02 March 2012

[Youth] Agreement with Boca Juniors

FC Barcelona has transferred the 'La Candela' development project to the Argentinian club, but maintains the future right to players.

FC Barcelona and CA Boca Juniors have reached an agreement to collaborate in the development of young footballers. The agreement will be officially presented on Monday in the pressroom at the Bombonera in Buenos Aires, an event that will be attended by Daniel Angelici, president of CA Boca Juniors; Jordi Mestre, director responsible for youth football at FC Barcelona; and Jorge Raffo, general coordinator of youth football at CA Boca Juniors.

This is a standard-setting strategic alliance that will bind both clubs in their work to coach young footballers, through which FC Barcelona will transfer its 'La Candela' coaching project to CA Boca Juniors. In return, FC Barcelona gets first choice regarding the players that represented the club in Argentina and that from now on shall be wearing the shirt of CA Boca Juniors. The same right will relate to other young players emerging from the club's youth system.

CA Boca Juniors will be able to count on the FC Barcelona structure and human resources for the instruction of its own coaches, the aim being to transmit all of its philosophy and methods regarding the development of youth footballers.

Over the last few years, FC Barcelona has coached more than 300 players that are now at different clubs in Argentina and to whom the club maintains future rights as agreed individually and contractually with each club. Evidently, and regardless of the newly signed agreement, FC Barcelona maintains its rights to the future of all of them.

This agreement further strengthens the solid institutional relations between two of the most important football clubs in the world, who will be in constant communication as they share knowledge and experience in the area of coaching young players. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Barça B prepares the game against Recreativo

Eusebio's men have exercised this Friday morning with no Muniesa, Tello, Dos Santos and Sergi Roberto.

Azulgrana coach has had the participation of Patric, Dongou, Bakoyock and Ayala of Juvenil A.

Barça B has been trained on Friday morning to prepare for Sunday's game against Recreativo de Huelva (19.45 hours, and Canal + T Gol League). All effective Barça B have participated in training, except Muniesa, Tello, Dos Santos and Sergi Roberto, who exercised with the first team this Friday afternoon. At the preparatory session also participated Patric, Dongou, Bakoyock and Ayala, Juvenil A players of Òscar Garcia.

Riverola already joined the group after beating the elongation in the rectus left quadriceps last week. Meanwhile, Miño is still recovering from his injury in the lateral meniscus in his right knee and has physical therapy session.

Looking to the game this Sunday against Recreativo, note that Armando can not play because it is sanctioned by the accumulation of yellow cards. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Bayer, with three 'hits' before going to Barça in the Champions League

Schürrle, Corluka and Derdiyok withdrew on Wednesday.

A four-day visit to Barça in the knockout round of the Champions League, Bayer Leverkusen will receive tomorrow (15.30 h. / Multisport C +) to Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga with depleted team after a day of selections.

In Robin Dutt, fifth and seven points behind Schalke 04, which occupies the last place that gives access to the Champions League, could be low André Schürrle, Vedran Corluka and Eren Derdiyok paths to suffer injury on Wednesday.

The first had to withdraw from the Germany-France in the 44th minute with a punch in the nose but hopes to be recovered. The Croatian could not finish the game against Sweden with a strained muscle, while the Swiss left the field limping to Argentina just before the final two goals of Leo Messi. (via MD)

The final stage of the Copa del Rey will be announced this Friday

Ruled the Bernabéu the Calderón, Mestalla and La Cartuja are the options.

If not recur one of those surprises that occasionally gives the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), today we know definitely host the final of the Copa del Rey and possibly also the final date. Is scheduled from 11.30 am. be held at 'Ciudad del Fútbol' in Las Rozas a meeting between representatives of the federal body of FC Barcelona and Athletic Club.

Ruled the Santiago Bernabéu by Real Madrid's steadfast refusal to yield, claiming in his stage works, the three options on the table have their supporters and detractors. This is the Calderón Mestalla and La Cartuja.

FC Barcelona, which will be represented by Toni Freixa and CEO, Antoni Rossich, will come with two points in the negotiations: one, that is the highest capacity for more fans can attend, and two, that could establish a fixed date, which logically should be that of 25. As for gauging. The monastery has about 60,000 locations, the Calderón and Mestalla about 55,000, about 52,000.

Athletic, who will come led by its president, Joshua Urrutia, who accompanied Jon Berasategi, general manager, agreed with the club as far as the issue date is concerned, but welcomed the stadium of La Cartuja despite being the largest capacity, by the fact that it has a running track and that the game remains to ambient pressure.

As for the Federation, represented today by Jorge Pérezgeneral secretary, Antonio Suárez, president of the commission and final competitions of the RFEF, and Miguel Ángel López, coordinator of the RFEF parties, opted for Mestalla. The reason is that the national federation wants to speed up the options to contest the final on 20 if Barça and Madrid do not reach the Champions League final and thus provide more days of preparation for the selection of Vicente del Bosque. Furthermore, there are clear that Calderón is in perfect condition 25 to be held there the Coldplay concert 19. In La Cartuja acts Bruce Springsteen 13. (via MD)

[Barça B] The contract also speaks Kiko Femenía of the first team

It stipulated the option to make the jump, but Barça has not decided anything.

Kiko Femenía could be the fifth ascent of the subsidiary for the project 2012-2013. The contract signed in the summer end up in one of its clauses the possibility of being player of Barça's first team since the start of his second year in Barcelona. His environment looks forward to receiving the approval of the club has not done so far, and that can cover the preseason with the elderly, although aware that their continuity will depend on the decision of the coach, is Pep Guardiola or otherwise.

The sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta, so far has confirmed that Montoya, Bartra, Muniesa and Jonathan dos Santos have a secure position. Contract, and because they have received technical OK. Has not commented yet on Kiko Femenía, whether the former Hércules, which is in a situation similar to any of them, have the option to fight to have tab and back.

Last Julythe Barça and they agreed a transfer by Hercules 2 million plus 1.5 in variables by one of the first revelation of players and their agents to be included in the contract with Xavi, Messi, Iniesta and co. He signed for three more years and another optional clause of 20 million euros and which would be 30 for boarding the first team.

The idea was that Kiko Femenía was taking the elevator to adapt completely to be a subsidiary and occasional reinforcement for Pep. However, it has not happened as planned.

His first run in the B was marked by ups and downs in performance and the difficulty in assimilating all tactical concepts. He played sparingly and only scored a goal against Cartagena. Lately it does seem to have found their place in the B.

In this last stretch of the season, Eusebio Sacristán has given way. Against his former team, Hércules, played its sixth straight game as a starter. Pep Guardiola was quoted for the last league match of the Champions League against BATE Borisov but eventually could not enjoy the minutes as a substitute.

The club would like to take this investment of two 'kilos' and is turning to a final solution. If improvement in the remaining games to finish, will the preseason. Of not achieving the level, you could seek a transfer or leave the branch with the consent of the player himself.

Barça is the owner but is also subject to the terms signed. There are still a few months of competition and from the technical secretariat will follow up their evolution. (via MD)

An eleven unpublished of Barça against Sporting with Cesc '9 '

Despite the low Messi, Busquets and Abidal and Thiago doubt, Pep has to choose from.

Casualties of Sergio Busquets and Leo Messi through suspension, along with the unexpected injury Abidal and Thiago doubt have left again to Barça very effective justito of receiving tomorrow Sporting Javier Clemente.

Recovery from other injuries of staff in recent weeks, however, saved what could have been a new critical situation and allows Guardiola still can choose a couple of boundaries. Not to mention the possible 'reinforcement' of the subsidiary, Guardiola prepares the game with fourteen players over Thiago, who should be added to Tello as a man with serious chances to play. Yesterday was brought with the first team, as Marc Muniesa.

On defense, the big question would be in the two central squares, since the circumstances require Pep to give rest to Abidal the benefit of Adriano as left back. We must bear in mind that Wednesday is played back from Champions League against Bayer Leverkusen. Puyol suspended card in Europe, could rest against Bayer to ensure his presence in the quarter, so that tomorrow would start against Sporting.

Piqué did not start at the Calderón, Puyol only played half an hour to Venezuela with the Spanish and Mascherano instead played the whole game in Argentina. If you do not play in defense, the 'jefecito' points to the axis of midfield, but there also has numbers the 'transfer' of winter Seydou Keita (come back after the African Nations Cup), which also could occupy a square of inside-half.

Thiago is another option, but did not play with Spain for discomfort and did not train yesterday on the orders of Pep. Although it would be a good day to rest thinking in the Champions League, Xavi is almost forced to play for the team is not too unrecognizable low as those of Busi and Messi, especially with the almost certain KO of Thiago.

Iniesta is another great asset as inside-half, but is seen as a good option in attack from the left. Cesc will occupy the area of his friend Messi in the middle and the right wing seems reserved for Alexis.

Cuenca, Pedro and Tello would have a chance if Iniesta from migrating to the core, which option would Keita and Mascherano to center half to central defense.

The addition of one end also offers the possibility of playing a 3-4-3, filling over the wide area with Andrés. Guardiola then has several options to prepare for the match against Sporting despite the setback of the unexpected new low of Abidal. (via MD)

This was the summit between Guardiola and Rosell

Pep Guardiola and Sandro Rosell were last night at the home of Barça president to design the future of Barça with the renewal of coach still in the air.

Sandro Rosell's house was the perfect place to address a summit between the president and Pep Guardiola, and also attended sporting director, Andoni Zubizarreta, the sports vice president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, and azulgrana second coach Tito Vilanova, for draw the roadmap Barça hereafter.

A road that is not yet known whether it will Guardiola himself who is the front although both talked about the expected renewal of technical and suspense that keeps much of barcelonismo.

Pep asked for more time to Sandro Rosell to make a decision about his future and that there are still some points on a personal level that the azulgrana coach should be clarified to make a decision as safe and true as possible to its principles, as has been announced in recent weeks. Pep himself said he has not "completed" their future but explained its decision as soon as this is taken.

And if Pep is in no hurry, Sandro Rosell either. The president is confident Barça coach's decision and it is clear that from the club must wait for Guardiola himself to make a decision since it is the undisputed first choice azulgrana future. The last thing you want from the board is to launch an ultimatum to Pep is rendered. They are convinced that Guardiola would never take a decision that could harm the club, whatever their final verdict.

However, Rosell is confident that Guardiola continue for another season as coach, despite his doubts, not one bit sloppy planning the next season. Nothing has been left to chance and the preseason, their tours, the physical plans and equipment needs are being studied in detail by Guardiola himself.

At the peak technique is openly talked of possible ups and downs, and defined the basis of Barça's future. The idea of ​​Pep and the club is still project the strength of the cantera to the first team as a major base of the template. That is why Barça B will be the main route of supplying the equipment in the summer.

Nevertheless, Pep nor Sandro or discarded a great asset in the market next summer but the release never exceed 25 million euros. The budget will depend only on transfers of income from transfers or if there is any significant drop at the end of the season.

At the meeting, also conveyed the illusion of Pep to get the second consecutive Champions. Barça defend their European crown and access to the quarterfinals is closer than ever. In Madrid, ten points in the league, the Champions League has become a priority for coaches and players that have conspired to leave no escape.

Still, Pep will not let the team go in the league and has warned that war will give up the ghost. The technician relies on a slip of Real Madrid points to shorten as soon as possible to put pressure on the side of the set target.

Finally, the Copa del Rey is the title that is closer to a final one on one against Athletic Bilbao. Pep wants to remove the thorn from the end of last season and said he will not miss the chance to clinch the second Cup of the 'era Guardiola'. In March started and yet to be decided, from the bottom of this boat are willing to give everything to return to get everything at your fingertips. (via SPORT)

Arsenal remarks the plan of Cesc

"Arsenal FC operates under the highest standards of fitness, science and sports medicine at all levels of the Club. The Club offers world-class specialists in various areas, which is forming a key to compete at the highest level continuously for a long time. Arsenal constantly working to develop its resources in these areas and has recently made a substantial investment in a medical center-art facilities in London Colney training.

The Arsenal was one of the first teams to use GPS to monitor its players. It is an "analytical tool" tech.

Arsenal are forced to make very detailed medical records and retain these documents for legal and medical reasons. In fact, the club has a computer database of the art medical past three years.

The limited number of occurrences of Robin Van Persie this season was mainly due to a traumatic injury to the ankle. He did not miss a significant number of matches muscle injuries, as the article seems to imply.

After the World Cup final 2010, Cesc Fàbregas enjoyed three and a half weeks of vacation. Other players enjoyed four to six weeks, but in no case "three months off" as the article says. That period of three to four weeks is the usual resting seasons of Euro or World Cup. " (via SPORT)

[Former player] Giovani dos Santos will pay to leave Tottenham

The exblaugrana not just on the team plays in the Premier League and has found a way to go: he pay the buyout clause.

Giovani dos Santos lived a nightmare since fichara for Tottenham Hotspur FC. The former FC Barcelona player has been given up to three times-Ipswich Town FC, Galatasaray and Racing Santander, and now just plays. A situation that is tired, and they could not leave despite receiving offers from different clubs in Europe, below the high quantity demanded by the 'spurs'.

His lawyer, Vicente Montes, said on this for 'Milenio': "Tottenham came to ask for 10 million pounds. We are talking about 12 million euros. It is totally disproportionate. A player who does not participate in that do not have, which cost 5 million three years ago and a half, a player who has been paid when it has been assigned, that about half the salary of the seasons not been paid for Tottenham, but the teams where he has gone, so which is a tremendous imbalance. Tottenham is a contradiction that has no players and gives them a disproportionate value. "

Now, says the American media, the Mexican playmaker has found the solution to dissociate itself from the English side: he shall pay three million euros of its clause, since up to 30 June 2013 under contract with the team directed by Harry Redknapp.

"The claim we do because there is a legal basis is established by the rules of FIFA, which says it can not be done during the protected period, which are the first three-year contract. As I spent those three years, the player can exercise that right. There is no set rule for the amount of compensation, because it has to do with wages that fit, taking into account the cost of acquisition, depreciation and what has made ​​the club for that player are a number of variables, "said the lawyer. (via SPORT)

The COPE 200,000 euros deposited in court by his accusations against Barça

The Cadena COPE deposited 200,000 euros on Thursday in a court in Barcelona in compensation for his false information about alleged doping practices at Barça.

The station also submitted a written Episcopal in ratifying what already reported on its website on Monday: the news spread by Juan Antonio Alcalá was not true and that came from a source not verified, so there was a trespass the right to the honor of FC Barcelona.

The Catalan club claimed 6 million Euros in its complaint, but the COPE believes that the damages are valued at 200,000 euros. Be seen whether Barça will accept this amount or if you go ahead with the procedure.

The body has time to give azulgrana until the 8th March and will discuss this matter at the Board meeting to be held the day before. If not come to terms, the view in the court would take place on March 12. (via SPORT)

[Ex-player] Abelardo: "Guardiola has many resources to not miss Messi"

The coach of Sporting Gijon, Abelardo, analyzed the team's next game against FC Barcelona in Esports Cope.

"We are preparing a football match, 11 to 11, against the best team in the world. Knowing that it is very difficult there, the only team that got a positive result was because Messi Sevilla and missed a penalty. In the end, the rest all victories for the club, but sometimes can lose and why not against Sporting, "said exblaugrana.

"The theory may be uncovered interior corridors, keep the ball in your own field, be aware of players who enter a second line is the strongest because Barça ... A thousand things. Monetize the minimum options you may have in attack. But the theory is the theory and then have to implement. know the amount of resources you have that computer and surprise is difficult, "he added.

Asked if that alleviates Busquets and Messi does not play, the coach sportinguista said: "Messi is clearly the most decisive player in attack and Sergio is a key player. But if not Messi, Pep has many resources to take no low to Leo Messi. " (via SPORT)

[Ex-player&coach] Cruyff: "Playing well is meaningless without a win, win no philosophy, no"

Johan Cruyff, who is in Mexico to study the situation of the Chivas de Guadalajara, urged patience on Thursday to point out to the fans that the world can not be changed in one day.

"In Chivas is high quality, because if he had not be a big club. Therefore, add little things," said former player in a statement that the team played in a press release.

Cruyff arrived in Guadalajara for a fee of sports director to study the situation that is in crisis in recent months to try to define a new style to help you regain the level it is the team with more fans. "

The ex star of Ajax and Barcelona reminded everyone that "play well without winning, it makes no sense, no gain philosophy not have it, so look for things there, conjoining them and make the most of all in every way ".

He also said that things do not work simply because they want to win but to do it "you have confidence in the players" and never be afraid to be somebody.

He said that in the next few days his team will be devoted to investigate what has Chivas because "good leave it and what you can work on improving it."

He said that the Chivas advantage is that all players are Mexican and they "want to see their strengths and weaknesses" so that from this system can be implemented. "

Chivas will tour

Johan Cruyff attend the game against Puebla on Sunday next, in the ninth round of the Clausura 2012. +

The ex star of Ajax and Barcelona will be in the Cuauhtemoc stadium in Puebla to continue the first evaluation of the football squad, which will develop for ten days to detect and correct errors that are the last place team in the tournament with five points .

Cruyff came to Chivas with the position of sports director to try to define a new style to help you regain the most popular club in Mexico.

After witnessing a few days training the first team until Saturday Cruyff develop diagnostic work, since it seeks to adapt the project 'Total Football' of the Dutch school.

Then travel to Puebla (Central Mexico) to join the team's after Sunday's game. (via SPORT)

[former coach] Van Gaal breaks his silence and charge hard against Johan Cruyff

"Is she Cruyff? Very well, then with his bread let him eat."
"I also contributed to the Ajax model, as well as Johan has done."

Louis van Gaal has given up maintaining silence about the power struggle within the Ajax Amsterdam, he had with his sworn enemy Johan Cruyff, and slammed the former number 14 football Oranje. "So far Ajax is going to be under the command of Cruyff and his clique?, You mean it is they who have won? Well, with his bread let him eat!" Said Van Gaal in an annoying interview with the Dutch football magazine 'ELF Voetbal'.

The trade publication published on its website excerpts from the interview in his paper version. In early February, the Dutch justice ruled in favor of Cruyff court, after the former star of Dutch football submit a complaint to stop the initiative of one of the governing bodies of Ajax (the "council of wise men") Van Gaal to incoporara as general manager of the club in July.

Van Gaal and Cruyff have zero personal chemistry. In fact the first words of the former number 14 when he learned of the possible arrival of Van Gaal were: "Have you all gone mad (at Ajax) want to blow up the club?". So far, Van Gaal had remained silent, a silence broken now. "They're saying out there that Ajax is now going to follow the 'Cruyff line.' That's ridiculous! At Ajax there is no 'line Gruff' or 'Van Gaal line." There is only a vision of making football it has taken the club over the past 25 years, "said the former coach, among others, Bayern Munich and Barcelona.

At the same time, Van Gaal laments that he has not been sufficiently recognized their work in the past at Ajax and in his opinion, all the credit goes to Cruyff, who has just joined as advisor to the Mexican club Chivas, Guadalajara. "I have also contributed to a vision of Ajax, as it has both Cruyff! I even worked much longer than he at Ajax. I was there nine years as coach ... something that Cruyff never did. They filled the mouth now talking about developing 'individual talents' at Ajax and 'Cruyff model' ... but that's because I have spoken in a report to the Ajax in 2004, "he lamented. (via MD)

First training session after international friendlies

Guardiola has almost all of his players back from international duty. Messi, given free time until Monday, Abidal and Thiago, both injured, were the main absences in today’s training session. Alexis will join the team tomorrow.

Pep Guardiola has started the process of preparing his team for the upcoming League clash with Sporting this Saturday at the Camp Nou. After two days off, most of the players that were with their respective national sides trained today at the Ciutat Esportiva. In total, 14 first-team players, Valdés, Pinto, Keita, Pedro, Alves, Mascherano, Piqué, Puyol, Busquets, Cesc, Cuenca, Xavi, Iniesta and Adriano, trained together as a group. The Barça B players Tello and Muniesa were also present.

Thiago and Abidal, both injured this week with their national teams, didn’t train with the group. Leo Messi, suspended for the Sporting match, was also absent and has off until Monday.

Alexis, who played with Chile this morning, will join the team for tomorrow’s training session. (via FCBarcelona.com)

Messi, to return on Monday

Leo Messi, suspended for Saturday’s match against Sporting, will return to training next Monday. (via FCBarcelona.com)

Abidal and Thiago return injured

The French defender will be out of action for 10 days, while the midfielder has problems with his right tibia.

Éric Abidal and Thiago Alcántara couldn’t train this Thursday afternoon after this week’s round of international friendlies. According the Club’s Medical Services, the defender finished his game with France with hip pain. Abidal underwent further tests today which confirmed the Frenchman will be out of action for 10 days.

Thiago, during the training session with the Spanish national team, felt pain in his right leg. Test confirmed that the player has niggling issues with his right tibia. The player’s recuperation will mark his availability for the upcoming matches. (via FCBarcelona,com)

Pedro: “It has never been easy against Sporting”

The FC Barcelona striker anticipates a “complicated” match this Saturday against the Asturian team.

1-0 at the Camp Nou, 1-1 and 0-1 at El Molinón. These are FC Barcelona’s latest results against Sporting Gijón. “It has never been easy against Sporting. They always prove they have a great team when they play against us,” said Pedro. The Azulgrana striker believes that the Asturian team’s new manager, Javier Clemente, will make the challenge of overcoming Sporting even more complicated this Saturday: “Clemente likes to be aggressive and he makes his teams reduce the space between the lines [defence to midfield, midfield to offence]. I’m sure it will be difficult.”

This hasn’t been an easy season for Pedro. He’s sustained up to three injuries this year. In fact, he hasn’t played an entire game since December 22nd, when Barça thumped Hospitalet 9-0 at the Camp Nou. However, the striker says he’s back to full strength: “it’s true that I’ve had a couple of injuries, but I’m well now, with more confidence and rhythm. I hope to play more minutes and be able to help the team, it depends on the manager though, he has the last word.”

Pedro isn’t convinced that Barça’s Liga title bid is over: “the truth is that we are 10 points behind. We have to try and not lose anymore and wait for Madrid to drop points to cut into their lead. If their lead increases, the league will be very complicated. We won’t give up on this title and we’ll fight until the end. We’re doing particularly well at the moment.”

Pedro also talked about Vicente del Bosque’s Spanish national side team for the friendly against Venezuela. “We all like to play for the national team, but Del Bosque called on other players this time. There are still a lot of matches and months left. We’ll have to see how all the players finish the season. I’m calm about it,” he said. (via FCBarcelona.com)

Nike features Guardiola in their latest advert

The manager says that “technique” is the main thing young footballers need to focus on during their formative years.

The manager Pep Guardiola is the main protagonist of Nike’s latest football advert. In the advert, the Barça manager watches a game in Barcelona between two youth sides. The video is part of ‘The Chance’ campaign, a Nike initiative focused on finding new talented young footballers.

Guardiola is clear about what qualities he looks for in young footballers: “the first thing I look for is talent... their technique. That’s what’s important at this age. They are young and they are still developing, therefore their physique isn’t that important. It’s exclusively about technique. It’s the first thing that should be looked at.” He also gives advice to the young players: “they should only think about playing. Play when they can. All the time. Everywhere. Only play. The rest will come by itself.”

The FC Barcelona manager also refers to the characteristics of Barça’s youth system model: “the process of training and selection is excellent, and we choose players that are ready and that have excellent technique. We give them everything they need to develop their talent. Later, the passion they have for football will be what decides the rest.” (via FCBarcelona.com)

Dídac Lee evaluates FC Barcelona's agreement with the Mobile World Congress

The director responsible for new technologies at the Club, Dídac Lee, is very pleased with the agreement between FC Barcelona and Mobile World Congress. (via FCBarcelona.com)

[Former player] Controversy in England by an ad deemed 'racist' by Reina

One of the spots recorded by Pepe Reina for an insurance company has caused unrest in British anti-racism associations.

Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina has been involved, unwittingly, in a controversy in England. According to The Guardian, one of the recorded announcements for the insurance company Groupama has caused outrage in a British anti-racism called Operation Black Vote- Operation Black Vote-, to the point that this company has decided to withdraw the spot.

In the ad, saw Reina coming to an African tribe, where he maintained a curious dialogue with the king of it. So, Simon Woolley, OBV director, launched an open question the doorman: "He has worked and lived in Liverpool for nearly a decade. Do you think that is correct to characterize black people that way? Do you think their black at Liverpool will laugh with this joke, more typical of the 50's? ".

He added: "How would he feel if the British and the Spanish estereotipáramos underdeveloped homsexuales stupid?".

The allegations have stunned everyone involved in this story. Groupama Even the company itself issued a statement which does not consider the announcement "contains no abusive or discriminatory content", while recalling that these spots are no longer broadcast in any Spanish television since the season ended Wednesday.

From England also suggests that Liverpool is detached from the subject but could 'suggest' the porter public apology following the controversy originated. (via SPORT)

The new Barça shirt and you can buy on ebay

EBay is now offering the new shirt of FC Barcelona, before the club azulgrana and Nike Company have submitted the garment.

Initially, the shirt goes on sale for $ 250, a price disproportionate to the amount that will be released later this year in official stores, around 80 euros.

In the images offered by eBay, allegedly with official labels of Nike, which is the firm that supplies sports equipment to Barça, the shirt appears without the Catalan flag in the back of the neck. A source has said azulgrana EFE that the new shirt, blue center stripe with only a scarlet color, will insert the 'senyera' in the usual place (on the back of the neck).

Last year, FC Barcelona and Nike introduced it at the new bloom azulgrana, as the new sponsored (Qatar Foundation) on May 17, a regular date for this type of event in the Catalan. (via SPORT)

Filipe Luis: "The defeat against Barça but it does hurt to learn"

Filipe Luis has recognized that the defeat against Barcelona last weekend, "it hurt a lot" but "is to learn."

"The team emerges stronger from this game thinking it's a valiant and united together in that line and definitely reach the goal. It is a lot but there is no time for more mistakes," he said in an interview with the club's website.

"We stood up the best team in the world, we had our chances, we had the game in our hands. We did not know and take advantage of our mistake at the end points we have left," he added.

Filipe Luis cree yet to be forgotten because of the clash and focus on the following, which will play this weekend against Sevilla in the Andalusian capital with notable absentees.

"It will be a tough game in their stadium but we with our guns and our choices, despite the decline in Godín and Falcao which are very important, we can take this party forward. Believe in that and is central to the goal "he said.

"They smell the desire we have to start now to win the top, to add those points that are not only three points but at the same time take away three points to them. It is time to take a blow on the table and say that we come back long ago and starting to get that streak going good for hooked up "he said.

Asked about Simeone, does not hide that his move has been instrumental in changing the mindset of staff and that "it shows the growth of many players" since.

"The coach is a person who has been here long, who was champion here. Besides all very smart and knows everything we need to avoid falling into what we fell in the past. Getting cuddly with a game, think that a game is won ... know very well all these issues, it remains for us to relax for a second. "

"Each one as it enters the skin is left field. It is also a great coach tactically, both offensively and defensively. We are delighted to have him and hopefully I can stay here a long time," he added.

Also claims to have known how to free them from the pressure to achieve the goal of entering Champions: "We did very well forget about the goal. When the coach arrived was ten points. Started studying game as well with the opposition."

"We know we can come close but two weeks and lose games and back away. We have to think about winning, and no doubt we'll be in the top four," he said.

Finally he referred to his season on a personal level: "I am very happy with the season I'm doing. I'm taking minutes but I want to personally go with the collective. If the team achieves the goal will have been a great season on a personal level , otherwise it will not be much, "he said. (via SPORT)