09 March 2012

[Barça B] Eusebio calls 19 players for Sabadell

Barça B coach cites 17 with Barça B and Dongou and Gabarrón, the Juvenil A for the game this Saturday against Sabadell (18 hours, Esport3).

Eusebio Sacristán has invited 19 players for the Catalan derby on Saturday. Barça B coach has cited the 17 available in the template, Dongou and Gabarrón addition, the Juvenil A, to visit this Saturday the field of ​​Sabadell (18 hours, Esport 3). All of them have exercised this Friday at the Ciudad Deportiva. Remember that Miño and Ilie still injured and Tello, Sergi Roberto, Muniesa, Montoya and Bartra have worked all week on the orders of Josep Guardiola the first team. Jonathan Dos Santos, however, it does form part of the issue of B for this Saturday.

About grief, Eusebio has been recognized that "set the game with a large group of players" and said that the template is ready "to make a good game." In this sense, explained that expects a different battle going there: "So we were under construction and had no current consistency and safety." Also with respect to Sabdell: "In the first round was the inertia of the rise, with a merry game, determined and daring, but it passed a critical time, and now returns to experience sensations of that first phase." In Barça B Miniestadi fell 0-1.

Asked about their future, Eusebio has been clear: "My situation is 1 +1. Mean I have signed two seasons, and there is a clause that allows both sides to renounce the second year. While the Club does not say anything, the idea is to continue the contract in force. All I can say that since the Club has sent me they are happy with my job. "In this sense, Eusebio has acknowledged that it has "one eye" in order to plan for next season. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Matias, brother of Leo Messi, admits that the family would come "from another planet" every time he plays

"I always say, you're from another planet Leo." It is the revelation of Matias Messi, one of the brothers crack Barca on how the family goes to '10' azulgrana after each game. "Every game ends, whether good or bad, I send a message. But lately I do not know what to put ... ", explains Matias the program De Caño Vale Doble.

The Messi marked five goals against Bayer Leverkusen and the three who signed earlier in the match for Argentina in Switzerland you are getting every day more difficult fraternal messages Matías. It also reveals their close environment who reports to Leo shot brands. "Leo does not have that you can break a record. I would say. We tell us. Or sometimes, their peers. But the goal of it is breaking all records. "At 29, Matías calls himself" the number one fan "of Leo, why has tattooed the image of his brother in the arm. (via MD)

[Former player] Thiago Motta: "In Barcelona I learned football"

The Italian-Brazilian midfielder Thiago Mottawhich since January has played for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), has said that it was during the nine years he spent at FC Barcelona when he learned to play football. "At Barcelona (..) I learned football. Learned to defend, to attack ... I found another vision of football," explained the Italian international 29 years in an interview published today by the newspaper "L'Equipe".

Motta joined Barcelona B in 1999 and played with the first team since the 2000-01 season until the 2007-08 season spent Atlético Madrid before joining Genoa, then Inter Milan and finally in PSG.

In the Gallic club, a leader in the French league championship, has become an immovable part of the scheme of Carlo Ancelotti, although the player prefers not to take credit. "I think reducing summarize a computer to a single player. I believe more in the team, not individuality," he said. (via MD)

Jordi Alba, signing tied

The full-back of Valencia is close to becoming the first signing for next season.

Jordi Alba has many numbers to become the first signing of Barcelona for the season 2012/13. The club azulgrana has a very advanced agreement with the player but has not yet sat down to negotiate with Valencia.

The scenario now is: Alba negotiates a better contract with the club 'che', but the agreement will include a 'Mata Clause' that would facilitate his move to azulgrana key. This formula is an improvement of the contract of the player, yet able to leave the club for a lesser amount to which the clause would stipulate if the ultimate Jugad.

This happened in the case of Mata what signed a new contract with the Valencian before transfer to Chelsea what Alba and presumably occur. The Barcelona and is aware of a formula that favors everyone, once the decision is to return to Barcelona Alba.

For Valencia is a kind of alibi to his liking, for a glimpse of the interest in retaining the footballer (offers improved contract and equates its tab to the major players of the workforce). For the Barcelona accounts for less hours of negotiations, because the player already has a special escape clause more or less concrete than the club azulgrana would be willing to assume.

Barcelona are ready to make an effort by the player, but not get out of logical parameters according to the austerity policy that leads Sandro Rosell. The player has made ​​it clear to club azulgrana interest in returning and being an important piece of 'Pep Team'. The player is very pleasing to the technical staff. Firstly because he knows the house and a particularly demanding for the sides. Alba has the characteristics of both offensive full-back like Guardiola. It is a round footballer. A threat in attack and a player behind solvent. His ability to change the pace of games is much appreciated by those skilled in the Barcelona, which always include the unique characteristics of a player like Dani Alves.

Alba has a similar profile in a coveted position in the market especially the left back. It also greatly values ​​his character (he is a player group of those who both like Pep) and the selection is always seen in the group of the azulgranas. (via SPORT)

Tello the super-sub

The scorer of a brace against Bayer 04 Leverkusen has scored a goal every 66 minutes he has played, an even better average than that of Leo Messi.

He has only ever started two first team matches, but has taken his chances extraordinarily well, with six goals already to his name.

Cristian Tello is proving to be the perfect super-sub. The Barça B player has scored six times in the 366 minutes he has been offered with the first team in the Liga, Copa del Rey and Champions League. His finest showing yet came against Bayer 04 Leverkusen, where he was on target twice on his European debut, and that despite only being on the pitch for 40 minutes.

Fast and decisive, and always playing on the left, Tello has an average of a goal every 66 minutes. Not even Messi, who has scored once every 93 minutes, can boast stats like that, although the Argentinian has played considerably more minutes, 3,291 this term.

Most of Tello's goals have been scored as a substitute. He has only every been in the first eleven twice, against l'Hospitalet in the cup (0-1) and Real Socieidad in the league (2-1)), both times playing the full ninety minutes, and both times scoring Barça's first of the night.

Tello has scored his other five goals as a substitute. He managed braces against both l'Hospitalet (9-0) and Bayer 04 Leverkusen (7-1), while he also netted what was ultimately only a consolation goal at Osasuna. (via FCBarcelona.com)

Neymar see goals from Messi to emulate

The crack of Santos reiterated his admiration for the genius of Barca.

Neymar, author of a hat trick in his last match of the Copa Libertadores for Santos, had words of praise for Leo Messi, who starred alongside his most important personal win in the Champions League match against Bayer Leverkusen, with five goals grown.

The Brazilian star of Santos recognizes that fixed in the style of Barça Argentine crack to emulate. "I'm a fan of Messi. I want to continue making history in football and scoring lots of goals to copy, "said Neymar to 'O Globo'.

The admiration of the emerging crack in Brazil by Messi was already apparent in the World Cup of Clubs, where they both met in the final won by the club. "Messi is the best player in the world, I copy some of his plays," then the crack of the Santos. (via MD)

[Barça B] Tello has more goals (6) that the subsidiary (5)

The canterano was overshadowed Wednesday by Messi, whom he considered "unreachable".

If someone had told Cristian Tello two years ago, when he preferred to play for Barça to have affiliate ad in Espanyol's first team, the day that Leo Messi became the first player in 32 years to score five goals in a match in the Champions League he was to score two and rub the hat trick, may not have believed it.

But on Wednesday, in his debut in the continental showpiece, Tello did. He entered the game 53 minutes later and ten had scored those two goals.

Still card subsidiary, Tello feels so comfortable in the first team that has managed to score six goals in nine games played, one more than it takes in the subsidiary, but with a difference with those of Eusebio has played seven more games.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the Camp Nou on Wednesday will give you a standing ovation. "That the hobby is well with you is very special. It's a dream," he admitted after the game where he could get his first hat-trick with the Barça shirt.

"It was a pity he could not, but I'm happy for the two goals," he said. It seems that not be the last goal of a player who is destined to be one of the leaders Barça in the future and, like many, has one thing clear: "Messi is on another level." (via MD)

Valdés to Messi: "In the Final how many you have been?"

Valdés witnessed from a unique perspective display of Leo and even lost count of the goals.

Leo Messi gave a recital of the best football again was followed by everyone. Who better saw, however, were his own comrades, who enjoy the luxury of having Messi at his side in games and every day in training. Víctor Valdés was what happened the better.

The goal freaked again with Leo Messi's soccer on Wednesday against Bayer Leverkusen. Even joked after the match in the mixed zone, where he said he lost count of the goals of '10 ': "If I tell the truth, I had to ask after the game if he had scored four or five. When I have answered, I I said, 'my mother.' "

The goalkeeper believes on teammate who "surpasses every season and surely not only that. There will be more things here at the end." The Gavà enjoyed a game that will go down in club history from a privileged position: "From my site I have enjoyed the team play and the performance of Leo. I am very happy to have Leo in our team."

About the opponent in the quarter, did not venture any speculation or a classic. "Currently, the Madrid must win their tie against CSKA. When you're in the draw, we'll see who we play, but never thought of any equipment, or whether it is better in that tie or later." (via MD)

Guardiola imminent renewal

In circles close to the technician and the club barcelonista is assumed that the firm will be announced next week.

A little over two months of the end of the season, Barça fans upset that the architect doing the best team in history, Pep Guardiola, has not renewed his contract, which expires on June 30.

During this season, azulgrana coach have assaulted the doubts about their future. However, in recent days something is moving around leaving the feeling that your renewal is coming soon.

People who knows him well says that soon signed until 2013, becoming in fact the great desire of the team, board and millions of barcelonistas. One of the last comment that Pep has been renewed Charly Rexach, a good friend of coach and his second, Tito Vilanova.

Also sources and applications close to the directive and the sporting club are optimistic about the continuity of Guardiola. In fact, some people is clear that the signing will take place the next week at the latest.

It has not gone well this season Pep and hence has not been clear from the beginning that he would sign their renewal. The wear of his speech to the group, the more difficult to motivate the team after winning 13 titles from 16 possible, the illness of his friend Tito, loneliness when he had to manage the troubled apparel everyday without a second, continuous Mourinho attacks and the media cave, the concern of his family by the pressures of the office ... A litany of reasons for at least consider their continuity.

But the positive reaction of the team after the defeat of Pamplona, ​​the loving messages received from each and every one of the members of the wardrobe-including heavy-weights, the good performance of Titus, the darling of the fans and the provision total directors and Andoni Zubizarreta to fulfill your requests, including that of taking more time to ponder his future, definitely seem to have opted for the band's 'yes'.

Doubts have been not just the technical. There have been players who, upon hearing by what Pep comments, have been at times more outside than inside. Like other technical comments implied that yes, continue, but no more than a year. This fruit of the doubt that this campaign has been debated coach.

In any case, there is little to close the circle of continuity or the output of Guardiola. Time has had to mature and reach the decision 'inputs' that the decision is imminent. Perhaps the five goals to Bayer Leverkusen Messi are the latest nudges. (via MD)

[Barça B: Selection] Rafinha, organized with the Brazilian team U20

The youth coach Ney Franco decided to convene the azulgrana Rafinha to play with Brazil next MIC.

For the first time, the Brazilian decided to convene the youngest son of Mazinho for an international competition, in this case the Mediterranean International Cup (MIC), the tournament that is held for 12 issues on the Costa Brava.

Rafinha, who has opted not yet openly between Brazil and Spain, has been a regular in the Spanish lower selections. In fact, a few weeks ago played a friendly match with the U19 team led by Julen Lopetegui.

To mark the Catalan tournament, which takes place from 3 to 8 April, Rafinha could debut with 'verdeamarelha', but that in no case would the inability to wear the shirt of the 'red' in the future, at least in officer.

The young Brazilian coach list is formed by the following players:

Goalkeepers: Mateus Caldeira (Corinthians), Víctor Brasil (Coritiba)

Defenders: Antonio Carlos (Corinthians), Gustavo Vernes (Santos), Luiz Eduardo (São Paulo), Wallace (Fluminense), Denner (Corinthians), Claudio Winck (Internacional)

Midfielders: Lucas Silva (Cruzeiro), Joao Felipe (São Paulo), Misael (Grêmio), Thomaz (Flamengo), Rafinha (Barcelona), Cidinho (Botafogo), Adryan (Flamengo)

Forwards: Marco Junio (Fluminense), Taiberson (Atlético-PR) y Ademilson (São Paulo). (via SPORT)

The week ideal of Guardiola to sign

As time passes, gains strength the possibility that Guardiola will continue and suggests the next few days as definitive.

Next week looks set to be the ultimate in 'case Pep' and the coach could take the team will not play games intersemanales to sign it for the fifth time as first team coach. True to its philosophy since Joan Laporta was presented on 17 June 2008, the Santpedor has always been committed for a while. And his fourth renewal is very close.

The fact that Barça do not have to play any European commitment on Sunday after visiting Racing joined the weather begins to push being decisive 'yes' Pep. In this sense, is strengthened the possibility that the club announced the renewal of Guardiola on Monday and, if so, the signing ceremony could take place on Wednesday.

In fact, Pep and had communicated its decision to heavyweight clothing, which had publicly week asking to continue. Dani Alves had said that Guardiola "knows that without him we are nothing and will continue," Xavi said that the technician "will end up renewing," Iniesta said that the coach "is a basic part in the team," Valdés believes that it should "follow many years "and Puyol had told her earlier this year that Pep safely renew his contract.

Moreover, while reiterating the Board was that the technician has all the time in the world in recent days were reiterating the views of people involved with the club betting on the imminent renewal of Pep. The latter was Carles Rexach, adviser to the president of FC Barcelona, who said on Onda Cero would renew "this month and with some ease. Is coming soon. "

Doubts technical staff to engage in face-to fifth campaign, suggests that the next could be the last of Pep Guardiola's Barça in front ... at least in this cycle. The Santpedor considered ideal cycles of a technician should not be higher than three seasons or, at most, four. Therefore, it was not clear and appears to be somewhat complicated that could lead the team in a hypothetical sixth campaign. (via SPORT)

A Messi will get compliments ...Even the White House!

The great performance of Leo Messi against Bayer Leverkusen has provoked reactions worldwide, not just in sports.

Five goals not mark a player each day. Not in the knockout stages of the Champions. It is therefore normal that this Thursday the name of Leo Messi has been the talk of many people throughout the world.

And there have been cases especially curious. One is, without doubt, the State Department spokesman in the United States. His name is Mike Hammer and his mother lives in Madrid. Therefore, on Thursday gave a press conference at the White House in Spanish for the many correspondents in Spain and Latin America that follow the information in Wasingthon.

At one point during the press conference, as reported by the correspondent of TVE in the U.S., Lorenzo Milá, Hammer acknowledged that "I am from Real Madrid, but I congratulate Messi". (via SPORT)

[Ex-player] Zaldua: "I have not seen anyone like Messi"

Leo Messi who managed the feat equaled Zaldua, and ex player of FC Barcelona said he was thrilled when Messi scored the fifth goal.

The ex player of FC Barcelona, Jose Antonio Zaldua, which until Wednesday had been the last player to score five goals in European competition was against DOS Utrecht in the Fairs Cup in season 1965/66, said he was hopeful that Messi was the one who has scored five goals in a European competition match: "I was thrilled when Messi scored 5 goals. Cuande I saw was playing, I told my family that I would tie that mark 5. it is an honor, I thrilled that you managed to score 5 goals in one game. "

Zaldua was full of praise to Argentinian star: "Messi is the best player I've seen in my life. I've seen Pelé, Di Stefano, Maradona, Cruyff and nobody like Messi. This facility has to make ... does it all easy. I have not seen anything like it, I have not seen one like Messi. "

"You can make 6 goals in a game when to do it. Messi has no end, is a phenomenon," he told the ex player of Barça who added: "Messi is an alien, kill all the records have or might have, is a marvel ".

Zaldua also had words for Pep Guardiola: "We have the best coach in the world, has much merit in what you are doing, I hope that this many years." (via SPORT)

Carles Puyol, solidarity against abandoning pets

Barça captain Carles Puyol is the image of the campaign for birth control and identification of pets.

Carles Puyol has expressed solidarity with the campaign against the abandonment of pets (over 30,000 each year in Catalonia). The Blaugrana captain is the image of posters and advertisements of the campaign until April 30 will be visible in all veterinary centers in the province of Barcelona

The Barcelona player Carles Puyol is the godfather of emergency campaign being carried out by the Commission of Animal Protection interlocutor of Catalonia (CIPAC) with the support of Barcelona City Council, to raise awareness of the importance of controlling birth of pets and thus avoid the high numbers of abandoned cats, dogs and ferrets. (via SPORT)

A renewal Guardiola chases him ...Up in his car!

The renewal of Pep Guardiola remains a topic of interest to many people.

Pep Guardiola has already shown that it likes to be asked at the press conference on the theme of renewal. Want to take your time and make a decision as calmly as possible.

But the renewal of the Barcelona coach is a hot topic and an anecdote that occurred Thursday at the Ciutat Esportiva shows us. As always, some fans waited for the departure of players and coaches hoping to take a picture or have an autograph. And one of the girls present was fortunate that Pep Guardiola not only stopped, but agreed to take a picture with her cheerful smile and a gift.

The story is that Guardiola was listening to the car radio when he stood to take the picture. And then, I was just listening to a sports program which spoke ...For renewal!

Know if he returned to start the car continued to listen to see what was said about it, but what is clear is that, as we know, Pep Guardiola is a man thinking about football 24 hours a day and that for nothing is foreign to what is said about him. (via SPORT)

Alejandro Sabella: "Messi is undoubtedly the best player in the world"

Speaking to the microphones of the program 'Primer toc' RAC1, Alejandro Sabella said that his visit to Barcelona was very helpful, because "you can talk to Guardiola and Pochettino," and see "a very good match for Barça and for the Argentines. Messi scored five goals for the first time and Mascherano played a good game. "

Sabella acknowledged that if Guardiola said for days that he had the fortune to lead Messi, comment explained in more than one occasion, "I also I have the fortune to lead Messi."

After a performance like against Bayer materialized, and after his successful career, Sabella has confided and said that "the adjectives end with Messi. It is undoubtedly the best player in the world. I was impressed greatly, not only for which is on the court, but what is behind it, "Sabella moment that recalled the madness that was unleashed by the presence of Messi in the tour of India, which leads him to declare that" Messi is a phenomenon world in football is given from time to time. "

Sabella has not wanted to play the game of who is better, Maradona or Messi. For the coach of Argentina, "are the best in his time, but they are different times, played football with a different on different computers. Beyond that played at Barça, Maradona, who in the opinion of Sabella was at Napoli where he was the best Diego was arguably the best in the world at the time. Each one was the best in the world at the time. it is very difficult, I dare not. Diego has been extraordinary and so is Messi. "

No one escalpa that Leo is missing the World Cup. Sabella is aware of it, but warned that Brazil win the World Cup, with the selection of Neymar and company playing at home, will be very difficult. However, "Messi is a player with great pride," and that has not even a World Cup will do well "to chop".

"Are you still looking for Messi?"

Sabella Messi suffered in their own flesh. It was when he was the coach of Estudiantes de la Plata, in the game for the Club World Cup 2009, when Messi scored the winning goal by introducing the ball to the back of the net after touching him with the shield of the club. "It was a great sorrow to lose that game. Was painful how it was lost."
However, the wine anecdote months later. "A few months after we started the preseason. Was with my board and me spent a kid and I said 'you're still looking, still looking for Messi?'. I was a fight!, And then I was amused . Messi is difficult to find. " (via MD)

The Appeals Committee dismisses appeal to withdraw Piqué’s red card

The Appeals Committee dismissed FC Barcelona’s appeal to withdraw the red card shown to Gerard Piqué and upheld the one-match ban for the defender.

This afternoon, the Appeals Committee communicated that they have dimissed FC Barcelona’s appeal to withdraw the red card shown to Gerard Piqué in the match against Sporting Gijón. The Committee upheld the one-match ban, meaning that the defender will not play against Racing Santander this Sunday. (via FCBarcelona.com)

The global press pays homage to Leo Messi

Media outlets from around the world praise Messi’s five-goal performance against Bayer Leverkusen. Footballers took to Twitter during yesterday’s match to weigh in on the Argentine’s brilliant night.

Praise for Leo Messi after his historic five-goal performance against Bayer Leverkusen in the Champions League last-16 return leg extended beyond his teammates and manager.

Pep Guardiola and Pedro’s words of praise are only the tip of the iceberg, news outlets from around the world ran out of adjectives to describe last night’s performance. Here is a sample of what’s being said about Messi in today’s press:


L’Equipe: ‘¡Messi, Messi, Messi, Messi, Messi!’ and a photo of the Argentine’s five goals were on the cover of the French daily

Gazzetta dello Sport: ‘Barça Show, Manita [Little hand] for Messi’

Corriere dello Sport: ‘Messi, five legendary goals’

Bild: ‘The God of football: Messi’ said the German daily, “his five goals humiliated Leverkusen, a mere sparring for Barça. Leo is a joy for any football fan.”

Kicker: ‘Record failure, Messi destroys Bayer’ and ‘Messi, the Kaiser of the Champions League’ said the German daily. Leo is “simply unique and extraordinary”

Daily Mirror: ‘Five stars, from another planet’

The Telegraph: ‘Messi makes history in the Champions League’


Olé: ‘Picasso,’ “Leo scores five goals (!) against the German runner-up (...) for two of his goals he chipped the keeper, he keeps on breaking records.”

Muy Buenos Aires: ‘More than Diego’


Folha de Sao Paulo: ‘Messi 5 x Neymar 3’


Récord: ‘Messi is turning into a Semidio5 [Semigod]’ - “Leo keeps on demonstrating that he’s the best in the world. We’re running out of adjectives to describe his performances.”

Eco: ‘Unique’ plus a large photo of the Argentine led on the cover of the news source. “If there were any doubts about who he is, right now, the best player in the world, Messi scored five goals against Leverkusen yesterday.”


El Universal: ‘Give me 5 Messi’ plus a photo of Leo and Piqué led the South American daily. “Crushing record for the Argentine.”


Diez: ‘Messi’s fifth symphony’


El Gráfico: ‘Godly hand’ said the Central American daily. “He scored all types of goals to make history.”


El Líbero: ‘He’s from another planet.’ “Messi confirmed that he’s from another galaxy and he scored five, yes, five ‘pepaza’ that took Barça to the quarter-finals.”


Sport: ‘The little hand of God,’ plus a photo of the Argentinian after the 7-1 rout.

Mundo Deportivo: ‘The hand of God’

El 9Esportiu: ‘Alien’

MARCA: ‘The little hand of God.’ Leo Messi “is the first player to score five goals in one Champions League game.”(via FCBarcelona.com)