08 April 2012

Adriano: “We always believed that we'd have our chance in La Liga”

The Brazilian defender said that he’s “at his best” and that the team must win their remaining matches to keep their title hopes alive.

Adriano Correia was unable to hide his joy during today’s press conference at the Ciutat Esportiva. The defender admitted that the team is “happy” with the last two victories over AC Milan (3-1) and Zaragoza (1-4), he also indicated that it’s time to “think about ourselves and try to win three points in each game.” He believes that his team sill have a chance to win La Liga: “we’ve always believed that we’d have a chance at the La Liga title and now we’re only three points behind them. If we continue on this path, we’ll be able to win. The team have had a lot of injuries this season and we’ve put in a strong effort to be where we are now.”

The Brazilian also recognised he’s going through his “best moment this season” on an individual level: “I’m currently going through my best moment this season. I’ve lost weight and I feel much better. Now it’s time to take care of myself and play the remaining matches.” It’s worth noting that Adriano, like all the other first-team players, is on an individual training regiment in order to maximise performance in key parts of the season, part of that regiment requires players to lose weight.

Adriano also had words of praise for his teammate Martín Montoya, who came on for Dani Alves in the match against Zaragoza: “I’ve always really liked Montoya, ever since he did his first preseason with the team. I think he brings a lot to the team. It was noticeable at La Romareda, because the team stayed at the same level when Alves was subbed out.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Alves, undoubtedly to meet the Getafe

After the victory at La Romareda, Barça has trained this morning at the Ciudad Deportiva. Alves, with a slight stretch in the biceps muscle of the left thigh, is doubtful for the match against Getafe.

Guardiola has worked with all first team players available and Tello, Montoya, Muniesa and Bartra, Barça B. There was also the keeper of the Juvenil A, Sergi Tienda.

FC Barcelona has trained this Sunday morning at the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper in a closed session which began at 11.30 hours. Holders against Zaragoza have made recovery work and the rest have completed a more intense workout, with the participation of four players from Barça B (Tello, Montoya, Muniesa and Bartra) and goalkeeper Juvenil A, Sergi Tienda.

This Sunday you have had more tests to Dani Alves, who retired with discomfort in La Romareda, and confirm that you have a slight stretch in the biceps muscle of the left thigh. Its evolution marks the availability for the match on Tuesday at the Camp Nou against Getafe.

Gerard Piqué has worked outside the group. The center back, who did not travel to Zaragoza, continues his recovery work for the inconvenience you have in the femoral biceps of the left thigh. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

El Inter, a por Afellay y Adriano

It would pay for Dutchman up to 8 million euros.

In Italy insist on Inter's interest in launching an offensive to gain the services of azulgrana Ibrahim Afellay and Adriano Correia.

The signing of Dutch international midfielder, who is in the final phase of recovery from his serious knee injury left Barça cost three million euros in the winter of 2010-2011 season and now 'La Stampa' refers an offer by the club 'nerozzurro' eight million euros to convince the Barça.

The explosion in the first team of home-grown and as Isaac Cuenca, Cristian Tello and especially Thiago Alcántara gives hope to Inter in the Camp Nou to consider the proposal.

Inter values versatility of Afellay, able to be a winger or a inside-half. As for Adriano, Inter thinks of as a potential Brazilian fullback relay Maicon Douglas. (via MD)

[Barça B] FC Barcelona B-Córdoba: The azulgrana want to keep adding

Eusebio's team will face with the Cordoba (7:45 p.m.), one of the best placed teams in Liga Adelante.

The azulgrana will try to add a victory to continue his line and chain his third consecutive victory in the Miniestadi.

The azulgrana subsidiary receives Cordoba Sunday at the 33rd round of the Liga Adelante (19:45 h. League Canal +, Gol TV). Barça B wants to continue the good dynamic that has led during the month of March, in which he scored five consecutive games unbeaten with two wins and three draws. Also wants to sign his third consecutive victory in the Miniestadi and continue for another week in the competition intractable to tackle the final stretch of the league with ease.

For his part, Córdoba, who ranked fifth in the table, try to string together their second straight win after beating Hercules in the previous day. The set of Paco Jémez need a win to stay on the top of the classification and climb down the positions of promotion. The fans blanquiverde know, so there presence Cordoban in the Miniestadi, led by the rock Cataluña Sangre Blanquiverde.

Eusebio Sacristán should ask the party taking into account some important absences. Kiko Femenía is low, since he was injured the previous day in the match against Nàstic, and Ilie and Miño continue their long-term injury. In addition, Tello, Muniesa and Montoya are invited to the first team. But the technician may have other Dongou, who has returned to training a week with the reserves. As for Córdoba Aritz López Garai will miss through suspension and Carlos Caballero is out injured, but recovered his captain, Gaspar Gálvez, who returns to the field one month after being injured.

Both teams have much respect for his rival. Eusebio Sacristán has explained that "the Cordoba is doing a very good season. Is a team that is in a good dynamic, and is getting good results." Charles, blanquiverde team player, has also stressed the qualities of Barça B: "It's a very good team and should be respected, but we will not fear."

The first leg between Cordoba and FC Barcelona B ended with a 1-1 tie. The azulgrana took the lead on the scoreboard with a goal of Deulofeu in the first part in an intense match and offensive with chances for both teams, but the Cordova signed the equalizer in the second half.

However, if we go back to previous results, the balance turns in favor of all of Eusebio Sacristán. The blanquiverdes have never won in the Miniestadi on eight occasions that azulgrana have visited the field, but have scored points in five games. Also, last season, the subsidiary azulgrana won with authority to set Cordoba 4-1. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Jiménez: "The result is misleading and unfair"

Zaragoza coach said he believes "in honor of the arbitrators." He added that "the result is misleading," and is "satisfied with the attitude" of his team.

Real Zaragoza coach Manolo Jiménez, described the outcome reaped by his team against Barcelona as "misleading and unfair" in a game in which he emphasized that have come "harmed by arbitration," but believes "the reputation of the referees. "

Jiménez did not want to argue for its expulsion at the beginning of the second half, but recalled that in the tunnel at the end of the first part had chatted with Turienzo Álvarez and had seemed "dialogue" but declined to go deeper.

The Arahal coach analyzed that the first goal of Barcelona "should not have come," but without clarifying the reasons, and when the score was already 1-2 "has been a very clear penalty Keita was the second card, but we should not doubt those mistakes. has whistled understand that what he has seen. "

"The team lacked being competitive and today we have faced a team that takes us out fifty points and the field was so much difference until the team finished dead," he said.

"The only way out of where we are is to keep fighting in the same way every game and hope that the reaction has not been late," he said.

In this regard the waste of energy by his players admitted to being worried face next Thursday's game against Sevilla because "each week we are very fair with the players and everyone was squeezed."

The wide track not considered a setback for his men because they "do not think we deserved such a result because we have done everything as if it had crushed and expelled to Abraham do not think that Barcelona had gone with that marker." (via AS)

The best and the worst of Zaragoza-Barça


Barça responded forcefully to the beginning of game that was twisting. After the penalty saved by Valdés, Aranda pulled fortune to overtake the zaragocistas. Approaching storm, with zaragoza aimed to close around Roberto, but almost two actions in succession, with only three minutes apart, Guardiola went around the tables. First, the opportunism of Carles Puyol. Later in the clairvoyance of Alexis and the genius of Messi in a counter. On the fast track comeback is worth the hunt to follow the leader.


Unfortunately, injuries are still news in the Barça dressing room. During the second part, the side Dani Alves asked switched to feel discomfort in the left leg. The Brazilian will undergo tests Sunday to determine the extent of injury in addition to the already known Gerard Piqué. The centre-back was low in Zaragoza, will be in Getafe and is expected to be ready against Levante. Now, wait to see if the side is accompanying or all a scare, scares those who accuse this late in the season. (via SPORT)

Thiago: "Real Madrid will have to sweat to win La Liga"

After the victory against Zaragoza, the Azulgrana players agree: the La Liga title can be won and they will fight until the end to win it

Víctor Valdés, who saved a penalty, thanked the fans for their support. He also said that he’s always felt loved by Barça fans.

Three vital points won at La Romareda and two more games to go this week in La Liga. Before hosting Getafe at the Camp Nou this Tuesday, the Barça players analysed today’s victory over Zaragoza.

“We always have to work hard to win in this stadium. We managed to win three important points,” said Thiago Alcántara. The midfielder also talked about how his team reacted after Zaragoza’s opener: “we weren’t afraid at any moment. Luckily, a mistake from the keeper allowed us to equalise quickly.”

Clear message

Thiago also talked about the condition of the pitch. However, the handicap wasn’t enough to stop Barça from winning on week 32 of the La Liga, which also happens to be the ninth consecutive victory for Barça in the competition.

Finally, the La Masia graduate sent a clear message to the current league leaders: “Real Madrid will have to sweat if they want the league title.”

Here are the statements made be FC Barcelona players after today’s match:

Carles Puyol:

“We knew what was waiting for us: a very on-form Zaragoza. We had to work hard to win. These are three extremely valuable points.”

On Real Madrid’s match: “We’ve done our work, now we have to wait and see what happens, there’s a lot of Liga left.”

Dani Alves:

“Great victory, great work from my teammates. The show must go on.”

Cesc Fàbregas:

“It was a difficult match, the conditions weren’t optimal, but the team played with a lot of character - we deserved the victory.

“The conditions were difficult: the pitch, the wind and because we played against a rival that complicated the game. They’re playing for everything.

“It was a very hard-fought match. Despite it all, it’s a shame to play on a pitch like this, on such a dry field where the ball is so painfully slow.

“We had a lot of chances that we weren’t able to capitalise on.

“We weren’t expecting to be three points behind Real Madrid at this point in the competition, but there’s a lot of Liga still left to be played. They’re still favourites to win it.”

Víctor Valdés:

“It was a difficult, hard-fought match. The pitch was very dry and we had to carry the ball more than we would have liked.

“Saving a penalty is encouraging to the team, we fought back and it helped us a lot. I always try and study how our opponents shoot. I wasn’t on a particularly good streak, but luckily I saved the shot. I’m very pleased.

“We must do our work. Little by little the difference is getting smaller; now it’s Real Madrid’s turn to respond.

“We knew that Zaragoza is playing for their top-flight life. It was very difficult for us in the first half; both teams had chances to score.

“I’ve always felt very loved; I’m happy to hear the shouts of encouragement, they help a lot.

“The play that produced the penalty was a bit doubtful, but it’s respectable that the referee called it.”

Pedro Rodríguez:

“We knew that it was going to be a hard and difficult match. Zaragoza have been showing their real level of play these past couple of games. Moreover, they scored the first goal and it was hard to win the match.

“The goal has given me a lot of confidence. It’s always important for a striker to score goals. I was having a pretty bad goalless streak, but I have to thank Lionel Messi for the pass he game me. I’m very pleased with the victory.

“I dedicated my goal to Abidal.”

In reference to the low amount of goals he’s scored this season: “My teammates have been helping me along the way. The most important thing is that I’m feeling much better on the pitch.

“I’m very pleased with my form and with how the team is playing.

“There are a lot of points still left in play and we’ll fight until the end. We have to take it one step at a time.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Alves, to undergo medical tests

Dani Alves was substituted in the second half due to thigh problems in his left leg. The player will undergo medical tests this Sunday to determine the extent of the injury. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola: “I'm very proud of our victory"

The manager congratulated his team for the effort they put in at La Romareda after the exhausting Champions League match against Milan

“We knew that this was going to be a complicated match. It was extremely difficult and complicated,” said Guardiola.

Josep Guardiola said that he anticipated a tough match against Zaragoza in the post-game press conference. “We knew how difficult this game was going to be. This past month Zaragoza have shown that they have a lot of intensity and fortitude. It was extremely difficult and complicated. I'm very proud of our victory,” said Guardiola.

The Barça manager considers that today’s win is especially meritorious considering the poor condition of the pitch. “This isn’t basketball or handball, where the court is always the same and the ball bounces no matter what. We depend on the condition of the pitch,” explained Guardiola. The manager went on to say that “we have to adapt and not complain. This is done [maintaining poor pitch conditions] to gain an advantage over us, but it affects us all.”

Guardiola highlighted Alexis’ 90-minute performance. “He was decisive in all of his plays.” He also talked about Pedro, who found the back of the net after three months without scoring. “He’s had a difficult year because of his injuries, but for the past month he’s been gaining form. We’re very pleased with Pedro because he never gives up. This [goal] will encourage him.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Messi: 11 goals in 12 matches against Zaragoza

The Argentine has scored seven goals from his last three visits to La Romareda.

Messi has netted 23 times in his last 12 matches for the Club.

Zaragoza once again succumbed to Leo Messi’s talent. The Argentine, with a brace to help FC Barcelona take the three points this Saturday (1-4), has scored 11 goals from 12 matches played against Real Zaragoza. Messi is a veritable nightmare for the Aragón side, especially at La Romareda. In his last three visits to the stadium, the La Masia graduate has scored a total of seven goals: three in the 2009/10 season, two in the 2010/11 season and two this Saturday.

His today's brace, the Argentine continues his goal scoring rampage. In fact, he’s scored 23 goals in his last 12 matches. In total, he has 60 goals from 50 matches, and he’s only 7 away from drawing level with Müller’s historic goal tally of 67 goals scored in a single year, set in the 1972/72 season. (via FCBarcelona.com)

The highest scoring Barça in Club history

Barça have scored 161 goals this season and have set a new Club record. Guardiola’s team are now the highest scoring team in a single season in Club history.

In fact, Guaridola’s Barça have racked up the most goals scored in a single season in Club history for three consecutive seasons: 161,158 and 152 goals.

With today’s four goals against Zaragoza, Guardiola’s Barça established a new Club record. FC Barcelona have scored a total of 161 goals this season, the highest amount of goals scored by any team in the Club’s history. The team only needed 54 matches to reach this tally, with an average of 2.98 goals per match. In the 2008/09 season, the team scored 158 goals in 62 matches (2.54 goals per match) and in the 2010/11, they scored 152 goals in 62 matches (2.45 goals per match). In the 2009/10 season, Barça scored 138 goals (2.33 goals per match).

This year, Barça have scored 161 goals in 54 official matches with seven La Liga games, two Champions League games and a Cup final still to be played. Of the 161 goals, 90 were scored in the Liga, 33 in the Champions League, 23 in the Cup, 8 in the Club World Cup, 5 in the Spanish Super Cup and 2 in the European Super Cup.

Lionel Messi has 60 goals to his name this season, which is 37.26% of FC Barcelona’s goals. 19 players, besides Messi, have scored for the first team this year. (via FCBarcelona.com)

The seasons with the most goals

Season 2011/12
161 goals in 54 matches
Manager: Guardiola

Season 2008/09
158 goals in 62 matches
Manager: Guardiola

152 gols en 62 matches
Manager: Guardiola

Season 1959/60
143 goals in 49 matches
Manager: H. Herrera

Season 1996/97
143 goals in 60 matches
Manager: Bobby Robson

[Liga BBVA; Week 32] Real Zaragoza 1 - 4 FC Barcelona

Goals from Puyol, Messi (2) and Pedro turned the game round for Barça at La Romareda this evening, after the hosts had taken an early lead. The three points take Guardiola’s team to just three points behind Madrid, who play on Sunday.

Barça continue to pile on the pressure behind the leaders, with their ninth win on the run in Zaragoza tonight. After an early goal from Aranda, following a penalty save at 0-0 from Valdes, Barça struggled to impose their trademark game, but still pulled ahead thanks to goals from Puyol and Messi as the team put in a collective performance of courage and character.

In the second half, Barça took advantage of Zaragoza’s playing with just ten men after Abraham was sent off and finished off the game with a Messi penalty and a fourth from Pedro.

aragoza began by pressing Barça upfield and keeping them from imposing their normal short passing possession game. With Busquets, Xavi and Iniesta sat on the bench, it was Keita, Thiago and Cesc who were charged with taking control in the middle, but there was a lack of precision in their play and Zaragoza were able to create danger by putting long balls in behind the visitors’ defence, one of which led to Valdes fouling Lafita and giving away a penalty. He made up for it though, by anticipating Aranda’s effort and making what could prove to be a vital save come May.

Zaragoza didn’t let that get to them though and a few minutes later Aranda got lucky when Valdes parried the strikers’ shot back onto his head, leaving him with an easy opportunity which he took with gusto. Unfortunately for the hosts, that goal seemed to spur Barça who now began to look more direct and pacey and within ten minutes they’d turned the score around.

Soon after Zaragoza’s opener, Alexis and Cesc had a double chance to equalise, but the attack ended in a corner, from which Puyol scored after a poor clearance from Roberto. Two minutes later a quick counter from a Zaragoza corner saw Messi fire home with a great finish to put Barça ahead. There was still time before the break for more action, as Abraham saw a second yellow after stopping Alexis in his tracks as the Chilean once again looked to break free.

Alexis was soon back into the groove in the second half, when Roberto pulled off a fantastic stop to keep him out, but the game was being played at a frantic pace, which Guardiola reacted to by bringing on Busquets for Keita to bring some order to the midfield. Barça now began to take control and both Thiago and Messi had the chance to score the third before Alexis was brought down in the box and Messi fired home from the penalty spot.

Barça didn’t sit back though, and a great move between Messi and Pedro ended with the Spanish winger getting his first goal since the Cup quarter final against Madrid to round offa great performance in which the team showed the character of champions. (via FCBarcelona.com)

[Match Stats]
Real Zaragoza Roberto; Álvarez, Da Silva, Paredes, Abraham; Pinter, Zuculini, Lafita, Obradovic (Lanzaro, min. 65); Micael (Juan Carlos, min. 82) and Aranda (Helder Postiga, min. 65).

FC Barcelona Víctor Valdés; Dani Alves (Montoya, min. 68), Puyol, Mascherano, Adriano; Keita (Sergio Busquets, min. 55), Thiago, Cesc (Xavi, min. 89); Messi, Alexis and Pedro.

Goals: 1-0, min. 30. Aranda, slightly ahead of Alves, penetrates and connects a shot that Valdés rejected, but the ball hits the zaragocista and cast into the goal. 1-1, min. 36. Left corner of Robert, the bad and Puyol clears goal, with the left, beat him by a private. 1-2, min. 39. counterattack pass Alexis to Messi, who cuts to Da Silva and left-handed bat with Roberto. 1-3, min. 85. Undisputed penalty Paredes Alexis. Messi, however high, shoots Roberto. 1-4, min. 92. New attack Barça and Messi's pass to Pedro, who shoots at goal zaragocista.

Referee: Turienzo Álvarez (Castilian-Leonese). Showed yellow cards to zaragocistas Zuculini, Abraham (2, min. 44), Michael and Lanzaro and barcelonistas Víctor Valdés, Keita, Thiago, Cesc and Adriano. Zaragoza ousted coach, Manolo Jiménez, in minute 46.

Subs: 34,000 spectators at La Romareda.