28 February 2012

An expensive signing Keita might lower

The Milan has Thiago but wants to Seydou.

After betting front to strengthen last summer and make a huge investment with the signings of Cesc and Alexis, in which were about 60 million euros, the sporting of Barça's main priority bolster the defense in the face next season.

As reported in its edition of MD on Saturday, Javi Martinez, versatile player in the Athletic Club de Bilbao, is a player who likes a lot, and it could play to perfection in the central positions and the pivote getting the ball played.

Aware of the difficulties inherent in taking the services of the player Basques as the Athletic forwarded to a termination clause amounting to 40 million, the Barça also shuffled other alternatives, and hence the name Thiago Silva holds a preferred position.

As Javi Martínez is also highly prized to be a permanent fixture in Milan and in the 'Seleçao' and its price will decline from 30 million, but the figure of Seydou Keita could be crucial to lower the operation of Thiago Silva.

The Mali midfielder has a firm proposal to play for Milan and is aware that his participation in the club is limited to a particular set of parties, a circumstance that plays against him.

Keita renewed by the club azulgrana until 2014 but signed a clause that would automatically renew at the end of each course, from here to that year provided that played a significant number of matches.

Keita is a player with very good poster and among the many offerings with the account are also clubs like Liverpool, City, Bayern and Anzhi Russian.

In the whole 'rossonero', that of Mali would ensure a greater role within the field as it is recalled that the core of Milan has very veteran players Seedorf (36 years), Gattuso (35) and Van Bommel (34) , already has decided to return to Holland at the conclusion of the season. In addition, Keita would also upgraded its existing emoluments considerably.

Also, if it were not entirely convinced to change teams, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who became good friends in the year that the Swede was in Barça has been charged with asking him to call fiche for Milan.

Accordingly, and knowing that the Lombard club is very interested in taking Keita, Barça may cut quite the signing of Thiago Silva to that of Mali, whose price will decline ever of 10 million euros.

If negotiations with Milan, the Italian club that the club might request an exemption for paying the last of three installments of eight million euros for the transfer of Ibrahimovic, estimated at 24 'kilos'.

However, in the Camp Nou would not accept in any way that the most ruinous operation of the club's history (Ibra took 69.5 million) to stop further burden on the coffers. (via MD)

To Kluivert he fell five-match suspension for an elbow to Cota

The Dutchman gave a nudge to the player of the Rayo and the Committee of Competition didn't have pity with the azulgranaa.

Pepe of Real Madrid What is unprecedented. While the bus arbitration Portuguese forgiven all 'strokes', with which pushes the boundaries of fair play day to day, the Competition Committee does not act ex officio. There are precedents, however, in which the body does react strongly and unreservedly.

One of the clearest examples of relatively recent and we have it in what happened with Patrick Kluivert in the 1999-2000 season. The Barça forward then, after provocation Cota in the Rayo Vallecano-FC Barcelona on December 22, elbowed the local player. The referee, Daudén Ibanez, not expelled but acted Competition office a week later and punished the Dutch, who fell five games (four for assault and one relapse). (via MD)

[Selection] Jordi Alba came to barcelonistas to the concentration of Spain

The eight players of FC Barcelona invited by Del Bosque for the friendly against Venezuela in the morning and slept in Madrid on Sunday night after beating Atletico at the Calderón.

Iniesta, Cesc and Valdés did in the Ciudad Deportiva of the RFEF, while Busquets, Xavi, Puyol, Piqué and Thiago rested in a hotel before arriving at noon at Las Rozas in the company of Jordi Alba, the Valencia side that sounds like azulgrana boost for next season and he confessed his dream. (via MD)

Sporting is not an easy opponent for Barça

Messi and Busquets are punished and Alexis just come through a workout.

Pep Guardiola can not prepare in normal as a trap game on Saturday against Sporting. The Asturian team are unbeaten in two games of Javier Clemente on the bench. Although neither won, two draws (1-1) against Atletico and Racing show that Basque coach has already given consistency to a team that is junior and played in every day life.

Last season, then with Manolo Preciado on the bench, the squad of Gijón and ruled the league, but in the opposite direction, winning 0-1 in April to Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu. A similar result at the Camp Nou now, would be final.

Santpedor coach and knows he will have five casualties. For the injured Villa, Afellay and Fontàs join the sanctioned Messi and Sergio Busquets. And quite possibly Alexis is forced to rest because it is playing further: a Chile-Ghana in Philadelphia that could prevent you from reaching the training on Friday, the only one who could perform. The rest of the squad is quoted on Thursday.

So, it senses the ownership of Pedro who not being called by Del Bosque is the man rested and the first candidate to be on a lead that will be reinvented. Perhaps Cesc plays for 'false 9' and between Cuenca Tello and even Adrian would the other winger, where Pep order break for Alexis. (via MD)

The calendar, the only ally of Barça to trace la Liga

Before the clásico, Sevilla and Levante are the toughest hurdles champion, while Real Madrid must go to Villarreal, Pamplona and Calderon.

The defeat of Barça in the fief of Osasuna (3-2) two weeks ago azulgrana frustrated the goal of closing the toughest stretch of the season in February without losing more camber against Real Madrid. Now, in the absence of 14 days, the disadvantage remains the leader of ten points after a high note solve the two difficult matches against Valencia (5-1) and Atlético Madrid (1-2).

The gap opened by Jose Mourinho is very wide but the azulgrana hurry up their advantage that the timetable options will now be harder for meringues. That is your only ally. El Madrigal where Barça also left two points at the end of January (0-0), Reyno de Navarra and the Vicente Calderón, not to mention the upcoming visit Betis white, looming on the road to Madrid before the visit the Camp Nou with just four games ahead of us. In contrast, the current champion has to travel more affordable then. Only the fiefs of Sevilla and Levante seem more elusive.

Before the clásico 21 or 22 April (not yet time but transmitted by C + Liga and Gol T), Barça should not spend a lot of trouble at the Camp Nou. Athletic travel to Barcelona in six days one week before the Valencia go to the Bernabéu with for revenge after suffering the theft of José Antonio Teixeira Vitienes in Mestalla 2-3, where Higuain hands in the area went unpunished at minute 92. This Sunday will be Espanyol that visit Chamartín in order to improve the developer presented at 0-16 'was Pochettino' in six games against Real Madrid with so many defeats.

If the Athletic felled Manchester United in the Champions League, the outbound and return of the quarter-finals of the Champions League and would be played with Barça-Athletic in the middle. For the league match to be held on Saturday March 31 ahead of a major break from the culés for the return of the Catalans, the first leg of the Champions League should be brought forward to Wednesday 28 and not played on Thursday as usual in such competition. Indeed, the visit will be the last obstacle Athletic of Madrid with just two days.

Injuries and Champions deplete the Real
In addition to facing a more difficult schedule, Real Madrid in La Liga can pay the toll had not sentenced the second round of Champions League against CSKA (1-1 in Moscow), lesions of Di Maria (one month) and Benzema (two weeks) and the usual drop in the physical tone of Mourinho's teams in the spring. After being out of the Cup to Barça has played for a month one game a week but now, if you delete the CSKA will just break. (via MD)

Unzué: "Football is for ready"

Juan Carlos Unzué has made a statement to the program 'Tu diràs' RAC1, which referred to the lack Messi goal at the Vicente Calderón and Victor Valdés great performance against Atlético Madrid.

Leo's action, the current goalkeeping coach of Barça has opined that: "I think the error is that both the barrier as the goalkeeper think that Messi has called barrier," and that "football is for ready" , but then "we must be able to put it where."

Regarding Víctor Valdés, former Barça goalkeeper in his time, said demostranso quality is "not now, not this season or last, but several seasons ago." The key performance Valdés may be that "has the vision and desire to improve," and finally Unzué not believe the derogatory words that have affected Maradona spent the least. (via MD)

Liverpool don't forget to Keita

The Malian midfielder remains the great expectation for Liverpool next season.

After proclaiming Brand new champions of the Carling Cup, Liverpool does not lose sight of his new project I yearn for the hiring of a midfielder. In this line, from Anfield still pining for Keita who is considered one of the major candidates for the position.

As published by the Daily Mirror ', the azulgrana is one of the most desired project to shore up Liverpool but also long for Javi Martínez or Hazard. In Anfield and dream of rebuilding the squad for next season.

Comolli, sporting director, announced that "there are many players who are interested in joining the new project because it is something very interesting" and reveals that there are "big players who want to reach next summer because they believe in what will be built ". (via SPORT)

Pep also told the players that they could not win this league

Guardiola took the win for his own harangue but to give practically lost the title.

The Blaugrana celebrated in style on the same turf the Vicente Calderón victory against Atlético Madrid, aware that these three points were fueling the aspirations of the team win la Liga. In fact, not only on the pitch but in the dressing room after the group celebrated in style a victory that had for many a meaning beyond the three points because they made ​​it clear that Barcelona was going to fight to the last breath for this championship.

However, in the dressing room celebrations are over soon, since the arrival of Pep Guardiola put the brakes on the euphoria a few minutes before. blaugrana coach, with rictus seriously, rallied his men to congratulate you first for the working and deserving victory, but immediately left baffled much of the group to ensure the open, without mincing words, that "the League can not win," dropped so unabashedly also that "we must focus on the Champions League and the Copa", but adding that "we must continue to compete well in the League for not slowing down in Europe."

Obviously such a statement of intent by the blaugrana technical left a bittersweet taste in the group, who minutes earlier was practically singing the famous "get 'em, get' em".

A few minutes later, at a press conference, Guardiola he repeated almost word for word the message steeped in pessimism and resignation that had let his men in the locker room.

Why Guardiola told his players that la Liga was lost and had to focus on the Champions League and Copa? The truth is that in the locker room each has a special interpretation. Some believe it is to further motivate others to take away pressure, we must also think you want to report that a team must win by 'decretazo' this league and that no matter how hard the work ended up being empty, but have to stay that way for everyone to realize such an injustice ... Whatever the interpretation of the words of Pep, in the locker room no one believes that la Liga is still missing, although they assume that the comeback is very uphill and every day that passes is more complicated.

And this also comes at a momentous time for Barcelona, ​​as he continues to hope that Guardiola finally accept their renewal for one year.

There is no doubt that if this whole strategy that is driving you're just going right in front of a true visionary genius.

For Pedrerol, Barça subjected "to a chase"

The journalist also questioned who sets the limits of ethics in the practice of the profession.

The program director 'Pelota Punto', Josep Pedrerol, considered the decision to remove FC Barcelona credentials to the journalists of the program is "persecution" and wondered, "Who sets the boundaries of ethics?".

Pedrerol, who works as a commentator on the program 'El amb Matí Manel Fuentes' by 'Catalunya Ràdio', said the withdrawal of credentials "is a warning to mariners." El Catalan journalist recalled that "on Thursday said that maybe we were wrong with the story on the club" conducted in collaboration with the president of l'Hospitalet, Miguel Garcia, "but the idea was being playful."

In the aforementioned report, a chamber program was Garcia that after discussion with reporters, trying to elicit successively Andoni Zubizarreta, Toni Freixa and Josep Maria Bartomeu what was the status of negotiations for the renewal of Josep Guardiola . "In 'PuntoPelota' we are too dumb and too honest. The images are not recorded in a private place and do not use hidden camera, "he said the program director for whom" we have done nothing special "and in his opinion this is" a funny story. "

Pedrerol explained that in recent days has spoken to some of the leaders of the boat and "a manager told me that the penalty of Barça will not only for us." The journalist also launched a series of questions: "Why did not anyone call me to retire of Barça accreditation? Why are the media cave? Is it a warning to sailors? ".

FC Barcelona conditioned the return of authorization to attend the press conference for the program to apologize to the entity. "It is more important an apology without threats, as I did on Thursday, not now, that may seem opportunistic," said the director of 'PuntoPelota'. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Oriol Rosell, new alternative for the position 'damned'

The canterano became last Friday against Hércules in the ninth player to act as midfielder in the reserves in the last calendar year.

The midfield position is the most change has been at Barça B in the last calendar year. Between injuries, departures from the club and calls for the first team, nine players have occupied within the last six months of Luis Enrique and two-thirds of seasons brings Eusebio.

To date, have acted as 'pivotes' Ilie Sanchez, Oriol Romeu, Andreu Fontàs, Jonathan Dos Santos, Marc Muniesa, Marti Riverola, Javier Espinosa, Gustavo Ledes and Oriol Rosell, who debuted as a starter last Friday against Hércules.

"The team gave the face to the final against an opponent who is locked much earlier. We deserved a better result, shame we were not able to overcome them. If we had scored a goal in the second part, we might have to win, "said midfielder born in Puig-reig on August 7, 1992.

Rosell took the subsidiary last summer's Juvenil A and had played only eight minutes until Friday (Jan. 14 visit to the UD Las Palmas). "Hércules has highly skilled players in midfield and I'm sad about the result, but I know that these games help you to keep improving. The major difference with respect to youth is the strength and intensity ... not so much speed, "said the squad after the meeting.

Anyway, the best factories 'pivotes' of the world has given new quality fruit. (via SPORT)

Barça and Madrid, concerned by the unrest Sturridge

The two 'big' of la Liga have been put on alert in case of future held by young Chelsea forward.

According to point from England, Daniel Sturridge is in the crosshairs of Barça and Madrid who do not renounce to follow the young Chelsea English forward.

Sturridge, 22, is not happy with his current situation at London under the command of André Villas-Boas and would be open to seek his fortune away from Stamford Bridge.

As published by the Daily Star, both azulgranas and white would be very aware of one player with more projection on which England have also launched their network Tottenham, Arsenal and Manchester City.

Sturridge contract ends this season and, to date, has scored nine goals in 20 games he has played in the Premier League. (via SPORT)

Clemente: "Barça and Madrid ye are two of a kind"

Javier Clemente believes that FC Barcelona has no reason to complain about the refereeing this season.

Sporting the new coach does not think the colleges are hurting the azulgranas, in favor of Madrid. "Real and Barça ye are a kind. What the 'villarato' from Madrid last year and it seemed ridiculous to me this year, too," said Clemente told RAC-1.

"Many of the things said are absurd. Referees make mistakes and more favorable to large, which makes sense because they are the teams that attack. Sometimes people lose out too. And when it happens, is said to favor other. This is the roll of the football, "he added.

Clemente will visit Camp Nou on Saturday in front of all Asturias. A match in which Barça will be without Messi through suspension. "Messi is the best in the world, but you replace someone of the highest quality. Barça's potential is very high. Will be a tough game, but we have our chances. We can not think that Barça is invincible," he said.

Basque coach spared no praise for Pep Guardiola, who had his orders in his time as Spanish coach: "I respect very much Mourinho, but I am from Pep. I had him six years in the selection, asked me to strive to and did, I am very grateful and will always defend it. "

Clemente is taken with skepticism the words of the barcelonista coach, who despite winning by 1-2 at the Calderón on Sunday was assumed that Barça will not win the league: "Knowing is a phrase thrown forward, certainly talk to within with his people and tell them to trust them. what he is saying is that just do not win la Liga because Madrid is not going to lose. But it is a phrase loser because Pep is not, "he said.

Sporting coach also intervened in the controversy over the impunity that the Madridistas Pepe and Sergio Ramos are having this season despite their harsh entries: "Their actions are punishable, and if the referee saw it, should be punished. But sometimes it difficult to see. for the improvement of football should automatically enter the competition committee. doing so would end with this type of violent game. And it should automatically go to those who become the 'dead', or that are thrown in the area. to this should not stop play in five games. to those who are dead, ten. And those that attack, too, "he suggested.

"I agree that players like Ramos and Pepe are very dangerous. Barcelona's not a hard kick. I really admire Puyol. Come in and gives strong, but also accepts when given. Is noble. But there are also some that panderetero pulling more than they should, making the Berber. not give names. Carles Puyol is a man, and honest, an example for Pepe and Sergio Ramos, "he added. (via SPORT)

Shakira, 'Good luck': The hips of Pep Team

Some heavyweights staff tried to imitate the suggestive hip movements of Shakira in concert in Montjuïc.

Even before the affair made ​​official, the rumor about a possible link between Piqué and Shakira became a media tsunami of reach.

The emergence of the tabloids in search of a photo bother the couple, although Shakira tried to live naturally and pulled semantic humor. "I think everything comes from wakawakismo. So this is a rumor that I waka waka awards, but they are the tricks of the trade waka ". More accustomed to glossy paper, the Colombian did not refuse questions about it and even he was sympathetic to the press, more and more insistent in confirming a relationship as juicy. (via SPORT)

The Cope recognizes his mistake and will pay € 200,000 to Barça

"Such information has proven to be untrue."
The Cope acknowledges that the information came from a source not verified.

Just the day before the hearing that must take place on Tuesday in court following the lawsuit filed by Barça to the Cope with "unlawful interference with the right of honor", derived from the statements made from the microphones episcopal chain that linked to Barça with doping practices, the Cope has issued the following statement, which faithfully reproduce:

"In relation to the news broadcast on March 13, 2011 During 'The Match of the 12' from the microphones of the Cadena COPE, by Mr. Alcalá, FC Barcelona regarding both this medium as the above journalist want to make public such information has proven to be truthful and not from a source not verified, so it is recognized that there was a trespass law to honor the said Club and for whose compensation, COPE and Mr. Alcala are smoothed in part to the claims made ​​by FC Barcelona and exercised in the Court of 1st Instance number 34 of Barcelona, ​​Car 670/2011, and declare that in the next 48 hours proceed to record in that procedure, the amount of 200,000 euros they value the damages caused. " (via MD)

Neymar: "Ronaldinho I am raved about Barça"

"I always had to Ronaldinho as a reference."
"Ronaldinho told me that Barcelona is wonderful."

Undoubtedly, one of the highlights of the match between Brazil and Bosnia-Herzegovina on Tuesday at 20.00 AFG Arena stadium in Saint-Gallen (Switzerland), the same scenario in which Spain and Chile last played September will see in action Neymar.

The Brazilian crack has served Mundo Deportivo mixed zone this afternoon, just before training. Neymar, who is in Switzerland with his parents and sister, who will live the match against Bosnia in the field, said that both Ronaldinho and Dani Alves is Barça have spoken wonders.

Neymar said that Ronaldinho, "I've always been a benchmark," he is advising well. "I have always in mind the advice of Ronaldinho, and he spoke wonders of Barça and the city, who told me that is wonderful." The young Brazilian player has stated that in his opinion "Barça is an excellent team, as everyone knows, full of stars."

A Neymar, not even for a moment lost the smile, he was also asked if their relationship with Santos until 2014 is still short, so the player has responded that "to date anything can happen, even I have much to do with the Santos. "

He quickly went back on the topic of conversation in Barca in the mixed zone, and Neymar also recognized Dani Alves "I've said many times I go to Barça." We must comment that has been very good vibes from Neymar and Alves throughout the day. They have not stopped messing around in no time and have a snack after heading into training camp together, to prepare and Tuesday's game against Bosnia-Herzegovina. (via MD)

Cesc: "Now our priority is the Champions"

The azulgrana states that "in the locker room think Guardiola will renew."
"We believe in the referees a hundred percent," he assured the Arenys.

Cesc Fàbregas believes that Barça priority right now, being ten points behind Real Madrid, is to focus on the Champions League. "La Liga is very complicated, but we'll see what happens. Our first priority is the Champions League," said the midfielder told radiolabel.

The Arenys, concentrated with the Spanish in Madrid, added on options for the azulgrana in La Liga that "we have the shield of the boat and it does not we can never pay."

On the intense debate that exists after the arbitration proceedings on the final day, Cesc Fàbregas has said that "we believe in the referees a hundred percent." "Being a referee is very complicated and we must be honest and let them work quietly and without much pressure," he added.

The '4' Barça also spoke about his coach, Pep Guardiola, and possible renewal: "In the locker room think Pep will follow. We strongly believe in him and we love, is the ideal person for this project" . "Being a Barca coach burning, since the charge carries a lot of pressure and hard work, but we have that inner peace that will follow," he explained. (via MD)

[Selection] Xavi works in the gym with the Spanish national team

Anyway Xavi has acknowledged that he is in perfect condition.
Vicente del Bosque If it sees fit Xavi could play against Venezuela smoothly.

Chosen by Vicente del Bosque facing the game in this Feb. 29 against Venezuela in La Rosaleda stadium of Málaga being worked and on the lawn of the Ciudad Deportiva of Las Rozas. All but Xavi Hernández.

The Catalan midfielder is not participating in the first session of the Spanish national team, a workout that lasted about an hour, during which the players have made ​​some mini games and have exercised with the ball. The Terrassa has been working out recovery facilities the Ciudad Deportiva of Las Rozas, working with the physios. Remember that Xavi was one of those chosen by Pep Guardiola in the starting line that jumped Sunday to the Vicente Calderón in Barça's win by 1 to 2, after overcoming some discomfort in the soleus muscle.

Remember that Blaugrana coach already said he hoped the treatment would get Xavi Hernández by Vicente del Bosque and the coach body. "They're going to care as usual."

However, Xavi has told Mundo Deportivo: "I feel fine" and so if Vicente del Bosque could play it sees fit without problems to Venezuela. (via MD)

Andrés Iniesta gives voice to an animated character in "Pirates!"

FC Barcelona's Andrés Iniesta, lends his voice to a character in the animated film "Pirates", a production of British studio Aardman to be released on June 29 in Spain, has informed Sony Pictures España.

Iniesta, the father of a little girl, is excited about his participation in the Castilian version of "Pirates". The possibility that her daughter can "recognize" in a cartoon makes you "look forward", the statement of the distributor.

The Barcelona player gives voice to Pirate Albino, a character "shy and loyal" will do everything we can to meet your captain his dream: to win the Pirate of the Year Award.

A goal that will take the crew to live many adventures from the shores of the Caribbean to the streets of London, and face his greatest enemy, Queen Victoria of England.

"Pirates!" is the latest production from Aardman studio responsible for titles like "Chicken Run, Animal Farm" or series of adventures of Wallace and Gromit. The British study has been nominated nine times for Academy Awards in Hollywood Film and has won four times. In its original version, the animated film features the voices of British actors like Hugh Grant, Imelda Staunton and Martin Freeman. (via MD)

Thiago Silva: "Playing in Barça would be a dream"

Thiago Silva is one of the core that Barça is high on its agenda with a view to strengthen the team next season. The centre-back Brazilian, who last summer admitted to having contact with the club azulgrana, admits he is living a special moment for Milan, but does not close the door of the Barça. "You never know what might happen in the future. I know some friends and the press that Barça is interested but for now we have no concrete proposal. This will leave it to my agent. At the moment my only thought is to return to Milan to be champion, "said the defender 'rossonero' Mundo Deportivo on arrival at the hotel of concentration 'canarinhá in Saint Gallen, Switzerland, where he will face in the morning today Bosnia-Herzegovina friendly.

Of course, if the proposal was firm and there is the possibility of signing for the club, Thiago has no doubts. "Barça is now the best team in the world now is going through a so happy, but in my view is the best team in the world. Every player dreams of playing big someday in a team like Barça, "admitted defender Rio de Janeiro. Still, in anticipation of his dream of playing in Barça can be met, Thiago now prefers to focus on his current team. "My thought now is exclusively in Milan. I got to fulfill my dream was to play in a great team and now I leave Barça a little aside, "he said.

After a start to the season a little disappointing, AC Milan has grown, so far as to be leading the calcium-added 51 points, one ahead of Juventus, and have both feet in ¼ of the Champions League after thrashing Arsenal in the first leg 4-0. Having seen the faces in the group stage, Barça and Milan could cross again in the next final will be played May 19 in Munich. "I like to play the final, regardless of which was the rival, but against Barça it would be a unique moment in my life," he admitted.

Finally, and Thiago Silva explained his feelings about having scored a goal at the Camp Nou, coinciding with the group game that Milan played this season and earned his team to take a point. "It was a beautiful goal, especially in my career," he said. (via MD)

Quique Sánchez Flores believes Pep decided to extend his contract one year

The former Valencia and Atlético coach said from Dubai Real Madrid win la Liga and that Barça are favorites in the Champions League.

Quique Sánchez Flores, who is in Dubai to Al-Ahly training, today reviewed the football with sergi But for COM Radio. The former coach of Valencia and Atlético Madrid, who watched the game from the mattress against Barça, said: "I ​​like Atletico, I think it's an organized team that is hard to play him because he has changed a lot and Barça would highlight the honesty that led him to win the game. "

Asked about the goal by Leo Messi admitted that "special players I drool. Only Barça already have Messi, Iniesta, Xavi ... In la Liga there are players who have a talent more than important. Also Cristiano Ronaldo ". Further believes that Pep's words when he said that Barça would not win the league, are pure strategy: "I always see him Pep honest and with a touch of irony with which sends messages to him who believes appropriate, in this case a message reassuring to his players, who need to know they can win the league but more failures than successes his rival. Pep does not stitch without thread and coherence. it is a message that relaxes the tension of some players to change the boots each three days. Today emotional point is worth a good tactic and that Cruyff and Guardiola was good too. "

From ooach azulgrana said that "is dedicated to train a group of players sublime together and well directed, can do very important things. Guardiola has hit almost all decisions and made ​​the difference. On his controversial renovation, Sánchez Flores said that Pep "is another act of deference and loyalty to the club, of commitment. It makes things from feeling. It is at that point where your heart tells you to follow. Is very close to that point but want to have it confirmed and I find very well. "Whether looked Barca training was clear:" Yes, you train the club. I have nothing in my story that I can stop any team train the world and that makes me very calm. Ever since the opportunism that you have to know that Pep renewed with Barça. "

Also dipped the Spaniard on the future of the league and the Chmapions. La Liga gives "Real Madrid" and the Champions "I see very divided, but Barça will have bad luck unless such injury." Regarding the renewal or not of Mourinho on the bench for Real Madrid opted for a "yes, I think it will continue." Finally, unveiled in June signed with a European team, "Confirmadísimo. I had two offers and have been arriving. I understand the situation we will have a team in Europe. Does Chelsesa? Not discard anything," he added. (via MD)

How to give up a league, from Cruyff to Guardiola

Cruyff was speaking after the tie to a goal in the Camp Nou against Burgos in 1992.
The difference between Cruyff and Guardiola is that Pep is with yours and have them on a pedestal.

Statements coach Pep Guardiola on Sunday night after the game against Atlético Madrid, which lost the League was to have generated many reactions antagonists in the media, although not far removed from those uttered by Johan Cruyff in 1992, precisely a year when Barça won the title.

The firm position of Guardiola when he said at the Calderón that the club will not win la Liga has been distilled in three ways: to motivate his players, a cryptic complaint without naming the referees or just suspect that no matter how compact it is manifested Barcelona will be impossible to reduce the ten points separating him with Real Madrid for the strength of it.

Surprisingly, this statement is very similar to that once dropped a plaintiff Johan Cruyff, who after the tie to a goal at the Camp Nou against Burgos, said little less in May 1992 that the League was lost for Barça after day 33 and focalizarían interest in the European Cup at Wembley. "In this league we staged a big comeback after frustrating start to the season. After reaching the Madrid had to be tight again, but in the last five or six weeks have dropped their guard and the team has played during this phase without conviction . It was as if we we played the league. After this result, we have already lost, "said Cruyff.

In fact, he left the Barça tie in a league that rewarded with two points to one victory and four of Atletico Madrid, when there were only five days to complete the championship. Engaged in securing their first European Cup, Barça had a reaction to wins and thrashings virtuous everywhere (3-0 Mallorca, 0-6, Valladolid and Espanyol, 0-4) won the continental scepter and took la Liga, also in part by a cascade of errors of Madrid, which lost two of five games (Oviedo, 1-0, Tenerife, 3-2) and tied another (Osasuna 1-1).

The cry of Cruyff was clearly to motivate a workforce returning to historical mistakes with failure to rivals that ultimately criminalized in the fight for the title.

Different looks expressed by Josep Guardiola, although it is possible that also seeks to maintain tension in his players, who last night gave a sample to overcome before a hard Athletic (1-2), who came to tie the game. Guardiola has always been away from the dispute arbitration, but between the lines read is also a certain irony to the members, especially this year. "I do not think we win the league. Do not think we get to catch them (Real Madrid). But compete to remain what we have been" proclaimed in the press room at the Vicente Calderón Guardiola, who went further and linked the yellow Lionel Messi saw Madrid and Pepe, who will miss the next meeting due to accumulation of cautions.

"I always ask to rest Messi, for so rest next week, like Pepe," Guardiola added a helplessly observing the Madrid does not stumble and accompanying a mantra in some quarters, especially barcelonistas, that is being favored by the referees.

Guardiola does not fit fully or tangentially in the view we have from sections the barcelonismo that Madrid could have gone favored arbitration decisions, but builds a disjointed speech in the leaves open all possibilities of interpretation when ruling that the club not win the league, despite being 42 points to play. Unlike Cruyff, who raised the complaint and all but threw in the towel at 92 because he did not trust his players, Guardiola repeats the staging.

The difference between teacher and student is that Guardiola is not only with their own, but have them on a pedestal, while suggesting that is unable to fight for the fourth consecutive league title, leaving ajar suspicion with which pushes doubt the institutions, officials and Madrid, without saying it. (via MD)

Week affected by international matches

Almost the entire first team is away this week with their national teams. They won’t be able to start preparing for Saturday’s game with Sporting until Thursday.

An odd week started for Josep Guardiola and his team on Monday. With so many players away on international duty, only Keita, Pedro and Pinto are left in Barcelona. That means work can't really begin on the league game with Sporting at the Camp Nou until Thursday evening, when everyone is due back.

So there was a strange feel to the training session at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper today, with the remaining trio of Pedro, Keita and Pinto working out with Eusebio Sacristán's B team and then being told that they can take Tuesday and Wednesday off.

The training session planned for 18.00 at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper on Thursday should involve the normal squad, and it is only then that the players will be able to focus properly on the forthcoming match. They will meet again on Friday morning at 11.00, at the same place, after which Josep Guardiola will be giving a pre-match press conference. All Barça's international players will be back on training on Thursday with the exception of Alexis Sánchez who returns on Friday after Chile's game in the USA.

As usual when there are home fixtures at the Camp Nou, Guardiola will also be holding a session on the morning of the match. That will take place in the stadium itself at 11.30, this time behind closed doors. The players will eat at the Camp Nou before having some time off before reassembling at the same place at 18.15. The match with the Asturian outfit kicks off at 20.00. The plan is then for the squad to take all Sunday off. (via FCBarcelona.com)