27 March 2012

Bill Clinton wants 'to sign' to Rosell for his foundation

It has the president for his foundation of solidarity action worldwide.

The Barça president Sandro Rosell has received a very warm letter from former U.S. President Bill Clinton invited him to be an active member in the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI).

Clinton himself defines this establishment as "a community of global leaders dedicated to formulating and implementing solutions in response to the most pressing global problems."

Indeed, Clinton promotes solidarity initiatives, relief and direct action worldwide in collaboration with important figures of international renown.

"Our corporate members are crucial to the work of the CGI, because understanding and provide the guidance necessary to create real change in communities around the world. Throughout the year, the CGI works with them to develop legal responsibilities and lay the groundwork for partnerships to make the world a better place. efforts by the CGI culminating in our Annual Meeting to be held in New York from 23 to 25 September 2012 "event you Sandro Rosell will attend if his schedule azulgrana permits.

For Sandro Rosell is a great honor to be listed as president of FC Barcelona on a platform that provides solutions in about 180 countries around the world. No doubt the strong entente between the club azulgrana and Bill Gates Foundation, which is also part of this army of Clinton, has been key to include Rosell between the signings of 2012.

In the same letter says that the CGI "helping to change the lives of more than 400 million people. I hope you become part of the CGI community and share our progress," just saying the former president of the U.S. , who also discovered the phenomenon Barça. (via MD)

[Former player] The 'Gallina' Maxi López is crossed with Barça 6 years after

His only goal was scored by azulgrana in the Champions League against Chelsea.

Rarely in the history of FC Barcelona earned a player such esteem for so little. Maxi López (Buenos Aires, April 3, 1984) came to Barça in the January of 2005 with Demetrio Albertini. If the experience represented Italian, Argentine, who came from River Plate aged 20, was synonymous with future-alongside Messi (17) and Iniesta (20), the youngest.

As of landing at the Camp Nou, Maxi signed his best performance as azulgrana. It was in a Champions League match in the first leg of round and the rival Chelsea.

'The Gallina', which took 64 minutes for Giuly with a 0-1 on the scoreboard, he became the reluctant hero of the night and earned the esteem of the stands forever. He scored the 1-1 after pass from Ronaldinho and Eto'o attended to sign the winning goal.

A victory that ultimately proved futile, as it was Chelsea who were classified. In total, Maxi played at the azulgrana 17 games between league and Champions League, but Chelsea was his only goal.

In summer 2006, after the signing of Gudjohnsen, Maxi decided to fly to Mallorca. Vermilion played 29 matches and scored 3 goals. After passing through the islands, Maxi began a 'tournée' around the world.

In 2008-09 he went to Moscow, then came the Gremio (Brazil) and in summer 2010 landed in Italy to play in Catania. Just two months ago, arrived on loan at Milan Maxi, who has kept a purchase option.

Today, as against Chelsea seven years ago, waits his turn on the bench dreaming of having another magical night, now at his Barça. (via MD)

Abbiati: It won't be a challenge between Messi and me"

The goal keeper of the 'Rossoneri' is confident in taking good result against the azulgranas and already has in mind the match against Leo Messi though the shadow of Barça is much longer than that of Argentina.

"I know that Messi is the best in the world but Barça is not just Messi. It is a challenge between him and me. A single player can not be analyzed, is unpredictable," he said in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Regarding the meeting, Abbiati believed to be key defensive strength of their own and the ability to take advantage of the opportunity to give FC Barcelona.

"They create twenty times every game, so we have to take ours. We played two good games against them but suffer a bit. We have a 50% chance. Not forget that we are Milan," he said. (via SPORT)

Squad arrives in Milan

Barça landed in Milan at 12.00 and have been taken to their hotel, where they will rest before training this evening at 19.00.

The FC Barcelona expedition gathered on Tuesday morning at 9.30 at the Camp Nou and were transferred to El Prat Airport. The charter flight to Milan left at 10.30 and landed around 12.00. Once in Milan, the team made its way to the hotel, where they will rest before going to the San Siro for the final training session before Wednesday night’s match.

The session will start at 19.00, before which Guardiola and Piqué will be speaking to the media.

President Sandro Rosell leads an expedition that also includes vice presidents Bartomeu, Faus and Cardoner plus directors Moix, Monés, Guinovart, Bordas and Arroyo.

Official directors dinner

The traditional official dinner for the respective Boards of Directors will be held in the Cracco restaurant in Milan. Adriano Galliani, for AC Milan, and Sandro Rosell, for FC Barcelona, will be the main representatives of each club. (via FCBarcelona.com)

[Barça B] Dongou, the Eto'o of La Masia

The Cameroonian forward is the pupil of the Foundation of Samuel and a '9' pure as he and his two references, Ronaldo and Rooney.
Shy off the pitch, the ball becomes an insatiable scorer: Sunday opened the branch in front of their parents.

Sergi Roberto says Jean Marie Dongou (Mbanga-Cameroon-April 20, 1995) is shy. Note that 'Juan', as I affectionately call of his companions did not know where to hide on Sunday when after the match was met at the Barça B dressing room in the Mini with an ovation.

Cameroon's hard to believe that seeing is so timid reacted after scoring the 2-1 against Alcoyano first touch in every way: not stop and the first ball he touched. Exploded with joy with eyes wide open, arms outstretched and his lips drawn in goal. He left in his career Kiko Femenía, who had given assistance, and launched into the arms of Deulofeu, recently replaced. Things of age. Gerard just turned 18 and has 16 Dongou. Last August, 15, has already made history with the first team debut in the Copa Catalunya final against Espanyol.

Still means more happiness given that his parents, who had traveled from Cameroon to visit these days, were in the stands. Barcelona travel to once a year and this time they won the lottery. Now you know it was worth the adventure that began in 2005 with 10 years under Eto'o Foundation, also leaving his country in his four sisters. Jean Marie is the best student of Samuel, a '9 'as pure as he and his two football references: first Ronaldo and Rooney now.

"La roca" as he defines Kiko Femenía "for its dramatic force", has 21 goals in the Juvenil A Òscar Garcia and one in the branch of Eusebius, who notes that "a physical player with powerful area, good technique and tactical intelligence. moves with direction and very well defined. has some characteristics different from everything I had seen so far in the club. This is a great scorer, but is very young and we must be cautious. "Dongou is sick of football: La Masia spent watching games every night.

For youth, the club will not let him talk to the media. It is a shame because it is an example of integration: explaining their football in Catalan. (via MD)

Pending the press conference by former azulgrana Ibrahimovic

Spring atmosphere in Milan, about 19 degrees and a thin gray layer that covers the roof of the Lombard capital. Max Allegri has cited his players in the sports city of Milan at noon to prepare for the match against FC Barcelona. At 14.00, a joint press conference between the coach Max Allegri and his 'prima donna', Sweden's Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The performance of the front is still bright this season: 29 goals in all competitions, Milan leading the fight for the Scudetto and the feeling that only he can do against a Barça all higher lines. "Ibra can make the difference," defending goalkeeper Abbiati.

Ibra has softened his speech from that lash out Pep Guardiola and azulgrana part of the wardrobe in his controversial autobiography. At San Siro already had occasion to greet some of their excompañeros, like Messi or Puyol, who requested the shirt, but Guardiola greeting, or in the field or in the locker room. It will be interesting to hear the tiny newsroom Milanello reflections striker, who joined Barça for 66 million euros a year and was returning to Italy. (via MD)

Pato flies to U.S. to solve his physical problems

He suffered 13 muscle injuries since 2010 and its relationship with Ibra is impossible.

The most imaginative player of AC Milan has grown tired of waiting for someone in Milanello explain why each of the 13 muscle injuries since 2010 has suffered in the San Siro, all in the center of the field in the area near the Inter's curve precisely.

Pato, seeking solutions, yesterday flew to Atlanta, U.S., to the office of Dr. Frederic Carrick, a professor of neurology staff will try to help the Brazilian species using a space capsule from which to attempt to assess whether the orders sent by neurons of Pato are the right muscles.

It is not the only problem the Brazilian, who no longer supports his teammate Ibrahimovic. Big appearances of Pato have coincided with the parties that Zlatan has been out-leg at the Camp Nou in the group stage, 'not understood outside or on the field.

Last year Pato visited with Professor Garrett, in California, a highly regarded orthopedic ensuring that the problems stem from its Pato running form, his running mechanics supposedly is wrong because you should download the 80% of its strength in speed on the posterior muscles and the percentage change is 50%, so that too much load the anterior muscles.

Traveled the Brazilian, boyfriend of daughter of Berlusconi, accompanied by physiological and Professor Bruno Domenico Meersseman, remember this name? We speak of the Belgian chiropractor who in 2003 founded the Milan Lab, the laboratory medical check Milan.

The structure was born with the aim to prevent injuries. Every 15 days the players 'Rossoneri' tests were coming and thus listed were known better the risks of each player. Also introduced custom training. But in 2008, Meersseman is removed from the discipline of the club and now returns to treat the 'crown jewel', the favorite of Berlusconi, his future son.

Many blame the trainer Daniele Tognaccini of muscular injuries the team suffered more from that in Dubai, in the winter training, it worked in sand. The fact is that this season, coach Massimiliano Allegri has had in each of their matches at least 8 casualties and that statistic has risen to 10 players more recently. The last injury, Thiago Silva. (via MD)

Zubizarreta: “A different game to the one in the groups”

Andoni Zubizarreta has said that Wednesday will be “a difficult match against a strong opponent” but that Barça are ready to compete with the Italians for a place in the semi finals.

Zubi: “The two group matches allowed us to get to know each other a little better but we also know that a knockout match is played differently”.

“We have more important players missing than they do, but great teams are used to playing under any circumstances”.

Andoni Zubizarreta was speaking to the media before departing for Italy. “We know what we have to do to get to the final. It’s a great game against a great opponent. It’s one of the best games in the quarter finals. It will be a difficult match against a team we already know”, said the director of football. Of course, the sides already met earlier in the competition. “Both games in the group stages will help us get to know each other a bit better, but we also know that knockout matches are played differently” he said.

Asked about the key players that AC Milan are missing, Zubi commented that “I’m sure our missing players are more important than the ones they have. But great teams are used to playing under any circumstances … The greatest teams are made up of great players. It’s true that the such players tend to appear in big matches because they thrive on such pressure. Ibrahimovic is one of them, and he’s an important part of AC Milan”.

Zubizarreta and the team are not only ready to fight with Milan for a place in the semi finals of the Champions League, and also for three points in all their remaining league fixtures. “That’s our intention. We’ll see whether we end up winning the league or not” he concluded. (via FCBarcelona.com)

Cladera said that Son Moix "looked like the Camp Nou"

The president of Mallorca, Jaume Cladera, has expressed its displeasure over the applause was heard in Son Moix when Gerard Piqué scored the second goal that closed the Blaugrana victory in Palma.

"I knew very bad because it seemed we were in the Camp Nou. It was very painful," said Cladera to announce the postponement until May general meeting of shareholders.

"However gentleman who would be hurt that you hear a cheer as loud as you heard, which is customary with the views of Madrid and Barcelona," he explained.

Cladera's visit confirmed that Pep Guardiola was left at the box office "a significant figure, 400,000 euros," he explained.

Mallorca president also mentioned the team's sporting situation and assured that with 36 points "are not in a position to write home about because it's all very tight but we must continue quietly and without distraction."

With regard to the continuing technical Joaquín Caparrós, Cladera explained that "the times you have spoken to him asking us to finish the league to discuss more options."

And he stressed: "We have said that he is the prime choice, have to wait to finish the league and talk seriously." (via SPORT)

[Ex-players] Gerard, Salinas, Nadal, Sergi Barjuan spend seven football

The 'veteran' FC Barcelona participated in a match organized by Pippermint to commemorate its 50th anniversary.

Veterans of luxury of FC Barcelona Sergi Barjuan, Gerard, Salinas or Nadal were the special guests to the party that organized the Pippermint bar in Barcelona to celebrate its 50th anniversary. At the meeting, employees of the company played against some guests of honor, which include these veterans of Barça.

However, despite their participation, was the team of workers who were ultimately imposed by 13 to 11. The ex players of FC Barcelona proved to be in good shape and tasteful agreed to participate in an event so special. To end the party, all participants enjoyed a great meal. (via SPORT)

It is already known the referee for the Zaragoza-Barcelona

The Aragon referee Carlos Clos Gómez has been appointed to arbitrate the Real Madrid-Valencia, while the Castilian-Leonese Javier Turienzo Álvarez lead the Real Zaragoza-Barcelona, two of the thirty-second day.

The collegians designated by the Technical Committee of Referees for the days 32 in Primera division and 33 in Segunda that will be played from the 7 to the 9 of the present April, are the following ones:

Primera división (32nd round)

R. Mallorca-Granada Delgado Ferrero (C. Vasco)
Athletic Club-Sevilla Álvarez Izquierdo (C. Catalán)
R. Zaragoza-Barcelona Turienzo Álvarez (C. Cas.-Leonés)
Getafe-Sporting Gijón F. Teixeira Vitienes (C. Cántabro)
Levante-At. Madrid Iglesias Villanueva (C. Gallego)
Real Madrid-Valencia Clos Gómez (C. Aragonés)
Rayo Vallecano-At. Osasuna Estrada Fernández (C. Catalán)
RCD Espanyol-Real Sociedad Muñíz Fernández (C. Asturiano)
R. Betis-Villarreal Velasco Carballo (C. Madrileño)
Málaga-Racing Santander Cerro Grande (C. Madrileño)

Segunda división (33rd round)

Recreativo Huelva-Guadalajara Burgos Bengoetxea (C. Vasco)
Alcorcón-Alcoyano López Acera (C. Extremeño)
Sabadell-Ginmastic Tarragona Melero López (C. Andaluz)
Barcelona "B"-Córdoba Lesma López (C. Madrileño)
Hércules-Girona Amoedo Chas (C. Gallego)
Deportivo Coruña-R. Murcia Gil Manzano (C. Extremeño)
Cartagena-R. Celta Pino Zamorano (C. Cas.-Manchego)
Villarreal "B"-Elche Piñeiro Crespo (C. Asturiano)
Huesca-Almería Prieto Iglesias (C. Navarro)
Xerez-R. Valladolid Arias López (C. Cántabro)
UD Las Palmas-Numancia Jaime Latre (C. Aragonés). (via SPORT)

[Youth] Building cantera with major wins

The youth ranks at Barça live another intense weekend and re-touch full of victories.
The formation soccer teams have won 15 of the 17 games they have played.
the players of Alevín A and B have played a friendly football 11 with a very positive result.

Match dominated by the Juvenil B, who enjoyed numerous opportunities to increase distance on the scoreboard, but it was right in front of goal. Pimienta Garcia and Marc Guitart's team was ahead in the light in the first half with a goal of Iu, but locals signed the equalizer on 25 minutes. After the break, the azulgranas continued control of the match but could not realize their chances and the game ended in a draw. Despite the draw, the Catalans are leaders of the Liga Nacional Juvenil with 61 points.

Cadete A triumph in the field of Trade, in Sabadell. The goals were to wait until the second half when Sergio Buencasa opened the scoring on 51 minutes. Sergi Canós brought up the second 5 minutes later. Alex Corredera finished slide round the day on 70 minutes. The win keeps the kids leaders Quique Álvarez and Ramon Ros with 59 points.

The set of Fran Artiga and Andrés Martin took the narrow victory against Nastic de Tarragona. The visitors came out with a very closed, so the azulgranas struggled to find space and create chances. Finally, Cadete B patience was rewarded with Ayoub's goal after 32 minutes the first time, a target that allowed the azulgranas to take all three points and consolidate his lead solo the Liga Preferente Cadete.

The first half of the match of the 23rd round of the Infantil A versus el Prat was pretty even. The set of Fran Sánchez and Xavi Franquesa dominated the game and created several chances but the home team also created danger to counterattack. In the second half, however, Barça adjusted dominated the defensive side with more intensity, until the comfortable 1-6 final. Lee (2), Dani Olmo (2), Dani Morer and Javi Ruiz were the scorers of the match. With this new victory for FC Barcelona is sole leader of the Primera División Infantil with 63 points.

Meeting the boys controlled by Denis Silva and Carles López, who at all times had possession. The Gramanet opened bright and surprised the azulgranas with a goal on 11 minutes the first time, but Infantil B was able to trace and seize control of the match. In the 19th minute Bobby signed a tie, and about ten minutes after Barça ahead Mboula on the scoreboard. Valery round finished the first half with a goal in the dying minutes. The second half continued with the same dynamics. The azulgranas increased the gap with a goal by Lluis Mangas and a Iker, and took the win by a convincing 5-1.

For scoring opportunities and good game azulgrana's victory could have been more placid, but eventually had to suffer. The team of Marcel Sans and Isaac García faced the first two quarters very seriously and enjoyed many times, but lacked accuracy in the final meters, and left to rest for the minimum gain to the target of Victor, which meant the 0 -1. The second half was more even, alternating in the two fields. The San Gabriel tied the game, but again jumped Alevín A with a goal from Joan Altimira. The hosts dropped their arms and returned to equalize the match in a counterattack action, but Arnau Comas goal on 51 minutes took a deserved barcelonista victory to the template.

Azulgrana domain in the field of Mollet. The guys from Jordi Font and Jordi Puig posed a serious party and offered a good team, but lacked a bit of pace. However, the Alevín B finished the first time ahead on the scoreboard with a 0-2 with goals from Labinot and Luke Sanllehí, in the second half and finished kill off the game with another target of Bernat. The home team scored the consolation goal in the dying minutes of the last quarter, but the match was ruled in favor of the azulgranas.

This week Alevín A and B players played a friendly match against Atletico Segre. The meeting's objective was to see how things were 11 guys in football, because next year most of them will go to Infantil B and must get used to this system. The experience was positive and very helpful. The azulgranas dominated the game and had the possession and chances.

The team of Alex Gómez and Alexis Pintó was over his rival and dominated from start to finish thanks to the attitude of the players, good movement and combination play. The azulgranas enjoyed many times and did a good job at offensive and defensive. Take (4), Marc Carmona (2), Adrià Altimira (2), Ivan Bravo (2) and Marc Guerrero were the scorers of the match. The next day the Alevín C will face Cornellà the second-ranked the Second Division Alevín and therefore have the opportunity to distance himself from the table and consolidate top spot.

Round trip Match between Alevín D and Cubelles. The set Barcelona struggled to get a draw in a match where the visitors were ahead on the scoreboard. The opposing team took advantage of some defensive inaccuracies the azulgranas to go with the result 0-2 at the break. Despite the result, the boys of Xavi Bravo and Oscar Hernández came out strong in the restart and pressured to get a draw with goals from Julian, Kenneth, Gerard and Marc Dominguez.

Goleada the team of Marc Serra and David Sánchez in the municipal Can Estruch. Marc Alegre opened the scoring in the first minute of play, and from there the domain was for Barca. The Benjamin A became one of the best games of the season and enjoyed many times. The scorers of the day were Raúl (3), Kais (2), Marc Alegre (2), Moriba (2), Aitor, Haitam and Joseph.

Barça's comfortable victory at the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper. The set of Sergi Mila and Óscar Jorquera well exceeded the defense raised the Gramenet closed, and they could find space and create chances thanks to good team. In the first half and won the Benjamin B with ease, 4-1, in the second round finished the day with three more goals. Jan Reixach (4), Oscar Romero (2) and Iker González were the scorers of the day. The azulgranas are leaders of the Primera Division Benjamin with 62 points.

The Benjamin C prepared very seriously the game against Sants, and that was reflected in the result. The team of Cristian Puig Catena and Albert went very well from the start, and in the first quarter and was up 4-0. The Catalans gave a great display of high school football and good combinations, and took the victory with goals from Alejandro Bucket (2), Xavi Pleguezuelo (2), Xavi Simons (2), Alvaro (2), Arnau Farnós, Toni and Fasica.

Great game for kids Jordi Pérez and David Sánchez in the field ISSA Council. The Benjamín D started the match very well with combination moves and good teamwork in all aspects. The azulgranas were very strong both offensively and defensively, and that was reflected in the outcome. The goals of the day were given by Eric (4), Gabi (3), David (2), Mamadou (2), Marc (2), Nadir (2), Arnau and Jonathan, plus an own goal target of Sant Andreu.

New Prebenjamin victory in its category. This time the azulgranas were imposed at the Veterans of Catalunya 7-2. The guys from Rafa Rodriguez and Juan Antonio Gil went ahead on the scoreboard in the opening minutes and from there was total domination. Abdoul (2), Pablo (2), Pol, Ilias and Alejandro were the scorers of the day. With this win, Barça still unbeaten this season, having won the 17 games he has played. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Former player] Giuly: "I see the nerves and tension in Madrid"

"If Leo Messi is still well be the best player ever."

The former FC Barcelona Ludovic Giuly has reviewed the current azulgrana in the program 'Tercera Gradería' of ONA FM and recalled his goal against Milan in 2006.

The French player currently Monaco, said that whenever he can watch the azulgrana matches and that for him, Guardiola's team "is still the best in Europe."

In this regard and the 4 points on Real Madrid has lost in the last 3 games the Frenchman says he sees "nerves and tension in Madrid, feel the pressure" and that the silence of the club blanco is "to turn all that "

From his goal against Milan in 2006 encarriló a spot in the Champions League final which subsequently lead Barça Giuly ensures that remembers it very well.

"It was a very difficult game, 'high' with all my might. For us that year was historic reach the final of the Champions. I am happy and pleased to have played in that team is unbelievable," recalls French.

About Leo Messi, the player who ended up inheriting his post, Giuly believes that "it was best to leave as I did" because "when you get a guy like Messi is playing in your position, you know you will not play." But the French, without rancor, said "if Messi keeps up will be the best player ever"

The hard times experienced by his compatriot Eric Abidal, Giuly feels that "has a very strong character, play again, all support you" and it is clear that "optimism win the battle." (via MD)

Milan also wants to Jordi Alba

To Jordi Alba is accumulated suitors. Valencia defender, a priority for FC Barcelona, is also on the agenda of Milan, acknowledged by his representative.

"It is true that we are in contact with Milan," said Vicente Fores told the Italian website Calciomercato. The agent said the Lombard club is also interested in Bruno Soriano, Villarreal, and that within "20 days or a month" is scheduled to meet with Ariedo Braida, CEO 'Rossoneri'. (via SPORT)

[Ex-player] Bakero: "Guardiola will continue"

The exblaugrana Jose Mari Bakero to coach a few weeks ago Lech Pozna Poland did, went through the microphones of the program 'MasEsports' by 'COMRàdio'.

Bakero said he believes Pep Guardiola "at the end will continue," and said: "Now that time is important, when the titles are played, Barça is well and choose the League, Cup and Champions. Barça choose the three titles, not Madrid. In la Liga the Madrid is favorite but now Barça have options again. "

The Navarre said that "Barça has failed this season away from home in la Liga, to my mind has failed. Away failed head" and said of the Madrid that "everyone wants to feel they are quiet and are doing the opposite. not normal expulsion of the two coaches, that's cause. Mourinho dominates much these situations. "

Bakero reiterated that "Barça have the feeling that comes perfect, the most important players like Xavi, Iniesta and Messi are fine. The organ works" and acknowledged that "I like Mourinho as a coach but everything is getting against arbitrations it seems ridiculous, really. Barça and Madrid have to forget all this and play football. ""It seems that when things do not go, anything goes. And that is not to be," he added.

Finally, Zlatan Ibrahimovic looked to former Blaugrana and Milan player, Barça's next opponents in the Champions League, "Ibrahimovic is very particular, has an undeniable individual quality. He feels very comfortable in Milan, feels important, is untouchable, does what he wants ... he says something sexist to a journalist and what would be happening in the background serious positive. Everything you do and Milan Ibra is doing well. "Asked whether the Swabian play with a vengeance Ibrahimovic Bakero is clear: "It's normal to be so. Is a winner and if Barcelona has gone wrong, has its pride. For him if you two, three or four goals better. " (via SPORT)

[Selection Under-17] Spain 1 - 1 Georgia

Barely two minutes had elapsed game, a penalty from Chechelashvili put the hosts ahead of the mini-tournament. From that moment, the Spanish took control of the ball and reached the goal defended by Adamia extensively with danger. An inmate of the Spanish right-back, Bellerín ended with a center Bustos tried to finish. The same Bellerín had it again with a direct free-kick that stopped the Georgian goalkeeper. Spain created danger, above all to pieces, in corners, but could not get the ball ended up in the nets. The boots had in front of the Spanish, Ivan Calero, but with only the goalkeeper sent off very attached to the bottom.

Georgia, meanwhile, came timidly to the goal of Rubén White, who had a good intervention to reject a corner. The ups of both fullbacks, Grimaldo and Bellerín, assumed the start of the offensive plays in Spain: Grimaldo tried even with a lack lateral from the edge of the area. Still, one of the lighter plays of the first forty minutes was Calero, who after a brilliant career move staff from midfield to the opponent's goal could not complete the first Spanish both.

After the break, Spain jumped onto the field wanting to retain ownership of the ball but with the aim of having to dial a while keep them alive. Instead, it was Georgia who, encouraged by an audience that was very active and cheering throughout the game, he made it more clearly: Akhvlediani first and Mzevashvili then, after a brilliant move, shook the Spanish bench.

When it appeared that less was reaching Spain, Álvaro Bustos bounced a corner who headed the central Iván Sáez, getting the tying goal for the team that runs when passed Santi Denia 59 minutes of play. The score was 2-1 in the about to arrive via Dani Iglesias, who had jumped onto the field in the second half and did not materialize a great opportunity with only the goalkeeper, who managed to stop at close range Adamia. The last and clear chance in the closing stages, was Álvaro Bustos, who sent out a ball that grazed the crossbar and the coaching staff blew Spanish, who already believed in the comeback.

Is repeated, therefore, the result achieved in the third game of the Tournament Caspian Cup U-16 in June 2011: 1-1. Starting at 14:00 CET Spanish, face England and Ukraine in the other match of Group 3. (via RFEF)

[Match Stats]
España: Rubén Blanco, Héctor Bellerín, Iván Sáez ©, Álvaro Bustos, Alejandro Grimaldo, Sergi Samper, Borja Martínez (Antonio J. Cotán, min.74) , Jaime Sánchez, Samuel Castillejo (Dani Iglesias, min.54), Alejandro Serrano (Juan Jesús Arguez, min.40) and Iván Calero. coach: Santiago Denia.

Georgia: Aleksandre Adamia, Otar Kakabadze, Lasha Dvali, Nika Tchanturia, Giga Samkharadze, Chiaber Chechelashvili, Giorgi Aburjania © (Gorozia, min.31), Giorgi Papunashvili, Nika Akhvlediani (Meskhi, min.54), Davit Jikia (Tsilosani, min.63), Aleko Mzevashvili. coach: Vasil Maisuradze.

Goals: 0-1 (Chechelashvili, min.2, penalty), 1-1 (Sáez, min.59)

Referee: Chris Reisch (Lux). Assistant Referees: Claudio de Carolis (Lux) and Veselin Dobriyanov (Bul). Fourth official: Nikolai Yordanov (Bul).

Cards: admonished Bellerín (min.25) and Antonio Cotan (min.76) by Spain, and Dvali (min.22), Kakabadze (min.36), Meskhi (min.69), Mzevashvili (min.72 ) and Chechelashvili (min.80 +) by Georgia.

Stadium: Mikheil Meskhi, Tbilisi (14:00 local, 12:00 CET Spanish)

An exciting week of football awaits

FC Barcelona face a busy week with two really attractive games – Wednesday’s Champions League clash in Italy against Milan and then the La Liga game against Athletic Bilbao on Saturday at the Camp Nou.

There are two big matches for Pep Guardiola’s side as March comes to an end. After Sunday’s day off following their win in Mallorca, the players trained at the Ciutat Esportiva this morning and on Tuesday they will be flying out to Milan, where they will train, at the Giuseppe Meazza at 19.00 on Tuesday evening.

On Wednesday at 20.45 Milan and Barça meet in the first leg of the Champions League quarter finals as Barça strive for their tenth win on the run.

The players will stay in Italy on Thursday and train at midday at the Centro Sportivo Faccheti on the outskirts of Milan, before returning on Friday morning in time for training at the Camp Nou at 13.00.

On Saturday at 12.30 the players will have a final training session before facing Athletic Bilbao at ten at night at the Camp Nou. The day after that, they will begin preparations for Tuesday’s return leg against Milan at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper. (via FCBarcelona.com)

Sergi Roberto, represents Barça at the MIC presentation

The Barça B player represented FC Barcelona at the unveiling of the 12th edition of the MIC, which was held in Girona.

Sergi Roberto represented FC Barcelona at presentation of the 12th Mediterranean International Cup (MIC) held at the Salón Plenos of the Girona Provincial Council. The Azulgrana midfielder, who has played in the tournament three times; twice with Barça and once with his old team Reus, talked about his experience in the competition. Sergi Roberto admitted he had a “great experience” playing in the competition and that it was “very interesting playing against teams from other countries.”

Up to 40 difference countries participate in the MIC. The director of the tournament, Juanjo Rovira, said that the competition has “reached a very important level” and that some teams find it difficult to “qualify.” Two different Barça youth teams compete in the tournament: U-14 and U-12.

Jaume Torremadé, President of the Provincial Council of Girona, signed a four-year agreement with David Ballvé, MIC President, to keep the competition in Girona. The presentation of the tournament was attended by Álvaro Vázquez, who represented RCD Espanyol. (via FCBarcelona,com)