16 March 2012

[Barça B] The leap forward of Oier

The goalkeeper of subsidiary key as robust affiliate defensive in recent games. He recently renewed his contract until 2015.

As in previous seasons, the Barça B is working for rotation in goal. Played Ruben Miño, Jordi Masip and now it has done Oier Olazábal. The performance of the latter is still very high. At 22 years, the Basque shows a contagious stage of maturity and sobriety that positively affects the team's defensive network.

Oier returned in goal at the 22 th day, the victory of Barça B against Huesca. Since then he has managed to keep the clean sheet in four of the six games later. The keeper of the branch had an especially lucid performance in the final game in the area of ​​Sabadell. In the second part was essential to add a valuable point in Nova Creu Alta.

The momentum of Oier has happened to his renewal with Barça until 2015. He arrived at the club for five seasons, from the Real Union Irun, and thereafter the subsidiary would alternate interventions in training and matches the first team. This course, the goalkeeper has played 14 of 28 matches, B. The rest are divided between the Miño (7) and Masip (7). (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Allegri: "Milan is in shock"

Milan are not satisfied with the draw but they are convinced to remove the FC Barcelona.

Massimiliano Allegri, Milan coach appeared in the press room to discuss the upcoming match against Inter and, of course, give his impression of the draw for the Champions.

The coach said that "we are not shocked by the draw. Sooner or later we should have played for Bayern Munich, Barça or Madrid. We will play two perfect games to overcome Barcelona. We will go on the attack and be very careful before. We know that Barcelona is the strongest team in the world but we believe in ourselves, "he said.

Meanwhile, Cesare Maldini, Milan said that if the recovered retrieves all "has a chance to put Barcelona in danger."

About the match in the draw also spoke of Milan organizing director Umberto Gandini, who said quarter-final will be very easy to organize, as the two teams know each other well.

"We left defeated in Milan with a dubious penalty, the aggregate score was 5-4 and, therefore, we took a gamble. I've played as equals to Barcelona. Tie at 2 in the beginning of the season has been a factor of conviction in the growth of team, "said Gandini, the microphone channel Sky Sport.

"The fact that we played as equals twice and have kept your head up against the strongest team in the world has given us great encouragement. The Milan has evolved throughout the season. Today Milan is better than it some months, "he said. (via SPORT)

Zubizarreta: "We must be better"

Andoni Zubizarreta says, "The Milan is a great club with great players" and that the tie will be "a reunion with old friends," two teams that know a lot.

Area director Sports of football is happy to play the second leg at the Camp Nou and appreciates the gesture of support from UEFA to Abidal.

The draw for the quarterfinals of the Champions League on Friday has brought a Milan-Barça just the computer that Guardiola preferred to avoid. "What happens is that we played against them in the qualifying group and the teams they've played not so fond of back face," said Andoni Zubizarreta after the draw. "You prefer to play against new teams, sets you can better analyze and who do not know much," added the director of the Sports Area Football in Nyon.

"It's Milan and is already" has settled Zubizarreta. From here, the fact dispute the leg at Camp Nou can be a slight advantage, although it has relativized Zubi: "This is always a debate. Football history says it's better to play the second leg at home but modern game has matched so that this element is not as crucial as before. to me, I'm a classic, I like play around at home. "

Area director Sports of football stressed that "Milan are a great club with great players." "We have to play good football and be better than them trying to reach the semifinals, which is what we want," he said.

What they do not want to hear about Zubizarreta is a hypothetical end: "We are still in the room where the draw is made. If you see the box of matches, you see so many teams and so much football to talk about the final is much speculation ".

Andoni Zubizarreta, Josep Maria Bartomeu and Amador Bernabéu have been FC Barcelona representatives in Nyon. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Alexis and Thiago are discharged and travel to Seville

Josep Guardiola calls 19 players for the league match this Saturday at the Sánchez Pizjúan. The coach returns to Alexis and Thiago, who received a medical discharge, and has Barça B players Muniesa and Tello.

The first team football Barca have made ​​this Friday, in field number 1 of the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper, the final preparatory session before starting this Saturday, the move to Sevilla, where after 20 h held at the Sanchez Pizjuan the 28th round of la Liga.

Have been exercised on the lawn of the Ciudad Deportiva a total of 19 players. The fifteen available first team and Thiago and Alexis, who in recent days are being trained normally with the rest of their companions, and Friday have been discharged. Also traveling to Seville Barça B players Marc Muniesa and Cristian Tello.

For tomorrow Saturday, the staff will undertake the trip to Seville at 9.15 pm, when will the Camp Nou for the airport of El Prat, where at 10 h the plane take off the move to its destination. It is expected that the plane lands in Andalusia at 11.40 h. Once in Seville, the team will go directly to the team hotel, where it will be up when moving to the Sánchez Pizjuán. Recall that the match between FC Barcelona and Sevilla will begin at 20 h.

The List:
Valdés, Pinto, Dani Alves, Piqué, Fábregas, Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta, Alexis, Messi, Thiago, Mascherano, Keita, Sergio Busquets, Pedro, Adriano, I. Cuenca, Tello y Muniesa. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Former player] Bojan wears Abidal

The former azulgrana Bojan Krkic showed their support for Eric Abidal with a tweet from Rome.

Bojan was Abidal's shirt in remembrance of his former teammate. The Linyola up the photo to Twitter and gave her some beautiful words: "With the strength you showed q q no doubt become very quickly and strongly q ever. A big hug." (via SPORT)

Villarrubí on the new Camp Nou: "For such a decision shall be referred to a partner"

Azulgrana leader commented on the possibility of building a new Camp Nou and acknowledged that since the Board is considering this possibility, but from a viewpoint of the strategy of the club.

"There is indeed a reflection, in what is the strategy overall reflection of the club, by responsible managers of heritage. Has been raised to reflect on the stadium, the Nou Camp," he said in remarks to 'El Món' to RAC1.

However, he denied that he had taken a firm decision about this matter. "We have not planned anything. It seems that has become a reflection and not true. Not even there has been debate," he said.

And he added: "It's a real nonsense to imagine that anyone could finance a stadium with the exchange of advertising."

Moreover, in the case will provide a proposal of this caliber, Carles Villarrubí has made clear that the member would be requested opinion. "For a decision as sure that the partner will be consulted at the highest level," he said.

The manager could not help azulgrana the opportunity to refer to Abidal and criticized as reported liver transplantation to be submitted to the French defender.

"I feel a little dismayed at the sight of news coverage today. I mean the sense of proportion can have the media on certain issues that some false mopping sensitivity," he said.

And he said: "There are daily engaged in talk about the illness of a person. A person, who has also made ​​flag, they and their peers, their club, all, discretion and prudence."

Finally concluded by recognizing that perhaps there has been "a point of pornography sentimental" by the media to refer to such a sensitive issue. (via SPORT)

Barça to face Milan in Champions League quarter finals

Barça will be playing AC Milan in the last eight of the UEFA Champions league, with the return leg at the Camp Nou. If they reach the semi finals, they’ll play the winners of Benfica v Chelsea,

Milan will be Barça’s next opponent in the Champions league. The first leg will be played on March Wednesday 28 at the San Siro and the return on Tuesday 3th April at the Camp Nou. Whoever qualifies for the semis will be paired with either Benfica or Chelsea. The return leg of that encounter will be either at the San Siro or the Camp Nou.

This means the two teams will be meeting again after already sharing a first round group. The sides drew 2-2 in Barcelona and Barça won 3.2 in Italy. It was thanks to that win that the Catalans topped the group, and the rossoneri ended up second.

The full Champions League quarter final draw is as follows:

APOEL v R.Madrid

Marseille v Bayern Munich

Benfica v Chelsea

AC Milan v FC Barcelona

Barça was represented at the draw in Nyon by the vice president for sport Josep Maria Bartomeu, the director of sport Andoni Zubizarreta and the Barça ambassador to UEFA Amador Bernabéu. (via FCBarcelona.com)

Try drawing diabolical Champions

The proof of the drawing of lots by Paul Breitner, the final ambassador of Munich, next to Gianni Infantino, UEFA's general secretary, was diabóica.

The 'Abyssinian' matched to Barça and Real Madrid in the semis, as long as Pep Guardiola's first overcome the Portuguese Benfica and the men of Mou do the same with Chelsea, which hypothetically would be difficult for Portuguese coach.

Breitner, oddly matched his optro team, Bayern with Apoel of Nicosia (theoretically the Cinderella of the draw) and Milan to Marseille, which would be a bomb because the last time they saw the faces, the Italians left the field of the Velodrome and were expelled from the competition by UEFA Champions League, excluding one year.

The draw, attention, quarterfinals and semifinals will begin at 11.45 hours and 12.00 hours as noa was announced by UEFA's expressed desire to match the quarters and semis pairings. (via MD)

Rosell, Bartomeu and Zubi relapse Abidal knew when renewed

Like Abidal, Sandro Rosell, Josep Maria Bartomeu and Andoni Zubizarreta relapse French knew when he renewed his contract on February 3, although the need for a transplant.

Eric vowed that day until 2013, with an extension option to 2015. After the signing, 'Abi' revealed his intention to retire at the club and stay in Barcelona. Weeks later, doctors told him would happen under the knife. (via MD)

Site for the new Camp Nou

Mayor Xavier Trias supports a swap with the sports university next to the Diagonal.
MCM, which already uses the facade of the farmhouse, is postulated as a sponsor.

The mayor of Barcelona, Xavier Trias, confirmed the news yesterday Mundo Deportivo advanced on the possibility of building a new Camp Nou next to the Diagonal.

The mayor spoke positively of a proposal by Barça in which "the Ajuntament de Barcelona would agree, since it would leave the previous floor retraining in exchange for a land swap," he told Catalan television.

Xavier Trias pointed to a land swap Corts current azulgrana by now occupied by the university sports area, just at the entrance to Barcelona by the Diagonal, a space large enough to locate there not only new but the Camp Nou integrated a reformulation of Espai Barça conceived as the great house of a member of the Barça.

Incorporate the ancillary installations besides the two expected Palau, an auditorium, the headquarters of the Foundation, gyms, playgrounds, hotels, shopping areas, cinemas and a wide choice of restaurants.

This area extends from the edge of sea of ​​Diagonal with border at the headquarters of the RAC, to L'Hospitalet, just adjacent to the park Can Rigalt downgraded today still to develop and replace the current decrepit power plant with a more modern distribution in which Barça is required to participate financially.

Indeed, being two areas of sport would not be necessary to seek a rezoning of property significance, but commonly would be a change of stickers arbitrated by the City Council of Barcelona.

FC Barcelona, meanwhile, would thus fulfilled one of the main requirements of this initiative is still embryonic and erect a new modern stadium, not to move the neighborhood, preserving its historical identity associated with Les Corts.

The possibility of an entente with the University of Barcelona, ​​which for years the city wants to grow toward expanding the South Campus, it is clear now as common interests by the Barça and the University.

The club azulgrana could consider building this important work without seeing affected the normal development of their activity at the Camp Nou. The new stadium would improve the quality of the seats, would be totally covered, it could increase capacity, especially in hospitality, and exploitation generated by outside parties profitability is now impossible in the current stadium.

As for a possible financing concessions, a news agency reported yesterday on the interest of MCM, the company can exploit the facade of the farmhouse in Sant Joan Despi, to acquire future assets of the new stadium.

Joan Portillo, the CEO of MCM, and declared on television that could fund its construction "and also share with the club for 50 percent of the exploitation of advertising that we have on the facades of leds that can be installed in the new field. so the club will not have to do even no cost and receive money by way of advertising exploitation, "he said. (via MD)

Nine former culés can return to Camp Nou in the quarter

From lbra to Mou going by Nolito, Romeu and Urko.

Up to nine players and a coach who once belonged to Barça can return to Camp Nou in the quarterfinals of the Champions League so if the draw holds. The morbidity, higher in some cases than others, is assured.

The team that has a large colony of former culés is the Milan with Ibrahimovic (2009-10) leading a quartet that complete Van Bommel (2005-06), Zambrotta (2006-08) and Maxi López (2004-06). Only the first two are entitled, as a future possibility, the central Brazilian Thiago Silva.

Between the above remember that Van Bommel and Maxi already won the Champions League with Barça in 2006. And in the Spring team, training times orders Allegri, Adrià Carmona plays a left-handed 20 years in 2010 left the Barca Juvenil after a decade in La Masia to play for Milan.

Benfica has two former Barça representatives of two very different eras: Saviola (2001-04 and 2006-07) and Nolito (2008-2011). The second, which debuted with the first team Guardiola has more minutes than the Argentine. Nolito, who impressed in the reserves, has eight goals in the Portuguese League

Chelsea arrived in summer Guardiola another squad who had already given a chance. Oriol Romeu. The midfielder has started in a meeting, but lost prominence with the recovery of Essien and sporting crisis that caused the Villas-Boas goodbye. Roberto di Matteo has not much to it.

Even in the Apoel Nicosia Barcelona there is a connection. Urko Pardo, goalkeeper was instrumental in the qualifying round due to injury of the owner, Chiotis, belonged to Barça between 1999 and 2007. Born in Brussels, but Galician father and Basque mother, arrived with 16 years and after two transfers to Cartagena and Sabadell, he split in 2007 beginning a tour of the Iraklis of Greece, Rapid Bucharest, Olympiacos and Apoel.

Bayern, Marseille and Real Madrid have no former culés in their workforce, although highly publicized coach: Jose Mourinho, coach of the white team, was on the payroll of FC Barcelona between 1996 and 2000, since it landed as assistant coach of the deceased Bobby Robson until the departure of Louis van Gaal, who also served as an assistant after two years making direct reports opponents. (via MD)

Prepare a T-shirt for the Sánchez Pizjuán

In the dressing room are already preparing the way to show your family Abidal already unconditional support. The first time will be this Saturday, during the early stages of the league match against Sevilla to be held at the Sánchez Pizjuán.

Players jump into the field with a shirt and a slogan inscribed dedicated to the French full-back. It has not transcended, by the time the message content. (via MD)

A very special day for Tito Vilanova

The locker room of this great team has lived closely Abidal cases, reproduced, and Tito Vilanova, who not long ago has faced a delicate intervention to remove a very aggressive type of cancer.

When Tito returned to work him and Abidal emotionally embraced on the practice field. Sure you were aware, but Tito was a tough day yesterday and special. (via MD)

Barça in the draw for the Champions, fearless and Abidal

Barça 'smell' in the draw on Friday may return to touch the Real Madrid and believes that the decline of French rearm them.

Barça dressing room is very clear. Tapping into the draw for Real Madrid, better quarters already two legs. Pep Guardiola's men and their own technical staff now prefer white because, well, a deletion of the meringues could affect the Liga and, incidentally, would prevent a host of clásicos in April between the championship and the semis of Champions, it would be madness.

Tip in the first leg, Xabi Alonso will miss being punished after he saw yellow against CSKA Moscow. Another advantage: Barça has won this year's Super Cup Spain, Cup and la Liga. Now is the Champions League, as the previous season. Mou's team can not with Pep.

In contrast, none of the other seven quarter-finalists teams will be drawn today in Nyon at noon, they want to cross with Guardiola's team. Franz Beckenbauer would want him as a rival in the final in Munich, while Massimiliano Allegri, technical milanista agrees with his friend Pep, who does not like the 'Rossoneri' enemies.

He did not wait for the Blaugrana: "Better to see us as late as possible." Mou, meanwhile, has said publicly, though it's hard to believe, that "the opponent I do not care."

In any case, whatever happens, Barça will play with the conviction that the unfortunate given Abidal low forces. The hours before the draw has been marked by the 'big mouth' Bavarian Hoennes Ulli, manager of Bayern, who has accused Barça and Real Madrid of squandering public money on players like CR7 and Messi.

To its knowledge to MD, Rummenigge, the chairman, has sent personal apologies to the president Sandro Rosell, which agrees with the Board of the ECA. Barca are up to date with the Treasury. There is no doubt that Bayern is the pressure and divert attention from the final play at home to Barça and Madrid. Pray that intersect on the other side of the box in semis.

Paul Breitner, final ambassador in Munich, will be responsible to remove the balls from the cups next to UEFA General Secretary Gianni Infantino. In the eighth did not behave badly 'Abyssinian'. We will see today.

By Blaugrana attended by the vice president Josep Maria Bartholomew, Ambassador Amador Bernabeu Blaugrana technical director, Andoni Zubizarreta. By Madridista will go Butragueño, Zidane.

The draw will set the path to the finals in Munich, May 19 at the Allianz Arena. We will raffle the quarters, semis and who will play at home (with colors) in the final.

Barca defending champion seeking his third Champions, their fourth European Cup and will play his fifth quarterfinal tie-back, seven in the last ten years, the door to reach its ninth semifinal in the Champions dela history. A milestone.

Not surprisingly, the FC Barcelona failed only once since 1993 when it was officially instituted this competition. The Barça is also one of the nine clubs that has been able to reach the Champions League without defeat, was in the 2006 season they won the title against Arsenal in Paris. Pep's team arrives today to draw without losing a single match in Europe.

In addition, Messi is the top scorer in the competition and on the heels of Henry (50 goals) already trapped after Di Stéfano (49). Leo has available to Van Nistelrooy (56) and already much farther the leader, Raúl González (71).

The Spanish Federation, with two representatives (Barça and Real Madrid) may extend the lead titles. Is 13, followed by Italy (12) and England (11).

As reflected, nobody wants to rival Barca, but of the seven potential enemies, apart from Real Madrid (most dangerous) would not be a good rival Chelsea in the quarter, going through a stroke of euphoria after eliminating the powerful Napoli. Especially at Stamford Bridge in dead ball situations and aerial balloons are formidable.

Drogba, Terry, Essien and Lampard are back with Di Matteo. Along with the English out Bayern, who has recovered Schweinsteiger, fearful from midfield with a deluxe poker attackers with Müller, Ribery, Robben and Mario Gómez. But that, however, weakens the defense.

Of the other five, Pep does not want to Milan for having faced the team of Allegri and Ibra in the group stage. The Italians are always uncomfortable, but surmountable today over two legs.

On paper there is a balance between Benfica and Marseille. The people of Lisbon are a team full of acquaintances from Aimar Nolito and Saviola, to Capdevila and Javi Martínez. Stresses the Belgian Witsel, claimed by several large European.

Jorge Jesús has built a formidable team to counterattack with goalscorer Cardozo. The French, who in Ligue 1 are fatal, hit the big Champions by eliminating Inter.

Deschamps has set a block that defends very well, but will have the major handicap of the absence of goalkeeper Mandanda, expelled in San Siro. His star is Mathieu Valbuena and recovered the dangerous Brandao (hero against Inter) after personal problems that made him take refuge in Brazil.

Finally, we the Cinderella, the Apoel Nicosia, the real revelation of the Champions. Home is terrible (the field is small) and the way will the absence of its star Manduca (penalty). But something will Jovanovic team when it left the road to clubs such as Porto, Shakhtar and Olympique Lyon ... (via MD)

Hugs, respect and silence in the notice of Abidal

Pep Guardiola was asked to communicate the news to his staff.

Pep Guardiola was asked to communicate the news about the health of their players Abidal. With French to him and before training began, the coach, firm in good times and bad times, called for all members of the locker room and explained that his partner will go through a delicate trance, as is undergoing the liver transplantation derived from tumor that was removed in the same body a little less than a year.

Although a part of the workforce, especially among the older, already knew the news, the general reaction of the booth can be summarized in three words: hugs, respect and silence. Abidal is true that, as happened the first time, tried to encourage the group after the announcement, but this time of relapse has left a more pronounced feeling of sadness, especially as it was felt that Abidal had left behind this hard episode in his life.

Guardiola's speech concluded and the most emotional moments for Abidal and his companions, the team came to train with French peloteando short dress outside.

The Rondos, usually exercises good humor and goodwill, were almost silent. It was not easy to train. But as the minutes passed the players were singing. For Abidal, will win in Seville. (via MD)

Abidal can return to normal life

The various medical sources consulted by this newspaper said that after liver transplantation the vast majority of patients return to a normal life but did not dare to venture if Eric Abidal will play football elite.

To give a more precise about it, said they should have more data, such as what particular ailment afflicting the French full-back and wait until after the transplant, the player responds well to medication that probably for life you have to manage to prevent rejection.

If side effects affect you care about the quality of life that will later. Obviously, the strength and fitness of Abidal in their favor, but none of the respondents, who preferred anonymity, would not 'wet' much more, since many factors to consider, as the long recovery period and age of footballer, 32, who comes to what is normally the end of the career of an athlete.

Without dwelling on the particular case already a general level, the specialists explained that there are two types of liver transplantation, the donor brain-dead and one alive.

For the first must undergo a rigorous waiting list in establishing a scoring system for determining whether to carry out this transplant and urgency it requires.

The second point which is possibly the case of Abidal Barca having announced its operation in the coming days, the donor is voluntary and is partial, that is, a piece of liver transplanted subsequently being regenerated.

The operation usually lasts currently about six to eight hours and the period in which the patient must stay in the hospital between 10 and 14 days. Then comes another period of convalescence of about three months in which the patient has to take various precautions and those subject to numerous controls.

After that period, the patient can lead a normal life, where sound and adequate also to continue taking the medication accordingly. (via MD)

Abidal played two games more aware of what had

Informed and the need for a transplant, and azulgrana would dress the shirt of France.

Eric Abidal played his last two games this season fully aware of the need for a transplant, ie, internalizing that neither the surgical treatment of shock last year and practiced complementary therapies had impeded the progress of the disease until it becomes irreversible without the said transplant.

The impact of personal and family news so hard not left the azulgrana full-back out of action either from the physical point of view nor from the soul.

According to him, wanted to leave until further notice with two parties also significant, one with Barça at the Calderón, where he participated in the great victory of the team (1-2), key to continue believing in the miracle of la Liga, and then your selection in a friendly against Germany. The clash took place in Bremen on 29 February and also ended with another win 1-2.

Back home, Eric did not participate in any training that would require, as at the last second of the match in Bremen, all your physical energy as a professional. The doctors allowed to the extent of this double effort but no more, hence their absence in training since that day, under a diagnosis of overlapping problems pubalgia.

The shock caused media yesterday soon be digested by the team itself today, for tomorrow is facing its first game without Abidal.Sin however, it is possible that for this reason the expected renewal of Josep Guardiola may come in the coming hours . Would provide continuity and strength to the group, more vulnerable than ever at a crossroads as it is today. (via MD)

[Barça B] Muniesa, temporary substitute for Abidal in the first team

The canterano was brought to the orders of Pep and could fill the gap of French in the first team.

Marc Muniesa was the big news in the second workout of the week to prepare for the match against Sevilla: the Catalan player could become a temporary substitute for Eric Abidal in the first team, at least until the French to recover from liver transplant which will be submitted in the coming weeks.

The versatile defense of the cantera, with flexibility to adapt to the post of centre-back and full-back, may settle in the first team ahead of schedule following the transplant Abidal. First Muniesa already debuted at the orders of Guardiola in the 2008-09 season against Osasuna in a match that ended in the expulsion. The French, of course, jumped into the grass to make several exercises with the ball.

Even under the impact of the news of the French player, the staff resumed work in field 4 of the Ciutat Esportiva with the mind set on tomorrow's match against Sevilla. Both Alexis and Thiago Alcántara, low in recent games because of injury, trained with the rest of the group and could be ready to play at the Sánchez Pizjuán.

Although it has no information about the first team, Cristian Tello continues to consolidate as a member of the set of Guardiola, participating in training under the command of the coach. The team will train today in morning hours, from eleven in the morning. After Pep Guardiola will speak to the media at a press conference that takes on special relevance to know the opinion of the coach on the rumors about its renewal. (via SPORT)

Ronaldinho dreams ...Married!

Brazilian forward Ronaldinho says he is "crazy" to marry, although he admitted that he likes the single life.

"I am crazy to get married," said the player, Flamengo striker during the morning variety program 'Mais Você' channel 'Globo'.

Ronaldinho added that the constant travel and the demands of the sport have strayed from the marriage but added that he imagines with "many children" and that he needs to find "the right person" who understands your work.

However, the athlete, who ranks second in the list of favorite players of Brazilian women according to a recent survey, is reluctant to abandon the benefits of being single.

"I like the single life. I have to answer to anybody," said the player, adding: "While I like the idea of marrying I also like the single life."

The Brazilian international, parent of a child of 7 years, also said it is difficult to have a partner because of its popularity that sometimes bothers her companions.

"Today is difficult to have a girlfriend, because all generate much news," said the star, who said he "will not stop living by what people say about him. But sometimes bothers people that are next ".

Dribble, who played for Barça and Milan, also responded to criticism he receives for his fondness for late night parties.

"I love samba and pagode (derived from the original samba of Bahia). The image people have of me is only with instruments or playing football and always will be linked to each other. Because they have no access to other everyday life, my life has just that image, "he reasoned Ronaldinho.

"If I go to the bakery a picture is nobody buying bread, but if I go to a concert pagode everyone does the photo because it sells," he added.

Ronaldinho was included in the list of 52 players shortlisted for the London Olympics, said on Wednesday the Brazilian coach, Mano Menezes. (via SPORT)

Barça to give raises to Coritiba Keirrison to their contract expires

The Brazilian could return to his home club after failing in his quest to Europe.

The directors of Barça continues to plan for next season, and despite previously reported that there will be a signing only, the output section is one of the unresolved. One case to address is that of Keirrison, Brazilian forward who was signed in summer 2009, but that he had no opportunity to debut in a competitive match.

With two years to the expiry of his contract with Barça, Blaugrana entity is considering the option of giving the player for two years to Coritiba, his home club and which began to emerge as a scorer.

After two brilliant seasons at Coritiba, Palmeiras took the services of striker, who managed to become the youngest top scorer in the Brazilian Championship with 21 goals. One year later, Barça signed him for 15 million euros. No roster spot, Keirrison is was given to European club first to Benfica and then Fiorentina, but their numbers were far from good fortune and looked again in Brazil. Its new destination was the Santos, who finished not renewing its continuity, going away again transferred to Cruzeiro. Today the club does not have the player and are looking for the best solution for both parties. (via SPORT)

Kanouté, Navas and Medel work normally and Negredo joins the group

The Malian Frederic Kanouté tip, middle Chile's Gary Medel and Jesús Navas end normally have been trained and are available for the match FC Sevilla played the next Saturday against FC Barcelona, ​​while Alvaro Negredo has been linked in part to work and is difficult to play.

Kanouté, Medel and Navas these days have had a recovery session in its various physical ailments, but they have worked at the same rate as other partners in the training José Miguel González 'Michel' has conducted behind closed doors at the Estadio Ramon Sánchez Pizjuán, scene of the crash on Saturday.

Negredo, meanwhile, has worked with the group most of the training with the idea of ​​complete incorporation in the coming days, as reported by the hispalense club. Another of the injured players, the central Bosnian Emir Spahic, who could no longer play on Saturday in Gijón, has done physical therapy exercises and field work with readaptadores. (via MD)

When the color of the shirt does not matter

Since FC Barcelona this morning announced the future operation of Eric Abidal, the world of football has turned dozens of messages of support to French defender personnel at this time so hard.

This morning his costume companyeros received the news just before training and after the session, in which the captain Carles Puyol came at a press conference, several of them did not hesitate to send a message to 22 azulgrana from their social networks.

But not only the Barcelona players have sent messages to Abidal, also players from Real Madrid, the Spanish football and the other European leagues.

The white team captain, Iker Casillas threw on Facebook: "The whole mood of the world to a fellow teacher. No matter the color of the shirt to defend itself, what matters is the person. Many Abidal force". Twitter has concentrated most of the comments.

MORE: www.mundodeportivo.com

A judge accepted the lawsuit against Pepe for his stamp on Messi

A judge in Barcelona has accepted the civil suit that partner Barça Stefan Froreich presented against Real Madrid player Pepe for his stomp to azulgrana Lionel Messi. Froreich himself has admitted to 'Com Ràdio' "the complaint has been formally admitted by the judge of Barcelona. Being an action committed in Madrid, now have to move to Madrid, where the judge will decide whether to accept or files ".

The German explained that "I believe in justice, so I dedicate my time to the case." Froreich added that "in relation to the possible occurrence of impunity because it is considered that the injury involved in this case occurred during a sporting event, we note that this does not exempt from criminal liability when the facts object complaints occur outside of the playing time (as was the cas) and when also concur in the aggression intention. " (via MD)

The costumes get the news before training

The first team of the Barça and the rest of the technical staff has received the news just before training this morning.

Los jugadores, tal y como también ha racalcado el capitán Puyol, han recibido la fatal noticia como un auténtico jarro de agua fría, aunque han destacado la enorme entereza que ha mostrado el jugador fránces que incluso ha tenido que animar él mismo al resto de sus compañeros.

En el comunicado oficial del Club se indica que esta intervencion quirúrgica era una posibilidad que ya se contempló en el inicio de la enfermedad, hoy hace exactamente un año.

En ningún momento se hablan de plazos de recuperación, aunque ante la gravedad de la situación, se prevén que sean muy largos.

Los compañeros de vestuario del francés han aprovechado sus perfiles sociales para mandar sus mensajes de apoyo a Abidal. Estas son algunas de las reacciones en Twitter.

MORE: www.mundodeportivo.com

The new Camp Nou and will leave sponsors

In relation to the news Mundo Deportivo advanced two weeks ago on a project for a new Camp Nou in the Diagonal, the company MCM is pointed as a major concession to help finance the new Espai Barça, staked to the original as a large urban integrated sports facilities, social, recreational, commercial and service sectors.

As previously reported grants of hotels, shops, cinemas and restaurants form the economic basis of this ambitious plan Sandro Rosell and his policy. The EFE news agency reported today, Thursday, that the current owner of the rights to exploit advertising on the facade of the farmhouse in Sant Joan Despi is interested in getting the rights of future Camp Nou and Barça that great Espai which include, becoming the main sponsor.

MCM (Modular Curtain Wall Group) is the company that originally agreed to finance the new farmhouse in exchange for a plot of hotel and commercial uses in Sant Joan Despi. With the arrival of Sandro Rosell to the presidency, the club regained the surface and financed with equity from Barça the current Formació Oriol Tort. Centre EFE also confirms that it has raised a land swap with the University of Barcelona to locate the new complex there azulgrana. (via MD)

Abidal to play football again

Éric Abidal can still wearing short after you perform a liver transplant.

"Abidal is ready to fight and continue to play, that's his project," said Jean-Daniel Chiche, someone close to the side Barcelona and president of the Medical Foundation Life-Priority Fund.

Abidal had surgery last year of a tumor in the liver, and in the coming weeks will go through surgery to undergo a transplant of that organ. One possibility that doctors already looked in 2011.

"It was one of the options that were studied last year," admitted Chiche in remarks published on Thursday on the website of Le Parisien.

The doctor, however, is difficult for Abidal will recover in time to contest the forthcoming European Championships: "If you ask for their participation in the tournament, is unlikely. Today the most important is the health of Eric," he said.

According to Chiche, the period will remain low Abidal is difficult to predict, because "for a top athlete resilience is different, and often above average."

'Le Parisien' argues that such an operation period of hospitalization is about 20 days and the resumption of normal activity may occur in three months. (via SPORT)

Barça have had four base hits in a year

On March 15, 2011 the club announced that Abidal had a tumor in the liver. Months after Tito Vilanova faced a parotid gland tumor and was operated Xavi Pascual heart. Now, another March 15, Abidal back in the news for his liver transplant. It's been a tough year.

"The player Eric Abidal has detected a tumor in the liver, which will be treated surgically next Friday in Barnaclínic Grup Hospital Clínic of Barcelona." These were the words used by the club azulgrana a year ago today to present defender Eric Abidal was suffering from cancer and would have to be operated. A blow to the Barça squad, which sided with the French, although Abidal himself was the most optimistic and courageous. "Dad assured that I'll go ahead" he told his colleagues two days after announcing it.

He went through surgery on March 17, 2011, was "a process postoperative satisfactory in all respects" - and a week later left the hospital on their own feet to begin his recovery. Physical improvement was much faster than expected, since only 15 days later, on April 4, he was walking on the lawn of the Ciutat Esportiva of Barça. And just a month later, on May 2, came into the squad for the Barça-Madrid semifinals of the Champions League, which played the final minutes.

His recovery was so rapid that allowed him to live one of the most emotional moments of FC Barcelona in recent times. After being a starter in the Champions League final against Manchester United and win the match, the captain Carles Puyol gave him the privilege of lifting the championship trophy in Europe. A magical moment that served as a tribute to the French after all lived.

But that did not end serious medical problems at Barça. Overcome evil with Abidal lived trance, in November Barça received another blow to know that Tito Vilanova, Guardiola's assistant, had to be operated for a tumor in the parotid gland. The news came the same day that operated the azulgrana coach and the result of it was "satisfactory and on schedule."

Although the Tito Vilanova December 7 and again tread the Ciutat Esportiva Barca and his recovery has gone well under way, treating all these months has been very hard. Even Guardiola himself has acknowledged how difficult it was to his assistant. "Only Tito knows what he is fighting. It is very strong and it is fortunate to have him as friend," Guardiola said at the time when asked by his assistant, whom he described as "one of the major casualties."

With Tito Vilanova getting better and already integrated into the everyday work, again another health-related news is splashed sadly now azulgrana. A year after the first announcement, the club has announced that Abidal needs a liver transplant and will undergo surgery in the coming weeks. Hopefully, again, the health problems being exceeded again and is this the latest bad news received by the Barça.

Not the football section of the club, but not forget about the hard times that has happened too Xavi Pascual 'Pasqui' Barça coach of handball, which was submitted on 28 December to surgery in aortic valvular disease of the heart. Fortunately, 'Pasqui' has already redirected Intersport Barça after overcoming his health problems. (via SPORT)

Puyol on Éric Abidal: “He’s in good spirits – he’s a strong person”

“He showed strength last season and he’ll do it again now” inisists the Barça captain.

It's a heavy blow". That's how the Club captain described the news that teammate Eric Abidal will be having a liver transplant within the next few weeks in a press conference today. Puyol insisted however, that the Frenchman is: "in good spirits" and that his attitude has helped lift the rest of the squad: "we are sure he'll come through this and we are giving him all our strength. We'll be by his side and by his family's. I'm convinced that he will be fine again soon".

Puyol explained that the players received the news this morning just before training bega: "just before we went out to start the session, the boss told us the news - it was an unpleasant surprise. Eric was there with us and afterwards we spoke with him, but what we said will be staying amongst ourselves. It's really him who has lifted us – he's so strong as he showed last season and I'm sure he'll show that again now".

For Puyol: "things like this bring us all even closer together - the squad is strong and united, as I said, his attitude is an example to us all. It's a heavy blow. We had the same thing last year and we got through – we'll do it again and that will make us stronger"-

Turning to this Saturdays game at the Sánchez Pizjuán, Puyol explained: "we aim to prepare every game and win every week. Seville will be a tough test, but we are really up for it".

Tomorrow's Champions League draw brought a number of questions for Puyol, who explained he had no particular preference: "every team who is there have made it this far on their own merits – there are no easy rivals in the quarter finals. I honestly don't have any particular preference, let's just wait and see what the draw throws up".

Naturally enough, the press wanted to know what the captain thinks about another possible meeting with Real Madrid and Puyol answered: "it's clear that Real Madrid and Barça are two strong teams in the Champions League, but this competition is always tough and anybody can have an off day. We'll just wait and see what happens in the draw, we don't mind who we play, but if you want to win this title you have to be ready to beat anyone. Playing against Madrid is always complicated, but there are other good teams in the draw too".

Asked about Guardiola's contract renewal, Puyol believes that "the most important thing is to respect his decision. Right now the season is at a crucial point and he is here, that's that. Everyone has their own opinion and I really don't think we should talk any more about it now". (via FCBarcelona.com)

Possible rivals in the Champions League : Five familiar faces and two strangers

Of all the seven quarter finalists in this year’s Champions League, it’s Milan who have played most times against Barça in Europe.

APOEL and Olympique de Marseille, in contrast, have never faced Barça in European competitions.

Barça have played at least once against the other teams still involved -Benfica, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Chelsea – and there is plenty of history in the games between them.

The Italians have faced Barça eight times in Europe, with honours pretty even. The last time the two met was in the group stages earlier this season, when they drew 2-2 in the Camp Nou and Barça won 2-3 in Italy. Previously, Barça knocked Milan out in the 2005/6 semi-final, but when the two have come up against each other in European finals, it's been Milan who have come out on top, winning the 1994 Champions League final 4-1 and the European Super Cup in 1989 2-1.

The Portuguese team have played Barça on just three occasions. The first time was in the 1960/61 European Cup Final, which ended 3-2 for the Lisbon club in Bern. Thirty-one years later, Barça beat Benfica in the group stages on their way to their famous Wembley victory and the last time the two teams met was in the 2006 Champions League quarter finals when Frank Rijkaard's team won 2-0 at the Camp Nou to ensure a place in the next round.

The German giants have also played Barça three times in European competitions, with 1 win for Barça and 2 for Bayern. The most recent game went Barça's way in 2008, when Pep Guardiola's team won 4-0 at home and drew 1-1 in Munich in the quarter finals. Before that, Bayern had won in the group stage of the 98/99 Champions League and in the semi final of the 1996 UEFA Cup.

It was only last season that Barça and Real Madrid met in the Champions League semi-final, when a memorable 0-2 win at the Bernabeu and a 1-1 draw at the Camp Noou saw Pep Guardiola through to his second Champions League final in two years. A decade previously, it had been the other way round, with Madrid going through after the same results in their favour. The two had previously each enjoyed a victory in the early sixties, when Barça became the first team to knock Madrid out of Europe thanks to Evaristo's famous header.

If the draw throws up another game against Chelsea, memories will surely go back to that famous night at Stamford Bridge in the 2009 semi final, when Andres Iniesta's last gasp strike took Barça to the Rome final. There have been five meetings in all between the two teams, with Barça leading on 3 wins against Chelsea's two.

Neither the Cypriot nor the French qualifiers have ever faced Barça, with APOEL very much the surprise package and making their first appearance at this stage of the competition, whilst Marseilles won the title back in 1994, but have not made it this far since then. (via FCBarcelona.com)