12 February 2012

22 in the squad to travel to Germany

Pep Guardiola is taking all the first team players available, including Busquets who hasn’t received medical clearance yet, plus five players from the reserves, for the match against Bayer Leverkusen. The team, who worked out this morning at the training ground, will leave early Monday morning for Germany, where they’ll carry on their Champions League campaign with the match in the last 16 stage.

With no time to feel sorry for themselves after the defeat in Pamplona, ​​the first team are moving on and already thinking about the Champions League. On Tuesday, Barça will resume their activity in Europe's top competition, in Germany, with the first leg of the last 16 round against Bayer Leverkusen. For this game, Pep Guardiola has called up all the available players from the first team, amongst them Sergio Busquets, who is travelling without medical clearance. The Barça midfielder has missed the last two games due to the knee injury sustained against Real Sociedad. This Sunday, though, he was able to take part in the group training session.

Also travelling with the squad are Barça B players Dos Santos, Tello, Sergio Roberto, Marc Bartra, and Oier Olazábal.

The team trained this morning at the Joan Gamper Training Ground, the only session in Barcelona before travelling to Germany. The training was basically a recovery session for the players who started against Osasuna. Also taking part in the session at pitch number 2 were B Team players Dos Santos, Tello, Sergi Roberto, who were all present in Pamplona, ​​plus Oier, Masip, Sergi Gomez, Rosell, Balliu, Espinosa, and Lobato.

The players will fly to Cologne on Monday morning at 10.30. They'll stay in Cologne, close to Leverkusen, whilst in Germany. Guardiola's players will train in the afternoon at the Bay Arena stadium, starting around 19.00. Before that, at 18.15, Guardiola and one of the Barça players will attend the media. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Squad for Leverkusen: Valdes, Pinto, Alves, Piqué, Fàbregas, Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta, Messi, Thiago, Mascherano, Pedro, Adriano, Abidal, Alexis, Cuenca, Sergio Busquets, Dos Santos, Tello, Sergi Roberto, Bartra and Oier

Barca and Madrid Gareth Bale battle for the next summer

The "war" between Barcelona and Madrid could extend beyond the pitch this season.

As reported in the Sunday newspaper 'The National', both teams would be interested in taking the services of Welsh football this summer.

Tottenham midfielder is regarded as one of the pearls in the sky youth football team and Guardiola would provide new options to the left. That's why Barça might try to tempt the player with an offer, which the English newspaper, double your current salary in the Premiership. Specifically, the azulgrana side would be willing to pay up to 7 million euros a midfielder. But Real Madrid plans to go even further in their attempt to thwart Bale signing for Barça, and could supply up to 9 million.

Of course, both teams must first convince Tottenham, who have no intention of getting rid of what they regard their star player. In fact, the English newspaper explains that Harry Recknapp, team coach, as Daniel Levy, president of the club, match Bale's cache to Cristiano Ronaldo, who joined us remember the set target of 80 million pounds ($ 94 million euros).

A figure that Barça would not be willing to reach in any way. In fact, as we explain in later editions, the proposed Barca would be around 30 million euros. Anyway, the saga is served. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Muniesa: "Guardiola is relying on us"

"If they have trusted me - Muniesa has explained - I will try to give all that I have: effort, work, to learn of the best players in the world and to contribute my bit."

Barcelona defender Marc Muniesa, who next season will be part of the first team, has held the confidence of the coach of Barcelona. Josep Guardiola, in the young promises of La Masia and has recognized the "great challenge" that will be able to fulfill his childhood dream.

"The truth is that a dream is gradually coming true. I saw in the press that already announced (sporting director) Andoni Zubizarreta and am very happy that way. But now we must continue working with the reserves and Next year we'll see, "said the Catalan player.

International with the lower echelons of the Spanish team, Marc Muniesa (Lloret de Mar, Girona, 1992) came to Barca in the juvenile category, and his 17 years and 57 days, became the fourth youngest player to debut in the League in the club azulgrana, against Osasuna on May 23, 2009. It was a premiere either.

His first performance was recorded in the Camp Nou, as only lasted half an hour on the pitch. Eight minutes from time, an entry to rival earned him the red card, so that the player shot to applause went to him and boos from the crowd to what he considered an exaggerated decision of the arbitrator.

"If they have trusted me, explained Muniesa-try to give everything I have: stress, work, learn from the best players in the world and contribute my bit".

Although his contract expires in 2014, a provision thereof provides that the club would be free if you are not guaranteed in the first team back. Thus, it was two weeks ago when Muniesa knew the club's decision to promote him next year, alongside his fellow Jonathan Dos Santos, Marc Bartra and Martin Montoya.

"I was told to leave the Miniestadi and I took it very well, I was celebrating with family at dinner. But he would not give it more importance. Wanted to be quiet here (in the subsidiary), keep working," he acknowledged.

So far, not had chance to talk about Pep Guardiola will want what's it for next year, which certainly more than half the first team squad will come from the ranks of club which adds to the twenty-grown players have debuted under the command of technical almost four years.

"Guardiola is confident in all of us, it is showing," said. "I do not know how many we do not know if anyone else will go up or someone will leave, but in principle there will be many youth players and will be very nice."

And that is not afraid Muniesa the challenge is ahead. "Afraid? No, man. It's a dream since childhood. It is a challenge, a very big challenge. But we must seize the opportunities and the day you play to play, do my best," he asserted.

Central defender and side Muniesa noted for its output with the ball from behind, which this season has led him to act also as a defensive midfielder in the center of the field, to the lowest in the subsidiary in the last month and a half.

"I would not have thought of. But it is important to manage in different positions, because we have already seen that in the first team players are very versatile and that's important. I have to go on and where the coach put us, give answers," has been completed. (via AS)

Zubi: "Let's have faith in this team"

Andoni think that Barça has earned enough credit in recent years.

The sports director of FC Barcelona , Andoni Zubizarreta , made ​​a measurement at rest that it may be true for the final match, when defeat had already occurred. Zubi said that "neither the grass nor the wind helped us a lot. This field is very narrow and must be very precise, but to be irregular and so cold, makes it difficult to play in it. It is true that the conditions are the same for them, but have adapted much better than us. " Former goalkeeper Basque stated that "between the first and the second goal we have had sufficient opportunity to have the game had developed differently, but no luck or success." Finally, Zubizarreta sent a message that can serve for the future. "Let us have faith in this team," he said. One of the officers who traveled to Pamplona, ​​Josep Ramon Vidal-Abarca, also commented that "there is still a lot Liga. " (via MD)

Neymar, worth 55 million euros

The consultancy Pluri Sport established the classification of the 25 players most coveted among those who dispute the Copa Libertadores.

The Brazilian Santos Neymar is the MVP of the Copa Libertadores, according to a study by the Sport Pluri consultaroría which includes the ranking of the 25 top rated players in the top flight of South America.

According to the survey, Santos striker has a market value of 123.8 million Brazilian eral, about 55 million euros, well ahead of compatriot Leandro Damiao the International Documentary Porto Alegre, whose transfer is valued at 51.8 million reais (23 million euros). Third on the list is Paulo Henrique Ganso, valued at 50.6 million (22.5 million).

Santos are the team with more players in this category as well as Neymar and Ganso four other players have entered, Danilo Henrique and Fucile. In fact, the classification is dominated by players from the two major powers of South American football: sixteen Brazilian and Argentine six. The first player in the country's southern Lisandro Lopez Sarandí Arsenal defense, worth 7.3 million euros and is located on the tenth. The nine players that precede it are Brazilian.

The star in the past Barca and AC Milan Ronaldinho de Assis, share the eleventh position with the player of Corinthians, Alex. Its market value is 15.8 billion reais (seven million). The rest of the classification is completed by a Chilean (Charles Aranguiz, University of Chile), Uruguayan (Jorge Fucile, Santos) and Mexican (Marco Fabian, Chivas Guadalajara).

Santos is also the most valuable

If Neymar is the MVP of the Libertadores, Santos leads the ranking of the 32 teams contesting the tournament, with a total value of the templates is 1,100 million euros as' pluri Sport. The staff of Santos would have a total value of 137 million euros, followed by the International (84) and Corinthinas (72). The first six are Brazilian and the first Argentine in the seventh, is Boca Juniors (53 million). (via SPORT)

[Player Ratings; Liga BBVA; week23] CA Osasuna - FC Barcelona (3-2)


A 'Via Crucis' away from the Nou Camp

The numbers away from home condemned to Barcelona in the league was more complicated than the Guardiola,

Last year at this point, this template could boast of being the best Barcelona in history as a visitor. There were many who said even the best version of the team looked away from Camp Nou. This season, however, play out has become an ordeal. Especially in the league. The numbers are similar to those that signed the Barcelona Rijkaard in full loss of that team.

And is that the team has lost 16 of the 33 points played on the road. In other words, this Barcelona has lost more than 50% of the points away from home. Guardiola has already said ("outside the home do not have the numbers of a champion") and the team yesterday left more than half a league in Pamplona. Ten points of Madrid and the same feeling of the season away from Camp Nou. The team has not been able to move the game of tag that makes at Camp Nou in foreign territory. In total he scored five draws (Real Sociedad, Valencia, Athletic, Espanyol and Villarreal), a result that has hit much of the team numbers. Five draws the team collects (10 points) scored his second defeat yesterday (before he had fallen against Getafe) for a total of 16 points left the team in a very uncomfortable position in the league.

Messi is the paradigm of the difficulties the team away from Camp Nou. The Argentine is not having luck this year in front of goal away from home, on the contrary that at the Camp Nou, where he remains in record numbers. Players and coaches are no explanations, so far, the downturn suffered by the team away from home. Yesterday's defeat was the second team in 41 games. (via SPORT)

Tello was the best news of the 'Pep Team' in the Reyno

The forward reaffirmed his ability to make a lever. Its entrance, next to Cuenca, air attack gave a very erratic Barcelona.

Cristian Tello was the best news of the Reyno. His appearance in the second half stirred at a Barcelona intemperate, strained, uncomfortable in front of a grandstand especially noisy and frozen turf, hard. As hard as Osasuna, a team of tough leg, demanding on every play, comfortable with the messy game.

The Sabadell left in the second half and revitalized the game of Guardiola with a gear. It has increasingly shown that Pep has given him a chance. Tello has been uncovered as an extreme `vintage ¿, of those who once played glued to the lime and understand each play as an individual challenge to the side. That means the game and that's Sabadell its staging regardless of the stage. Yesterday, of course, the game invited to go unnoticed. Moreover with the aggressiveness of the premises. But Tello was great and was the player who caused the biggest problems Osasuna defensive gear.

His breakthrough with the first team is no longer anecdotal. His dizzying game (every time you launch a highway-oriented broken space makes the side) can be one of the great assets of the template in the second round.

Now that the team gives symptoms of playing with loaded legs, the end looks a physicist who is pure muscle (its physical evolution in the last year has been spectacular) and his companions is one of the fastest players in the group. At the speed you have to add a spectacular shot that makes him a difficult player to defend. A constant threat. Luxury amenities offered yesterday and left a bit for framing. He received the ball on the right wing, made a cut and dry conjured up a shot so hard, impossible for the goalkeeper. Your both activated to Barcelona again be in the game for a few minutes. In the final minutes, was close to completing a performance espléndida.Suyo was the shot that could have tied the game. Again a thread poisoned. This time, however, the target appeared Fernandez hand, local hero yesterday. (via SPORT)

Players take responsibility for the loss, refuse to make excuses

Victor Valdes, Gerard Pique, Isaac Cuenca and Pedro refused to blame the referee’s performance for the team’s loss to Osasuna. The footballers called on Barça supporters to stand by the team ahead of the Champions League match against Leverkusen.

After securing a King’s Cup final berth, Barça’s La Liga title chances faded a bit with tonight’s loss in the league at the Reyno de Navarra. The Barça players aren’t giving up on the competition and are basing a possible, albeit complicated, comeback on hard work and effort.

Goalkeeper, Victor Valdes talked about the difficulty of cutting into Madrid’s possible 10 point lead, but he also said that the team will fight until the end. “Being realistic, it will be very difficult. We didn’t perform today and the Liga just got a bit more complicated. It’s not definitive but it is more difficult,” he said.

The Barça player didn’t blame referee to justify the loss in Pamplona. “I don’t usually talk about the referees. There were [controversial] calls for both teams,” said Valdes.

The keeper also said that his team didn’t get off to a good start against an Osasuna. Lastly, he talked about the decisive Champions League match against Leverkusen: “We play on Tuesday in another important Champions League game, we have to get up [and keep moving forward].”

Here are the statements made by some of the FC Barcelona players after the match:

Pedro Rodriguez:

“We’re a bit sad, but that’s normal after you lose

“It was a game where we couldn’t afford to lose, we lost the points. It truly was a difficult match.

“We were better in the second half, we even had the chance to mount a comeback. Despite it all, we’re disappointed with the final result

“La Liga is possible, but 10 points down is difficult to come back from. We’ll keep on fighting until the end

“Osasuna started off strong in the first half and it was difficult for us to get into the game. In the second half we had the chance to make a comeback but in the end we weren’t able to”

Isaac Cuenca:

“We know what kind of team we are and we must keep on fighting until the end

“The field is small but we knew that coming in. We shouldn’t look for excuses

“We’re going to Leverkusen with a lot of enthusiasm to try and win

“It’s normal that it’s more difficult for us away from home. The Camp Nou is bigger and the ball rolls on the pitch better”

On Alexis’ disallowed goal: “I wasn’t able to see if it was offside or not, it was a really fast play”

Gerard Pique

“The referee’s performance isn’t an excuse for losing to Osasuna

“The Champions League is a very attractive competition, the most prestigious; we’ll give it our all to try and win it

“We aren’t giving up on La Liga

“The point difference [with Madrid] keeps growing, but I ask the fans to stay by our side because we need them more than ever”

Andres Iniesta:

“It’s a painful loss. We reacted but it wasn’t enough, we have to keep on fighting until the end. Now we have to prepare the Champions League match”. (via FCBarcelona.com)

Mendilibar: "We had the ability to score"

"We started well, plugged. Playing more in the attacking the first few minutes and when they have wanted was to score against," added the coach.

Osasuna coach Jose Luis Mendilibar, was "pleased" with the victory against Barcelona, ​​which emphasized the "ability" to his team for "make goal" and "being better" than the Barca team in the first part .

"We started well, plugged. Playing more in the attacking the first few minutes and when they have wanted was to score against. Have pressed more in the second half and we have complicated existence," he said.

"The key is playing better than them in the first half we had the ability to score. Many times you can play better, but if you goal, you do not win," he said.

Biscayan coach acknowledged that all changed in the second half and the goal disallowed for offside Tello, which would have meant a tie at three, said: "A Barca player was in between has intended to hit the ball" .

"We do not know if you have touched or not, but when trying to play involved," said Mendilibar, who recalled that he whistled to Osasuna "some out of the game" could have been a goal of'' Reds.''

On the state of the pitch, said: "I do not know if they have affected the time or the playing field. We have been with great intensity. It is difficult to play in the attacking against Barca and we have made make many errors in the happen. "

Regarding the Serbian striker Dejan Lekic, author of the first two goals of Osasuna, said: "You have to press twice. It's good that target goal. What makes it go well for him and the team. I hope he stays on a roll and to help us. " (via AS)

Liverpool joins the 'brides' Keita

As reported yesterday by the British newspaper The Sun, Liverpool sign this summer aims to Seydou Keita. The Mali midfielder, now play the consolation final of the Africa Cup against Ghana, is one of the most coveted players in the Barça. Milan and Bayern are other 'big' in Europe who are interested in Keita. 32, under contract until 2014, the African is three and a half seasons at the Camp Nou but would not rule out a change of scenery to enjoy more continuity, as did Touré Yaya. (via MD)

Van Persie Denies want to go to Real Madrid

Robin van Persie yesterday flatly denied he had talked to Marca, which yesterday published the alleged statements by the Dutch: "I'm excited to play there but I do not think Arsenal agrees to negotiate."

The striker reacted Twitter: "I've never talked to Mark and I have never granted an interview. " As previously reported MD last week, the desire for Van Persie to play in Barcelona with his friend Cesc . Meanwhile, Jorge Valdano said in the SER that Robin "is more a necessity of Barça Madrid." (via MD)

[Former player] La 'Gallina' Maxi Lopez and shines in Milan

Exazulgrana excellent debut for Maxi Lopez, who scored one goal and made another comeback in Milan in the field of Udinese (1-2).

The Argentine striker came on 66 minutes play, instead of Antonio Nocerino. At that time, Udinese went ahead on the scoreboard thanks to the so much of Antonio Di Natale to center of the caboverdiano Gelson Fernandes.

Eleven minutes after entering the field of play, the Argentine striker won the tie. And five minutes left, la 'Gallina' made a good move in the right wing and center it topped the Egyptian Stephan El Shaarawi to give victory to Milan.

Udinese, who had not lost a game in his field so far in the league, had no time to react and get a draw. Milan ranks as interim leader of the Serie A, two points ahead of Juventus, who still has two games remaining. (via SPORT)

Mascherano was sent off after the match

Argentine midfielder Javier Alejandro Mascherano was sent off for two yellow cards at the end of the game against Osasuna for protesting, as the arbitration act.

"After the encounter was booked FC Barcelona player No.14 Javier Alejandro Mascherano for dissent, so obvious, the second warning, for which he was expelled", contained in document arbitration.

Mascherano, again according to the minutes, he saw the first yellow card on 88 minutes, for the same reason.

In the Andalusian collegian's records José Paradas Luis Romero, also contains a warning to Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola, in minute 86, "protest, ostensibly" an arbitral decision.

Thus, Mascherano will miss the next league match against Valencia of Unay Emery at the Camp Nou. (via SPORT)

Pedro: "We're a little screwed by the outcome"

The team blaugrana allowed league another piece of Pamplona and this Sunday could be 10 points behind Real Madrid.

The game in the Reyno was essential and the staff was quite clear. Therefore, players could not hide his disappointment after the game.

Pedro recognized that the defeat is a stick. "We're a little fucked up how it went for the match and the result. We knew we could not fail and the League has become more difficult, because they can be 10 points. Of course, we will fight to the end. They have come out very strong in the first half and it cost us to enter. We have made a great game and could not be final, "said Tenerife.

In the same line, said Victor Valdes. "Realistically, the League has become very difficult. We have failed and are now 10 points (if he wins Real Madrid). It is not definitive, but it is more difficult. We have no choice but to keep his head high, "he said.

The Blaugrana goalkeeper complained of doubts Trio in Arbitral Alexis goal disallowed. "If the linesman was going to point out game, which had raised the flag. And if I wanted to give the goal, then to run the midfield, not stand there waiting, doing nothing, "said Valdes.

Meanwhile, Gerard Pique asked for support from the fans and stressed that we must think and in the Champions League. "People are not stupid. Ten points are many and will be complicated. Now it Leverkusen and then Valencia. It is hard to see how a title is going out of hand. The Champions always attracts a lot and give everything to win. Keep people on our side, we need them more than ever, "said central Barcelona. Finally, Isaac Cuenca said that the state of grass can not be an excuse. "If they have played well and have scored more goals than us, has not been alone in the field but more. We know that the League is difficult, but we will fight until the end, "Reus said.

Vidal-Abarca, "Do not give up as lost"

The director of economic and strategic area (Facilities and Security, Josep Ramon Vidal-Abarca, represented the club last night at the Reyno de Navarra and stressed that the team will continue fighting for the League until the end. "In the second part, Barça reacted and showed their level. The team will continue going forward. The team is animated with passion and do not give up for lost the league. " (via SPORT)

Guardiola: “It's a painful loss”

The manager is aware that the race for La Liga is a bit more complicated after the defeat in Pamplona, he added that the team “must do their best” until the end of the season. Guardiola believes that “if we were playing well in the second half on this pitch we could have done the same in the first”.

After losing to Osasuna, Pep Guardiola said that “distancing ourselves from Madrid is painful ... the reality is that we were already at an important distance and I imagine it will increase [tomorrow].” However, this team never gives up and neither does its coach. “We have to keep on going until the end,” said Guardiola, “we don’t really have many perspectives to work from, we can only play the next game as best we can to do well.”

Guardiola was pleased with his team’s attitude in the second half where they fought until the last minute of the game to take away a point from the Reyno de Navarra: “Osasuna were better in the first half. We played a great second half, anything could have happened.” After the match, the Barça manager said that he’s shifting his focus to the Champions League tie against Bayer Leverkusen: “we’ll go to Europe to defend our title. We played a second half that shows us the way to defend a Champions League.”

Guardiola admitted that in the first half “Osasuna started off and adapted to the pitch conditions better than we did.” However, after his team produced a better showing in the second half, where the pitch wasn’t as influential on Barça’s play, the manager said, “if we were playing well in the second half on this pitch we could have done the same in the first.”(via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Liga BBVA; Week23] CA Osasuna 3 - 2 FC Barcelona

Barça have suffered their second defeat of the season away to an Osasuna side that made the most of their chances and adapted better to the freezing conditions. FCB were two goals down at half time but in the second half looked to have equalised when Alexis’s goal was ruled offside.

Barça are further than ever from retaining their league title after losing at the Reyno de Navarra. The visitors struggled to get into their stride in a game played on a freezing evening on a pitch in appalling condition. But Osasuna did a far better job of interpreting the situation, and went 2-0 up early on. Barça came out much stronger after the break and had Osasuna pegged back in their own half for most of what remained of the game. At moments it looked like the Catalans might be able to turn things around, but ultimately they were missing the luck they needed to get anything positive out of a frustrating game.

Things couldn't have started worse from a Barça point of view, for only four minutes had passed when Osasuna went 1-0 up through Lekić, who converted a wonderful assist from Raúl García after a delightful combination move. Barça sought an immediate reaction. Messi, from the right (where the pitch wasn't in quite such an awful state), was the first to threaten goalkeeper Andrés Fernández with a long range effort. Despite the uneven surface and Osasuna advancing their lines considerably, Barcelona still opted to play the ball from the back. But in those conditions, the passing game wasn't always going to be easy.

Osasuna's second goal came from a textbook play. Raúl García, possibly in an offside position, received the ball wide and sent a pinpoint cross to Cejudo, with Lekić finishing the move with his second goal of the night. The home side had only come close to the Barcelona goal twice, and had managed to score both times. From then on, Barça did start managing to produce their typical possession football, but were making an uncharacteristically large number of unforced errors. However, Messi managed to be as threatening as ever, and could have scored with the best Barça chance of the half, but his low drive was not enough to defy an impeccable Andrés.

After half time, Pep Guardiola sent on Cuenca and Tello for Puyol and Pedro, while sticking to his 4-3-3 system. And his players clearly felt that the three points could still be won. The first sign of that was a terrific Messi strike that the home keeper just managed to push over for a corner. But moments later, a much more inspired Barça finally hit the target in the 51st minute when Alexis Sánchez slammed home a sensational cross from the right by Cuenca. But for the umpteenth time in this championship, fortune was not on Barcelona's side. A defensive mix-up shortly after the restart resulted in Osasuna restoring their two-goal lead at 3-1, this time thanks to Raúl García.

But the defending champions refused to throw in the towel. They bravely battled on in search of the miracle, and certainly had enough chances to get it. Guardiola threw caution to the wind by sending on Cesc for Pique, and just moments later Tello pulled one back with a beautifully struck goal. Even though Osasuna immediately responded with Puñal hitting the post, the Barcelona goal evidently knocked much of the confidence out of the Navarran side. There was still hope for Barça.

In the 78th minute, Tello was through on the goalkeeper and would have hoped to have scored, and shortly after Alexis had a goal disallowed, although it is doubtful whether Sergi Roberto's head really did touch the ball and therefore leave the Chilean in an offside position. Then , in the fourth minute of injury time, Cesc came frustratingly close to heading home a corner but Andrés was once again there to save the day for Osasuna. It was a disappointing evening in Pamplona for FC Barcelona, made all the worse when Mascherano was shown a red card for a second bookable offence after the final whistle had blown. (via FCBarcelona.com)

[Match Data]
CA Osasuna Andrés Fernández; Marc Bertran, Sergio Fernández, Flaño, Raitala; Nekounam, Puñal; Nino (Lolo, min. 77), Raúl García (Damià, min. 88), Cejudo and Lekic (Ibrahima, min. 70).
FC Barcelona Víctor Valdés; Alves, Puyol (Tello, min. 46), Piqué (Cesc, min. 70), Abidal; Mascherano, Thiago, Sergi Roberto; Alexis, Messi and Pedro (Cuenca, min. 46).

Goals: 1-0, min. 4 . Raul Garcia wins a ball and Puyol attends Lekic , who shoots Valdes. 2-0, min. 22 . Raul Garcia in offside position, receives the ball and gives it to Cejudo, who from the right focus for Lekic complete again. 2-1, min. 51 . Isaac Cuenca center Alexis takes to beat Andres Fernandez. 3-1, min. 56 . Valdes is wrong on a rebound and a center that connects Nino Raul Garcia sent to the network. 3-2, min. 73 . Cesc is attending Cristian Tello , who ecorta in the area and beat Andres Fernandez

Referee: Paradas Romero (Andalusian). He showed yellow card to Raul Garcia and Dagger osasunistas and Sergi Roberto Barca, Alexis, Dani Alves, Victor Valdes, Xavi (on the bench) and Mascherano. This was the second yellow after the match. He also admonished the Barca coach Pep Guardiola.

Incidents: 17,283 spectators at the Reyno de Navarra. Cold night with temperatures below zero.

[Former player] Henry says goodbye to the Premier as a myth

The exazulgrana Thierry Henry scored in the last minute of his last game in the Premier to give victory to Arsenal in the field of Sunderland (1-2).

At 34, Henry ended his return to the Premier League with a goal that gave the three points to the Gunners after taking advantage of Russian center Andrei Arshavin. A loan from the New York Red Bulls, Henry will return next Thursday to the U.S., which still could play some minutes in the match next Wednesday's Champions League.

The French goal gave Arsenal a victory suffered. Sunderland went ahead in the scoring through Irish James McClean, who took a slip-which led to injury-Szczceny Mertesacker to beat, but soon after Ramsey, who went just by the German centre-back, tied the game.

Ultimately, the goal of Henry leaves Arsenal tied with Chelsea in fourth place in the Premier League.

Chelsea, meanwhile, chained his fourth day without a win in the Premiership after falling at home to Everton 2-0. A South African Steven Pienaar's goal in the 5th minute got in trouble with the "blues" from the beginning of the game, and as much of the Argentine Denis Stracqualursi to twenty minutes left finished off the match.

Tottenham Hotspur Harry Redknapp, the leading candidate to succeed the Italian Fabio Capello ahead of England, again demonstrated why he is the surprise team of the season in England and endorsed five goals to Newcastle's Alan Pardew (5-0 .)

The Frenchman Louis Saha, with two goals, Croatian Niko Kranjcar and Cameroon's Benoit Assou-Ekotto gave terminated during the first 45 minutes a game the second part, with a new goal from Emmanuel Adebayor was a mere formality for followers "spurs" rehearse songs in support of their players and their coach. (via SPORT)

[Ex-player] Abelardo will be the second coach of Sporting

The explayer of Barça Abelardo Fernández Antuña will join the first team coach c as the coaching staff headed by Iñaki Tejada.

Abelardo, 41years old, explayer of Sporting and FC Barcelona, ​​who wore the shirt 54 times of the Spanish and, among his many achievements include a gold medal at the Barcelona '92 Olympics before retiring in Alava-start work from tomorrow, Saturday, as assistant coach Sporting Club announced the capital of the Costa Verde.

At present, 'Pitu' - that the last season was coach of Sporting B, before being substituted, to season half, by Javier Vidales and to pass to direct to Candás -, was the coach of Tuilla, Asturian team of Third Division.

Sporting, who this week announced the first one and then the other as 'seconds' of Tejada reported that Sergio Sanchez returned to the Youth juvenil de Liga Nacional and Isidro Fernandez will continue as coach of goalkeepers. (via SPORT)

[Barça B; Liga Adelante; Week24] FC Barcelona B 4 - 0 FC Cartagena

Barça B adds his third consecutive victory in the Mini Stadium
1,563 spectators witnessed the match

With some of their best men in the first team, a new generation requests step in Barça B that led by the chispazos of Deulofeu and the talent of Rafinha, it sentenced this Saturday to a flimsy Cartagena, hurried by the descent.

For several days the casualties that hit the first team to undertake coach culé Eusebio Sacristan to make his scheme without some of its pillars. Far from being temporary, the club has already announced that Dos Santos , Montoya , Bartra and Muniesa will become members of the staff of Pep Guardiola in the next year, something that adds to the usual calls Tello and Sergi Roberto. There is a cyclical change in the subsidiary and to the Cartagena began to sense the future.

First Deulofeu, the irregular pearl of La Masia . Capaz to wreak havoc in the rival defense desaparecer then for the length during juego while. Gerard is pure and Spark of fogonazos vive. Back, as the previous two days: Huesca ago, the Lady in the extreme monopolizó from starting. On that occasion the play makes them the first goal thirty seconds opened the path to victory. This Saturday, just two minutes later in an excellent finiquitar contragolpe esquinado with a violent shot that pierces the squadron of Reina. Ready to desenlace repeat estuvo en hour, with an Auction from the vertex of another area that the cruceta Rozo.

Deulofeu, as fleeting as lethal, once again the protagonist in the second goal a minute before the break. Dropped a front kick from the evil Reina interrupted and Muniesa , courage, pushed on the goal line. Between flashes of Deulofeu stood another of the great assets of Barca tomorrow. More like his brother never Thiago, the smallest of the Alcantara was the pole star on which the whole universe unfolds Barca. The Cartagena tried, but just that. Nineteenth with 20 points in 23 days, his need led him to discuss the ball at any time Barca led by Lafuente, but without undue danger to the Oier goal in the first half. That led to impotence used with excessive harshness and load up with warnings that caught up with him then, as when Mariano was sent to see the second yellow in the absence of twenty minutes. Any hint of reaction was canceled. And while Oier demanded in the stretch, Rafinha and Deulofeu again them, killed any shock in two counterattacks in the addition.

Accumulates three consecutive wins at home Barca subsidiary. Three, the same days that bears the Cartagena with no points. The decline press , as well as the anxieties of the future stars Catalans to claim his new gal in the Miniestadi. (via MD)

[Match Data]
FC Barcelona B: Oier; Montoya, Armando, Bartra, Planas; Muniesa, Rafinha, Riverola (Espinosa, min.65); Tello, Femenía (Lobato, min.58) and Rodri (Dongou, min.85).

Cartagena: Reina; Gaspar, Abraham Paz, Josemi (Cleber, min.70), Kijera; Mariano Sánchez, Collantes, Álvaro (Dimas, min.57), Héctor Font (Raimondi, min.57), Lafuente; and Braulio.

Goals: 1-0, min.2: Deulofeu. 2-0, min.44: Muniesa. 3-0, min.90: Rafinha. 4-0, min.90+: Deulofeu.

Referee: Alfonso Pino Zamorano (associate Castilian-manchego). Admonished the local Rodri (min.48) and Braulio visitors (min.30), Lafuente (min.40), Hector Font (min.42), Alvaro (min.54), Dimas (min.78) and Kijera ( min.84), and drove for two bookings visitors Mariano Sanchez (min. 42 and 67).

Incidents: Encounter of the twenty-fourth day of Second Division, disputed in Miniestadi of FC Barcelona before 1.563 spectators.