20 April 2012

[Ex players] Carles Rexach and Julio Salinas answer Internet users of MD

On the occasion of el clásico Saturday the two former players of Barça Julio Salinas and Carles Rexach, have been the protagonists of the first video chat where they discussed MD answered questions from our Internet users.

Julio Salinas gives Barça as a favorite and believes that despite the defeat in the Champions League against Chelsea the azulgrana "come right to el clásico and the pressure is on Madrid and another defeat would hit him in the face of the league and around Champions League semis. "

Carles Rexach for his part believes that if "this end up winning the league if Barça is always talk of this league Real Madrid lost" so the same way as Julio Salinas believes that "the pressure is on Madrid."

On the possibilities of winning the league, former azulgrana coach believes that "Barça have this option only to dream, that is to win the match. If Madrid wins or draws la Liga statement "

His forecast for the match is a 2-0 Carles Rexach and Julio Salinas 3-1. (via MD)

[Youth] More near of England than of Israel

While in Tel Aviv have put Òscar García at Maccabi, there are only some interest from Jordi Cruyff but not a single negotiation.

Manchester City, which wanted to sign him last summer, and Chelsea are also interested in the Barça coach to lead its affiliates.

The Israeli media have taken for granted today that Òscar García will be the new coach of Maccabi Tel Aviv next season. The arrival of Jordi Cruyff, which was presented on Sunday, as the new manager, has unleashed all the rumors and Israel claim that there is an agreement and only missing seal economic fringes.

The reality is that Jordi Cruyff are interested in Òscar but have not yet started any negotiations. First, because the Barça coach is very focused on the Juvenil A and its goal now is to win the Champions League and Copa del Rey.

And secondly, because even a few weeks Òscar wait for more deals and decide all on the table, including Maccabi. Manchester City, which wanted to hire him last summer, and Chelsea have shown interest in the coach to take charge of their subsidiaries and join the staff of the first team. In the case of the London club, there is also the possibility of leading the Vitesse, linked to that of Roman Abramovich. (via MD)

Drogba doubtful for Barça-Chelsea

Chelsea, Roberto di Matteo, announced Friday that Didier Drogba is low for the encounter that the dispute Saturday against Arsenal and Chelsea doubtful for semifinal round of the Champions League to be played on Tuesday at Camp Nou. According to Di Matteo, the author of the only goal last Wednesday suffering from knee problems. Neither played the game against Arsenal the center-back David Luiz, still doubt also for the Camp Nou. (via MD)

Karanka: "The behavior of our players on the field has been fantastic"

The second of Mourinho gave a press conference prior to the Barça-Madrid.

Aitor Karanka attended the press conference prior to the great clásico on Saturday to replace Real Madrid coach José Mourinho, who once again was silent and did not want to face at a press conference. Karanka repeated several times the "Madrid has not done more in the Camp Nou because we have left."

On el clásico itself, said it has all the ingredients to be a good game, appealing to all happen in a "normal": "They are two excellent templates, live a great atmosphere. We want to develop normally all that be a good match. "Karanka said that Madrid would like in the three clásico played in the Camp Nou in the era Mourinho: "It will be like the last three times. All that we could control was there, we have, we need not change. I that depends on us we will. "The Basque said no head at Bayern, and that if you lose, nothing happens, because there are four parties: "The game we have in mind is that of tomorrow. Out as always there and see what deparando going. We propose to make a good match, three points but there are five games, which are equally important. "Around the club's players Chamartin, the second of Mourinho said Lass will be available to the team, like Di Maria and Ozil, "The two train normally. Di Maria has been long injured, and no Ozil to discover who he is. can be important for us. Lass itself may be, is Madrid player and we have him. "About Coentrao, much criticized for his work against Bayern, Karanka defended him in the style of Mourinho, showing that they look with new eyes because of who he is: "The work that Fabio was not to make Robben goal and focus. I did very well. It is easy to criticize in the direction of a site ... "

When asked a reporter if Madrid had prepared the entrenameinto with 10 players, Karanka replied that they had done with 24, with the entire staff, and that Madrid is not tired, "He is not tired. There have been injuries, sanctions rotations. for a game like there can be tired tomorrow. "Finally, let a headline about the behaviors and attitudes of Madrid in recent clásicos: "Within the field behavior of our players has been fantastic. When no one's been able to do things they do not control, nor can we control ". (via SPORT)

FC Barcelona - El Clàssic de la meva vida

Xavi set to break record for clásico appearances

Assuming he plays on Saturday, the midfielder will make it to 32 clásicos, beating the record held by Segarra (31) for matches against the old enemy.

Also, Carles Puyol will equalise Migueli’s 13 league appearances against the all-whites at the Camp Nou.

On Saturday, Xavi Hernández could become the Barça player to have made the most appearances against Real Madrid. If he plays his 32nd match against the old enemy, he will beat the 31 achieved by Segarra, a record he levelled when he appeared in the Spanish Supercup last summer.

He played Real Madrid for the first time in 2000 at the Santiago Bernabéu, a game that also featured Pep Guardiola and Carles Puyol. Since then, he has made it to 23 clásicos in the league, which included one goal scored in last year’s famous 5-0 drubbing of Madrid at the Camp Nou. His total of 31 clásicos also includes 3 games in the Copa del Rey, 3 in the Champions League and 2 in the Spanish Supercup.

Although Xavi holds the outright record, he is not the man to have played Real Madrid the most times at the Camp Nou. That honours falls to Migueli, who played 13 home matches against the side from the Spanish capital. But Barcelona captain Carles Puyol stands to equal that record on Saturday. Behind them in the list are César (12), Rifé (11), Asensi (10) and Rexach (10). (via FCBarcelona.com)

More Clasicos (total)

Xavi 31
Segarra 31
Migueli 30
Puyol 29
César 28

More Clasicos (at Camp Nou)

Migueli 25
César 24
Puyol 24
Xavi 23
Rexach 21
Rifé 21
Asensi 19
Zubizarreta 18

Pedro, one step awat from 100 games in La Liga

The forward, who has scored 28 goals in La Liga in his career, could play his 100th match in the competition against Real Madrid on Saturday.

Pedro is one step away from reaching the century mark in La Liga with FC Barcelona. If the striker plays this Saturday against Madrid, Barça fans will be able to boast that they’ve seen the Masia graduate play in La Liga 100 times. Pedro has played 99 games in the league in his career, his 100th could be against Barça’s old rival, Real Madrid.

The player, who was the first to score a goal in all six official competitions in one year, is on the verge of another historic feat: playing 100 games for FC Barcelona in La Liga.

Clásicos have been defining matches for Pedro. The Spaniard is the only player in the team to have scored on Madrid in the three major competitions: Liga, Cup and Champions League.

Pedro made his debut under Frank Rijkaard on January 13, 2008. Barça, who were playing Murcia, won the match 4-0. From that point on, the Spaniard has consistently improved. In his four years with the first team, the striker has scored 28 goals in the Liga. It would be a fitting reward for Pedro to celebrate a goal on his 100th match in La Liga. (via FCBarcelona.com)

Long tradition of debutant goalscorers in the clásico

Alexis and Cesc will play in their first ever home league match against Real Madrid this Saturday, and will be hoping to continue a curious tradition.

Quini, Maradona, Lineker, Koeman, Romario, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Eto'o, Messi and David Villa all scored in their first ever matches against Real Madrid at the Camp Nou.

Alexis and Cesc Fàbregas will both be playing their first ever league match against Real Madrid at the Camp Nou this Saturday, although the former has already experienced a clásico at the Camp Nou in the form of the Spanish Supercup, a match at which he made his official debut for the club. Both players will be looking to join a long list of players who scored league goals against Real Madrid at the Camp Nou at their very first attempt.

Several players have got their Camp Nou clásico careers off to a goalscoring start. Since 1978/79, when Hans Krankl beat García Remon in a 2-0 win, a number of players have excelled in their first experience of welcoming the eternal rival to the Catalan capital. Maradona, Lineker, Romario, Ronaldinho and Messi all repeated Krankl’s feat, as did Zlatan Ibrahimovic two seasons ago (1-0) and David Villa with a brace in last season’s 5-0 win. This Saturday, we could see another new name on the list.

Leo Messi, in 2006-07, was the last player to score three goals in a league match against Real Madrid at the Camp Nou. The Argentinian, now the club’s highest all-time goalscorer, grabbed a late goal to salvage a point from a 3-3 draw. Before him, both Gary Lineker (86/87) and Romario (93/94) had managed to find the Madrid net three times in the same fixture. The Brazilian’s hat trick formed part of the penultimate 5-0 win against Madrid at the Camp Nou, and will always be remembered for his amazing 180º spin to beat Alkorta. (via FCBarcelona.com)

Scorers debutants in a classic

1978/79 Krankl
1980/81 Schuster
1980/81 Quini
1982/83 Maradona
1986/87 Gary Lineker (3)
1989/90 Koeman
1993/94 Romario (3)
1995/96 Kodro
1996/97 Ronaldo
1997/98 Anderson
2004/05 Samuel Eto'o
2004/05 Ronaldinho
2006/07 Leo Messi (3)
2009/10 Ibrahimovic
2010/11 David Villa

[Former player] Samuel Eto'o visits the Juvenil B players Barça in Moscow

Samuel Eto'o has been a nice touch this afternoon with Juvenil B players of FC Barcelona. Taking advantage of Garcia Pimienta's team is in Moscow disputing a friendly tournament, Cameroon has talked with the players after the third game they have played today against the home team, Spartak won by azulgrana by one goal to nil.

The goalkeeper Pol Ballesté (@ Balleste1) has posted on his twitter account a picture Samuel, who has talked with the players especially its Foundation.

Barça has three wins in three games. In the first two, got rid of 3-0 at Borussia Moenchengladbach and 5-1 to Sporting Lisbon. (via MD)

Xavi sees a Clásico "heads or tails"

The second captain of FC Barcelona, Xavi Hernández believes that el clásico Barça-Madrid on Saturday at the Camp Nou is a matter of "heads or tails" as understood that the result occurs affect the development of la Liga.

"La Liga depends very much on this game and its outcome. Barça try to be the winner and that we get to a point. We are very excited to make a comeback in this league so hard to put us 10 points," he stated in an interview with the thematic channel 'Gol TV'.

The Barcelona player is confident that his team will play the style you are defining, without sacrificing any of its features. "Madrid has played in various ways and we have not changed the style in any game. We wanted the ball, we wanted to be players in the game," he noted.

"If Barça wins, will have choices in this league and in case of defeat, as the Madrid will be sentenced. Therefore, it is a coin flip game," he added.

In a lengthy interview at the Camp Nou, the Barcelona player has praised, as is customary in him, the coach Josep Guardiola, who has said that despite showing an image of being above everything and everyone not "too upset".

"We give enough chewing everything. We annoying little" added the player, who is convinced that Guardiola "is a fantastic coach. Dominates like no one tactical, the motivation ... is a person who, just by their presence , captive, and in this sense, we orgullosísimos Pep. "

Preparer's azulgrana, Xavi has stressed the motivational skills you have, which has pushed the azulgrana dressing room to conceive not compete "no win".

The continuity of Guardiola is still unknown at Barça, despite being about to enter the scene the last week of April, a fact that

"It is important to continue. To me, it's one of the key or most important person in all this gear, and would like to continue. But it depends," he opined. (via SPORT)

In France trigger 'alert Pepe' before el clásico

'France Football' stands in front Barça-Madrid next to the hardness of Pepe, "the man who loved to call", as protagonist, whom he describes as "abrasive, violent and provocative."

The magazine 'France Football' is very clear. The image projected to the world that have both Barça and Real Madrid in recent seasons has stalled. Styles defended from Barcelona and Madrid have been generally quite opposite poles, and the message has ended up catching on among fans of half the world.

'France Football' has used an image of a forceful entry on Messi to owner Pepe "It's brutal," on the previous Clásico Saturday.

The gala magazine sums up the general view of the game that either team practice. Not surprisingly, in the inside pages Pepe is defined as "the man who loved to call" well considered "abrasive, violent and provocative."

'France Football' also recalls that the Portuguese central "has been behind all the controversies of the last clásicos" and affords a classification of the five toughest players Historic Real Madrid, regardless of its own Pepe. This is a list composed of Goyo Benito, Fernando Hierro, Pedro de Felipe, Thomas Gravesen and Ricardo Rocha. (via SPORT)

[Former player] Riquelme: "Barça will win el clásico because it plays at home and has to Messi"

Juan Roman Riquelme of Boca Juniors captain of Argentina, said that Barca will win on Saturday against Real Madrid in the Spanish clásico and Guardiola praised the defeat against Chelsea.

Barcelona will win the el clásico because it is local and because it has to Messi, who is the best of all, "said former player in the Catalan team and Villarreal on el clásico Spanish League.

Riquelme said that "play well is what has made ​​Barcelona" against Chelsea last Wednesday, despite the 1-0 defeat by the English in the first game of the semifinals.

"Rare is the definition of the Champions League. Won a team that kicked once to bow," said the former captain of the Argentine national team, also had words of praise for Andres Iniesta, one of the team figures Guardiola: "I learn to see him play. "

"People like to play well. Not just jump to their feet, not just crash," he said in a statement to Fox Sports. (via SPORT)

Del Bosque: "There is no favorite for el clásico"

The national football coach confirmed he does "few months" Ángel María Villar agreed to renew the national team and assessed prior Barça-Madrid.

Del Bosque was pronounced this way in Albacete, during a visit to the premises of the Association for the Care of Persons with Disabilities (Asprona) and Asla Foundation, a center that serves people with intellectual disabilities.

The national coach pointed at a press conference at the European end of "no problems and we all feel comfortable, Federation and coaching staff, will continue."

Indeed, on the next European Del Bosque said that Chelsea striker Fernando Torres has "options enter" a list that said, not closed.

He admitted also that Oscar De Marcos, Iker Muniain or Ander Herrera could have a place among the elect because "the campaign is doing is magnificent Athletic Bilbao" and also because "they have reached a maturity that is not prime one day, but is due to the work of several years. "

Moreover, Del Bosque hoped Barcelona and Real Madrid, whom he described as "the two best clubs in Europe," qualify for the final of the Champions League.

On the duel between the two on Saturday, said "there is no choice" but said he believed to be lived "an exciting league final," and said he does not believe that the friction between the players of both clubs "harm the climate that exists in the selection. "

Also, based its presence in the Asla Foundation, where he was accompanied by President of Asprona, Lucio Gómez Albacete's mayor, Carmen Bayod, and the coordinator of the lower echelons of the RFEF, Albacete Ginés Meléndez, because "all aids are few. "

"We all need to be aware because we have a case in our family with intellectual disabilities," he said, noting that, from personal experience, "no one can give these kids as much affection." (via SPORT)

The 'friend' of Mourinho blows the Real Madrid-Sevilla

It's no secret that Real Madrid coach fondness for Mateu Lahoz. They will meet again on Sunday 29.

At the expense of what happens in el Clásico on Saturday, Real Madrid-Seville to be held at noon on April 29 could be crucial to the future of the championship. This Thursday have announced the appointments for that day arbitration and secure white coach, Jose Mourinho, will be pleased to learn that Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz Valencia has been chosen to lead this game.

"It's fantastic, I want it every Sunday, is from left to play, not get carried away by the artists of the pool, glad Mateu Lahoz," Mou said long ago, praising the judge of the Real Madrid-Sevilla. The numbers support his joy. With Mateu drafting the minutes, Mourinho's Madrid has won all league matches, seven of seven. And even whistled the game last season between Sevilla and Real Madrid in the Pizjuán, which ended with a spectacular 2-6.

The last time Mateu Lahoz was whistled for Real Madrid derby against Atlético in the first round on 26 November, which ended with a 4-1 triumph white with two mattress expelled in the team, the goal Courtois (21 ') and defender Godin (81). In addition, whistled for two penalties the Mou that Cristiano Ronaldo turned to Sergio Asenjo.

The day that la Liga will be at stake in the capital of Spain, the excitement will be at noon at the Bernabeu and at night in Vallecas, where he played (21.30 hours) Rayo-Barça. In this case, the referee has been appointed Basque Delgado Ferreiro, who had not whistled a game to all rayista in First Division.

FC Barcelona has no hard numbers with Delgado, as history has lived in thirteen ten wins, one draw and two defeats. The last-and only with technical Guardiola was in the Barça-Espanyol derby of February 21, 2009, which ended with Keita sent off-white for 1-2 victory with two goals from Ivan de la Peña. The Four Times whistled in Liga away from the Camp Nou to Barça with Santpedor on the bench there Blaugrana victory: the 2009-2010 season in Malaga (0-2) and Zaragoza (2-4) and last season in the Racing field (0-3) and the Deportivo (0-4).

The last time Delgado Ferreiro whistled to Barça in la Liga was in the game against Atletico at the Camp Nou on 24 September. Guardiola won 5-0. (via SPORT)

The designations
LIGA BBVA - Round 36
Zaragoza-Athletic IGLESIAS VILLANUEVA (C. Gallego)
Getafe-Mallorca PARADAS ROMERO (C. Andaluz)
Levante-Granada GONZÁLEZ GONZÁLEZ (C.C-Leonés)
Real Madrid-Sevilla MATEU LAHOZ (C. Valenciano)
Rayo Vallecano-Barcelona DELGADO FERREIRO (C. Vasco)
Espanyol-Sporting AYZA GÁMEZ (C. Valenciano)
Betis-Atlético de Madrid J.A. TEIXEIRA VITIENES (C. Cántabro)
Málaga-Valencia F. TEIXEIRA VITIENES (C. Cántabro)
Villarreal-Osasuna TURIENZO ÁLVAREZ (C. Cast-Leonés)
Real Sociedad-Racing ESTRADA FERNÁNDEZ (C. Catalán)

Gimnastic-Alcoyano ARCEDIANO MONESCILLO (C.C-Manchego)
Córdoba-Guadalajara VALDÉS ALLER (C. Cast-Leonés)
Girona-Alcorcón MARTÍNEZ MUNUERA (C. Valenciano)
Murcia-Sabadell LESMA LÓPEZ (C. Madrileño)
Celta de Vigo-Barcelona B VICANDI GARRIDO (C. Vasco)
Elche-Hércules LÓPEZ ACERA (C. Extremeño)
Almería-Deportivo SUREDA CUENCA (C. Balear)
Valladolid-Cartagena MIRANDA TORRES (C. Catalán)
Numancia-Villarreal B PINO ZAMORANO (C. Cast-Manchego)
Las Palmas-Huesca SÁNCHEZ MARTÍNEZ (C. Murciano)
Xerez-Recreativo PRIETO IGLESIAS (C. Navarro)

Alexis Sánchez is doubtful for the derby against Real Madrid

The Chilean forward Barça blew limped off alarms at the plane from London.

Barça could lose to Alexis Sánchez for Saturday's match against Real Madrid at the Camp Nou.

The forward showed an obvious limp tocopillano Thursday when azulgrana expedition landed at the airport of El Prat from London.

The discomfort of Alexis would originate received a hard tackle by John Terry. In fact, the Chilean forward was the first change in Barça giving his position the canary Pedro Rodríguez.

While waiting for the relevant examinations, '9' azulgrana is doubtful for the derby. (via SPORT)

Reasons to be optimistic

Chelsea’s 1-0 win would be cancelled out by four of the five home results this season.

In 2002, Panathinaikos suffered exactly the same fate that Barça will need to repeat on Tuesday.

Chelsea have already lost one Champions League semi final after winning the first leg 1-0.

The 1-0 defeat at Stamford Bridge was a cruel blow for FC Barcelona, but the tie is anything but over. History offers plenty of reasons to be optimistic. Four out of five of Barcelona’s results in European matches this season would be enough to ensure passage into the Munich final. The Catalans overcame Viktoria Pilsen (2-0), BATE Borisov (4-0), Bayer Leverkusen (7-1) and AC Milan (3-1) by scorelines that would all send the Londoners out of the competition, and only the 2-2 draw with AC Milan would see Barcelona eliminated.

Although 1-0 is by no means an unusual score, this is only the second time in Champions League history that FC Barcelona have been faced with the task of turning around a 1-0 first leg defeat at the Camp Nou. The other occasion was in the quarter finals way back in 2001/02, when Panathinaikos scored the only goal of the first leg in Greece. Managed at the time by Carles Rexach, Barça won 3-1 at the Camp Nou thanks to goals from Luis Enrique (2) and Saviola. And that was even despite Panathinaikos scoring the first goal of the night, which meant Barça needed to score three. Which they did.

It is also impossible to forget the dramatic comeback against Chelsea in the 1999/00 season, after Barça had lost the first leg 3-1 at Stamford Bridge. They eventually qualified thanks to a 5-1 win after extra time at the Camp Nou.

There are also reasons for the Premiership club to feel pessimistic about their chances. In the semi final of this competition in 2006/07, Chelsea got off to a 1-0 start against Liverpool, but then lost by the same score at Anfield. It all came down to a penalty shootout, and it was Liverpool that ultimately won a ticket to the final. (via FCBarcelona.com)

The Barça Toons, ready for the Clásico

The Barça Toons are ready for Saturday's Clásico at the Camp Nou. Puyol, Xavi, Piqué, Cesc, Valdés, Messi, Macherano, Alexis, Keita and company play an exciting game of chess.

VIDEOL: www.fcbarcelona.com