24 April 2012

FCB-Málaga, Wednesday May 2, at 20 hours

The LFP has confirmed the schedule for the game against Malaga, which will be played next Wednesday at the Camp Nou starting at 8 pm.

This will be the penultimate league match to be played at the Stadium this season.

The Liga de Futbol Profesional (LFP) has confirmed this morning schedules the next game of the season. FC Barcelona will play at home to Málaga on Wednesday, May 2 at 20 hours. This event is number 20, which had to be moved during the day, as the weekend had to play the first round was played. Recall that the start of la liga was suspended by the strike of la Asociación de Futbolistas Españoles (AFE).

The game against Málaga will be the second last to be played at the Camp Nou before the end of the season. Just be the derby against Espanyol, scheduled for next weekend (5 or May 6) and still not have the schedule confirmed. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Final session before the turnaround

The 21 players named by Guardiola have practiced this afternoon at the Camp Nou in camera.

The staff of FC Barcelona has left for a few hours the team hotel to come to the Camp Nou and do the last workout before tonight's match against Chelsea. The 21 players focused for this match have been exercised after 12 noon on the lawn of the stadium, scene of the match where Barca will have to come from behind 1-0 in the first leg if you want to be on May 19th in Champions League final in Munich.

After the session, the team will again concentrate on the W hotel until 18.30, when they return to Camp Nou, now, to play the important game against Chelsea. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Selection; Olympic 2012] Spain already know their Olympic rivals

Spain will cross Japan, Honduras and Morocco in the group stage of the Olympic Games in London.

The Spanish team will compete in Group D men's football tournament of the 2012 London Olympics, along with Honduras, Japan and Morocco, as the draw held at Wembley Stadium.

The Olympic team returns to the Olympic Games and will count on the basis of the equipment in the European champion held last season U-21.

men's tournament

Group A: United Kingdom, Senegal, United Arab Emirates and Uruguay.
Group B: Mexico, South Korea, Gabon and Switzerland.
Group C: Brazil, Egypt, Belarus and New Zealand.
Group D: Spain, Japan, Honduras and Morocco.

women tournament

Group A: Great Britain, Cameroon, New Zealand and Brazil.
Group B: Japan, Canada, Sweden and South Africa.
Group C: USA, France, Colombia and North Korea. (via SPORT)

The team now trains at the stadium

Follow all day pre-match Champions League tonight between FC Barcelona and Chelsea FC.

- 12.50 h: Unlike Barça, Chelsea do not train this morning and is concentrated at the Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I in Barcelona. Recall that the English team played its last game on Saturday at noon. Tied 0-0 at Arsenal camp.

- 12:27 pm: The team takes the pitch of the stadium to train. They practice the 21-man squad for the match today.

- 11.30: The coach with the Barcelona players at Camp Nou arrives. In 30 minutes the computer will jump to the Stadium turf for the final preparatory session.

- 11.00 pm: The team leaves the hotel where W is concentrated way to the Camp Nou. After 12 hours Guardiola will make the final training session before Chelsea's visit.

- 10.30: Meet at the Camp Nou representatives of both clubs, UEFA and local police and security representatives visiting club. This meeting is also present for part of it a representative of the referees that checks the compatibility of the uniforms of both teams, which also recalls the fundamental aspects of the sporting regulations to be followed during the game.

- 10.00: We offer for sale more tickets for FC Barcelona - Chelsea FC. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barça-Chelsea: The Challenge of the champion

Barça will go with everything to overcome the 1-0 at Chelsea to play their third Champions League final in four years.
The Camp Nou is filled to live a magical night to help the team overcome the stubborn defense 'blue'.

It is the biggest game of the season. The topic this time can not be more true. Barça are playing tonight at the Camp Nou the illusion of playing its third final of the Champions League in four years and planted to a game of being the first club in history to repeat title since the competition adopted its new name. Is the exciting challenge of European champion and the world. Not be easy. Arrives at Camp Nou Chelsea with its incredible bounty of the first leg of the semifinal. A week ago he found that 1-0 and now will not be ashamed to defend it hanging from the goal of the inspired Petr Cech. Against that, the club will return to the fray with his football, open, courageous and backs of the world's best player, Leo Messi, who is eager to erase the bad memory as soon as el clásico.

To reach the final in Munich the club will have the support of a hobby in the last minute of the current mentality exhibited clásico, so different from other times. On Saturday, on top against Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho put an end to the League at the Nou Camp, yet processed and disgust at the speed of light was able to start the comeback against Chelsea. That "being the millor that Barça is the hi ha!" Chorused the stands confirmed that Barça will roar today after a magical night, with thousands of flags to the receiving computer. This is the era of Barça, the fans know it and do an exercise of responsibility.

Barça need one goal to tie the tie and two to go as long as Chelsea do not check, because a 2-1, for example, would throw the tournament champion. At Stamford Bridge Chelsea needed only a chance to score thanks to one of their classics, Didier Drogba, Frank Lampard that as you feel about your last chance to be champion of Europe. Barça, had eight clear in London after kicking 24 times, fell to zero. That can not happen again if the club intends to be in Munich. Nor against Madrid was hit upon, because while opportunities were few, were half a goal.

Winning the Champions fifth for Barca and the fourth of Xavi, Puyol, Messi, Iniesta and Valdes is a shot of two parties, but if you do not win the first of a two-goal distance has no one.

Once expectantly
The alignment of Barça in el clásico has generated debate, particularly by the absence of Gerard Piqué. So there are expectations for the eleven who raised Guardiola is expected to be the gala, with Cesc or Pedro who knows if Cuenca. The final of the Champions, and the ability to play it against Madrid, is much prize not to fight it until the last second. (via MD)

Mourinho sent messages of encouragement to the players of Chelsea

Real Madrid coach has shown full support to his former players to eliminate Barça.

Mourinho expects to meet Chelsea in the final in Munich and so he made ​​known to all players and officials of the 'blue', according to the English newspaper 'The Telegraph'
The Portuguese coach has sent messages of support to the upper echelons of London and some of his former players with still maintaining an excellent relationship as Terry, Lampard, Drogba and Cech, Chelsea's old guard.

Mourinho may not want to cross with the club or want to Chelsea in the final by his esteem for his exequipo, but what is clear is that Mou is very aware of what happens tonight at the Camp Nou. (via SPORT)

[Ex player & coach] Cruyff: "I think that Barça will pass"

The Dutch coach is optimistic about the possibility of being in Munich and predicts the best version of 'Pep Team'.

The last two defeats against Chelsea and Real Madrid do not hesitate to Johan Cruyff. For the Dutch, Barcelona is still the favorite to go in Munich despite the favorable result for Chelsea in the first leg. Johan was blunt in his column in 'De Telegraaf': "I still think Chelsea will overtake Barcelona."

Understands the Dutch that the last two meetings of the Barcelona does not have to affect the game today. Cruyff expects the best version of 'Pep Team' by the British at the Camp Nou. "Although Barcelona have lost the last two games, I expect another good team match at the Camp Nou."

Also Johan wanted to clarify the differences between the performance of the Blaugrana at Stamford Bridge and performance against Madrid. For Cruyff are two very different parties and where, especially in the English stage, Guardiola deserved a better fate. "You can not compare the loss to Madrid with what happened against Chelsea. Barcelona created many times in London, but failed. Against Madrid was less likely and things went wrong. "The extécnico the 'Dream Team' displays a game with many options for Barcelona at the Camp Nou today. The Dutchman believes Barça key stays true to form and use their weapons against the English standard. In this context, planning a game favorable to the interests of the azulgrana set. "I am convinced that Barcelona will have many occasions in the second leg. I do not think that Barcelona fail again as in the first leg, "he said. The Dutch expert ligueras comebacks in his time as coach of Barcelona, ​​living trusts tonight one of those days that are remembered for a long time. (via SPORT)

A team attack with Puyol and Mascherano in danger

Pep today will bring all their heavy hitters to eliminate Chelsea. Piqué and Cesc especially Alexis and return with a clear objective: to score goals.

Pep Guardiola will field all his cavalry against Chelsea tonight. Do not hide any cards under his arm in this game because there is no reserve worth. Blaugrana coach has little doubt about eleven. Piqué return to the defensive line after spending several parties outside the pitch, Alexis recover ownership be fully restored after the blow suffered by Terry, Cesc back to eleven in order to move between lines in search of a leak in the opposing defense, Iniesta will move along the core combined with the metronome Xavi, Sergio Busquets will be the pivot to balance the midfield and defense, captain Puyol exercised as he only knows' although in the case of playing in a back four could move to the left wing ', Mascherano will cover all fronts, the posts will Valdés, Alves will handle the right wing and of course above all is the' crack ', Leo Messi, who will have the difficult task of leading the team in whisk into their third Champions League final in four years.

This authentic eleventh gala just might be some retouching, whether tactical 'back four or three' or a name: the presence of Adriano to output the left. Then Mascherano could be sacrificed. Do not forget that Argentina is a penalty card, like Carles Puyol, so if both saw the yellow would be lost if the final qualifying.

There is no doubt that this condition the defense to keep the team with only one central, Piqué, for a grand final of the Champions, as Abidal would not.

In any case, all we can to ensure one hundred percent is that the team will come to attack and score goals. (via SPORT)

FCB-Chelsea: Did you know...

  • FC Barcelona and Chelsea have met eleven times in Europe, with 4 wins for the
    English club, 3 for the Catalans and four draws
  • Barça have not lost a European fixture at the Camp Nou for 15 games, having put
    together 13 wins and two draws
  • In the five games they have played at the Camp Nou in this year’s edition, Barça have
    scored 18 goals
  • None of the last four results between Barça and Chelsea at the Camp Nou would
    produce a result that would serve the interests of the former side this evening (2-1 in
    2004/05, 1-1 in 2005/06, 2-2 in 2006/07 and 0-0 in 2008/09).
  • But the 5-1 win in 1999/00, under similar circumstances to this year’s encounter, with
    Barça needing to make up for 3-1 first leg defeat in London, would see the home side
    through to the final
  • Chelsea have been struggling to find form away from home in Europe this season,
    having lost two and drawn two games, and only having won on the trip to Benfica.
    Nevertheless, of their five away results, only the 3-1 loss to Napoli would not be
    enough to see them qualify tonight at Barcelona’s expense.
  • Barça have won 50% of their Champions League semi finals played to date (6 out of
    12). Chelsea, meanwhile, have only won 20% (1 out of 5).
  • Whenever they have won the first leg of a European tie, Chelsea have managed to
    qualify 9 times out of 13.
  • FC Barcelona have had the most shots (99) and the most corners (66) in the
    competition, They have also received the fewest yellow cards (15)
  • Puyol and Mascherano are both one booking short of suspension from a hypothetical
    final appearance. Chelsea’s Ivanovic, David Luiz, Cole, Ramires and Meireles are all in
    the same situation.
  • Chelsea is the lowest scoring of all four quarter finalists (22) and is also the side that
    has leaked the most goals (9).
  • The Londoners are unbeaten in nine matches in all competitions, having won six of
    them. They haven’t even conceded a goal for four games.
  • Patience may well be a virtue on Tuesday night. 18 of the 38 goals that Chelsea have
    conceded in the Premiership this season were scored in the last quarter of an hour.
  • The referee tonight will be Turkey’s Cüneyt Çakir, who is taking charge of his eighth
    Champions League fixture. He has refereed both Barça and Chelsea once before. He
    whistled Barça’s 1-1 draw in Kazan in the 2010/11 group stages and also Chelsea’s 4-
    1 win over Spartak Moscow in the 2009/10) group stages.

Guardiola: "It is time for the players"

The coach demonstrates faithfulness to its staff and its ability to gain access to the final in Munich. "These players are unique, will be forever in our memories and on Tuesday they'll do it," he says.

The highlights Santpedor always facing the parties "with optimism". "Of course I'll get to Munich," he says.

Do chances, realize them and to control the outputs against Chelsea will be key, according to Guardiola.

Josep Guardiola faces the crucial match against Chelsea on Tuesday as a new challenge and all "optimism." And as he points out, owes it to his players: "At all times I have faced this challenge with optimism by the faith I have in this team." And as for Santpedor in this round of the semifinals of the Champions comes "when the players." "They are big, unique, will be forever in our memories and do it again tomorrow," he says, just before having to reiterate the conviction that "these players eliminated Chelsea."

As he explained himself, from day one has never faced a game, "thinking it would be okay." "Of course I'll get to Munich," Guardiola said forcefully, just before heading to the representatives of the different media that were present saying "let him think we will. From day one I thought it will be well" . He adds: "It's a new challenge for us. Rival is a fantastic, very difficult, and we are ready to fight them across a semifinal of the Champions League and to try to reach the final."

Barcelona coach as the key points that your team is able to generate scoring chances and make them and be aware of the virtues of the English side, among which are the outlets on the counter: "It's a physically strong team, defense, which goes well in space. Seeing all this, we have the balance of pace and intensity needed. not think we have many occasions and we have the wisdom to them. I have no doubt that with patience and strength we can draw . started with an own goal, we have 90 minutes ahead and we will do everything to turn around. "

In the same vein, and the question of whether you think the Chelsea mark, Guardiola does not rule out, mainly because "it has weapons to do it." "I think it will play on the result. Will expect us we generate a loss to get out. It is at this point that we should be prepared," he says, just before underlining that, in games like these "is impossible not to feel excitement "." The players have shown many times that know how to live with these situations and now is no exception, "he highlighted.

Guardiola, who has made it clear that the outcome of this tie will have nothing to do with his decision to continue or not running the first team bench, made the reflection that, after watching Saturday's game against Real Madrid, believes that Barça "did well". "You can always do better than you do. We have previously done so well that sometimes look down on opponents. I think we played very well in recent days. Viewing Madrid game I think we did well. Not is easy to create chances against a team as physical, awaits you behind. our football is peculiar. has been so, the pass is our essence, and will continue while I am the coach. I think with the cold weather that we will we. "

Finally, referring to Piqué, Guardiola has said have you "much love" and that it is a "happy boy who loves his profession and his life." "With Gerard absolutely nothing happens. Has been long standing, and has recovered. We started together, and I have a great appreciation for their way of being, for his love life, and how you like this game. the rest are my own decisions. it's the same I met four years ago, a cheerful boy who loves his profession and his life. He has the football and lots more. I'm not here to tell you what to do. has the required to have their concerns. I love him so, as he is. "

"That Messi play, be happy and do business as usual"

Guardiola has responded well on the performance of Messi in terms of goals in recent games: "Let me never be worried about him. As if 27 games without scoring a goal. Let's calm and do not check permission until he goals want. Animalada has made a goal. that play, to be happy and do what ever. His ambition helps us all to achieve the successes we have achieved. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Focused on Chelsea

Guardiola names 21 footballers -18 first-team players and Barça B's Tello, Bartra and Montoya - to Barça's Champions League team against Chelsea.

FC Barcelona completed their penultimate training session before the Champions League semi-final return match against Chelsea. All available first-team players, with the exceptions of Villa, Fontàs and Abidal, were at Josep Guardiola’s disposal this afternoon.

All of them, 18 first-team players plus Barça B’s Tello, Montoya and Bartra, trained at the Camp Nou. The 21 footballers, upon completing the session, returned to the Hotel W, where they will spend the night.

The team is scheduled to complete their final training session tomorrow morning. The closed-door training session will begin at 12:00 at the Camp Nou.

Today’s training session had a special visitor. Thierry Henry, ex-FC Barcelona player, didn’t miss the chance to watch his ex-teammates train. (via FCBarcelona.com)

The players Guardiola named to Barça's UCL squad

Valdés, Pinto, Alves, Piqué, Cesc, Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta, Alexis, Messi, Thiago, Mascherano, Keita, Sergio Busquets, Pedro, Afellay, Adriano, Cuenca, Tello, Montoya and Bartra.

Di Matteo: “We'll try to score a goal”

The Chelsea manager believes that his team must try to score a goal at the Camp Nou if they want to reach the final in Munich.

Peter Cech recalled the semifinal in 2009 when Iniesta scored at Stamford Bridge to send Barça through to the final in Rome.

Chelsea FC trained this afternoon at the Camp Nou. The English team, who come into the match with a 1-0 advantage from the away leg, are prudent ahead of tomorrow’s match because they know it’s not easy to play against Guardiola’s men. Roberto Di Matteo, who recognized that both teams have “a 50% chance to go through” said “we have the advantage but it will be complicated.”

The Chelsea manager, moreover, believes that “Barça will create opportunities, they do it against every team they play against. We have to try to score on Tuesday and avoid giving them chances.”

The keeper Peter Cech also believes that his team must attempt to score at the Camp Nou. “The game this Tuesday will be just like the first one. I hope that we score because that will be the difference.” The keeper also recalled the goal Iniesta scored at Stamford Bridge in 2009 that earned Barça passage to the final in Rome.

The Chelsea player also believes that the result from the Clásico won’t influence the Catalan side tomorrow. “It will be a great match, what happened on Saturday won’t influence the team on Tuesday. They have a lot of experience when it comes to managing defeat, they’ll concentrate on the match.”(via FCBarcelona.com)

Piqué: “We'll have our chance if we play like we did at Stamford Bridge"

The Barça defender talked about the decisive match against Chelsea, the defeat in the Clásico and his recent absence from Barça’s starting line-up.

A day before the Champions League semi-final return leg, Gerard Piqué is sure of how Barça need to play in order to fight back from last week’s 1-0. “We’ll have our chance to go through if we play like we did at Stamford Bridge. We need to control the match and I’m sure that we’ll have our chance,” he said. According to the defender, “when you talk about a Champions League semi-final, fatigue doesn’t influence the team. Being tired is an excuse for losers.” He also said that Chelsea are a “strong and experienced team.”

Despite Saturday’s disappointment, the defender called on the Camp Nou faithful to help the team in tomorrow’s decisive match: “we have a great chance to qualify for another final, we have to value this moment.” He added: “I’m convinced that no Culé doubts this team. We’ve given a lot and the fans are with us. The Camp Nou will be full and [the fans] will cheer us on.”

Piqué went on to say, “talk of an end of an era comes easy here. A team that has won 13 out of 16 titles deserves a bit more credit. We have to wait for another team to win as much as we have until all this talk is confirmed.” The Azulgrana congratulated Madrid for their win in the Clásico: “they’ve had a fantastic season, especially in the Liga. I want to congratulate them and say that we’ll be here next year.”

The defender talked about his absence from the starting team in Barça’s last two matches against Chelsea and Madrid. “It’s a relatively new situation for me, I’m used to playing, but it’s a technical decision and I have to respect it and work as hard as I can to be in the starting team,” he said. Piqué, who has “high spirits,” is clear: “I have accept the decision with professionalism. The important thing is winning, not if I play. It all comes down to winning tomorrow and getting to the final.”

Echoing his manager, Piqué talked about his relationship with Josep Guardiola: “we both arrived at the same time, we are both part of a really beautiful era and I have a lot of confidence in him, because he loves this Club and he’s passionate about the sport. We have a very good relationship, we talk a lot.” He jokingly added: “He’s always giving me grief about something, but I like it.” The defender is also convinced that the manager will extend his contract for another season. (via FCBarcelona.com)