01 March 2012

Sporting cursed at the Camp Nou

Sporting Gijon have only won once in forty visits to the Camp Nou in the League. They’ve accumulated nine consecutive defeats at the Camp Nou.

Sporting Gijon, Barca's next opponents at the Camp Nou, have very negative dynamics away at Barça in the League. Of the 40 games they have played there, only once have they emerged victorious, and that was a long time ago, in the1986/87 season, when they won well (4-0). Since then, the balance between the Catalan and the Asturian sides at the Camp Nou is 14 wins for Barça, and just one draw.

In fact, Sporting have lost their last 9 games at Barcelona. The red and whites were relegated to the Second Division in 1998, and it took them eleven years to get back to the top flight. Since their last promotion, Barça have won 3-1 (2008/09), 3-0 (2009/10) and 1-0 (2010/11). Indeed, in the most recent precedent, the defending champions had to work hard to win the three points. A solitary goal from Villa decided the match. (via FCBarcelona.com)

PSG intends to take Xavi with petrodollars

The player knows the bid and the interest of Milan.

Xavi Hernández has a proposal to leave Barcelona at the end of this season. The multimillion-dollar offer comes from the Parque de los Príncipes in Paris. There governs 70 percent of the shares of the Sheikh Tamim bin PSG Hamad Al Thani. The sheik has that goal between the eyes and make every effort to convince the international environment, under contract with Barcelona until 2014 (with the implementation of clauses could be extended without problems until 2016). The intention is to continue leading Xavi culé project waiting for Pep Guardiola gives the final yes to Sandro Rosell.

The real interest was made weeks ago when discreetly approached the football environment. If the number of zeros of the offer, Xavi had already packed their bags, but their moral commitment to the Barcelona apparently makes everything else is negotiable. Of course, Leonardo (set Paris sporting director) is very clear that it will get complicated footballer himself, since to do so, you should only pay 80 million euros to Barcelona, the price of its clause.

In Milan, in addition, they also look fondly to Xavi, but the starting price of the player makes it very difficult to move to San Siro. Could be rossonero seasons ago, but failed in the attempt. Without Andrea Pirlo, Milan feels orphaned and Xavi would be the best helmsman.

"Our strategy is to make the PSG one of the biggest clubs in the world." That was one of the reflections of bin Hamad Al Thani Tamim on CNN yesterday. It engaged the services of Ancelotti (technical), Leonardo (sports director) and Pastore, Gameiro, Menez or Motta. (via AS)

Guardiola, on the verge of equalling Michels and Rijkaard

Josep Guardiola is on the verge of breaking two more FC Barcelona records; he’s one victory away from equalling Marinus Michels and a solitary goal away from drawing level with Frank Rijkaard.

Josep Guardiola keeps on reaching for greater heights. The manager is very close to breaking two more records at FC Barelona: he’s only one victory away in the Liga to equalling Marinus Michels and he’s a solitary goal away from reaching the all-time goal tally that the team set with Frank Rijkaard. This Saturday, against Sporting Gijón, both these records are within his grasp.

To start, Guardiola is hovering just below the third position of the all-time winningest Barça managers. The Barça boss has reached 104 wins in 138 matches (75.3% winning rate, more than any other manager in the history of the Club). He’s just one win away from the 105 wins achieved by Michels, who coached Barça on two occasions. The Dutch manager, however, directed the Catalan club 204 times, almost 70 more times than Guardiola.

Frank Rijkaard (112 wins) is in second place, atop the list sits Johan Cruyff, who won 184 times in the Liga.

Of the 138 league matches, Guardiola has only lost 10. His team have wracked up 368 goals (2.66 per match) and have only conceded 98. Guardiola’s Barça is only one goal away from the team led by the Dutchman. With Rijkaard, who managed Barça for five seasons (2003-2008), Barça scored 369 goals and conceded 179 in 190 matches (1.94 goals per game). With goal that brings Guardiola level with the Dutchman come this Saturday? Who will score it? (via FCBarcelona.com)

Barça back to work Thursday without Alexis Sánchez

The session will be this afternoon (18.00 h.) And Pep has two days to prepare for la Liga.

Pep does not have much time to prepare all staff with the League match against Sporting Gijón, which will be played at the Camp Nou on Saturday at 20.00 h.. All international, except for Alexis Sánchez and the player Jonathan dos Santos subsidiary, are quoted this afternoon at 18.00 h. in the Ciutat Esportiva de Sant Joan Despi for a closed session and press conference of Pedro (17.00 h.). Just two days to make another 'final' in their pursuit of Real Madrid. Bearing in mind that Messi and Busquets are punished, the difficulties multiply.

Alves, and Adriano after the Brazil-Bosnia in Switzerland, and Montoya, Cuenca and Tello, after the Spain Olympic friendly against Egypt, already in Barcelona. The eight azulgranas of the Roja-Valdés, Puyol, Piqué, Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Cesc-Thiago and last night were due to return to Barcelona after the match against Venezuela. For the others who also played yesterday, as Abidal in Bremen Germany- France and as Mascherano and Messi in Argentina in Bern Switzerland, are also expected today. Alexis and Jonathan played this last morning, the Philadelphia Chile-Ghana and Mexico-Colombia in Miami, respectively, and arrive for Friday's session. (via MD)

Alves to Neymar: "To grow you have to come to Barça"

The Barça full-back says that "the message that file is already given. I always want to have friends around."

It's nothing new that Dani Alves, is one of the most knowledgeable people to Neymar. Both go beyond being simple team-mates as they maintain a close friendship as they agree on the 'canarinhá confidences they share the same room. The Barca full-back has repeatedly stated his desire to share a dressing room with Neymar at the club. His words are not simply playing to the gallery. From the shadow, and like ants that move crumb to crumb to his nest, Alves works for Neymar finish dressing up azulgrana. "The message has already been taken. I always want to have friends close," explained Alves, MD, referring to the crack of Santos has clearly marked its roadmap towards Barcelona.

Furthermore, far from being just a personal desire to Dani, the side and has advised you choose Barcelona for his own good. "I told him if he wants to grow as a player, and also for its well in the selection, you need to play a more competitive league and a club like Barça. That would be perfect for him," he admits.

Dani was also responsible of preparing the ground at the Camp Nou. Not only presenting many of his companions, including his friend also Messi, but the locker room talking culé wonders. "Neymar know that there would receive him with open arms at Barça and all facilities would be for him."

Knowing that the intention of the club is to sign him and that the player is in the work of change of air in the not too distant future, the big question is to know if Neymar come to Barça in 2014, when his current contract ends after dispute World, or hasten his arrival at the club azulgrana summer of 2013. "From now to 2014 have yet to spend a lot," replied simply Neymar himself Monday in a press conference before the match against Bosnia-Herzegovina. Alves is a premium, but obviously leaves the decision to the Neymar own. "My desire is to arrive as soon as possible because even if you are an experienced player, the sooner comes first will be devoted. I do not know if it will be 2013, 2014 or when, that is something that has to assess and decide it," explained '2 'Barca, one of the few Brazilians who shone against Bosnia-Herzegovina. (via MD)

Diego Alves, would "love to see Messi playing with Neymar"

The goalkeeper 'che' is that it fits more in Barça.

Diego Alves and Valencia goalkeeper Neymar partner in the selection, is another authoritative voice to speak the Santos star and possible future rival in Spain is Barcelona and Madrid. According to Diego Alves, Neymar would fit better in Barcelona than in the club. "Barça would be an interesting team to Neymar because he is intelligent, knows how to pass, top, plays well by wing" he says.

He also warns that there would be no problem for the pearl of the 'canarinhá cohabit with Messi in the same team and not hide that he would love to see them play together. "I see it fully compatible with Messi. They both have different qualities and I would love to see them together on the same computer. Would be great, but then had to suffer as rivals," he jokes Alves. (via MD)

David Luiz wants to get ahead of Thiago Silva on the list of signings of Barcelona

Permanent fixture at Chelsea, the Brazilian defender includes forward the interest of FC Barcelona.

David Luiz waiting patiently for the market gives you an opportunity Blaugrana. The centre-back Brazilian believes that his fellow Thiago Silva is the first choice if Barça finally decided to shore up the axis of the rear with a front-line player and a cost exceeding 30 million euros.

Is aware of every move and knows he still has not time to make a move, but his advisor, Giuliano Bertolucci, has not been quiet. Maintains direct line to the Barça president, Sandro Rosell, and periodically reminds you that his client is ready to leave Chelsea at a reasonable price. For now, he knows he must wait for the final decision taken by Guardiola and Zubizarreta.

These days, David Luiz and Thiago Silva have shared with the Brazilian concentration in Swiss land. Both are part of the usual eleven Hand Meneses, with the 'Rossoneri' falling on the right and the 'blue' alternating with ease the work of left centre-back and left-back. And therein lies one of its advantages, as their versatility somewhat reminiscent of that of Eric Abidal, which no doubt is a virtue very pleasing to the coaching staff at Barcelona.

After completing the friendly against Bosnia Herzegovina, David Luiz stopped a moment to assess its future options. Not too much grace to make him play the game of the rumors, but took a couple of questions with the utmost courtesy. "You fool if I said I know nothing. I am aware, not least because for months speaking out persistent rumors about the possible interest of the club. What I do I can confirm I have not negotiated anything and nobody has sent me a firm offer. Chelsea player I one hundred percent. "

Speculation has become stronger after insinuating that the London club coach, André Villas-Boas, not too satisfied with the performance of Brazilian and not excessive resistance to oppose his departure after the end of this season.

Nevertheless, David Luiz denied it outright to keep differences with his coach. "None of that foundation. Between us there is no problem. I'm happy with my situation at Chelsea and I hope only to make a great season finale. We are now at a critical time and we have choices to make a splendid campaign, "he said.

Yes, the Brazilian adds to the backlog of unqualified praise every player who regularly engaged in the club. "It's a great team that displays some fantastic football. All players would love to play for Barcelona, but Chelsea and I am I owe to my club. "

David Luiz seems to have finally settled in the Chelsea starting XI. Their progress has been tremendous and after just over a season at a high level in the ranks of Benfica and it was his leap to call at the Stamford Bridge club. As for the combined 'verdeamarelho', the defense is the first choice of bench to fill a vacancy in the back. (via SPORT)

Brazil thinks Alves for the London Games

Barça right-back can be charged even if the season finally is one of the elect to strengthen Brazil in the Olympics.

The Brazilian full-back of FC Barcelona, Dani Alves, is on the agenda of the coach 'canarinho', Ney Franco, to integrate the selection that will go to the Olympics in 2012. The gold in the discipline of football is the great unfinished business of Brazil and the combined sudameridano be reinforced with three players aged over 23 luxury to give consistency to a team that will feature rising stars such as Neymar and Ganso.

For now, Ney Franco has occupied one of three places with Thiago Silva, centre-back of Milan. Olympic coach confident defender, a 'wardrobe' of 1.83 and with experience in a highly competitive football Italian, both domestically and internationally.

Now calibrate the possibility of recruiting another defender, Alves, to give greater consistency to the last line of equipment. The presence of the Barcelona Olympic table would give added value to be a player who has won everything and also can develop in various demarcations. Third place would still be in the air.

The truth is that all of Brazil coach, Mano Menezes, has always relied on Alves as demonstrated since he took the reins of the 'Seleçao', giving the title in the right lane.

Brazil, for now, partly as the favorite in the Olympics with Spain. The selections have already got the ticket for London are Belarus, Switzerland and hosts, Great Britain (for Europe), Morocco, Egypt and Gabon (for Africa), South Korea (for Asia) and Uruguay (South America). Still remain to be assigned six teams.

Brazil, with the help of Neymar, Ganso, Thiago Silva and possibly Alves, hopes to take over from Argentina, who won gold in the last two editions: Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008. Will not defend gold in London in 2012 for failing to qualify.

That will not be in the next summer games will be Ronaldinho, who despite being in the latest calls for Menezes, is not performing to the level expected. In addition, the crack of Flamengo and now had his chance in Beijing 2008. (via SPORT)

Another step of Villa: without crutches

The 'Guaje' spent a control session with Dr. Ramon Cugat and in two weeks you will start to run.

At top speed, at a rate that exceeds all expectations and advances recovery from injury of David Villa, who on December 15 suffered a fractured middle third of the left tibia in the Club World Cup semifinal. Yesterday the 'Guaje' took another step towards recovery. The visit was scheduled control with Dr. Ramon Cugat was much better than I expected: after the relevant X-rays, the doctor found that the healing of the affected bone meets the most optimistic forecasts, to the point that the player left the Hospital Quirón without the crutches that have accompanied him in a little over three months.

It was an important step from the psychological point of view, as when he pulled the nails holding the tibia, the last major obstacle to full recovery, according to the player himself had admitted to their immediate environment.

Villa and takes several weeks doing gym work and within two or three weeks and could start working on the lawn of the Ciutat Esportiva. Doctors and recyclers continue their rehabilitation managers believe that you can start the continuous running sessions in the coming days. For the Asturian player is another defining moment, and you can share the facilities with their peers, but still can not touch the ball.

The player, who is very optimistic about his recovery, he is convinced will be able to return before the end of the league and be ready to play the final of the Copa del Rey, still undated. Also the Euro, another of his major objectives: Vicente del Bosque has Asturian forward in preparing its final list for the European Championship Ukraine and Poland.

The player will see next Saturday's game between his team, Barça, and the set which was released, Sporting, from the box at the Camp Nou, with his family, who travel from Asturias to watch the meeting live. (via SPORT)

[Selection] Alexis’ Chile draw with Ghana (1-1)

Alexis was one of the most outstanding players for his country in the friendly played in Philadelphia under heavy rain.

Alexis Sanchez was one of the last Barça players to play for his country this midweek. This morning, he played the whole 90 minutes in the friendly against Ghana that took place at the PPL Park in Philadelphia, and ended in a 1-1 draw. The match was played under heavy rain and the African team opened the scoring in the 42nd minute with a goal from Richard Mpong.

The Chilean team, led by the brilliant Alexis, who was the teams attacking reference point, battled to reverse the score. Although they went down to 10 players in the 69th minute, when Matias Campos was sent off, Chile equalised a few minutes later. In the 75th minute, Matias Fernandez converted a penalty, after a foul on Barca's Alexis Sanchez. With the 1-1 scoreline both teams carried the battle on in midfield, but the Chileans were the ones who went looking for the winning goal

For his part, the Barça B player, Jonathan Dos Santos, also played for his country. The Barça player was in the starting line-up for Mexico in the friendly against Colombia, played in Miami. The match ended in defeat for the Mexicans by 2-0, with goals from Falcao and Cuadrado. Dos Santos played the first half alongside his brother and former Barça player Giovani dos Santos, as well as with the other star player, who defended the Barça colours between 2003 and 2010, Rafa Marquez. (via FCBarcelona.com)

Van Persie is worth 25 million

Barça already know how much to book if you decide to jump into the signing of Dutch striker of Arsenal.

Barça will know what economic parameters should be moved if it finally is released to include Robin van Persie (28 years) for the next season. Arsenal's Dutch striker is rated at 25 million euros by his club, which will resist selling for less money, but will play with a double-edged sword, since the player's contract ends on June 30, 2013 and at so you will not get compensation if not sold by the end of this course. It will be one of the best assets of the clubs that try to incorporate. Among them may also be Real Madrid, detail that can anticipate another pulse at the highest level between the two great of the League for the signing of Dutch.

At the end of this season will be news on the future of Arsenal captain. The player's agent, the Dutchman Kees Vos said yesterday SPORT season finale that will sit with the leaders of the club and coach, Arsene Wenger, to discuss possibilities for the future of striker, top scorer in the Premiership with 23 goals and a total of 33 in all competitions this season. "We never talked publicly about the situation of our players," he apologized, "but at the end of season talk with Arsenal," he said.

His coach, Arsene Wenger, who did not hesitate to give the captain's armband following the departure of Cesc Fàbregas he valued as one of the most important players of the club's recent history. "It's one of the players with best technique I've seen in the last 30 years. It is simply an exceptional player. "

Aware that most of their chances of winning titles through the good performance of Van Persie, Arsenal offered an interesting renewal, to the point that Van Persie can become the highest paid player not only the current template 'gunner' but the club's history, with a tab of around six million euros.

But the player has slowed until the end of the season any negotiations with Arsenal. Prefers to see how the market develops and what offers you receive in the coming months. "I love this club and I am a real gunner, but at the end of the season I will sit with the president and the coach and take a coffee," said the Dutchman recently.

What seems clear is that the club is launched to sign Van Persie clash with the idea of the London club to start laying the groundwork to build a competitive workforce again after several seasons of transition. The English club will struggle to keep Van Persie and surround him with some of the continent's most promising players (Mario Götze, Borussia Dortmund, is among the targets) and others with more experience, as Lukas Podolski, of Cologne, who and there would be an agreement.

Van Persie, fundamental in the Netherlands, participated in yesterday's friendly between his selection and England in Wembley Stadium despite dragging discomfort in the groin. (via SPORT)

[Selection; Friendly Match] France wins in Bremen

Éric Abidal started for the French national team managed by Laurent Blanc against Joachim Löw’s Germany. It was an excellent matchup ahead of this EURO championship this summer. France scored on 21 minutes thanks to a Giroud goal. In the second half, the French team scored another thanks to Malouda, in the last minute, Cacao brought Germany within one. Final score 1-2. (via FCBarcelona.com)

[Selection; Friendly Match] Spain 5 - 0 Venezela

Magnificent staging, with Silva and Iniesta insurmountable to a treeless Venezuela. liked Llorente, but Soldado, with a hat-trick, comes to stay. Muniain debuted.

On the day of rare diseases rare truly enviable was the health of Spain, who walks with the poise Euro championship that is presumed. And it does so guided by Iniesta and Silva, sublime football, available to anyone else, with Messi ratitos in creation and production, by the non-disturb. Venezuela, which is not maria, who walks the edge of the top 40, provided less response to last summer. Lost as then but poorer image. Do not get depressed. It happens to almost everyone at this selection and heavenly blue.

Spain wanted to kill this time in the natural kind, with a nine, Llorente, giant among big heads, and liked the proposal. For the first time since its emergence in the selection is opened a clear horizon, a great future. Before the half hour had left three shots in the road book, none with lethal placement, and a large front print and reference, mobile, and commitment. She left without a goal but safe place ... until he came out Soldado definitely fierce competitor.

In seven minutes he had got two goals from library. The first, which began play heel bullfighter in his robbery and that he improved boot in boot: Xabi Alonso, Cesc (heel), Cazorla, Silva and Cazorla again, also a newcomer to the party. The second, nine pure to touch in gift Arbeloa. Then he made ​​a penalty Amorebieta, which cost him the red, when I went to the hat-trick and he himself failed. He said already very near the end. It is the second that he does off the bench in history. Is here to stay.

Guess not problems there, except for Del Bosque, who is only fit 23, despite injuries Villa and Negredo and when the valley of Torres, let alone on his back. Iniesta and Silva were indecipherable to Venezuela. Puzzled, put together the rondo, given patience, filtered passes and matched with the trigger. Two similar goals, the first, cooked from the outside in and that led to intelligent and placed shots. Cesc was involved in both although their presence was less. Xabi Alonso and Busquets were distributed while the roles: the first assumed the diffusion and the second correction. The azulgrana is tactically flawless, a jewel for coaches, which would be Del Bosque was not. All this with Cazorla and Xavi as a second unit and Javi Martínez, Thiago, Muniain and Mata, Under-21 European champions all, also on the waiting list. A unique light cavalry.

Ago there were greater demands Piqué and Ramos, which the central position has hardened soul and tactically, and consolidated Jordi Alba, lateral glad that this music has caught soon. Superb his pipe and assistance to Soldado in the 5-0, to the glory of Valencia. And given time to try a defense of three-Piqué-Puyol Arbeloa emergency (to be few), allocate the expense between Real Madrid and Barcelona fans and to give the alternative to Muniain, whose antics have brought him up here with only 19 . And all was a great pleasure.

[Match Stats]
Spain: Casillas; Arbeloa, Sergio Ramos (Puyol, m. 61), Piqué, Jordi Alba; Busquets, Xabi Alonso (Xavi, m. 61); Iniesta (Cazorla, m. 46), Cesc (Muniain, m. 75), Silva (Navas, m. 61); and Llorente (Soldado, m. 46).

Venezuela: Dani Hernández, Roberto Rosales, Amorebieta, Vizcarrondo, Quijada (Rolf Feltsher, m. 72); Julio Álvarez (Alex González, m. 61), Tomás Rincon, Mea Vitali (Flores, m. 81), Arango (Greco, m. 88); Miku (Túñez, m. 66) and Rondón (Frank Feltsher, m. 78).

Goal: 1-0, m. 37: Iniesta. 2-0, m. 40: Silva. 3-0, m. 49: Soldado. 4-0, m.5 4: Soldado. 5-0, m. 85: Soldado.

referee: Andris Treimanis (LET). Cesc admonished (69) in Spain. Driven out by direct red Amorebieta (65) for bringing down Soldado within the area being last man.

Subs: friendly match played at the stadium in La Rosaleda Málaga in the presence of 25,000 spectators.

VIDEO: http://youtu.be/4hFPrbXbA9E

Andres Iniesta la Croqueta vs Venezuela

[Selection; Friendly Match] Switzerland 1 - 3 Argentina

Leo Messi led his Argentina in the country’s first friendly of 2012. It was a good opportunity to test the South American side ahead of the Brazil World Cup 2014 qualifiers. The Argentine star, once again, took a step forward and showed the world his superb footballing qualities. This was Messi’s first hat-trick for Argentina.

The first goal came on 19 minutes, after a good combination play with Agüero, the other two came at the end of the match. On 88 minutes, the Barça star won the ball back and skipped past his mark before firing Argentina ahead (2-1), the third was scored on 93 minutes, from the penalty spot. With these 3 goals, Barça’s playmaker takes his tally to 22 goals in 68 matches for Argentina.

Javier Mascherano also played the whole match. He played in the middle of the pitch and directed his team’s play. The Azulgrana was sure and calm in his return to the position he grew accustomed to in Liverpool. (via FCBarcelona.com)

Barça continue to Marc-André ter Stegen (B. Moenchengladbach), goalkeeper of the future

He's 19, was U-17 European champion in 2009 and is the fewest goals in the Bundesliga.
It is a goal for his unadorned, good reflexes and powerful and technical kicking ball.

In the European Under 17, 2009, held in Germany, FC Barcelona technicians put his name in capital letters, along with other promises which are now realities, as the Italian Marco Fossati (Milan), the Englishman Jack Wilshere (Arsenal) the French Atila Turan (Grenoble) and Dennis Appiah (Monaco), the Swiss Frederic Veseli (Manchester United), Nassim Ben Khalifa (Nuremberg) and Haris Seferovic (Fiorentina) and his compatriot Mario Götze (Borussia Dortmund), the Golden Boy 2011 . The goalkeeper Marc-André ter Stegen received only two goals in five games and was instrumental in the ultimate victory of international football.

Since then, the Barça has closely followed the evolution of Ter Stegen (Moenchengladbach, April 30, 1992), which he considers one of the most promising goalkeepers in the world. Currently, the Borussia goalkeeper is the fewest goals in the Bundesliga, with fourteen goals conceded in twenty games. Ter Stegen has become one of the keys to the remarkable season for Borussia Moenchengladbach, who last season avoided relegation on the final day in the current figure and third, to just one point behind Bayern and five of Dortmund.

The new goalkeeping department directed by Juan Carlos Unzué continues 'thorny' Marc-André, among other young goalkeepers in the near future will play the second place Victor Valdés. At the end will Unzué who will decide, but monitoring is being conducted by Ricard Segarra, the coordinator of the area, along with Rubén Martínez, who is the goalkeeper coach of the two youth teams of Barcelona. (via MD)

The new Palau Blaugrana occupy the grounds of Mini Estadi

FC Barcelona balances the construction of a new Palau Blaugrana in the land where now stands the Mini Estadi, explained the club's asset management, Jordi Moix.

Barça are looking for an investor to take charge of building the new facility. The club azulgrana plans a concession which would cede the land free and operate the new Palau to another company in exchange it agrees to return within the time period agreed upon. The operation would cost the partner about 75 million euros. "You do not lose property, is a concession," he added Moix in an interview on 'Prime Toc' of RAC1. The site also "could take a brand name to make it viable economically."

With the disappearance of Mini Estadi, Barça B would move to the Ciutat Esportiva de Sant Joan Despi, in which field number 7 would be disputed matches The azulgrana subsidiary. This field is expanded with a new grandstand and the construction of a parking lot.

The old Palau Blaugrana will topple, and the area where it is located would be provided for the reorganization plan Espai Barça '. There he would build a hotel in concession, an auditorium, a space for clubs, a farmstead and the store would be located and offices.

Moix said the board will evaluate the project next week, and does not rule conclude before the end of the current mandate of Sandro Rosell, in June 2016, although it is "difficult." "You have to explain to the city, the processing would be between 8 and 20 months. Should be made also studies the building. And construction would take about two years," he estimated.

The new sports center would be done before the remodeling of the Camp Nou. A project costing Moix estimated 100 to 150 million euros. The intention of the club is "reform" the structure of the barcelonista stadium "to improve the comfort of the partners." The works would be internal, and the idea is to win the exhibition space to provide new services. This land would be gained by the construction of several outer rings, which would move the stairs and other vertical structures. (via SPORT)

[Selection Under-19; FriendlyMatch] France 1 - 2 Spain

The azulgrana striker, who was a dangerous trident Deulofeu and Madridista Jesé, opened the scoring in the victory of the Under 19 for 1-2 against France.

The Spanish team won Under 19 on Wednesday in France at Les Bleus more in a match conditioned by the poor condition of the turf prevented by Julen Lopetegui game could develop common touch.

The azulgrana Rafinha was the one who opened the way to victory in the opening stages of the game after the opening whistle to 0-1. Thiago's brother moved very well in three quarters of field and matched perfectly with Gerard Deulofeu and madridista Jesé Rodríguez.

The goal of the malaguista Juanmi after the break allowed the game is put much more expensive for 'La Rojita' which began to dominate more clearly. However, the score did not move again until the last minute, when France was able to reduce distances and place the final 1-2 through a goal from Pogba. (via SPORT)

The brother unknown of Alexis prepares his leap to stardom

The Barça striker has a brother by the father who is trying his fortune in the lower of Colo-Colo Chile.

Tocopilla, home of azulgrana Alexis Sánchez gives again to speak for the emergence of another interesting player who, curiously, shares family ties with the Barça striker.

Guillermo Soto is the 'unknown brother' of the 'Wonder Boy'. The biological father of two, who also was an outstanding football career at the amateur level, is the bond that unites the two players.

Soto defense unfolds in the ranks of Olympic and in recent days is trying to take a big leap in his career, proving fortune in tests with the cadets of Colo-colo.

As revealed from TERRA.cl, Grandma's brother Alexis confirmed the good time sports through his grandson as "has passed the first screening."

Primitive Leppe, leader of National Olympic, TERRA.cl also explained that the player has 13 years, measuring 1.73m. and it is a "true engine". "Take the ball and always know who to give it," he said, while revealing that "the boy great condition and is sure to give that talk."

As recalled in Emol.com, Soto is a fan of the University of Chile, like his brother Alexis Sánchez prompting acudiese with some reluctance to Colo-Colo tests.

One thing that would be very clear that the young player he wants to distance himself from comparisons with the 'Wonder Boy' and build their own way, say witnesses who depicted Emol.com family.

The publication itself revealed that Alexis filtered environment that azulgrana is excited by the possibility that he can bring his brother to reach such an important club in your country so young. (via SPORT)

[Selection] Thiago has an overload in the right thigh

Barça midfielder was subjected to a resonance by team doctors after dragging a sore that will not play tonight should prevent.

The midfielder of FC Barcelona Thiago Alcantara made ​​alarm bells Wednesday at the concentration of the Spanish to undergo a resonance as a precaution after dragging discomfort in his right thigh.

As announced 'Catalunya Ràdio', Thiago has a small overhead in the right thigh that are not serious, so much is expected this evening to participate in the meeting that 'La Roja dispute with Venezuela at La Rosaleda in Málaga. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Sergi Roberto, Muniesa and Sergi Gómez, cooks with lots of art

Barça B players and roommates Sergi Roberto, Marc Muniesa and Sergi Gómez explain how we handle in the kitchen.

We discovered through the story that the Barça TV program 'promises' made to the three players taking advantage of the Kitchen Workshop was made last week at La Masia. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

FC Barcelona joins the team of the Mobile World Capital

The Club and the MWC have signed a collaboration agreement to promote initiatives of entrepreneurs and ICT companies that develop innovative mobile services in the sporting arena.

Barça will integrate into this initiative by the Mobile World Capital it’s program FCB APPS, by which it seeks to promote the mobile sector linked to sport.

"FC Barcelona will play its role in this collaboration to transform Barcelona into a global reference city in the 'mobile' arena" said Sandro Rosell.

The sports world is connected to the mobile communications industry. The Mobile World Capital and FC Barcelona have signed a collaboration agreement to promote initiatives of entrepreneurs and ICT companies that develop innovative mobile services in sport. Both organisations will also promote the creation of applications that improve the experience of watching or following a football match.

The collaboration agreement was signed at the Mobile World Capital, in an event that involved Sandro Rosell, President of FC Barcelona, ​​John Hoffman, CEO of GSMA, Agustin Cordon, CEO of Fira Barcelona, ​​and Dídac Lee, director in charge of New Technologies of FC Barcelona.

This agreement implies, on the one hand, to carry out joint actions in the framework of the "Mobile Entrepreneurship Competition" of the Mobile World Capital, responsible for promoting the creation of innovative wireless solutions offering start-up technology business opportunities, business advice and financial support for development in Barcelona, ​​the mobile world capital for the period 2012-2018.

FC Barcelona will integrate into this initiative of the Mobile World Capital it's FCB APPS program, with which it wants to boost the mobile sector linked to sport. "The mobile capital of Barcelona offers the best scenario to promote this program" said Director Dídac Lee. "FC Barcelona appeals to the best entrepreneurs and developers worldwide to submit their proposals for mobile applications oriented towards football and sport in general ", said Lee, who underlined that this agreement with the MWCapital "is a great opportunity to give the program more international projection".

In this sense, the two organisations will launch an international program to capture the best applications that transmit the Barça values ​​and spirit. The proposals selected will qualify for financial aid and advice for development and market positioning.

"FC Barcelona would like to collaborate with a view to transforming Barcelona into a World reference city in the mobile arena" said FC Barcelona President, Sandro Rosell, who emphasised "the satisfaction of the Club to be able to collaborate on all projects that help to enhance and strengthen the image and economy of the city and the country". Rosell believes that "the Barça commitment to new technologies in recent times has been evident but we still have a long way to go. This partnership will allow us to better serve our members and fans through mobile applications".

At the same time, John Hoffman, CEO of GSMA Ltd. emphasised: "We are delighted that Football Club Barcelona have joined up with Mobile World Capital. The two entities will work together not only to offer football fans in Barcelona and throughout Spain new experiences, but also help drive new business opportunities for companies in the mobile sector. We are very excited and looking forward to working together to promote the Barcelona Mobile World Capital".

Meanwhile, the CEO of the Fira of Barcelona, ​​Agustín Cordon said that "the involvement of FC Barcelona in the project of the Mobile World Capital is a valuable contribution to the prestige of the Club throughout the world, where it is admired for sportsmanship and the values ​​it embodies and conveys". Cordon added that the collaboration established with the Catalan club "will undoubtedly help to generate even more interest in the great potential of mobile applications in the field of leisure and sport".

In addition, the agreement also provides for the participation of FC Barcelona in the "M-Content" program of Mobile World Capital, aimed at promoting new mobile services that enrich the leisure and entertainment experience for users. Specifically, the collaboration will focus on the project "Enhanced football experience", designed to drive new applications and services that improve the experience of watching or following a football game on or off the field.

More than 1.4 million downloads each day

Five million Spanish people currently use mobile applications and every day 1.4 million apps are downloaded in Spain, more than 16 per second. Globally, sales of applications this year could reach 11,000 million Euros, according to industry sources.

The apps sector is a market with tremendous growth due in part to increased sales of smartphones: in 2011 they grew by 58% compared to 2010, reaching 472 million units worldwide. In Spain there are 34.8 million devices ready to use applications, including 19 million computers, 14.8 million smartphones, 1.1 million TV sets with Internet access, and 900,000 tablets. (via FCBarcelona.com)

Santi Nolla responds to Josep Pedrerol

Santi Nolla, director of Mundo Deportivo, gives his opinion on the controversy over the veto Barça program Punto Pelota and accusations that its director, Josep Pedrerol, poured on him and MD.

The director recalls the veto MD Real Madrid to the editor Óscar Zárate in 2002 and that any media or any reporters covering today's Real Madrid solidarity with our newspaper.

Nolla explained that in the famous poll published on our website at any time we speak of "veto" but whether "Barça should be reported." "We do a survey for people to opine, that there is freedom of expression," he argues.

There is not any paripé type with anybody, what there is is journalism", he leaves very clear a Santi Nolla that appreciates to Point Ball the publicity that he/she has carried out of Mundo Deportivo. "If we are guilty it is of giving news", he assured. (via MD)