135 that Chelsea made.

One more astonishing stat that shows just what an amazing tie this was: Chelsea’s three goals all came in injury time – in the first half at Stamford Bridge and in both halves at the Camp Nou. (via FCBarcelona.com)

[Selection] Villa tells Del Bosque he can count on him

Summit on Tuesday in Barcelona with a view to the Euro.

Javier Miñano, trainer selection, accompanied Vicente del Bosque yesterday in Barcelona to evaluate the fitness of David Villa with a view to the European Championship for Spain begins on June 10, the day of his competition debut against Italy.

Asturian striker told they can count on him because he will able to play, but obviously left the final decision in the hands of the coach, which will list on 15 May.

Miñano also spoke with the athletic trainers of Barça following the day to day evolution of 'El Guaje', especially Emili Ricart, and consulted doctors at the club azulgrana. Afternoon Del Bosque Miñano and went to Camp Nou to watch Barça-Chelsea.

Villa broke his left shin in Japan in the semifinals of the Club World Cup on December 15 and had surgery four days later in Barcelona. He was diagnosed between 4 and 5 months out.

The term was fulfilled more optimistic last week and the '7 'of Barça has not yet been run on grass, although recovery is under way outside the group and away from the cameras.

Del Bosque has always said it wants to wait, but only if you are sure it will be able to play. In Barça are more cautious and, although the desire was to have him in the last month of competition, it is assumed that the high of 'El Guaje' will approach those 5 months that fall within the logic. (via MD)

[Ex player] Maradona defends Messi after missing the penalty against Chelsea

Diego Armando Maradona broke a lance for Leo Messi after the Barcelona forward missed a decisive penalty in the semifinal round of the Champions League against Chelsea.

The 'Pelusa', which took the 'Flea' at your service in the Argentina, reacted to the criticism directed at three Ballon d'Or and wrote in his Twitter account.

"I do not understand the Argentines assholes who want evil to Leo. For missing a penalty or make a goal continues to be the best, fuck no," was the message at @ MaradonaDA, official account of the former Barça player and current coach of Al Wasl of UAE.

Maradona and Messi had to support the World Cup in South Africa after the Argentina fell in the quarter-final against Germany by a convincing 0-4.

That July 3, 2010 and azulgrana defender said: "Whoever says that Lio does not feel this shirt is stupid. He played a great World Cup." (via MD)

The 'antifootball' reached the final of the Champions

The international press echoes the elimination of Barça but ignore the "catenaccio" with which Chelsea have faced the 180 minutes of qualifying.

The international sports media opens this morning editions of the "surprise" elimination of Barça at the hands of Chelsea. It seems that few believed in the English, which eventually will be in Munich, even though the classification have questioned the approach and methods used to access the final giving up completely on the ball throughout the round.


The daily 'Olé' is the most explicit in his home titration "Celebrate the antifútbol" with a picture of Messi disappointed. The Argentine newspaper notes that Barça "had the ball but not always knew how to use" and noted that "Chelsea played it all behind." However, extols career azulgrana and states that "the Barça game is bigger than a bad result."


The 'Gazzetta dello Sport' and 'Corriere dello Sport also echo the macho Chelsea at the Camp Nou having Messi as the protagonist. However, the very 'Gazzetta dello Sport says that Chelsea wins the final thanks "to Di Mateo catenaccio", referring to the coach's tactical approach' blue '. Also the 'Corriere dello Sport described as surprise and Chelsea classification refers to the method of Di Matteo defense to neutralize the azulgranas as "the reinvention of catenaccio".


The Spanish sports press also opens its portals to the elimination azulgrana. The daily Marca said that "Barça star with the antifútbol" and sees "incredible" a pass from Chelsea. For its part, 'As' said the failure of Messi for the penalty and called "Messi prods the dream final." (via SPORT)

Cesc: “We were loyal to our style of play”

The Azulgrana midfielder thanked the fans for their support and he said that tonight’s defeat was “a hard blow” for the players.

Cesc advised his teammates to look forward and to think about the “last four games of the Liga and the final of the King’s Cup”.

The FC Barcelona players are disappointed that they didn’t make it to the Champions League final. “It’s a painful way to go out because we were superior. The result in Stamford Bridge is what did us in,” said Cesc Fàbregas after the match. When Barça went up 2-0 the team had its sights set on Munich, however Chelsea scored two goals from two chances and killed off the tie. The Azulgrana midfielder said that “we played a great game, we dominated and we created a lot of chances. We didn’t sacrifice our style.”

“It’s painful to be eliminated this way, seeing that we had a lot of chances to score,” said a very up-front Cesc, who added “it’s a very hard blow.” The midfielder, however, reassured hit teammates and Barça fans that “we have to hold our heads high” and that next year “we’ll have the chance to do important things.” He added that the players have shown “that they can better themselves.”

The players must look forward and think about “the last four games in La Liga and the King’s Cup final.” Fàbregas said that it’s too early to make a judgement on his team’s season and that “we have to keep looking forward. We have to react quickly, even if it’s only for our fans.”

Despite the defeat, the midfielder congratulated the supporters for their amazing attitude and for cheering on the team. “I’ve never seen the Camp Nou like that after a defeat,” said Cesc. He added that Barça “are a big team” because it has incredible “players, managers and fans.”

Here are the statements made by the some of the players on Twitter after the match:

Isaac Cuenca

“We fought until the end. Fans, I’m very sorry. We’ll pick ourselves up with your help #forçabarça”


“It’s a difficult and hard moment. We did everything to be in the Munich final, but it wasn’t meant to be...”


“I’d like to thank all the Culés for your support and, at the same time, apologize for what happened. We tired but it wasn’t meant to be”. (via FCBarcelona.com)

Guardiola: “This year it wasn't to be”

Pep Guardiola, disappointed with his team’s elimination, indicated that Barça played two fantastic matches against Chelsea.

The manager thanked the supporters and his players for their dedication.

“It wasn’t meant to be this year. The first thing that goes through my head is immense sorrow. Forgive me if I’m not clairvoyant, but I have the perception that with time I’ll say: ‘we played an excellent tie.’” Josep Guardiola analyzed the two-leg tie against Chelsea with his heart and and head: “we played exceptionally well for 180 minutes, we did everything we could to be in the final. We’ve never worked this hard to be in a final.”

He added: “we have to know what we did incorrectly and correct it.” The Barça manager analyzed the moments after his team took a two-goal lead: “with the 2-0 we didn’t stop, we kept on attacking. No one can have everything. It can be a lesson that you learn with time.”

Guardiola, who congratulated Chelsea “for their defensive work” and for their spot in the final, was clear and honest: “we failed because we didn’t score [more goals]. However, we worked very hard to be here.” According to the manager, “the important thing is that we made it here and we were once again very, very close.”

He also highlighted a couple of key aspects of tonight’s match: “the 2-1 wasn’t good for us psychologically. We went out in the second half, we had a penalty, and they were reinforced.” He added with resignation: “we saw a repeat of the same story in Lodon, they scored in the 45+1 minute.”

Guardiola especially wanted to thank the fans for their support. “The fans, simply spectacular. They carried us and I’m very thankful to them. They also saw that we gave it our all. Perhaps we have changed their mentality but we have to win once again,” said the manager while trying to hide his disappointment with a smile. Guardiola also acknowledged Leo Messi in a very public way: “I want to thank him for everything he’s done, my admiration for him is insurmountable. He’s an example to us all on how to be better each day.”

Barça now have four games left in La Liga and the final of the Cup. Pep Guardiola explained how he plans to keep his men motivated: “we have to value the emotional aspect of the players and see how we can recover them.”

Meeting with Rosell

When asked if he will continue to manage the team next season, Guardiola said: “I’ll meet with President Sandro Rosell in the coming days and we’ll decide in what’s best. Obviously, it’s time to talk about it.”(via FCBarcelona.com)

Piqué in hospital

Medical tests have ruled out any injuries to the player.

Gerard Piqué underwent tests at hospital after the collision with Víctor Valdés and Drogba. The player will remain in observation at hospital even though any type of injury has been ruled out.

The Catalan defender was involved in a collision with Drogba and Valdés at the start of the first half of the Champions League semi-final at the Camp Nou. He was subbed off after 25 minutes for Dani Alves. (via FCBarcelona.com)

Torres: "We have used our weapons and we went well"

"Football is like that. Not always win the best. We knew this was what I had to do against Barcelona, although they may not be as nice," said Chelsea's Spanish forward.

The Chelsea player Fernando Torres was pleased with his team's pass to the finals of the Champions League after drawing two goals in the Camp Nou against Barcelona in the return game in the semifinals of the tournament.

"Football is like that. Not always win the best. We knew this was what I had to do against Barcelona, although they may not be as nice. We have used our weapons and we went well in both games. They have had their chances, but not because we have marked life's goal gave Ramires, "the Spanish striker. The player added: "Barcelona have a great respect for him because we know that is the best team in the world."

The footballer said that Chelsea's players present in the elimination at the hands of Barcelona "is a sure way to get even. For the rest, we were not there, is the move to a Champions League final."

"We qualified for two finals and will fight to achieve fourth place in the Premiership. At the end of a bad season can be a memorable season. We will have many casualties and the important thing is to keep well and hope to win. In the final I have no preference because if we win the Champions League, we have to win them all." (via AS)

Di Matteo: "The important thing is to get to the final and not the rival"

"I am very tired but very happy to see the classification. Barcelona is a fantastic team that does a fantastic football. I am very happy with my group of players to reach the final," he said.

Chelsea manager Roberto Di Matteo was pleased after the classification achieved by his team for the final of the Champions League after drawing two goals in the Camp Nou against Barcelona in the semifinals round of the tournament.

"I am very tired but very happy to see the classification. Barcelona is a fantastic team that does a fantastic football. I am very happy with my group of players to reach the final," he said.

Di Matteo said: "Barcelona was obviously the favorite, is a very tough team and we are enormously pleased by the classification."

About their preferences for the final opponent stated that "the important thing is to reach the final, and no matter who play it." The coach added that Chelsea "did not play according to the advantage gained in the first leg. A few days ago was a very different game today. One of the two teams had to reach the final." (via AS)

Rosell: "We are proud of this team"

FC Barcelona president, Sandro Rosell, encouraged everyone to get up after the blow against Chelsea.

The Barcelona president was sad, like all culés fans at that moment, but praised the attitude of Barça in times as tough as this: "I am very proud of our players, our coach and especially a hobby that has to the end and lively as ever. "

"This is football. We have tried here and there but could not be. We will continue with this style of game, you can not ask for more," said Rosell.

It has been a field dominated qualifying for the club but with a lot of bad luck, as the president recalled: "Football is not just in this tie but always won the best playing, Barça would always win. Chelsea has done their game, has come to defend the area. We look forward to this final in Munich but has not been ".

Rosell's message is constructive in a few moments where the disappointment pervades all the fans. "We're not happy but proud. Now we have to think about the final in Madrid. Not forget that we have won three titles this season and we can still win a fourth, so that the season would be good. There is no other to get up and quedarons with the maturity of this team and this hobby, "he said.

Finally, Sandro Rosell expected to give Guardiola yes to continuity, "We remain confident that Pep renewed. I am convinced that what happened today will not influence and that he will tell in due course, but that's not what today you are interested in FC Barcelona. El culé has to be proud of this team, demonstrating not only that knows how to win but also knows how to lose. " (via SPORT)

The best and the worst of the Barça-Chelsea

BEST: A team and a crowd of 10. Barca and the nearly 100,000 culés who packed the Camp Nou gave the world the best example of what this sport. The good game, no prize, the azulgranas, joined an audience that took his team on wings for 90 minutes. But in football luck also counts. And fate can be extremely cruel to who plays better. As cruel as obsequious to the most miserable and stingy rival that seen in ages. Guardiola was left skin and deserved to win by 4-0 or 5-0. But so many missed chances were paid too expensive. Quite the contrary that Chelsea, who was very rare oil on their forays into the area of Valdés.

WORST: The Triumph of antifútbol. Chelsea went into the final limited to defend for 180 minutes. Difficult to understand that three-goal mark with the very little it did in 180 minutes. That makes even greater credit for Drogba. He alone, and Cech stops, they put the Blues in the final. (via SPORT)

[UCL; Semi finals; Leg2] FC Barcelona 2 - 2 Chelsea FC (Total 2 - 3))

Busquets put FC Barcelona ahead shortly before Terry was sent off for kneeing Alexis in the back.

Leading 1-0 and with an extra man, Iniesta increased Barça’s lead.

Shortly before the break, a long range chip from Ramires put Chelsea back in control.

Barça hit the post twice in the second half, once from the penalty spot.

A late Torres goal while Guardiola’s side was deep in the Chelsea half settled the game in injury time.

Tonight’s game showed just how cruel football can be sometimes. FC Barcelona, who shot no fewer than 23 times, twice onto the post, as also happened in the first leg, have been knocked out of the Champions League. But they go out with their heads held high, having remained faithful to their brave, attacking style, and almost incomprehensively being unrewarded for their efforts. There was nothing to criticise about Barça tonight, but luck simply was not on their side.

And that was despite things getting off to a far better start than anybody could have wished for. Busquets and Iniesta scored and Terry was sent off. It had taken just 43 minutes for Barça to turn the tie back into their favour. But a shock goal from Ramires meant that Barça still had some work to do in the second half. Messi hit the post twice, once from the penalty spot, and the last 45 minutes were a monologue as FCB tried and tried, and tried again, to find their way through the ten remaining men that Chelsea had camped deep in their own half. The goal just didn’t want to come, and then, inexplicably, Fernando Torres ran half the length of the pitch on his own before rounding Valdés to slot home the goal that sentenced the tie. Di Matteo’s side barely had any chances in the entire game, but made the very most of the few they did.

The upshot of it all is that the defending champions are out of the competition despite demonstrating that they are a far superior side to Chelsea. But if you don’t take your chances, you pay the price, and it is for that reason alone that Barcelona will not be going to Munich.

Guardiola made as many as four changes to the side that started the clásico. He opted for a three-man defence of Mascherano, Piqué and Puyol, without out-and-out full backs. And it was the respective team’s centre backs that were the protagonists of the first few minutes of football. For Chelsea, Cahill was substituted by Bosingwa after just 11 minutes of play. A quarter of an hour later Piqué was replaced, by Alves, in the same position for FCB, after a brutal aerial clash involving himself, Valdés and Drogba left him momentarily stunned on the floor. So many interruptions were doing nothing to benefit Barcelona’s plans.

Whenever the ball was in play, events panned out almost identically to the way they did at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea, with only Drogba in an advanced position, had little intention of doing anything other than defend, and left it to Barça to take the initiative, with Alexis the most active, especially when supplied by an energetic Cuenca on the right. And it was the latter who created the first goal of the night, following a corner kick, with an exquisite pass to Busquets. Everything was back level, and the Camp Nou started roaring.

Shortly after his side went a goal down, Terry, in an off the ball incident, kneed Alexis in the back. It was a shockingly foolish action for a man of his experience, and cost him a red card and ultimately a place in the Munich final. With Cahill injured, Terry sent off and David Luiz already sidelined through injury, Chelsea were left without any natural centre backs. Their intention had clearly been to come to Barcelona and defend, and they were now condemned to doing so with a makeshift back four of Ramires, Ivanovic, Bosingwa and Cole. Five minutes later, Barça made them pay the price with a rapid counter attack that ended with Messi supplying an assist for Iniesta to make it 2-0. At that point, it looked like Barça would end up romping home. Munich was in sight.

But just like on Saturday against Madrid, when Cristiano Ronaldo responded almost immediately to Alexis’ goal, FC Barcelona were hit within in seconds of scoring themselves. Ramires managed to lose his marker and sent home a long-range chip to make it 2-1, and the away goal meant that Chelsea were, as things stood, heading for Munich again.

The manic end to the first half carried over into the second. Within seconds, the referee was pointing to the penalty spot after Drogba brought down Cesc in the area. But Messi struck his spot-kick straight against the Chelsea bar. Moments later, an Alexis header skimmed wide of the post, and then a Cuenca effort was turned away by Chelsea keeper Cech. The onslaught on the Chelsea goal was constant, and Chelsea had withdrawn so intensely into their own area that even Drogba did his bit by playing at left back.

Everything was heading in one direction – that of Cech, who was simply outstanding this evening. But he was beaten by Alexis, who was caught offside by the very narrowest of margins, and shortly after Messi hit the post for the second time of the night. The ball just did not want to go in.

And incredible as it might seem, with Barça now sending everything they had forward in search of the elusive third goal, the ball somehow ended up in the path of late substitute Torres. The Spaniard ran solo across half the length of the pitch, dribbled the ball around Valdés, and scored the goal that ended any hope Barça had of appearing in the Munich final. Football can be so unfair sometimes. (via FCBarcelona.com)

[Match Stats]
FC Barcelona: Valdes; Puyol, Piqué (Alves, m.26), Mascherano; Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Cesc (Keita, m.74); Cuenca (Tello, m.67), Alexis and Messi.

Chelsea: Cech; Ivanovic, Cahill (Bosingwa, m.12), Terry, Cole, Mikel, Meireles, Mata (Kalou, m.58), Lampard, Ramires; and Drogba (Torres, m.80).

Goals: 1-0, m.35: Busquets. 2-0, m.44: Iniesta. 2-1, m.45+1: Ramires. 2-2, m.90+2: Torres.

Referee: Cüneyt Çakir (TUR). He showed yellow card to Mikel (m.32), Ramires (m.44), Ivanovic (m.48), Iniesta (m.50), Cech (m.59), Messi (m.71), Lampard (m. 72) and Meireles (m.89). expelled Terry (m.37) for an assault on Alexis.

Subs: 95,845 spectators attended the meeting in the second leg of the semifinals of the Champions League match at the Camp Nou. On the stage were, among others, the mayor of Barcelona, Xavier Trias, and various members of the government of the Generalitat. The match also saw the Spanish coach, Vicente del Bosque.