10 March 2012

Puyol, without higher, travels to Santander

The captain has worked this morning at the same rate as their peers and join the call for 19 players to play against Racing on Sunday, without a discharge.

The low secure are the suspended and injured Thiago Piqué, Alexis, Abidal, Villa, Afellay and Fontàs.

Carles Puyol, even without the discharge, is the main novelty of the 19 men who travel this Saturday afternoon to face Racing Santander on Sunday (18 hours, and Canal + League Goltara). The call is: Valdés, Pinto, Dani Alves, Fabregas, Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta, Messi, Mascherano, Keita, Sergio Busquets, Pedro, Adriano, Cuenca, Tello, Montoya, Bartra, Sergi Roberto and Muniesa.

Thus, the casualties are the suspended and injured Thiago Piqué, Alexis, Abidal, Villa, Afellay and Fontàs.

The team has been trained on Saturday morning at the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper after taking rest on Friday. Puyol has worked to keep pace with his companions, who have prepared the match against Racing. However, Alexis and Abidal have recovery in the field outside the group, while Thiago has made specific job. It is expected that next week enter the field work with the group. Although its development is satisfactory, Thiago is low for the game against Racing. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Cesc: "Messi can only pass the ball and enjoy"

Cesc Fabregas is delighted with the move with a move to FC Barcelona in what has become a dream come true after leaving Arsenal this summer.

The midfielder is wonder in his first season as a Barça player and is unable to play down to Pep Guardiola role in its great adaptability in their home.

"I think I'm a better player every day. Pep is teaching me a lot and never stop learning. I believe in him and how things are going so far. I maintain a great relationship with Guardiola," he said in an interview given to 'SkySports'.

Cesc key to the success of Pep and Barça is that "you can not sleep even one second" as the coach himself is the first to do so to try to "be the best" and "make the best of each their players. "

He added: "We're a great team. There is no envy, no jealousy and the atmosphere is very healthy. We are good friends."

He highlighted his reunion with Leo Messi and did not hesitate to give praise to his partner and friend: "It's the best player there. You can only pass the ball, sit, watch and enjoy." (via SPORT)

To Neymar already calling it 'Neymessi'

After his last performance in the Libertadores, in Brazil come to Neymar as similar to crack of Barça.

While Leo Messi is the undisputed number 1 recognized worldwide, as well as credited, among other things, his last three Ballon d'Ors, Neymar is the great reference in Brazil.

The crack of Santos has always shown his admiration for the Argentine star Barça to the point of admitting that "Messi is above all. I am a fan."

In fact, Neymar takes into Messi to its main source of inspiration within a football field, as was demonstrated last Wednesday.

A few hours after the magic '10' Barçadazzle at Camp Nou scoring five goals that brought him into the history of the Champions, '11' peixe wanted to pay particular tribute to his signing Messi hat-trick in the Libertadores to Internacional, one of them in the style Messi against Getafe.

This therefore meant the 2-0 Santos and in which Neymar started from midfield and after leaving three defenders sitting managed to beat the goal of the International, has earned for Brazilian striker has renamed 'Mohicans' with the nickname "Neymessi '.

The prestigious Brazilian newspaper 'Lance' was so eloquent in the chronicle of the clash between Santos and Internacional de Porto Alegre. "'Neymessi" read the headline of the story. "Another magical night Neymar scores three and guarantee victory against Inter Santos," explained the journalist inside of 'Lance'.

While Barça is slowly but steadily to ensure the signing of Neymar in the future, the crack of the Santos enjoy the game of Messi as an amateur again, who knows, dreaming of someday being able to share equipment with Leo.

Aware that still has a long road ahead and much to learn from the crack azulgrana, Neymar pays tribute to the king of football whenever he asks. And after the final of Japan, does not hesitate to ask for his shirt. (via MD)

Mario, a novice with the Messi cyclone

"I shake my legs," says Mario goal with just three games in 1 st.
"Having in my house Leo's shirt would be an honor," he says.

After seeing the humiliation suffered by the meta Bernd Leno and Bayer Leverkusen, riddled for Barça in the Champions (7-1), with a historic Five of a kind of Messi, few would want to be in the shoes of Mario Fernández Cuesta (Santander, 30 April 1988), a novel gatekeeper, with only 3 games for Racing in First, set to debut tomorrow in El Sardinero in the league against azulgrana the expulsion of Tono in Vallecas.

Despite his inexperience in the elite and the menacing presence of Hurricane Messi, Mario said in an interview with MD, that "I shake my legs," but is aware that will face "the world's best player by far "and" hard work. ""It is a meeting to enjoy. Since childhood I always dreamed of face to Barça and Real Madrid, and the time has come," said the keeper, full of "illusion."

Mario has in his retina the five goals that Messi is endorsed by Bayer. "I saw the game on television, but the summary of the goals. It's another level. Seems to have no weaknesses. If you lie down you 'sink' the ball, if you see that you throw on the one hand you fools on the other ... you never know what to do. "The goalkeeper Cantabrian confesses that "it would be an honor to have the Messi shirt in my house, but it makes me more excited to win the three points. Signed Messi me make two if we win by 3-2 goals."

Despite the delicate position of his team in the table (sophomore), the squad of Racing expected not to live the nightmare of Bayer at Camp Nou. "As I recall, the biggest win I have conceded five goals were subsidiary to the front of the Cultural Leonesa."

Mario admits that "prefer another opponent more affordable now. It is difficult to play against Barça. Can do well and take five or six goals. Have to pose a tough encounter, but without violence, make a game very uncomfortable, like other teams who have received at Barça. "

According to Mario, Racing to play with "caste and race," as in those not so distant historic victories in the Sardinero against azulgrana. "I witnessed in the stands a 5-0, 4-0 or 3-0 I will never forget, even before there was much difference of Barcelona or Madrid to the rest", says the goal, which defines his colleague Víctor Valdés "a porterazo, the one that has evolved in recent years."

Mario (1.85 m.) Debuted last year in 1 st (Sporting-Racing, 2-1) and this has two more games away from home: Levante (1-1) and Ray (4-2). In total, 267 minutes to stop a Messi beating all records. (via MD)

Guardiola: "I never wanted to live up to Mourinho"

Pep Guardiola stepped out of all the advances experienced by the FC Barcelona about their grievances arbitration 'Villaratos' and other matters without biting his tongue.

The coach azulgrana answered all those who wish to detract from the success of this team and poked in very strong at all, as Mourinho, have questioned the behavior of Pep and the institution after being ten points clear of Real Madrid at League.

Guardiola admitted that he was "mentioned" in the words of Mourinho and said he knows that "everyone" has understood that he was addressing. That is why the Portuguese coach Pep said loud and clear:

"I know that Mourinho has said that in the end we seem more than it seems. Yes, we are alike in that both want to win, no question. Even if the other I have behaved like him, I'll have to check my behavior. we have always been honest so I have no sense that we seem to us both. I never get to your desired height. There are images and words during this time that are worth millions. There are thousands of press conferences to review. we both want to win but are different. but if you say that we like, I will look better. my only goal is not to embarrass my institution and players. Maybe in some press conferences look bad has ever done in my club but try to make people not be ashamed of me. "

In the same vein, Guardiola stepped out of the arbitral suspicions fall on azulgranas success especially after the controversial statements in which Godall wanted to feed the famous theory of 'Villarato'.

"Godall known as Rosell and Florentino we won because we competed with effort. It's very bad for football that merit not for Messi or Cristiano. We won because we played much better than others. Do you help? We had like all teams. If they are now 10 points ahead is because they have been better and we have failed. If I say that we will not win the league is because trace you to Madrid is very difficult, "he said.

And concluded: "If the relations of managers in the RFEF influence the results, the arbitration system has a serious problem. All clubs are required to be right with the RFEF and the club also. This game always belongs to the players. If we have gained so much is because we have great players. we have won 13 of 16 titles and in Europe we have also achieved success. All are worth in soccer players."

Pep himself assumed to be behind the Madrid "which it considers best" so far in league and made ​​it clear that "deserve to be in this situation," but by no means willing to accept that the titles have been achieved because of the good relations of the club with the RFEF.

"We have been admirable in and out. I understand that it is not easy for referees to much pressure. I think the president of the RFEF should step forward and position on it," he said.

Finally said "" We have four years listening to things on the referees. During the last year in Madrid coach a little more, but always has been. During this time we have always been suspicious of everything we do for reasons beyond our reach "

He also found time to refer the issue of COPE and pulling of irony, said, "would have been nice if it had not taken so long to recognize that they lied. I could have done two days later ..." (via SPORT)

[Ex-player] Ronaldo: "Messi will be just the legend when wins a World Cup"

The Brazilian forward is of the opinion that only if you lift the World Cup will be chosen among the great football history.

Ronaldo did not hesitate to give Leo Messi as one of the best players in the world but no hesitation in pointing to the World Cup as a competition that consgarará as a true football legend.

"Messi is fantastic. But only a legend, as the 'Phenomenon' - referring to him - Zidane or Maradona. It is important that he can accomplish the same thing that these great stars of soccer, and that's only going to make up a World Cup, "he said.

Brazilian striker believes that Messi should be held with Argentina as it does with Barça to lead to the achievement of a World Cup that would open wide the doors of the legends of football.

"Messi is brilliant, an excellent player, but only when removing the legend will be face Argentina and win the World Cup," he reiterated. (via SPORT)

Guardiola, unbeaten at El Sardinero

This Sunday’s match is Pep Guardiola’s fourth match against Racing Santander as first-team manager; the Catalan has never lost to Racing in Santander.

Pep Guardiola will go to the Sardinero for the fourth time as manager of FC Barcelona’s first team. In his past three visits he’s led his team to three victories.

Last season, on Matchday 1 of La Liga, Barça beat Racing 0-3, with an early Messi goal on three minutes, and two more from Iniesta and Villa. In the 2009/10 season Barça was victorious in Santander (1-4) as well. Guardiola’s men conceded a goal to Óscar Serrano on 72 minutes, after Ibrahimovic, Messi (2) and Piqué netted for the Azulgranas.

Finally, in Guardiola’s first match at El Sardinero as manager, in the 2008/09 season, the Azulgranas won by 1-2. Zigic put his team in front but Messi, with two goals, overturned the home side’s advantage. (via FCBarcelona.com)

[Results at El Sardinero]

10/11 Season- Machday 1 - 29/08/2010. Racing 0 - 3 Barça (Messi, 3; Iniesta, 32; Villa, 62).

09/10 Season –Machday 4 – 22/09/2009. Racing 1 - 4 Barça (Ibrahimovic, 19; Messi, 23; Piqué, 26; Messi, 63; Óscar Serrano, 72).

08/09 Season- Machday 21 - 01/02/2009. Racing 1 - 2 Barça (Zigic, 55; Messi, 65; Messi, 81).

These are the boots that Cesc released in Santander

Cesc Fabregas will look with new boots in the game against Racing Santander.

Next Sunday in Santander, Cesc Fabregas will release. Specifically PUMA boots will look new ones that will have the new development PowerCat12 used for the first time.

Barça midfielder will change the model of boots with which he played so far by these new highlighting in blue and red heels, very in tune with Barça colors.

The leather and microfiber complement each other perfectly in this new model in which Cesc has chosen. All that remains is whether azulgrana midfielder continues his aim with the change of boots. (via SPORT)

Wenger insists that does not sell to Van Persie

The official version is that Arsenal's Robin van Persie is not for sale. At least, that was stated yesterday his manager, Arsene Wenger, who in his case came to the passage of the latest speculation linking Dutch striker with Manchester City.

"Our plan is to keep Robin, our leader, even from another player," Wenger said in reference to Lukas Podolski.

As reported MD, Van Persie, one year ahead to meet contract, would love to play with Cesc Fabregas at Barcelona. (via MD)

Milan think Mascherano and Tevez bring

AC Milan thinks meet next season Javier Mascherano and Carlos Tevez in their squad.

'The Mirror' insisted yesterday that interest 'Rossoneri' to 'The little chief' advanced by MD, adding another key striker for Manchester City finish clocking and this is a first step to convince the Barça player, they do share a friendship.

Mascherano and Tevez have coincided in the past for Corinthians in Brazil and West Ham and in the Argentina team. (via MD)

Barça have 50 'kilos' to sign ... more sales

Any sports team needs to raise the coach is a priority for the board.

Barça will have money to make the investment that the coach (Pep Guardiola presumably) considered necessary in the remodeling of the workforce of the next season.

The strategic plan established by the present leadership came to power when watching some 40 million per season to sign now have become 50. It is the ability of the investment club sporting a season without unbalancing the economic situation, and always sports a priority over economics. That does not mean, however, that Barça will spend that money.

With a team made ​​one of the intentions of the sporting and technical is sign bit and watch a lot of football base. Some districts do require investment, but the first team will stay true to the youth policy of the entity.

Continued Guardiola, as everyone expects, and has shown that in this way will work, if there comes another, the technical direction and the policy will ensure that assumes that philosophy club.

It is practically forced to strengthen the defense and forward, although as is the market is difficult for the club to undertake two major investments, but will have to work based on finding the correct value.

The sequence is as follows: the coach and technical director decide which reinforce boundaries, the technical secretariat seeks names, the coach chooses among these names, and coaching, along with the board, shut down operations. Sometimes the coach calls a particular name, but usually the pattern is. And many boundaries will be enhanced with the grassroots.

Barça, therefore, is by now clear how much money bastente have to invest, but there is always something unexpected modify the policies of reinforcement. The 50 million or so, there to sign the gains increase with possible trades. The benefits of the income going to pay down debt, not increase the chance of spending, but always with the priority of satisfying the desires of the coaching staff. (via MD)

Barça will again have a makeshift back to Racing

The penalty for Piqué and Puyol and Abidal doubt the pair can force Busi-Mascherano or defense of three.

Adverse circumstances, as the penalty for red Piqué showed Velasco Carballo and Puyol and Abidal doubt for his sore muscles may force Pep Guardiola to improvise the defensive line, something that has been forced often.

If neither Puyol or 'Abi' are able to play, Guardiola could go for the tandem composed of Busquets and Mascherano or a defense of three, but hardly made ​​up of three 'small people', Alves, Mascherano and Adriano. Busquets is in fact the only option for a high profile defense if not recovered Puyol and Abidal.

The Gaul defender is practically ruled for Santander, as just ten days have elapsed since the injury, with the France team, and a recurrence is premature.

Puyol, who simply suffer some discomfort, more options to travel to Santander and that between today and tomorrow decide whether he plays or not. In any case, if ultimately not play in El Sardinero, Sergio Busquets has many issues to delay their position and play at center alongside Mascherano, with Keita as center half. This pair of power, however, played as Barça-Milan from the Champions league and the result was not encouraging.

Guardiola also can opt for a defense of three, leaving Busquets ahead as defensive midfielder and always ready to come down to support Mascherano, but would more than like Pep advance Dani Alves and put Mascherano as a side with Busi on the axis of the rear.

Alves physical strength as would enable winger placed, so that the defense would be three or four depending on the circumstances. In the Calderón Barça and played well and given that the Racing attack with very few troops, is a possibility to consider. The good form of Keita of Mali permits placing the center as a means.

Another alternative is to dip into the subsidiary. Muniesa played a few minutes to Bayer, but as a winger. Pep ultimately must improvise a couple of new plants, as has arranged from parties as decisive as the final in Rome (Piqué, Touré) or the European Super Cup against Porto (Mascherano, Abidal). (via MD)

Thiago Silva: Centre-back forceful, technical and dangerous in the air

Barça last season is from Thiago Silva, a forceful centre-back of Milan who scored at the Camp Nou in the group stage of Champions.

Head his shot after a corner kick, meant it 2-2 in the final minute against the team of Guardiola, and demonstrated their danger in the air.

Last summer, the defender of great technique, he acknowledged that FC Barcelona had sounded. The club azulgrana has already begun to incorporate some contact in June. Help Puyol, Piqué and Mascherano in a key position of the team.

Friend of Dani Alves, the Brazilian international has two things going for it to stop wearing Blaugrana: AC Milan wants to Keita and also must pay the final installment this summer by Zlatan Ibrahimovic (eight million). His signing would be around 30 'kilos'. (via MD)

Jordi Alba: Full-back long-haul made ​​in the quarry culé

Jordi Alba, about to turn 23, has formed with a powerful left wing Mathieu in Valencia. Born in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, was in the lower divisions of Barça (left in photo of the act of laying the first stone of the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper).

The Catalan full-back has reached the international absolute and points to the Euro. Players like Dani Alves, playing against the lack of some size, which in principle would rule to be used as emergency centre-back. Jordi is trying to close its renewal with Valencia.

His new contract includes a clause 20 'kilos' that will increase, although depending on the club that he intends no exceptions. In the case of Barça would accept a reasonable offer, as published Miguel Rico in MD. (via MD)

Kolarov: Alternative more stout to the left

Assuming that Jordi Alba is well seen, there are several alternatives. One is Aleksandar Kolarov, also left side of attack-minded, but bigger.

The Serbian international is one of the players that sounded to become a member of the new era Mourinho in Madrid. Finally landed in the City for 20 million euros and signed until 2015. With a price that now would be about 15 'kilos', noted for its projection offensive.

Physically important for full-back and even inside-half, has great quality and a superb driving the ball in the race. Fast and powerful in their gains, is a dagger by his side handed.

It has a precise and strong center, and a good shot from far too pieces. Also do not usually have defensive problems with its physical waste and speed. (via MD)

Neymar: The crack of the Santos could move his arrival this year

Neymar, the crack young Santos is the big goal in a Barça attack that has already advanced a sum as part payment of their future transfer, which would be between 40 and 50 million euros.

Although the Brazilian international's intention is not to leave the country before the 2014 World Cup, the club azulgrana does not rule out signing to strengthen further their attack this year has been undermined by the long-term injury Afellay and Villa, or problems Alexis physical.

In addition, Barça appreciates that Neymar is a player who fits any band. His last two great goals in the Copa Libertadores against International confirm that you are ready to make the jump to Europe. Well advised by Dani Alves, the talents of Santos keeps throwing winks his beloved Barca and Messi. Form a dream pair next to the '10' Argentina. (via MD)

Barça have cracks in the pipeline for next season

Barça worked relentlessly to design the template for the next course.
A centre-back, a polyvalent left back and a star attacker goals.

While remaining just over 100 days to formally end the 2011-12 season, Barça has already started to design the next school year. There will be a revolution, because it has a young group, and solvent quality, but something short of troops due to injury, which forced to resort to the subsidiary.

A centre-back, a polyvalent left back and a crack attacker are not ruling out another position, the goals you set in which, without doubt, the most desired 'transfer' would be the continuation of Pep Guardiola.

The Barça sports management, headed by Andoni Zubizarreta, working on several signings with Barça profile. Susana Monje, treasurer of the club, announced that there will be 50 million euros to invest in new players. A figure similar to what was spent last year with Cesc and Alexis.

Thiago Silva (Milan) is one of the most like to strengthen the center of a rear (without losing sight of Javi Martínez) in which there will be new face to the left back.

Jordi Alba (Valencia) is well placed and Kolarov (City) is an alternative. But the 'bomb' in the summer would see Neymar with Barça. Santos says the star of Barca in 2014, but the time can be shortened. 'Neymessi' is left wanting and knows that it's time to sign for Barcelona, his club dreams. (via MD)

[Barça B] Barça B has to make a difference

The subsidiary visit to Sabadell Saturday (18.00 hours, Esport3) in a Catalan derby pits two teams tied on points in the standings.

Eusebio Sacristán: "We face a team that has arguments different to most sets of Second Division A".

Barça B and Sabadell have a very similar situation. Both teams have a similar game, and both accumulate 35 points in the league. Neither the subsidiary nor the set of Lluís Carreras able to win over their respective rivals last weekend. For this reason, the game this Saturday is a match that marked differences between the two Catalan teams.

The set of Eusebio Sacristán comes to grief Catalan after tied at zero in the field of Recreativo de Huelva. However, in 13 games played away from home, the azulgranas have only lost 5 in all so far this league. Still, the Barça coach said that the template is ready "to make a good game." To do this, Barça B has all its troops, except Miño and Ilie to be low due to their injuries. Eusebio has not Tello, Sergi Roberto, Muniesa, Montoya and Bartra to be exercised with the first team all week.

However, in the first round of the League, specifically October 1, the Sabadell won the Miniestadi with a 0-1. The winning goal was scored by Juvenal in the 40th minute that ended up deciding to target the Catalan derby. The offensive player of Barça B was Cristian Tello, who now plays with the first team. At that time, however, Sabadell was at the top of the Second Division table, "Then we were under construction and had no current consistency and security," he argued Eusebio Sacristán.

Despite the tie on points with Barça B, Sabadell is in the fourteenth position classification. Only lost two games at home to Valladolid and Córdoba and accumulated four days now unbeaten in their field. However, just lost the last match against Hercules 1-0.

"We face a team that has arguments different to most sets of Second Division A. Playing in a manner similar to ours and that makes it necessary to compete for the possession and control of the game," said Eusebio Sacristán, who also see differences between the two teams: "they, when they have the ball, have come to defend in solidarity, while we will seek to rival". (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Carles Planas, the quiet player

He has burned all stages in football basis and has always played left-back, a position which also has taken hold in the second computer.

Carles Planas leaves little in the papers. It would be what today is defined as some media. It searches for the cameras and the headlines, but lives football intensely since, at 10 years, eleven seasons ago, arrived at the Barça. And slowly, quietly, silently, always wins the trust of his coach. This year is no exception.

The Sant Celoni has become a permanent fixture at Barça B, where Eusebius had found him a reliable left-back it always has played the position in all the youth teams of what has been given the title and the ninety minutes in the last seven games. In total, has started 16 games this season and substitute in three others.

Born in March 1991, the same fifth to Cuenca, Tello, Thiago, Montoya and Bartra, with whom he also shares the fact of being a fixture in the notices of Spanish selections below.

In fact, since the call went sub 17 has continued to wear the shirt of the state combined. Last summer he played U-20 World Cup in Colombia and this season has played five qualifiers for the European Under-21 selection.

Planas is a regular player joined the club the same year as did Montoya, who has grown as a player. Unlike many of his peers, has not yet debuted with the first team, though, while waiting for the day, continues to work tirelessly at Barça B.

In the first team there are examples of players who, quietly, have carved out a niche not only in the first team, but in club history Blaugrana. One of them is also called Carles. Named, Puyol. (via SPORT)

Mourinho: "Some people sell an image better than mine, but it's the same as me"

"The game against Betis will be difficult"
"I feel supported by the club and the board"
"I have no complaints from the fans of Real Madrid"

A few minutes before training, José Mourinho has appeared at a news conference. This lasted about 20 minutes long so it has reviewed the current white, referred to his rival this weekend in La Liga, Betis, and has released the odd encrypted message to Barça already Pep Guardiola.

On Saturday, Real Madrid will seek a new triumph, and it will have to overcome Betis by Pepe Mel, "a quality opponent with a well prepared coach the teams and a crowd that is always behind. Betis are a difficult team to win. I think it has sufficient grounds to think it will be a tough game. "

After referring to Andalusian rival, Real Madrid coach was asked if he was wanted by the club and the fans, if he felt one hundred percent backed up. 'Mou' says that "people who work with me and why they are hierarchically superior feel confidence and support. We have a common project, and the fans in relation to me I can not complain about anything. And, if I had to ask something to the fans, which I have no right to ask anything, do not ask anything for myself, but for the team and a player, especially to one who at one time have a bad match, so you can notice a the fans behind. "

We could not miss a reference to statements by Alfons Godall, who was vice president of the Board of FC Barcelona Joan Laporta chaired by on Thursday night. "The statements are interesting, but I have no time to be making reflections on these situations. I stay with the facts and the things that are real and need no interpretation. To interpret and are ye," referring to the press.

Linking with Betis and the dificutad to maintain the high pace that is printing the white squad, Mourinho has highlighted the level of the Liga. "I look at a team that is fourth in the league and win at Old Trafford, it's not for everyone. The team is third puts him four to one ... Dutch, Spanish football is the one with more quality," and Mourinho leads a "high quality car, but the race is demanding."

So far, pretty much all normal, but the most ironic Mourinho and 'dart' has risen to the stage following the question of whether being a leader was that complaints were lower. To which the Luso has replied with: "I complain less because I have paid my complaints. I have been many road games and have spent much money in fines. My image has been transformed into an image that does not correspond with what I am to truth. try to be as quiet as possible. "He added, "within the imperfect I am, already it's time to have some information to let me in the wrong position. What is interesting is that there are people much smarter than me getting a picture sell better than mine, but are the same as I ". Post Guardiola?

However, Mourinho is aware that "when you win as many consecutive games, one day you lose. We'll have to fight hard to remain first in the league. Let's see what happens against Betis, but I feel that the team is stronger in right now, with a good mentality. I think that we will return with three points. " (via MD)

The market value of Messi grew 22 percent in just two months

The Argentine player, worth 115 million euros in January, has reached 140 million in the month of March.
"This is a phenomenon so distinct from other athletes that difficult to create a basis for comparison."

The market value of the Argentine forward Lionel Messi grew 22 percent in just two months, from 115 million in January to 140 million euros in March, according to estimates released today by the Brazilian Pluri consultant specializing in information from football market.

"I just spent two months since we made the last evaluation of Spanish Barcelona player and the amazing sequence of events led us to update it mandatory," the consultant said in a statement.

Instead of the value of the transfer or the termination clause, Pluri estimated market value of the players from their own software that takes into account specific criteria such as age fifteen, creativity, consistency, physical strength or ability titles won financial return for his club.

The consultant had conducted an assessment of Messi on 10 January this year to establish the most valuable players this year and ranked as the first in the world rankings, with a market value of 115 million euros.

Multi re-evaluated this week after recent and acclaimed presentations of three-time world player of the FIFA both in Barcelona, ​​including five goals he scored in a 7-1 win over Bayer Leverkusen in the Champions League , as with Argentina, including the three who scored in the friendly with Switzerland.

The new evaluation confirmed the Argentine forward 24 years as the world's most valuable player, now with a value of 140 million euros. Brazilian consultancy admitted having difficulties in assessing Messi "because this is a phenomenon as differentiated from the other athletes (current and recent past) that hinders the creation of a basis of comparison."

Such difficulties also respond to that, according Pluri, "certainly no club in the world has to finance its recruitment conditions." In the note, which justified the significant increase in market value of Messi in just two months, the consultant concluded that "only 24, Lionel Messi is located between the main players of all time although still has the major challenge to win a World Cup with Argentina. " (via MD)

Teixeira will arbitrate Barça-Granada and Paradas Romero the Villarreal-R.Madrid

The referee Spaniard, José Antonio Teixeira Vitienes, has been appointed to lead the Barcelona-Granada of the twenty-ninth day of First Division, while José Luis Paradas Romero, the Andalusian Committee, will be responsible for arbitrating the Madrid Villarreal.

For his part, Javier Estrada Fernández the Catalan Committee has been appointed to referee one of the most attractive matches of the day league, which will face in the Estadio Vicente Calderón to Atlético Madrid and Athletic Bilbao. (via MD)

Racing-Sevilla CLOS GÓMEZ (Aragonés)
Barcelona-Granada J.A. TEIXEIRA VITIENES (Cántabro)
Sporting-Mallorca PÉREZ MONTERO (Andaluz)
At. Madrid-Athletic ESTRADA FERNÁNDEZ (Catalán)
Valencia-Zaragoza CERRO GRANDE (Madrileño)
Osasuna-Getafe PÉREZ LASA (Vasco)
Real Sociedad-Levante ÁLVAREZ IZQUIERDO (Catalán)
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Málaga-Rayo Vallecano MATEU LAHOZ (Valenciano)
Betis-Espanyol IGLESIAS VILLANUEVA (Gallego).

Godall: "To those who think that has hurt the Barça I apologize"

Alfons Godall apologized to those who think that to Barça had damaged their statements.

The former vice president of FC Barcelona, Alfons Godall stated in his Facebook wall a comment on his remarks on Thursday night in which he praised the actions of the previous board when trying to referees and the different agencies: "When one speaks, he must bear the consequences," published ..

"Those who think that I damaged the Barça I apologize. Nothing is further from my intention. Just want to show that Barça must rule with firmness and discretion. Without any subordination. I always say in Madrid be against Barça. Now that the winds are favorable Villarato no? "and read the comment Godall in your Facebook wall. (via SPORT)

[Youth] Italy marvel at Barça's cantera

Italian media include the display of the youth ranks at Barça before an Italian side, where the overall baggage performance was an overwhelming 59 to 1.

Barça's cantera through the sweetest moment in recent years. The consolidation of many homegrown in the first team is just the tip of the iceberg of the great educational work played in the club's inferior categories in recent decades.

As revealed on Friday 'La Gazzetta dello Sport', a group of young Italians in Rome recently enjoyed four friendlies for three days in the Ciutat Esportiva of the FC Barcelona, ​​where they were impressed by the facilities and especially the talent that holds the Barca in their lower grades.

The background on the overall result of all the friendly was overwhelming. Barça scored 59 goals scored for only one against (10-0, 11-1, 32-0 and 6-0). However, players and technicians came out stronger from his visit to the facility, to be impacted by the work system azulgrana in their organization.

Roman team sources, called Futbolclub stated that the youth of the club "are extraordinary." But, most importantly, praise did not focus on specific players. "They emphasize not only individually, but they are few phenomena as a team." "His strength is playing the ball along the ground and 'dizzy' to rival" they said.

The same sources noted that at the lower azulgrana prevail "human qualities and skills to the physical" and defined the style, attitude and organization were the pillars of the work done daily at La Masia Barça surprisingly well by the ability of preparers to recreate unexpected game situations to practice and be prepared progressively for elite sport. (via SPORT)

Cesc Fàbregas: "My most special moment was when I scored at the Bernabéu"Cesc Fàbregas: "My most special moment was when I scored at the Bernabéu"

The FC Barcelona footballer told The Guardian that the best time you have lived so far in the Camp Nou was when he scored at the Bernabéu.

Cesc Fàbregas said in an interview to 'The Guardian' in the time it takes for FC Barcelona its best moment was when he managed to beat Casillas in the Bernabéu the match La Liga: "My most special moment was when I scored in the Bernabeu. was especially good to me why my family and my friends were there. "

"In training camp is incredible. It is the best group of players I've seen in my life. If you saw the workouts that we do not believe it. The quality is amazing. I have never seen or experienced anything like that. Is the best environment I've ever seen, "said the player caught in the high-level interview given in the training of FC Barcelona.

But above all, Cesc emphasized the desire to have the equipment to win: "The thing that struck me was the hunger of the team. This team has won 18 competitions maybe 15 the last four seasons and still want more. They want to do But these players are concerned if they do not play well. that hunger makes the equipment last a long time. " (via SPORT)

Racing already has to face Barça coach

After Juan José Gonzalez destituación, Racing has named Álvaro Cervera, so far coach of Recreativo as the new coach.

The previous coach of Recreativo de Huelva, Alvaro Cervera, is the new coach of Racing de Santander, following the agreement reached with the Cantabrian club, once detached from the Andalusian team.

Álvaro Cervera Betis will be linked to the club until 30 June, as reported this afternoon in a brief statement Racing.

The new coach replaces Juan José González, who was dismissed Wednesday by the bankruptcy administration and the director general of the organization, Antonio Corino.

The Racing said then that the decision to dispense with González was "best for the team" and announced his intention to seek a replacement as soon as possible. (via SPORT)

[Ex-player] Dutruel: "Barça will win the Champions"

The ex goalleeper of Barça considered Guardiola's team revalidate the Champions League and praised the career of Victor Valdés.

Arrived in Barcelona from Celta Vigo and kept goal for Barça probably with less luck than he deserved. Now Richard Dutruel is closely monitoring the current at FC Barcelona and has said in statements to the "More Esports" Com Radio.

There have been many issues addressed by former goalkeeper. For starters, the team's chances in both the Champions League as. "Champion of the Champions League is Barcelona. And considering the delay you have now is quite complicated to win the league, but I can say is that the game developed by Barça today is the best in Spain," says Dutruel.

What happens when I leave Pep Guardiola? "I see who can catch the team but Luis Enrique, who trains the Rome knows the Blaugrana and can also house one day or another to coach the club."

From there, Dutruel discusses some team names, starting with his two "colleagues" Valdes and Pinto. "If Victor was as bad as sometimes claimed not to continue playing at Barça. I also have seen him make things interesting. I think there is good team without a good goalkeeper. If it takes many years at the club is the quality that have. Valdés is one of the best goalkeepers in the world. "And with respect to Pinto," of course it gives you confidence. That means the coach has confidence in you and think you can also win titles. And this for one is always important. "

On Thiago Alcántara, think that a great future "but well, to be a leader in Barça has to spend a few years but I think it has the technical skills, tactics and I think it's a guy with personality. One day or another may be one of the leaders of Barça. "

On the possibilities of Xavi of becoming Barca coach believes that "perhaps, but Xavi is player and the truth is that it does well and I think he has years ahead." (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Barça will have to pay 30,000 euros for Tello

The Can Rull Rómulo Tronchoni expected that Barça will pay 30,000 euros in training concept by Cristian Tello.

Speaking to the program 'More Esports' COM Radio, Carlos Murciano, President Can Rull Rómulo Tronchoni, said his club has sent a communication to Barça requesting payment. "This week we sent to Barça bill for the debut of Tello with the first team, which rises to 30,000 euros," said Murciano, who explained that the club azulgrana had already made a first payment of $ 3,000 when Taylor made ​​his debut with Barça B.

"Some time ago we were told that there was doubt if we had to pay because the contract was signed in the first stage of Tello in Barça, before he went to Espanyol and then return. But we paid the first clause and now we pay the first team. Barça is a club sir, there will be no problem, "added the president of this modest club, to which 30,000 euros" save the season long. "

The emergence of Cristian Tello in the first team has sparked euphoria in this football club based in Sabadell, which has turned to the player. "Tello is an idol in Can Rull Rómulo Tronchoni. Even for those who are from Madrid. Everyone loves him and is awaiting him. Celebrate the goals as their own, "he said. (via SPORT)

[Selection] Del Bosque bid to have David Villa for Euro

National team coach described Messi as a player "just extraordinary."

The Spain coach Vicente del Bosque said to be optimistic about the recovery of David Villa before the European Football Championship in Poland and Ukraine in June. "From what we get from the people around you, doctors and himself, we are optimistic that it can be for the finals. But is anyone's guess right now, "said the coach in Warsaw, where he completed a two-day briefing with the coaches of the teams qualified for the player torneo.El Barca, Spanish key front was seriously injured during the Club World Cup in December and recovered against time to play the tournament.

Del Bosque joined in Warsaw to rain praise for the Argentine Leo Messi, calling it "simply extraordinary" and "decisive." "It is true that Barcelona is well surrounded," but that does not stop Messi is by itself "extraordinary" and "decisive in every game," said Salamanca. Vicente del Bosque said the good moment that Spanish football, both in clubs and at the level selection, and good performance of Real Madrid and Barcelona in the Champions League. (via SPORT)

Bar Refaeli compares Messi to Superman

Israeli supermodel used her Twitter account to praise the crack of Barça after his spectacular performance against Bayer Leverkusen.

Leo Messi has not stopped receiving compliments from his huge performance last Wednesday against Bayer Leverkusen. If the first praises of Leo were in the sports world in the following hours and days went beyond those of other actors.

One of the most surprised with the performance of Leo was the Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli, who usually presumed Barça and that her Twitter account showed her admiration for the '10' Barca.

"Seriously, someone should check Messi genes. This guy is not human," said one Refaeli that, whenever possible, be seen by the Camp Nou, where he witnessed the final match against Real Madrid in the quarter-finals King's Cup, which was photographed with presidents Sandro Rosell and Florentino Perez.

The supermodel, former actor Leonardo di Caprio, extended his praise to Leo compared with a superhero Superman caliber. "Right now I begin to believe strongly that Messi has any relationship with Clark Kent," he said. (via SPORT)

So Oliveira, the Portuguese star who wants Barça

Benfica forward interest to Barça, notes the press Lusa.

Benfica forward Nélson Oliveira, the new Portuguese football talent which closely follows the steps Barcelona, has a physical power and creativity that are reminiscent of his idol Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The coach Rui Vitória told EFE analyzed the main features of recent Portuguese international, who had under him last season in Paços de Ferreira, of the First Division PT. "It's a huge potential attacker and very complete. Can play in any system, with three forwards, two ... have a great quality in his left foot or right, it's fast and physically strong," says Vitória, he changed equipment and trains the historical Guimaraes. Oliveira, 20, has been uncovered in the past two months as the new phenomenon of football with its gleaming Luso performances at Benfica, with whom he has played so far just 12 games and scored three goals. The potential has attracted football coach Paulo Bento even, ideally looking for a striker to fill one of the historically weak position in the combined Luso, of the "nine", which currently only has the zaragozista Helder Postiga and Besiktas centre-forward Hugo Almeida.

In his opinion, Oliveira has certain similarities with the Swedish Zlatan Ibrahimovic Milan star that also resembles the physical, given his height and build. His current coach Jorge Jesús has become his main mentor and has already granted the status of third front in the template, ahead of Argentine international Javier Saviola, who renewed last January for a year. "He trusts me. I know I have much to learn, I'm here to learn every day and he is the right person to help me improve my game," he explained recently Oliveira himself. Benfica forward, whose agent Jorge Mendes, the same as Cristiano Ronaldo and José Mourinho, is armored with a clause of 30 million euros. Lusos media speculated the interest of European champions, Barça, in acquiring his services, and noted that Barça team scouts have seen all their games played this season by Oliveira. (via SPORT)