08 March 2012

Manchester City, Barça's rival bid for Van Persie

Mancini will attempt to sign the Dutch if the Gunners fail to convince the Dutch to stay.

Roberto Mancini, coach of Manchester City, would be interested in signing Robin Van Persie Arsenal if attempts to convince the forward to stay not bear fruit. The Dutchman, 28, and sought among others for the club, has scored a total of 32 goals in all competitions this season.

Mancini claims that Van Persie makes the same path as did the former gunners Clichy, Nasri and Kolo Touré, who already wear the colors of the City: "If there is a good player who is willing to leave the club, we are interested. All the big clubs are interested in Van Persie, who is one of the greatest scorers in Europe alongside Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Aguero or Balotelli. it is a fantastic striker, but I think he will stay at Arsenal, "said Mancini. "I think, as also the next Arsenal wants to win the Premier League, that will run out leaving because it's their best player by far." (via MD)

The international press lauds the "Fifth Symphony" of a Messi "another world"

The big sports media are full of praise to the crack of Barça after repóker of goals against Bayer Leverkusen.

The international press agreed on Thursday to highlight the concert and football scorer Leo Messi offered to Bayer Leverkusen with a score repóker that love to Camp Nou.

In Germany criticize his players at the same time extolling the maximum figure of Argentine crack, while the rest of Europe reports are focused on the proper role of 'The Flea'.

In France, the prestigious newspaper 'L'Equipe' can not be more graphic the headline "Messi, Messi, Messi, Messi, Messi! ', Repeating the name of the crack Barca to five times.

The British media, used to make puns in their headlines, not far behind in the praise and, as in the case of 'The Sun', the recital of Messi qualify as 'Hi5tory' emphasis on the five goals scored by Leo.

In Italy, the 'Corriere dello Sport' highlights' five goals of legend "Messi while 'La Gazzetta dello Sport', more focused on a controversial starring Ibrahimovic, also highlights the" show Barça "and the" hand of Messi ".

And if we in Europe have jumped alarms with the latest exhibition sport Messi, reactions across the Atlantic have not been left behind.

The Argentine daily 'Olé' Messi equates to an artist, when you open its cover 'Picasso' and a photo of the '10' Barça, which he considers "an artist of football." Praise also trigger the 'Great from Buenos Aires', who dares to touch a taboo subject among fellow Leo, the headline "More than Diego," referring to Maradona.

In Brazil there are more restrained by comparing the display of Messi with that of Neymar to Internacional of Porto Alegre, as does the "Folha de Sao Paulo '.

In other South American rain praise on Messi does not stop. In Honduras, the daily 'Diez' highlights 'Messi's Fifth Symphony', while 'El Gráfico' of El Salvador recalled the "goals of all flavors" of Leo and entitled "Manita divine." (via SPORT)

Rosell: “For me there are no comparisons. Messi is the best ever”

The FC Barcelona President praised Messi: “I don’t think we’ll ever see another player like him. Like Guardiola says: Let’s enjoy him!.

“I still feel that discussions on whether Messi is the best player in the history of the sport or not, if he can be compared to other players... for me there are no comparisons. He is the best player ever. I don’t think we’ll ever see another player like him. Like Guardiola said, let’s enjoy him because he’s incredible, he stratospheric,” said President Sandro Rosell this Thursday morning during a Global Sports Forum session. “He’s the best player in the world, for Barcelona and for Argentina.”

The FC Barcelona President recounted his experience with Argentina’s national manager, Alejandro Sabella, during this Wednesday’s match in the presidential box. “When I saw him before the match I said, ‘Hey, boss! What are you doing here?’ He responded that he came to watch the lads play. I then told him to focus on Barça’s number 10. ‘I think he’s pretty good,’ I said. ‘I imagine that you’re still not sure if you’re going to name him to your team, right?’ I asked. He said yes, he still had doubts. At half time, when Messi already had two goals, I asked him, ‘how’s the decision coming along?’ ‘I still have doubts,’ he said. Obviously we were joking around.”

Rosell also highlighted the team’s effort last night: “Messi is a spectacular player, he has other spectacular players around him that help him be spectacular. It’s a pleasure to watch this team.” (via FCbarcelona.cat)

Xavi: “We feel strong”

The Catalan midfielder reckons the team are “putting in a great season” and after last night’s qualification for the Champions League quarter finals “we feel strong and dominant”

Xavi reflected on last night's amazing 7-1 win and claimed : "we are showing that we really are at a high level. We are feeling good, happy with the way we are playing and enjoying our performances" Asked whether the team feel invincible, Xavi replied: "we never feel that we are unbeatable. We feel strong and dominant, because we are creating chances and enjoying long periods of possession. That helps to make us feel secure in our game, but we aren't invincible - we are 10 points off the leaders in the league".

Xavi was subbed when the scores stood at 3-0 and Messi had already got his hat trick, but still had two more to score and he believes the Argentinean is "the best player in the world- maybe the best of all times. Football is moving on, but he stays the same. He deserves the admiration of any sportsman. He is incomparable, a one-off. There is no other player who can make such a difference - he'll break all the records".

With the team through to the quarter finals, Xavi was asked about the possibility of a final against Real Madrid: "that's just a hypothetical possibility. There's the draw and many games to play before that – and Madrid still have to play their second leg game".

Xavi also expressed his satisfaction with his own form: "I'm happy with my season so far – not just for my goals, but also because I've been involved in a lot of games and only had a few slight injuries. I'm in good form and helping the team". Xavi has played 36 games so far this campaign and scored 12 goals – just two short of his all time best for the Club. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Keita with his younger countrymen

Prior to training on Thursday, Seydou Keita has been visited in the Ciudad Deportiva, a group of Malian children adopted by Catalan families.

FC Barcelona Foundation has managed, this Thursday morning, with Keita's meeting with a group of twelve Malian children who were adopted by Catalan families. Children who are aged between one and five years, have visited the Ciudad Deportiva with his parents and have been able to do a family photo with the midfielder. The Bamako has shared time with them, has offered various items of merchandise are FC Barcelona and signed autographs.

All of them are part of the entity Fretanissô, an association of adoptive families in Africa, founded in 2008, which aims to strengthen ties with the country of origin of their children. In this sense, Fretanissô organizes meetings and children's activities that serve to stimulate coexistence among the twenty families who currently make up this association. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Recovering from the exhibition

FC Barcelona has trained this morning with the aim of recovering the players to begin preparations for Sunday's game in Santander.

Guardiola has worked with 14 first team players available and Tello, Muniesa, Sergi Roberto, Bartra, Montoya and Dos Santos, of Barça B.

The football player Justin Tuck, who won the last Super Bowl with the New York Giants, has continued training with carefully.

After the exhibition on Wednesday at the Camp Nou against Bayer 04 Leverkusen, the team has returned to training this Thursday morning in field 2 of the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper. As usual the day after a match against Bayer owners have done recovery work. The rest, with Tello, Muniesa, Sergi Roberto, Bartra, Montoya and Dos Santos, B, have completed a more intense session. The aim is to recover the players to begin preparing the Sunday League match in the field of Racing Santander (18 hours).

Two of the injured players, Alexis and Puyol have jumped into the grass practice field to continue their recovery efforts.

The football player Justin Tuck, who these days is in Barcelona to attend the Global Sports Forum, has closely followed the training on Thursday. Tuck, who won the last Super Bowl with the New York Giants, the game was live on Wednesday at the Camp Nou and wanted to greet the first team players. He was so surprised with the five goals from Messi that when he saw made ​​him a bow.

Víctor Valdés, great football fan, has exchanged the shirt with the defense of the New York Giants, who already has two Super Bowls under his belt. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Players do recovery work

The squad concentrated on some recovery work in training on Thursday morning ahead of Sunday’s trip to Santander.

Guardiola worked with all 14 available first team players, plus Tello, Muniesa, Sergi Roberto, Bartra, Montoya and Dos Santos from Barça B.

NFL Super Bowl winner Justin Tuck, of The New York Giants watched the session.

Following Wednesday night's extraordinary display against Bayer Leverkusen, the squad were back in training this morning on pitch number 2 at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper. As usual on the day after a game, the players who figured in the starting line-up worked on recovery activities. The rest, along with Tello, Muniesa, Sergi Roberto, Bartra, Montoya and Dos Santos had a more complete session as Guardiola begins preparations for Sunday evening's game against Racing.

Two of the team's injured players, Alexis and Puyol, were also on the training pitch, as they both work to get back to full fitness.

NFL star Justin Tuck, who is in Barcelona to visit the Global Sports Forum, came along to watch this morning's session. Tuck, former University of Notre Dame player and third-round pick in the 2005 NFL draft, plays for this year's Super Bowl champions The New York Giants. The standout defensive end, Pro Bowl and All-Pro player in 2008 and 20120, was key in New York’s Super Bowl XLII and XLVI bids. Tuck watched Wednesday's game at the Camp Nou and he came along this morning to say hello to the players.

Víctor Valdés, who is a big NFL fan, swapped shirts with the two time Super Bowl winner, who also found time to express his admiration for Leo Messi. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Referees complaint against Piqué recieved

FC Barcelona spokesperson Toni Freixa has announced that the Spanish disciplinary committee have sent them the official complaint made by the referees committee about Piqué and that the Club has five days to make any comments.

The Club received the official complaint made by the Comitè Tècnic d'Àrbitres, which had been passed on to the Comitè de Competició, concerning remarks that Gerard Piqué made after the Sporting game last Saturday. Spokesperson Toni Freixa condemned the fact that "there were just two photocopied cuttings from Madrid newspapers as proof". The Club now has five days to submit any comments to the disciplinary committee.

Freixa also reiterated the statement made by Club vice-president Josep Maria Bartomeu, that the Club will appeal against the red card Piqué received" so that he can play in the Sardinero on Sunday – we will defend our player".

Freixa also announced that Wednesday's board meeting had discussed the current state of the Club's legal proceedings against the COPE radio station after they had made allegations of doping against Barça players: "it's a civil case against the station and the journalist concerned. Last week COPE admitted that they were wrong and was an illegitimate intrusion and they would be paying 200,000 Euros as a consequence".

Freixas reminded reporters that the case had been brought "to defend the honour of our sportsmen" and that the Club now considered the case closed. "It's the end of the case when the people you have brought it against give in. Had we continued with it, we would have only been quibbling about money and our honour doesn't have a price. We'll be donating the money to a good cause". The money will go to the TV3 fund raising event -La Marató – which is aiming to raise funds to fight poverty and social exclusion and will probably be held in May.

Finally, Sr Freixas spoke of the upcoming Spanish Cup Final which will be held at the Vicente Calderón Stadium: "in the end, the Federation decided to hold it there. It's fantastic to be in the final and we are very happy to play there - as we would have been to play anywhere else that had been chosen. It's a great stadium and I know they will receive us with open arms – it'll be a great party!". (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Javier Faus: The singing voice of the Plan

The board meets in secret to talk about the future.

All members of the board of Barça meet Thursday and Friday to address the Strategic Plan of the club, that is, to begin to shape the most ambitious projects of the entity Barca, who designed the future and to be strengthened by 2016, the date when the first term of Sandro Rosell.

The main topic will be 'Espai Barça', equivalent to talk to rearrange and remodel the Camp Nou and the surrounding area and build a new Palau, probably where now is located the Mini.

The meeting will be a discussion forum which is not ruled out the involvement of managers who are in favor of a new Camp Nou, ahead of a remodeled.

The lead in this two-day meeting, which is based on trying to keep secret to avoid the media commotion, the Vice President Javier Faus will, it takes days gathering information. (via MD)

Abidal: "I still take many pills"

Left back of Barça Eric Abidal explained in the journal Hospital Jove ' which, despite being cured and feel good, must still take medication and eat very healthy.

The Barça player, Éric Abidal participated in the twenty-fourth edition of the journal Hospital Jove ', made by patients at the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu. In the summary of the magazine, is the interview with a famous, and for the latter (which corresponds to the last quarter of 2011) the choice was the French of Barça which, like these young patients, suffered from cancer. Regarding this, Abidal was sincere: "Even now I take many pills and I have to eat very healthy. But I'm healed and I feel fine. "

"There were ten difficult days," says 'Abi' recalling his stay in the hospital for the disease and advised that it is best to ignore the doctors and especially "trust the positive speeches." It also makes much of the support received from family and friends, and says that since then, his concept of happiness has changed: "Happiness for me is my family and friends, makes me happy to see my children grow. And above all, enjoy every moment. "

Obviously, Éric Abidal also devoted some time to talk of Barça, which says it is really "more than a club". Here, in addition to getting thirteen titles, has had the privilege of raising one of these cups, specifically the last Champions. "For me it was like a gift, and just out of the operation of the liver, did not think he would play" and adds: "It was the most important and exciting moment in my career. Do not stop to thank 'Puyi' and the whole team. "

On the other hand, Abidal also asked about the feeling he had to score his first goal for the Blaugrana shirt. "I was very happy because everyone was waiting and saw that all my colleagues were happy. I was not expecting that goal because my role is to defend, not attack, "he explains. And about when would mark the second, Éric said he would like "that was at the Camp Nou and in an important game." Who would have said that his second and last goal so far, would end up at the Santiago Bernabéu, and that would mean the final 1-2 which would be decisive for Barça eliminated Real Madrid in the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey. (via SPORT)

Five-Star Messi

He’s the first player in the history of the Champions League to score five goals in one game.

The Argentine has scored 29 goals in the European competition.

Messi, despite his sublime display, was humble after the match: “The most important thing is that we won, that’s what we wanted”.

Leo Messi wears the number 10 on the back of his jersey, but against Bayer 04 Leverkusen this evening he put in a Five Star performance. The Argentine scored five goals; two in the first half, three in the second. His brilliant display broke long-standing European records. But Messi, despite his unworldly performance, remains humble. “The most important thing is that we won, that’s what we wanted,” he said when he was told that this was the first time in a player managed to score five goals in one game.

Here are some interesting facts and stats about Leo Messi in international competitions:
  • Messi is the first player in the history of the UEFA Champions League to score five goals in one game
  • He’s the first player in the history of the European Cup (in all formats) to score five goals at this stage of the competition
  • The Argentine has scored 12 goals in this edition of the Champions League, the same amount that he scored last season (he was the tournaments highest goal scorer)
  • It’s been a year (March 8th, against Arsenal) since Messi has scored at the Camp Nou in the Champions League
  • Messi is the second Barça player in the history of the Club to score five goals in a single European match (Zaldúa did it on October 6th, 1965)
  • With his five goals, Messi is only seven away from being the Club’s all-time highest scorer (235)
  • He’s the first player to ever score five goals in the Champions League for a team that plays in the Spanish League
  • Messi is the 11th player to score five goals in a Champions League match (the last plaeyr to do it was Lerby, with Ajaz, in 1979 against Omonia)
  • Messi’s 49 goals in the competition see him level with Alfredo Di Stefano as the sixth highest goal scorer in the history of the competition
  • Of his 49 goals in the Champions League, 25 were scored at the Camp Nou, and 22 away from home; 2 of them were scored in finals
  • He’s scored 54 goals in international competitions: 49 in the Champions League, 4 in the Club World Cup and 1 in the European Super Cup. (via FCBarcelona.com)

The best and the worst of the Barça-Bayer Leverkusen

BEST: Historical Messi ... Tello and amazing. If Diego Maradona at the World Cup '86 coined the now famous expression of 'the hand of God', after a bit to mark this tip to England, Leo Messi can be attributed now a new one. Yes, because with five goals to Bayer, '10' Barça became one of the few players in history to have achieved a' little hand 'in a single game. 'The little hand of God. The Argentine was not alone in his recital. He seconded the entire team. And, in particular, a new Cristian Tello. The canterano was superlative. Came after the break, scored two, and could achieve more. His speed down the left finished behind German unhinge.

WORST: With a 7-1, a performance so flawless, and a duel with no injuries or incidents, this section is, for once desert. (via SPORT)

Josep Guardiola: “I'm very fortunate to train Messi”

The manager says that Barcelona should feel fortunate to have a player like Messi. Guardiola highlights the Argentinian’s “innate talent” and “competitive capacity” as the key factors that make him the “best” footballer.

Guardiola believes that his team’s fifth consecutive qualification for the Champions League quarter-finals is due to the “Club’s stability”.

Barça earned a ticket to the quarter-finals of the Champions League, the team’s fifth consecutive qualification for this round, against Bayer 04 Leverkusen. Without a doubt, Lionel Messi, with five of Barça’s seven goals, was the man of the match in Barça’s rout of the German side at the Camp Nou. Josep Guardiola, who believes that the Argentinian “is the best” bar none, said that that he feels fortunate to have “coached and managed this player.” For the manager, the Barça superstar is “unique because of his talent and for his competitive capacity.”

“The circumstances don’t matter, he competes against himself. We only try to provide the conditions so that he can receive [the ball] as many times as possible where he feels comfortable [on the pitch]. It’s not easy to score five goals in a game. We are very fortunate to have a player like this, we can only enjoy him and this team,” he said just before he compared Messi to other football greats like Cruyff, Di Stefano, Maradona and Pelé. “The throne is his, only he will decide when to leave it,” said Guardiola.

The fact that the team played as if the 1-3 from the away leg wasn’t a factor, made Guardiola brim with pride during the post-match press conference: “what I’m taking away from this match is that we qualified for the next round and that the team took this game seriously. These players have done it again, they have given us a prize; they’ve taken us to the quarter-finals. The most beautiful thing about qualifying is that we can continue playing in this special tournament.”

Finally, Guardiola, who described his team’s situation in the Liga as “on the edge” because of injuries, said that the team he wouldn’t like to face in the next round is AC Milan because both Barça and the Italian side have already played together in the group stage. “We’re excited about the prospect of competing well,” he concluded. (via FCBarcelona.com)

Cristian Tello: “The victory is a little in the background, the goleada was the most important thing"

The Barça B striker thanked Pep Guardiola for the confidence the manager has placed in him and for his Champions League debut.

Dani Alves: “we did a sensational job tonight”.

Leo Messi, with an astounding five-goal performance, took the show tonight at the Camp Nou. However, there was another player on the pitch that made a huge impression on the Barça faithful. Cristian Tello, who plays for Barça B, scored two goals in his Champions League debut. The youngster said, “the victory is in background because the goleada [rout] was important. My first goal, I signaled that I wanted a deep pass and with Cesc’s pass, I was all by myself against the keeper. Afterward, I only had to knock it in.” The canterano went on to describe what Josep Guardiola told him before he came out onto the pitch: “the boss told me that I should ask for the ball as long as I had a goal scoring opportunity. He tells me to be myself. My pace is important.”

The key to Tello’s success: the boss’s confidence

Guardiola once again put his confidence in the budding star just one month after giving Tello his La Liga debut. “The reserve side works really well and thanks to the boss I’ve been able to make my debut for the first team,” said Tello, although he feels more like a Barça B player than a first-team member. “I’m very pleased to be here but I know that my team is Barça B. This is a surprise for me. I hope the boss keeps his confidence in me.” It’s not just Guardiola that sees potential in the youngster, the Camp Nou faithful do as well. Tello was quick to thank the team’s supporters: “I’m very happy with the victory and I want to thank the public for the way they supported me.”

This victory has given the Barça squad confidence: “the team is great, with high morale and we’re aware that we cannot lose any points.”

Here are the most important statements made by the Barça players after the match:

Dani Alves: “we performed sensationally tonight. We don’t have any preferences in the quarter-finals. Fewer teams remain and we have to try and prepare well for the next tie and win it. We know that as time goes on fewer teams remain, only the best [can stay].”

Sergio Busquets: “in football you always try to score goals. It’s clear that we had possession but we also like to score goals, that’s why spectators come [to the stadium]. It’s what we like to do.

“Strong teams have been eliminated from the competition. It’s clear that there are teams that aren’t as famous, but the Champions League is the Champions League and it will be difficult to beat any team.

“It’ll be difficult because we know that we can’t falter in the League, we don’t have any margin of error.” (via FCBarcelona.com)

Dutt: "I have no doubt, Barça will be in the final of Munich"

Robin Dutt, coach of Bayer, which no doubt will be one of the teams will play Champions League final.

Bayer Leverkusen coach Robin Dutt has been dazzled by the Barcelona game, which his team thrashed 7-1 and has ensured that azulgrana are playing with Leo Messi of another "galaxy". "From the way they play no words. It's an extraordinary class. Without Messi Barca is the best team in the world but Messi is from another galaxy," Dutt has admitted when asked about the Argentine star, author of five goals tonight at the Camp Nou.

The German coach has stated that this defeat, so bulky that it has been, is what make "real harm", despite being against the best team in the world. "We did not need to know tonight that the club is the best team I've ever seen play. It is a philosophy club, with the example of Pep Guardiola," he insisted Dutt. Bayer Leverkusen coach said that Barca have not left any chance that you have to do is quickly forget this trip to not affect them in the Bundesliga.

Finally, Dutt explained that congratulated the Barça coach Pep Guardiola, for victory and for his work on the azulgrana bench and stressed that cost much to rival clubs reach the level that now has the club catalan. "I have no doubt that they will be in the final in Munich." (via SPORT)

Bartomeu: "Messi has no limits"

Azulgrana vice president Josep Maria Bartomeu was amazed by the exhibition Barça and Messi in particular against Bayer Leverkusen.

"The image of the team has been incredible. I am very happy with the outcome and team play. Also has spent the quarter, which was the important thing," said Bartomeu to the conclusion of the game to Barça TV microphones.

Over the five goals of Messi, Bartomeu was equally delighted. Moreover the possibility that the Argentine exceeding a myth as César of Barça, which is located only seven goals. "Every time is closer to the record. Are dialing a time, but still very young and I am convinced that there is no limit," he said.

The Argentine coach Alejandro Sabella was present in the box at the Camp Nou and Bartomeu said, jokingly, how he had his conversation with him during the game. "We have said that Messi has shown he can keep calling him for the next game with the team," said the manager, who later said he had seen the coach enjoying the game of 'Pulga'. (via SPORT)

[UCL; 1/8; Leg2] FC Barcelona 7 - 1 Bayer Leverkusen (total 10 - 2)

Two goals from Messi put Barça 2-0 up in the first half. In the first 18 minutes after the break, Barça scored another four goals. Messi completed his full-house in the closing stages, and Bayer 04 scored their consolation goal in injury time.

FC Barcelona are already in the quarter-finals of the Champions. The holders walked all over Bayer 04 Leverkusen in the second leg of the last 16 and gave them a 7-1 thrashing which, together with the 3-1 win in the away leg, gave them an overall score of 10-2. The resistance of the Germans, finalists in the competition ten years ago, lasted about 25 minutes, until Leo Messi opened his scoring account.

This Wednesday, the Argentinian broke all his scoring records: he scored five goals, an absolute record in the history of the Champions League. His full-house of goals, 2 before the break, was accompanied by two goals from Tello, who almost scored a hat-trick.

So, FC Barcelona are through to the quarters for the fifth consecutive season, and still hope to become the first holder of the Champions League to defend their crown. Meanwhile, the team are etching exhibitions like this one into the history books.

The first half at the Camp Nou wasn't anything like the game at the BayArena. Here, as the manager, Robin Dutt, had said, Bayer 04 Leverkusen came out fighting from the opening whistle. The Germans, with nothing to lose, forgot the ultra-defensive approach of the first leg, and pressurised Barça really high up the pitch, closing down the spaces during the first ten minutes. During this time, FC Barcelona didn't even have one shot on goal, which is rare for them.

After this initial period, Guardiola's players finally managed to gain possession and push Bayer 04 Leverkusen further back, where their only opportunities would come from counter-attacks. In one of those they conceded the first goal by Messi. The Argentinian received a great pass from Xavi and took advantage of the advanced German defence to beat Leno with a fantastic chip.

After the1-0, which came just before the half hour mark, FC Barcelona had their best minutes. Fluid in the circulation of the ball, they scored the second after Mascherano won the ball and Iniesta made the final pass. ¿And the scorer? Messi again, who left Leno standing like a statue.

At the start of the second half with a 5-1 overall score in the tie, one might have thought that FC Barcelona would take their foot off the throttle. Well, no. Barça came back for more and quickly got the goal they deserved. Messi's name was also on the goal, when he scored his hat-trick with another chip over the keeper, this time with his right foot after a Cesc through ball.

Cesc was also the creator of the 4-0, which came moments later, without Iniesta and Xavi on ​​the pitch, as they'd been substituted by Keita and Tello. Tello found himself on the left wing with a direct run on goal and, once in the box, beat Leno with a low shot.

The way Barça came out after the break promised a lot more. In 18 minutes Barça scored four goals and went an amazing 6-0 up. The fifth goal also carried Messi's seal, who took advantage of a defensive error, and Tello scored the sixth, with the help of Leno, who didn't have much success in the second half. The Camp Nou, now with Muniesa on the pitch, was one big wave of emotion, and for good reason.

It was for good reason, precisely, because Barça continued to attack again and again despite the six goals. In the closing stages, Messi became the first player in the history of the Champions League to score five goals in one game, thanks to a well placed shot from the edge of the area. Bayer 04 Leverkusen, emotionally shattered, managed to go down with honour thanks to a last ditch goal from Bellarabi. The champion had walked all over them, are now in quarters, and they want more. They're hungry. (via FCBarcelona.com)

[Match Stats]
Barcelona: Valdés; Alves, Piqué, Mascherano, Adriano (Muniesa, min.63); Xavi (Keita, min.53), Busquets, Fàbregas; Iniesta, Messi and Pedro (Tello, min.53).

Bayer Leverkusen: Leno; Castro, Schwaab, Omer Toprak, Kadlec; Reimartz, Bender (Schürrle, min.55), Rofes, Renato Augusto (Oczipka, min.66); Kiessling and Derdiyok (Bellarabi, min.55).

Goals: 1-0, min.25: Messi. 2-0, min.42: Messi. 3-0, min.49: Messi. 4-0, min.55: Tello. 5-0, min.57: Messi. 6-0, min.62: Tello. 7-0, min.85: Messi. 7-1, min.91: Bellarabi.

Referee: Svein Oddvar Moen (Norway). Showed yellow Rolfes (min.12) and Gonzalo Castro (min.45).

Subs: leg of the knockout stages of the Champions League match at the Camp Nou 75,632 fans, according to official figures. Some 3,800 fans of the German team encouraged his people from the south end of the third stadium bleachers Barcelona. Before starting the game, Xavi Hernandez has donated a check for 100,000 euros UEFA International Committee of the Red Cross.

Messi: "It is nice to convert five goals"

Leo Messi spoke after the game against Bayer Leverkusen and said that "it is nice to convert five goals."

Leo Messi wanted to gloss over that achieved the feat on Wednesday at the Camp Nou, scoring five goals in one match: "The other thing is over, it is nice to convert five goals."

The Argentine player said team ranking: "The important thing is to be won.'s What we wanted, we are in the quarter and we did it with an advantage".

"I do not remember when he had five goals marked again, very happy," he added when asked if at lower levels remember when was the last time they scored five in a game.

On the league competition Messi spoke of the difficulty of getting the trophy of regularity: "La Liga is complicated as we said, we are trying to win what is left."

"We have the cup final awaits us," recalled Messi after the match against Bayer Leverkusen.

After passing the quarter, Messi showed no preference for a rival: "Touch the touch that is hard, if they are here is because they are the ones who got complicated. (via SPORT)

Messi, 53 goals in 7 months

The Argentine add that incredible amount of goals in 49 games with Barcelona and Argentina this season. 28 are in the Liga and 12 in Champions.

Step scorer Leo Messi is practically unattainable. The Argentine has at this point in season 53 goals in 49 games between Barcelona and Argentina, eight in the last seven days (three to Switzerland and five to Bayer Leverkusen in the Champions League knockout). In the last month has scored 15 goals in seven games.

If Barça reached the final of the Champions '10' azulgrana have another 19 games plus play with his selection, for a historical record. For now, closely pursued by César, top scorer in the centennial history of Barca, and is only seven goals to reach the 235 marking the bar for Leon. César played 17 seasons at Barca, Messi, with only 24, has eight.

The Argentine has already scored six hat-trick this year (to Malaga, Osasuna, Atletico Madrid and Mallorca in La Liga, Viktoria Pilsen, Champions, and Switzerland, Argentina) and also in a match made ​​four goals (Valencia at Liga) and in another five (Bayer Champions). Wayne Rooney has said of him on her Twitter: "For me, the best ever."

The last player who scored five goals in the European Cup is Soren Lerby the season 79-80, playing for Ajax against Omonia. In the Champions format, no one has succeeded. With these five goals scored equals the 49 Alfredo di Stefano in the top flight. (via AS)

[selection; Under-23] The decision on Busquets and the Olympic Games, at the end of season

Although the azulgrana Sergio Busquets made ​​it clear that his will is to combine European Championships and Olympic Games, not until end of season when all games- Barça player and coach, decide whether to participate.

Last week the Spanish Olympic team coach, Luis Milla, visited the offices of the Camp Nou to talk to Pep Guardiola and with some of the players who could be the London 2012 Games as Thiago, Isaac Cuenca and precisely Sergio Busquets.

Busquets made ​​clear on Tuesday at a press conference that his will is to combine the European Championships and Olympic Games, knowing that the opportunity to go to London is something that only happens once in life for a footballer. However, the club prefers to be cautious and wants to assess how it will affect the player not having enough rest in summer.

That's why all parties agreed that the decision to go or not to take the Olympic Games when the season ends. In any case, if the player has made so clear his will, it is likely that this meeting is over and we see Busquets in the national team and Olympic this summer. (via SPORT)

Alexis Sanchez: Neither the play nor rob I change the diet

After the images of the anger of Pep Guardiola after his injury Saturday at Alexis Sánchez have started to "chase" unsubstantiated rumors.

The images of Canal Plus with the conversation between Pep Guardiola and Alexis Sánchez, have caused a stir, especially, of course, Chile. And from there there have been rumors, since coach the player had taken his play to that from now on would change and would control their diet.

Nothing could be further from the truth. If we talk for example of the play, as has been told SPORT, it is true that Alexis had one when I was playing for Udinese, but used it so little that when he moved to Barcelona decided to give it to a friend. So now, Alexis Sánchez has no play at home in Barcelona.

And on the diet, since he came to Barça Alexis follows the same diet that all staff, at best, with some slight modification, logical if we think that each person is different and may have some food that I do better or worse. Further, at least, Alexis has two meals with the other players either in the Ciutat Esportiva or Camp Nou. But your diet is not true that now vary on the issue of injuries.

In short, Alexis is "paying" to be the most important player in Chile and play in a club like FC Barcelona. Being the center of attention have these things ... (via SPORT)

[Former player] Deco: "Barça can still win la Liga "

Deco continues to enjoy the Barça game from a distance. The former Barca player does not give the League for lost and found Leo Messi "the best player in the world."

"I do not know if this is the year of Madrid, with Barcelona because we have lost a Liga in which we were ten points clear, anything can happen. Do not think the Liga this set, the Barcelona can still win it," he said.

Deco also believes that Leo Messi can become the best player of all time. The Portuguese international is in Argentina with Fluminense to compete in the Copa Libertadores against Boca. And had no problem giving his opinion on two of the cracks in the Spanish League: Leo himself ... and Cristiano Ronaldo.

"Cristiano grew up with me, I was young when he came to the selection. Both are great players of the moment, but do not see them as rivals, for me are two friends and I wish them well," said Deco in remarks published on the web maisfutebol.

The Portuguese considered Messi "the best in the world, and can be one of the best in football history. I have not featured a player like that. Ago Barça a better team than it is, much larger. Barça have a great team, but he would not be the same, "he said.

Deco also praised the career of José Mourinho in front of Real Madrid: "It's a great coach, won it all on computers where it was. That is very difficult. In Madrid have not done, but is underway. Has much merit because Barça ahead is one of the best teams in the world, if not the best. " (via SPORT)

Beckenbauer: "Messi has things Maradona and Bobby Charlton"

The honorary president of Bayern Munich, Franz Beckenbauer praised Barca Messi, a player considered to have things both legends like Maradona and Charlton.

"Messi is a genius. He has everything. On the one hand, it is very clever and intelligent in the field with a left hand like Diego Armando Maradona. Other hand, has things well Bobby Charlton in the sense that is a gentleman and his never hear anything bad, either within or outside the pitch, "said Beckenbauer to 'Daily Mirror' English.

The 'Kaiser' also spared no praise for the club, which he considers the "best team in the world" to a "near perfect". "If you watch them play, you realize they are fantastic. They are not unbeatable, as we have seen, but the team that can do amazing things," the legendary German former player, who stood at the level set Guardiola of other great teams like Real Madrid history of the five European Cups, Ajax of Cruyff or Bayern Munich.

Finally, Beckenbauer also gave its forecast for the European Championship in Poland and Ukraine, for whom he has two clear favorites: Spain and Germany, while not ruling out other teams like England, France and Holland. (via SPORT)