19 February 2012

In England come to Guardiola "prepared" to relieve Wenger at Arsenal

The media seize the Arsenal debacle sport and Pep's doubts about his renewal with Barça to link the future of Santpedor coach to all 'gunner'.

Premier League Media longs for Pep Guardiola. If a few weeks ago Real Madrid's José Mourinho was the object of desire of most top teams in the Premiership, now is the Santpedor coach who takes over after his recent remarks in which he showed his doubts to renew its link as coach of FC Barcelona.

And the first Guardiola potential destinations in England have just begun to come to light through various informative publications. The newspaper 'Daily Mail' was quick to echo his opinions and considered that Pep is "ready" to assume the Arsenal bench.

After passing through sports deblace the Gunners, with special emphasis on the catastrophic last week, virtually out of the Champions League after the win (4-0) in Milan and eliminated from the FA Cup-the press already assumes that Arsène Wenger cycle in London is nearing its end, after a drought of titles this season will be extended until seven campaigns.

Since the American Stan Kroenke became Arsenal's majority shareholder, the London club fired his popularity. A media impact, however, is closely linked to the success of the team sports, and could be diminished after recent disappointments.

After seeing that Wenger does not give the key to revive the team, all eyes from the Emirates Stadium would point to Pep Guardiola, especially after his recent remarks in which left open the future and have become a bonanza for the press English, eager to put rumors to new coaches on the bench whose coaches flirt with the dismissal. (via SPORT)

Keita points to the regular against Valencia

Malian midfielder could be one of the biggest bets of Pep Guardiola in the starting lineup that has tonight against Valencia at the Camp Nou.

The staff of the first team was brought in on Sunday morning at the Camp Nou, the scene of the encounter that will be measured against Valencia tonight Unai Emery.

The training highlighted the performance of Xavi, who was brought to normal, and the presence of Bartra, Montoya, Tello and Muniesa, the subsidiary, which could be included in the call to facilitate the coaching staff.

One that will be on that call and aspires to the ownership after weeks away, it's Seydou Keita. Malian midfielder would take minutes as Barca after his trip to the African Nations Cup.

Keita would be big news and big boost in midfield against Valencia, while the defense is expected to return to Gerard Piqué title tonight, after being out of the squad in the final match of Champions in Leverkusen. Piqué would be a novelty, together with the presence of Adrian. The Brazilian would supply low due to suspension of compatriot Dani Alves and occupy the left lane of the defense, while Puyol back to basics, getting back to the right full-back.

Messi in attack and Alexis seem fixed, while Iniesta is the one with more numbers to complete a trident luxury with which to try a successful assault on the goal defended by Diego Alves.

And if Fuentealbilla and is fully integrated into the dynamics of the group and could confirm his starting role, Xavi could follow in his footsteps gradually to enter the call and have a few minutes. Great news, no doubt for Barça at the gates of the decisive stretch of the season. (via SPORT)

FC Barcelona - València: Another ‘Cup Final’

21.30, Canal+ and Radio Barça – Eleven days after their Cup semi-final duel, Barça welcome Valencia back to the Camp Nou determined to keep alive their hopes of regaining the league title.

It's not a Cup tie but it might just as well be. Tonight, FC Barcelona needs another win against Valencia, the same opponent they knocked out of the Cup eleven days ago, in order to maintain their chances of winning La Liga. Barça are 13 points off top spot after Real Madrid's win defeat on Saturday and urgently need the points from tonight's game to keep in touch with the league leaders.

Josep Guardiola has a total of 20 players to choose from, 16 from the senior squad (Villa, Afellay and Fontàs are still out injured while Mascherano and Alves are serving match bans), plus four players from Barça B. The good news is that Seydou Keita is once again available after missing the last eleven matches due to the Africa Cup of Nations.

Xavi, Busquets and Adriano, who all had slights knocks on Thursday and trained separately from the main group, should be available but will remain a doubt until the last moment. Montoya, Bartra, Muniesa and Tello could also find themselves on the final squad list.

What ever happens, Guardiola will be forced to field a changed side from the one that defeated Valencia in the return leg of the Cup semi-final. Without Alves (though he didn't feature in the starting line-up in the Cup) and Mascherano, the main doubt in Guardiola's mind will be focussed on the back four, where three players -Piqué, Puyol and Abidal - would appear to be guaranteed a place. The defensive quartet could be made up by any of Montoya, Bartra or Muniesa, or indeed Busquets or Adriano, assuming they're fully fit.

Valencia boss Unai Emery will also be fielding a different team. He looks set to welcome back his first choice striker, Roberto Soldado, who dropped out of the squad for the Cup match at the last moment. However, the manager will be without Barragán and Ever Banega, both of whom have right knee problems. Unai Emery has brought 21 players with him to Barcelona and will be looking to improve on their last outing in the Cup. But they'll be up against a Barça side who are determined to stay in the hunt for the league title. (via FCBarcelona.com)

Diego Alves: "There is a trick to to stop him a penalty by Messi"

Overcome some discomfort and if Unai Emery remains in the ownership, Diego Alves (Río de Janeiro, 24.06.1985) back today to extend the mittens to try to stop Barça. Valencia have not won at the azulgrana or the game of the first round of la Liga or in the two semifinals of la Copa The Brazilian goalkeeper is confident that this time will be different and keep out Messi, who is I stopped everything in la Copa, even a penalty.

Again a Barça-Valencia, the fourth of this season.

Let's see if we win this time. We could use.

Can you draw any conclusions from the previous three?

That against Barça is very difficult to raise the match. It has a high possession of the ball, very good players who know what they do and always create chances. But it will be different from the others. All games are different.

In la Copa, at the Camp Nou, planted face.

Yes, I play one on one and not easy to do in their stadium. And yet it was insufficient. I hope this time is different and we win.

Say it is not the same Barça ...

Some people have the idea that is wrong, but Leverkusen have shown the opposite. Barça has a unique style and although it has had injuries and all, is the best in the world.

But the League is the leader in Madrid.

Madrid is the only approach that has achieved but Barça still playing at a very high level and it is difficult to beat. I love to see them play. La Liga is not over.

Some teams have earned them.

What happens is that they know more, we know how to push them and where to attack.

Barça, Madrid ... and Valencia, the leader of the other league.

Our goal is to win games and be as close as we can Barça and second place. We must go a step further and at the Camp Nou can.

They played the Europa League on Thursday. We hear complaints about the limited time frame.

Of course we are tired but there is calendar. No excuses are worth.

Lately you have taken with Messi, stop it all.

Every day is different. I've stopped, it is true, but I have checked.

I remember that hat trick in a 0-8 at Almeria.

We are not out anything. It was terrible.

He saved a penalty to Leo in la Copa. Tell me the trick during the game if there is another. I will not tell the Argentinean.

(Laughter) No, no trick. I do deep studies of the players who throw a penalty. Choose an option, I have intuition and luck. A Messi need not study him. We see him every hour, every day. Fail or not is the best in the world.

Lucky? But if you have been issued 19 penalties, has stopped 11 and have thrown two out.

It kept small penalties. I try to be quiet. I look at the movement of a player before hitting the ball and try to anticipate. I move from one side to another to cause him to throw from where I shot. And that's it. I grew up with this facility.

Luck and faith.

I am a strong believer but I have faith. Wear gloves drawn in Virgen Aparecida. In the top or palm, it depends.Ah! And sometimes in the big toe.

Messi said something after to stop him the last.

No. We said hello and nothing else.

When you see Messi running fast what comes to mind?

I look and think. 'must stop', that the defense is very together and leave no spaces. Has many resources and many ways to score.

Are smarting from the Copa?

Everyone saw what happened with the hand of Pinto. We do not know what had happened to him expelled. In football there is always controversy.

You are a reference on penalties And Víctor Valdés?

It's spectacular. Play very well and not just stopping balls. It has great difficulty their game with your feet when you are depressed. It has also been crucial stops that saved the Barça. This and other years.

Is in the selection, as you would with Brazil. What are your personal goals?

I have 26 years and want to continue growing. Consistency counts for a lot and life of a goalkeeper is checkered, you should be prepared for a good regularity. My dream would be a champion of everything.

How do you see Guardiola and Emery?

Guardiola is amazing. He has grown a lot as a coach. Has managed to make the best of Barça and is a righteous person. Unai is a hard worker, has found its space. It has a great personality and successes.

"There I attended the rumors about Barça"
A few summers while still in Almeria and after the first year of Pep Guardiola on the bench of the Camp Nou, the name of Diego Alves sounded to reinforce the goal of Barça. Valencia goalkeeper heard the news but do not take the hint. "Yes, I heard rumors but did not pay much attention," he says. The Brazilian says that "one Barça's turned to me at any time, so it was not worth paying attention." And just saying that "I am very happy at Valencia". (via MD)

Messi and Busi, a card suspension

In addition to the absence through injury, Barça record for the match tonight at the Camp Nou against Valencia casualties through suspension of two of its strongholds, Argentina's Javier Mascherano and Brazilian Dani Alves, which severely limits the possibilities of Pep Guardiola's team to make their lineup. The disciplinary situation ahead of Barça's future is not very reassuring days. Two players as important as Leo Messi and Sergio Busquets have accumulated four cards, so they are a single admonition to be suspended. And the next game is at the Calderón. (via MD)

Barça reported a special permit to Alves

The suspension for a game that must meet Dani Alves in the game tonight has given him, curiously, a long weekend off. Mundo Deportivo Already reported that the Brazilian international was in Granada on Friday, taking advantage of the azulgrana squad did not train. Alves was not in session yesterday morning in the Ciutat Esportiva and, according to the club, nor shall it in this morning, always with permission. The tour of Alves to Andalusia was openly and. As local media picked up the Barca defender was in some entertainment and also attended a concert by singer Cordoba India Martínez. No hiding. (via MD)

Premier League stalks Pep Guardiola if not renewed by Barça

The great English interpret the delay as an opportunity to sign him.

Pep Guardiola has become the main focus of the Premier League. While Barça expects a 'yes' in response to the renewal offer, the most powerful English clubs dream of the contrary, by giving cycled on the bench for Barça and English may undertake the adventure, to be resisted as player. All interpret the delay as a good sign for them, while in barcelonista entity will continue to believe that Pep.

At least four clubs have seriously considered the signing of Guardiola: both of Manchester, Chelsea and Arsenal. All of them seriously reconsider their current structures if they had a 'yes' Pep, initiate a project with the current azulgrana coach at the front and would be willing to make available everything that needed it. Another big as Liverpool looks more from a distance, above all for his financial problems.

At Chelsea regret having signed to Villas-Boas, faced with a changing room in which there was credible and that has earned. Wenger's Arsenal wanders without ambition and Alsatian coach already has dried up credit. But Manchester is not London but speaking more than Guardiola. The City would not hesitate to switch to Mancini by Pep and discussion of the succession of Sir Alex Ferguson has long been open in the United. The Scottish coach could announce soon, well informed sources said the Old Trafford club, which will only once again, this time for good.

This scenario would give a margin of one year Guardiola to be the replacement for Ferguson. The other clubs that would interest Pep and that in turn would be willing to sign him in need of a more imminent. The United can keep alive his dream of signing him in 2013, very much in tune with the immediate plans of Pep, if ultimately not renew for Barça could tomarseun sabbatical.

From Barça is valued above all, his ability to work. Barça played well, very well, football, but also a team whose players defend as if their life, something that really like in England. It is striking also much work with the base, an area in which most English clubs have become obsolete.

Barça still waiting for Pep move tab in the renewal of his contract. From the coach environment is apparent optimism and can almost certainly say that the technician does not provide training in the Premiership, at least next season. And the club is confident that barcelonista coach will continue, but became a pressing need to announce it. The next two weeks continue to set the agenda barcelonista: after that period, we must start thinking about a plan 'B'.

The succession of Sir Alex
One of the most obvious choices for Pep Guardiola finished training in England is Manchester United. If Ferguson, as some sources say, decided to go to the end of next year, two names emerge as candidates to replace: Pep Guardiola and José Mourinho.
The Portuguese have always been noted as one of the favorites for Ferguson, with whom he had a controversy in his time at Chelsea but not without some complicity, especially when both shot at Wenger. They share a taste for provocation and combativeness dialectic.
However, not everyone at United is in favor of a technician able to stick his finger in the eye to a colleague. The club will consider carefully the views of Ferguson to name his successor, but also the view of others. For example, Sir Bobby Charlton, who has a very negative view of Mou. (via MD)

Barça look for a triumph over the doubts against Valencia

Barça to forget Pamplona with a victory that allows to dream and grow.
Keeping alive la Liga back to better Piqué and convince Pep, other challenges.

The clear victory in Leverkusen (1-3) that put Barca on the verge of the quarter-finals of the Champions League has not healed the wound that caused the defeat last Saturday against Osasuna (3-2). The team azulgrana is required to overcome Valencia tonight to continue to aspire to a league title but not impossible and at 13 points away temporarily after yesterday's controversial victory of Real Madrid (4-0) over Racing at the Santiago Bernabéu. Pep Guardiola's players, champions of the last three editions of the regular tournament, they must keep fighting and winning while waiting for the leader to fail in the next few days. And if this hypothesis difficult to enforce (by the obvious quality merengue and arbitration support) are not motivated enough, there's another incentive: a win would consolidate second place and prevent harassment of Valencia, third place for a win that would place five points.

The trip to Osasuna also caused a 'crisis' in the relationship between Guardiola and Piqué, who on Tuesday was in the stands of the BayArena technical decision. If there was punishment, today will be lifted because low through suspension Alves and Mascherano did not leave too many tactical options. In any case, it is a good chance of Piqué to claim that class can never run out of a pitch in the Champions League. Perhaps that's the reaction you are looking Guardiola soul with its disposal against Bayer.

The 3-2 of the Reyno de Navarra also planted questions about the physical state of Xavi, with discomfort in the soleus, which did not play on Saturday as a precaution before falling back in training on Sunday and also lost la cita europea. Yesterday worked normally for a good part of the session, but until just before tonight's game not been postponed. Keita, back after the African Nations Cup, is prepared, as well as four subsidiary defenses: Montoya, Bartra, Muniesa and Tello. The first dispute with ailing the seat vacated by Adriano Alves on the right full-back. Nor is it a 3-4-3 rule.

The team also has the daily challenge of trying to convince Guardiola to renew, which is in the air, even more so after his remarks yesterday. And that can be achieved with the best attitude and the great football ever in the Camp Nou in La Liga that has seen only a stumbling block: 0-0 against Sevilla. With three titles won (Supercup of Spain, European Super Cup and Club World Cup), a guaranteed final (Cup) and stroking the quarterfinals of the Champions League, players also deserve the support of a hobby to a Valencia's rival as vital, as demonstrated in the semifinal copera who want to avenge Emery's team. (via MD)

Barça follow to Gastón Ramirez of Bologna

Gastón Ramirez has 4 goals and 4 assists in 14 games in Serie A.
Noted for its mobility, vertical and notable football with or without the ball.

According to the string 'Sky Italia', the club 'spied' to Gastón Ramirez, 21 years old Uruguayan international, in the Inter-Bologna on Friday, resulted in overwhelming victory for the team by 0-3 in the versatile player who plays left-handed .

Ramirez, who started and replaced by Kone on 70 minutes, can act left wing, right wing and attacking midfielder. In the 3-4-2-1 usually bet on the Bologna, Ramírez, known for their mobility, vertical and notable soccer with or without the ball, often works behind the art Di Vaio and create danger for banda or the center.

Again according to program Sky Sport 24, the Milan is the third game that Barcelona has tracked Gastón, who has 4 goals and 4 assists in 14 games in Serie A so far faced. Ramirez ended up in the 'calcio' in summer 2010 from the Peñarol.

Bologna sources have confirmed to Sky Sport 24 the presence of an emissary azulgrana in the match against the 'Nerazzurri', although so far there has been no contact or offer. (via MD)

Expand the Botiga of Camp Nou

FC Barcelona continues to break records in sales in its marketing department. Having the best team in the world on and off the field has exploded in recent years the international projection of a club that has become universal reference on how to maximize revenues in a brutal atypical. The FCBotiga of Camp Nou is the clearest example. Inaugurated on December 22, 1998 under the leadership of Josep Lluís Núñez months after sealing a partnership with Nike that continues to linger almost 15 years later, the official store of the company has undergone several renovations and is expected shortly to undertake a further extension to cope with an influx of visitors each year more spectacular.

While on game days is when there are more tails, is frenetic activity on weekdays. Be the endpoint of the tour of the Museum and Stadium ('CampNou Experience'), which generated a historic high of 19 million euros last season, is another factor that contributed to making the Nike store FCBotiga most bill worldwide. Neither the colossal Nike Town in London, with four plants at the confluence of the downtown and tourist Regent Street and Oxford Street, above the warehouse receipts of Barca, place of worship and stop for those barcelonistas who want to stay up to date and walking club colors.

Besides clothing and accessories from the U.S. multinational, the articles of 'merchandising' with the arms of Barça have been skyrocketing in sales outpacing the 'megastores' from English clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal or Chelsea, who led the way in this section.

With two plants currently the FCBotiga will be even bigger with the full conviction that the kit for the 2012-13 season, which has met with suspicion in many quarters of FC Barcelona, will sell like hotcakes beating a record year for revenue benefit of a Barça perceived 30 million euros annually from Nike over 'royalty'.

While waiting to see how the project Espai Barça, the club will use the extension of the FCBotiga for greater use of the forecourt area of Camp Nou, a few months free of parked cars, and the Boulevard, the broad avenue the Palau Blaugrana, on one side, and the Office store d'Atenció the Barcelonista, on the other. (via MD)

Emery: "We know how difficult it is to win the Barça but we can do"

"We have to adjust details and that these sensations are improved with the idea of winning."
"You have to make control over Messi, on Alexis, Iniesta and Cesc, which makes us much harm."

Valencia coach Unai Emery has said that after the three meetings that have dealt with the whole 'che' with the azulgrana should "change" some details and, above all, "minimize errors" to try out with prize this Sunday of Camp Nou.

"We must change. We have three games this season against Barcelona with three good feeling, two draws and one loss. Not enough for our interests, we need more, we have to adjust details and that these sensations are improved with the idea of winning. Are we talking about a tough match? can we? have we been around? Yes have we succeeded? No, "said coach conclusively Gipuzkoa at a news conference.

"The last reference against Barcelona, the only one in the stadium, is that we made mistakes they have the capacity to exploit. We have to minimize errors. In attack we have hurt, we have had success but we must also be more consistent to be able reaching its goal. What we have had in the three games we must take firm: personality, "he added.

Emery also said that to be five points Guardiola's team after the game is a motivation. "Our preparation is aimed at winning. Our mentality is meant to be ambitious and make a reality which is that to win would shift from being eight points to five. Tomorrow is our chance, only happens once. We play all our assets, "he said.

The Valencia coach also downplayed the losses of the azulgrana Dani Alves and Javier Mascherano for the match. "It is not different from the lineup last I read, see if it has many. Heard Montoya, Bartra, Adriano, Puyol centre-back or full-back play ... Finally Puyol-Piqué Abidal and complement, which can range from Hadrian to boys from the cantera. We're talking about a big tour around Barcelona that the team and a player instrumental in some phases, which is Messi. have to make control over Messi, on Alexis Sánchez, who is a great time, Iniesta, Cesc, which makes us much harm ... We must change for the better, "he said.

Emery confirmed that all will be available this Saturday at Barcelona, ​​where he exercised before Sunday's game. "We traveled with 21 players, all available. We need training, we come from a tough game at Stoke and we will not know until the last minute if Jordi Alba. We incorporation of Mathieu, in principle, the flu is subsiding, and as we can fall any more, "he said.

Finally, would not dispel the doubts about who will occupy the Valencia goal in the Camp Nou. "In goal we rejoice doubly: for the growth that has taken Alves and the new addition of Guaita after his injury. Tomorrow can play either, try to be as fair as possible with the performance and the Valencia grow at the same time that these two players, "he said.

Low nuisance of late midfielder Éver Banega and right back Antonio Barragán are the major absences from the list of Unai Emery. Neither Argentina nor the Galician will travel to expedition to Barcelona for mild discomfort in their knees straight. Last Thursday, Banega could not play against Stoke after intensified the pain in his leg. Barragán had to withdraw from the last training nuisance.

The final list of 21 players is formed by Diego Alves, Guaita; Miguel, Bruno, Víctor Ruiz, Dealbert, Ricardo Costa, Rami, Jordi Alba, Mathieu; Topal, Albelda, Feghouli, Tino Costa, Dani Parejo, Pablo, Piatti, Bernat; Jonas, Aduriz y Soldado. (via MD)

Barça the protagonist of latest announcement of Turkish Airlines.

Some players of FC Barcelona protagonists the latest announcement from the company aera Turkey 'Turkish'.

Messi, Piqué, Mascherano, Alves, Abidal ... are some of the protagonists of the latest announcement of Turkish Airlines, in which the Barça players also released statements on how to play FC Barcelona players dare with some phrases in Turkish. (via SPORT)

Mess with the Cup final and Espanyol

Espanyol Offers Cornellá-El Prat for the final of the Copa del Rey and its president Ramón Condal ​​denies.

Giro de tuerca about yet another chapter in the choice of venue for the final of Copa del Rey. As reported by the program Tot Gira de Catalunya Ràdio, Espanyol offered Cornellá-El Prat Stadium to host the final of the Copa del Rey between Barça and Athletic. Given the comings and goings of the stadium, the Vicente Calderón, Mestalla, the comb or the Camp Nou, Espanyol could seize the moment to host a Cup final would bring to the coffers of the club about 3 million, in addition to encouraging economically businesses that surround the stadium perico especially hotel and shopping center Splau. However, Ramón Condal ​​Espanyol president, passed through the microphones of their own Catalunya Ràdio to deny this information, claiming that "it is impossible for Cornellá-El Prat host the final as a matter of capacity."

Sport contacted the RFEF and sources confirmed that the Federation did offer Espanyol stadium. Remember that the capacity of Cornellá-El Prat is 40500 viewers, down from Mestalla, the most truthful. But as Barcelona has confirmed it is impossible to be played in Cornellá-El Prat. (via SPORT)

[Barça B; Liga Adelante; Week25] Deportivo La Coruña 2 - 1 FC Barcelona B

The set of Eusebio Sacristan has not been imposed on the leader of the Second Division in a game fairly even, especially in the first half. The subsidiary azulgrana breaks unbeaten run of four matches unbeaten, while Deportivo shackled his ninth consecutive victory.

The azulgranas have lived their first loss after four days without a loss, against Deportivo, the leader of the competition. Despite the result, Eusebio guys have offered a good display of team play and have had several clear chances, but have not been successful in front of goal.

The first part in Riazor has started quite equaled, but clear chances for either team. Both the Deportivo and Barça B have executed a good game of touch and combination, but could not come at the risk of goal during the first quarter hour.

The first clear chance of the match has come from the hand of Deulofeu on 19 minutes. Barcelona forward has spilled down the left flank speed Galician defense and his shot is over the crossbar by a few millimeters. However, the minute the home team also had its first arrival with a dangerous shot Riki has gone off to the left.

Armando has had a pretty clear opportunity, but has ended up crashing the ball into the body of the Deportivo defense. The premises also have re-approach the goal of the subsidiary in the 43rd minute on a play with several rebounds in the area Barça and a minute later Bruno chutado from afar, but the ball has landed in the hands of Oier Olazábal. Finally, the party has gone to rest with a goalless draw.

In the second half, Deportivo has taken control of the match, although Barça's subsidiary has continued to try. The first occasion for the azulgranas have arrived in the 46th minute. Deulofeu has focused from the left, but Sergi Roberto has failed to finish. However, Deportivo has been the progress has been made on the scoreboard. Bruno Gama has signed the first goal thanks to a pass from Lauro in 51 minutes.

Riki has increased the distance for his team on 64 minutes as it marked the second in a move that has overtaken the Barça defense. Despite the result, Eusebio Sacristan arrivals have had some dangerous the penalty area, but have lacked definition. Armando, however, has cut the gap on the scoreboard with a goal in the 82nd minute after a foul served by Dos Santos.

The expulsion of Dos Santos in the 85th minute made ​​it difficult things to azulgrana set. Despite the attempt, then, the azulgranas have been unable to trace the game and gone Riazor with a narrow defeat.

Next week, the subsidiary of Hercules will face Barcelona in the 26th game of the season. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[match Data]
RC Deportivo: Aranzubía, Morel, Zé Castro, Riki, Laure, Bruno Gama (Salomão, min 64), Guardado (Pablo Álvarez, min 89), Colotto, Valerón (Borja Fernández, min 76), Álex Bergantinos and Seoane.

FC Barcelona: Oier, Dos Santos, Rodri, Sergi Roberto, Sergi Gómez, Kiko Femenía (Espinosa, min 61), Armando, Lobato (Dongou, min 87), Carles Planas, Deulofeu and Rafinha.

Goals: 1-0, Bruno Gama, min 51; 2-0, Riki, min 64, i 2-1, Armando, min 82.

Referee: Melero López, the Andalusian college. He drove to the Barcelona player Jonathan dos Santos (min.86) for a second yellow. also admonished Kiko Femenía (min.32) and Armando (min.86) by the Barcelona B, and Valerón (min.66), Zé Castro (min.82), Salomao (min.89) and Riki (min. 92), by Deportivo.

Tabs: Encouter for the twenty-fifth round of Second Division match at the stadium of Riazor before about 29,000 spectators.

They claim Adrián has been offered to Barça

The market rumors do not turn off ever. Now, for example, speak of the possibility that Adrián, Atlético forward, ending in Barcelona.

It is "elconfidencial.com" he explained Saturday that Adrián López 24 year old forward of Atlético Madrid, has been offered to FC Barcelona. As they explain, it was the player's agent, Eugene Botas, who has offered and provided by this news, offering liked at Can Barça.

Adrián is one of the revelations of Atlético Madrid and already sounds like future player to be reckoned by Vicente del Bosque. This season he has scored 13 goals, 6 in la Liga, 6 in Europa League and 1 in the Copa del Rey. Also, past European under-21 already had an outstanding performance.

If Deportivo La Coruña, his former club, did not succeed, now at Atletico things have changed completely, and for good, Adrián. (via SPORT)

Guardiola: "Valencia creates problems for you out of nothing”

The Barça coach knows this Sunday’s opponent well, especially with the memory of the Cup semi-final fresh in his mind, and has made it clear that Barça will have to perform at their best if they want to take all three vital points. As regards an extension to his current deal, Guardiola thanked the Club for not putting a deadline on his decision. However, he admitted that he has been involved in planning next season for some time now.

Barça welcome Valencia back to the Camp Nou for a vital league clash just eleven days after knocking them out of the Cup. Josep Guardiola is in no doubt that Sunday night's encounter will be "a difficult match against a team that gave us a tough time in the Cup tie". He insists that his team will have to pull off "a great performance" to beat third placed Valencia.

According to Guardiola, "Teams you have played against recently can make life that little bit more difficult" and called on his players to try and maintain the same standard they have shown over the last few games. "Valencia creates problems for you out of nothing. Although it's certain to be a complicated match, we will try and maintain the good feeling from the last few games".

Guardiola was asked about the dangers posed on Valencia's left wing by the pairing of Mathieu and Jordi Alba and admitted: "They attacked well there". However, he stressed that Valencia are not a one trick team: "It's true that they create a lot of chances down that wing but we'll try and do what we always do. We'll play our possession game".

As for Barça's position in the league, Guardiola believes that Real Madrid are too far ahead "to start thinking about hypothetical fight backs". So he's encouraging his players "to think about something a simple as winning the next match". "There's still a long way to go in the league, but I understand that some people might think it's very difficult. While there is still a chance, we'll keep on playing the way we know how".

Turning to the matter of his contract renewal, Josep Guardiola admitted that he has been working on the planning of next season for some time. He insisted that he has yet to make a decision and that it was "a personal question that doesn't have anything to do with the Club". He admitted that he's better off at Barça than anywhere else but would like to have a little more time to decide: "It has to feel right for me. I can't work in such a demanding Club if I'm not fully convinced that I'll have the strength to do it. I don't want to do something if it doesn't feel right. The Club has every right to set me a deadline, which they haven't done, and I appreciate that. This is very demanding and I have to be convinced.

Guardiola also commented on the return this week of Seydou Keita from the Africa Cup of nation: "Keita has come back in very good shape, as always, very happy about his country's performance. He's a very important player for us, both on and off the pitch, and he'll be a great help because he knows the way we work".

Finally, Guardiola gave a vote of confidence to three players from Barça B: "Montoya is a strong right back with focus and stamina. Bartra is a central defender, strong in the air and very fast. Muniesa can play at centre back and full back and is tactically the best. The Club is very fortunate to have all of them". (via FCBarcelona.com)