25 February 2012

[Barça B] Eusebio: "We must learn the lesson"

The coach of filial azulgrana highlights the maturity and experience of a Hércules breaking unbeaten run in the Miniestadi.

After falling by 0 - 1 against Hércules with an own goal by Armando, the coach of Barcelona's filial, Eusebio Sacristán has made pointed criticism and improvements that must be experienced to not be the team more points in the Miniestadi.

Thus, the azulgrana coach commented on the shortcomings of their players in the game against the set Alicante. "We have more peace of mind, move the ball with more speed and better positioned than we have been today, thus we will move from one place to another and we can find space to create chances," he assured.

"We lacked clarity. We had a very good line play and sure enough, today was one of the weaker games," added the coach about the meeting. However, it has emphasized the maturity of the rival as a cause of the defeat: "Today we had an experienced team ahead. A group that has managed to bring the result to be found in the first half."

Finally, Eusebio has been blunt in his thought and work has appealed to keep doing a great season: "We must learn the lesson." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Simeone: "I admire Guardiola and his players"

Simeone faces his first match against FC Barcelona to face Atlético Madrid and spared no praise for the azulgranas and to his coach, Pep Guardiola.

"It will be a serious game, hard. Should be paid attention to detail and have a great concentration. Must be 110% to get the win," he said. And he added: "It's a difficult game and we must find a way to hurt them. I feel admiration for his work, how they manage to keep winning and stay motivated. I admire Guardiola and his players," he added.

Simeone also remembered Alexis Sánchez who agreed with River Plate. "I have great memories of him. He has had great coaches like Guardiola and Bielsa, which have strengthened as a player. It is a decisive player," he said.

The 'Cholo' does not believe that the fact of facing rival the likes of Barça players should make their loose focus to keep adding as they have done so far. "There are only three points. Work with the same idea . Come with humility and enthusiasm. try to do things as we have been doing. After the low and changes against Lazio, the response has been good. Hopefully the players will recover well and the team keep the excitement and intensity "he said.

The Argentine coach, still undefeated in front of rojiblanco played down his success merits and recalled that the work is only of the players. "Work is good for the players. They have found its best and that makes everything natural. Coaches rely on the results and what today goes well tomorrow can go wrong. To me what worries me is to keep the style , regardless of the ups and downs you have in football, "he said.

The Vicente Calderón will be filled to encourage Atletico. "I think the Barcelona players are not going to scare to see the full court, because they are used and have played a lot of late. I makes people happy and because there is a good communion between audience and players. This is crucial, "he said. (via SPORT)

Guardiola does not want to hear the Inter oferton

Has instructed his agent not to talk with absolutely anyone.
The coach is aware of the interest of Moratti.
His idea, but still in the club, is to take a sabbatical and then choose the destination.

The daily Marca on Saturday reveals that Inter Milan are willing to pull the house out the window to recruit Guardiola. Massimo Moratti wants him to be in charge of rebuilding after being Inter European champions two years ago, now roams the seventh place in Serie A to 14 points behind none other than his great rival Milan.

Moratti would offer Guardiola a salary of 20 million euros net and the ability to work with his current group of collaborators, a very important detail for technical Santpedor. Inter president is willing to bathe in gold coach after having spent so contained after the departure of Eto'o.

However, Pep is not for the work. At this point you want to be focused on providing an answer to Barcelona on whether or not to follow. During this process, Guardiola will not play that game. In addition, the first option if you leave the club is taking a sabbatical. So has instructed its representative, José María Orobitg, absolutely not to talk with anyone in this period of reflection. (via Marca)

Atlético - Barça: Partidazo at the Calderón

Conscience Barça prepares visiting a euphoric Calderón to continue clinging to the dream of la Liga.
Recovered its best against Valencia, and now plays to strike at the table away from the Camp Nou.

The staff of the Barça is aware that the league goes this weekend in Madrid. While waiting for a slip the Real in Vallecas, one of those fields in which gain and lose the big teams championships, eleven azulgrana has to win to start cutting the ten points separating him from the leadership. A impossible? No, at least for a winner like Guardiola, who thoroughly prepared his visit to the euphoric Calderon to continue clinging to the dream league.

Barca recovered its best last weekend against Valencia (5-1, with four goals from Messi infallible) and now plays to strike at the table away from the Camp Nou, where the culés have left out a stream of points that Madrid has taken advantage of Mourinho, whose hobby is already celebrating the title at Cibeles.

Morning visit to pay plays a traditionally complicated scenario for the azulgrana side, who has only won 5 of their last 20 visits to Calderón in la Liga. A feud in which, incidentallythe Barça can be played also the title of Copa addition, all Pep will face 'Simeone effect' that has permeated some euphoria and self-esteem on a roll mattress convincing results that are leading both in the domestic championship and in Europe.

The azulgrana know they are to a great match. In the penultimate training session before the clash against Atletico, Pep worked hard tactics with his players. The Santpedor not want to leave any loose ends. Yesterday's was a closed session for the media who are not club. Today is repeated, starting at 18.00, also on the premises of Sant Joan Despí.

The coach Culé, who has lived another week of rumors and comments about their future, will come with all his arsenal to Calderón, the scene of star dulel goalscorer Messi- Falcão. With Keita ready to play again after his participation in the African Nations Cup, Guardiola has only low to Villa, Afellay and Fontàs, while Xavi has recharged batteries, like Alves, who has had five days off to 'disconnect '.

The visit to the Manzanares, where Barça and Atlético have fought great battles, it may mean a turning point for azulgrana ahead as more favorable schedule in March in which the culés will host Sporting and Granada, and will visit Racing, Sevilla and Mallorca.

With the 1/8 finals of the Champions almost finalized items, the advantage Culé compared to Madrid is that whites have yet to close their tie against CSKA Moscow. In addition, there are low by injury Benzema and Di Maria. For Barça, now or ever. (via MD)

[Barça B] Athletic Like to goalkeeper Oier

The goalkeeper of B, which is growing every year, could cut a hypothetical operation.

Oier Olazabal, goalkeeper of Barça B, could be key if the Athletic Club aviniera to negotiate the signing of Javi Martinez this summer. Although today Gorka Iraizoz life insurance is the goal rojiblanca, Oier incorporating key would always be in the future. Since joining La Masia at 17 from Real Unión de Irún B and express recommendation of Juan Carlos Unzué, Oier has grown season after season. "It's like Zubizarreta for their looks, but different from Andoni to play in football today. Moreover, it conveys nervousness and likes to be authoritarian," he said of Unzué.

Oier debuted with the first team on January 2, 2008, at the turn of the sixteenth Cup against Alcoyano and has become the third first team goalkeeper for Guardiola.

Despite the stiff competition it has in the subsidiary, Miño-now injured, and Masip, Oier has grown into the undisputed starter for Eusebio. The Navarre, who had just contract this summer, has recently renewed its relationship with Barça until June 2015. Even so, and if the Athletic agreed to incorporate in the operation of Javi Martínez, the club azulgrana could reconsider what to do with Oier, which today has a great future at Barça since José Manuel Pinto, a 36-year - in principle only stay one more season at the club azulgrana.

From Barça technical secretary is clear that there are two ways to strengthen the position of pivote. Either they bet on a football contrast, the level of Javi Martínez, who has the bonus of versatility, since it can act both as a central pivot of pulling the ball played from behind, or by Keita profile, which predominates physical tone and placement on the technique.

In the first case, the operation would be very costly for the institution. Accordingly, and unless there is an exit that left many revenue into the club azulgrana, Andoni Zubizarreta, Barça technical director already made clear in a few weeks ago RAC1 that this summer would be little money to invest. Large operations were undertaken last summer, when the club spent 60 million to gain the services of Cesc Fàbregas and Alexis Sánchez. (via MD)

Alves: "My father asks me to chute more"

Dani Alves attended to MD at the offices of Cedar Esport, the company that represents it and that last Wednesday launched the new and spectacular Brazilian website: www.danialves.com.

La Liga is more than complicated.

Dani Alves (DA): We took it as a challenge. Let's see if we can reach at Madrid. If we are so distant is because we have done something wrong.

Are they just the ten points?

DA: By the game, no. There are two ways to play different, equally acceptable, and yours is more effective. The difference is a bit exaggerated watching the two teams, but we have not been able to score the necessary points to keep that distance and now have no margin for error.

Have you analyzed the reasons?

DA: We looked at everything and has been a little weird what happened to us. Since I had not ever had this many injuries. They are not excuses, but somehow it affects you.

Why only affects out?

DA: With what we have done in previous years, we have to do it three times the work to achieve the objective. We have not had that other seasons balance between home and away. But you have to fight to the end. Nothing is impossible. We must do our part. If punctured, either. And if not, I congratulate you for being champions.

The clásico of League was azulgrana ...

DA: They make the direct league matches but lost in other theoretically less important. Perhaps there are parties that do not give them much importance, you relax and just getting a surprise.

So much has improved Madrid?

DA: It has always been a team in which the important thing is winning. Playing well does not care. We have to play well to win, enjoy and delight people. It is a philosophy of this house.

Although not make excuses, do arbitrations are influencing?

DA: Our boss that takes away the head. Do not talk about the referees. We must leave them alone, do their job because if we do things three times as well, although there are mistakes, the rivals can not afford to win.

Do you feel more comfortable playing in Europe, with less pressure?

DA: We feel comfortable playing football and enjoying it. Never mind that another competition. The Champions League is the most spectacular for what it means, but the league is just as important.

Is the Champions League is now the priority?

DA: Our priority is to win the league. It is the competition more difficult, the more elaborate. The Champions too, but now we can not talk to prioritize anything. We will try to compete at all.

Barcelona and Madrid, as the best teams in Europe are called to meet again in the Champions League. Where the end or before?

DA: Currently the two best teams are us and Manchester United, the last finalists. The Madrid competes very well and if we face, we will prepare well.

And the Copa? Why is it special?

DA: It will be a tough game. Athletic has improved a lot. We look forward to enjoy this final as it costs to get and come muchísmo losing the title last year. It is a wonderful opportunity to win it back.

And personally, how is Dani?

DA: stoy physically spectacular. What happens is that when a game things go wrong, you start talking about me. You take a step in your life where you have to make a decision and say things that do not exist. But both criticism and praise when I do my work. I live for my team, my coach and my club.

Have you been encouraged in the locker room?

DA: They know my contribution. If things go well, well, if not go well, try to all get ahead. Do not point fingers. I am very happy with my work.

Pep said it was five days ...

DA: That's the coach. It is always controlling everything and said "go, you need to disconnect a little bit." When you think you do not mind your colleagues, but I was watching TV before. Let me ask about any move!

Were you surprised by his substitution in the Cup against Valencia?

DA: When I joined the club no one told me "you're going to play every game." I have a special affection and respect for my peers and if looking for controversy because they would not play disrespect to them. I am an employee and the employees accept the decisions of their bosses.

How far you feel comfortable?

DA: Yes I try to always do my best and do what I ask.

But the feeling is that shines more when starting from behind.

DA: I for one think that the more positions you play, the less you play. If you put me there, I will, but I side. Upstairs there are players who do better than me, like Cuenca, Alexis and others. My natural position is the side which conozo very well and I can defend.

Continues to give many assists.

DA: My numbers from this and last season are the same. But with ten points, people talk forever.

Last pass to Messi in Leverkusen goal was much celebrated.

DA: I have very clear ideas. If you checked, the only difference is that my father will be happier. I always said I have to shoot more. But I prefer to enter another. His work is that, and will be happier if they score. My function is to assist and make theirs. So everyone is happy.

So much needed to mark Messi?

DA: Messi lives of the goal. Assists, plays great, but is happier if brand. We know that a golmío does not help much, but his goal can serve to gain personally.

Is your goal to Madrid at the Copa was the best of his career?

DA: Yes, for the difficulty, how to get the ball, by the party, the rival, to aid the classification, for everything.

That day gave reason to his father ...

DA: Yes, my father told me "congratulations". I just said, "See? Must shoot."

Do you have greatly affected Tito Vilanova disease?

DA: Obviously, but when you see one with strength, it also strengthens us. I'm glad he's okay.

Go praise you lately has been devoted to Money!

DA: It is the reality. Without Pep, no heaven and he knows his importance to us. We need you. It's like a glove for all. Nobody wants the cold without gloves. Pep is the bringer of harmony, which is very respectful to everyone.

Would you say you face to face they want to continue?

DA: We do not get. Is personal. Is your work. We must leave him alone to take the decision he sees fit for your life and your family. People should be happy. And if something does not make you happy, change and do other things.

Is it hard to understand their doubts when they all want to continue?

DA: You can not put on your skin, but if we want to continue it because it suits us all. I appreciate, but also interests me because it is he who can best take my best for how it works and ideas.

Will the players the first to know?

DA: What interests us is to renew the order is not important.

This year is getting longer ...

DA: If you have extended is because it has focused on what is at stake and can not be distracted.

How long Alves in Barça?

DA: So let me! I support not to be in UnSitio if one party or another is not happy. The affection I have for Barça, finish my career here or not, is always the same. All that I am in football is due to Barça and Sevilla.

"I know people hate me"

Alves is one of the most irritating players to the fans of Madrid for his character in the classics. From the speakers blank media club is accused of making theater. Dani threatens, but does not fit the cloth.

"That's something of the history of this master, a wizard to destroy .... In football there are many lies. When I was signing for Madrid was the best in the world. One does not pass well be the best to worst. there is some interest. If it interests me, and if you praise, criticize you. we are vaccinated. If we affect to tell us this or that, not live. I have twitter and I have many people who love me and many people who hate me, but many people do not know me. I can not hate someone who do not know. only bother me that people who know me speak ill of me, "said the side before explaining the reason for his football temperament:" When I compete I do like someone who is hungry and sits down to eat. When not competing, I'm supertranquilo. People believe what they see, hear and read. I ever see, hear and read less and live happier. "

Alves does not give much importance to media pressure, "I'm used to. Each plays their weapons. These things make us bigger and help us to compete well and win. Have to focus your energies and forces on what really matters."

And hard on yourself and those around him, asking the fans a plus: "I love my fans for the love they showed me, but I do not share things like that in the semi-final against Valencia Camp Nou was not full to bursting. was a semifinal to redo them to enjoy with a new end. like them we also require demand. I would like the people I want to be with me when I'm wrong, not when I'm fine. when I'm good I have a million friends, and when not, do not come to count on one hand. "And positive energy claimed: "Negativity attracts negative things and positive, positive. If we are the first that we believe we can end up being able to". (via MD)

Javi Martínez has profile for Barça

The name of Javi Martínez Athletic midfielder this season is showing his progression as a central figure in the agenda of Barça in capital letters. The international, 23, has long like Pep Guardiola and technical secretary, but the circumstances now to be motivated when it is most valued. The only possible departure in June Keita would free a place in midfield and although the club will maintain its commitment to the young talents of the quarry, Navarre would be an ideal reinforcement. It is enshrined, but has the hunger for titles which came last season Cesc Fàbregas and Alexis.

Indeed, Arenys midfielder and Tocopilla striker are two recent examples that can help open the door to Javi Martinez for a similar price, but fast payback for their proven performance in the league, long contract and predictable adaptation even more since landing in San Mamés of Marcelo Bielsa, who shares with Pep tactical concepts.

The problem with this world champion in 2010, indeed, is its high buyout: 40 million euros, with a contract that expires in 2016. Athletic no economic emergency that require you to sell and its staff players tend to be comfortable, among other things, because in Bilbao are well paid and current. In addition, the club wants to extend the Biscayan big time sports lives on today as a continuation of an exciting project with pillars and Fernando Llorente, Iker Muniain and obviously, Javi Martínez. Fighting for a Champions League place in la Liga, Cup final on against Barça and in the second round of the Champions League against Manchester United, Athletic live crowd excited and could exert public pressure logic to prevent the sale Javi Martínez to Barça or other powerful clubs that follow the steps, such as Madrid, Manchester United or Chelsea.

If Barça decides to take the step, not only snatch a hypothetical luxury reinforcement Florentino Pérez, would sign quality, strength and versatility. Bielsa prefers to use him as centre-back, but his natural position is the midfielder that even reaches goal with danger, normally pieces, but also with the ball glued to the foot. Sergio Busquets give oxygen, but also Piqué or Puyol. Indeed, in the concentrations of the selection Javi Martínez is related to the Barça players. For some sources close to the player indicated that if I had to leave the Athletic your preferred destination would be Barça. (via MD)

The puzzle of Guardiola

The return of key players forced the coach to be more interventionist. Only Afellay, Villa and Fontàs remain discharge.

Guardiola has the move tab. In recent times the setbacks in the form of injuries and suspensions have provided technical decisions. Now the scenario is different. Only Villa, Afellay Fontàs and are not available. A Pep gets to be interventionist.

Moreover, seeing that the newly retrieved cry out his site on his computer. The staging of Iniesta against Valencia was magnificent (no sign of the biceps femoris burdening midfielder). Xavi improvement in every workout and is ready to steer the ship back to azulgrana. Busquets recovery is another great news. Often does not appear in the 'snapshot' of the successes and performances sometimes tiptoe. But seeing the team whenever it is not, is claimed as a cornerstone.

Pep recovers some of his best pieces of nerve center of the equipment to continue clinging to a kind of epic exciting: cut ten points to a prodigious Madrid.

With Busquets, Xavi and Iniesta to point, to be seen as Guardiola manages Cesc Factor. In recent weeks, its role has been more restrained, away from the anarchy of the most advanced positions. Now he could return to play closer to the goal. More freely.

The presence of senior midfielders with the template for Thiago predicts less prominence in the coming weeks. Especially in the big stage. It happens that Guardiola has already made clear that this course does not like giving up your best assets in the midfield. When they have been all well have opted for the diamond. So it is reasonable to incorporate a midfielder more and give up a defense. With this scenario would increase the options of playing for Thiago, Cesc and Messi play closer.

For the meeting tomorrow Alves and Mascherano will also be sanctioned in the last league match. The Brazilian has regained his best as a winger. He looks more comfortable appearing to attack from a fixed position above. Back to 3-4-3 and see the best version of the Brazilian would be a major technical challenges. Guardiola will have to choose, shake the board. Solve a puzzle. Also in the attack with the emergence of Cuenca, first, and Tello, later. Two were not expecting this course. Were not in the forecast. The impact of Cuenca in the team was so positive that you are no longer waiting in the subsidiary. Tello has been claimed as a great end to the first team. Manage the minutes of both will be one of the most sensitive to the operator.

A Pep will get to choose, make decisions on almost all lines. Work awaits. The team is strengthened with the return of the best, a puzzle for Guardiola. (via SPORT)

[Barça B; Liga Adelante; Week26] FC Barcelona B 0- 1 Hércules CF

It seemed that with the Hércules team led Eusebio Sacristán would not be able to score a goal for how hard he tried .... And he did.

The Barça B scored its second straight loss and said goodbye to their good run in the Mini, which had won its last three games. The Hercules won the most seniority and took an own goal by Armando to get the three points.

This time the Barça B started worse than his rival's debut as head of Oriol Rosell. Azulgranas midfielders could not be imposed on the average herculana with such experienced players as Abel Aguilar and Diego Rivas, this one with over 100 games at first.

Within ten minutes, Bartra anticipated Gilvan a nightmare behind barcelonista. Gradually the subsidiary was picking up the pace to a party locked and physically, always Deulofeu main and almost sole argument. The Riudarenes fired three shots between minutes 18 and 24, but grew ceilings and Falcón easily intercepted.

In 24 again Deulofeu gave a great pass to Sergi Roberto, who failed contacted with the ball and finished pifiando. The subsidiary began to make his ground and precisely in its finest hour came on 0-1, an own goal by Armando on 25 minutes when he wanted to clear a dangerous cross Gilvan.

The Blaugrana accused the coup and the Hércules was able to increase their income. Oier deflected a wide shot of Tiago in the 29 'that ended crashing into the pole and 31' was Míchel who finished off the wood. Before the break, Deulofeu tried again with the same result.

The game has not changed in the second half. While Barça B was somewhat more ambitious attempts ever died from refuse, clearances and uncertainties. In the first quarter of an hour, the only thing notable was her nose injury of Carlos Calvo, who retired with a bloody face and shirt.

Eusebio moved the bench admitting in Carmona, who reappeared after month and a half KO, replacing an unprecedented Kiko Femenía. In 66 ', Rodri anticipated the visitor behind and sent a header near the top on the first occasion of the second half.

The game was increasingly 'dog' and the subsidiary was not comfortable, but emptied to avoid defeat. Bartra tried in 78 'with a superb shot that went off and burned their ships Eusebio ushering young striker Dongou by central defender Armando.

Hércules, who moved from center field in the entire second half, they defended with order and, despite the expulsion of Peña in 86 'and five minutes off, no excessive bail went back. (via SPORT)

[Match Data]
FC Barcelona B: Oier; Montoya, Armando (Dongou, min. 82), Bartra, Planas; Rosell, Rafinha, Sergi Roberto; Deulofeu, Femenía (Carmona, min. 63) and Rodri.

Hércules CF: Falcón; Juanra, Samuel, Mora, Peña; Diego Rivas, Abel Aguilar, Carlos Calvo (Sardinero, min. 59), Míchel (Sergio, min. 87); Tiago Gomes y Gilvan (Callejón, min. 70).

GoaL: 0-1, min. 25: Armando (O.G.).

Referee: Antonio Israel Mariscal Sánchez (Andalusian college). Admonished the local Rosell (min. 8) and Armando (min. 90) and visitors Mora (min. 55), Falcón (90 +3) and Callejón (90 +4). Expelled for a second yellow visitors Peña (min. 50 and 85).

The Col legi of Journalists and the Federation of Unions of Journalists commented on the suspension of accreditation

Both organizations issued statements to the newspaper regarding the suspension of accreditation to Intereconomía by FC Barcelona.

The Col · legi of Journalists of Catalunya, FC Barcelona who referred the decision to withdraw accreditation to Intereconomia TV, recalled in a statement that the information must be "lawfully obtain."

Excerpt from the statement:

"The Col legi of Journalists rejects the fraudulent methods to get information. These bad practices discredit the practice of journalism that most information professionals strive to perform in an ethical and serious. We also regret that there are other people that lend themselves to collaborate with iletítimos methods of some journalists to get information at any price. Otherwise we can not admit that there are means to abuse reiteradmente of such fraudulent practices. "

For its part, the FeSP (Federation of Unions of Journalists), believes that FC Barcelona "will not be assuming attitudes that violate the right to inform."

So reads part of his statement:

"The Federation of Unions of Journalists (FeSP) can not but regret that such decisions are taken too often by sports clubs and other associations that are considered validated to place limits on freedom of information for disagreeing with the approach certain means.

The thought FeSP malpractice that allegedly incurred 'Intereconomía TV'-to be reprehensible and unacceptable, does not justify the decision of the club, let alone that this is considered capable of elucidating on the implementation of the ethical responsibilities of journalists. " (via SPORT)

Barca withdrew accreditation to Punto Pelota until public apology

Barça has denounced Punto Pelota before the Col · legi of Journalists de Catalunya for "violating the code of ethics" and "damage the image of our institution." The club azulgrana has also decided to suspend "the use of press passes that give access to the facilities" to Intereconomia TV Club just how he had advanced Mundo Deportivo.

"FC Barcelona has brought to the attention the Col · legi of Journalists of Catalunya practices that I've actually used the program Punto Pelota de Intereconomía TV, as the club believes that violate the code of ethics the Col · legi's image and damage our institution.

Later, FC Barcelona has suspended the use of media accreditation for TV Intereconomía giving access to the facilities of our Club, until it is restored from prejudice to its image with a public apology and stated in writing that these practices not repeat again.

FC Barcelona respects and informative editorial content in any medium, provided it does not violate the declaration of principles of journalism code of ethics contained in the Col · legid of Journalists of Catalunya ".

Meanwhile, Intereconomia TV program, has published on its website and in its official Twitter account a letter in which he says that "Barça censorship freedom of speech a violation of fundamental rights of the Spanish Constitution." (via MD)

[Barça withdrew accreditation to 'PuntoPelota']
FC Barcelona official made ​​a statement in which he announced that press accreditation withdrawn Intereconomia TV up to replenish the damage to the club with a public apology and to ensure that the latest actions are not repeated.

'PuntoPelota' and Intereconomía TV have been punished for FC Barcelona and will not have credentials to access the club.

Barça made ​​official his decision in a statement announcing that the situation will remain until the club is not recovered from the injury suffered in his image with a public apology and stated in writing that the past practices are not repeated again.

The filming of images of leaders of Barça in the show 'Estrelles del Futbol Català' with Miguel Garcia, president of L'Hospitalet, as a reporter 'infiltrated' trying to extract information and try to read the lips of coaching Barca in the final open training were the drops that filled the cup of patience of the directive.

Barça confirmed that informed the 'Col legi de Periodistes de Catalunya' the latest practices Intereconomía TV program, considering that "violate the code of ethics of the school and damage the image of our institution." (via SPORT)

FC Barcelona announcement

The Club has informed the Association of Journalists of Catalonia of the practices employed the Punto Pelota program. FC Barcelona has suspended press accreditation for Intereconomía TV.

FC Barcelona has informed the Association of Journalists of Catalonia of the practices that have recently been employed by Intereconomía TV’s Punto Pelota program. The Club believes that these practices violate the Association’s code of ethics and damage the image of our institution.

Furthermore, FC Barcelona has suspended Intereconomía TV’s press accreditation that gives access to the Club’s facilities until restitution is made for the damage inflicted on the Club’s image. The Club demands a public apology and assurance that these practices will not be employed in future.

FC Barcelona respects the content produced by any communication outlet, provided that statements made do not not violate the principles of journalism as stated in the code of ethics established by the Association of Journalists of Catalonia. (via FCBarcelona.com)

David Villa against child malnutrition

The 10 winners were able to share impressions and receive a t-shirt dedicated to Villa.
"We can all help that fewer children suffer malnutrition."

David Villa, Friend of UNICEF Spain since 2009, has participated on Friday at the launch of Unicef ​​official channel of Spain in the social network Myspace. "I also join in the fight against child malnutrition, we can all help that fewer children suffer this problem," said the player during the event, held at lasede animations in the Plaza de Catalunya in Barcelona.

Thanks to the collaboration of Myspace, with the launch of this new channel, UNICEF Spain aims to promote children's rights among social network users, starting his official website with a framed action Donate 1 Day campaign against child malnutrition . the filing comes days after laying.

The top scorer of the team maintains close contact travésde your blog and social networking with their fans. Participants in the contest rose Myspace pictures represented something special to them, which symbolically donated to improve the lives of children suffering from malnutrition.

The 10 contest winners have enjoyed meeting with David Villa, qui8en had collaborated previously Unifef campaigns, who were able to share impressions and receive a t-shirt dedicated. The meeting also helped Pablo Giménez-Salinas, president of UNICEF committee Catalonia, Cristobal Fernández, director of domunicación Tuenti. (via MD)

Messi-Falcao, grief of goal scorers at the Calderón

La 'pulga' has been a nightmare for Atletico, who already has scored fourteen goals.
The Colombian has signed fourteen goals in their first twenty games in the Spanish League.

Atlético Madrid-Barcelona next Sunday at the Vicente Calderón will face the powerful shot by Colombian Radamel Falcao, Atletico striker against the unstoppable talent of Argentine Leo Messi and Barça striker who already has scored fourteen goals in this rival.

A duel of big scorers to beat and Messi in the first clash between the two players in the Liga BBVA, on 24 September 2011 at the Camp Nou in the sixth round in a match that ended 5-0 in favor of the premises and in which Barcelona scored three goals and his second treble Atlético.

Messi has been a nightmare for Atletico, who already has scored fourteen goals in eleven league clashes. At three collected in the first round of this course, add another four in their meetings last season, two in 2009-10, at 5-2 in the Nou Camp, two, in 2008-09, one in 2007 - 08, and two in 2006-07. (via MD)

'Checho' Batista: "I wish I could train to Barcelona"

Sergio Batista, the former Argentina coach COMRàdio expressed his desire to coach at FC Barcelona.

Former Argentina coach Sergio "Checho" Batista has spoken at the program "Mas Esports' of COMRàdio and expressed his desire to lead one day to Leo Messi at FC Barcelona:" I wish I could train to Barcelona, ​​Messi wish I could lead the Barcelona. ""One always feels willing and able to lead a team like Barcelona," he added.

He also expressed hope that Pep Guardiola's Barça continue to face: "I would like to follow Guardiola why I'm making love with football."

"Football has to play like Barcelona does, I'm a big fan of Barcelona. I do not miss any match of Barcelona," said Batista. The figure glossed exseleccionado Guardiola: "Guardiola is one of the best coaches of football history, has proven in the field." "Guardiola showed it all, a great coach and I would like to stay at Barcelona," he added. (via SPORT)

Athletic reiterates his desire to play the Cup final at the Bernabéu

The Basque issued a statement in which he confirmed his willingness to contest the final cup-bearer at the stadium of Real Madrid and regretted that recent speculations do not favor either the clubs or hobbies.

The Athletic Club de Bilbao on Friday issued a statement on their website that wanted to make a series of "clarifications" regarding the possible date and venue for the final of the Copa del Rey, and to step out of the latest speculation.

The first clarification was referred to the site requested by the Basque side. "The venue requested by our bank to dispute the final, remains the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, as was stated in the first and only meeting held to date," said club.

The second point was a warning to the Federation, recalling that "the Athletic Club is still waiting for them to inform him officially the date and time of the second meeting."

Thirdly the Athletic made ​​it clear that "wishes to state that does not have any communication that your proposal has been rejected."

And finally, the locals wanted to call for caution and slow down the many speculations that have emerged in recent weeks: "The Athletic Club believes that any speculation about the date and place of the Cup final does not benefit the interests of the Federation, contending club, or indeed those of his hobbies. " (via SPORT)

Arda Turan, doubts to face Barça

The Turkish Arda Turan, Atlético Madrid midfielder is doubtful for Sunday's game against Barça by an overload in the adductor of the right thigh, suffered in training on Friday.

The footballer, who retired from the meeting for that reason, and subsequently underwent medical tests ruled out the break and confirming the overload. Their presence in the match against Barça depend on your progress in the coming hours and training on Saturday in Majadahonda.

Arda Turan's injury was the only mishap in the return to work Atletico after Thursday's victory against Lazio (1-0), in second leg of the knockout phase of the Europa League, the Madrid confirmed that all qualified for the next round of the competition.

The session also Adrián López and Argentine Eduardo Salvio were trained outside the group by an overload and a blow on his right ankle, respectively, but neither is of serious ailments and both will be available for Diego Pablo Simeone the duel against Barcelona.

Also be ready for that shock the Portuguese Tiago Mendes, now recovered from a contracture that had turned the last league match against Sporting and the first leg of the European League against Lazio. The center-half and went on Thursday in the call to the Italian, but did not play any minute.

The coach has only two low secure for the match against Barcelona's Brazilian playmaker Diego Ribas, who suffered a hamstring injury in Sunday's clash against Sporting Gijón and Antonio López, who continues his recovery from a hamstring injury. (via SPORT)

Ashley Cole, to 'throw' of Barça?

Ashley Cole can become one of the most desirable goals of football market next summer.

The English full-back could leave Chelsea next June. According to British media, London club owner Roman Abramovich would be willing to let go of his defense because of the differences between he and the coach, André Villas-Boas.

Cole would have questioned the approach of its coach for the poor results, including a 3-1 defeat last Tuesday at the Napoli in the Champions League. A circumstance that would have strained the relationship between them, but Villas Boas has come his way to deny it. This would be the reason why in Stamford Bridge would raise his departure, despite his contract ends in 2013.

If confirmed this, Cole would become a desirable piece that the 'market' international. This season there was speculation of a possible interest Barça, who would not stay only in the 'puja', since in the past he also searched for Real Madrid and Inter Milan. (via SPORT)

Barça still preparing for Atlético Madrid

Another training session with all the available first teamers plus Cristian Tello of Barça B. The injured Villa and Afellay worked out in the gym.

Barça are still getting ready for Sunday's away fixture at the Vicente Calderón against Atlético Madrid (21.30). They trained behind closed doors today on pitch number 2 at the Ciutat Esportiva. The session involved the same set of players that have been training all week, namely the eighteen fit members of the first team and Cristian Tello of Barça B.

While the 19 players worked out on the field, the injured David Villa and Ibrahim Afellay continued with their recovery programmes in the gym.

The team's last session before facing Atlético Madrid will be on Saturday, once again behind closed doors at the Ciutat Esportiva, this time at 18.00. Afterwards, Pep Guardiola will be giving a press conference.

The FC Barcelona party will fly out from Barcelona to Madrid on Sunday morning, where the first encounter between Guardiola and Diego Simeone as opposing managers kicks off at 21.30. (via FCBarcelona.com)