16 February 2012

Valdés: “The Champions League will affect what happens in the League”

The Barça goalkeeper believes that a good run in the Champions League could have a good effect on their chances of cutting down Real Madrid’s lead in the domestic championship.

According to Valdés, in order not to lose ground in the league “we have to keep believing and the wins will start coming”.

Víctor Valdés reckons that Tuesday's win away to Bayer Leverkusen was very important for the team. Doing so well in Germany "keeps us alive in the competition, which is something very important for us ... And at the same time it provided inspiration for the league." Valdés feels that the way they performed at the BayArena was ideal preparation for what's left of the season. "The Champions League will affect what happens in the League" he claimed.

As many of his team mates have made patently clear this week, Valdés believes they have to keep fighting to reduce Real Madrid's ten-point lead. "If we look at how the season has gone, there's no denying that we haven't been getting the away results we'd hoped for. And that's why we're ten points behind" he said. "But we have to keep at it. We won't let our heads drop. We have to keep believing and fighting".

Valdés didn't want to make a big thing of Piqué not being in the team against Leverkusen. "There's no need to go on about that. He's the best centre back in the world and he's always shown that. It was just the manager's decision the other day" he said, before adding that "I haven't noticed any change in him. He's working harder than ever and enthusiastic about things".

Xavi Hernàndez also watched the win at the Bayer 04 from the terraces. Valdés agreed that the team missed the midfielder "because he's an important player for us ... He's trying to get fit again as quickly as possible. I'm sure he'll be back soon".

The Barça stopper also mentioned Alexis Sánchez's great form. "He's phenomenal. He had no problem adapting and he's done everything to perfection ... He's one of the best finishers in the world". (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Freixas: “The Bernabéu is the best option for the good of football”

The secretary and spokesman for the Board of Directors has said that considering previous finals and the desire to play in the biggest stadium possible, Real Madrid’s ground would be the best option for this year’s Copa del Rey final. The Santiago Bernabéu, reckons Freixa, “is also the best choice for the Federation”. If the Spanish Football Federation decides against the proposal made by the two finalists, Freixa has said that the Camp Nou should not be offered as an alternative “because the ground should be neutral” .

Toni Freixa has made it clear where the club believes the forthcoming Copa del Rey final should be played after both FC Barcelona and Athletic Club Bilbao met the Spanish Federation on Monday. The two finalists would like to see the game played at the Santiago Bernabéu. However, he revealed today that the club has not heard any further news on the matter, although wherever the game is eventually played "we intend to fully go along with whatever the Spanish Football Federation considers best". However, the spokesman insisted that FCB will still be pushing the Federation to "look into all possibilities. We shall be defending the idea that the venue should be that one for the good of football".

FC Barcelona "is currently waiting an official response in order to look at other options if this one is not to be ... Our main criterion is the capacity. We have a lot of very dedicated supporters. If it turns out that the Bernabéu isn't possible, although we have every hope that it is, we shall look at other options." But Freixa insisted that the Camp Nou should not be offered as an alternative "because the ground should be neutral."

Freixa also said that the Club "is taking its request very seriously, always for the good of the members ... This is the most important game that the Federation organises ... Our sport has to take on such ambitious challenges. It would be an example of civility and sportsmanship for a Basque team and a Catalan team to play each other in the capital of Spain."

But he added that Real Madrid "has every right not to want to host this final ... But if we look at tradition, a lot of finals have been played at the Bernabéu ... The objective reason is the stadium's capacity. But it is also the best option for the Federation. However, we obviously also need the authorisation of the owners of the stadium."

Freixa reiterated that Barça is still waiting to hear the Federation's verdict. "We understand that Spanish football, the FC Barcelona members and those of Athletic Club Bilbao deserve a lot more respect than the information that is filtering through into public knowledge but that is not official. There are ways of doing things, and all we want to do to is defend the interests of our members". He ended by saying that "FC Barcelona would be proud to be able to host a Copa del Rey final". (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Welcome back Keita!

The Malian is back with the squad after returning from the African Nations Cup and was heartily welcomed home by his colleagues. There was also huge applause for Afellay, who has started training on the pitch.

Two players were the focus of all attention on Thursday morning at the Ciutat Esportiva: Seydou Keita and Ibrahim Afellay. The Malian is back after an excellent performance at the African Nations Cup, where his country came third and he was named in the All Star XI. Keita, who left for Gabon in early January, was given a rapturous welcome home by his team mates.

Meanwhile, Afellay has started working out on the field, almost fve months after picking up a knee injury. He was also given an ovation this morning and then exercised in isolation.

Sergio Busquets, with a wounded knee, and Adriano, who was taken off on Tuesday as a precautionary measure due to a problem with the soleus in his left leg, also trained separately, as did Xavi, who stayed in the gym. Four B team players made up the numbers, namely defenders Montoya, Bartra and Muniesa plus striker Tello. Dos Santos and Sergi Roberto, who have been regular features of first team sessions of late, trained with the reserves today. (via FCBarcelona.com)

Afellay starts training on the field

The Dutchman’s recovery from injury has moved into the next phase and on Thursday he was seen training on the pitch for the first time in almost five months.

Ibrahim Afellay worked out separately from the rest of the team at the Ciutat Esportiva on the first occasion he has been seen on a football pitch since sustaining his injury. In the company of a physio, the Dutchman did circuit training and running exercises at different paces.

This is a further step forward in what have been more than four months of recovery for Afellay after an operation on cruciate ligaments in his left knee. He underwent arthroscopy on October 3 with doctors Ricard Pruna and Ramon Cugat, whose verdict that day was that he would be out of action for about six months. (via FCBarcelona.com)

Valerón: "I have always admired Eusebio"

The emblem of Deportivo de La Coruna spoke to www.fcbarcelona.cat about his experiences in the Second Division A, the next game against Barça B, and the success of the first team.

Juan Carlos Valerón (Arguineguin, Gran Canaria, 1975) is the undisputed leader of
Deportivo, Barça B’s rivals on Saturday. In the words of his President, Augusto Cesar
Lendoiro, "he sets the standard at a sporting, technical, and philosophical level".
Just like the Galician club, in the last decade, he’s been to heaven and hell (mainly
due toinjuries). His experience has brought serenity, and simplicity: Valerón feels an
obligation to return Depor to the elite, even if it’s with the last spark of magic that
comes from his boots.

- After the relegation of your team last year, you said "I'm just as excited to play for
Depor in the second division, as I am playing for the national team". With half the
season over, is your enthusiasm still intact?

"Of course. That was a way of saying that I was very involved with the club after so
many years here. I felt that the veterans in the team had the responsibility to step up".

- Can we conclude that Deportivo is fully adapted to the Second Division and will host
Barça B at a good time for them?

"We’re in good shape and in the last few games we’ve had some very good results.
However, you can’t ever relax too much. We have to be prepared each week, each
game. Those of us who’ve spent many years in the game know what it means and how
difficult it is to stay at the top. We try to bring normality to the situation, there is still a
lot to do".

FULL VERSION: www.fcbarcelona.com

Return the best Piqué

Designated as the sole culprit for the defeat of Pamplona will make you stronger and motivate you like never before.

In the first game of the League 1993-94, Barça could only line up three of the four foreigners on staff, Romario, Stoichkov, Laudrup and Koeman. The hero of Wembley, the most indisputable of the poker of aces, it was the sacrifice for Cruyff putting the Dutch focus of media attention surrounding brutal that decision. "We're out-Johan said because you are the strongest. None like you endure the pressure."

Praise compensated Koeman not the anger or annoyance, but in a professional went ahead with more energy and love for just under Cruyff. The 'Master', Guardiola not only learned from that episode to choose either the victim in a particular situation, also suffered in that locker room division between chiefs and Indians, that also meant that Cruyff coaches win games and the players who lose them. That is not how Guardiola has focused its relationship with the costumes, especially because with so few losses so far there has been no crisis or situations to solve. After Pamplona, however, has resorted to the old tactic of public punishment, to draw Piqué as largely responsible for that damn 3-2.

View images, all the defenses and Valdes failed to cover himself, position, reflection and anticipation. It was a bad day group. Bookmark to Pique, who also had the misfortune to suffer a slight accident when leaving home on Monday, it sounds like message for all. Guardiola could not have punished Valdés, Alves and Abidal by the demands of the Leverkusen match Puyol nor for obvious reasons, just as he did well to defend the young, whether or not successful in Pamplona. Piqué Guardiola knows better than anyone, is the strongest to resist a public example.

The defender, footballer with champion and terribly winning maderade, took the disappointment of his life. He did not like being excluded or indeed accepted to be the only culprit. But Koeman and other large, that anger will make stronger first and motivate you very much, knowing that when you return the equipment, because train ever to hold on Sunday, will not have to prove anything but just move on.

His personal and family environment has been low this time his best refuge, like the costumes, which shares the good and bad times alike and each other. Those around him closely, as their parents, who did not take more than a kiss at the airport with absolute ease and affection, they know not only their professionalism but also their behavior and seriousness rather than living Piqué harassed, persecuted and punished by a yellow press and the heart that slander and poured blood cells every day of his life. Any other player would break down under so much pressure, lies and media interests around.

If something has Koeman in common and Piqué they are that mental strength and a competitive character without limits. The best Piqué is still to express all their potential. (via MD)

Alexis Sánchez already wonder

The Chilean came to power ahead of Barça and in just six months has scored as many goals as in his best year in Italy.

In Europe speak with admiration of Alexis Sánchez. With his double to Bayer Leverkusen in the first leg of the knockout stages of the Champions League, Chile has managed to break through the cracks of the continental tournament and placed on top of the top media.

It was enough to regular his first game with Barca in European competition, until February 14 only twenty minutes against Viktoria and Milan, to be released as a scorer. Perpetrated against the Germans their best and, for now, more incisive recital since you saw at azulgrana. He was the player who wowed Pep Guardiola and technical secretary of Barça. Destabilizing, fast, versatile, great bregador, with high intensity offensive and huge vertical punch. And generous, even if it hurts terribly shoulder. The team of aspirin, his game left him feeling sick; to Barça, the satisfaction of being with one foot in the quarter way from Munich.

Alexis arrived in summer 2011 at Camp Nou with the label of "Wonder Boy" hanging from his shirt and a signed five-year contract. When beginning to show and after seeing door against Villarreal in the first day of league, a hamstring injury knocked him to the infirmary for two months and 11 games long. Little by little he regained the tone and assimilating the concepts of the Barça brand. His second point of departure coincided with the day's visit to Ray Stadium. I fell a couple. Four days later it was receiving the Levant and a week later to Real Madrid in Santiago Bernabéu himself. Osasuna twice, Málaga and Bayer have also been affected.

Without realizing it, and all that lies ahead, Alexis has been at one of its top scorer beat in a season. Calcio was established in 2010-2011, with Udinese, when he managed a haul of 12 goals. In his three years in Italy collected a total of 21 with an average of 0.19 in 108 games. The club has raised the bar to 0.45. And that's not a pure scorer. It is considered more an assistant, although Barça has only one pair.

Enhance a lead with Pedro, Messi and Villa was a firm hard, very hard, but Alexis, a type that does not wrinkle ever seemed possible. The Argentine has found another vein Chilean offensive. He has three assists (Osasuna, Real Madrid and Bayer) and has received the day of Betis. But Alexis, but his teammates say they speak too fast, are understood by all. Thiago, Xavi, Adriano and Cesc already have caught the hang.

Impact on Chile for his enormous performance

The great performance of Alexis in Leverkusen has caused an avalanche of praise from the press of Chile. The newspaper El Mercurio said that Chile is the third to score two goals in a match of Champions, following Ivan Zamorano and Marcelo Salas, besides being the ninth gate to see in this competition. In 'La Tercera' stressed that "it was the game that was waiting for Alexis Sánchez. Came to have good performances, but lacked a brilliant match consecrate it." Both 'Triunfo' and 'La Segunda' stressed that "Spain surrenders to 'the Wonder Boy." (via MD)

The hour of Pep

The timing of the renewal of the coach, marked by the next two weeks, with a single game.

The next two weeks, Copa del Rey match or Champions League, are seen as decisive in the timing of the renewal of Pep Guardiola, who last season chose this little truce to announce their engagement calendar for another year. For better or for worse, whether the answer is yes technically the club or not, the time begins to be key. If there is no news the next fifteen days, the club's sports equipment must be operated in order to reply to any scenario.

The time factor does not give much room for maneuver and the reason is very simple: club sources have always maintained publicly and privately, that the planning of the season takes place from the months of January and February. The various committees and the technical secretariat on their schedules meetings at these times and Guardiola himself has scheduled several meetings with Andoni Zubizarreta and Josep Maria Bartomeu the coming days.

The information arising from the environment point Guardiola, for months, the technician will continue at least another year. Some sources pointed to the clásicos of Cup as the date specified in the agenda of the club to resolve a situation that should not be perpetuated. However, the coach has chosen to wait for the day to day were more clear, so that nothing interferes with the preparation of a diabolical January competitive in intensity.

With the agreements for the entire technical staff continue Guardiola and Carles Puyol as the only player in the squad whose future is not bound by contract beyond 2013-beyond Pinto-, Pep is only felt that the time and no doubt. Games like Saturday in Pamplona, ​​however, can lead you to believe that maybe this team starts to be saturated with success, a factor that has always identified as crucial in their decision to continue or not. The coach can be puzzling over how to proceed.

The next few hours could be decisive in this regard, once the maximum support and coach Guardiola, Tito Vilanova, has returned to work fully, one of the factors that have Guardiola remained on edge in recent weeks. Pep hardly continue with this project if the friend and companion that started in the reserves in 2008 could not pursue its commitment to him body and soul. (via MD)

Xavi calls "little thing" his injury and could play Sunday

The Terrassa ensures that takes several weeks "stiff" because of some discomfort in his soleus.

Many stories are being told in recent days about the status of second captain of Barça Xavi Hernandez, some of which even appropriating the term 'truth' in a light as inaccurate. From here we will try, in a small but consistent, explain what is happening with the player in Terrassa.

For starters, the diary SPORT was contacted yesterday Terrassa midfielder to know the reality of what is happening in recent games. Well, the Barcelona fans can be very quiet, because Xavi Hernandez is "very optimistic" about his injury, which he described, literally, "little thing".

The player acknowledged that takes several weeks "stiff" and have attempted to minimize the discomfort in his right leg soleus until "the pain forced me to stop."

In any case, Xavi Hernandez does not rule out "play Sunday against Valencia" in the Liga match, although they seriously contemplated the possibility of not going with the Spanish team in the friendly played in two weeks (compared to Venezuela in Málaga, 29 February) to avoid overload condition muscularly and medium-term performance.

The great advantage that the Terrassa midfielder is that the calendar, this time is on their side because from now will face two weeks without midweek games allowing you to work without the anxiety of a competitive rate as compressed commitments every three days. If Barça confirmed their qualification for the quarterfinals of the Champions League, then it will return the template to the cadence of two games per week.

The stove will Emili Ricart who oversee specific work 'as I had been doing in recent weeks', which toggles Xavi also with training sessions with the rest of his teammates.

The edema that suffers in the soleus of the right leg is a simple muscle soreness which relies heavily on the player's own feelings to give the go-ahead or not when deciding whether you can force to play or stop worth.

After the game against Valencia in the semifinals round of the Copa del Rey on February 8, these feelings had worsened. That day was a starter after missing two games because of a small lesion in the soleus muscle which occurred on January 28 during the Liga match against Villarreal where he ended up asking for the change in the 75th minute. The player tried to continue with their routine work, but the discomfort did not submit.

In view of the situation it was decided not to force for the Liga match at the Reyno de Navarra against Osasuna. Xavi was not in any way good or a hundred per cent, as stated in a medium range of news declined to talk to a protocol of only ten seconds and also do not produce any aggravation of the injury in Sunday's session. At least the information that contradicted the published by that same medium 24 hours before he did have a patina of truth even slightly skewed in some way.

Even the publicly denied Josep Guardiola in the press conference after the match in Leverkusen, Xavi was one hundred percent to play against Osasuna, "I would have liked being able to put me in Pamplona," admitted coach Santpedor . Pep also denied that he had aggravated his injury from Sunday: "The problem with Xavi is not two days but that takes time is not right."

It is true that since the game against Valencia in the Copa del Rey has not been an improvement and that doctors, by agreement with the player and Guardiola himself, have decided to chart a new course in his recovery.

Hence, in the hour before the game of the Champions League against Leverkusen the club issued a statement that health care provider to Xavi suffered "edema" and that his return to the pitch will mark your progress.

It has been dosed in recent weeks

Xavi, a player usually fireproof has had a tremendous regularity, had to be selected in recent weeks to compensate, in part, problems in the soleus. The requirement calendar of Barça has left virtually no room for a break. So far, that in recent weeks has had to manage the effort.

Xavi has played 32 of the 42 official competition matches. Among the first leg of the Supercopa of Spain Granada, Barça and chained fifteen games without rest. Then he stopped, coinciding with Barça-Mallorca and el Viktoria Plzen-Barça, and again returned to the competitive maelstrom in which Barça faced the second 'peak' of the campaign-the first full season was spent in connection with the Supercups-.

Real Madrid and Club World Cup were the challenges then to enter 2012 with three titles in his pocket. However, the hardness of the months of January and August, with two games each week and matches against Valencia and Madrid in the Copa, Xavi forced efforts to regulate: the midfielder has played five of the last ten commitments . Just do not missed the two games against Madrid, turned against Valencia and Villarreal hard shift. (via SPORT)

Barça-COPE: no extrajudicial agreement

The cadena COPE and the entity Barça held talks to set compensation and leave the contentious issue settled.

The cadena COPE (Radio Popular SA) tried unsuccessfully to reach an extrajudicial agreement with FC Barcelona for the institution to withdraw the claim that Barça brought him last April for "trespass on the right of honor." A lawsuit in which the club azulgrana sought compensation of 6,190,090 euros "in accordance with the evaluation criteria used to quantify such damage."

The COPE's legal department contacted with FC Barcelona to try to fix financial compensation, of course much smaller amount. The club azulgrana through emails and telephone conversations elctrónicos asked the defendant a time of reflection. According to SPORT is satisfied from the station of the Episcopal Conference it was believed that the process would be extended many years and that such claims judges often set almost symbolic compensation.

It was within the board of FC Barcelona, where, by consensus, the managers decided to go all the way because they understand that not only seeks monetary damages, especially to surface the truth on this very serious case of defamation. In the program 'El partido de las 12', the presenter said that Madrid would ask the RFEF stricter doping controls and accused doctors of Barça objectionable. Its source was senior Real Madrid. Next week will be the preview. No Compromise. (via SPORT)

[Youth; NextGen Series] Thanks for the organization of NextGen Series

Satisfaction with the cooperation and willingness of FC Barcelona during the tournament.

The juvenil Of FC Barcelona ended their career in the NextGen Series after falling eliminated by Ajax Amsterdam (0-3) in the quarter-finals. They closed their participation in the first edition of this tournament organized by NexGen Series, thanked the FC Barcelona for their collaboration and the facilities offered throughout the season.

Mark Warburton, the football director of NextGen Series, he emphasized the uniqueness of the Club: "In many cases the clubs are evaluated by their results in the field and their professional actions. In my case, the signal that marks the greatness of an institution goes through what he does off the field of play, it manages its structures and behaviors. and in regard to FC Barcelona has been first class. Many want to copy his club football practice without realizing there is more to learn copiándoles the level of hospitality and respect that is given within its walls. "

At the same time, Mark Warburton thanked the "great hospitality" offered by the FC Barcelona throughout the competition. Oscar García's team gave a great performance in 7 games deputies, with a record of 5 wins and 2 losses. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Messi, the 'bicentennial' youngest Barça history

If no countermanding of Guardiola, Messi will become Sunday at the youngest player to reach the 200 league games for Barça.

When the dispute-Valencia Barca, Messi will be 24 years and 240 days. If Guardiola aligned, the Rosario will be contesting his 200 game in First Division, the current Liga. There would be a particularly important data-other 37 players reached that figure before the club were it not that Leo will bicentennial in the top before anyone else in Barça, the youngest in history.

Messi will have achieved this record long before Xavi Hernandez, who until now was the youngest to play the game 200 on First. The Terrassa it did 25 years and 236 days and exceeded the classification of younger bicentennial Andres Iniesta (25 years and 271 days), Guillermo Amor (26 years and 161 days) and Victor Valdes (26 years and 299 days) .

Will his 200 games in la Liga since October 16, 2004 Frank Rijkaard made his debut in the Olympic Stadium Lluís Companys in Barcelona Espanyol-Barça victory that ended 0-1. Messi jumped on the lawn of Montjuïc 82 minutes of that game, with the number 30 to the back, replacing the scorer of the night, Deco. The Argentine was 17 and 114 days.

At the 2004-2005 season only played six more games with the first team, was still in the discipline of Barca B, and scored his first goal in a match against Albacete at the Camp Nou that ended 2-0.

Leo Messi numbers are spectacular at this time. In 199 games has vivivo 147 wins, 33 draws and 19 defeats, scoring a whopping 142 goals, 14 of them from the penalty spot. La Liga has fired 16 times from the spot and only failed to then Recreativo goalkeeper Asier Riesgo in the 2008-2009 season and before the Sevilla goal Javi Varas in the current campaign. Interestingly, the two penalty decisions were spent at Camp Nou. And keep in your home ten balls as many league games in which signed a 'hattrick'. The last, on October 29 against Mallorca.

Disciplinary level, the Rosario has never been sent off in league match and so far do not know what is to fulfill a five-yellow. The maximum number of cards he had seen in a season was four last season, leading them in this campaign. That means that Messi is the second time in his career at First Division to the limit of the suspension and given that there are 16 games left this year if it should rest on this reason.

A break that many will want to make your return is greater, but Messi does not want to miss a minute. In this league has played 1,919 of the 1,980 championship. Just missed the first 61 minutes of game Real Sociedad-Barca of the third day, until Guardiola was ordered onto the field to replace Thiago.

Another curiosity in the history of Messi to reach 200 in his first game is not undefeated against 20 of the 33 clubs to which they have faced in this category. Racing is the club that has faced more times, with 12 games, followed by Atletico Madrid, Osasuna, Espanyol, Real Madrid, Zaragoza, Seville and Valencia, with 11. In the chapter goals, his 'victim' is preferred Atletico Madrid, who has endorsed 14 goals. However, it has a negative figure in the mattress: are most times you have been defeated in the First Division with 4.

200 games without having yet reached age 25. Very few players in the history of the Spanish league can boast that record, starting with the exmadridista Raúl González. The current player of the match Schalke 04 celebrated its 200 with the white club when I was 22 years and 240 days. And returning to the general classification of Barca players in the league, Messi is ranked 38. When bicentennial trap at position 37 that was left back in the 80 Julio Alberto and will throw the current coach of Barça B, Eusebio Sacristan, who played 203 games with the Barça shirt.

Messi still has far to the other four active players in the club with more games. In reverse order, currently totals 257 Iniesta, Victor Valdes, 317, Puyol, Xavi 360 and, the most league games played with Barça shirt, 401. The Terrassa mark the line but if Messi continues his steps, decide to play until his retirement in the Blaugrana club and respect the injury, can pass you in the future. But these are just figures dwarfed by the way they play, the magic of Messi always waiting Barca fans. A bicentennial Messi. (via SPORT)

The Chilean press, entranced by Alexis

The Chilean media spared no praise when Alexis Sanchez highlight as the main star of the Barca win against Bayer.

"Europe is back to tip the boy wonder," read the front page of Wednesday Chilean newspaper El Mercurio, which claimed that the 'tocopillano' "had the right recipe for problems of Barca."

In the same vein valued victory Pep Guardiola 'La Tercera', another of the rotating leader of Chile. A newspaper which qualifies the party on Tuesday as "the evening of consecration" of Alexis Sánchez, who qualify as "exclusive figure of mourning." And is that the two goals from Barca "echoed in the world", according to this newspaper.

On the other hand, the web 'Radio Cooperative' also notes that the Barça forward is the third Chilean brand in European competition. "Alexis Sánchez genius and figure" in the chronicle titled hereby Chile.

Finally, 'Radio Agriculture' also ensures that the Barca striker "striker showed his skills as" the day he scored his first two goals in the Champions League, and that "Barça never lost his competitive nature." (via SPORT)

Guardiola is inspired by futsal

A video of Japan coach Miguel Rodrigo, explores the similarities between football and with particular incidendia at Barca.

Since the arrival of Pep Guardiola on the bench the first team in the summer of 2008, FC Barcelona has reinforced its strong commitment to excellence and strive for excellence through precision and unwavering style based on the tap. In this sense, many of the movements of the Blaugrana are strongly influenced by the younger brother of football. In fact, one could get to say that Barça divided the field into several "mini-games' simultaneous.

Guardiola has always shown great interest in the automation that characterize the football and fixing them to the design philosophy of team play whenever deemed appropriate. The coach lives almost obsessed Barcelona innovate to keep the team play becomes predictable and has held talks with Futsal heavyweights at the national level and also with the current Alusport Barca coach Marc Carmona.

The manager of dissecting these marked similarities between the two sports has been Miguel Rodrigo, coach and referent Japanese Futsal after visiting Granada, Nazareno, Jaen, Caja Segovia, Dinamo Moscow, Luparese and Padova. Granada coach has developed a comprehensive video that explores the similarities between both sports and most of the examples in the personalize Pep. The video ends with the following message: "Practice Futsal to be a great football player."

"Rather than just copying plays or certain concepts of futsal in my opinion I think that above all is a matter of style. Today Barça is the only team or the only teams in the world who base their game on the management of spaces. The ball seems to fly and to achieve this result requires highly technical skills and a near-perfect placement on the field, "reflects Marc Carmona.

And is that a key futsal lies precisely in the continuous triangulations aiming to achieve superiority in both attack and defense, something the team coached by Pep Guardiola continuously implemented despite the difficulty of fact have ten players (or rather eleven, because Victor Valdes plays a very active). In futsal with four players plus the goalkeeper, the possible combinations are limited.

The game of long and patient possessions Barca without losing the ball to find the right time to overcome the contrary is very similar to what happens in futsal especially when one team turns to 'goalkeeper' in the stretch of games. "Yes, but then you have a player (the 'goalkeeper-player') and football are ten against ten, which makes Barça has much more merit, because the superiority achieved through the possession and despite both teams have the same number of players, "said the coach that led to a historic treble Barça Alusport in the past year.

The aforementioned video starts with both Leo Messi against Panathinaikos in the first game of the last Champions and ended 5-1. At the stroke of half, Argentina signed a goal after a great combination in which the whole team stepped in and then commentator and current coach of Barça B, Eusebio Sacristan, it was clear: "It looked like a Futsal goal," said the La Seca. And it remains the goal of Thiago in this Copa del Rey against L'Hospitalet, who beat after a spectacular fake Craviotto and television commentator, English Sid Lowe reiterated that looked like a Futsal action. "It shows he has played much to the sport," he said.

The 'Barça style' has a long list of concepts characteristic of their 'little brother': the aforementioned long possessions, movement of the ball, uncheck the game without the ball fakes, controls the sole repeat Messi , Iniesta and company, the output of the pressure or the so-called 'parallel' (go inside in parallel to a player short).

"The key is how to push Barça when they lose the ball. It is a matter of placement and arrangement on the lawn, "says Carmona. Not the Barca coach Alusport wielding the only argument. In fact, most analysts have all agreed that this pressure is the axis on which the game runs Blaugrana. So much so that when it fails or does not develop with precision and intensity, the computer does not work. (via SPORT)

Lionel Messi never dives (New Compilation)

Mestalla has all the numbers to host the Cup final

The secretary general of the RFEF, Jorge Perez, has ruled the Bernabeu.
The Calderon has set for the same day a concert by the band Coldplay.

It seems that the soap opera on the venue for the final of Copa del Rey comes to an end. After the Spanish Football Federation has confirmed that it will be held at the Santiago Bernabeu, Mestalla is the most viable option right now.

In an interview with Catalan radio station ONAfm, the general secretary of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Jorge Perez has ruled Stadium Real Madrid , as expected. Although the two finalist clubs, Barça and Athletic , formally called the Santiago Bernabeu stadium to host the final, Real Madrid made ​​clear their position during the match against Levante chanting 'Cup final not played here'

After discarding the white stadium, the Federation already looks for other alternatives as Vicente Calderón, Mestalla or La Cartuja's stadium, although the stadium of Valencia is the one that has more numbers.

For its capacity and its location, Calderon was one of the options that are shuffled, but has been dismissed after confirmation that the day May 20 the Vicente Calderon has set for the same day a concert by British band Coldplay.

Not even being played on 25 May (in the event that the club reached the final of the Champions League) the Calderon enter into the plans as the state concerned would be the pitch after the concert and if there time to replace the lawn.

La Cartuja in Seville, with capacity for 60,000 spectators, was one of the options that were probed with strength in recent days as an alternative, but the location could not quite convince the two parties.

It is this context seems to Mestalla , with 55,000 locations in capacity, is the most viable option and will host the Cup final between Athletic and Barça , as was the case in 2009 . (via MD)

Manel Estiarte chat with Joan Piqué on the flight back from Cologne

The henchman Guardiola has dealt with the defense of his amazing father absence in the call for Leverkusen.

Fans and journalists who traveled with FC Barcelona to Germany have witnessed this morning the conversation they have held for the return flight Manel Estiarte , the confidant of Pep Guardiola and Joan Pique , father of the Barca defender, which surprisingly fell off the final list of eighteen for the match against Bayer Leverkusen.

The talk between them, with Francesc Fabregas , Cesc's father, as a witness, has been informal. They have spoken from the trip to Germany of Piqué and Fàbregas seniors that are intimate friends, but also, evidently, of the decision of Pep regarding the centre-back. The father, nor the player, have demanded explanations. Although this morning were still somewhat annoying, they think that is a situation that a professional should take to correct and not repeated.

The conversation between them has been recorded by a cameraman of TV3, Óscar Sanz. Estiarte has already been given bill inclination of those responsible for press of the club, Sergi Nogueras and 'Chemi' Terés, has asked that the images were not emitted by the interpretations that could be generated. And why Barça while flying is prohibited to capture images. Both the camera and journalist Jordi Fargas have understood the explanations of the members of the department of communication and have not offered the meeting between Estiarte and Pique in the TV3 news program noon, as originally envisaged. (via MD)

Vialli: "Guardiola will be coach of Inter and Baggio his second"

Pep Guardiola looked in the match against Bayer a scarf with the colors of Inter Milan. A simple story but very well used in Italy.

"It's a gift from a friend. Now I'm coaching the team more fascinating it is." So Pep Guardiola said when asked after the game against Bayer Leverkusen to be needed to bring a scarf with the colors of Inter Milan. It was just an anecdote of no importance. But that has served to make the most of Italy and shot the rumors about the future of Inter's current coach of FC Barcelona.

And if there was something missing, has left the former player Gianluca Vialli, a commentator on Sky, with a surprising outcome. "Next year, the Inter bench can Guardiola and, as his assistant, Roberto Baggio."

Among the scarf, the statements of Vialli and the success of Barca in Leverkusen, there is no doubt that this Wednesday, also in Italy, Pep Guardiola has been featured. (via SPORT)

[Ex-player] Evaristo: "Messi and Neymar are compatible at Barça"

The ex player of FC Barcelona in the 60 Evaristo de Macedo Neymar seen more in Barça than Real Madrid.

Speaking to COM Radio, Evaristo talked about his countryman Neymar and he left clear that see more to the orders of Guardiola than of Mourinho: "For Neymar it is better to sign for Barcelona that for Madrid. Barcelona plays more as a group and Madrid is more individualities. Neymar would clot very well in Barcelona and for him it would be better.

Santos's young crack is one of the footballers in the orbit of Barça in the last months, but there is who thinks that its arrival would rot 'to collide' with the soccer of the current Ballon d'Or, Leo Messi. For Evaristo, nothing is further from reality. "Messi and Neymar are supported. There would be no problem, will do double what Messi does. Going to be fantastic. Messi help Neymar Neymar and Messi," said Barca player that was between 1957 and 1962.

Evaristo also played for Real Madrid then and knows perfectly the 'Casa Blanca'. Although many years have passed, is also aware of the mood of his current coach, Jose Mourinho. Therefore insisted that "profile Neymar has to play in Barcelona, ​​of course I have a place in Barcelona."

When you are passionate about the game exfutbolista team Guardiola: "It's almost impossible to play against Barcelona, ​​players do not have the art of football, have a great intelligence to play." However, he acknowledges that the company has overcome the difference now in the league Real Madrid is almost impossible. "The advantage of the Real Madrid is very large, it is very difficult for the Barcelona win the league. Madrid has very high morals," he said.

And Evaristo not resist getting into the game to compare Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. The Brazilian was diplomatic in his response: "Messi is a player individually very large, very strong. Cristiano is scoring, not a player who makes plays. Front of the goal is very dangerous."

Finally, Evaristo de Macedo urged patience with the Chilean Alexis Sanchez, star of the last Champions League game against Bayer Leverkusen for their two goals. "Alexis is not yet attached to the Barcelona way of playing. Has strength, is a player who decides games and will be great for Barcelona," he said. (via SPORT)

[Selection] Del Bosque believes that the final should be played in the "most beautiful frame"

The Spanish coach Vicente del Bosque believes that the final of the Copa del Rey between Barça and Athletic should be played in the "framework that can be pretty".

In presenting the Spain-Venezuela friendly to be played Feb. 29 in the Rose Garden, Malaga, Del Bosque said he has "taken an opinion" on the stadium should host the Cup final and, if any , "obviously" not be pronounced. "A cup final is the most interesting game to play, the more appealing to different interests, and therefore the best possible framework is desirable," said national coach, but noted that "a question of the Federation, in that it is moving, as well as the clubs themselves. "

Cree as to which team is going to be the champion league, Del Bosque declined to comment and stated only that it can only "compare some facts: that Madrid is ten points behind Barcelona, ​​which these days are many points, but there is still a lot of competition ahead. "

As for the numerous physical problems of some of the important men of the selection, as Xavi, Vicente del Bosque said that, within three months of the season remaining, is concerned about all the players who can be summoned to the tournament. "We have a concern, of course, the status of all players, not especially Xavi, but of all those potentially" can be selected, said Del Bosque, who reiterated that the final list for the European Championship in Poland and Ukraine "becomes on 15 May. "

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New image of the Barça shirt 2012-2013

We have more evidence of how it will be for Barça next season.

As advanced Sport exclusively, confirming the design blur the bars of the shirt, especially in the middle with the color scarlet. What does change over the images or computer graphics who had come to light is the blue ocean far more intense and both shirt and pants, and classic soft socks. However, there is still to the shirt is officially presented. The photo has been uploaded Sergio Magdaleno (@ sergiomagda). (via SPORT)

[Selection] Messi and Mascherano, with Argentina

Leo Messi and Javier Mascherano have been called up to play a friendly for Argentina on 29th February against Switzerland in Berne. Jonathan Dos Santos has also been called up to play for Mexico against Colombia in Miami. Remember that on Tuesday it became known that Alexis had been called up by Chile to play against Ghana in New Jersey, and Alves and Adriano were called up by Brazil to face Bosnia in St. Gallen (Switzerland). The matches will all be played in the last week of February. (via FCBarcelona.com)

Alexis marks his first team debuts with goals

The Chilean, who made his debut in the starting eleven in the Champions League, and scored, also scored in his first games in the starting eleven in la Liga and Copa del Rey.

The only exception was the Spanish Super Cup match in the Bernabeu, Alexis’ first match wearing the Barça shirt, where he failed to score.

With his two goals against Bayer 04 Leverkusen, Alexis became the team’s third top scorer, behind Messi and Cesc.

Alexis Sanchez was one of the players in the starting line-up picked by Pep Guardiola for the first leg of the last 16 round of the Champions League, against Bayer 04 Leverkusen. His participation from the start of the game at the Bay Arena marked his debut as a starter in a Champions League game. The Chilean striker responded with two very important goals that allowed him to open his scoring in the top European competition.

Alexis knows how it feels to come into the starting line-up and do so well. He did it in the League against Villarreal, scoring one of the five Barça goals, and also in the Kings Cup, when in January in Pamplona he was in the starting eleven for the first time in the competition, and scored one of the goals in the win there.

On August 14th Barça played Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu in the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup, and Alexis Sanchez was the surprise in the starting line-up. This is the only game where he made his debut as a starter and didn't score. In the other competitions, the European Super Cup and the World Club Championship, he either didn't play, or came on as a substitute.

Alexis Sanchez has now scored 11 goals this season, with 8 in the League, 1 in the Kings Cup, and 2 in the Champions League. The striker stands as third top scorer in the team, behind Messi (38), and Cesc (15). Alexis is only 1 goal away from equalling the goals he scored last season with Udinese, where he scored 12 in all competitions. (via FCBarcelona.com)