11 April 2012

The Foundation signs an agreement with Cáritas to promote vocational training for young unemployed

The initiative includes a collaboration agreement in which 50 young people involved in employment programs make placements at the facilities of FC Barcelona.

FC Barcelona president, Sandro Rosell, participated Wednesday in the presentation of the project of Cáritas 'Youth in unemployment', an initiative of the Cardinal Archbishop of Barcelona, Lluís Martínez Sistach, on the occasion of his 50 years as a priest. The project, presented at the Archbishop of Barcelona, ​​attended by Cardinal Martinez Sistach and President of RCD Espanyol, Barcelona Ramon, an organization that also works on the project.

President Sandro Rosell believes that FC Barcelona "has to work on serious issues such as unemployment. With this initiative, we want people to realize the social problem is unemployment." For his part, Archbishop Lluís Martínez Sistach appreciates the support of Barça, "which immediately showed its willingness to cooperate with the project." And he has addressed to representatives of FC Barcelona and Espanyol to say "on behalf of all young unemployed and their families, thank you very much."

The 'Youth in unemployment' aims to address the high rates of youth unemployment, which now are above 50%, and offers career counseling, job search, job and language skills to youth at risk social exclusion.

To support this initiative, the FC Barcelona Foundation and Cáritas have signed a collaboration agreement in which 50 young people involved in employment programs of this entity will placements at FC Barcelona facilities maintenance building, warehouse, landscaping and services auxiliaries.

Also, FC Barcelona wants to publicize the campaign 'Youth in unemployment' and for this reason carry out various actions of visibility on this project at the Camp Nou during the league match against Málaga. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Rosell: "Abidal and his cousin do very well"

Sandro Rosell expected to be "a great day" with Abidal recovery that is under observation.

Sandro Rosell attended the launch of a campaign on youth and unemployment by the Archbishop of Barcelona, Lluis Martinez-Sistach, and the president of RCD Espanyol, Barcelona Ramon, and referred to the state of Abidal after his liver transplant operation.

The Barça president could not hide his optimism and gave a message of hope to finish all the best.

"Today might be a day round because we know that Abidal and his cousin do very well after the operation," he said, as recorded by Catalunya Radio.

For now, the French defender is under observation for a period of 48 hours.

As to whether continue the match between Atlético Madrid and Real Madrid, Rosell said: "Not if I see him, I think I have a dinner, do not know yet if I can see." (via SPORT)

Barça 2012/13 pre-season in Europe

The Club has decided that the next pre-season will be based locally, with four or five friendly games to be held in Europe.

The aim is to counterbalance the accumulation of games over the last few season and take into account the extra effort needed for the European Championships and Olympic games.

FC Barcelona will make his preseason 2012/13 mainly in Europe, with the dispute of four or five commitments already planned and friendly to be fulfilled.

As an exceptional measure, the Club considers it necessary for this summer preseason format that combines local and stay friendly matches.

The aim is to offset the intense burden accumulated by the template matches in recent seasons and the extra effort for many players will dispute the next editions of the European Championships and the Olympics.

FC Barcelona wants to thank fans from all over the world to our first team to visit their countries and is committed to continue approaching them on tour in the coming years. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Busquets: "We did our work, which was to win"

Sergio Busquets says the team has done everything in their power to shorten the disadvantage on the leader and not look beyond. "Some time ago that every game is a final."

"We did our work, which was to win. This was in our hands. The rest can not do anything."

"Both the team and I are fine. We have a very positive dynamic," said Sergio Busquets in the press conference after training on Wednesday. There are still 10 days to el clásico azulgrana midfielder prefer to go step by step: "We first thought in the Levante, which is the next opponent. It is a very difficult, we will find a team that is doing a great season." "We have long since every match is a final. The Real Madrid game will be important because it is a direct duel," has recognized the '16' Barça.

"Right now is a point behind, which can again be four this Wednesday. We too had had similar benefits in previous years. We have the right pressure," said Busquets on the current situation in the league. "Before there is a big rival. I think they have a privileged position because they are the leaders. We did our work, which was to win. This etaba in our hands. The rest can not do anything," added the midfielder. "Do not change anything because the situation is what it is. What I like is to be leaders, as in recent years."

For Busquets, the challenge is to go step by step and work daily to cut points: "This team has always been regular." "I think you always run. Never can we blame lack of attitude or commitment," said one of the holders against Getafe on Tuesday. An effort that is not incompatible with happiness: "It is also essential. It means that things are going well."

The azulgrana footballer, which ensures that every day learn more, still will not look beyond. "All seasons have been almost unbeatable. At the beginning of course you can not think where ever you be at this point in time, but you can work to stay alive in all competitions." "What is fun is to reach the final and win the title and work to get it," he concluded. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Pedro, Alexis and Messi run and laugh: Pim PAM Pum

Barça's victory shined with four great goals that shook the Camp Nou with joy and excitement.

It was on the half hour mark when a nasty cold wind began to push at the Camp Nou. The gale Leo broke a little later, in minute 43, sensing that Iniesta was able to infiltrate the opponent at that speed you, that makes him invisible, removing the defense to leave the ball in the opposite direction.

Leo was unsure how to invent and Andrés Iniesta pass that would have bet an arm that Messi would be there to pick up the ball. He touched first to dribble but spread that fashion shoot without affectation, strong, tall, unstoppable, launched a devastating left hook.

Iniesta scored well against Athletic, Leo scored the 1-2 in Zaragoza with the same forcefulness and seen the success formula repeated that shot last night to certify romperredes (2-0) that Barça, with the victory and entrained by Alexis, the Messi enabled with a chest support, it became a point behind. Another thing is that the athletic gods awaken from their slumber today.

At the end would be a pim PAM (Pedro-Alexis-Messi), pam for the team azulgrana, running more than laughing but having the time, sweep resistance Getafe with that inspiration which is neither casual nor be given away.

Because there is much work and effort behind that another goal of Alexis also breaking the network of a header from Cuenca, which yesterday crossed another boundary, the 12 goals for his best year in Italy, raised to 13 and possibility of establishing its own roof in the first year of azulgrana.

As there is faith, enthusiasm and tremendous fellowship brutal behind the goal by Pedro - ball Leo placed on his head gyro-,acclaimed as the Camp Nou in their heyday.

The stadium fell apart because Peter, now rising from its worst, this boat represents the sublimation of illusion and a case of supreme talentoen transformation efficiency, goals and titles.

Four goals, another whack to la Liga and a soft pillow to sleep on the minimum distance from that Madrid which, however, have given too much.

And Messi finally cheered on the brink of all legends, it has 9 straight games scoring in La Liga, about to reach 10 Mariano Martin and Ronaldo scored one more goal being to a Cristiano in his record of 62 goals in a course. Follow Leo. (via MD)

Alexis Sánchez is at her best scoring form

Life is full of chances, and wanted the game tonight against Getafe Alexis Sánchez achieved his best scoring person, 13 goals, scoring the first of them curiously at minute 13. The Chilean has scored a goal in each half and both have been separate bill.

The best version of Alexis
Assuming that the best version yet to come and that the scoring form can still increase in six league games missing, plus the outstanding Champions League and the final of the Copa del Rey, Alexis Sánchez has passed his best scorer in a season: 12 goals wearing the shirt that managed Udinese, before becoming a new player blaugrana the July 21, 2011.

Furthermore, the two goals embodied in the Camp Nou against Gefate are diverse, showing two of the qualities which dazzled Guardiola for the Santpedor be done with the services of Chilean. On the first play has proven ability to partner, speed when assembling the leg and hitting ability, while in the second action Alexis read well the band played in Cuenca, has raised a compelling and have connected a great header, beating the defense and the goal of 'Geta'.

With these two goals, and Alexis Sánchez added 10 points in the league, becoming the second top scorer of Barca in League, after the immeasurable Leo Messi, scorer of the championship with 39 goals. Ten goals to which we must add the two Champions League and the Copa del Rey, some numbers are not bad if you count the numerous games that has been lost due to injury. (via MD)

Piqué, on the sidelines. Alves, work with the group

Barça completed the first session after the Getafe match with sights set to match against Levante.

First session of FC Barcelona at the Ciudad Deportiva de Sant Joan Despi to prepare for the match against Levante. Holders of the game against Getafe did recovery work. The good news was in Dani Alves, who worked with the group. Piqué, however, did on the sidelines. Guardiola and technical staff attended the team players Tello, Montoya, Muniesa and Bartra. (via SPORT)

Pelé turns to look down on Messi: "We still must overcome Neymar"

The Brazilian Pelé is obsessed with belittling the achievements of Leo Messi, who does not consider the best ever since he believes that it still has to overcome to Neymar.

"He's a star, fine. But for Messi to be the best of all, you must first achieve better than Neymar" said legendary ex player Brazilian, who still had more words about the '10 'azulgrana. "The only thing that exceeds Messi to Neymar is that is more experienced," said three-time world champion.

Undoubtedly, some statements in addition to those made in recent months by Pelé, bent on putting the same level Neymar that the player Argentina. Something that, without belittling the Santos, is far from reality. (via SPORT)

Iniesta: “We'll keep fighting for the title until the end”

The midfielder said that “there is still a lot of Liga left” and that the team is on a “good trajectory”.

The Barça players dedicate tonight’s win to Abidal, who underwent liver transplant surgery today.

Muniesa: “It’s an honour to finish the game with 10 players from the youth system. I hope we can some day finish a game with 11”.

Barça closed the gap with Real Madrid, who still have a game in hand, to one point tonight after the Catalans beat Getafe 4-0 at the Camp Nou. “Madrid are the leaders, they have the advantage. But there’s still quite a bit of Liga to play. What we have to do is win the games we have left,” said Andrés Iniesta. The midfielder said that his teammates must have their “batteries charged” in order to take advantage of any slip up that Madrid might have from here until the end of the season. Despite the one-point difference, the Azulgranas aren’t giving up on the title: “things have changed and we’re still fighting for the title, and we’ll keep fighting for it until the end.”

Goal express

Iniesta was the man that supplied Messi with the assist in Barça’s second goal. “The goal was scored after a very fast one-touch play. When they close themselves off we have to play as quickly as possible. It worked out well,” mused Iniesta, who also said that the team “is on a good trajectory” and that “we took advantage of our chances.”

Barça’s next match will be away to Levante. The Azulgranas place a lot of value on this Saturday’s match seeing that the Valencia-based team are currently holing a Champions League spot in the table.

Victory dedicated to Abidal

Most of Barça’s players dedicated tonight’s victory to Abidal, who underwent liver transplant surgery today. Iniesta said: “I’m happy to dedicate this win to Abi. This is for you!” Another hot topic among the footballers after the match was the fact that Barça ended the game with 10 home-grown players on the pitch.

Barça’s footballers will be keeping a close eye on tomorrow’s match between Atlético Madrid and Real Madrid. “This is a match worth watching because it’s a derby, and derbies are always intense. I’ll be watching it, but Madrid is capable of winning and Atlético is playing at home. Without a doubt, it will be an exciting game,” said Iniesta.

Here are the statements made by the FC Barcelona players after the match:


“It’s very easy to play with this team because they are the best. We have to win all of our matches and hope that Madrid drop points. We’re working really well and we’re on the best form we’ve been on all season. We have to pressure our rival [Madrid].

“Being one point away from Madrid after being 10 away is beautiful and we have to continue the trend. We have to keep on working.”


“The boss always tells us what we need to hear. We’re in the final stretch of the Liga and we have to grit our teeth, it’s almost over. We’re one point away, we’ll see what Madrid does tomorrow. The work that needed to get done today, is finished.

“Fantastic match from the team and now we’re only a point behind the leaders. I have to highlight the fact that we finished the match with 10 players form the youth system on the pitch.”


“We have to keep on running, the best part of the season is ahead of us. This was a good game, we were able to attack and keep our patience. We earned a good result. We believe we can win the title. We’ll keep on fighting until the end because there are still a lot of points still in play. We have to hold on to this thought and work really hard.

“Levante have always been a difficult team. It’s an important match. We cannot allow ourselves to repeat the errors we’ve committed in the past.”


“The fans were spectacular, I don’t have words. Great work from the team and great victory. This is for our friend Abidal.”


“This victory is for you, Abi. Be strong, we eagerly await your return!”


“It’s an honour to finish the match with 10 players from the reserve side. I hope we can someday finish a game with 11.”


“Great work from the team. The show must go on.”(via FCBarcelona.com)

Luis García: "If you play these eleven whole league would not have nothing to do"

Getafe coach, Luis García, has said after the defeat of his team 4-0 in the Camp Nou if Barça plays with all his figures as "very difficult" to snatch a point.

"They have a show, have not missed a pass, were tight and pulled out. When you play at this level is very difficult", said at a news conference in Madrid coach set.

García indicated that the Barça starting line, with Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Messi and Alexis, among others, had "the best players in the world" and that if the tournament will play with these players would have no choice rivals.

Getafe coach recalled that in the Coliseum were able to beat them, so he said he would sign each season add 3 of the 6 points to play against Barça.

On the Argentine Leo Messi, who has scored a goal and has participated in the other three, Getafe coach has said he will make a splash.

"He's a player who can afford to receive the foot and from there create. He's the best player in the world, but in addition to much. It spectacular things, is on par with the best and will mark a time," has sentenced Luis García.

However, despite the win, Luis García wanted to congratulate his players for the effort they have made ​​and has urged his team to focus on Monday's game against Sevilla.

The coach said that no team can win the fight for Michel "being the best, and that for the people of Getafe is very nice." (via SPORT)

Guardiola: “We dedicate this victory to Abidal"

The manager dedicated the victory to Éric Abidal, who underwent liver transplant surgery this Tuesday

“I’m very pleased with today’s performance because it’s difficult to attack a team that puts nine men behind the ball,” said the manager.

Josep Guardiola wanted to encourage Éric Abidal, who underwent liver transplant surgery today, by dedicating Barça’s victory over Getafe to the Frenchman. “We’re very pleased to be able to dedicate this victory to Abidal and his cousin Gerard. It’s a special day because we knew that he was in surgery.”

On the match, the manager is pleased with the performance of his players against a team that came to the Camp Nou to defend the initial scoreline: “we’re very pleased because it’s never easy [to play against] such a defensive team. We found our patience, and we scored fairly early, we created goal scoring chances... we controlled the match.” He added that “it’s very difficult to attack a team that defends with nine players.”

The manager knows that he can’t influence tomorrow’s match between Atlético Madrid and Real Madrid. However, he said “we’re on a good streak and we have to focus on our own work. We have to start thinking about one of the most difficult matches we have left away from home like the one against Levante and Rayo. These two games will mark our course [in the Liga].”

Carles Puyol turns 34 this Friday. Guardiola said that “beyond his physical qualities he can play football. He lives for it and he takes care of himself. He lives each training session as if it were his last and he performs like it’s his first. I’m very pleased with him and even more so after last year. It’s encouraging because it helps me think we can prolong his career and that’s good for him and for Barça.”

Just as he did after the match against Zaragoza, Guardiola highlighted Pedro’s performance. “We need his goals until the end of the season. It’s great that he’s recovering his confidence and I’m happy that the fans cheer him on.”

Lastly, the manager played down the fact that Barça finished the match with 10 La Masia graduates. “The foundation of the Club is made up of players from La Masia, but in the end everyone is part of this team.” (via FCBarcelona.com)

Ángel Torres: "At the moment, la Liga is going to win the Madrid"

Getafe president but also a partner of Real recalled that the advantage in the championship is still all blanco.

The Getafe president Ángel Torres, naturally took the defeat of his team in Barcelona (4-0) and, as a member of Real Madrid, said that the advantage in La Liga is still all blanco. "At the moment the la Liga Real Madrid will win," said Getafe president who disagreed with those who think in a certain defeat Real Madrid team at the Camp Nou. "Everyone assumed that Madrid will lose here (Camp Nou) and I have none so clear", and stressed the importance of the clash against Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid dispute on Wednesday. "It is a the most important game. If you win at the Calderon think it will be champion, "Torres told Digital Plus.

On the game of Getafe in Barcelona took the inferiority of their equipment. "We have come but we have not been present. This is not our league and now weigh in on Monday." "We came to see if we could surprise in a campaign rare in that we have always been in tow and on Monday we have a big game that will set our aspirations," said Torres. "For them to get to a point in Madrid was an incentive and an encouragement and come out with everything. We already beat them in the first leg and is very difficult to repeat," took over. (via MD)

Guardiola equals Rijkaard with 112 victories in La Liga

Barça’s victory this Tuesday over Getafe saw Gaurdiola equal Rijkaard’s record of 112 victories in La Liga.

Josep Guardiola continues to break records as FC Barcelona’s manager. After today’s victory over Getafe, he’s now the manager with the second most amount of wins in La Liga in the history of FC Barcelona. Guardiola is level with Frank Rijkaard in second place, both with 112 victories. The Catalan manager reached this mark after leading his team in 146 league matches, with a winning rate of 76.8%, the highest of any Barça coach in the history of the Club. Rijkaard’s win rate in La Liga is 56.9%.

If Guardiola’s number of wins is impressive, then the amount of games he’s lost is even more astounding. Of his 146 matches at the Barça helm, he’s only lost 10 games and drawn 24 times. His team have scored 392 goals and conceded 103. In terms of points, Guardiola’s Barça have earned 354 points over these past four seasons.

Only Johan Cruyff has led FC Barcelona to more victories than Guardiola. The Dutchman won 183 matches on the Barça bench from 306 games. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Javier Faus: "La Liga is more alive than ever"

Barcelona vice-president Javier Faus, was cautious despite azulgrana set victory and denied that la Liga will decide on the 'clásico', but "in the last two days."

"We care about us, we will match to match. We have won ten straight games and has gone so well," said Faus to Digital Plus. "The title will not be decided in the match at Camp Nou. Be decided in the last two days, sure."

The club azulgrana spokesman said that "la Liga is more alive than ever" but insisted that Real Madrid is an advantage. "It is still more favorable to Madrid for us. But evidently is closer." After the victory against Getafe highlighted the contribution of the cantera. "The important thing was another great game of Barcelona with eight of the cantera, we ended up with ten of the quarry that is usual and the public has enjoyed," he said. (via SPORT)

Zubizarreta: "The applause Abidal was exciting"

Andoni Zubizarreta expressed his gratitude to the fans of Barça for his tribute to Éric Abidal, who on Tuesday underwent a liver transplant.

Azulgranas supporters dedicated a heartfelt ovation French defender in the 22-minute number that Abidal looks back at Barça, the match against Getafe at Camp Nou.

"We appreciate the applause exciting in that minute, more than ever. Do not know anything about the operation yet," said the director of professional football's FC Barcelona.

The leader also alluded to the statements of Pep Guardiola, who yesterday said he has asked his players to run less and laugh more. "You have to work hard," he said.

Zubizarreta, moreover, would not argue with Madrid coach José Mourinho, or his deputy, Aitor Karanka: "I only know what I mean, I like football and enjoy it," he said. (via SPORT)

[Liga BBVA; Week33] FC Barcelona 4 - 0 Getafe CF

The tenth straight win in the league allows Barça set at a point behind.

Alexis and Messi have signed the first two goals before the break, always from the front.

The Chilean and Pedro have finished the game in the second half with two headers great.

If this had been a test Tuesday, FC Barcelona have returned to take honors. Getafe has shed a delicious football, and placed at a single point behind leaders Real Madrid, who play Wednesday at the Vicente Calderon under intense pressure. The set of Guardiola has caught an almost perfect match from start to finish, initiated with goals from Alexis and Messi in the first half and signed with two others header of Chilean and Pedro, who has followed two days marking.

Thus, Barça, which has added its tenth straight win in the league, you can begin preparing for Saturday's game and at the revelation of la Liga, Levante, waiting for what happens on Wednesday in the Madrid derby.

Guardiola knew the significance of the meeting and have not booked anything. Home has aligned a team with only three defenders and six offensive profile players such as Xavi, Iniesta, Cuenca, Pedro, Alexis and Messi. The meeting was presented as a battle for the midfield, because Luis Garcia has also invested heavily in the media line, in order to contain as much as possible to Barça.

It has failed because Barça has been a whirlwind since the beginning, and soon found with both Alexis, who has shed his namesake in Getafe to sign the first with a tight shot from the front. He has strongly held the Camp Nou, which has agreed Abidal 22 minutes from both sides.

Getafe has only made ​​it through the center circle in three consecutive virtually actions after half an hour. With Miku as lone striker, the rest of the machine has to stop Barça associations, who have repeatedly completed centers Pedro and Cuenca, left and right, respectively. Inside, Xavi, Iniesta, Messi brought Alexis and header to the visitors' defense. All have had the second goal in their boots, but it was the Argentine who has found a phenomenal wall after Iniesta, also in the front. Before the break, 2-0 and an overwhelming dominance.

After the break, wind and rain water at the Camp Nou, factors that have cooled slightly the meeting to the quarter final hour, when FC Barcelona has again put the pedal to secure the three points. What has made the least common: two headed goals. The first work of Alexis, all power in the jump, after a brilliant move and a better center of Cuenca in the right wing. The secondwith Pedro nodding back a free-kick by Messi. After the storm ceased two goals: it was party night at the Camp Nou. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Match Stats]
FC Barcelona Valdés; Mascherano (Muniesa, 84), Puyol, Adriano (Montoya, min.75); Sergio Busquets, Xavi, Messi, Iniesta; Pedro (Tello, min.80), Alexis and Cuenca.

Getafe Moyá; Miguel Torres, Cata Díaz, Alexis, Masilela; Casquero, Juan Rodríguez (Barrada, min.69), Rubén Pérez, Ríos (Artoyo, min.89); Diego Castro (Gavilán, min.69) and Miku.

Goals: 1-0, min.13: Alexis Sánchez. 2-0, min.44: Messi. 3-0, min.73: Alexis. 4-0, min.74: Pedro.

Referee: González González, Castilian-Leonese committee. Showed yellow ? (min.50) and Gavilán (min.74).

Subs: Match the 33rd game of the match at the Camp Nou against esèctadores 76,041.
In 22 minutes the fans cheered with a minute's applause for Eric Abidal, operated on Tuesday at the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona for a liver transplant.

The ‘Two ways to live Barça’ book is presented at the Camp Nou

President Sandro Rosell attended the presentation of the book written by the adviser to the board of directors Carles Rexach and the journalist Màrius Carol.

Rexach, an optimistic Culé, converses with Carol, a pessimistic supporter, about how one should live and enjoy a team like FC Barcelona.

This morning the book Two ways to live Barça. Compulsive sufferers or optimistic by nature was presented at the Camp Nou. The book collects the conversations between the ex-player and now adviser to the board of directors Carles Rexach and the director of communications of the Godó Group Màrius Carol. The dialogue between the two men highlights the nature of a tranquil and optimistic Culé, represented by Rexach, and a supporter that’s more pessimistic, represented by Carol.

The presentation of the book was attended by FC Barcelona President Sandro Rosell, the Institutional Area vice president Carles Vilarrubí and the directors Toni Freixa and Jodri Moix. When Mr. Rosell was asked which personality type represents him best, he said, “between the two of you, the pessimist and the optimist, I’m more like Carles Rexach, I’m more optimistic.

“I hope that Barça takes La Liga and more so now that I see that the team is getting closer. In these nervous moments, there’s more pessimism in Madrid than in Barcelona,” said Rexach when asked about Barça’s chances of winning the title. Carol thanked the team for not throwing in the towel in the month on January: “I’m thankful that this team believed in their chances and they’ve taken it one game at a time. We’re very close to Madrid.”(via FCBarcelona.com)