13 March 2012

[Youth] Bobby, a '11' like they used to

For physical game and reminds Brian Roy, the mythical winger of Ajax, a club that landed at Barça last summer.
With his colleague Alejandro Viedma, and vip's Mas, Rosell, Guardiola, Puyol and Amor, opened the new Masia.

Martí Maymó, bassist of the group Manel and a 'sick' of Barça who enjoys the games of the cantera that television offers the club, said in an interview that is one of the players who most impressed him lately. He spoke of a left end color overflowing with infinite ease, Bobby, a Dutch passport Nigerian boy of 13 years who joined FC Barcelona last summer from Ajax Amsterdam.

Bobby Alekanyue was born on February 14, 1999 in Ibadan, a city in southwestern Nigeria and the second most developed country after the capital, Lagos. At four, his father traveled to Amsterdam for work purposes and a few months later he moved the whole family. Bobby has two brothers and the second and was born in Holland.

He joined the inferior categories of Ajax last year and wondered all fans of the clásico MIC tournament which takes place on land Empordà every Easter. Through Junior, son of Josep Maria Minguella, Barça invited the player to take a test in Sant Joan Despi and in half an hour, as happened to Rexach with Messi, coaches and decided to sign him. His parents were delighted with the deal, the facilities of the Ciutat Esportiva and La Masia and gave the nod.

Bobby has adapted perfectly into the club. The game, because football practice like that of Ajax, and residence, where he is with his younger teammate Alejandro Viedma, which is why both were actors in the opening of La Masia with Artur Mas, President of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Sandro Rosell, Guillermo Amor, Pep Guardiola and Carles Puyol. Bobby is a very outgoing guy and have even a little naughty.

In football, remembers Brian Roy, mythical winger of Ajax, but his idol is Arjen Robben. Overflows speed and ability and in spite to act wing comes too easily to the goals. He is very young and much remains to be polished, among other things the definition. Last Sunday, in the derby against Espanyol won Barça 2-1, signed a great performance and created several chances but lacked transform. Have time and inclination. (via MD)

[ex-coach] Terry Venables: "Barcelona will win the Champions"

The ex Barcelona coach Terry Venables spoke to the program "Mas Esports' of COMRàdio Barcelona.

Venables did not hesitate to assert that "Guardiola is the best, there is nobody better than him. This is for all the work he has done in Barcelona." And commented on the renewal of Santpedor "configured to do so I do not say who should replace Guardiola and he has to do with their future. It's a tricky situation if you will, but if you continue to also be in a difficult position. If someone tells me that Guardiola will take a year off would understand why a decision is vital, very important. "

"With Guardiola have seen the quality and potential of young people succeeding. This marks the way why other clubs such as Real Madrid fail to pay astronomical amounts ever for players. This is the legacy of Guardiola. And although the clubs will continue to buy as usual, what you have taught is that the real need is to sign coaches, "he added.

About Barça the English exfutbolista said that the team "is exceptional playing ball, are the best, nobody can compare to them." "I think Barcelona will win the Champions League. Barça is an outstanding student and I am very happy to have my name associated with this club. I am very proud to have been part of Barcelona, "he said.

"Barça today is the world's best. The players who now Barcelona are the best. Xavi, Iniesta, Cesc much control the game in a way that nobody had ever seen, "he added, noting that" in England people are excited about the Barcelona, no doubt. Obviously not everyone but most are under the enchantment of how to play football. "

Finally, on the Argentine Leo Messi, Venables said: "He's a phenomenon." (via SPORT)

Xavi: “Both Guardiola and Messi are essential”

On their Liga possibilities, he said “we’re self-critical. If we are ten points behind, it’s our own fault”.

“I think Guardiola’s happy,” he added. “He’s enjoying himself. I think he’ll renew” .

Guardiola or Messi? Who is most important to Barça, according to Xavi Hernández? "Why pick between the two if they could both still be at Barça for many more years?" he asked at a promotional event. Messi had said the day before that he reckons Guardiola is more important to the club, but putting things into perspective, Xavi feels that "Guardiola has given us a lot as a coach, both to the Club and the footballers, while it's Messi who makes the difference." As for the coach's future at Barça, the midfielder believes that "Guardiola is a fundamental part of all this. I think he's happy, he's enjoying himself. He's as competitive as ever, and from here on, it's his decision. I think he'll renew".

Xavi insists that the players aren't even contemplating the possibility of a change of manager. "He leads the squad" he said. "It is him who orders things, who imposes discipline, and does the tactical and psychological work".

One of the issues filling the pages of the sports dailies is one Xavi would rather see forgotten. "Too much is being said about referees. We don't want to talk about referees. We're self-critical. If we're ten points behind it's our own fault. We're doing things well, but perhaps not as well as in previous years."

Xavi also gets the impression that the successes achieved by FC Barcelona, winning 13 out of 16 possible titles, are not getting the recognition they deserve in the local media. "It seems that the Barça-Madrid war, in footballing terms, doesn't allow our successes to be seen. I think they appreciate us more outside of Spain", he said.

Xavi also insists that "we haven't given up on the league and we'll fight until the end, until we have no mathematical hope left. Madrid can slip up in any game. We are both finding it hard to win matches, especially away from home. I think Madrid are more likely to drop points away from home". (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Selection Under-17] Call for training and Georgia Elite Round

Now available the list of players summoned by the national selectors for the concentration to be held in the Ciudad del Fútbol de Las Rozas of 20 to March 23 and subsequent Elite Round European Championship XI to be held in Tbilisi (Georgia) from 24 to 31 March. (via RFEF)

UD ALMERÍA SAD: Joaquín Fernández Moreno
ARSENAL FC: Héctor Bellerín Moruno
ATHLETIC CLUB: Aitor Seguin Cid
CLUB ATLÉTICO DE MADRID SAD: Borja Martínez Sánchez e Iván Calero Ruiz
C ATLÉTICO OSASUNA: Ander Cantero Armendariz
FC BARCELONA: Alejandro Grimaldo García y Sergi Samper Montaña
CÁDIZ CF SAD: Jaime Sánchez Muñoz
RC CELTA DE VIGO SAD: Rubén Blanco Veiga
REAL MADRID CF: Iván Sáez Jiménez
MÁLAGA CF SAD: Víctor J. Ruiz Ramos y Samuel Castillejo Azuaga
REAL SPORTING DE GIJÓN SAD: Alejandro Serrano García y Álvaro Bustos Sandoval
SEVILLA FC SAD: Juan Jesús Arguez Ruíz y Antonio Jesús Cotan Pérez
VALENCIA CF SAD: José Luis Gaya Peña
VILLARREAL CF SAD: Ramón Bueno Gozalbo

Alexis and Thiago to be finalized recovery against Sevilla

Both face the final stretch of their recoveries.

This season injuries are not abiding by Pep Guardiola. In the past two weeks, four have been players who have re-injured Eric Abidal, low for 10 days after suffering a groin injury, Carles Puyol, who was discharged on Sunday and could play against Racing in El Sardinero, and Thiago Alcántara and Alexis Sanchez, who could return on Saturday against Sevilla.

The two players are doing specific work these days, even though the template is free until tomorrow, to help the team soon. The Spanish-Brazilian player was injured Feb. 28 in the distal third of the right tibia during training before the game that the Spanish team played against Venezuela in Málaga combined, losing three games so officers, two of the season, at Sporting de Gijón and Racing de Santander, and one Champions League against Bayer Leverkusen.

Meanwhile, Alexis Sánchez suffered a new injury, the fourth so far this season, in the adductor of his right leg in the final stages of the match against Sporting Gijón at the Camp Nou.

The player came to play 90 minutes with your choice and go 6,080 miles, and that the meeting took place in Philadelphia (USA).

In this way, and only remain in the nursing Ibrahim Afellay, who in September after breaking the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee has started to play ball, and David Villa, who is now walking without crutches after fracturing the tibia on 15 December in the semifinals of the World Club that Barça finished harvesting before the Santos Neymar. (via MD)

Villarrubí: "Guardiola will continue in our house"

The vice president of FC Barcelona, Carles Villarrubí, was optimistic about the renewal of the azulgrana coach and stated that "denounce Telemadrid valued."

Carles Villarrubí has no doubt about the renewal of Pep Guardiola and an interview with the program "Els Matins" TV3 was very optimistic about the continuity of Pep.

"He knows he is at home and around the FC Barcelona is with him. Will end well. Continue in our house," he said.

However, the director azulgrana said he spoke as barcelonista since "the word only has himself Pep". He added: "I think we have proven to be a person with a high level of responsibility and do not extend to a point that may cause us harm."

Regarding the controversy with Telemadrid, the manager gave azulgrana the lines laid down by the president of FC Barcelona.

"We're used to this dynamic. Closed two days ago an episode with a radio. I refer to the words of Sandro Rosell said it was an outrage and a slander of a public broadcaster as Telemadrid" he said.

And said they are evaluating report to the public channel for such information: "We have not exactly had time to hear but the president's response Rosell the topic is serious because it is a public television. We have to look safe." (via SPORT)

[Youth] The Female Infantil Alevín proclaimed league champions

The girls of Jordi Ventura and Zoe Garcia and are mathematically champions of the regular competition, having won every game they have played this season.

The formation soccer teams have been imposed in the two derbies they have played against Espanyol for the minimum, Cadete A by Infantil B 0-1 and 2-1.

The cantera has again azulgrana brush full of victories. They have won 13 of the 15 that have been played.

All important win Garcia Pimienta and Marc Guitart at the municipal La Floresta. Despite the result, the first time was very crowded and the azulgranas struggled to create chances. Munir opened the can in 42 minutes with a goal that allowed to Barca to go to the break ahead by the minimum. After the break, the Juvenil B took control and was able to sign the scoring with another goal of Munir, and two doublets Ebwelle and Joel Huertas.

Cadete A major victory in the Catalan derby. The first half was closely contested with chances for both teams. Carlos Blanco opened the can in 36 minutes of the first part of a corner building that launched Arnold Sanabria. The second half continued with the same dynamics and arrivals at both areas, but Quique Álvarez and Ramon Ros was able to maintain the result. Sergio Buenacasa declared the meeting in 77 minutes and allowed his team to take all three valuable points that keep you leading lonely and separated from the second-placed Espanyol, which is now 8 points.

Clear victory for the azulgranas against Santboià. The first goal came just at the beginning of the first part of Ayoub's hand, but from this target boys Fran Artiga and Andres Martin struggled to realize their opportunities and went into the break ahead by the minimum. In the second period, however, Cadete B pressed the visitors and took control of the game right away. The locals scored two goals in the first 10 minutes of this second part, Marc Rio and Sergi Canós, round and finished the match with a goal from Alexis at minute 26 and another at 33 Paik.

Find it very serious set of Fran Sánchez and Xavi Franquesa in a small field. The locals were very effective in front of goal, especially in the first half, they scored in the three arrivals were clear in the azulgrana area. The match was 0-3 at the break and resumed followed with a very similar dynamic, although the locals played with a more open and enjoyed Infantil A more occasions. The goals of the day were given by Lee (2), Carles Aleñá, Jordi Mola, Braima Fati and Dani Olmo.

The Infantil B won the derby against Espanyol by the minimum. The team of Denis Silva and Carles Lopez came from behind a goal in the 40th minute of Usman. Oriol signed the tie on 28 minutes with a penalty shot, and round Bobby finished the scoring in the dying minutes of the second half.

Draw the set of Marcel Sans and Isaac Garcia in a very small field. L'Hospitalet raised a very defensive and that the azulgranas had few opportunities to generate occasions. The Alevín A tried to approach the local goal with some action from a distance, but could not realize their opportunities and ended up tying. Pau scored the goal azulgrana of the day.

The Alevín B played a friendly match this week against Figueres. The guys from Jordi Font and Jordi Puig were superior to his opponent and dominated the entire match. The azulgranas enjoyed many times and finally took the victory by a comfortable 8-2 result.

The team of Alex Gomez and Alexis Pintó dominated the match against Prat, although in the first quarter, the visitors pressed and the azulgranas ahead on the scoreboard with the first goal of the game. Even so, the azulgranas responded quickly and immediately rallied against the result with two goals from Sergi Rosanas the first period, and three more of Adrià, Marc Guerrero and Take in the second quarter, which left the result in 5 -2 to break . After the break the Alevín C continued dominance of the party and was able to increase their score with another target of Adrià and Guillermo Amor, who left the meeting sentenced. The leaders Barcelona are 11 points ahead of second place.

The first half of the encounter between Alevín D and Esparraguera was very competitive. The hosts went ahead on the scoreboard in the opening minutes of play, but the azulgranas managed to draw. The game continued back and forth with opportunities on both sides of the field, and the result came 3-2 at the break. A change in the renewal system allowed the set of Xavi Bravo and Oscar Hernandez improved the game and is distanced in the bright, even in the final minutes and the visitors pressed again approached. Although had to suffer in the end the azulgranas took the win and remain leaders in solo, 2 points of second-placed Igualada. Julian Mahicas (2), Marc Dominguez, Kenneth Soler, Dani Morillas and Roger Vegas scored the goals azulgrana for the day.

The team of Marc Serra and David Sánchez faced the ninth-placed First Division Benjamin. The azulgranas had some difficulties in the first quarter because the Gavà came with a very defensive and closed much behind, so that Benjamín A had difficulty creating scoring chances but were in control of the match. Jose opened the light in the second quarter with a goal from a distance, and from this goal the home side opened and became the occasion for the club. The scorers of the day were Jose (3), Ilash (2), Kais and Biel. This weekend Benjamín A also played a friendly against Girona, which quietly won with a score of 11-0.

The Benjamín B was imposed by the minimum to Vilassar de Mar in a very competitive match with chances for both teams. The azulgranas took the lead on the scoreboard with a goal from Jan, but Vilassar tied for the first time. Even so, the guys from Sergi Mila and Òscar Jorquera Iker responded and scored twice more before the break. In the second half the visitors had chances, and in the last minute made ​​it 3-2, but good defensive action of Barcelona allowed the club will take the three points. In addition to the game in the 21st Day of the First Division Benjamín, the azulgranas also faced the Girona in a friendly. Barça won with authority at this meeting by a convincing 8-0.

The set of Cristian Catena and Albert Puig faced very good game against Castelldefels, a very physical opponent for the second year that had been imposed on the azulgranas in the first round. In the first part of the Benjamín C. took the lead with two goals in consecutive Arnau. The first came at minute 15 on a strategy to move from a corner, and the same player signed it 2-0 a minute later. On the resumption the opponent locked back and the locals had to play with patience and looking for the combination to surprise the opponent. Xavi Pleguezuelo scored the third goal azulgrana of the day in 32 minutes, and within minutes the visitors scored the consolation goal, but the meeting was already sentenced. With this victory the leader Benjamín C continues solo the Second Division Benjamín with 48 points.

The azulgranas had difficulty entering the game against the Manigua, the fifth-ranked Benjamín the Third Division, and this we took advantage of the local early lead. The game went into halftime with the 2-1 result. In the third quarter followed by the rival ahead on the scoreboard until the children of Jordi Perez and David Sanchez reacted and rallied the score 3-7 until the end. Mamadou (2), Marc (2), Nadir, Sicu and Gabi were the scorers of the day. The leader Benjamín D continues its competition with a lead of 8 points over second place.

This week Prebenjamin azulgrana played two friendly matches against Girona and Escola Vedruna, who came to Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper. The guys from Rafa Rodriguez and Juan Antonio Gil forcefully imposed on their rivals, 15-1 and 11-2, which shows the good way is the cantera of Barça, still stepping forward and this is reflected in the results.



FC BARCELONA20 - VILADECANS A 0 (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Peter deserves a wait

The player's goal seeking providential inspiration that makes it special.

Pedro Rodríguez was atrevesando its lowest point in their numerical contribution from Pep Guardiola made ​​him a permanent fixture following the departure of Thierry Henry.

Just takes a goal in la Liga 2011-2012. Well it is paying dearly. Much blame has had injuries that prevented him from maintaining a dynamic growing.

To Pedro it has cost, so far, have not entered the latest calls for the selection that was world champion in 2010 and which still aspires to play the next tournament. "I do not know if I'll go and see how the season ended," admitted the player himself in early March.

Ahead for the three months of the season crucial to correct it. While successfully completed the search of himself, Pedro, the player providential goals, is one of those few players who deserve a wait.

That has it clear from Pep Guardiola to Leo Messi. The coach said Sunday in Santander, after another party without the desired goal Pedro, that the end "was, is and will be a very important player for us for a long time."

For its part, the best player the world has enough games taking his football to provide unmatched GPS Pedro the goal he craves. Against Racing also looked for Messi, though Pedro returned to bump into the goalie's glove to take away the unique feel of the goal. The obstinacy with Pedro positive Messi is not capricious.

The Argentinian crack knows that the winger has been his loyal partner's goal in the biggest days of the best team in history. With 24 years have pictures you would like a lot of cracks removed, especially if you check his resume: three league titles, one Copa del Rey, Spain three Super Cups, two Champions League, two European Super Cups, two World Clubs and the World Cup in South Africa in 2010.

There is every reason to believe it. Pressed against Racing, moved yse offered as in his best days. "He played well, creating space for others and closing his band," praised Guardiola, who emphasized that the goal is "in spurts".

But even more negative in their season looking to shed this season Pedro scored again on a major party: it was in the semifinal round of the Copa against Real Madrid, the 1-0 and Messi pass from his partner.

Pedro is still far from the 23 goals in 52 games his first year important Guardiola (2009-2010) and 22 points in 54 of the second (2010-2011). But beware, the parties come true, those in which there are very few cracks in the world to decide as much as Pedro. (via MD)

Cesc, on the podium of the best debuts with Barça

It is, for now, the third best signing of the decade with 15 goals and 17 assists behind Eto'o and Ronaldinho.

"As if he had never been to the Premier League." Cesc Fabregas statistics are agreeing with those who have used this phrase often to explain his first year at Barça.

With the assistance Santander Messi, the Arenys has been on the podium of the signings of Barça in this decade more productive and efficient in their debut. Posted 15 goals and 16 assists in 47 official matches so far.

A magnificent performance that equals that Ibra and is poised to catch Ronaldinho and Eto'o, second and first respectively.

Since the 2000-2001 season, Barça has signed 59 players with an investment of more than 750 million euros. Cesc was the last. Arsenal came and took 34 more six in incentives.

The investment has paid off at the first hurdle. Those 15 goals puts him just four of his best year with Wenger but score, but comes into its functions, is not his specialty. Where else stands out, no doubt, is in the final pass.

A resource that is exploiting a barbarous manner, especially in these last 10 games. He has attended seven (in the two matches against Valencia in the Copa, Osasuna, in the two against Bayer, Atleti and Santander). Total, which is second with 17 assists and Messi ahead with 21.

Cesc can become the best. He still has at least 15 games to play: the Cup final, the 12 days of Liga and Champions quarterfinal round.

Enough to leave behind records in the 2004-2005 season Eto'o, Ronaldinho in the 2003-2004, 2009-2010 and Ibra in Villa (2010-2011). The 'Guaje' had 23 goals and added 7 assists. For the squad there has been no adjustment process. (via MD)

With Sergio Busquets, Barça played with 12

Its dual function centre-back-pivote in a 3-4-3 system has allowed the team azulgrana to win 10 games and draw three out of 13.

With Sergio Busquets in the team, Barça played this season with twelve. The dual role when defending Pep orders a three-both the centre-backl and pivote-is proving crucial. Against Racing, the diversified Badia a perfect way, back and helping to pioneer the transition.

'Busi' is undoubtedly one of the keys of the computer is on the rise in this crucial stretch. No part in the defeat in the league against Osasuna and in four of the last five games (one was punished) started in the azulgrana wins.

So far this season, Pep has turned to 3-4-3 in 15 games, of which Busquets came 13 times in the eleven. Barça did not fall into none, garnering 10 wins and three draws. Records say much of its strategic importance in the team.

Among them the victory in the Champions League in Milan, the thrashings at Osasuna, Atletico, Levante or Betis in La Liga and the draw against Espanyol in the derby. And of those 13 crashes, Víctor Valdés only conceded four goals when the stakes were highest.

Busquets is a link between defense and attack. Can give a step back, immediately after, two forward and become the pivot on which rest Xavi and Iniesta in running the ball.

He has the gift of knowledge to be, to occupy space, to deliver and retrieve balls, if the author of the faults and even invent tactics like that assists Messi in the recent 5-1 to Valencia in the liga.

It never lies. Go for it and not afraid to put the leg, but sometimes it costs him an injury. Lately, conscious of its importance, the opponents have tried to stop him raw. Against Real Sociedad suffered a wound that required 15 points. In Santander, Babacar he could from his ankle but he stood up. As always. (via MD)

Kahn: "Messi is a genius like Pelé or Maradona"

Oliver Kahn did not hesitate to crack Argentine elevate the height of two legends like Pelé or Maradona.

Oliver Kahn was interviewed on the FIFA website for everything surrounding the world of football today and wasted no opportunity to refer to Messi and Spanish football.

Oliver Kahn, Bayern Munich symbol, Teutonic kept goal for 14 years and reviewed the current Germanic football but had time to put Messi on the podium in the history of football with his club, FC Barcelona.

"No doubt that Messi is a genius, as were Maradona or Pelé. Plus, play the best club in the world. Success and the titles are there. Therefore, it has been voted player of the world is more than the logical consequence of his career, "he said.

The ex goalkeeper also calibrated the options of Germany in the next European Championship and was asked by the European champions and world title, Spain, which praised his "hunger" to follow the crest of the wave.

"The Spanish players continued their steady progression. It is said that the cycle will end some day, that are saturated with success. But they have assumed the challenge itself to stay one step further. Quarry work in Spain also continues to make progress" said.

Finally, Kahn ruled out taking any position within the club he loves, Bayern Munich, to continue to maintain a safe distance with the world of football. "Right now, due to the large number of activities in which I'm involved, I have no intention of returning to football. There are other things and challenges beyond the sport, although I very closely now my computer of course, "he said. (via SPORT)

The dirty war against Barça

The latest media infamy of the cave is a finding more of his obsession, almost sickly, to destabilize Barcelona at any price.

La calumnia de Telemadrid es una constatación más de la escasa ética que utiliza la caverna mediática, capaz de moverse bajo el precepto del 'todo vale' con tal de perjudicar a cualquier precio al Barcelona.

Para aquellos que todavía le den un mínimo crédito a las informaciones procedentes de la infame caverna, solo recordarles que no hay nadie del Barcelona que filtre informaciones, y menos exclusivas, a sus 'enemigos'. Así que a priori cualquier primicia que sale de la caverna automáticamente se puede considerar como teledirigida y manipulada con un solo objetivo: desestabilizar al club blaugrana a toda costa.

Only thus can we understand such vile fabrications as Cope chain even speculated about a possible doping among Barcelona players' Episcopal radio has had to pay 200,000 euros and acknowledge that false information was for all purposes to avoid go to trial, "the weary 'Villarato' sponsored by the director of 'As', whose primary objective was to challenge the superiority of Pep sport, and now also to take advantage of some unfortunate statements chest by the former vice president Alfons Godall the attempt to loosen the template by 'Marca', inventing a safe place but David Villa this summer because the player did not talk with Messi, or the penultimate relief with Intereconomía athletic program, "Punto Pelota' as the protagonist, using debatable methods to try to get information on the future of Pep. Although in this particular case, the reaction of the club withdrawing accreditation to enter your facility has achieved the opposite effect because it has served to make them feel some martyrs.

What is clear is that the speakers used in Madrid are much higher and powerful. Remember that a lie repeated often 'Villarato 'inclusive' is in danger of becoming a true end.

In an exercise of imagination might wonder how he would react the above cave if Barcelona were ten points behind Real Madrid and Real Betis at the Benito Villamarin the referee had been 'swallowed' literally both hands on the blaugrana area, Barça had scored a offside goal and a blaugrana had deserved expulsion for a second yellow.

Obviously, the theory of ''Villarato' had been branded on the skin of a bull that is Spain. (via SPORT)

Messi gives his support for Rosario hosting the Pan American, 2019

The crack of FC Barcelona wants the Pan American Games 2019 are played "at home".

"We have to ensure that Pan American made ​​here at home." And so begins the new advertisement in which Leo Messi supports the candidacy Rosario to host the 2019 Pan American Games.

The crack of Barça believes that "Rosario is ready" and reminded his countrymen that "together we can make it happen."

No doubt Leo shows his absolute commitment to his hometown, which aims to collect one million signatures "for the Pan American dream." (via SPORT)

Wenger: "Busquets has all the moral weaknesses that help in football"

The Arsenal coach accused midfielder azulgrana of 'teatrero' praise despite its tactical intelligence.

Arsene Wenger does not forget Barça and, this time, his eye on Sergio Busquets has to openly accused him of 'teatrero' in statements collected by Eurosport.

"He pretends to have been hurt, when in fact it was he hit. Has all the moral weaknesses that help in football. And of course, intelligence does help the team," he said.

For Arsenal coach quality Sergio Busquets is unquestionable and is considered a "generous player and tactically very strong you know how to speed up the passing game fast" but still believes his intelligence also takes its relationship with the referee. "He knows how to force the umpires to warn those who are rivals," he said.

Wenger recognized Busquets as a basic pillar of the Barça scheme especially in the actions of strategy "height" and noted that the azulgranas will "need" in this type of action as the template height culé sins, and therefore "very vulnerable" in this section tactics.

"It's one of the few on the computer that exceeds six feet. Except him, no one can really defend strategy into action," he said. (via SPORT)

Alves: "Pep Guardiola is the key to the team"

Daniel Alves stressed that the coach azulgrana bears no resemblance to Mourinho.

Dani Alves Barça currently reviewed yesterday in an interview with Catalunya Radio program, 'El club de la Mitjanit'. The Brazilian was adamant on the comparison between Guardiola and Mou which prompted the Portuguese coach. "Guardiola and Mourinho look like Brazil and Japan," pulled.

On the controversial arbitration, stressed the importance of focusing on the things that depend only on the players. "We can not assess the arbitration or entries rivals, because it is a losing battle. It hurts, yes, but not worth discussing. We have to fight it where we are the best. Now comes the most beautiful stretch of the season and we have to get perfect. "Alves referred also to the situation of Guardiola, whose renewal has gripped the barcelonismo. "People do not understand, but it is very difficult to keep hunger after winning so much. Guardiola is the key to the team. "

The full-back also praised Leo: "If everyone is consistent, Messi Ballon d'Or win the next 3 or 4 years, which is why I would do different balls of gold for positions in the field, but Leo will always win." (via SPORT)

Tania Castañeda (@ tania_cqc) wins a signed Messi boots

Luck has smiled on our 'follower' Tania Castañeda (@ tania_cqc).
The lucky fan is declared Messi, Ronaldinho, Villa, Xavi, Cuenca, Iniesta and Barça.

Tania Castaneda has been the graceful drawing of Messi's boots.

This reading of Mundo Deportivo and follower of our Twitter account @ mundodeportivo is defined as a follower of Messi, Ronaldinho, Villa, Xavi, Cuenca, Iniesta and Barça.

You now have the honor to take home the Adidas dedicated to the great Leo Messi will become the top scorer in the history of FC. Barcelona. A luxury available to few. (via MD)

Cristiano y Messi, un duelo colosal

Cesc back to enjoy the Emirates

Barça midfielder took the first two days of rest he gave Guardiola to staff to return to London and watch live Arsenal.

The azulgrana Cesc Fabregas again enjoy English football on Monday in which he cut his teeth for eight seasons before landing this summer at the Camp Nou.

Arenys midfielder took advantage of two days off to Pep Guardiola gave his players to fly to London and soak up old memories.

At night, did not think twice and returned to enjoy the atmosphere at the Emirates Stadium, where the forces measured Arsenal against Newcastle, the 'revelation' of the season in the Premier League.

Not the first time Cesc returns to London since joining the club. In fact, just weeks ago was one of his most famous comebacks when others took days off to attend the gala musical of the 'Brit Awards, where he handed the award for new artist with Nicole Scherzinger. (via SPORT)

In Telemadrid hands to manipulate

TV3 found in the program 'Esport Club' that the images that accompanied Telemadrid Piqué information were manipulated.

Specifically, there was talk of a freeze frame in which, allegedly, Piqué and Messi appeared wearing a giant mannitol without any registration.

As demonstrated in Televisió de Catalunya, some "innocent hand" was devoted to applying to photography photoshop and erased those giant hands the legend on the TV3 Marathon, as it announced a phone to participate in a charity campaign. Mysteries of the television ... (via SPORT)

Klopp yields to 'Guardiola method': "It is the greatest"

Nothing more, nothing less than Jurgen Klopp, coach of defending champion and leader of the Bundesliga, Borussia Dortmund, surrendered on Monday to play Barca of Guardiola.

"Pep Guardiola is the biggest," Klopp said flatly in an interview published in the magazine "Der Spiegel" when asked about what coach serves as a model.

"We also like them pressed immediately after losing the ball," said the coach of Borussia Dortmund, which is favored azulgrana game to legitimize the method: "It helps a player being able to say: look, make Barcelona the same."

Klopp is recognized that all parties can team azulgrana and that even before the Madrid classic visionary with all staff. "When Barcelona played against Real Madrid, we all sat together around a laptop and watch the game online," said the German, who jokingly said that all "curse" when the television signal is choppy.

Finally, he analyzed the failure of Dortmund in the Champions League, something he attributes to lack of experience: "Experience is something you can not learn by ear, you must live," he said. (via SPORT)

Messi is a crack ... even Goalkeeper!

Puyol has hung a picture on his twitter that seen in Argentine striker signing a stop at a training last week.

Leo Messi is a phenomenon with the ball at his feet, by far the best, knows practically everyone. But Carles Puyol just show the world another record unknown Argentine star: its quality as a goalkeeper.

The captain of FC Barcelona just hang on your twitter account a stunning image captured by the photographer of the club, Miguel Ruiz, in training last week, in which Leo is a great stop signing a check mark only range of the best goalkeepers. 'Goalie also ... Incredible 'is the message ' Puyi ' accompanying the photograph.

Barca will return to training this Wednesday at eleven o'clock. (via MD)

Borghi criticism Guardiola's anger with Alexis after injury of the Chilean

"When you insult yourself you have to see why making it and the reason for this anger," Borghi said.
"It is important to Alexis, is the figure of the team, the country side," said Chile coach.

The coach of Chile Claudio Borghi, considered inappropriate anger with which reacted Barcelona coach Joseph Guardiola, Alexis Sanchez when he was injured in a recent Spanish League match which the Catalans won 3-1 at Sporting Gijón .

"I was struck by the reaction of Guardiola," Borghi said in an interview with public television network (TVN). "I do not know if is right," the Argentine in alluding to the treatment of Guardiola to Sánchez as he left court. "The shell of my mother pa 'me, Alex. The shell of my mother pa' me. Ninety minutes ... Use your head!" Guardiola snapped to the forward, according to a widely circulated video in Chile.

The Chilean press interpreted the scurrilous terms as a criticism of Sanchez's participation in the friendly Chile-Ghana (1-1), played on 29 February in the U.S. city of Philadelphia and that the media had described as "Flushing" and "Papelón" for various events surrounding the game.

Among them, a 36-minute halftime and rumors about a kind of 'rebellion' of the players against the coach of Ghana. Later, however, qualified his terms and Guardiola expressed his hope that Alexis learns to better understand their own physical and handled better in games, to avoid injury.

"First of all, I was struck by the reaction of Guardiola, the way the deal with Alexis. Not know if it is adequate. When you insult yourself you have to see why making it and the reason for this anger, "Borghi said when asked about the incident. He also clarified that the selection of Chile does not force anyone to play and does not infiltrate the players who have physical problems.

"We do not foist on anyone, nor force them to play any of our players. You can not tell someone to choose to do this or else. It is important to Alexis, is the figure of the team, the face of the country" , Argentine sostuvo.El was referring to some time ago, Alexis was treated to play in the Copa del Rey while recovering from a shoulder injury. (via MD)

[Selection Under-21] Luis Milla postponing the decision to the Olympic Games selected at Euro

Luis Milla, Spanish Under-21 coach, has spoken to players like Busquets, Javi Martínez and Muniain, battling for European Championships and Olympic Games. Milla has given notice to expect a European Championship final to decide if this circumstance occurs.

"There are players who have the chance to double Olympic and European Championship. It is a decision to be taken after the Euro because it will be a long season" said Milla. "They have the conviction mentally and physically after playing the Euro want to play the Olympics but they are young, that illusion is normal and they should say so publicly. But we must wait to the last moment to see" Milla added.

The coach has also referred to the praise of Messi to Guardiola. "Guardiola is a reference for everything you did and how he did it. Let him say Messi is the show that has a cohesive group," he stressed. (via MD)

Rosell on Telemadrid's claim: “It is baseless and false”

This Monday, President Sandro Rosell responded to the claims made by Telemadrid. The television channel stated that Josep Guardiola refused to stay on as Barça’s manager if the Club didn’t guarantee to offload defender Gerard Piqué this summer.

“All of the athletic decisions are made by Guardiola and Zubizarreta,” said Rosell.

President Sandro Rosell talked about the information aired by the television channel Telemadrid this Monday afternoon where the station claimed that Josep Guardiola said that he wouldn’t extend his contract unless the Club guaranteed that Gerard Piqué would be offloaded this summer.

“Obviously, it’s completely fake. It’s obviously slander. This story is baseless. What I can say is that all decisions about players coming in and going out are made jointly by Guardiola and Zubizarreta. Therefore, this story is baseless and it’s completely false. It’s a shame that a public press outlet like Telemadrid has decided to play this game,” said Rosell.

Previous to the above statement, Rosell said: “it’s a shame that in a time of economic crisis that we’re seeing publicly funded communication channels deliberately misinforming people, creating falsehoods and calumny. It’s understandable that this could happen on a privately funded channel, but I don’t understand how a channel that’s publicly funded [can do this]. No one understands it. If I were a tax paying person in Madrid, in truth, I’d be troubled.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Where the insane becomes the routine

Given Barça's disadvantage in the Liga, some say it's lunacy to expect anything other than defeat, but Josep Guardiola and his men have demonstrated time and time again that nothing is impossible.

The critics say it’s over; it’s lunacy to believe that being 10 points adrift from the top spot in La Liga with only 36 points left can yield anything other than defeat. By any stretch of the imagination or logical conclusion, the distance that separates FC Barcelona from Real Madrid is insurmountable. It is simply not possible to fight back from 10 points down, it’s insane to think otherwise.

The silver-tongued Ray Hudson, ex-Newcastle player and current commentator for GolTV, could only gasp as the ball buried itself into the side netting of Courtois' goal. It was midway through the second half and FC Barcelona was minutes away from saying goodbye to their La Liga bid previous to Messi's sublime strike. A rejuvenated Atlético Madrid, under the direction of newly appointed manager El Cholo Simeone, smelled blood in the water. The excitement in the Vicente Calderón stands was palpable; the Colchoneros only needed one goal to see off the La Liga and Champions League holders. To make matters worse for Josep Guardiola and his men, that collective imagined scenario in the Spanish capital was edging closer to reality as minutes ticked off the referee's watch. The red and whites pressed with more ferocity than ever, they were pinning Barça back, the chances were coming, an Atelti goal appeared to be inevitable. However, against the odds, it was a Blaugrana player that claimed the hero’s mantle that night, not Falcao or another Colchonero. When the Catalan team needed a goal to keep their La Liga title hopes alive, Messi produced a flash of brilliance to put his team ahead. As the players trotted back to their starting positions, Hudson, still tickled with delight said, "where the insane becomes the routine." In truth the commentator was talking about Messi, but these words could just as easily been used to describe this FC Barcelona team. The match ended minutes later and Barça had secured three valuable points. Once again Josep Guardiola’s men dug deep, never forsaking their style of play, to produce a brutal collective effort that usually goes unnoticed when individual performances shine so bright.

MORE: www.fcbarcleona.com

Messi: “I don't play to be the best player in the history of the sport”

The Argentinian, who is on the verge of breaking César’s Club-high goalscoring record, said that he plays “for the team, for the people and for myself”.

On Guardiola’s possible contract extension, “it would be difficult to find a manager that can accomplish what Guardiola has”.

Leo Messi is only five goals away from equalising the Club’s all-time top goalscorer record set by César (235 goals in official matches). Despite being on the verge of reaching this historic milestone, the Argentine is calm and composed, “I’m not setting any deadlines to do it,” he said. Having the ball at his feet makes him happy, he simply doesn’t focus on anything else: “I don’t play to be the best footballer of all time. I play to do things well. First, I play for my team, then for the people and then for myself,” said Barça’s Nº 10. He added, “I feel good when things work out.”

Messi has scored seven goals in four days, five against Bayer 04 Leverkusen and two against Racing Santander. His five-goal performance against the Germans earned him worldwide praise from press and football players alike. “It’s a beautiful thing that colleagues from other clubs talk about me in this manner. From here, I thank them,” said Messi.

When the Argentine was asked who the most important figure was for the first team, himself or Guardiola, the player was clear: “Guardiola is more important than I am for Barça. From the moment he arrived he changed everything for us. He’s won everything that he’s won. For me Guardiola has been fundamental in this FC Barcelona project.”

Messi also talked about the manager’s possible contract extension. “We want Guardiola to continue for everyone’s good. It would be very difficult to find another manager that can accomplish what he has, what he’s won and how he’s made this team play.”

Messi knows that it will be very difficult to overturn the 10-point advantage that Real Madrid currently have over Barça, but the player believes that the team needs to remain ambitious until the end of the season: “we have to try and win all the games we have left. There are still important things to play for. For our good, we have to continue with this mentality.”

The player said that all this talk about referees “has hurt everybody.” He went on to say that the reason Barça has won so many titles is because the team earned them. “We’ve been recognised as the best team in the world, and for some people, the best team in the history of the sport.”

Leo Messi made these statements during the unveiling of a project that aims to renovate the multi-sport facility in Barcelona’s Bon Pastor neighborhood. The project is sponsored by his foundation and EA Sports. The Argentinian is pleased to be working for “children that need it the most.” (via FCBarcelona.com)

Iniesta: “Your human values are what you are remembered for”

The Barça number eight thanked the Agrupació Barça Jugadors for the prize they gave him as the most sportsmanlike player in the 2010/11 season and stressed the importance of transmitting to young people the values the Club stands for.

President Sandro Rosell called Iniesta a great example of “the values we want at this Club”, whilst stressing the role of his family in forming the player’s character.

At the presentation of the award, Andrés Iniesta explained it was "a privilege" to be so recognised and praised the work of the veterans in "passing on the Club's values to youngsters coming up. When I retire I'd like people to remember me as somebody who gave everything for his club and was also full of respect for his teammates and his opponents alike. In the end, what is left of your reputation is the values you have expressed as a human being".

Iniesta reckons "I'm a grateful person and I have a lot to be grateful for – I'm clear that Barça and Catalonia have given me everything, both to me and my family". It was the family which President Rosell stressed as vital, when after having first praised Iniesta as "representing the values which we want here at the Club", he insisted: "all he's done wouldn't be possible without the great family structure that he has enjoyed. Turning to Iniesta's parents who were attending the event he reiterated "thanks to everything he has learnt from his parents – he is the way he is. God might have given him his talent, but the rest has come from his home background".

The President of the Agrupació Barça Jugadors, Ramon Alfonseda, told Iniesta: "never stop being a person who is close to their family and their values", before defining him as: "someone who never says no, he's a friend to his friends, a leader and a reference point, with more character than many realise and with an enormously competitive spirit". Echoing Rosell, Alfonseda referred to Iniesta as "an authentic representative of Barça's values".

When the questions began, Iniesta refused to compare Guardiola with Mourinho: "I don't know Mourinho to judge what he is like. I know my coach and I have known him for a long time and I think it's generally accepted that it's a privilege to be working alongside him. All of us want home to stay for many more years at the Club. Iniesta then explained that incidents on the pitch which the ref didn't see, weren't worth worrying about: "the ref is the judge and we have to trust his work and his criteria. If everybody calmed down, we'd all enjoy the game more".

Iniesta also insisted that the squad were: "focussed on winning our games and seeing if the leader slips up. We are aiming to take all the points we can every game and not waste any chance that might come up if Madrid slip up. It's a big gap, but we are going to fight till the end and we hope we can get back into the race. At the end of the season, it's the best team who have done things best that will win".

Posthumous recognition for Eduard Manchón

At the start of the event, hosted by the Nou Camp announcer Manel Vich, a posthumous mention was made of the ex-Barça player Eduard Manchón (1930-2010), a player who would undoubtedly have won the award had it been held in his time. According to Vich: "Eduard is another player in Barça's history who left his mark on a human level", explaining to Manchon's family who were at the event: "he was a person who carried the values of Barça with him throughout his life".

The most moving part of the event was when Manchón's widow Roser Marigó, explained that all his family had been waiting for this award and were thrilled for it to be bestowed at the same time as Iniesta: "my husband used to say that Iniesta is a player who always knows where he should be". (via FCBarcelona.com)