18 February 2012

[Former player] Ibrahimovic: "Guardiola is a fantastic coach"

The Swedish forward praises Guardiola as a coach in an interview at Goal.com.

In an interview granted to the portal 'goal.com', current and former Milan forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic of FC Barcelona Pep Guardiola praises as coach despite the personal relationship between them ended badly.

"As a coach, Guardiola is fantastic. Hence, the Barcelona has won that amount of trophies in recent years." says. Ibra said that "my problems with Guardiola was as a person. That does not mean that I think is a bad representative. In fact, he voted as the best coach in the world." Finally, the question of whether he would work with him, the Swede replied that "the question is whether he would work with me." (via MD)

Xavi, Busquets and Adriano, with the group

Eighteen of the first team and four of Barça B have exercised this Saturday morning under the command of Guardiola, which was the penultimate session before getting to Valencia.

Up to 22 players, 18 first team and four of Barça B, have exercised this Saturday morning at the Ciudad Deportiva. Among them were Xavi, Busquets and Adriano, the players on Thursday, the team had party on Friday, did not train with the rest of the group.

Remember that Xavi on Thursday, with edema in the soleus of the right leg, was recovering in the gym, while Busquets (with a knee injury) and Adriano (with discomfort in the soleus muscle of the left leg) did specific job. This Saturday, however, all three have started the session working with other partners.

The four players of Barça B are Josep Guardiola has said Tello, Montoya, Muniesa and Bartra. Three of them are defensive players, and to remember that Alves and Mascherano are suspended for the match against Valencia.

The team will train this Sunday morning at 12 am at the Camp Nou. It will be the last session before the game against the whole of Unai Emery (21.30 hours). (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Barça B wants to end the longest winning streak of Deportivo

18.00, Esport 3: Barça B is now concentrated in La Coruña next clash of Liga Adelante. The filial azulgrana faces the possibility of increasing its dynamic unbeaten another day before the race leader.

Eusebio Sacristan's men four days without losing accumulated, specifically three wins and a draw. In this sense, the Barça B on Saturday looking to maintain their good form against the strongest team in the competition. Eusebio said Friday that a party presents "attractive" to "highly motivated" for the team and they are "very excited to get it right and get a win there."

For this game, the coach may have re Sergi Roberto and Jonathan dos Santos, as well as Carmona, who is now discharged. Instead, the defenses are not Muniesa, Montoya and Bartra (first team) as well as the injured Ilie, Miño and Gustavo.

The rival of Barca B this afternoon, the Deportivo is the category leader with five points clear of second placed Celta de Vigo. The men of Oltra accumulate also a streak of eight consecutive victories, the best in club history.

Eusebio said the great form of Galician: "They are in a very good time and that gives them great confidence and security in everything we're doing." azulgrana coach, however, also noted that this challenge meant a motivation to continue the good work in recent days.

In the first round Deportivo won a major victory (2-3) in the Miniestadi. In an intense match, the Galicians placed 0-3 in the first half hour, but the reaction of Barça B combative shortened the gap with two goals Rodri and Rafinha. Finally, Deportivo took the three points of the Mini, but ended up asking the time. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Former player] Motta: "Mou is the strongest coach I've ever met"

"At Inter, Mourinho was fabulous. Am a person with incredible luck in football. I met Rijkaard at Barcelona, ​​Mourinho at Inter and now work with Ancelotti," he said.

The Brazilian footballer Thiago Motta, who has changed in this winter market the shirt of Inter Milan for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), said that the current Real Madrid coach José Mourinho is the coach "stronger" he has known.

"At Inter, Mourinho was fabulous. He is the strongest coach I've ever met," said exbarcelonista (2001-2007) in an interview published today by the newspaper "Le Parisien". The midfielder, 29, said he still has not had time to fully understand your current coach Carlo Ancelotti Italian, but recalled that "in Italy is already in the history of football and his name arouses enormous respect."

"I am a person with incredible luck in football. I met (Frank) Rijkaard at Barcelona, ​​Mourinho at Inter and now work with Ancelotti. I honestly could not have dreamed of when I started," he said.

Motta also used to thank Mourinho claims in which the Portuguese claimed that the PSG had made "good business" to hire you because it is "a major player." (via AS)

And in the match against Valencia whistles Turienzo Álvarez

Which he saw the hand of Raúl Rodríguez in the derby.

After the last arbitration incurred for Barça at Camp Nou has not gone down well the designation of Chartered Castiliano-Leónes Javier Turienzo Álvarez for tomorrow's match against Valencia. The braid born in Barakaldo be reunited with all Pep Guardiola six days after having injured clearly in the derby match at Cornellà-El Prat against Espanyol. At that time, with 1-1 on the scoreboard, Turienzo brushed aside a 92 minute penalty for a clear hand of Raúl Rodríguez, who avoided the winning goal after a shot from Pedro when the ball has already seeped into the goal.

The images left no room for doubt but the protests were to no avail to Turienzo rectify its decision. In the azulgrana dressing room was not surprised that arbitration since it was commissioned collegiate whistle the Levante v Real Madrid on Matchday leaving Pepe kicked the former Barcelona Xavi Torres. The Portuguese went scot-free without any expulsion. Turienzo again be under scrutiny tomorrow at the Camp Nou. (via MD)

Against Valencia play another new defense for Barça

Without Alves and Mascherano, sanctioned, Guardiola should devise against Valencia the 23 rd season behind.

In 42 competitive matches in a high percentage because of injuries, Pep has lined up no less than 22 different defenses. Casualties of the suspended Alves and Mascherano force him to devise a more, also unpublished, tomorrow against Valencia. There are many possible combinations. The versatility of Abidal, Adriano, if do not have discomfort, Puyol and even Busquets help solve this problem but before being third in la Liga, the choice of coach is very accurate. The safe return of Pique, yet the morbidity after becoming involved in the stands in Leverkusen, is guaranteed.

There will be no defense of three. The intent of the first round against the team che did not work and the left lane Valencia became a highway. Pep corrected the imbalance in the Copa del Rey and the two semifinal matches left on the bench Alves and placed in full-back to Puyol to cover the inmates of Mathieu and Jordi Alba, Piqué, Mascherano and Abidal accompanying him. Barca drew (1-1) in the first leg and won the return (2-0).

One of the most probable is that the position of Argentine the occupying to Abidal, who has been centre-back in six cases (Madrid, Porto, Viktoria, Sevilla, Granada and Getafe), and Adriano take care of the left back (Madrid , Real Sociedad, Viktoria and Osasuna), leaving the right for the captain. The ex Sevilla could also occupy the right wing (Al Sadd), which would allow Pep tweak it right. The other two cards are handled by the coach in the subsidiary. Or Montoya (BATE and Osasuna) by Alves or Bartra (BATE) in the position of Mascherano. There are other nuances, but less likely, as a delay to Dos Santos (Hospitalet) to the right side or locate Busquets of centre-back (Milan). (via MD)

Without the refereeing errors, la Liga would Barça

Without going to detail, gentle arbitrations have given 7 points to Madrid.
Meanwhile, to Barça have prevented him from winning six, no gifts, the leader would be culé.

La Liga 2011-2012 is marked by refereeing errors that systematically help Real Madrid and harm to Barça. The championship is still open but no one can doubt that, with ten points clear at the table, the whites are on track. Well, looking game at all that leads the league, what follows is that Real Madrid is being benefited by the mistakes that the referees are making on behalf of their interests and against Barça. This detailed analysis does not conclude that there is a shadowy conspiracy in favor of the Real, but it can confirm a trend: the referees spun much finer with the club than Real Madrid, which has benefited from the inhibition of several colleges to many actions punishable.

The enormous pressure from Mourinho and powerful media related to Madrid takes its toll on the members, who have already internalized mistake against white people can have a brutal smear campaign. They also know that to err to the detriment of Barça carries much less wear.

The analysis of MD makes the following conclusions: being generous and without going into games with clear victories have come from Madrid preceded by errors in their favor, whites have benefited by 7 points left over. At Barça, however, the referee errors potentially have cost 6. With 10-point lead for the targets in the table, the virtual classification of la Liga (for MD) makes another result: minus 7 points to Madrid (from 58 to 51) and adding six to Barça (48 to 54), Catalans with 3 leaders would lead to the Camp Nou clásico still to play and the 'goal average' particular favor. In the two pages following this study is given to detail. (via MD)

Albelda believes that it is more difficult "to be second to win at the Camp Nou"

The footballer of Valencia David Albelda finds it most difficult to "fight for second place" in la Liga"to win in the Camp Nou" in the game that will face all Valencia on Sunday.

Albelda spoke in these terms in the act of renewing his contract with Valencia which will remain at the club until at least June 2013 and also attended by club president valencianista Manuel Llorente.

Valencia captain rejected the idea that Barcelona is not your usual level of recent years, although if all trained by Unai Emery wins Sunday the Catalans will stay five points behind second place.

"Barcelona is the level itself, has had many games he deserved to win, but in this league that more smoothly and some have had more luck, is ahead," he said.

The group led by Pep Guardiola is now "ten points behind Real Madrid, but both lose very little," said Albelda, who believes that "live up to them is very difficult," but trusts "harm to in a match ". (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Rafinha, crack silent

With only just turned 19 years, is the most used player and top scorer in the subsidiary (with Rodri).

Quietly and with 19 years since last Sunday, the still youthful Rafa Alcántara has lost only one of the 24 games he has played to date, the subsidiary (the first of all, for the second time against Villarreal B the Mini Estadi).

Thiago's brother is one of the great promises of La Masia and excellent season has changed a bit in its simplicity. Remains as quiet and introverted off the field as hard worker and effective every time you boot fits the tacos. The RFEF behind it is time to choose the Spanish national team and, despite having been with la Roja What the lower grades, it looks like it will be completed by decanting verdeamarelha` As opposed to his older brother.

In early season, nobody expected the youngest of the Alcántara would become such an important piece to the subsidiary. "Not at all I could think was going to play much or that would mark so many goals. I am very happy to be part of this team and have as many minutes, "admitted the versatile player in the mixed zone Blaugrana Barça B-Cartagena.

Rafinha, as he likes to be called, signed with the Cartagena meant as a sensational 3-0 and served to break a drought that had lasted for 14 games. "Yes, it took a long time without scoring and went back to savor the goal," he said. Also shed light on the dance after the goal was scored and considered it a version of 'Single Lady' of the U.S. Beyonce. "They had been friends in Brazil and they asked me if marked, because the dance we did in Brazil," said Rafinha.

During that series of games he did not score, the son of Mazinho was realized two of his biggest dreams as a player.

On November 9, spent his first team debut in the first leg of the knockout phase of the Copa del Rey in the Feixa Llarga to L'Hospitalet. The canterano Cesc Fábregas replaced in 75 'and played well the first quarter of an hour under the command of Pep Guardiola in an official match.

However, fate had in store a greater gift. On December 6, Rafinha played his first Champions League match at the Camp Nou against BATE Borisov. And he did it playing from the beginning ... Thiago with his brother. They then both had repeatedly stated that dreamed match the first team and also finished the match with azulgrana winning 4-0.

Rafinha is also demonstrating an amazing ability to adapt to different positions despite his youth. Jonathan Soriano's injury in the preseason and the necessary adaptation of the newcomer Rodri was forced to Eusebio to place it as 'false nine'.

And São Paulo (12 February, 1993) responded to perfection and led the team with Jonathan Dos Santos, contributing five goals in the first eight games. However, the return of Soriano returned to Rafinha the midfield and it cost him to relocate to a place where he had always played. Despite this, never discussed the decisions of Eusebio and was always ready to fulfill the benefit of the team. "I feel good in the midfield, from small game there and do it where I tell the coach," noted São Paulo.

The company of Muniesa as the pivot has coincided with a second explosion and has signed excellent performances in the last four days. Now, the needs of first team will miss him today as 'squire', but recovered to the colleagues with whom I shared more times midfield: Sergi Roberto and Dos Santos.

Looking to match this afternoon, Rafinha is optimistic. "We are very strong and we are very confident. Let's go for it and see if we can continue like this as good against Deportivo, "stated a few days ago. For he will be a special game, as the proximity of Vigo will make your mother and sister follow the game live at Riazor. (via SPORT)

Piqué will play against Valencia

Guardiola does not have Alves and Mascherano, sanctioned, but with Busquets and Keita for defensive balance.

After it was one of the notable absentees in the battle of the second round of the Champions League against Bayer Leverkusen, Gerard Piqué has the maximum options to re-occupy the heart of the defense tomorrow, compared to Valencia with the that has a particular balance very positive, four wins and three draws.

Gerard's image in the stands of the BayArena caused some waves, Josep Guardiola himself was responsible for appeasing referring to is a technical decision about someone who is "untouchable" and "important". The exact causes of the rest of Piqué left for the locker room privacy Blaugrana and the ability of a coach to manage its workforce.

But the reality of the calendar says that Barça compete again tomorrow, no less than against Valencia and the cards that were Dani Alves and Javier Macherano in the league match against Osasuna must make them low.

Unai Emery's team still lurking in third place with 40 points, eight fewer than Barça waiting for any slip Blaugrana can bring him to the second position. Hence, the fourth game of the season against set 'che' is as important as the previous three.

The overall balance is good so far: draw at Mestalla in La Liga (2-2) and in the Copa (1-1), and victory at the Camp Nou in the semifinal round of the Copa But perhaps the most 2-0 is important that Guardiola found a way to disable the tandem formed the left flank by Mathieu and Jordi Alba so often broke the Blaugrana defense.

Pep went from the defensive line three to four and, most importantly, sacrificed as a winger Dani Alves to place a player of a more defensive, Carles Puyol. Moving right to the captain, Mascherano and Piqué handled the centre-back axis with Abidal on the left full-back.

Looking to tomorrow, Guardiola has two options. In the case of Adriano Correia has recovered from discomfort in the soleus of the left leg, the Brazilian could take the left lane and Abidal moved to form tandem with Piqué. Thus, Puyol could be repeated on the right side.

Another possibility is that the team into the right full-back of Martin Montoya. If the young canterano if they took over the band, the other members of the defensive line could be maintained with Piqué and Puyol in the center and Abidal on the left.

In any case, we must take into account other positive factor for Barça and is the return of two players in midfield defensive core for balance: Sergio Busquets and Seydou Keyta. Whatever the stakes, it seems clear that Piqué return to the team. The coaching staff continue to see a footballer Gerard key concept for the final stretch of the season, when it will decide the three titles that are still in play. And the first test may come tomorrow, compared to Valencia with Gerard, who missed the meeting in the first round due to injury, has a balance of four wins and three draws. (via SPORT)

[Former B player] Assulin Gai goes to Brighton on loan from Manchester City

The former FC Barcelona canterano will play two months in the Championship.

The winger Israeli Gai Assulin, who plays for Manchester City, he goes on loan to Brighton in the Championship (equivalent to the Spanish second division) until 19 March. The former FC Barcelona canterano, who terminated his contract in summer 2010 with the club azulgrana, signed in December of that year by the City, which did not have to pay anything for it.

Assulin, which did not in the plans of Luis Enrique at Barça B despite being one of the promises of La Masia, came very close to landfall on loan at Nottingham Forest and Barnsley earlier this season. The forward has just recovered from an injury that has tenid KO since November. (via MD)

Minguella: "The Barça fans do not deserve the uncertainty about Guardiola"

Former player agent Josep Maria Minguella want the soap opera on the renewal of Guardiola end soon..

Minguella spoke out on sports program gathering '8 al dia' of 8TV. The former candidate for the presidency of FC Barcelona urged the coach, Pep Guardiola, and the president, Sandro Rosell, to solve the mystery as soon as that currently want to resolve the Barça fans: the continuity of the coach.

"The fans do not deserve this. And sorry for all guardiolistas butt, so am I," said Minguella, who launched a direct message to Rosell: "I call on the President to act as such and says Guardiola is the coach, who is happy and hopes to renew soon. "

The ex agent believes that no one can be as omportante to cause this situation at Barça. "You can have this kind of allegiance to no one, not the best player in the world or by any coach," he said. (via SPORT)

Valencia travels to Barcelona without Banega

Unai Emery, Valencia coach his team decided to travel to Barcelona with 21 players, among which are not the Argentine Ever Banega.

The players cited by Emery, of which three will rule for the game, are Alves, Guaita, Miguel, Bruno, Ruiz, Dealbert, Ricardo Costa, Rami, Alba, Mathieu, Topal, Albelda, Feghouli, Tino Costa, Parejo, Pablo Piatti, Bernat, Jonas, Aduriz and Soldado.

The absence of Banega, who missed last Thursday against English Stoke City in Europa League match, is due to some slight discomfort in the knee, according to sources Valencian. (via SPORT)

Bartomeu: "The history of Guardiola at Barça is not over"

Barcelona sports vice president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, gave an exclusive interview in which he talks SPORT state the team azulgrana, renewal of Guardiola and several names that can make the next transfer market.

In an exclusive interview with SPORT and that will be released this Saturday, Bartomeu was optimistic when asked about the renewal of Guardiola. "We would like to renew for years. It's the best coach in the world and has continued to make history since joining and I personally think that the history of Guardiola at Barça is not over yet," he said.

The manager looked at Barça this season and did not hesitate to call it "magnificent" in the hope that the team still can give a joy to fans both in the Champions League and Copa del Rey and la Liga, a competition that not yet taken for lost.

From all that and much more Josep Maria Bartomeu speaking in an interview published Saturday SPORT. Also for the future and some of the names that could make the current Barca next transfer market, such as Bale and Neymar among other names.

Do not miss the interview with Josep Maria Bartomeu, vice president sports of Barça on Saturday in the paper edition of SPORT.

VIDEO: www.sport.es

Mourinho: "I was very educated in the parking"

Real Madrid coach said he was very "polite" with Teixeira in the parking Vitienes Camp Nou.

José Mourinho, coach of Real Madrid, said at a news conference that the photo hoping the referee in the car park is real, and spoke with him to his departure: "In the car park at the Camp Nou was very educated in terms of what happened before. "On the controversy over the Cup final, the Portuguese did not get wet, "not my problem. Last year it was. I have nothing to do with this."

The Luso was much more cautious than usual, especially when asked about the possible passage in the Camp Nou and league position: "I would win the championship tomorrow. And I think it is not possible as champion at Camp Nou. To me it is nonsense to say that we get 15 points for a team like Barcelona. If we win La Liga with one point ahead will be fantastic. We are in a good position in the league, but there are many games and each game is difficult. and I think that Barcelona is a team that can string together a winning streak of ten games and if we lose, we're in trouble. have to play every game like the last. " (via SPORT)

Eusebio Sacristán: "We have to play our style no matter where we are"

Eusebio Sacristán won’t make his men play a different style of play despite the fact that Barça B will play against Deportivo de la Coruña, leaders of the Liga Adelante. Dos Santos and Sergi Roberto are back in the squad, Carmona was given the medical all-clear.

Barça B trained at the Ciutat Esportiva Sant Joan Despí for the last time before heading off to A Coruña. Eusebio Sacristán’s men finalized preparations for the upcoming match against Deportivo de la Coruña (18:00, Esport3). “It will be an attractive match, we’re very motivated for it. We’re excited about the prospect of doing a good job and earning a victory,” said Sacristán.

The reserve team coach talked about Deportivo’s style of play, which is similar to Barça B’s: “this is a good thing that can help us develop our play during the game, but we’re going up against a great squad. They are a team the dominates every aspect of play; they are dynamic, experienced and are a quality team.” The team led by José Luis Oltra hasn’t lost in eight matches: “they are on form and that gives them a lot of confidence and security in everything that they do. However, it also gives us motivation to come away with a win and to continue our good run,” Sacristán explained.

Despite the advantage that Deportivo enjoys in the standings (they are first), Barça B will try their best to come away with a win by imposing their style of play: “we have to play our game wherever we play. [The Riazor] is a ground where we will take advantage of all of our virtues,” said the manager. He also promised that it will be an exciting match for supporters: “all of the circumstances and possibilities are there for this to be a great game. The team that does the best job will come away with the victory.”

Finally, Sacristán talked about Valerón, who talked to fcbarcelona.com this week: “it’s enjoyable to watch his games. He moves around the pitch with elegance and intelligence and that’s beautiful to see. It’s an honour for him to say those things about me during the interview.”

Dos Santos and Sergi Roberto are back in the squad, while Muniesa, Montoya and Bartra will miss out on the clash because they’ve been called up to the first team this weekend by Josep Guardiola. Carmona received the medical all-clear, however, Ilie and Miño, who underwent surgery this Friday, will miss the match. “We’ve switched up a couple of players because of the first team’s demands, we’ll have to make some changes to the line-up. We have a quality group,” said Sacristán. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Calderón: "Do not play the final at the Bernabéu is a snub to the Real Household and to the Rey"

The former Real Madrid president Ramón Calderón has described Florentino as a "radical".

Ramón Calderón, Real Madrid's ex president, went through the microphones of COM Ràdio to talk about current white club, especially the controversy over the venue for the final of the Copa del Rey: "You can not be hypocritical, not can not dispute that the final at the Bernabéu for some works. that does not leave a Madrid stadium for the final team is small. "

Calderón had harsh words for Florentino Pérez, "Do not let him play the final at the Bernabéu for the final is a snub to the Real Household and the Rey. Florentino Pérez is the one who does not want to be played in Chamartín, Mourinho has nothing to do . only enters the head of a radical. course, Mourinho must change their reactions to coach Real Madrid. " (via SPORT)

Messi on verge of 200th league appearance

The Argentinian will make it to 200 league games for FCB if he plays against Valencia on Sunday, making him the fifth member of the current squad to do so. Xavi (401), Puyol (359), Valdés (317) and Iniesta (258) have made the most league appearances for Barça in the present squad. In 199 league outings, Leo Messi has scored 142 goals.

On Sunday, Leo Messi will join the circle of players to have made a double century of league appearances in an FC Barcelona shirt. The Argentinian has played every league fixture this season, and will make it to a career total of 200 if Pep Guardiola plays him against Valencia at the Camp Nou (21.30). This will make him the fifth member of Guardiola's team to make it to this particular bicentenary, a ranking currently topped by Xavi, with 401 appearances, followed by Puyol (359), Valdés (317) and Iniesta (258).

Aged just 17 years, Leo Messi made his debut on October 16, 2004 under Frank Rijkaard for a derby at the Olympic Stadium, Montjuïc coming on in the 82nd minute as a replacement for Deco. Eight seasons have passed since then, and in 199 matches, Messi has scored 142 times, an amazing 0.7 goals a game. His highest scoring season was 2009/10, when he got 34 goals in 35 games and won the Pichichi trophy.

This year Messi is scoring goals are regularly as ever, and after 22 games he has been on target 23 times, an average so far of more than a goal a game. (via FCBarcelona.com)

2004/05 7 1
2005/06 17 6
2006/07 26 14
2007/08 28 10
2008/09 31 23
2009/10 35 34
2010/11 33 31
2011/12 22 23
TOTAL 199 142