15 March 2012

Puyol: "The dressing room is played with Abidal"

"It was an unpleasant surprise. Is encouraged. It is super strong, and he showed last season," stressed the Barça player on his partner.

Carles Puyol, the Barcelona player, stressed that the news that Abidal needs a liver transplant "has been a setback, we had a meeting before going to training. It was an unpleasant surprise. It is lively and that's the most important and he encouraged us to us. is superstrong, as was demonstrated last season. from here we want to send all the strength we have, I believe that will be fine. "

He admits: "The dressing room is touched, this news is very hard when you see him and he encourages us to us and that is important. We stand next to his family. There are things more important than football most important thing is health and that's important. "

"It hits very hard, I received last season, is now repeated. This will make us stronger. Q It is important to recover well. Has been and is with us every day. We have been meeting just before leaving. We Guardiola has given the news and then we talked to him, but that will be in the dressing room, of course, "he adds.

Abidal's disease has monopolized nearly all the press, but Carles Puyol has spoken briefly to other issues such as the draw for the quarterfinals of the Champions League.

The center back does not agree with this'' Champions'' is a duel between Barça-Madrid: "No opponent is easy. All who have come here is because you have earned a bad day and you can at any leave ".

Neither wanted to comment on whether you prefer to breed with Jose Mourinho's team in the next round or in a hypothetical end because "the Real Madrid is just as difficult for a game that of two."

Finally, Puyol has been supportive to bury definitively the issue of renewal of Guardiola and "respect their decision" to take the time deemed necessary to decide whether to continue or not.

"The season is at stake. All we have given our opinion and I do not think we need to talk more about it," concluded the captain azulgrana. (via AS)

Villa wears short: "Every day there is less"

Barça on Wednesday became the official photograph with all members of staff, the coaching staff and assistants with President Sandro Rosell.

The session was held in the morning before the training session. They started wearing the street clothes (Sacoor Brothers) and as usual it was time for jokes, especially when making the tie. After wore short, a very special moment for David Villa as he related in his twitter: "Every day is less."

The day is now a ritual for the veterans but not for those who their debut. Muniesa was the case, Cristian Tello, Fontàs, Cuenca and Thiago, as well as the signings Cesc, Alexis and Afellay, who arrived last year mid-year when the photo was already done. (via MD)

[Former player] Maxi López: "I want to Barça in the final"

The Argentine player of AC Milan and former Barcelona Maxi López said yesterday the program 'Primer Toc', RAC1, that "I do not want quarter-final or Barça or Madrid, because they are in a state dramatically. Are teams that are setting trends. enfrentasen I would like each other in the semifinals and play the final of Munich against Barça. that would be perfect. "

The 'Rossoneri' also admitted that "people who like football is impossible not to have enjoyed in recent years with this boat and Messi, who is from another planet." (via MD)

Eric Abidal to have a liver transplant

The Barça defender will be operated on in the next few weeks.

Here is the official medical communiqué from the Club medical services concerning Eric Abidal: "during the next few weeks, the player will undergo a liver transplant as a result of the progress of his liver disease. A transplant was considered an option from the start of his treatment a year ago. At the express wishes of the player, the Club asks that the maximum respect for the player's privacy be observed. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Second session of preparation for Seville game

With attention very much centered on Friday’s Champions League draw this week, Pep Guardiola put the squad through their paces this morning in the second session of preparation for Saturday’s league game in Seville.

In their second session of the week, the squad continued to prepare for the game at the Sanchez Pijuan, with just one more session scheduled before they travel down to Seville for the match on Saturday.

After working out at the Camp Nou on Wednesday, the same players were in training on pitch number 4 at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper this morning, with Alexis and Thiago continuing their recovery from injury and Abidal training apart.

As on Wednesday, B team youngsters Marc Muniesa and Cristian Tello also trained with the squad, who are due back on Friday at 11.00 at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper. After the session, Pep Guardiola will give a press conference. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Sevilla will decide if there is still Liga for Barça

Barça run out of options if you do not win, but doing so will put pressure getting to seven points.

Barça face Sevilla to a new end. As at the Vicente Calderón two days ago, a new setback would precipitate events and la Liga, this time, too far from the possibilities azulgrana.

A win for Guardiola, however, would put pressure on Madrid given that the more lenient phase calendar for whites is nearing its end.

Barça is recovering troops at this stage of the calendar and once again has a fairly complete template, you can also put pressure on Mourinho's fixtures, and playing before.

Barça before the day 22 was seven points, was ten after the defeat of Pamplona. Since then, Madrid has played mostly before the squad.

Barça have been in danger of being thirteen points in their matches against Valencia (Madrid had previously won the Racing) and Atlético (Mou had won the very controversial in Vallecas). The next day, the club played before against Sporting and started seven points, but Madrid won with little opposition to Espanyol.

The last day, even suffering, Madrid returned to action before Barça and returned to loot to get to thirteen points. The victim was, this time, Mel Betis de Pepe and Barça began his match in Santander to thirteen points.

Madrid is the Now you can begin to seven matches. On the Sánchez Pizjuán is the most demanding for Barça that will be at home after the Granada (Madrid play later in Villarreal) and travel to Mallorca to play before the Madrid received the Real Sociedad.

After the Madrid begin to tackle the most difficult days. Sevilla will decide whether there league. (via MD)

Most of Internet users Mundo Deportivo want to Neymar

Most Internet users MD advocates the signing of Brazilian.

Neymar da Silva is the signing. At least, is what the fans want Barça to start the next season. It is the overwhelming conclusion from the survey suggested that Mundo Deportivo on their website to know the feelings of public opinion following the news in yesterday's edition starring our cover under the headline "Operation Goal 'with the addition of a scorer.

Barça aims to strengthen his attack and Neymar is the priority for the club. One of every two votes cast in our digital survey, which exceeded 4,000 votes last night, also opt for advancing the arrival of skilled striker Santos, whom Sandro Rosell policy is under control after securing a preferential option and give as payment and signal 10 million.

That 49% Neymar as ideal reinforcement stands out among the options put forward by MD as goals in Barça's portfolio. The fear caused by his image has been losing ground to the Brazilian soccer spectacular.

Strain the force between the preferences of fans Dutchman Robin van Persie, with a remarkable 23%. Arsenal forward, as reported at the time MD, out of contract in 2013, is dragging its renewal by the Gunners for months and would be crazy about the possibility of reuniting with his friend Cesc Fàbregas at the Camp Nou .

For now, Barça has not moved tab on this, but should not rule out Van Persie, a scorer who at 28 years is in the peak of his career and, with 26 goals, is the top scorer of the Premier .

The other two names forward as an alternative MD do not enjoy today, from a backup so clear. One is the promising Adrian, who is starring in a great season in his first year at Atletico after pointing a lot in the beginning with Deportivo.

Adrián, with a buyout clause of 18 million, has 10% of the back of the votes counted in our survey digital good evidence that among the culés would be well below Neymar.

The other is candidatable Roberto Soldado, who has taken the gallons in Valencia has 20 goals and officers. His buyout clause amounts to 35 million. Perhaps because of his past Madridista, Soldado has not won over netizens MD (6%) as the ideal signing. (via MD)

Sergio Ramos: "There is no problem to face Barcelona in the quarter"

Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos was satisfied in the team classification in the future and confident of his team in the competition, where you can meet the defending champions Barcelona.

"If football is a good thing is that battles are incredible. If they succeed and we maintain the reliability and doing things we might well have a final between the two. But if we have before, in the quarter, there will be no problem," said Ramos, who stressed team play in the second half.

"We are left with the second part. There have been more mobile and have reached the goals. They initially have tightened a bit more. But at halftime we reacted and has been a Real Madrid different from the first part," said . Ramos lamented the card to Xabi Alonso, who will miss the first leg of the quarterfinals. "We Xabi is very important. Constitution. But we have a large squad with players who hope that time and opportunity and will do well," he said.

About the downturn in the final, Ramos justified "accumulated many parties and wear it shows the players. We continue to maintain the tension however," and praised the determination in attack France's Karim Benzema, Argentine Gonzalo Higuaín and Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo. "It is a guarantee to have Cristiano, Higuaín and Karim. Competition is very good and we are a guarantee tremendous," said Sergio Ramos.

Continuity of coach Jose Mourinho, the Real Madrid defender was optimistic. "If we continue to depend on but not dependent. But is under contract and Cristiano share the view that eventually will," he said. (via MD)

Guardiola decided to renew

Two months earlier was more outside than inside, but his feelings now are unbeatable.

Pep Guardiola renewed for another year and your ad will not be delayed excessively. In fact, many speculated for some time with dede yesterday as the Blaugrana coach chosen to announce its renewal. Rumors soared even further and ran like wildfire when it was confirmed the arrival of his representative, Josep Maria Orobitg at Camp Nou after finishing the morning session.

However, after some moments of high excitement, the adrenaline was stooping, especially when from the club reported that there was anything new planned for that day. Also, from the environment Guardiola explained that these meetings are more common than the gete think, although these same fiuentes cocretamente recognized that at that summit was talk about his future, among other topics. As the quote in your professional office just dragged on for ten minutes it is conceivable that all they had to decide and discuss his future was completely closed, so now just about finding the perfect day to announce to the four winds.

In any case, SPORT can ensure strongly that the answer will be yes Guardiola. Although not always been so. And is that approximately two months ago sports director Andoni Zubizarreta personally tried to sound technical Blaugrana on the renewal, being evasive with an answer as certainly left him worried. "I do not know anything yet of renewal. I need more time, "was the response of Pep, which cut sharply to a Zubi bewildered.

Why so dryly answered? Because at that time Guardiola was 'burneda'. He was physically and mentally exhausted and did not look strong enough to move this project forward another year. Remember that the serious illness of his friend and fellow sufferer, Tito Vilanova, had left him exhausted and made him rethink many things in his life and his career. At this time coincided with a slump of team play and there were some moments when he thought he would be able to instill motivation and encouragement to his students. His feelings were not good and the small details that have both in your daily routine had just not convinced. Also his family had something to say. Doubt see him suffer this way and that way was not the best way to raise their professional future.

But in just over two months, fortunately for the Blaugrana, these reasonable doubts have disappeared. Guardiola feels strong enough to move on, is amazed at the response in the field of his men, his reaction as competitive in playoffs, the commitment of their henchmen, the professionalism of his staff, the statements do not allow any doubt about the devotion they have shown him people in the dressing room as Leo Messi and Xavi Hernández, from the reaction of the stands who chant his name in every match at the Camp Nou and a long list of other arguments have been made to opt for the other.

What is clear is that now just about perfect on stage to announce the renewal. Guardiola and Rosell took the official photo that was held yesterday at the Camp Nou to talk lazy days. Know the contents thereof, but it became clear once again the good feeling between them.

The first can not let this situation go more is lingering Guardiola himself. Now comes the moment of truth in the season, where the most decisive win major titles and you can not divert too much attention to the merely sporting.
For this reason and respect for the club to have to work with confidence knowing that all the fringes have already closed over the next season and above all because Pep can no longer carrying on their shoulders the pressure at each press conference you ask about their future, it appears that the decision will be communicated shortly. If not this week would be the next takes over. (via SPORT)

Nobody wants to Barca in the Champions

Real Madrid and Chelsea joined the list of quarter-finalists. The draw in Nyon will define the way to Munich.

Real Madrid and Chelsea joined the list of potential rivals Barça in the draw for the Champions to be held tomorrow at the UEFA headquarters in Nyon. A draw will define the quarterfinals and semifinals and nobody wants to catch up with the club. The Madrid got rid of CSKA Moscow without problems (4-1, 5-2 on aggregate) but paid a high price: lost Xabi Alonso, his most important player in the midfield for the first leg of quarters. Meanwhile, Chelsea qualified after an agonizing tie at Napoli where needed the extension (4-1, 5-4 on aggregate).

If not matched the hype before, there is almost for granted that the 'Pep Team' and 'Neogalácticos' candidates are competing to European hegemony in the Allianz Arena on 19 May. A significant finding: although all except the first group were classified Arsenal, Barça and Madrid are close to Chelsea the only teams to repeat in the quarter compared to last year.

In the ten duels Guardiola-Mourinho have registered five wins Blaugrana and four draws. Barça has yielded only one defeat after a balanced match, but in the final of the Copa del Rey. Hence the value that a two-legged match increases your options. In fact, Josep Guardiola has explained that only wants to avoid at Milan. The set Lombard has progressed from the group stage and the elimination against Inter in the semi Pep 2009-10 shows that the risks increase when multiplying dangerously fighting. Nor Milan is interested in crossing with the club. This is Maxi López confessed exblaugrana recruited by Massimo Allegri in the winter market.

Milan, along with Bayern Munich lead the second tier of favorites, which could include Chelsea. Instead, a match with Olympique Marseille and Benfica seems a priori more simple, especially if Barça has the field factor. Undoubtedly, the 'bargain' with the dream that all the APOEL Nicosia, a team which will take the hype with all the homework done and very limited potential.

In any case, tomorrow will be defined which path to follow to get to Munich. (via SPORT)

Dani Alves: "My goal is to retire at Barça"

The Brazilian Dani Alves was sincere in an interview with SPORT in which he expressed his desire to retire at FC Barcelona.

Dani Alves, the Brazilian player of FC Barcelona said in an interview with SPORT, their "intention to retire at Barça" and spend much time at FC Barcelona.

He also spoke of his teammates who said they are "great people" and told "this dress is unique and hardly find a dress like this."

VIDEO: www.sport.es

Guardiola will not renew this Wednesday

While Pep Guardiola met his agent Josep Maria Orobitg and his assistant Tito Vilanova in the Camp Nou, the expected renewal will not occur this Wednesday.

It appeared that Wednesday would be the date chosen by Pep Guardiola to renew, but as has been told SPORT, Barça does not expect the agreement to produce technical continuity in the coming hours.

The arrival of Josep Maria Orobitg the Camp Nou at 13:05 noon to meet with Pep Guardiola and Tito Vilanova had broken all alarm information, but must wait at least another day to be able to announce the long awaited renovation Santpedor coach.

As reported later Ona FM, the environment Pep Guardiola said that it had been a "routine meeting as many other" while Josep Maria Orobitg himself explained that there was no word "important" that would have to explain.
(via SPORT)

Medel is also doubtful for Barça measured

Chile's Gary Medel was removed from the final training session due to a sore back and joins the many questions of Sevilla for the match next Saturday against Barça.

Medel, who missed the match through suspension of the last day in Gijón have "a sore lower back, which appear to be serious," the medical report provided by the club.

Neither group was trained with the Bosnian defender Emir Spahic, "still limping from the lesion in the left iliopsoas" that prevented him from playing against Sporting, and Malian striker Frederic Kanouté, who "continues to increase the workload and ultimately week could join the group to get to the meeting against Barcelona. "

The forward Alvaro Negredo is almost ruled out because of the tear in the quadriceps that occurred three days ago in the area of ​​Valencia, while the end Jesus Navas has "done field work" which, according to the Sevillian club, is "an important step to be on Saturday. "

For the visit of Barça, Sevilla coach Jose Miguel González 'Michel', has the low secure the full-back Jorge Andújar 'Coke' and the centre-back Argentine Federico Fazio, both through suspension. (via SPORT)

[selection] Dani Alves and Adriano, among pre-selected by Brazil for the Olympic Games

Ronaldinho is on the list and could be one of the three over 23 years will Menezes London.
Spanish League has been called,also, Coutinho, Henrique, Diego Alves, Jonas and Marcelo.

Brazilian football coach, Mano Menezes has announced the list of 52 shortlisted for the London 2012 Olympic Games in, which include the side of Barcelona, Dani Alves, like his partner Adriano. Among the above is also the local star Neymar, Real Madrid player Marcelo and Valencia, Jonas.

Flamengo The forward of Ronaldinho Gaúcho, who has played the Olympic football tournaments in Sydney 2000 and Beijing 2008, in which Brazil failed to achieve the gold is still missing in their windows, listed and could be one of three over 23 years Menezes will take to London.

Spanish League has been invited as well Espanyol striker Phillipe Coutinho, on loan from Inter Milan until the end of this season, Henrique, who has played for Granada and Valencia goalkeeper Diego Alves.

English Carling come Uvini and Sandro of Tottenham, David Luiz of Chelsea and Rafael of Manchester United. I of the Italian Pato and Thiago Silva of Milan, Gabriel Silva of Novara, Hernanes of Lazio, Juan and Julio César of Inter and Net of Fiorentina. (via MD)

Mascherano: "Guardiola has unanimous support because of his way of doing things"

The Argentinian believes that we must respect the time being taken by Guardiola to decide his future "because he’s managed to get unanimity and support from the fans, the Club, and the players".

He agrees with Xavi: "Which club would be ready for the most successful coach in their history to go?"

Javier Mascherano defended his manager, Josep Guardiola, regarding the time he is taking in his decision to renew or not his contract in charge of the first team. "Everyone is free to make their own decisions. He's an adult and we should respect the time he's taking. Very often we players also take our time to decide whether to renew our contracts, and in this case everyone agrees: President, Board , fans, and players all want him to continue" he said.

Mascherano believes that this general support for Guardiola is fruit of "his way of doing things. It's not due to the titles, but by how he's achieved them" he added. In this sense, he agreed with what Xavi said on Tuesday: "It's logical what Xavi said. Which club would be ready for the most successful coach in their history to go?. No one is prepared for it. We hope he carries on".

Asked about the League, Mascherano is very clear: "We have to continue our work and win the points that we need, and then see if we have any chance, because we have no margin for error." In any case, he said that maintaining a good run in the regular competition "will help us in the other two competitions" which are the Cup and the Champions League. In this regard, on the draw for the Champions on Friday, he acknowledged having "no preference". (via FCBarcelona.com)

[Youth] President Sandro Rosell meets with all of FC Barcelona's youth teams

Barça’s 20 youth football teams gathered at the Ciutat Esportiva to meet with Sandro Rosell.

The event also served as a photo op for the teams to snap their official annual photograph with Rosell.

The Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper was the venue for the traditional meeting between the youth football teams of FC Barcelona and Sandro Rosell and members of the board of directors that are responsible for Barça’s youth system, Josep Maria Bartomeu and Jordi Mestre. The event, which also hosted family members and friends, saw 20 football teams on display on Field 7.

From Barça B to the U-6 team and the four women’s football teams, participated in the event. Football director Andoni Zubizarreta and athletic formative football director Guillermo Amor joined Rosell and the directors.

Proud to defend this shield

Speaking for approximately 300 boys and girls, the U-14 player Carles Aleña said, “wearing this shirt with this shield and defending these colours is an honour and we feel fortunate.” The youngster promised that he and his colleagues will work hard seeing that “maybe one day we can be part of Barça’s first team and contribute to this Club’s grandeur.”

Rosell: “the cantera is the axis of our Club”

President Rosell was very pleased to participate in the event with the young footballers: “they are the essence of the Club, the axis.” The head of FC Barcelona talked about the pride that parents feel when these footballers wear “this shirt, this shield, these values.” He went on to highlight “the human behaviour of our footballers. They need to be examples of an athletic entity like this one, which is more than a club.” Rosell also said, “the hope and excitement that on day it is very likely these players will be in the Camp Nou defending our shirt.” The President didn’t want to forget the hard work that’s put in by the Athletic Commission: “we’re very proud to have them.”

Mestre: “we’re a worldwide leader”

The director responsible for Barça B, U-18 and the youth program, Jordi Mestre, congratulated the teams for the results they’ve earned. The director went on to say “not only are we worldwide leaders when it comes to youth football, but also in a human aspect. Besides making great players, we have to make good athletes and good people.”

Zubizarreta thanked the parents for the trust they show in the Club for allowing Barça to be part of their children’s education. While Amor encouraged all of the players to finish the season on a strong foot. (via FCBarcelona.com)