24 March 2012

Jorge Messi: "Messi enjoys most of the fight for la Liga to record"

Jorge Messi speaks Argentina of the great week of his son.

"You always dream about these things, but I never really did it so young." The words of Jorge Messi, father of Leo Messi, Argentina's news agency Telam demonstrates the satisfaction and pride of the environment itself Barcelona and '10' for the record scorer in the history of FC Barcelona. "I believe more in the contribution that gives the team, although it is still true tickling cum when I see a goal and especially in this situation," he says.

Jorge Messi explains, "I noticed as always, but much happier," revealing that your child puts the collective to the individual: "I guess it is still important to be remembered for a club like Barcelona, ​​but what she enjoys most he is still with options in the race to win La Liga. "
Leo on the praises of the football stars, Jorge confesses that "surely I will live with the weather with greater sensitivity, but I keep thinking about what these monsters. It is very strong."

The father of the crack has good feelings about the Barça sporting moment: "The team see it as in all seasons, growing little by little at this time of year with opportunities in all competitions." And it hides one of the challenges that your son wants achieve: "Leo always repeats itself because it feels and leaves the soul. His dream is to win a World Cup with the national team." (via MD)

Caparros: "Messi is human in quotes"

"It's hard to win at Barcelona, ​​but in football anything is possible."
"Barça must win every game to qualify for the title, so come one hundred percent."
"Barça is a great example to young talent."
"The Barça players have red and blue blood, that is beyond doubt."

Mallorca coach Joaquín Caparrós said his team must play at a high level to have any chance against Barcelona this Saturday visit the Iberostar Stadium, and with respect to its maximum star said "I hope your day does not have Messi because "it is human in quotes."

"It's hard to win at Barcelona, ​​but in football anything is possible. We have to play at a level high in the offensive and defensive aspects and take our chances when we have them," Caparrós said in a press conference.

Sevillian coach admitted that his players are highly motivated to the clash with the Catalans. "On the impact that has this game, the quality of opponent, and all those who did not play, that supermotivación exists, but also has the Barcelona, which all parties must win to qualify for the title, so come to one hundred percent, and if we join the talent of its players, is even more complicated, "said Caparrós.

When asked whether to order a special marking Leo Messi, said: "We are before the best footballer in every game that surprises us with something new. It amazed us with a genius in Seville, comes the next meeting and leaves us in the retina another move. Hopefully not the genius we remember to do in Mallorca and as is human, not having his day, but I say the human-quotes. "

Caparrós also praised the quality of Barcelona's youth: "I am an experienced advocate for young talent, as I have shown at Sevilla and Athletic Bilbao. I enjoy the philosophy of the cantera, and Barça is a great example with its three golden boots and over are world champions. your players have the red and blue blood, that is beyond doubt, "said.

Finally, when asked by the schema to use to deal with the machinery azulgrana coach mallorquinista said it is a matter that "it seems simple, but it is not so much." "We have to defend very well when we do not have the ball and know what to do when we have always collectively, do not forget that Barcelona has the virtue of their smaller rivals, and hopefully that will not happen tomorrow," Caparrós stressed. (via MD)

[Barça B] Ilie will renew for another season

Ilie Sánchez continues its long process of recovery from injury in left heel that keeps him on the sidelines since the preseason. The player is unlikely to return this season but the club has offered to renew for another year and the agreement is only total lack of signature. The well has rewarded the effort and attitude of the squad. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Eusebio reinforces his authority in the Barça B

The coach's speech transmitted yesterday showed more strength and that the club has had on their views for the second team to consolidate.

Eusebio Sacristán showed yesterday feel very strengthened by the club and showed a more energetic when analyzing the past actions related to the subsidiary. With the renewal apalabrada for another year, the views of Valladolid seems to have gained weight in the state Blaugrana.

For example, coach appreciated that Pep Guardiola dissipated soon the doubts that would Barça B players invited to Mallorca: "This week we worked with a group of players and conscious minded. It's good to know who we have from the start allows us to work on the preparation of the match with ease. "In this sense, Bartra and Montoya did not participate in Thursday's session and trained alone on news that travel with the first team.

Barça subsidiary assessed needs, as it did after the call Rafinha with the Brazilian team. The subsidiary had lost the player in case of winning the tournament MIC against Córdoba and the club did not grant the permit. Indeed, the striker is doubtful for tomorrow's game against Alcoyano by a small muscle injury.

Eusebio wants his players with maximum intensity and Sunday Rodri left in the stands for technical reasons. The coach yesterday gave the explanation: "Maybe he had recently cut its contribution to the team. We hope to recover the time of form and confidence he had when he left Soriano. The important thing is to work with the mindset of always. "Eusebio was also strict with Sergi Roberto, who said that "it is true that at first I expected a bit more of it. This is what I noticed the other day with his great match on Sunday. It is also true that we demand too much when it brings a lot and usually has a good performance. Need peace of mind. "

Barça opens defense in Mallorca

Guardiola will have to improvise a defense marked by injuries and suspensions. The player of the subsidiary Montoya and Puyol should fall to the bands.

The prospect of la Liga has changed considerably in just less than a week. The four points that Real Madrid has left the road in the last two games have brought back the excitement to the championship. As much as insist Guardiola, Barça have league within range, provided it is capable of extending the high level of play and results displayed in recent days. And for that, nothing better than keeping the focus on a block that has demonstrated a high degree of reliability. This is no time for thinking about effective dosing European commitments against Milan.

In Mallorca, because of penalties and injuries, the coach azulgrana is forced to touch both sides. Ruled the defense committed three, the squad recurring Montoya and the ever Puyol have almost all the numbers to defend both sides. It seems appropriate to use tests in a momentous duel in the final of the championship. By the way, Marc Muniesa remains in the chamber.

As the chapter on rotations, only one name seems to create doubts: Xavi Hernández. The midfielder is one of the players who have accumulated more minutes in recent weeks and offers alternatives assurance demarcation in the template culé. Cesc looked at the game against Granada from the bench and is more than likely this afternoon return to the starting line occupying a place in midfield. A good time to take Xavi a well-deserved rest and will safeguard waiting to see how things develop.

As for the attack, Pedro returns and claims more minutes for the progression that takes you to display the fitness of past seasons. One of the bands seems reserved for the canary. The other, largely Alexis should smile. The Chilean has recovered all its hardships and still longing for the regularity essential to exploit some virtues but does not finish points. Messi will be the companions.

The Caparros Mallorca require physical waste and maximum success. The return to the Champions League is just around the corner, but the reward of the three points at stake is more than juicy to not go with rotations risky thinking about the next European travel. Milan may well expect. Today, la Liga comes first. (via SPORT)

One game suspension for Dani Alves

The Competition Committee of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) decided to stay with a match at barcelonista Dani Alves and Mexican centre-back Hector Moreno of Espanyol.

Among other resolutions of the Committee include the file from a file opened with Gerard Piqué at the request of a complaint by the Association of Arbitrators, a statement made by the referee on the Barcelona vs Sporting Gijón.

The same committee has decided to sanction two games with the defender Pepe and a coach Jose Mourinho and midfielder Mesut Özil all of Real Madrid on Wednesday expelled League match at Villarreal.

Defender Sergio Ramos, who saw red for two bookings, it is not sanctioned by formal defect in the first cardboard and Real Madrid coach Rui Farias is suspended with two partidos.Los agreements referred to the Competition Committee to Barcelona and Espanyol are the following:

1) Warnings:

- For dangerous play: Seydou Keita (Barcelona)
- For the referee comment: Xavi Hernández and Dani Alves (Barcelona)
- For violation of the Rules of the Game: Raúl Baena (Espanyol).

2) A game suspension:

- Accumulation of cautions: Héctor Moreno (Espanyol).
- For a second yellow card and subsequent expulsion: Dani Alves (Barcelona). (via MD)

Messi dribbles past the cracks of the Premier to get a drink

The crack of Barça stars in a new ad that manages to avoid Drogba, Lampard, Torres, Wilshere and Agüero to grab a soda machine.

A few weeks ago we did echo the signing of Leo Messi's trademark soft drink 'Pepsi'. Little has taken the popular brand in trying to amortize the "Messi effect ', since the first ad starring Leo has seen the light.

In the first announcement of Messi with Pepsi can see the crack of Barça with other figures in the Premier League, trying to reach a soda machine. As expected, Leo, the smartest in the class, have many numbers to stop getting away with it.

See the latest ad starring Leo Messi and cracks in the Premier:

[Former player] See the best plays of Bojan with Roma

Bojan Krkic is adapting to Calcio the hand of Luis Enrique. In the video accompanying this story you can see some of his best moments with the Roma jersey so far this season.

Bojan Krkic is living a very special season in Roma. Is the first time he was leaving the club to start an adventure in another club. The former Blaugrana, in his first year in Italy, shows that not only is a specialist goal, but has ample resources to play in attack.

Although Luis Enrique is not giving continuity that originally anticipated, the Linyola you will physically stronger every day (gained weight) and fast, which gives a lot of intensity to his game. Enjoy every minute as if it were your last and score four goals. The most spectacular was scored against Inter, getting the ball inside the area and surrounded by defenders, seeking to define the time. A goal with his trademark.

The fans love him and whenever he has the opportunity, asking demonstrated its presence in the lawn. In the video accompanying this story you can see some of his best moments with the Roma shirt.

VIDEO: www.sport.es

Barça arrives in Mallorca

The team arrived this Friday evening to the Balearic city where they will spend the night. Guardiola’s players will take on Mallorca tomorrow at 18:00.

Of the 19 players named to the squad, two are Barça B players: Montoya and Bartra.

FC Barcelona have arrived to Palma de Mallorca where they will face off against the Balearic side at Iberostar stadium at 18:00 on Saturday. Even though the team usually travels on game day, on this occasion and given kickoff time, the squad and technical staff decided to go a day early and spend the night in the Balearic capital.

The plane that carried the Barça expedition left El Prat Airport at 19:00 and landed at Palma de Mallorca Airport 35 minutes later. Josep Guardiola has taken 19 footballers with him to the island to face Mallorca, among the first-team players are two Barça B reservists: Montoya and Bartra. The Club will be represented by vice-presidents Javier Faus and Jordi Cardoner, director Ramon Pont and football director Andoni Zubizarreta. (via FCBarcelona.com)

Complaint against Gerard Piqué, dismissed

The Competition Committee has dismissed the complaint against the Barça defender brought forth by the Referees Technical Committee.

The Competition Committee has closed the case on Gerard Piqué after the Referees Technical Committee filed a complaint against the FC Barcelona player. According to the final ruling, “there is neither sufficient intent nor desire from the player to qualify his actions as punishable under the Disciplinary Code of the RFEF.” Therefore, Piqué will not be penalised.

It’s worth noting that the Referees Technical Committee filed a complaint against the player when the Catalan defender made post-match statements about receiving a red card during the Barça-Sporting match (3-1) on March 3rd. (via FCBarcelona.com)