23 April 2012

Joan Piqué said that between his son Gerard and Guardiola "no problem"

Joan Piqué has dismissed a bad relationship between coach and player as he signed his book.

Joan Piqué has used the signing ceremony of his book 'Dues Vides' ('Dos vidas') as part of Diada de Sant Jordi to deny the difficulties in the relationship between his son Gerard Piqué and Pep Guardiola, especially following that the center-back did not play el clásico against Real Madrid. "Who plays and who is not technical decision, also against Chelsea. Sum is all important. There is no problem between Gerard and Pep. And if not playing against Chelsea Gerard will support the team the best for sure." (via MD)

Torres. "I don't always win the best"

Chelsea forward is confident his team's victory against Barça, equipment fetish.

Fernando Torres, Spanish forward of Chelsea and rival Barça in the semifinals of the Champions League, gave an interview to UEFA.com in which he reviewed his form and the keys of the tie between your computer and the Catalan side. Torres admitted that the club is the best, but does not always win the best team in football: "It is clear that Barcelona is one step ahead than other clubs. Have reached the last five semi-finals and it is not easy, but this is football. The best team does not always win. "

The former Atletico Madrid and Liverpool said you can not remove the ball to Barça but playing with other weapons: "Many teams that play against Barcelona think you should steal the ball, but I think that is not possible. you have to use other different weapons against them. If your goal is to steal the ball, it will be difficult to achieve and end tired, and then have more space for the opposition. "And as for Fuenlabrada would be a catastrophe not to enter the Champions League fiinal: "It would be a catastrophe to stay out of the Champions League next season, and we must be prepared to do," he said. El "niño", as I have dubbed for years, pointed to Xavo and Iniesta as key players, who carry handle, "Xavi and Iniesta are setting the pace of play. When you face them, you should know who will be bearing the party leadership. "It is recalled that Fernando Torres has scored 7 goals for azulgrana in his time at Atletico Madrid, and four of them at the Camp Nou. (via SPORT)

[Ex player] Zola: "All teams are drawn to the football of Barça"

Gianfranco Zola, ex Chelsea player went over the time of the "blues" and azulgrana.

The Italian Gianfranco Zola, ex Chelsea player, gave an interview to El Pais in which he spoke at length about the London club and the club, rivals faced tomorrow in the semifinal round of the Champions League. Zola, who came to see the training site Guardiola, culé is in love with the game, and highlights the work of Pep to get and play football, "emphasize their availability and simplicity when it comes to take me (Guardiola). Has mounted a winning team that plays football so divine. This Barça is good for football. "The Sardinian also been taken with Messi: "There is a player that fascinates me. A very short, left-handed, I think Argentina plays for Barcelona. Seems that is not bad [laughs before saying it is Leo Messi] . Messi aside, I like Giovinco, Giuseppe Rossi, Silva, Özil, Rooney and Mata. "

Zola, who was a classy player, gifted with a great technique and creativity, believes that Chelsea must have patience, and it was a mistake to throw Villas-Boas, although this is because all the teams are drawn to play as Barça: "I think what they want to do now is to change your style of play. the idea of ​​Barça's football attracts all and them. with Villas-Boas had no patience for the results, which were not considered to up to expectations, "he said. (via SPORT)

The Barça Toons, ready to welcome Chelsea

Piqué will be a starter at Chelsea

Pep Guardiola will bet on the sacred cows in the biggest game of the season.

Pep Guardiola will pull the sacred cows in the game of the season and Gerard Piqué return to the starting lineup. The center-back has not come back into technical plans since falling injured against Milan at the Camp Nou on 3 April. Piqué has not played a single minute against Zaragoza (1-4, La Romareda), Getafe (4-0, Camp Nou), Levante (Ciutat de Valencia, 1-2), Chelsea (1-0, Stamford Bridge, 1-0), Madrid (0-1, Camp Nou). A total of 5 games with a record of three wins and two defeats. In central and recovered, Pep continued to pursue other options despite playing games as demanding as the first leg of the semifinals of the Champions League at Stamford Bridge or the match against arch-rivals.

Guardiola's position has surprised more than one, since its profile fit to find where air power was known rivals such as Chelsea and Madrid. Moreover Piqué seeing the level of before the injury, where chained some of his best games this season.

Guardiola himself acknowledged the importance of the center during the plague of injuries last season but in recent games has opted to consolidate the center-back pair are Mascherano and Puyol. The coach has justified the presence of both a football question, he understands that the team needed the fastest defenses to counteract the vertigo against teams like Chelsea and Real Madrid. Barça, however, has suffered much in the air and leaving the ball in both games and Pep move tab for the match tomorrow. Given the Londoners, the azulgranas know they play the season. So Pep understand and align the players more used to games like this. In this sense, besides Piqué, are expected to return to the starting players like Alexis, who did not come until the second half against Real Madrid, or even the Cesc Fàbregas. The big question now is whether the coach will opt for the more ambitious approach, with defense of three as to whites on Saturday, or return to the back four of Alves delaying position.

If finally opted for a back four, the team formed with Alves, Mascherano, Piqué and Puyol back. The captain would do full-back sacrificing features an offensive threat in that band but gaining many integers in the set pieces, the main threat to the London team. Also it looks like it finally will Drogba in the starting lineup for Chelsea after training yesterday as normal. The presence of the Ivory Coast, a very physical player and instrumental in the passing game, predicts long ball from Chelsea and in that context Piqué and Puyol may be critical to counter the 'blues'. Adriano, who has been featured in recent games has many numbers fall from eleven. If Pep opts for a defense of three Piqué, Masche and Puyol form back and Alves could play again as false winger. (via SPORT)

Chelsea irregular away from home

The Blues have been capable of the best and the worst away from home in this season’s Champions League, and have already suffered one defeat that would see them eliminated on Tuesday.

Chelsea aren’t having the best of seasons. Away from Stamford Bridge, they have been struggling to produce positive results. They have been beaten twice on the road in the Champions League, 2-1 at Leverkusen and 3-1 at Napoli, and have drawn twice, 1-1 at both Valencia and Genk. Their only away win was 1-0 at Benfica.

But of all those results, in which they have scored seven goals and let in five, only the 3-2 reverse in Italy would be insufficient to ensure qualification for the final.

They have been just as erratic in the Premier League, where they have collected six wins, seven draws and five defeats, scoring 23 goals and conceding 18. But of these eighteen results, just two of the scorelines would knock them out of Europe on Tuesday, the 2-0 losses at Man United and Everton. A repeat of their 1-0 defeats at QPR and WBA would send the second leg into extra time. (via FCBarcelona.com)

[Youth] The cantera azulgrana continues to advance and be undefeated again

15 wins and a draw was the balance they have achieved the training football teams this day in regular competition.

The Prebenjamin won the championship of the season by winning the Sants mathematician by 1-14, when there are still six games remaining.

The Cadete A suffered for the win against Lleida, but their domination and the various occasions which took over the party were rewarded in the end. The visitors went ahead on 26 minutes but came back to equalize Kaptoum the meeting just before the break. In the second half, Quique Alvarez and Ramon Ros more clearly dominated and enjoyed numerous opportunities to Sergio the azulgranas ahead on 66 minutes. The rival equalized a minute later in a move quite committed, but Barça managed to score the third in the final minute of play, with the help of Josimar. The victory allows the Cadete A recover from the previous day tie against Nastic de Tarragona and remains sole leader of la Liga División de Honor Cadete with 66 points.

The set of Fran Artiga and Andres Martin became one of the best games of the season against Cubelles. Cadete B came out strong from the first minute of the match, and never slowed down. Enric Franquesa opened the can in the 15th minute and two minutes after Ayoub increased distances on the scoreboard. After the break, the azulgranas continued taking control of the game and its intensity opened the way to score the win with goals from Canós (2), Paik, Alexis and Marc Rio The win consolidates barcelonistas at the top of table with 14 points ahead of second placed Barri Santes Creus.

The first part of the Infantil A versus Nàstic de Manresa rose without goals, although many cases of boys Fran Sánchez and Xavi Franquesa. The azulgranas continued with the same dynamic in the second half, but it was the visitors who opened the can in 41 minutes. However, a penalty that materialized a few minutes later Lee tied the game, and Javi Ruiz took the lead in the scoring barcelonistas five minutes later. Carlos Aleñá rounding the day ended with a goal on a direct free-kick. The whole of Barcelona is leading the First División Infantil with 69 points.

Victory set the team of Denis Silva and Carles Lopez in the field of Sant Cugat. The hosts went ahead on the scoreboard in the first half and went into the break ahead by the minimum. Early in the second half, the differences increased Sant Cugat drawing a backlash, but Infantil B continued to fight for the win and the next play Juan Cruz barcelonista opened the can. Alejandro Viedma signed a tie in the 46th minute with a shot that went across the square, and in added time, it became a penalty on Viedma sleeves that gave the victory to azulgrana set. This win consolidates barcelonistas in third place in the Primera Division Infantil with 55 points.

The Alevín A won his fifth straight win in the league against the Sant Cugat. The set barcelonista began the meeting with great intensity and by the work and good play could overcome a challenging opponent, who ranked fifth in the table. The guys from Marcel Sans and Isaac Garcia did not lower the rate at any time and held strong on defense, allowing them to avoid the potential opportunities the visiting team. Moreover, the quality offensive led them to sign a nice win with goals from Ben (2), Sergio, Joan Altimira, Pau and Alejandro. With this new victory, Barça still second in the Primera Division Alevín, behind Espanyol.

Triumph of the azulgranas at the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper. The Sant Cugat took the lead on the scoreboard in the opening minutes of play, while boys Jordi Font and Jordi Puig then tied the game with a goal of Oriol Solina. The confrontation was to break even, although the resumption of Alevín B came forward with a double by Albert Portas and target more of Lucas de Vega.

The team of Alex Gomez and Alexis Pintó is unstoppable this season, and binds its seventh straight win after beating home Manresa. The azulgranas were much higher throughout the match and showed a very positive attitude, constant pressure, which allowed them to sign the scoring. The Alevín C enjoyed many occasions that could have further increased the differences, but lacked accuracy. Take (2), Adrià, Guillermo Amor and Marc Guerrero were the scorers of the day. With this new win all barcelonista is sole leader of the Second División Alevín with 66 points and more calmly faces the final stretch of the season.

Good game of Alevín D in the field Municipal Can Torelló. The azulgranas beat the previous week's tie against Blanca Subur worked with a victory at home against Escola Gavà. The game started very even, with arrivals in both areas. The hosts went ahead in the score at minute 5, but the guys from Xavi Bravo and Oscar Hernandez not let their heads drop and rallied the result Mahicas Julian with a hat-trick before reaching the 30th minute of play. After the break, Barça took control and sealed the game with more goals from Dani Morillas, Roger Vegas, Kenneth Soler and Julián Mahicas, who signed his fourth goal of the day.

The team of Marc Serra and David Sanchez passed without much difficulty Jabac i Terrassa at home, although the result did not reflect the play of the locals. The Benjamin A dominated the match and was well positioned on defense, but had some problems along the offensive meeting that contrast with the good game that usually show. Still, Barça could take all three points in a comfortable clash with goals from Ilias, which signed a hat-trick, Marc, Aitor and Raul.

The Benjamin B took the win over ranked eleventh in the table, but had difficulty opening the scoring because of the intense defensive approach of the rival. The guys Sergi Milá and Òscar Jorquera could not score the first goal, Albert Garrido, until the final minutes of the second quarter and went into the break ahead by the minimum. After the break, however, the opponent signed a tie on the first play. However, this target was reacted to the azulgranas, who ended the third quarter with the result of 1-4, thanks to three goals from Oscar, Albert and Iker. The premises were again bringing in the last minutes of the game, but another target round Iker finished the day. The win keeps undefeated the whole barcelonista in the first position of the First División Benjamín with 71 points, and who has not lost a game of 25 he has played.

The team of Cristian Catena and Albert Puig been preparing all week the game against Cornellà, and as a result could face patiently closed the rival approach. The azulgranas were able to move the ball with criteria to find the spaces in the visitors goal, but even so the goals will be made ​​to wait until the last quarter. Arnau Martínez opened the can in the fourth quarter advantage Cornellà fatigue, and Marc Pelaz round finished the scoring in the last minute of the meeting. With the win, the azulgranas are leaders in solo competition with 5-point lead over second-placed Begues.

The azulgranas repeated the win the previous week, this time against Sistrells, the last place in the table. The set of Jordi Perez and David Sanchez came out with great force in the first minute of play was ahead in the light with a rehearsed move out of a building on the corner. In the first quarter the game was already pretty sentenced to 0-4, and at half the gap was even wider, 0-7. The resumption continued dominance and barcelonista in the last period Barça rounded off the day with 4 more goals. The scorers of the match were Nadir (3), Eric (3), Gabi, Mamadou, Arnau and Sicu, plus an own goal from the premises. This is a new victory that keeps to the azulgranas unbeaten in regular competition with 22 wins in 22 games.

Prebenjamin already champion of Liga mathematical with six rounds remaining, after beating a strong Sants 1-14. The guys from Rafa Rodríguez and Juan Antonio Gil carried the title in a brilliant season, where they won 19 games they have played.

After being proclaimed champion of the regular competition the day before, the Prebenjamin played two friendly matches. Due to exhaustion, the team Rafa Rodríguez and Juan Antonio Gil lost two matches, but got a good experience for the next week, in which host the tenth edition of the MIC in Andorra. In the first encounter was face to face with Blackburn Rovers in a shock very close, but the success of the visitors allowed them the win. The second match was against Cornellà, a team two years older physically superior that made ​​life difficult to all barcelonista, but Barça did not fail to make their team play at any time.




Didier Drogba, the 'executioner' of Barça, more than his knee problems

The Ivorian has worked normally on Sunday with the rest of his teammates.

Didier Drogba, author of a 1-0 defeat to Barcelona in the first leg of the semifinals of the Champions League at Stamford Bridge, is forcing the machine to recover and everything indicates that the Ivorian striker has already exceeded the discomfort in his knee that pulls the duel that pitted azulgrana on Wednesday. After seeing the Sunday session conducted by the Blues, Drogba will be in the lineup that Roberto di Matteo presented Tuesday at Camp Nou.

Drogba was brought to normal, as have secured in recent British media at different times, and coach Roberto di Matteo will be without striker surely crucial for African leg against Barça. If not, Fernando Torres, who started against Arsenal in the final game of the Premier, would be the spearhead in the Camp Nou.

The Ivorian, 34, has played 30 games for the club 'blue' scoring eleven goals this season and since the arrival of Di Matteo to the bench at Stamford Bridge, replacing the Portuguese André Villas-Boas, the title has alternated Fernando Torres. (via MD)

Van der Sar: "I hope that Barça win at Chelsea for the good of football"

Former Dutch international goalkeeper claimed the game played for Barca and criticized the defensive approach that showed Chelsea in the semifinal round of the Champions.

Former Dutch international goalkeeper Edwin Van der Sar looked at the options Barça and Chelsea reach the final of the Champions League in Munich and had no problem recognizing that Guardiola would prefer to accede to the final after seen in the game leg, in remarks published by the British press.

The legendary Dutch keeper lamented the defensive system implemented by Roberto Di Matteo, showing that contrary to the praise received from Swiss-Italian technical environment 'blue'.

"For the good of the game and football in general, I hope that Barça win in the Nou Camp," said exportero Manchester United, Fulham, Juventus and Ajax.

"I love the teams to attack and Chelsea did nothing to defend with nine players, bringing together a lot of players in midfield," lamented the Dutch exinternacional.

Van der Sar surprised to say that he hoped that at Stamford Bridge the stars in Barça's a great result and, despite Drogba's goal, Guardiola "could win the final 1-5". "Chelsea only on goal once booted," he said finally. (via SPORT)

[Ex player] Koeman: "I was shocked to see the approach of Chelsea against Barça"

The ex azulgrana harshly criticized the tactical system applied by Roberto Di Matteo in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final against Barca.

Ronald Koeman, legend azulgrana and current coach of Feyenoord, sent his support to Barcelona for the dispute around the semifinals of the Champions League against Chelsea and roundly criticized the ultra-defensive system that exhibited the Blues on Wednesday at Stamford Bridge in statements published by British media.

"As a coach, would not allow my team were playing as he did for Chelsea against Barça," he said. "I saw the Chelsea defending for 90 minutes and I was horrified to see that no attempt to play anything else," he added, for sentencing that "I have no admiration for Chelsea's approach."

In fact, the hero of the first European Cup of Barça wanted to remember that despite the ultra-defensive approach, Chelsea was about to fit more than one goal: "Let's face it, Barça could have won easily in London."

Koeman showed preference to the dispute of the second leg when considering that he expects "that football is the winner this week and the team bet more good play by reaching the final." "It's time for Chelsea to propose something else and not settle for Barça sit and wait the whole game," claimed. (via SPORT)

Barça B; Liga Aderante; week36] FC Barcelona B 1 - 0 Real Murcia

A 85 minute goal from young forward has decided an unsightly match between Barça B and Murcia. It is the fourth straight victory at home in the subsidiary.

The subsidiary has dominated the match and scored just after the opponent to stay outnumbered.

Jean Marie Dongou has unblocked a match Barça B complex to an orderly and conservative Murcia. The azulgrana, sober but very precise, the initiative had not reached the necessary depth for the win. Dongou input in the last half hour and eventually shake the party giving the fourth win of the subsidiary in the Mini and eighth day without losing in the second division.

Many new alignment of the subsidiary had no common men as Deulofeu, Montoya and Bartra. Still, the group coached by Eusebio was recognizable. Combined with patience while looking for ways to find a gap in the defense of Murcia, which presented low hours. The visitors, well planted, have not granted nor to Ecuador the first half when a free kick in the front is resolved without consequences for the goalkeeper Javi Jiménez.

After half an hour, an inmate of Lobato-substitute on the left side of the sanctioned plans, has returned to Jiménez put on alert. Barça B had the situation under control and simmered the goal, even though the game suffered numerous interruptions and that the chances were scarce on both sides. Much livelier have started the second half. Three headers in the first moments, one local and two visitors, and have become the best opportunities. Was the outcome of a duel well matured by Eusebius.

A shot of Marti Riverola too cross after a good partnership azulgrana has been about to become 1-0. Next, the technical culé would get toDongou-precisely in place of reference Riverola-offensive (min 63). Later Espinosa would come to look more fluent in the game (min 73).

In the final minutes Barça B, the band opted for a business right Kiko Femenía has gotten close to Murcia in their field. Visitors are left with ten to just six for the final expulsion of Oriol for a hard tackle Dongou. Cameroon became the hero of the night to solve in 85 minutes messy action within the area. His opportunism earned three points for the subsidiary. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Match Stats]
Barça B Balliu, Armando, Muniesa, Lobato; Dos Santos, Riverola (Dongou, min. 62), Sergi Roberto; Carmona (Espinosa, min. 74), Kiko Femenía (Rodri, min. 86) and Rafinha.

Murcia Javi Jiménez; Mario Marín, Luciano, Iván Amaya, Oriol Lozano, Óscar Sánchez; Emilio (Chando, min. 87), Richi, Iturra; Sutil (Albiol, min. 75) and Ruso (Borja, min. 68).

Goal: 1-0, min. 85: Dongou.

Referee: De Burgos Bengoetxea (Basque college). By the Barcelona reprimanded Dos Santos (min. 90) and Rodri (min. 90 +2) and the yellow card shown Murcia Luciano (min. 46), Óscar (min. 90) and drove for two bookings Oriol (min. 22 and 84).

Subs: Meeting of the thirty-fourth day of the Liga Adelante, played before 1,884 spectators at FC Barcelona Miniestadi.

Reaction to setbacks always positive

Guardiola’s Barça have always reacted to setbacks with pride and a strong fightback – below we look at the three most difficult moments the team have overcome since 2008.

With 13 trophies won out of the 16 they have contested, it’s clear that Guardiola’s team haven’t given the fans too many disappointments. The defeat against Madrid will of course be one, but if we look back at the way the team have reacted to bad results in the past, the omens are positive for this week’s game against Chelsea.

Saturday night’s was just the second defeat to Madrid under Guardiola- the first came in the 2010/11 Spanish Cup final, after which the team reacted positively with a 2-0 win over Osasuna and a 0-2 win in Madrid in the Champions League semi final that paved the way to last year’s historic European and domestic double.

Barça’s defeat in the 2009/10 Champions League semifinal was followed by a run of four league wins that sealed the title, with the first one perhaps the most significant – a 1-4 win at Villarreal. That win was followed by victories over Tenerife (4-1), Seville (2-3) and Valladolid (4-0) and another League title, won with an amazing 99 points.

After taking the six cups in 2009, Guardiola’s team first tasted disappointment when they were knocked out of the 2009/10 Spanish Cup by Seville in the last 16 round. The response from the team was impressive, beating Seville 4-0 in the league and then running up three more wins that went a long way to ensuring the league title. (via FCBarcelona.com)