22 March 2012

Gap at the top now just 6 points

Real Madrid dropped two more points with their second successive 1-1 draw against Villarreal on Wednesday, to allow Barça to move within 6 points of the leaders.

There was good news for Barça on Wednesday night, when Real Madrid were held to a 1-1 draw by Villarreal. With Guardiola’s men winning on Tuesday night, that means Barça are now just six points behind the leaders who have failed to win in their last two games, with 10 matches left to play in the campaign and 30 points still up for grabs.

At the weekend, Barça cut the gap between the two to eight points with their win in Seville, whilst Madrid were held 1-1 at home by Malaga. (via FCBarcelona.com)

Sanchez Arminio you talk now?

The hand gesture alluding to a theft of Cristiano Ronaldo deserves severe punishment.
Technical Committee Chairman of Referees should be asked to sanction the same fervor as it did for Piqué.
Otherwise, again demonstrate the double standard that has 'affaires' related to Barça and Madrid.

The images are clear. Yesterday, Cristiano Ronaldo returned to make a gesture alluding to a theft, Villarreal-Madrid, reminiscent of the already accomplished after the 1-1 against Barça at Camp Nou in the Champions League semifinals the past, when the marathon clásicos. A sign, no doubt, prosecutorial to José Luis Paradas Romero. Will he the president of the Referees Technical Committee (TAC), Victoriano Sánchez Arminio, to seek sanction for CR7?

If Sánchez Arminio acted logically, should come out publicly to reproach the Cristiano attitude and demand severe punishment for the white player. Failure to do so will be shown by the double standard that has the CTA when Madrid or Barça involucadros.

Sánchez Arminio said, the day after Gerard Piqué's statements by pointing to the red showed Velasco Carbarllo was "willful" to denounce the center back to the Competition Committee. He did it twice, saying that "Piqué statements are unfortunate and very serious. I understand that you boil the blood, but an athlete must have respect for others. Piqué's words affect the establishment arbitration and logically we denounce the
Competition Committee, "he said.

The gesture from yesterday Cristiano is a grave offense to the college estate and the CTA should claim a penalty with the same fervor as it did with Piqué, who reproached the actidud only Velasco Carballo.

If they were consistent, they would not leave to escape this charge, as they did at the time with Mourinho, who was allowed to call "shameless" Fernando Teixeira Vitienes, without any further punishment.

Like they did in the past, when the white technical colleges criticized in a prior meeting of the Liga BBVA against Deportivo (25-0-2011).

Or when in December 2010 after a Madrid-Sevilla, José Mourinho
explained at a press conference the 13 Clos Gómez refereeing errors. The arbitration and Competition Committee is also inhibited by then. (via MD)

Dan tied the Jordi Alba signing for Barça but his agent denies it

According to ONA FM, Barça and Jordi Alba reached an agreement in principle on 8 March. The operation would depend now a subsequent agreement with Valencia. If no agreement is reached in summer, Jordi Alba arrive at Camp Nou then at zero cost in June 2013 when the contract ends.

However, his agent, Jose Manuel Tárrega Interstardeporte company has denied any contact to MD: "It is false. It is a dare to say something. I have never met with Barça to negotiate for Alba. Just because I'm negotiating the renewal with Valencia and are fringed. " (via MD)

Another puzzle defense for Pep against Mallorca

Barça travel to Mallorca without full-backs for the latest casualties of Alves and Adriano.

Pep Guardiola will restore the starting line and improvise a defensive line in Mallorca. A low long-lasting disease Fontàs and Abidal should be added now, after the league match against Granada, the injury absence of Adriano, which will keep KO ten days, and Alves through suspension.

With Maxwell in PSG from the winter, the engineer has only two pure centre-backs (Puyol and Piqué), a converted (Mascherano) and a midfielder capable of assuming this role (Busquets). No side, neither right nor left, and four subsidiary defenses emergency recruited by the coaching staff: Marc Bartra, Muniesa, Montoya and Jonathan dos Santos, yesterday and exercised with the first team.

Barça coach has the option to play three back and take the only defense you have. Puyol, Piqué and Mascherano have acted together only once. It was in the Copa del Rey match against Osasuna and ended with victory bulky (4-0).

If uses four defenders, will be an unprecedented alignment and that Pep has designed 25 different officers in all 49 games this season. Puyol, and Jonathan dos Santos Montoya have dealt at some point the right full-back.

The homegrown, in Copa (Hospitalet and Osasuna), in Champions (BATE) and Liga (Valencia), while the captain had to deal with Mathieu and Jordi Alba in the two matches of the semifinals against the team of hostesses Unai Emery. (via MD)

Mateu Lahoz, Mourinho's favorite referee, will lead Barça-Athletic

Muñiz Fernández will be responsible for arbitrating the Osasuna-Real Madrid.

Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz, Valenciano committee openly Mourinho the favorite in the Spanish League, was appointed to lead the Barcelona-Athletic, one of the top matches of the thirty-first day of First Division, and the Asturian César Muñiz Fernández Osasuna - Real Madrid.

Appointments round 31 Primera:

Racing-Granada AYZA GÁMEZ (C. Valenciano)
Sevilla-Mallorca PÉREZ LASA (C. Vasco)
Barcelona-Athletic MATEU LAHOZ (C. Valenciano)
Sporting Gijón-Zaragoza J.A. TEIXEIRA VITIENES (Cántabro)
Atlético de Madrid-Getafe PARADAS ROMERO (C. Andaluz)
Valencia-Levante FERNÁNDEZ BORBALÁN (C. Andaluz)
Osasuna-Real Madrid MUÑIZ FERNÁNDEZ (C. Asturiano)
Real Sociedad-Rayo Vallecano PÉREZ MONTERO (C. Andaluz)
Villarreal-Espanyol GONZÁLEZ GONZÁLEZ (C.C.-Leonés)
Málaga-Betis F. TEIXEIRA VITIENES (C.Cántabro)

Appointments round 32 Segunda:

Guadalajara-Alcorcón SUREDA CUENCA (C. Balear)
Alcoyano-Sabadell VICANDI GARRIDO (C. Vasco)
Gimnastic-Barcelona B MARISCAL SÁNCHEZ (C. Andaluz)
Córdoba-Hércules JAIME LATRE (C. Aragonés)
Girona-Deportivo OCÓN ARRÁIZ (C. Riojano)
Murcia-Cartagena MARTÍNEZ MUNUERA (C. Valenciano)
Celta de Vigo-Villarreal B HERNÁNDEZ HERNÁNDEZ (Las Palmas)
Elche-Huesca GIL MANZANO (C. Extremeño)
Almería-Xerez LÓPEZ ACERA (C. Extremeño)
Valladolid-Las Palmas PINO ZAMORANO (C. C-Manchego)
Numancia-Recreativo SÁNCHEZ MARTÍNEZ (C. Murciano)

Messi and Jordan: When God gets dressed of short

"Yes, you can compare to Jordan." Guardiola did not hesitate to put Leo up to Air Jordan and the numbers and feel seconded the coach.

On Saturday April 19, 1986 Michael Jordan warned Danny Ange, then escort in Boston, who put in 24 hours upside down the Boston Garden. According to the official, MJ left this gem: "I'm going to get 50 points and we win." But apparently, good old Michael went further and gave a pearl's own playground, "I gonna kick ass Some" (which is to say kicking a very particular body part).

The event, which pitted the second Bulls and Boston in the opening round of the playoffs, was an ode to the sport with two extensions, an overwhelming performance by Bird and a guy who seemed closer to heaven in each basket. He was known as Air Jordan and scored 63 points. Bird left the meeting after one of those phrases that linger in the mind after consulting the numbers of Michael. "I think today was God disguised as Michael Jordan."

The King of air has always had a spring in adversity to overcome. To the extent that he left the NBA 'temporarily' to fulfill the dream of his father and proved in baseball. "My attitude is such that if you push me towards something that you think is a weakness, then I will turn that perceived weakness and convert it into a fortress," he said. That same attitude was that led him back to make history in the sixth game of the NBA playoff 1998 in Utah. Then Malone stole the ball with 18 seconds left acted as 'killer' when no one wanted the ball. He crossed the field, threw down his hand with a feint and gave the NBA its own. God again disguising basketball player. That was Jordan. When he retired for the first time the Bulls made ​​him a statue that read: "The best there ever was. The best there ever will be. "(The best there was. The best one will be). Then come back to win three more rings. 'The key to victory "" I've failed over and over again in my life, so I've achieved success, "he says.

The domain that Jordan exercised on a basketball court is still unique (or Kobe or Lebron have achieved similar sensations) and costs to find similar cases in other sports. Guardiola on Tuesday opened a new door. "Can you compare Messi and Michael Jordan?" He asked. Pep backed off first ("Yes and I'm Phil Jackson") but ended up delving into the subject: "Jordan dominated basketball and football dominates Messi. There are very few who speak with such proficiency in their sports. Yes, you can compare perfectly. It is the best in every way. It can do everything and every three days. "

The words of the technician, still hot, it was kind of a stunned after the umpteenth showing of Leo. This time at the Granada. This time to become the best scorer in the history of Barcelona. The 'fever Messi' has even the land of Jordan and a few hours after Leo merendase to Granada, on American television remembered him in a barrel of Jamaal Tinsley basis against Oklahoma. "I could have signed Messi", threw one of the commentators.

Surely the best thing you can say is that the comparison does not detract or Jordan or Leo. Both have different personalities (Michael never hid a superlative ego) but moves them a passion for his profession insuitada. "Basketball means everything to me, is my refuge, my peace," says Jordan. The 'Pulga' no known other hobbies beyond the ball, although like Maradona seems to have certain licenses beyond (also perpetrated the hand of God). As Jordan is a type sport become insatiable and often somewhat inexplicable. Ground of the divine. Facebook already exists in a group that is the matter with humor: "You know what the only difference between God and Messi? There is no God. " (via SPORT)

Sabella believes that Messi has no roof

The Argentine coach said that Leo has his head well furnished and Guardiola felt that "it was very smart to protect him and surround him with other players."

The Argentine coach Alejandro Sabella, agreed with Guardiola when Leo takes note that, alone, the throne as best player in the world, told the Cadena Cope, identified as key to its success, the mind. "It is the engine that pulls the rest, but Leo has extraordinary conditions which sends the order to enhance all these qualities is the head. Messi always wants more, always a new challenge to overcome, it is hard to have a roof. "

In addition Sabella spoke of another factor to Messi, "Guardiola has been very important. It was very smart to accompany, encourage, protect and has been very important to surround him, place him in the company of players around him. "In short, Leo is "an extraordinary player, the best ever, with all the odds to succeed."

In recent times, the crack has achieved something that eluded him, earning the respect and admiration unanimous in Argentina, "the sports increasingly spend more to cover Messi, exceeding any national sports news, and is above all of us. The Argentines have always been very picky about football, but it is increasingly recognized that it is doing well, "concluded the coach. (via SPORT)

Adriano could leave heading for Bayern and Juventus

The Blaugrana player handles succulent economic proposals and meanwhile has warned Barça that will not improve his contract.

Adriano Correia's future is not clear. For months, the versatile footballer appears in all the pools for possible solutions to end the season, although Guardiola used to rave to your player every time you have requested your presence on the pitch. Nothing is casual. Barça is aware of the interest in the Brazilian top teams in European football while Adriano is aware that win away from Camp Nou and personal relevance tab could rise considerably.

Among the clubs that have come to the doors of his representative, two names stand out for their organization and solvency. First, the Bayern Munich. The Teutonic club would not only have shown their willingness to incorporate into the army but also would have already moved their wishes to the sports management of Barça. In the case of Juventus would be in an embryonic stage. The Italians point to the Blaugrana but would not have calibrated a formal proposal.

The scenario includes all possible fronts to move forward Adriano chip in one direction or another. Guardiola has taken the desire to have his services until the end of the contract, set in 2014. In return, the club have also expressed their refusal to renegotiate contract terms right now. Or extend the duration of the contract or increase the prescribed form. The Brazilian is on the `fringe modest sheets did the template that revolves around three million euros.

Adriano, with his agent, Paulo Affonso, debated whether to continue at Barça or make the leap towards the Bundesliga and the Calcio. The money appeals to you, but the decision is taken. The club looks, but has moved the need to unravel the dilemma soon.

An assignment always welcome

Adriano is free to choose their destiny. Contract ends in 2014, but if you go and Bayern or Juventus, arrive with a substantial offer, the club will open the doors. Pep does not hold anyone against their will. Of course, remember Barça two seasons ago paid little more than nine million plus incentives to Sevilla for the deal. (via SPORT)

Abidal is already preparing his future away from the pitch

The donor is a cousin, who arrived Sunday in Barcelona and is being submitted to the relevant processes.

The Blaugrana Eric Abidal is still waiting for next week to undergo a liver transplant operation and gradually getting assimilated to not play football professionally, so it is beginning to consider his future away from the pitch.

The donor will be a cousin, so you will not have to wait your turn in the waiting list, since in that case would have to wait at least four months and the intervention be based on other variables such as gravity or the appearance of a patient most in need. The family of Eric Abidal arrived last Sunday at Barcelona, ​​and is being submitted to the appropriate standard protocol prior to such interventions.

Meanwhile, the Blaugrana left side is also preparing for the purpose of acquiring the maximum possible immune competence that would respond to the operation of next week at the top of defenders.

Abidal was submitted on 17 March last year that surgery was performed very quickly and in which he removed a portion of the liver to solve a liver tumor that had been detected few days ago, specifically, Barça announced her illness just three days earlier, on Monday 14 March. Moreover, the Lyons had played the whole game on March 13 in the Pizjuán against Sevilla.

After the operation, the French international was released in just a week and his recovery was dizzying to the point that arrived in time to participate actively in the final stretch of the season and contributed to the conquest of la Liga and of Champions. Even started and played 90 minutes in the final of the Champions League on May 28 at Wembley against Manchester United.

Since that operation, 'Abi' has been subjected to regular review as all patients with cancer and now the doctors have decided it is best to undergo a transplant to resolve the problems of a liver that has stopped working properly . Furthermore, it seems that the defender will have to put an end to his career as a professional player. Nevertheless, the wishes of the international 'bleu' would not let go of the football and stay connected with it.

One possibility would be associated with his current agent, David Venditelli with which could be devoted to the representation of players from other tasks. Nor is discarded to maintain a relationship with FC Barcelona, ​​but at the moment is only a mere possibility. In any case, Abidal and his family are very happy in Catalunya and its idea is to continue living in Sant Just Desvern facing the immediate future.

Like last year when it was operated by Dr. Josep Fuster, Abidal will be operated at the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona after discarding the offer of the French Football Federation to be involved in France. The team coordinator of the Hospital Clínic liver transplants is Dr. Miquel Navasa. (via SPORT)

Neymar is injured and leaves a tearful training

Santos forward suffered a painful sprained left foot that made him withdraw from the last workout.

The Brazilian international Neymar suffered this Wednesday a setback in training with Santos that made him leave the premises in tears.

As reported by some Brazilian media, Neymar shock when he was injured while trying to complete a personal action. The '11' Santos sprained his left foot to err on the beating of a shot and ended up on the floor between clear signs of pain and even crying.

The Brazilian ace was quickly attended to by doctors of the club, who helped him leave the facility. Despite the scare, Neymar is expected to participate in the next meeting of the Santos without major complications. (via SPORT)

The cantera of Barça supports Abidal

The young talents of the cantera of Barça have recorded a video to send encouragement to Eric Abidal, who will have surgery soon to undergo a liver transplant. Especially beautiful are the words of Marc Bartra, who notes that the French "as my father is football." (via MD)

The Madrid press admits that the arbitration hurt to Barça

Andujar Mark Oliver stated in the referee's only mistake was not to award a penalty on Alexis.
In the analysis of As the web is specified that Barça suffered two penalties not mentioned by one of Granada.

Juan Andújar Oliver, former collegiate Almería analyzing arbitration in the sports daily Marca said that Jose Antonio Teixeira Vitienes only had an error during the Barça-Granada erred in not whistling the clear penalty by Borja to Alexis. Contrary to the opinion of the chairman of Granada, Quique Pina, who said the 3-2 Messi was offside and a penalty from Valdes was in Andújar count was the only hurt Barça. "He succeeded in enacting death penalty at the entrance of Alves on Benitez was also certain to lead to valid Messi's second goal, which came in a legal position, just as certain that at no point to any type of infringement in the action of Valdés on Abel Gómez and, finally, also hit by the whistle clear hands within the area of ​​Dani Alves, "writes Marca.

In the newspaper AS, a web analysis of the performance of referee Cantabrian Teixeira states that "was right to point out two penalties committed by Dani Alves and that cost him expulsion and was right to give effect to the 3-2, because Messi was not offside. "And he criticized for "not clear whistle two penalties in the area of ​​Granada (Borja lack of Alexis and the hands of Mainz) and one at the Barça (the alleged lack of Valdés to Borja).

On the penalty that made ​​him even Tello there is no mention in either Marca nor As, but no right to play by play, in the opinion of the two Madrid sports daily the only injured on Tuesday at the Camp Nou was the Barça. (via MD)

[Ex-player] Figo will finance accounts

A Supreme Court ruling requires you to pay 2.4 million in taxes for 1997, 1998 and 1999.
According to the order, are amounts derived from the collection of amounts due to their image rights.

Luis Figo will have to pay 2.4 million to the Treasury after the Supreme Court has dismissed an appeal by ex player, among others, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Inter. This amount corresponds to the income tax for the years 1997, 1998 and 1999, for the sums received by way of image rights while he was at FC Barcelona.

The judgment of the second section of the room administrative disputes responds to appeals brought by Figo against another sentence it handed down by the fourth section of the room contentious administrtivo of the High Court in June 2008.

The hearing, at the time, upheld the claim of the Central Economic-Administrative Tribunal for the settlement of exercises of 1997 (662.300 '17 euros), 1998 (960,057 '69 euros) and 1999 (834,260'10 euros). Figo must pay these amounts and also court costs, set at 6,000 euros. Considers that the current statement is not proven that Figo would give up those years his image by FC Barcelona and part of what he perceived as image rights should be taxed as income from work.

Valdano: "Barça is the perfection of style, is a platonic dream"

Jorge Valdano praised the game played by Pep Guardiola's charges and praised the figure of his compatriot Lionel Messi without fleeing comparisons with Maradona.

Jorge Valdano also had words of praise for Messi after the Argentinian became the top scorer in the history of Barça and no doubt he will become ene l greatest history.

"A look at Maradona after seeing his entire career and Messi is only 24, just ask the question and is a tribute to him. If you continue at this level will exceed everyone, including Pelé. If you have to differentiation, Maradona had more artistic sense, a compass and unique style, you see the beauty. Messi is effective, has an impressive continuity, never seen a talent not because every ball that gets added risk, "he said.

And is that Messi is the jewel in the crown of a Valdano Bará that is fully paid. "Barca is the perfection in style. Not only in current terms, but historical. It is a platonic dream, very hard to beat in terms of game development," he said.

However, in case of reaching a Champions League final between Barça and Madrid, Valdano can not renounce their past: "I'm no soothsayer, I do not know the end. On an emotional level I would like to win the Madrid, because I am of Madrid. " (via SPORT)

Get the details of the transfer of Jordi Alba to Barça

Barça already working to prepare the team for next season with new reinforcements. Jordi Alba will be the first one.

As advanced SPORT on 9 March, the club azulgrana has reached an agreement with the player for future incorporation from next season. This information has been corroborated by the information published on Wednesday the newspaper Valencia 'Information Valencia', which provide new details of how to carry out this operation.

According to this newspaper account, the club will pay the whole 'Ché' 15 million euros, while the player will receive three million euros per season plus incentives. Although the operation could be closed and will not be announced until the end of the season. (via SPORT)

Final goodbye to Basora

This Wednesday the Funeral Chapel of Les Corts was packed by Club representatives to bid farewell to the legendary winger of Barça’s Five Cups team for the last time. President Sandro Rosell, accompanied by many Club officials, represented the FC Barcelona.

This afternoon, FC Barcelona’s directors, players, members and supporters said their final goodbye to the FC Barcelona legend, Estanislau Basora. The 85-year-old passed away last Friday.

President Sandro Rosell represented the Club during the ceremony held at Funeral Chapel of Les Corts, which is very close to the Camp Nou. Rosell was accompanied by FC Barcelona’s Social Area vice-president Jordi Cardoner and director Silvio Elías. Josep Guardiola, first-team captain Carles Puyol, and external affairs chairman Manel Estiarte were also present. Ex-FC Barcelona Presidents Agustí Montal, Josep Lluís Nuñez and Joan Laporta also gave their goodbyes to the legendary winger of Barça’s Five Cups team.

The Barça Players Association, which was chaired by Basora himself in the 70s, was also well represented. President Ramon Alfonseda was accompanied by Josep Seguer, teammate of Basora, Carles Rexach and Josep Maria Fusté, amongst others. This Tuesday, coinciding with the match against Granada, the Camp Nou paid tribute to one of the brightest stars in the Club’s long history. (via FCBarcelona.com)

Messi: Detailed analysis of 234 goals

Detailed analysis of the goals by Leo Messi, top scorer in the history of FC Barcelona in official games

Teams he’s scored most goals against

Atlético Madrid 18
Sevilla 14
R. Madrid 13
Racing Santander 12
Almeria 10
Osasuna 10
Zaragoza 10
Valencia 10
Mallorca 9
Athletic Club 8


Camp Nou 132
Away 94
Neutral 8

Part of the body

Left 185
Right 37
Head 10
Other 2

Phase of the game

1-15 20
16-30 37
31-45 41
46-60 31
61-75 29
76-90 75
Extra 1


In 207
Out 27

His best allies

Dani Alves 31
Xavi 24
Iniesta 17
Pedro 12
Henry 9
Adriano 6
Eto'o 6
Cesc 6
Deco 5
Ronaldinho 5


Penalty 21
Free kick 5

Messi. DNA Blaugrana

After becoming the highest goalscorer in the history of FC Barcelona, with 234 goals in official matches, we take a look at Messi’s journey through the Club’s youth teams with commentary from his old managers.