05 March 2012

Flórez: "I do not know anything about Piqué"

President of the Competition Committee of the RFEF, Alfredo Flórez and to study the complaint be submitted by the President of the Technical Committee of RefereesSánchez Arminio, claiming a penalty on Piqué, has explained to MD that "I do not know anything about Piqué ". "Nor have I seen the score sheet and know what the player said. I know nothing," added Florez. "I will wait to receive the complaint and then study it," he insisted.

Flórez will meet on Wednesday with the other two members which form the Competition Committee and, once collected the information, consider whether the statements or not deserved Piqué penalty. (via MD)

Adriano: “we won’t be giving the league away”

The Brazilian reckons that Barça’s win against Sporting will strengthen their aim to: “keep on fighting until the last day of this league season”.

Adriano also explained the Pique’ incident after the Barça man’s red card: “he and the ref were talking about it after the game and they cleared things up”.

Adriano Correia believes that the game against Sporting: "was very important for us, it shows that we will keep on fighting until the last day of the season". Although he admitted it won't be easy to cut the 10 point deficit with Real Madrid he insisted: "we'll not be giving this league away – it'll cost them".

For the Brazilian: "we've really improved over the last few weeks", despite the run of injuries, with Alexis the latest to suffer: "that means we haven't been able to maintain our form at 100% like last year".

Adriano also spoke about Piqué's red card and the news that the referees technical committee wants to take the defender to the Spanish Federation's disciplinary panel for his comments after the game, explaining: "the most important thing is that Piqué and the ref spoke together after the game and they cleared things up. I think there's too much talk about Gerard – he's done nothing. It really would be too much if they wanted to fine him".

Adriano insisted that "I'm a little tired of discussing refs" and preferred to focus on Wednesday's game against Bayer: "a team who are coming off a great win against Bayern Munich - we have to concentrate totally on the game". (via FCBarcelona.com)

Alves: "What of arbitration is a lost war"

Dani said the majority of the locker room upset.

Barcelona players, despite the victory won against Sporting Gijón, were unhappy with what happened on the pitch at Camp Nou. More specifically to the arbitration proceedings, which Dani Alves did not hesitate to describe as "a lost war." In addition, the Brazilian side he emphasized that "still having difficulties, we will fight and defend our winning spirit."

One of the protagonists of the crash was Piqué, who was ejected for a foul committed on the edge of the area in the 46th minute. "At half went to talk to the referee on the penalty that whistled to Keita and took it very well," Piqué said after the meeting. "Some colleges take these comments personally, point your tuition and what they can and teach you the slightest excuse the red. I taught it with malice aforethought by a personal matter," he said.

In addition, the centre-back said "you realize you have to do more. We have to be far superior to the rival because doing only better, sometimes it comes." Still, he wanted to express that "la Liga is complicated but we will keep trying."

Another not mince words about the actions of Velasco Carballo was Pedro. "The moment is normal to have a reaction against the referee because you see a play that is very clear," said Tenerife. "The referee's performance was not the best but with this we can not do anything. We have to give over 100% to get the party going," said Pedro.

That was more restrained was Iniesta noting that "the arbitrator has a very difficult it is to decide in a split second. The reality is that we are behind Madrid and all that happens generate different views." (via MD)

Sánchez Arminio, with this was quiet

The president of the Technical Committee of Referees didn't open the mouth for those rent of Mourinho and Stalls.

Victorian Sánchez Arminio, President of the Referees Technical Committee, also applies a double standard when ordering sanctions for those who criticize referees. Sánchez Arminio came to ask for penalty for Piqué Velasco Carballo said that "he took the plate to rest and acted with premeditation when the red me out." "Piqué statements are unfortunate and very serious, and I denounce to competition," he said on National Radio yesterday.

However, he was heard to claim any penalty for Jose Mourinho and Iker Casillas, who after they fell at the 1/4 of the Copa del Rey, were dispatched to taste with Fernando Teixeira Vitienes. The first, even had the nerve to wait in the car park leaning on his car as discovered MD. "Go artist, how to fuck you like professionals".

That day also fell short of the captain of Real Madrid, Iker Casillas, who invited the referee who was to hold the standings with the Barça players. "Go party with them to celebrate, so much dick and shit".

Two direct contempt to the arbitral group that fell into oblivion and not aroused the indignation of Sánchez Arminio, as it has happened with Piqué claiming for a penalty by the Competition Committee. (via MD)

Norwegian referee for Barça-Leverkusen

Barça-Bayer Leverkusen will be whistled for a Norwegian referee, this is the fourth of this nation that beeps to azulgrana.

Terje Hauge, Tom Henning Ovrebo and Rune Pedersen booed Barça in the Champions League in previous games. Against Bayer Leverkusen, will Svein Oddvar Moen shift, which will become the fourth Norwegian referee who runs a Barça match.

The rest of the referees will consist of: Kim Thomas Haglund, Frank Andas, Tommy Skjerven, Tom Harold Hagen and Ken Henry Johnsen. (via SPORT)

Platini: "A final Barça-Madrid in the Champions League final would be a beautiful"

The UEFA president openly recognized during halftime of the Real Madrid-Espanyol, Barça-Madrid would be a nice European final.

The Frenchman Michel Platini, UEFA President, witnessed the encounter between Real Madrid and Espanyol in the box at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, accepting the invitation from Madrid president Florentino Pérez.

The French leader said at halftime in Canal Plus would be a "beautiful end" of the Champions League between Real Madrid and Barcelona if given, although it referred to remaining rivals have their options.

As for the Spanish league title said it achieved "the most deserving" and that "the strongest will win" and said his relationship with Real Madrid are "good" and that goes well with the Spanish football but admitted that at this stage as a leader may be decisions that are not popular. (via SPORT)

The 'cracked' in the Cup of Casillas and Mourinho went unpunished

The contempt of Casillas and Mourinho's gesture had no sanction from the referees.

If Pique sanction for his statements of last Saturday, the doubts would be cleared once and for all: there are two regulations. One for the Madrid and another for the other teams.

i told by the centre-back Catalan is punishable, what about what Casillas said after being eliminated from the Cup team? Captain merengue, referring directly to the referee Fernando Teixeira Vitienes, he snapped: "Go party with them to celebrate, so much dick and shit". Nothing happened. Nor anything happened to coach his team, the Luso José Mourinho when, in the same game, Teixeira waited in the car park at the Camp Nou and said: "Artist, fuck how you like professionals".

Two direct contempt to the arbitral group that fell into oblivion and that did not motivate anybody to start research and want to do with Piqué. (via SPORT)

4,500 euros for a football signed by the Barça players

A football signed by Barça players and Bayer Leverkusen has been auctioned for 4,500 euros.

When the FC Barcelona went to Germany to play the first leg of the knockout stages of the Champions League managers Bayer Leverkusen gave a football to Barça. Then came the idea that football players sign as the two teams and put up for auction.

Said and done. The German leaders were responsible for organizing the auction and has not gone bad. 4,500 euros have been paid by the football, and now that money will go to a social institution Leverkusen. (via SPORT)

Shakira meets the more soccer

The Colombian singer explains how he began his love affair with football and said that he had become addicted to the sport.

Shakira gave voice to the official anthem of the last two World Cups, the Germany 2006 and South Africa 2010, the latter of fond memories for our selection, in which the bulk of its members plays for FC Barcelona.

Since been linked to football and of course, much more since he began his relationship with the footballer Gerard Pique. Interviewed by the web site of FIFA, the singer acknowledges that football has conquered.

Shakira explains how it all began: "In 2006 I was invited to sing at the World Cup in Germany, and in 2010 I was fortunate to be invited back. There I experienced one of the most memorable moments of my life, the South Africa World left me a lot personally and professionally, " she explains.

The Colombian show that has slowly been forming their own opinion of what is football, "When you begin to understand the game you realize that not only is the physical and running after a ball. It is a strategy game that required a lot of intelligence. It's a very mental game, "he says.

What is clear is that Shakira is a big fan of her boyfriend, which is not lost a single match. The singer compares the life of a footballer with a soldier, "I do not report to anyone but myself, but a football player is like a soldier, and has great responsibilities in the field and off it, so that touched me understand and support Gerard as needed. "

The Colombian wishes to be present at the World Cup in Brazil, where he has many fans and acquaintances, finally has some of his charity projects for the future. Miller can the full interview at the FIFA website. (via SPORT)

[Barça B; Liga Adelante; Week27] Recreativo Huelva 0 - 0 FCBarcelona B

The Barça reserve side broke their two-game losing steak away from the Miniestadi after earning a valuable point in Huelva. The game ended in a nil-all draw, a result not unlike the 2-2 from the first half of the season.

The team led by Eusebio Sacristán were not able to take the three points from Huelva but they did secure a notable draw that breaks their poor run of results away from the Miniestadi. The Azulgrana reserve side is a bit unlucky away from home, they haven’t won outside of Barcelona since November 19th.

The first half started with both teams equally matched, in the first 10 minutes tried their luck, but to no avail. As time went on, Barça managed to control ball possession and the first real chance feel to Rodri, thanks to a good pass from Rafinha, but the ball was cleared by the rival defence.

Despite controlling the ball, Álvaro Cervera’s team also created danger in the Barça area. The best goal scoring chance for Huelva came on 26 minutes when Berrocal, taking advantage of Segi Gómez’s indecision, had a one-on-one with Oier; the keeper did well to deny the Andalusian’s first goal. In the next play, Sacristán’s men almost scored the first goal of the night with. Rafinha shot with his right foot and the ball skipped wide of the goal.

After 30 minutes, Recreativo moved their lines up the pitch and they upped their pressure on the Barça back line. The defence was struggling in their attempts to cut off the Recreativo offence led by Álamo. After a first half dominated by Barça and Huelva creating chances on the counterattack, both teams went to their dressing rooms with 0-0 on the scoreboard.

The second half was a replica of the first. The Azulgranas were faithful to their style of ball possession play, but they couldn’t create enough danger to break the deadlock. Recreativo tried to take the three points as well; they came close when Aitor, on 49 minutes, unleashed a shot but Oier, once again, was impassable on goal. Álamo kept on harrying the Barça defence, but the Catalans stood firm.

Deulofeu had a clear chance on 59 minutes, but the Andalusian defence denied the Catalan. He had another chance minutes later but his shot sailed wide. The game came to an end and both teams earned a point apiece.

Barça B will take on Sabadell next week. (via FCBarcelona.com)

[Match Stats]
Recreativo: Manu, Córcoles, Martínez, Bonaque, Vega, Arcas (Zambrano, min 72), Álamo, Matamala, Aitor, Sánchez (Jesus Rubio, min 77), Berrocal (Sergi E., min 55).

FC Barcelona: Oier, Montoya, Bartra, Sergi Gómez, Planas, Sergi Roberto, Dos Santos, Espinosa (Lobato, min 77), Deulofeu (Dongou, min 84), Rafinha i Rodri (Kiko Femenía,, min 61).

Referee: López Acera.

[Youth] FCB Juvenil A 5 - 1 Lleida Esportiu

Óscar García's team won its second straight game and follows the leader, Espanyol, which is only two points. The azulgranas have recovered from the defeat of the previous week with a win at the Lleida.

The Juvenil A re-take the good line. After the victory against CIDE last Thursday for the game of the 21st round of the División de Honor Juvenil that was postponed by snow, the azulgranas have added another victory, this time against Lleida. The victory helps to forget the defeat last week against Girona and puts azulgranas in the right dynamic that brought before the meeting, when they had 7 wins in a row.

The first half was marked by the numerous opportunities of all Òscar Garcia. The first has come at minute 10 of the hand of Limerick, which has chutado out after a pass from Miguel Angel. Grimaldo had been about to open the scoring on 26 minutes but his shot from the right is over the crossbar azulgrana.

Despite the dominance of Barça, the Lleida also has tried and had some arrivals Bañuz's goal as a shot Morancho, has taken a rebound in the area after a move to azulgrana corner but the ball has gone out . The first goal came at the last minute of the half. Miguel Angel has opened the can with a shot after a corner has chutado Grimaldo, and the party has gone to rest with the Juvenil A win by the minimum.

The azulgrana continued control in the second half and the remaining 45 minutes were a monologue of Barça. In 52 minutes Edu, who had just left the pitch, has widened the gap in the bright diagonal with a goal assisted by a limerick. Only four minutes later Alex Moreno has been the advance that has returned to the azulgranas in a move which has passed the keeper passing the ball on top of it and signed it 3-0 just to the goal.

Despite the result, the azulgranas want more and Samper has materialized his desire with a target in the 60th minute after dribbling to the defense. Cristian has finished round the result to 80 minutes with a shot from the edge of the area. In the final minutes of play the Lleida has scored the consolation goal, but the meeting was already sentenced.

The win leaves the Juvenil A in the second position of the table, just two points behind leaders Espanyol. Next week the guys continue to fight for Òscar García regain the lead in the match against Nastic de Tarragona. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Match Stats]
FC Barcelona A: Miguel Bañuz, Bakoyoc (Edu, min 45), Brian, Bagnack, Ayala, Samper, Babunski, Quintillà, Alex Moreno, Miguel Angel Sainz (Cristian, min 53) and Grimaldo.

Lleida Esportiu: Espinet, Ramon Garcia, Roger, Sergi, David, Morancho, Victor, Marcel, Ivan, Putxi (Bruno, min 58) and Tutu (Isaac, min 60).

Goals: 1-0, Miguel Angel, min 44; 2-0, Edu, min 52; 3-0, Alex Moreno, min 56; 4-0, Samper, min 60; 5-0, Cristian, min 80; 5-1, Ivan, min 85.

Referee: Israel Simón del Pino.

Keita: “My football is about working hard and helping my teammates”

The Mali midfielder, scorer of the go-ahead goal against Sporting, says that his goal makes him “happy,” but “winning the three points is always the most important thing”.

Seydou Keita, one of the stand-out players against Sporting Gijón, sat down with Barça TV’s El Marcador to talk about yesterday’s match. The Mali international said that he’s only focusing on the team instead of his individual performances. “If I score, I’m happy, but my football is about working and helping my teammates. Winning three points is always the most important thing, because we always have to win.” The midfielder believes Barça’s team spirit was the key to unlocking yesterday’s deadlock: “the most important thing is that the team have always had that eagerness to win games.”

Keita believes that Josep Guardiola will end up renewing his contract with the Club: “he’s home. He has said that he needs time, but, for me, I’m sure that he’ll stay. He has everything here: family, friends... I would stay in my country if I had the chance.”

He also made mention of the Guardiola’s words of praise: “it’s my fourth year here. I never say anything. If the manager puts me on, perfect, if not, no problem. Football is a team sport. If he has good words for me, perfect. Sometimes footballers are very egocentric, but there are harder things in life than a football match. I respect the Club a lot, they pay me, and the fans.” (via FCBarcelona.com)

The College of referees denounce Pique!

The president of the Association of Arbitrators has announced that Piqué to denounce to the Competition Committee.

It is clear. Just come and listen to what interests them. No act of office, theoretically, if no complaint. But of course when they want. Overall, the president of the National Committee of Arbitrators, Victoriano Sanchez Arminio, announced in a statement to Radio Nacional of Spain that will report to Gerard Piqué for his remarks after the game against Sporting.

Remember that Piqué said at halftime had told the college that Keita had been penalty and, as the defense, it became clear that, with premeditation, the referee went for him in the play of the expulsion.

"We boiled the blood. An athlete has to have respect for others," said Sánchez Arminio National Radio. And then announced that "the words of the Piqué discussed in the Competition Committee. We are serious statements."

Sánchez Arminio admitted, however, Pep Guardiola's statements were "exemplary" and announced that denounce the matter to the Competition Committee. (via SPORT)

[Sánchez Arminio, "Piqué denounce before the Committee on Competition"]

Technical Committee chair of referees, Sanchez Arminio, assured that they will denounce Piqué to the Competition Committee by the words of Barça player who said his expulsion against Sporting "was premeditated" by Velasco Carballo.

Arminio has been considered in the "The Board" National Radio of Spain that "Piqué statements are unfortunate and very serious. The de Guardiola, exemplary." Anyway, the chairman of the Referees Committee believes that an expulsion like Piqué "you blood boil. An athlete has to have respect for others."

Sánchez Arminio has insisted that "words Piqué analyze them in the competition committee. We are serious statements." But Mourinho did not complain when Teixeira waited in private car parking referee in the Camp Nou or when in the same game, Iker Casillas told the same "go partying with them."

Will have to see what decides the committee chaired by Alfredo Flórez. (via MD)

[Former player] Rafa Márquez: "It was the door open to return to Barcelona"

The centre-back of the New York Red Bulls, Rafael Marquez said in an interview that he still has the open doors of Barcelona.

The Mexican player Rafael Márquez was happy with his return to the selection of Mexico and said, you want to be a champion with his current team, the New York Red Bulls.

The central defender, who will miss the first two games of the season start of the American League (MLS) for a suspension, said be ready and fit and want to help your team to be stronger in all respects.

"I learned a lot last year, I know I have to do, I have to improve, I have to keep doing. This year the liability is higher," he said the number four of the Red Bulls.

Márquez, who participated in last Wednesday's friendly against his team lost by 0-2 to Colombia in Miami, told Efe that it felt great to be back with the 'Tri', do your work and strive to gain a starting job.

The Mexican captain ended the speculation and rumors that had arisen about the possibility it would buy Atlas Guadalajara team he began his career in 1996.

"That possibility is completely ruled out, there were no circumstances" he said.

The Mexican played the second half with the Red Bulls on Saturday at the close of the Desert Diamond Cup in Tucson, Arizona.

His team faced the Real Salt Lake for third place in the tournament and lost 1-0.

In the same tournament took the reigning MLS, the Los Angeles Galaxy and the New England Revolution who, after a draw in 90 minutes, beat the Lakers 4-2 in series of penalties and won the Desert Diamond Cup.

Márquez reiterated his desire to be part of the Mexican Olympic Games London 2012 if that is your team to achieve the qualification.

The international player, 33, has defended the Mexican team jersey in the last three FIFA World Cups, and participated in three Copa America and Confederations Cups.

He has also played for teams like Barcelona Spanish, a time of keeping a good memory. "It was the door open to return, especially at Barcelona," he said.

During his time at the club 'Blaugrana', Márquez contributed to winning the title twice in the Champions League Championship four times the Spanish League and Copa del Rey.

Before his departure from Barcelona in 2010, managed to be the eighth most matches played abroad in the Catalan team.

Barça could have initiated contacts by Lucas Ocampos

From Argentina say they already exist making contact between the club azulgrana and River Plate in the Argentina forward promising.

Barça could be close to open negotiations for the promising River Plate striker Lucas Ocampos.

Sebastián Srur said on Sunday, a journalist of 'Radio Continental' and chronicler of River Plate, in a report that echoed the 'Intergoles.com' since the first contacts exist between Barça and River by a player who has already called the attention of several major European. In fact, the very Srur recalled that Bayern Munich is very interested in the player.

In River are aware of the difficulty of retaining a player who, at 17, has already attracted the attention of the great of England and Bayern Munich, Juventus or Real Madrid itself.

Ocampos started his career in Quilmes and after the South American Under 15 in Bolivia in 2009, eventually signed by River Plate, where his performances at youth level in 2011 allowed him to play the South American U-17 Ecuador and Mexico World Cup of the category .

He began his career in the football side and inside right, but his good technique and balance opened the doors of most offensive positions, ending as a striker and now falling to the left wing, in a role that is strongly reminiscent to that of Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo , with which it has been compared on several occasions. Exhibits great physical condition and improper handling of the ball of its size (1.87 m). (via SPORT)

The best anniversary gift to Erik Lamela did Leo Messi

Erik Lamela had his first call this week with Argentina absolute. And birthday today this Sunday.

He did not play a minute, but Erik Lamela always remember that a few days before turning 20 years this Sunday, had his first call with Argentina absolute. It was in the friendly against Switzerland and Argentina played in which Leo Messi made ​​his first hat-trick with the team jersey.

It was an important day for Messi to score first three goals with the national team, but so was to Lamela. And Leo was a captain and then he remembered the young Argentine player. He played a present to Erik and what better to give him his boots, the same with which he played the game, the same with those which had scored three goals.

If in doubt, a great detail of Leo Messi and secure the gift will serve further Erik Lamela to remember the day of his debut with Argentina. (via SPORT)

[Former player] Ibrahimovic, "Galliani said Barça would not return without me"

Milan forward showed his gratitude to the CEO of Milan to secure a move to Italian club and give his confidence.

Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic reiterated his thanks to Milan's CEO Adriano Galliani, having made ​​his move to Italian side in the summer of 2010.

'Ibra', who was beaming after scoring a hat-trick of goals against Palermo said he hoped to sign many more goals and that is still grateful to Galliani to bring him back to Italian football after passing through the club, was quoted by 'Goal.com '.

"Galliani said Barça would not return without me," said Zlatan on the negotiations that led to his return to Milan. "I was very confident and I owe much. I have much love and I think he feels the same for me," added exazulgrana. (via SPORT)

Fernando Alonso: "Watching this Barça play is a pleasure"

The Formula 1 driver, Fernando Alonso, says that “for anyone that loves football, coming to the Camp Nou and watching this current Barça side is a pleasure”.

Fernando Alonso, who is in Barcelona as he prepares for the new Formula 1™ World Championship, watched the match between FC Barcelona and Sporting at the Camp Nou. “Even though I’m more of an Oviedo fan than a Sporting supporter, and more an a Real Madrid man than a Barça follower, I love football and watching this current Barça side in one of the world’s best stadiums is a pleasure.” (via FCBarcelona.com)