02 April 2012

[Former player] Ibrahimovic: "Messi is talent, Cristiano, product of a long train"

The Swedish forward spoke to a Swedish television channel's Eve match at Barça and used to praise Leo Messi.

The former Barcelona forward and now in the ranks of Milan, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, made ​​statements to a Swedish television days before a crucial second leg between his team and Barça in the Champions League.

Hours before stepping back to Camp Nou for the first time since leaving Barça, Messi praised Swedish even above Cristiano Ronaldo. "Messi is all talent while Cristiano is a product of training a lot," he said.

Among other things, the Swede explained the reasons for not singing the anthem in the caps. "I am very focused and they do not know the words," he acknowledged. (via SPORT)

Ferrari loaned Cesc Fàbregas

This Sunday, Cesc Fàbregas went to the Ciutat Esportiva with a Ferrari had lent him Puma to shoot an ad.

A Ferrari 458 despampanente Italy was seen in the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper at the hands of Cesc Fàbregas on Sunday. This is not the latest addition to the player to his garage but the Italian brand Puma clothing, you saw the player, lent the vehicle to shoot a commercial.

Puma and Ferrari have a close cooperation in the world of Formula 1 and now also in the case of FC Barcelona player. (via SPORT)

Allegri: "The game against Barça is like a final"

Massimiliano Allegri, Milan coach made ​​a statement before flying to Barcelona with his team.

The coach of the Lombard recognized that Barça-Milan on Tuesday "will be like a final."

The Italian did not give clues as to what eleven line up at the Camp Nou, but stressed that the important thing is "to play again as in the first leg and not let Barça mark any goal," he said. (via SPORT)

Baresi is confident his Milan ... but believes will happen Barça

The ex player Franco Baresi said "play against Barça is another story."

In an interview Notimex portal Yahoo, the ex Italian football player Franco Baresi said his AC Milan have serious options in the Camp Nou thanks to a goalless draw in the first leg, "AC Milan will have their options. Maintain that the important thing was not fit a goal at San Siro. the defense was tough to attack of Barça, so that the objective was completed in its first phase. "Still, the favorite, as Baresi, is Barça: "After the game last week, I still think that the favorite is Barcelona. There is an opinion only mine, in the rest of Italy is also believed," said ex defender "Rossoneri".

For the three-time champion of the highest European competition at club level and world champion in Spain 1982, Sweden's Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the best weapon of the Italian club, but we all decided in Barça's Leo Messi. "It is the great weapon of Milan and everyone knows it. If OK, that is, it is important to the aspirations of being in the semifinals.'s Playing very well, that's true, but doing so against Barcelona is another story. It will be a spectacular. "Finally, he praised the Catalans: "Here, what is it you do not reach for that choice and keep in mind to Fábregas, Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets. Among all make of Barça the best team out there today," said. (via SPORT)

[Youth] The Female Infantil Alevín finishes the season undefeated

The team Jordi Ventura and Zoe García has added a new victory in the last league match and ends the season undefeated with 22 wins in 22 days.

The equipment of the cantera azulgrana with good are after facing dynamic competitive sets, and have 12 wins in 16 games they have played.

The Alevín C and D have played together for the first time a football match 11 and the Juvenil B has seen the faces with the Wissel Kobe in a friendly.

The Juvenil B played a friendly match against Wissel Kobe this day. The set of García Pimienta and Marc Guitart was superior to his rival and offered a good game that allowed him to create many clear chances. The azulgranas went into the break leading by a high with a 2-1, and the resumption of round ended the day with another target. The technical team believe that it was a "good experience" and encourage their players to "keep working to keep adding."

Sergio advanced Cadete A with a goal from in front of the goal on 26 minutes the first time. After this first goal, Barça enjoyed several opportunities to increase the distances, as one of Kaptoum and Canós on the same play, which ended up Badalona goalkeeper stopping. The judgment, however, came quickly, as few minutes after the first goal, Pol, the visiting team, made ​​a defensive error and the ball ended in the net badalonesa. The second half continued with chances for the guys from Quique Álvarez and Ramon Ros, although the score did not budge.

The team of Fran Artiga and Andrés Martín clearly dominated the first half of the match played against the La Floresta, but without depth. Roger Figueres opened the scoring in the 8th minute azulgrana's advantage from a corner, and Barça went into halftime ahead by the minimum thanks to this goal. Cadete B amazed the audience in the second half with a spectacular game, the best of the season, but in a defensive imprecision in the final minutes of the meeting matched the bright premises. Despite the draw, the azulgranas are leading solo the Liga Preferente Cadete with 56 points.

Barça repeated the result of the previous week, which won by 1-6 against Prat, this time against Atletic Vilafranca. The Infantil A knew back from a goal down in the 5th minute of the first half and on 20 minutes and a 3-1 win thanks to a hat-trick of Javi Ruiz. Carles Alena finished this first part round and barcelonistas went into the break with a 4-1 in their favor. The second half continued having color azulgrana and Braima Fati target and one goal of sentencing Alena finished the scoring. This victory guys Fran Sánchez and Xavi Franquesa, coupled with a draw Espanyol against Cornellà, the second and third places respectively, strengthen the Infantil A in the top of the standings with 66 points.

Infantil B players of Barça could not be imposed on the second in the standings. After three consecutive victories in La Liga (against Gramenet, the Vilassar and Espanyol), the azulgranas failed to score a goal to Mataro, but the guys Denis Silva and Carles López came eager to get a good result. Two goals in the first half and two more in the second gave the victory to the premises. After the expulsion of Guillem for hands in the 18th minute of the second part, the Infantil B attempted to have the ball as long as possible, risking little in the pass and creating gradually move up to having a clear chance, but it failed.

Very good start the Alevín A at the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper. The azulgranas dominated from the start of the match against Sant Andreu and were able to generate numerous occasions. The guys from Marcel Sans and Isaac García moved easily on the scoreboard and did not lower the rate at any time, which allowed them to sign the overwhelming landslide. Pau (4), Alejandro (2), Víctor (2), Mamadou (2), Dani Molina (2), Ben, Sergio, Imad and Joan Altimira were the scorers of the day.

Defeat by the minimum set of Jordi Font and Jordi Puig against the leader of the classification. The Cornellà was ahead in the light at minute 10 of the second quarter with a goal of Yuki, but only a minute after taking advantage Rubén equalized from a rebound after goalkeeper Labinot shot. The result did not move the tie to one until the last quarter, when he repeated the same situation: Cornellà took the lead with a goal of Yanis, but within minutes Lucas equalized. In the final minutes, but Aladji gave the victory to his team with a shot from the right. With the defeat azulgrana, the Alevín B is placed third, four points behind the Primera División Alevín.

The important victory Alevín C in the municipal Vía Férrea, which helps to consolidate in the top of the ranking with 60 points alone. The meeting began with a very strong Cornellà stood up to the azulgranas with their intensity. The boys of Alex Gómez and Alexis Pintó had difficulty the first time to play smoothly thanks to this fact and the small size of the pitch, and went into halftime tied at 2. After the break, however, the azulgranas came out with more discretion and gradually controlled the game, to sign a convincing win by 2-5. Adrià Altimira, Ivan Bravo, Nil Fabregó, Sergi Rosanas and Take were the scorers of the day.

The Alevín D remade the tie last week with a convincing win against Santfeliuenc. Julian, with four goals, was the opener of a game dominated by the Barcelona group and one of the best players of the game. The azulgrana scored in the first minute of play, but after the first target of Xavi Bravo and Òscar Hernández trusted a little and the premises made ​​the tie. The second part, however, had an accent completely azulgrana. Barça took control of the game and ended up imposing a two-goal lead over his rival. This victory puts azulgranas in the second position of the classification, level on points with Santboià.

Just as his fellow Alevín A and B the previous day, this week Alevín C and D have played a football game to get used to the system 11. The result has been very positive and served to the players to prepare for the tournament to be played later Peralada.

Benjamin A fought victory against the fourth place in the table. The Cubelles was very good defensively and created problems for the azulgranas with their closed approach. The set of Marc Serra and David Sánchez failed to score his first goal until the second quarter when Kais opened the can. From this first goal, however, barcelonistas were improving his game to break the 3-0 final, with two more goals from José and Ilash. The azulgranas are leaders of the Primera Division Benjamin 4-point advantage over second-placed Cornellà.

Game comfortable boys of Sergi Mila and Òscar Jorquera against the tenth-ranked first division Benjamin. The azulgranas were higher during the meeting and took possession at all times. The Benjamin B generated numerous opportunities thanks to a good joint in all positions, as both midfielders and players of the bands were very active and sought the collective game. The goals of the day were given by Iker González (4), Jan Reixach (3), Oscar Romero (2), Eric Iglesias, Joel López and Albert Garrido.

The Benjamin C added a new victory and still leads the second division Benjamin with 57 points. The team of Cristian Catena and Albert Puig took the lead in the light very quickly, at 2 min, with a goal from Arnau, and only two minutes after Johnny made ​​the second with a shot from the right. In the second period the visitors came on the scoreboard, but a hat-trick of Nadir in the second half left the game ready for judgment.

The set of Jordi Pérez and David Sánchez was low to the game against Bufalà. The azulgranas had difficulty entering the meeting. First the surface of the field, which was carpeted with artificial turf, and then by the strong defensive intensity of the premises. The Benjamín D was controlling the contest as the game progressed and went ahead by the minimum with a 1-2 at the break. After the break, however, barcelonistas got used to handicap the field and overcame strong defensive barrier with good team play. Mamadou, who signed a hat-trick, Gabi and Nadir, with two goals each, and Eric, who contributed a further target were the scorers of the day.



FC Barcelona - Els Barça Toons, preparats pel Milan-Barça

Xavi pending

The Terrassa, basic plans Pep, is challenged by pain in the soleus.
Did not train yesterday and tomorrow, if you decide not to play.

Camp Nou live one of the major parties of the season, both the rival and its significance. Milan, for competitive history and glamor could well have been the rival of azulgrana in the Champions League final, but fate would have it both sets are crossed before. Already saw the faces in the group stage and the result recorded in the Camp Nou (2-2) should be considered as a warning to all not to get carried away: if repeated morning, Barça could not reach the semifinals Champions League for the fifth time in five years, an incredible achievement that defines the domain of continental football in Barcelona the last five years. Guardiola described the party as "the most important of the season" in his press conference after the Barça-Athletic and did cheerfully. Pep will fray your eleventh gala against the Italians, as long as the state permits Xavi: that of Terrassa has suffered from the pain in the soleus and yesterday was not exercised. Alarm.

The Barcelonista coach is quite clear his plan to seek victory against Milan, but Xavi is essential to put in the running. Until tomorrow, Tuesday, do not know if he can play. The Terrassa ended the match at San Siro with signs of pain, but on Saturday against Athletic could act a few minutes on the final leg of the match. Yesterday I did not train and the player is in pain. The presence or absence of Xavi conditions the roadmap Guardiola to the semifinals, so far altered only by the state of Cesc Fàbregas.

The Arenys was the victim of some unexpected bad back that prevented to act on Saturday against Athletic, but not that entrenase yesterday. Nor, indeed, the same Saturday, game day, he took part as one in the morning session. If no more discomfort, Cesc aspires to a place in the team and its bid will win if Xavi finally whole is not able.

And Pedro, who did not act out against Athletic, has options in attack alongside Alexis and Messi. Least likely of the role Tello or Cuenca, as the azulgrana coach believes the game against the Italians is so sacred cows will be around. In defense, is likely to act again Puyol on the left and repeat the structure of the leg. Pep has, however, sufficient evidence to consider different schemes. For example, in the group stage Barça played in San Siro with three defenders, while in the quarterfinal round Alves winger made​​: starting and theoretical side, made ​​it virtually end, which can be passed to play with three back without change almost nothing. (via MD)

Pep Guardiola is why the key match against Milan in the season

Pep Guardiola is the second leg against Milan decisive for the course of the season.
Their minimum goal in the Champions League is always reaching the semifinals.

"Tuesday's game against Milan is the most important of the season." The phrase let go consciously and fully intend Pep Guardiola after midnight between Saturday and Sunday, minutes after Barça won the Athletic at Camp Nou. Why the azulgrana coach said so emphatically that conviction? Sports world could know the technical reasons. Since taking the reins of the team in summer 2008, Guardiola always takes care to repeat that the truly important for a club the level of Barça is "racing to the end." So recently also proudly said that in these four years does not remember any game that his players "have not competed." That is the key to everything for Guardiola, the requirement has been imposed on himself and his own staff while he is sitting on that bench. Earn a degree, whatever, sometimes depends on factors such as the famous "chance" that spoke a few weeks ago in Leverkusen, but what really matters is that a team fight all competition and take the limit, full bar.

And where is that limit, the bar for Guardiola? In the League he has hinted that means at least required for a club level you want for your Barcelona: Real Madrid have come to play the title at the Camp Nou as Barça had to go to play the last three league titles at the Bernabéu.

In the Champions League, the virtual bar is usually reached the semifinals, which is what Barça has become a healthy habit for baastantes seasons. Hence, with such firmness Guardiola said that Barça-Milan tomorrow at the Camp Nou is the party "most important of the season" in his view. Then go to reach semi-finals and play another final, such as Munich would be, would exceed in length what would be his minimum goal, obviously.

That does not mean that ambition is not to win Guardiola any competition to his path. And that is the trajectory to confirm this. But he himself, whenever possible, is responsible for the exceptional highlight is, not only for Barça but also for football in general, a team has been able to win 13 of the last 16 titles to which it has sucked. And the key, in his view, is that he kept the first and only law that requires your computer: Competing through. And "the end" is always in the semifinals of the Champions. (via MD)

Congratulations to Javi Martínez after his match against Barça

His colleagues and friends of the selection Culès praised his great performance.

The great match to Javi Martínez scored at Camp Nou on Saturday has served for the azulgrana fans have checked with his own eyes the greatness of Navarre player of Athletic Bilbao. Javi, who acted central yesterday but made ​​his name as a pivot, gave a real lesson in how to cut and remove them with cleaning balls and decision.

One of the 'victims' of the great game of Martínez was Leo Messi, who ran into him on more than one occasion and found that octopus is a real steal when ball and block shots. Only the young Tello was able to get to site leading to the penalty that meant 2-0.

After the game, and despite the defeat, Javi Martínez was congratulated by his teammates for the great party that had studded Barca primarily a shot in their struggle to reach Madrid in the league standings.

Also from the azulgrana side fell out praise to the current central of Athletic. Several fellow azulgrana selection greeted him after the game given the good relationship that unites them and congratulated him on his great work. Until Andoni Zubizarreta, wise as they come, admitted that "Javi is a great player and great players like us." (via MD)

Spolli: "Barça will win the Milan"

The Catania player scored a goal against the Rossoneri on Saturday.

Nicolas Spolli, centre-back of Catania and author of the tying goal against Milan on Saturday, spoke yesterday afternoon to RAC1, which did not hesitate to predict that "Barça, if you like things often do not have any problem Milan beat and move to the next round. "And, the player says Rosario, "the low Thiago Silva and Nesta have largely depleted the Rossoneri defense and Barça can do much damage there." Referring to the strategy of Italians said that "Milan will go lock himself in his field and look for the counter."

Spolli, who yesterday managed to beat AC Milan goal, explained that the Allegri went to "sentence in the first half and relaxation in the second half was what made ​​them lose two points." When asked about a favorite for the Champions League, admitted he would like to win as Barça Messi plays of azulgrana and Rosario is like him. (via MD)

Barça, with the eleventh gala against Milan

Pep Guardiola will be in good condition at his most crucial to address the crucial match against Milan tomorrow at the Camp Nou.

Barça will be in the best hands in addressing vital that should lead you to the semifinals of the Champions League. Guardiola will align its eleventh gala to defeat AC Milan in a match where victory alone is worth to continue the road to Munich and brilliantly defending the title won last season at Wembley.

Cesc Fàbregas recovery is vital for the Santpedor make up his team brighter. Especially, Arenys de Mar you can mark significant superiority in midfield, the main point in which this boat is supported to make a difference.

Xavi, Iniesta and Cesc should accelerate the pace of the game for AC Milan have to make a sobresfuerzo which is not used in attack and holes appear regularly. The rapid recoveries in the attacking of Sergio Busquets will help the ball is almost always at the foot of the 'gamers' and they can spread very quickly.

To complete the advantage in midfield, Guardiola can always add two parts. The first and foremost is Leo Messi. The Argentine can be downloaded at any time and be a crazy new midfielder to return to the Italians. Starting from the back can also find more space in an area presumed milanista very populated.

The second piece that can contribute to the wide area is Dani Alves. The versatility of brsasileño allows embedded in more advanced positions depending on the needs of the equipment. Even if the bolt is very sharp Milan, Alves could abandon the defense and it would be defined by three stations with the mission to stop Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The defense of three, in this case would consist of the three defenders in better shape: Piqué, Puyol and Mascherano. The captain shut down from the left flank. It would be left back when Guardiola wanted to play with a back four and is the third core if the technician decides to risk more.

The network would be completed in attack with the mobility of Alexis Sánchez, whose dynamism to create confusion among the Rossoneri defense. The great benefit of their uncheck must be players who come from the second line and, of course, Leo Messi.

This alignment is that Guardiola has been used in the major events this season with only one enforced change. Mascherano comes in place of Eric Abidal modifying only the rehabilitation of Puyol on the left to perform the duties of French and Argentine commanding from the rear axle.

Guardiola opted for this block in the most crucial games of the season, as were the three classic against Real Madrid, the Bernabeu in the league, and both of the Copa del Rey in the quarter-final duel. Barça overcame, as in the Clubs World Cup final against Santos, when Pep also risked seeking advantage from the center of the field, must also change and exaggerating the presence of gamers' how was the Thiago entry for the injured Alexis Sánchez.

Guardiola may align their strongest team and the players in good form. Iniesta showed strength against Athletic majestic Xavi was reserved to the locals to show their best reportorio morning, like Carles Puyol, whose speed is basic to slow the cons Italian. All these must be added to Gerard Piqué, who is in an encouraging upward trend and the players they have multiplied to such far-reaching commitments.

The gear seems fine-tuned so that Barça is the machine that has won worldwide admiration for his great football. His play fluid, fast and combinative on a lawn in good condition as it should be the Camp Nou is almost impossible to dismast. The team knows it and if you jump into the field with the same attitude on Saturday against Athletic, AC Milan suffer much to contain barcelonistas attacks.

Barça want to overwhelm and finish the work led by Leo Messi. The Argentine is the top scorer in the Champions League with 12 goals and wants to make history in the competition more appealing on the planet. (via SPORT)

The four captains in the historic Top Ten games played with Barça

Iniesta, with 397 games, came on Saturday in the 'club of the ten', which were already Xavi, Puyol and Víctor Valdés.

The current Barça team is a legend and there are statistics that underscore: Xavi Hernández, Carles Puyol, Víctor Valdés and Andrés Iniesta, the four captains of the current campus, are already among the ten most-capped players in the 112 years of club .

Xavi, with 619 games, is the most capped player has worn the jersey of the first team with 70 games ahead of the second, Puyol. The defense, with 549, tied in the ranking with another historical myth, Migueli, who will be broken Tuesday morning Puyol if it is one of the side that faces the Milan.

The goalkeeper Víctor Valdés also has the honor to be in the 'Top Ten' presences. At the moment, is the fourth ex aequo with Carles Rexach, who as 'Panther Gavà' played 449 games. The presence of Valdes secure tomorrow's match at the Camp Nou will allow reach 450.

The latest to join this select dozen is Andres Iniesta. The '8' azulgrana celebrated with a goal against Athletic entering the 'Club 10', to play his game 397, equaling the record of Quimet Rifé. In a few months may have another illustrious representative of this template in the 'Top Ten', Leo Messi, who is also just 24 years and above the 300 games (317). (via MD)

Barça has never lost when Iniesta marked

Andrés Iniesta you confirms as the great talisman of Barça. If he, marks, the team doesn't lose.

As reported by the official website of FC Barcelona, where Andres Iniesta mark, the team doesn't loses. Specifically, there are now 38 games in which the manchego and they marked the team has achieved 35 wins and 3 draws, but no losses. And so does Andrew by the Spanish selection. He has scored in 11 games, sold off 10 wins and 1 draw.

The Saturday was a special game for the squad midfielder. There are now 53 consecutive league matches in which knows no defeat. And if anything is missing, the goal against Athletic was number 50 on his football career, marked with Barça 39 and 11 with the Spanish team.

Finally, as we reported after the game, Iniesta has played 397 games with the Barça shirt. With this mark, equal to Quimet Rifé and placed in the Top Ten players with more games played in Barcelona. (via SPORT)

Ferguson: "It's scary to think how far Messi"

Few coaches have had both the consequences of facing to Barca of Leo Messi. One is the Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson, who lost two Champions League finals at the '10' Argentina.

The Scot, one of the oldest and winners of the world, not out of his astonishment at all he has achieved and won the Barça star at a young age. With only 24, Messi has won every major titles at the club level possible: three Champions, five league titles and two World Cups, among others ... And not only that, but it's also the top scorer in the history of azulgrana entity, with 236 points.

"The players are developed and begin to mature when they reach 25 years or so. We've seen it with Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney and others. But Messi has not even reached that age yet. Scary to think what might happen, only 24! "Ferguson said in remarks published Sunday on the web 'Mirror Football'. (via SPORT)

Mascherano: "We have to keep working, and win every game from here to the end"

The Argentinian defender was proud of the work carried out by the first team in the game against Athletic Bilbao on Saturday.

"We were a bit surprised, especially how our rival made us work so hard" said the player.

Javier Mascherano praised his team's victory against Athletic Bilbao, 2-0, in the interview after the game on the Barça TV program “El Marcador”. The Argentinian player said that "it was that type of game, at a physical level, as demanding as we’ve had" and added that Bilbao are a team that "over and above whether you like them, or like their footballing philosophy, they pressurise you all over the pitch".

The defender was delighted with his teams’ effort, as well as with the end result. "You have to give a bit more, and I think the team did that, and that’s why we won, as well as playing a great game" he said. Mascherano also stated that "we were very good, and created a lot of chances; it may not have been noticeable, but the game was really demanding".

Mascherano was thrilled with the huge banner that Barça fans dedicated to his compatriot, Lionel Messi, at the start of the match: "Just seeing the banner gave me goosebumps" he said, and pointed out that "for him, it was spectacular. That your own people, people who saw you grow up as a sportsman, appreciate you so much, and let you know it with this type of gesture, is just spectacular".

Mascherano also commented about the controversies that have been created around his teammate Gerard Pique. "Football is often very unfair. Gerard has given so much to FC Barcelona since he came back, not only in terms of titles, but with the way he’s always played" said the defender. He added that it is an honor to play alongside Pique, and the rest of his teammates: "Playing alongside the likes of Gerard and Puyol has given me lots of confidence".

Javier Mascherano had only kind words for his manager. "We are talking about one of the best managers in the world, if not the best," he said. He added that working with Guardiola is "a constant learning process", and emphasised Pep’s desire for continual innovation. "He always comes up with some surprise, or some detail, that helps us win the game, or helps the team to feel comfortable on the pitch" he said, and pointed out that "it’s what makes Pep different from the rest of the managers” .

"Coming into a game as important as Tuesday’s there’s no way you can be tired” he said in reference to the game on Tuesday against Milan in the return leg of the Champions League quarterfinals. Mascherano also stressed that "when you have something so important to do, you forget everything and your body just responds". (via FCBarcelona.com)