03 April 2012

Xavi takes part in the last session before the Milan

The midfielder, who on Monday was not exercised, has done so this morning with the rest of their classmates in which was the last training before the match against the Italians.

Guardiola has worked with 20 players concentrates for the match -17 the first team and Tello, Muniesa and Montoya, B.

Xavi Hernández has been one of the players this afternoon has jumped to the Camp Nou for the last training before the important match against AC Milan. The midfielder has worked normally with the rest of the team after not participate in Monday's session. Guardiola, in the press conference after the match against Milan, reported that the '6' Barça takes two days with discomfort in the calf. "

The 20 players named by Guardiola have left for a few hours the concentration in the Hotel Majestic to approach to the Stadium and exercise in heavy rain. Recall that for this match coach has 17 first team players, in addition to Tello, Muniesa and Montoya, Barça B. Together with its partners have also worked Afellay and Abidal.

After training the team has once again raised the bus to travel back to the team hotel, where comeraán and will be until about 18.45 hours. At that time the players will come to the Camp Nou where from 2045 hours will begin the crucial match between Barça and Milan and in which game will be on the ticket to the semifinals of the Champions League. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Former player] Eto'o waiver of the three million required to Barça

Barça has received reports that the High Court of Justice of Cataluñala notification that the player has given up the demand for 3 million euros for his transfer to Inter.

FC Barcelona has announced this afternoon that the Cameroonian Samuel Eto'o, former player of the Catalan club, has resigned from the three million who once claimed in court for his move to Inter Milan.

Barça has received reports that the High Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) notification that the player has given up in the lawsuit against the Catalan club to claim that amount.

The labor court of Barcelona and upheld the Catalan club just two years ago, when he missed against the player, who appealed the judgment. (via AS)

Messi, 'bitten' by his few goals in the Italian

The press notes that only transalpine has signed a target in seven games.

The Italian press, especially following the current AC Milan, is scrutinizing the data from FC Barcelona to test how far it can encrypt all possibilities for the 'Rossoneri' to eliminate Barça. And looking, searching, found that only Leo Messi scored a goal in seven games he has played against Italian teams in the Champions League. Seven games against Udinese (1), Inter Milan (3) and AC Milan against himself (3) in which the Argentine could only score a target and a penalty. It was in the penultimate of these games against rivals transalpine, Milan-Barça in the group stage of the current edition of the Champions azulgrana victory that ended 2-3. Leo scored the 1-2 from the penalty spot and also with suspense. And in its first release was a 'paradiña' very exaggerated motivated protestasen Milan players and the referee, Wolfgang Stark of Germany, ordered to repeat the shot.

In the replay, Messi opted for the clásico: powerful shot in the bottom left of the goal of Abbiati, his corner up. Result, almost always: goal. In previous games against Italian opposition, and in the last week against Milan, Leo failed to score.

These games were a Barça-Udinese (4-1) of the Champions league 2005-06, the two semi-final against Inter of Mourinho in 2009-10 and an earlier one also against the Nerazzurri in the group stage, and two of the season against Milan, one of the league and the quarterfinal last week.

The finding is surprising for Messi and the press in Italy yesterday boasted that the 'calcio' does know stop Leo. So someone would do well to give Barça get a copy of MD at Messi with breakfast. When you are Argentine genius as anyone challenges like those launched from Italy. (via MD)

Barça-Milan: A date with history

Barça seeking its fifth consecutive semifinal with all the attention on the state of Xavi.
Camp Nou today resolved a tie between two big exciting in Europe.

Camp Nou will host tonight (20.45, TVE) one of the great games of the season. A clásico European football that pits two of the great and eliminate one of the candidates for continental rod 2012. Barça or Milan are in the semis after the meeting tonight and the azulgrana side, defending champion, remains the favorite despite the boost that the 0-0 first-leg has given Milan of Allegri, who yesterday ran into unforeseen difficulties travel. Barça is the champion and today, before his audience, has to live one of those magical nights that make the Camp Nou a special setting. Pep Guardiola is extremely important to today's game because his team would reach for the fifth consecutive year in the semifinals of the Champions, so it will fray the eleventh gala, provided that the injury will permit.

The big question is Xavi, who has suffered the last days of their discomfort in the soleus, which are giving so much trouble in recent years. The Terrassa is a basic part in the schemes of Pep, who therefore do not take any decision on the side that will face the milanistas to confirm whether or not you can count on Xavi. Possibly, this was not known until this morning when the team azulgrana made ​​its last traditional training on game day.

Apart from Xavi, Cesc Fàbregas also starred in the nursing information by some unexpected bad back, however, have not prevented train the last days. Cesc missed the first leg, but then still had not felt any inconvenience themselves felt after not playing a minute at the San Siro. Nor was not on the bench against Athletic on Saturday, which in principle makes Arenys in serious contender to join the starting lineup against Milan. Providing they have sent these annoyances, of course.

What is clear is that Guardiola, unless circumstances require it, not save any energy to deal with a party that considers the border between regular season and an excellent season. The coach is aware that reaching the quarter, as Barça has done is nothing short of an obligation to his team, the minimum required. Staying in the second round would have been a thriller. As you go up quarter note. Skip to semifinals means a good season because Barça will be competitive until the last step to give away to fans a new Champions League final. So the meeting tonight is to decide whether the European campaign the azulgrana is approved or at least notable.

Milan, meanwhile, will not change much in the way the script. Aware that a goal would be worth its weight in gold and force Barça to score two, at least, the Rossoneri will look that much without rushing. It parapetarán your field and throw the trade while awaiting the possibility of launching a deadly backlash surprised Barça. They will not madly to a goal to double value because its strategy depends largely on the passage of minutes go to permeate the azulgrana, if present in a scenario with spaces behind the lines milanistas itself could do harm.

Barça, meanwhile, will as always, to make your game and trying not to fall into a precipitation that could weigh their attacking football. Guardiola, the players and the club want a full Camp Nou and a hobby which upholds the field factor in the return leg. It is very fresh in memory, however, the memory of the semi-finals two seasons ago against Inter. On that occasion, part of barcelonista responded to a traffic jam prioblema anxiety. Barça will come out tonight with a gala eleven, but especially with a slogan to be taken into account: warm heart, cool head. (via MD)

Guardiola and Messi, 'fifties' of gold

Guardiola arrives today to fifty Champions League games as a coach and Messi seeks his 50th goal.

Today there are great big party and ephemeris, from the standpoint of the Barça. Pep Guardiola live tonight his 50th game of the Champions League since joining the azulgrana bench in summer 2008. Meanwhile, Leo Messi is a goal that will make 50 in its curriculum staff in the big tournament. The two axes of the best team of all time, one from the board and another from the field, deserve nothing will spoil the memory of the Barça-Milan.

In three full seasons he has played as coach Guardiola has won two of the three Champions League at stake. Only the left along the road of 2009-2010, in the semifinals against a Mourinho Inter boosted by the arbitration of his countryman Benquerença. So far, in the current tournament, Barça is in the quarter and hopes to sneak back in the semifinals, striking a balance up to the partial analysis of those 50 games: 30 wins, 14 draws and just 5 losses, with 116 goals scored and 39 against. For now, you have to trust that follow, the current Champions League is the only one who has not registered a defeat.

Guardiola has always said that it depends on his players and in that sense, no one as much as Messi. The crack of the records has been held since his debut in the 2004-2005 Champions 49 goals, although 41 of them have come precisely in the season where the coach has led the Argentine genius. In all these campaigns alongside Guardiola has Messi finished as top scorer of the competition (with 9, 8 and 12 points) and now also leads the table with 12 goals in 7 games. Whenever you have dialed, Barça has never lost. Three championships mark the impressive record of Leo. Barça of the 'fifties of gold' wants more. (via MD)

[Former player] Bojan: "The weak point of Milan is Abbiati"

Bojan Krkic has explained in an interview Club of the Mitjanit of Catalunya Radio that Barça should exploit the weakness of Milan which is none other than the goalkeeper. "The weakest point of Milan is goalkeeper Abbiati", considered the current player in Roma.

The forward has revealed that Barça-Milan and much discussed in the locker room of Luis Enrique: "With the comrades think that if a team can overcome the defense of Milan, this is Barça".

The Linyola also spoke about the time that is his former team and has been shown to have absolute faith in his former colleagues: "I see Barça around champion, also of la Liga."

Messi and Busquets, weapons of Guardiola against Milan

The numbers Messi and Busquets make them the best weapons against Milan.

Against Milan, Pep Guardiola, has two arms according to the figures, we can make the difference on the pitch against Milan Allegri. According to the index Castrol EDGE, the weapons are Leo Messi and Sergio Busquets, and channel top finisher of the time of play.

Messi scores a goal in the Champions League every 60 minutes and Busquets, gives 90 passes per game. These are some of the figures give Leo Messi and Sergio Busquets to every game.

Both are seen as keys to topple Barcelona to Milan in the knockout round of the Champions League. Messi has 12 goals in the Champions League with an average of 1 goal every 60 minutes, with 28% effectiveness. Together with a mean of 87% completions. It also has to his credit with 23 scoring opportunities created.

For its part, Busquests makes the Barcelona set the pace with an average of 90 passes per game, plus 90% of successful passes. (via SPORT)

Allegri: "Whoever wins tomorrow will probably come to the the final"

The Milan coach Massimiliano Allegri, stressed that the winner of the match between Barça and his team will probably be one of the finalists in this issue, given the potential for both sets.

At the news conference before the crash, after the goalless first leg, Allegri has agreed with this meeting is "historic" for the Italian team.

"When they play Barça and Milan is a game of great charm because they play two of the most important teams of the moment. Whoever wins this match will probably be one of the teams that go to the the final," said the Italian coach.

In his view, "have to be very careful, play with courage, with courage, for tomorrow, to spend the tie must dial" and also "strive to maintain a positive attitude in the field as a team, because we know that two results on three would be favorable. " (via SPORT)

[Allegri on the game against Barça: "It will be like a final"]

For Allegri, Milan's options are to "prevent Barça mark, as in the first leg."

Massimiliano Allegri, Milan coach has said a few minutes at the airport of Milan tomorrow's match between culés and Rossoneri will be "like a final."

Interestingly, it has been as MD has titled its front page today in the paper edition. Asked about the lineup that will have tomorrow night at the Camp Nou, Allegri threw balls away. Of course, gave a clue to what may be the tactic employed by all around Lombard in the quarterfinals of the Champions League, after the 0-0 first-leg: "We have to play again as San Siro and above all avoid Barça over that mark. that would give us a good chance of passing. "

Earlier in the news conference in Milanello said that "tomorrow we will find the best Barcelona in the season. We must be ready to play very well technically and out of difficult situations quickly. Will be important to know when to attack and when to defend. we must be able to split the party into two or three periods, trying to address them in the right way, "said the coach" Rossoneri ".

"The point is that Milan are playing the second leg quarterfinal Champions League against the best in the world. For all it is an important occasion," said Allegri, who said he has asked his players to play as last week they get the bonus check.

Milan coach was asked about the novelty of the squad for the match tomorrow, the Brazilian forward Alexandre Pato, who returns to the team after returning from Atlanta (USA) where he had gone to medical appointments to put a solution to their continuous muscle injuries. In this sense, Allegri explained that he had returned the "balance" to the set of muscles that make up your body and this should help you avoid further injury, but said, if it works is something that only you will know once you leave the field.

A Pato "I saw him again yesterday after a month. Yesterday was the first practice with the team this afternoon in Barcelona and then the second will cherish. Thirty minutes to play just a little training. I've been to Barcelona five forwards and one will stay in the stands, "he said.

The Milan coach, current leader of the Italian League last Saturday and did not exceed 1-1 at Catania, said that with such party has not followed "material time" to prepare the tactic of meeting tomorrow. "Anyway we played against them a few days ago and we are ready. Barcelona is still the best team in the world, but within the match tomorrow will be two or three turning points that have to be able to understand and interpret," said Allegri.

"I do calculations on the results at our disposal. Could finish 0-0 and go to penalties, although I do not end it like this," he said. Milan, who counts among his 23 man squad for the meeting tomorrow with Swedish forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Robinho will arrive in Barcelona with three hours late. (via MD)

Xavi and Cesc enter the call against Milan

The midfielders Xavi Hernández and Cesc Fàbregas, who in recent days suffered discomfort and were certainly against Milan have finally entered the Barcelona squad for the second leg of quarterfinals of the Champions League.

Although Xavi has not participated in the last two sessions of the equipment by discomfort in one twin and on Tuesday will undergo a test in the morning workout, coach Pep Guardiola has included in the squad for the match in the that Barça must overcome scoreless recorded in the first clash in San Siro.

The list of twenty players is formed by Valdés, Pinto, Alves, Piqué, Fàbregas, Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta, Alexis, Messi, Thiago, Mascherano, Keita, Busquets, Pedro, Adriano, Cuenca y los jugadores del filial Muniesa, Montoya y Tello. (via SPORT)

Abidal enjoy the Camp Nou and calls for support for an association

The player of FC Barcelona came back to accompany the rest of the squad in the final training session and requested support for a medical charity through social networks.

Eric Abidal again this Monday to show off its most supportive. For starters, the azulgrana full-back again offered his full support to his teammates in training on Monday held at the Camp Nou in the preview of one of the biggest games of the season, despite being just over one week of being operated from the liver.

On the other hand, 'Abi' also showed their commitment to other patients by posting a message on both Twitter and Facebook in which he sought support for the medical charity 'Life Priority'. All this, accompanied by clear messages of thanks to the fans for their unconditional support at a time so complicated.

"Thank you all for your messages of support and your sympathy, I get a lot!" He said. "Unfortunately, we can all one day be hit by the disease. And that is why I am committed to the association 'Life Priority'" he added.

In that sense, 'Abi' invited his followers to support the foundation. "I invite you to click 'ME GUSTA' and make them fans of the page 'Life Priority' to support medical equipment that make our life a priority. Thanks for your help and your support!" He said.

VIDEO: www.sport.es

Ambrosini: "It is time to win by Barça"

Milan captain Massimo Ambrosini has considered that his team is facing a unique opportunity to eliminate one of the favorites to win the Champions League, Barcelona, after the goalless first leg recorded quarter-final in San Siro.

"We are fortunate to play tomorrow's game because they are opportunities in the life of a footballer does not happen often. And do as captain is a special opportunity. But not only special to play, but go and win. We know what it is to play here, but not win at Barcelona. It is time, "he said.

The player 'Rossoneri' has pointed out, in any case, that the azulgranas are a rival that "with so much possession of the ball forced to run too many times to no avail. It is normal to have to make a match of some sort and end up very tired ".

"This game has to be interpreted with courage, with courage, is the only way to deal with the club. If you let them play, something always happens," he warned Ambrosini.

To this end, it is important, in its view, "the attitude of the whole team, from the doorman to the tip, because a game like tomorrow, against a team like Barça, or arises as a team or just defeated ".

It has also warned of the danger of Lionel Messi: "When the ball has a player who can not control. Individually you may consider not stop it. It is very variable and there is a player who will play with him (marking you). It should be collectively. " (via SPORT)

Guardiola anticipates a game with goals

Pep Guardiola said that his team is “very excited with the prospect of staying in the Champions League,” and he believes that Milan will score and that his team must find the way to create as many goalscoring chances as possible.

“The situation is simple. Whoever wins will go to the semifinals. We have to win the match. I perceive that Milan will score”.

“Situations like tomorrow’s make me very happy. We’ve played almost everything but these matches remind me of my first day. I feel lucky and privileged”.

“Our success is that we’re fighting to be in our fifth consecutive Champions League semifinal. It shows that we’ve done a good job. I’m very proud,” said Josep Guardiola after the training session at the Camp Nou in the pre-match press conference. The FC Barcelona manager said that “when you get this far in the competition all the games are vital. The prospect of staying in the Champions League is very exiting for us.” Guardiola is clear that “the situation is simple. Whoever wins will go through to the semifinals. I perceive that Milan will score. They have the capacity to do it. That’s what I’ve told my players. In these last couple of days we’ve been working on the way to create as many goalscoring opportunities as possible in order to score as many goals as possible. We have to find the way to attack their extremely strong defence, I have faith that we’ll find a way through.”

The Barça manager anticipates the return leg of the Champions League to be feature goals. “Milan is comfortable playing with a 0-0. We need to play with a lot of intensity and find the best way to attack them. We aren’t able to defend a result for a long time,” explained Guardiola. The Catalan didn’t shy away from lauding AC Milan: “Milan is a team with the capacity to dominate matches. When they play games where they are the ones being dominated, they defend really well in their area and they are very strong on the counter. They can send us out of the competition. They’re leaders of the Italian League and they have fantastic players.”

For Guardiola the most important aspects of tomorrow’s match are “Barça’s positional play and creating imbalance in certain areas of the field.” He added that “we have to play on the wings, we can do it with static players and with attacking players. We’ll see.”

The Barça manager warned of Ibrahimovic’s capacity to dominate aerial balls: “when he receives balls in the air, he’s superior to us. We consider it a lost play. We’ll try to stop him from participating in the match and force him to play as far away from our area as possible.” When asked by an Italian journalist on Messi’s capacity to score on Italian sides, the manager responded said that “Messi can’t beat a defence made up of eight or nine players by himself. We have to work as a team. But don’t joke about Messi, don’t provoke him.”

With or without Xavi, who is dealing with a calf injury, “the team will go out onto the pitch with 11 players and they’ll give it their all, don’t doubt that.” Guardiola confirmed that the pitch is in optimal conditions ahead of tomorrow’s match. He finished by saying that games like tomorrow’s make him feel privileged: “these games make me very happy. We’ve played almost everything, but games like this remind me of my first day. I feel lucky and privileged.” (via FCBarcelona.com)

20 players named to the squad ahead of the Barça-Milan clash

Guardiola has named 17 first-team footballers plus Muniesa, Tello and Montoya from Barça B to the FC Barcelona squad for tomorrow's showdown with AC Milan at the Camp Nou.

Ibrahim Afellay, who turned 26 today, also trained with the team this afternoon.

The Camp Nou is ready for the Champions League. This Monday, FC Barcelona completed their penultimate session before the decisive match against AC Milan. Guardiola trained with 20 footballers: 17 from the first team plus Muniesa, Montoya and Tello from Barça B. Therefore, the Barça manager will have to discard two players before tomorrow’s Champions League showdown.

Ibrahim Afellay, as well as Éric Abidal, trained with the team despite having the medical all-clear. The Dutchman, who turned 26 this Monday, gave a speech to his teammates before the session, and received an standing ovation when he was done.

However, Xavi Hernández did not train with the team today. Guardiola, during the pre-match press conference, said: “he’s been having issues with his calf muscle for the past two days, we decided to not run any risks by making him train. He’ll undergo further tests tomorrow morning. He’s been named to the squad, which means that he could play.”

The team will train on Tuesday at noon at the Camp Nou. (via FCBarcelona.com)

Puyol: “This is the most important match”

The captain defined the match against AC Milan as “incredible” and he is clear that the only way FC Barcelona know how to play is to attack.

ne of the heavyweights in the FC Barcelona squad, Carles Puyol, held a press conference before the decisive return leg of the Champions League quarterfinal tie against AC Milan. “We’ll take this game on like any other game: we’ll go out to win and try to play our game. We’re aware that we’re going up against a fantastic team, but I’m sure they’ll come out to defend and capitalise on counterattacks. We’ll have to put in a complete game both defensively and offensively,” said the defender.

On defining the importance of tomorrow’s match, the captain was very clear: “it’s an incredible match, the most important one because we have to win. There is no margin for error, it’s a final.” He added, “finishing with a draw doesn’t help us, except a 0-0. I’m convinced that the Camp Nou will be full, they [the fans] have always been on our side and they won’t let us down.”

The captain will, in all likelihood, figure in the starting line-up in tomorrow’s match. Puyol said he’ll play wherever Guardiola chooses to put him on the pitch: “wherever he thinks I should play, I’ll gladly go. It’s not ideal for me to play on the left, but I’m comfortable keeping tabs on their offence and if we play with a wide defender on the other side.”

Moreover, the captain talked about some of the key aspects of tomorrow’s match: “it’s always important to not concede goals; even more so at home. We have to play a very serious defensive match. Up top, we have to move the ball around with pace and score as soon as possible, even though we know it won’t be easy.”

On the attack

Puyol didn’t shy away from talking about how his team will play tomorrow: “we only have one way of playing: on the attack. That’s what we’ll do.” However, he was apprehensive when asked to predict what style of play AC Milan will employ. The Barça captain finished by saying: “we have to be ready for everything, we have to play our game.”

“It’s an honour to surpass Migueli"

If he plays against Milan, Carles Puyol will surpass Migueli and become the second Barça player to have played the most games for the Club. The defender is proud of his accomplishment, but he knows that it won’t be easy to catch the player with the most games for the Club. “It’s an honour to surpass Migueli, he’s an icon for all Culés. Catching Xavi is impossible because he’ll play many more games, but I also hope to play a lot of games myself.”(via FCBarcelona.com)