21 February 2012

Xavi only plan on playing, "Coach? But I have no license"

Xavi Hernández's name has appeared as a future possibility for the bench now occupied by a Pep Guardiola. The midfielder is no question as coach of FC Barcelona. Yesterday, during a promotional event for Adidas boots in Barcelona, could not be more eloquent. "No I wont. Is that I have no license!. Let me play, I'm a player and nothing else. I want to play many years," he said.

Since the conclusion of the match against Valencia until yesterday, all azulgrana players including Xavi, have been positioned for continued Guardiola. The Terrassa said. "I see him motivated. You happy with the team. There 'feedback' and hopefully renew" añandiendo that does not think his decision eel influence outcome of the League. "Not at all. We're in the competition."

He insisted that he is grateful "for what has given us." A Òscar Garcia himself is prepared if Pep decides not to continue in Camp Nou. "I think it will be a first class coach. Also has a great coaching staff."

Xavi believes that all options should rush in the league. "Our obligation is to be optimistic to think we can be leaders and not lose any more points." So expect "three terrible months" to try to hunt down the whites. "We will fight until the end."

As Pep, Xavi also believes that Barça and Madrid should not be measured by the 10 points that reflects the classification of la Liga. "I have the feeling that they are at a higher level. It is unfair the difference by how we played but not how it has played for Real Madrid. Seeing the two teams is much difference but football has details and luck and we do not I've had. "Did acknowledge that "sometimes lower the piston, but we competed well" and praised be recovered "positive dynamics".

Mourinho spent all of last season complaining arbitarles errors. Xavi still think Barça have hurt, but "mourn no avail", released at the time said that "frankly neither read or see it or not I have twitter follow him. At Real Madrid if I see it. I like listen more to see. "The equipo blanco "do not have particularly wanted. What do we want it to go up."

On stage the final of the Copa del Rey, midfielder called on the Spanish Football Federation and clubs to make a decision. "It seems that Madrid has refused. In Mestalla and we did well. It's a great stadium. The more people of the two clubs go the better."

Next up in the League Atlético Madrid will be a clear rise and morale refozarda. "Now everything is final, we can not give a draw and hope that Real Madrid picnhe. Atletico attack has improved. You noticed the arrival of Simeone in their motivation."

Finally, Xavi also said that Barça does not depend on a player. "We have the best player in the world but leaves Messi, Xavi go, the club is above any individuality." (via MD)

Barça Museum ends 2011 with record visitors and turnover

There has been an increase of 24% in the number of visitors and of 59% in turnover with respect to 2010. A total of 1,626,990 people visited the Camp Nou Experience last year. The Barça Museum is the third most visited in all of Spain.

2011 was the best year ever for the FC Barcelona Museum. The figures were astounding, with a massive increase of 24% in the number of visitors and of 59% in turnover with respect to 2010.

A total of 1,626,990 people visited the Camp Nou Experience last year, the combined name for the Stadium Tour, the Museum and the multimedia space. That's the highest figure in the 27 years of the Museum's history, and which beats the previous record of 1,397,574 visitors in 2007.

That means that Barça Museum is the third most visited in all of Spain, only behind The Prado (2,911,767) and the Reina Sofía (2,705,529). In Catalonia, it is still ahead of the Picasso Museum in Barcelona and Dalí Theatre-Museum in Figueres.

Busiest month July

As usual, it was in summer that the visitors were most intense. The highest attendance in 2010 was July with 271,992 visitors. On just one day, July 14, there were an amazing 13,659 visitors, the most visitors the Museum has ever had on a single day.

This figures reflect the growth detected at the Museu President Núñez last year, when visits rose by 20%. 2010 was the year that the facilities were modernised and transformed with the establishment of the Camp Nou Experience, a new route around the stadium that allows visitors to discover, experience and thrill with Barça, its players and its historic achievements.

The improvements to the Museum have continued in 2011. There is a special display of the 16 titles won in the 2010/11 season by the football teams and the other professional sports teams. More space has also been dedicated to the Foundation on the first floor. An audiovisual display is the main attraction here, which explores the values promoted by the Foundation through its alliances, programmes and campaigns in Catalonia and around the world.

The new items for 2011 also include a section dedicated to the Barça players that have won the Ballon d'Or, with special attention given to Leo Messi. Much of the audiovisual and multimedia content has also been updated, with specially dedicated videos to the achievements of the Guardiola era.

Free for members

Entrance to the Camp Nou Experience, which includes the Stadium Tour, the Museum and the multimedia space, is free for FC Barcelona members. The general public pay 22 euros, while the cost is just 16.50 euros for members of supporters clubs, students, OAPs, numerous families and children (6-13 years). Children under 5 get in for free. (via FCBarcelona.com)

Piqué: “This team can still for many more years”

“Sometimes in football things happen so fast that it seems like we have no memory and forget about the things we have done”. “

I don’t think Guardiola’s renewal depends on the players. He is proud of us and we have already spoken in public about what we want”.

"I think the difference in the league is excessive. We’re playing great football. There have been a lot of points we have dropped in the last few minutes”.

Speaking to Barça TV, Gerard Piqué has revealed much about current goings on at FC Barcelona. After thrashing Valencia in Sunday's league match, the centre back spoke about Barça's situation in that competition. "I think the difference in the league is excessive. We're playing great football. There have been a lot of points we have dropped in the last few minutes". Piqué thinks they now have to deal with things in the short term. "We shouldn't think about the distance right now. We have to go game by game. Try to enjoy ourselves, try to win and let's see if in a couple of months we are better positioned to close in on the leaders and make the league a bit more exciting".

He added that "we try to treat all games the same and it is going well for us in the Champions League. But we're finding it harder in the league. I think we've played well away from home, but the opposition also plays, they tend to keep things tight at the back and it's always hard to break down these defences, especially if they score first. There have been some great games, like the one at the Bernabéu, and others like the one in Pamplona, where things didn't work out so well. You start dropping points and end up in a situation that's not too good".

A lot has been said of late about the relationship between Piqué and Guardiola, but the centre back insists "there aren't any problems; we've been working together for years. I know what he wants from me and I don't think there are any problems in that sense. We have always spoken to each other face to face whenever there's been anything to be said and if there is anything wrong, then he wouldn't have any problem with coming up to me and saying it ... At the end of the day, if you listened to everything people say, you'd go crazy. You just have to concentrate on what you have to do and try to ignore what people are saying".

"I don't think it depends on us. The manager has always said he is proud of our performances and how we behave on the pitch. I think his biggest doubts are related to his family and his personal life. He has to dedicate 24 hours a day to football, and that's too much sometimes. We are doing all we can for him to renew. All the players have stated what we want and we are doing all we can on the pitch to show how much we would like him to stay with us. But it's his decision, and we have to respect it".

Gerard Piqué is confident that the end of the brilliant cycle is not upon us. "It's been going on for three and a half years now and things are still going very well. We mustn't forget that we've already won three titles this season, that makes 13 out of 16. Astounding. Sometimes in football things happen so fast that it seems like we have no memory and forget about the things we have done. OK, we're not in the league position we would have hoped to have been in at the start of the season, but we're still very alive in three competitions. I am convinced that this team can carry on doing as well for several more seasons". (via FCBarcelona.com)

Busquets: "The coach knows we are hungry"

One of the most positive aspects of Barcelona last Sunday was the insistence on squeezing the ball out of Valencia. You returned to be incisive in that respect they seemed to have lost.

Sergio Busquets: We know that if pressed above rivals come to us unless our goal while we create more chances. Sometimes things end up going well and that is the way forward.

After the good game and the win at Valencia, were you given to understand that this team Guardiola still want to increase the curriculum at the group level?

SB: We know a lot, both him and us it to us. Know that we are really hungry to get important things and we strive to be the first day.

Nevertheless, what is clear is that the League is still very complicated. Follow the 10-points gap with Real Madrid but with a day less.

SB: Bueno. We know that we let the league points for a number of things, but we will fight to the end. We all have very clear.

Did your injury is good now is cooler?

SB: No positive readings when you have to stop. You lose games you can not help the team as you like. We have the body used to playing every three days and would have preferred to be in everything.

The reaction against Valencia was very good.

SB: Complete and we knew we trace the own goal. We had a hard time killing the game, but we show that we again have opportunities. (via AS)

[Barça B] Eusebio continue next season on the bench for Barça B

Eusebio Sacristan will continue next season as coach of Barça B, after Barça applied its automatic renewal clause.

With better and worse moments, but Eusebio Sacristan has established on the bench for Barça B. And vallisoletano coach will have the opportunity to continue your project next season with the Blaugrana subsidiary.

When he signed as coach of Barça B earlier this season, Eusebio was presented with a one-year contract plus one. This means that the club could be applied automatically when you would like the renewal clause. And that made ​​a couple of months. He informed the coach and that, of course, accepted immediately. It was, for him, a sign of confidence on the part of the policy that allowed him to continue working with more quietness. (via SPORT)

[Youth] The cantera azulgrana celebrates Carnival with nearly perfect record

This week we have not played all the football teams of Barça training, but those who have offered their best release in different categories. The azulgranas have won 10 of the 11 matches they have played. The Benjamín D faced a team from a superior in a friendly match and scored a major victory by 7-0.

The Infantil A faced the Sabadell, which is last in the standings. The team of Fran Sánchez and Xavi Franquesa dominated throughout the match and had possession of the ball. The azulgranas were imposed without much difficulty the visitors thanks to goals from Javi Ruiz (2), Lee (2) and Morer (2). With these three points, the azulgranas get the lead in the standings, but are awaiting matches Espanyol and Cornellà.

clear victory Alevín A. The start of the match was dominated by the azulgranas, who made big plays, but did not reach complete them. The game continued with a bunt constant between boys of Marcel Sans and Isaac Garcia, but did not have too many chances, but left no visiting team to reach the goal. In 23 minutes the first goal came at the hands of Ben. The azulgranas continued to defend strongly after the second and third goal and eventually sentenced Mamadou the game in the fourth quarter.

Hard game for of Barça alevins. Espanyol dominated the entire first half and imposed his game. The azulgrana defense was strong but could not prevent it 2-0. In the second part the boys of Jordi Font and Jordi Puig came out much stronger and able to impose the azulgrana game, and actually got two goals but the second was disallowed for offside. Labinot scored the only goal of the Barça.

Freehold of the whole Alex Gómez and Alexis Pinto in the municipal Congost. The Alevín C enjoyed numerous occasions and, although offered a very vertical meeting was very effective in front of goal. The goals of the day ran by Èric Garcia, Àlex Sada, Take, Adrià, Marc Guerrero and Guillermo Amor.

Benjamín A goleada of in the field Municipal de L'Hospitalet. The team of Marc Serra and David Sánchez managed to overcome the defensive approach of L'Hospitalet with equipment moves, and little by little, he found the holes in the home defense. The opponent had no chance of danger throughout the game thanks to the good game, both on the defensive and the offensive, the barcelonista set. The goals of the meeting were given by Ilash (3), Aitor, Kais Toni, Marc and Álvaro.

The comfortable game for the guys of Sergi Milá and Òscar Jorquera. The Sant Andreu pressed in the first minutes of play to the azulgranas, but Benjamín B managed to overcome the visiting team with speed and good play. Barça enjoyed numerous occasions and had a high percentage of possession, so he could win with ease thanks to goals from Iker González (3), Èric Iglesias and Òscar Romero.

The Benjamín C took the victory in the field of San Ildefonso. The home side came out with a very defensive and held in their own field, but the team of Christian Catena and Albert Puig learned search spaces with patience and a very combinative game. The locals took the lead in the first quarter with a goal from Alexander, but before going to break the San Ildefonso tied the game. However, the azulgranas got the win with a goal of Johnny in the third quarter.

The Benjamín D was faced with the Vic, a team of senior and senior year, in a friendly match. The boys of Jordi Pérez and David Sánchez were gradually entering the game and outscored his opponent, very physical, with a very quick ball movement and pace of play high. Marc Pelaz (2), Nadir (2), Gabi, Mamadou and Arnau scored the goals for azulgrana in the day.

The azulgranas deserved victory. The first part of the match was dominated by the group of Rafa Rodríguez and Juan Antonio Gil, who did not let the visiting team came on goal. In the third quarter the azulgranas had some inaccuracies that visitors took advantage to score three consecutive goals, but after the last goal of Sistrells, the Prebenjamin went back into the match and took possession of the ball. Marc (3), Sergi (2), Pol and Abdoul scored the goals azulgranas for the day. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Future Guardiolas

Barça is aware that the style of the team should prevail over the names: the profile of possible replacement for Pep is well defined.

Pep Guardiola will not be the Barça coach next season is almost unimaginable scenario for the board, staff and the fans. But the fact remains that the situation requires the club to think about alternatives. The board has not set up any parallel negotiation or has planned to open other options because it is clear that the overriding priority is to wait for Guardiola, but in the offices of the club there is unanimity in defining the profile of the coach have to take over from Pep.

The philosophy and style of play are not discussed, so that the list of coaching candidates for the bench of the Camp Nou names like Luis Enrique, Òscar García, although you can leave the club at the end of the season to continue his learning, announced Catalunya Radio, or even long term, Xavi if he decided to make a career as a coach.

They would be the 'new guardiolas', ie young coaches prepared and attached to a touch football and possession, with an inescapable calling offensive and extremely knowledgeable about the intricacies of the club, a detail that the board and especially the sporting value. Luis Enrique, his first year living in Italy at the head of Roma, noted as a possible alternative to Pep. For many, it is the natural replacement for Guardiola, for his way of thinking about the game. The Asturian has already been relieved at Barça B, when Guardiola took the first team after rising to a subsidiary of Third to Second Division B. Luis Enrique took on the challenge of ascending to the team to Second Division A and succeeded in his second season. His football philosophy is similar to that of Pep, with a 4-3-3 as the base schema, although the Asturian coach gives more importance to the physical factor and is reputed to be a coach harder in the disciplinary aspect.

The name of Òscar García fleet in the environment as one of the natural successors of the current coach of Barça. The ex player of FC Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Espanyol, now coach of Juvenil is the assistant Johan Cruyff in the Catalan selection. Its harmony with the Dutch makes it the best representative of the style of play and possession of the Barça. Relations between policy Rosell and Cruyff not cross his best, but if the Dutch had to decide on the ideal relay Guardiola, put on the table the name of Òscar Garcia, who last season won all the titles at stake in Youth and the last few days his name sounds, Shakhtar Donetsk.

To his credit plays a profound knowledge of the quarry and the support of Guardiola, who is well aware of his opinion when players move up to youth and subsidiary.

And long-term thinking, a number of managers who would welcome an opportunity to give Xavi if the midfielder decides to become a football coach when you leave the active. This is a remote hypothesis, but many believe that the best way to preserve the DNA of the team. (via SPORT)

Open negotiation with Guardiola

Zubizarreta and Pep Guardiola met last week to address the future of the coach and the settings in the template.

Pep Guardiola is not clear. The coach is torn between the need to take a break and leave the bench for Barça or accept the renewal offer Blaugrana and cope with their fifth consecutive season in front of the locker room at the Camp Nou. The coach does not hide and she said so publicly at a press conference. The Santpedor takes time and the dome of the club has already stepped forward to confirm that you will need all the room before making his decision. While Barça boils, the leaders of the plot breathe sports Can Barça cautious optimism, although it is obvious that they handle privileged information.

On Saturday, Vice President Josep Maria Bartomeu, said in an interview with SPORT had no reason to doubt the renewal of Guardiola. The manager was playing with an advantage in its manifestation. As confirmed by this newspaper, in the course of last week, the coach had an important meeting with Andoni Zubizarreta. The meeting between the coach and the executive was far beyond the routine appointments in the offices of the Ciutat Esportiva. The talk reviewed the day to day, but also made a final section on the renewal of Pep. The director of professional football would have raised the concerns generated by the delay of Guardiola would have and sounded the axis on which turns the internal debate of the coach. The environment of the coach insists it needs a bit more time to clarify their ideas. The Barça dressing room requires absolute dedication and commitment and Guardiola has spent years in front of the most successful sports project in the history of the club have also become toll. The internal and external pressures are inevitable, but Pep has learned to live with them. Of course, the leaders Barca have been asked a little more leeway.

Bartomeu and Zubizarreta are convinced that the signing of the renewal of Guardiola is a matter of time. They take refuge in a very significant fact. Pep maintained the same pattern of work than in previous seasons. Regardless of the date of expiry of his contract, the Santpedor has played a decisive chapter of renovations and upgrades Barça B players to the first team from next summer. What's more transcendental. In the area of ​​high and low, in the delicate tracing of the market, the coach has been implicated as always, no sign of an approaching end. As to the first team, nothing has been retouched without Pep was aware. Another key element that invites us to think that nothing will change in a matter of months, is derived from the pre-season planning 2012-13. The current structure has submitted their suggestions in order to adapt the economic requirements of the marketing department with the needs of physical work.

Players, coaches and Barça fans in general expect a positive outcome soon. However, those close to Guardiola warned that the future of coach will not resolve the fast track. The agenda is not checked, no specific date or key party, the moratorium could last about a month. That really is a time estimate to see if Pep renewed as Barça coach or will come an end. (via SPORT)

Inter and Chelsea, the first to take positions to sign Guardiola

The coach maintains a large sign in the best leagues, in Italy and England, the great and move to achieve a procurement card 'bomb'.

The sign of Pep Guardiola will let you choose your destination when you decide to leave Barça: the continent's most powerful clubs yearn to have him on the bench, to the extent that some have decided to launch all its machinery to stand in good stead in the starting grid for the race to hire him. Guardiola knows the interest of several English clubs and Italian: both Inter and Chelsea have already tried to make a move to sign it.

The English club, for example, is already working to find a substitute for André Villas Boas, as the Portuguese coach is not meeting the expectations it raised after his brilliant season with Porto. Chelsea were sent over the weekend in Spain to probe the possible substitutes Villas Boas with two priorities: Marcelo Bielsa and Pep Guardiola. For Bielsa was strong and refused to receive the envoys of the English side. Inter also be fight for Guardiola to Milan a few days ago, speculation soared to the point that the former player Gianluca Vialli said he had a good chance that Pep was with Inter coach Roberto Baggio as an assistant. (via SPORT)

Atlético Madrid loses to Diego for the match against Barça.

The Atletico Madrid Brazilian midfielder, Diego Ribas suffered a broken fibers in the rectus femoris of the quadriceps of the right thigh, as confirmed by tests that are submitted this Monday.

Diego had to retire injured in the course of the meeting that his team measured with Sporting Gijón in El Molinón and ended with the end result of a tie.

The midfielder was already on Monday morning under the command of physiotherapists to start the recovery process of his physical problems and was not yet know the exact extent of the injury.

Waiting to know the exact time will be out for, Diego certainly will miss the return of the knockout phase of Europa League against Lazio, which takes place next Thursday and the meeting that the weekend face to the mattress with Barcelona at the Vicente Calderón. (via SPORT)

[Youth] Òscar Garcia Junyent will leave Barça when the season ends

Óscar García Junyent will leave FC Barcelona at the end of the season. This has been assured the program 'El Club de la Mitjanit' of Catalunya Ràdio this Monday night, although coach Juvenil A azulgrana has one year left on his contract.

The ex player and assistant Johan Cruyff in front of the selecció de Catalunya earlier this year rejected an offer to coach a team in the Europa League and thus end his time at Can Barça in the month of June.

Carles Rexach had declared this Monday to COM Ràdio that he saw Òscar García Junyent "prepared when Pep leaves, I hope will be within three years."

'Charly' considered that "the substitute of Guardiola should be of the house or to know it" and that for him, besides Òscar, "Koeman, Laudrup, Valverde or Ivan Of Peña" would fit.

Finally he assured that he was "surprised" that both the Dutch and Danish "are waiting for the opportunity to train to Barça." (via MD)

Dani Alves visit Sierra Nevada after spending several days in Granada with permission of the club

The full-back of FC Barcelona's Brazilian Dani Alves was here Monday the winter resort of Sierra Nevada to put an end to a five-day visit to Grenada, with permission of the club and could not take his team to play with yesterday's match against Valencia through suspension.

Alves has been accompanied, among others, by officials of the winter season and the manager of marketing and advertising of Granada CF, Álvaro Pérez, who knows from its path by Sevilla FC, Efe reported sources of the winter season.

The Brazilian international, who has agreed to sign autographs and be photographed with different groups of students with whom he agreed, visited different places of the Granada station and has fun in some of the recreational attractions of the park where, even, has mounted in a "Russian sleigh."

Alves has been in Granada since last Thursday, when he attended at night to the concert given by singer India Martinez, taking advantage of FC Barcelona was allowed unable to play, being sanctioned, the Spanish League match in which his team won 5-1 at Valencia. (via MD)

Cesc Fabregas off a few days in London with his friends at Arsenal

Cesc Fàbregas has revealed on his Twitter account (@ cesc4official) located in London. The midfielder has taken two and a half days of rest Pep Guardiola has given them (Barça returns to training on Wednesday afternoon) to move to the English capital, where he keeps close friends.

The Arenys has hung a picture Arsenal's Tomas Rosicky. Czech is one of the best friends of Cesc, that maintains contact with most players of his former team, as well as others who left the team as Hleb or Flamini. One is Robin van Persie, who ends contract with the Gunners in 2013 and want to reconnect with Fàbregas at the Camp Nou. (via MD)

Pelé: “This Barça is like my Santos”

Pelé, the Brazilian living legend, praises Barça’s play style and places the Catalan Club alongside the best teams in the history of the sport.

Edson Arantes de Nascimento ‘Pelé’ talked about Guardiola’s Barça in an interview with FIFA. The Brazilian places the Catalan side amongst the best teams in the history of the sport: “I’ve been watching this Barça side a lot lately and they’re like Santos were in my heyday, or the great Benfica, Ajax, AC Milan and Real Madrid sides. They all set the standard in their day.”

O Rei Pelé is clear: “the key to their success was the fact they had settled line-ups over a long period of time. Don’t forget that Barça is the core of the Spanish team. There’s a connection there, just as there was between Ajax and the Dutch national team all those years ago and between Santos and Brazil.”

Just in case there were any doubts about Pelé’s preferred style of play, the Brazil legend said: “this is the football people want to see and I really hope it’s the blueprint for the future. I really hope skill wins out over strength. Look at Germany. They play a much more technical game today, and that’s the football we want to see. We want to see the ball moving, not the players, and you only get that with teams that are really well organised. That’s they way Barça play today an that’s the way my Santos played. I was very lucky.”(via FCBarcelona.com)

Italian award for Xavi Hernández

The Barça midfielder is awarded the Bulgarello Número 8 award. The accolade is given out by the Italian Football Player Association with the support of FIFPro.

Xavi Hernández received a new acknowledgement from the footballing world. Barça’s midfield maestro won the first edition of the Premio Bulgarelli Número 8, sponsored by the Italian Football Players Association with the support of FIFPro. The other finalists were Daniele de Rossi (Roma) and Bastian Schweinsteiger (Bayern Munich).

The award ceremony, well attended by well-known athletes, was held at the Palazzo Accursio in Bologna. However, the President of the Bulgarelli Association, Luigi Colombo, Italian Football Players Association President, Damiano Tommasi, and Secretary General, Gianni Grazioli, awarded Xavi his trophy at the Ciutat Esportiva.

The selection of the three finalists was made by a jury chaired by the ex-England manager Fabio Capello. The jury is made up of historic ex-players like Luis Suárez, Gianni Rivera, Giovanni Trapattoni, Sandro Mazzola, José Altafini, Sergio Campana, César Prandelli, Damiano Tommasi, and Luigi Colombo. Journalists from Italian and international daily sports news outlets are also part of the jury. (via FCBarcelona.com)

Iniesta: “The feeling is very similar to previous years”

The midfielder told Barça TV that the team is as enthusiastic ever, but admits that they have dropped far too many points in the league.

One of the stars of Barça's stunning display against Valencia, Andrés Iniesta, spoke to 'El Marcador' on Barça TV after the 5-1 win. "It is very difficult to keep up the same level in every game, but the feeling is very similar to previous years. But it's true that we have dropped far too many points".

He added that "we always try to present a good image of ourselves and transmit good sensations. The reality is that we need to get three points out of three in all our games and hope that Real Madrid slip up ... We have to keep working the same as ever and fight for all of the titles ... It won't be easy to catch them up but the team has reacted the right way ... They are keen to things well".

Andrés Iniesta also spoke about how much the squad would hate to lose Pep Guardiola. "I hope he renews and stays with us" he said. "He has to decide, but he knows that the team wants him to stay on. That's what everyone wants ... To me, Guardiola seems enthusiastic. He still a lot of nice things to experience here". He finished with words for the multiple goalscorer last night. "We have to keep enjoying Messi, and he has to keep enjoying the team" he said. (via FCBarcelona.com)

[Barça B] Barça B - Hercules: emotion live on Miniestadi

The set of Eusebio Sacristán needs the support of the fans for the next league match against Hercules, played in the Miniestadi this Friday (21.00 am).

The next Friday 24 February, Barça B will face seventh in the league ahead, Hércules, at 21.00 in the Miniestadi. Tickets can be purchased from 15 euros through the club ticket office. Having lost by the minimum in the field of champions, Deportivo de La Coruña, Eusebio Sacristán men need more than ever, support of the fans to return to their run and get a win against Hércules.

Barça B will attempt to follow, with the help of fans, his winning streak at home, where they remain unbeaten since October. (via FCBarcelona.cat)