10 February 2012

Satrustegui, low surprise in Osasuna to receive Barça

The player is the absence Eneko Satrústegui outstanding in the call for Osasuna for tomorrow's match against Barcelona at the Reyno de Navarra stadium, because the left side of Navarre had been a starter in the last seven days.

The Osasuna squad that began the season with the third tier subsidiary, had won the job to the Finnish international Jukka Raitala, who enters the list after not being convened in the last six games and therefore likely will start against the Barcelona.

The same as Satrústegui, have been left out of the citation by technical decision goalkeeper Ricardo López, defenders on Echaide, Roversio Rodrigues and Rubén González, and midfielder Xavier Annunziata. Álvaro Cejudo and Javier Calleja received a medical discharge after training in Tajonar and entered in the call, while only two injury casualties are Kike Sola and Masoud Shojaei.

The list of 18-man squad is made up of Andrew and goalkeepers Andrés and Riesgo, defenders Marc Bertrán, Sergio, Miguel Flaño, Raitala, Damià and Lolo, midfielders Puñal, Nekounam, Ibrahima, Raúl García, Lamah, Cejudo, Timor and Calleja, and forwards Lekic and Nino. (via SPORT)

Rami: "It's an honor to know the interest of Barça"

Adil Rami, centre-back of Valencia, is one of the players who can be on the agenda of Barca for next season..

Speaking to French media, the defendeer stated that confirmed that the club will follow the steps "would be a real honor."

"I am an ambitious player, I know I have room for improvement and work to become one of the best in my post, but just arrived in Valencia, I'm fine here and think of something else." (via SPORT)

Mendilibar: "If Barça has a good day is very hard to beat"

Osasuna coach Jose Luis Mendilibar, said that "you can win at Barcelona," but explained that "knowing that it is very difficult," especially if all Pep Guardiola has a good day.

"They can win, knowing that it is very difficult. We are seeing that it goes away worse than at home. It is also true that generate scoring chances on all sides and now find it difficult to materialize," said conference in press after training in Tajonar. Mendilibar said "if you have a good day is very difficult," but expressed confidence to pull something positive to play at the Reyno de Navarra: "We are in our house, we know the support we will give our fans and at least not have to think who is lost, unlike, let's fight it. "

When asked if it is a good time to play against Barcelona, ​​said that "bad play very few games." "That is so clear, then they can be successful or not. Not remind a no occasions in a while," he said. In this regard, he added: "It has always made times, and many. Only Messi makes you four in each game: outside, at home, where you play, even if playing in the schoolyard, sure." "The numbers who have lost away from home are there and how they are winning lately, but I do not to that much attention," he stated.

The coach also attaches importance to Biscayan injuries in the Barca team: "Throughout the season has been injured and has not been noticed much. Have so much quality throughout the template that I think they themselves do not care get two or three kids below and play the same way. " Osasuna has denied that a desire to keep it special to Barcelona by 8-0 in the League at the Camp Nou and the controversy in addressing the Copa del Rey and stressed that Osasuna should be "aggressive" and "can not forgive" generating chances if you want to surprise Barcelona.

State of the grass of Navarra, which is hard by the frost of last week, said: "We like them. We have not trained in the stadium." "The circumstances are the same for all: when the field is fine when it is very bad. There are teams that drop out of high grass and no water, we do not do those things. If it is not a matter of time before we can not do absolutely nothing, "he noted.

Finally, he spoke of the surprise in the call to leave out Eneko Satrústegui, who in recent days had taken place to the Finnish international Jukka Raitala. "I think I have to. I try to choose the best viewing practices and games, and I preferred to choose for this match Raitala, on call," he said. (via SORT)

Vilarrubí criticizes the double standard about alleged doping of Barca

Barca vice-president Carles Vilarrubí believe there is a double standard depending on doping allegations at Barça or to the Spanish sports.

Carles Vilarrubí, the current vice president of FC Barcelona, ​​has spoken at the program 'El món de RAC1' it up in the controversy over the French puppet. The manager, a regular of this gathering, has shown that not valued equally criticism of doping in Spain if you speak Spanish sport or if they affect Barca: " It seems that the same people that are now worthless , citing the flag of Spain, on the columns of our sport homelands are under attack from the north of the Pyrenees, are the same people that went absolutely above the attacks on a team like Barca , a winning team, with success, thereby question his sportsmanship through condition if dopaban professional or not. This is an issue of irresponsibility that also occurs within the same country, and curiously the same complaining now are the same as in any way at the time this subject it aerated. "

Asked about the final of the Copa del Rey, Vilarrubí added that Barça depends on what you want and arrange the Federation, and spoke of the tradition of the stadium chosen for this end: "Traditionally, the Cup final was played at the stadium of regime. " (via SPORT)

Barça used to winning after reaching cup final

Both times that Josep Guardiola has led his team into the Copa del Rey final, they have won their next league fixture.

Qualifying for the cup final seems to inspire Barcelona to victory in the league too. That happened in the 2008/09 season and also a year ago, which bodes well for this weekend's trip to Osasuna.

1-1 in Mallorca... and 2-0 against Athletic Bilbao

The first cup final qualification of the Guardiola era came on March 4, 2009. That day, Pinto was the hero in Mallorca when his late penalty save meant FC Barcelona were off to the final in Valencia. Three days after that emotional semi final, Barça beat Athletic Bilbao 2-0 at the Camp Nou in a Liga fixture, with goals scored by Busquets and Messi.

3-0 in Almeria... and 3-0 against Atlético Madrid

Two years later, on February 2, 2011, FC Barcelona once again qualified for the cup final. This time their semi final victim was Almeria, who they beat 3-0 after already having done most of the work in the first leg, where they won 5-0 at the Camp Nou. Like in 2009, the team responded with a league win three days later when they entertained Atlético Madrid at the Camp Nou. A hat-trick from Messi decided a 3-0 win against the mattress-makers.

2-0 against Valencia... and in Pamplona?

On Saturday, three days after beating Valencia 2-0 in the semi final second leg, Barça will be hoping history can repeat itself. The circumstances are not quite the same, because this time the cup match was played at the Camp Nou and the league match will be away from home. But despite these two small differences, the challenge is just the same. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Bartra, Montoya, Muniesa and Dos Santos will go to the first team

Zubizarreta confirmed that next season there will be four team players who will form the first team.

Jonathan Dos Santos, Martin Montoya, Marc Bartra and Marc Muniesa be first team players. At the same time denied that Barça has planned this summer to fish back Oriol Romeu and said the goalkeepr Oier Olazabal and Sergi Roberto remain in the reserves. He also said they do not expect a summer moved, in terms of signings. (via SPORT)

Who knows where will play the final of the Copa del Rey?

The final of the Copa del Rey today has three possible scenarios, one being the Camp Nou.
Barça and Athletic want the Bernabeu before Mestalla but Madrid will work to prevent.

The big question and debate right now is knowing when and, above all, where will host the Cup final between Barcelona and Athletic . The two kings of the tournament they want to see their faces in the Bernabeu , but Madrid has scheduled a suspicious renovation to prevent it. This 'excuse' has broken all kinds of comments, but the club will do everything possible target for the final is played in any other field other than his own, giving up, of course, about four million euros, which perceive the club to pay its stadium for the big event.

The president white, Florentino Perez , does honor to Santiago Bernabeu de Yeste, legendary chairman who named the Madrid area and never balked at the cup final will be played at their stadium, or that it was a Barca in 1968 Madrid beat himself at home, in the famous 'end of the bottles'.

Perez did not want to risk ending up giving Barca the lap of honor at the Bernabeu to Barça hymn chords, as it did in 1997 when Barça reached the Cup against Betis.

Barça and Athletic want to play the final at the Bernabeu before Mestalla stadium because it is the increased capacity after the Camp Nou (98,787). The feud white (85,454) would cover the needs of both clubs, as they could carry a lot of fans.

The choice of Camp Nou is complex. Barça will propose to play in their stadium, but its nearly 100,000 seats tempt Athletic solve high demand because of their hobby. Miguel Angel Lopez, coordinator parties RFEF , said yesterday in the program 'Esports COPE' "If Barcelona and Athletic agree, delighted. In the Federation and the clubs, make no mistake, they are more interested because it is the largest stadium and the higher the income, the benefit will be greater. "

The Calderon is out on 20 DeMayo for a concert but not if it ends up vying for the May 25, moved last night Onda Cero. With Mestalla the problem is that the capacity would fall short (52,200). In the final, Barça and Athletic played in there in 2009, many fans were left without tickets. The more remote possibility would be La Cartuja in Seville (57,619 spectators). Remoteness is his great handicap.

On Monday, the RFEF summit to decide the venue

La Real Federación Española de Fútbol (RFEF) has called the two finalists of the Copa del Rey to a meeting in the City of Las Rozas Football, which will take place next Monday, from 11:30 am . Representatives of the three parties (Federation, Barça and Athletic) will meet at the headquarters of the Spanish Football Federation, in order to move forward on the date, time, possible scenario for the dispute and make a final estimate of the distribution of inputs, among other issues.

The coordinator matches RFEF, Miguel Angel Lopez, said that the final will be held on May 25 when Barça reached the finals of the Champions League or the 20th if that does not happen. In any case, consider that the meeting will be "at 21:30 or 22:00. Of the night," he said yesterday in the program 'Fora de Joc' by ONA FM. (via MD)

Valdano: "Madrid attaches great importance to Barcelona"

"There is no advantage Barcelona if they play in the final at home".
"The feeling is that it gives more tired than the Athletic".
"If Barça back in the league speak of catastrophe for Real Madrid.

Jorge Valdano also spoke on the stage of the Cup final when he appeared weekly in El Larguero: "I think it is important the site, the important thing is to give safe haven to all the people who want to witness the final. I feel bad that half of Athletic fans left out of the stadium. I'm not the idea of ​​having to give much importance to Barcelona. Madrid gives it a bad idea and that the terms have been reversed. "

Understand that Barça did not want to play at the Camp Nou: "There is no advantage Barcelona if they play in the final at home. The scenario changes completely when playing a cup final and half the stadium is occupied by the opposing team fans. creates a climate that is puzzling and Guardiola looks. "

Bielsa is often repeating the same line: "The feeling is that it gives more tired Barcelona. We can not do an analysis when the final is played at a remote time. It is imperative calendars. If you still have a place as successful will be easier to avoid fatigue. "

The Argentine coach of Athletic is on everyone's lips: "It has not changed in substance Athletic style. Has the intensity so beloved in San Mamés".

Pique does not lost the League: "Real Madrid is stronger, more able to go from behind. It supports a more hardened path for such battles. If Barcelona back talking about a major catastrophe for Real Madrid. I see Real Madrid really into the league, plays every game like a final. "

Mourinho recovers effective: "The team will play looser and more at the Bernabeu abrigadito visitor. Di Maria is indisputable in Madrid. The only question is whether they can compete Ozil and Kaka."

There is already talk of reinforcements for the white set, "Van Persie is a need for Barcelona to Real Madrid. At Madrid has very little to make a perfect template."

Simeone's arrival has changed Atletico: "The players are willing to risk their lives. Let's see if it continues to be an entertainer more than this championship. Going to be hard fought fourth place. I think Valencia will be the third and the other place will depend on what happens in Europe with Athletic. "

And Michel, at Seville: "It's a dramatic change of heart football. The first results are more or less credible the coach's decision." (via Marca)

Fair Play leaders in First and Second

Guardiola and Eusebio’s teams are top of the Fair Play charts in both the first and second divisions respectively.

Halfway through the season, FC Barcelona find themselves top of the Fair Play table in both the top divisions. Guardiola's team has 41 points (the lower the number the better in this classification), followed by Malaga (47 points) and Real Madrid (57 points), after 22 games. The ranking is based on the number of cards received in the competition. Barça currently have 36 yellows and not one red, and are on course for coming top of the chart for the second season in a row.

The team with the highest score is Espanyol, with 100 points, followed by Getafe with 94.

In the second division, the team coached by Eusebio Sacristán is also flying the Barça flag for fair play. Barça B has 48 points, seven less than Tarragona (55 points) and 16 less than Deportivo and Valladolid (both on 64 points). (via FCBarcelona.com)

The substitution of Alves, a new situation for him

The Brazilian played a key tactic in their double substitution copera against Valencia.

Dani Alves has experienced a new situation for him in the semifinal copera against Valencia, in the first leg at the Mestalla as in the Camp Nou yesterday in the second leg. The Brazilian was a substitute in both games, something he apparently did not expect but it engages. Alves understands the key decision Guardiola tactic, despite some disagreements in recent times because of a publicity event that Pep not allowed to attend on the eve of the Barcelona-Madrid quarterfinals.

The decision Guardiola of not having the Brazilian in two games played momentous as the fall to the levantinos in the need to strengthen the right wing to the threat posed by the presence of Jordi Alba and Mathieu , which caused many problems to the rear Barcelona in the league match between the teams played in Mestalla , which ended tied at two.

Alves started the match that night as an end in Barcelona with a defense of three, but after the break fell to its natural boundary on the right of defense. Once Barça had taken control of the game and completely dominated, again advance his position.

On the way to the whole levantino, last week, Guardiola sat Alves on the bench and opted to place Puyol and right back. In general, gave good results, although the goal came in Valencia getaway for that band. Alves came after 63 minutes by Alexis. Alves played against Real Sociedad and started again on the bench in the back copera. He entered also by Alexis at 85 minutes and two after he was admonished undoubtedly speed past. (via MD)

Players accept the challenge of Pep

He said before the game at Valencia that if passed at the last win the treble.

Pep Guardiola made ​​a prediction to his players before Wednesday's clash against Valencia. "This game is vital. If you win, you will do the treble." That phrase , and heard the day before by the mouth of the players coach, has been a real morale booster for staff. Come on, that the players have believed the message of Pep. A Pep who is convinced that having secured the Cup final will be a plus motivation and tranquility for their players to tackling the next games in the league and the Champions League. A Guardiola knows that come three decisive matches in La Liga against Osasuna, Valencia and Atletico, if you win, apart from giving his team give moral fear of Madrid whose calendar is complicated in the final leg of the championship.

A Pep is still saying stupid things. Yesterday, Bartomeu had to deny that the board has suggested that to renew must stop the action for damages against Laporta : "Not true. These are subjects that happened in an Assembly and we have the utmost respect for partners." (via MD)

Capello regarding Bale exit

The club blaugrana has seen up to seven times a player in the London club and the departure of his coach could enable Bale to end in Barça.

Gareth Bale is one of the players that Barça keeps a close. The Welsh footballer has done great at Tottenham, where he has grown as a player and has become one of the most coveted by European clubs. Barca has seen him live up to seven times, which is a visible proof of club blaugrana for the player.

In addition to the asking price the London club to get rid of the player there is an added problem, the relationship with Harry Redknapp, the Tottenham coach, the man who has managed to squeeze all their virtues. Is something similar to what happened with Cesc Fabregas and Arsene Wenger, whose link went beyond football. But recent events may turn around the situation. Following the resignation of Fabio Capello as England manager, the country, a considerable majority, think Rekdnapp successor. In fact, Wayne Rooney himself, speaks in these terms on his Twitter: "I was knackered progress Capello. Nice guy and great coach. The substitute must be English. For me, Harry Redknapp. "

Meanwhile, the coach himself told the BBC that "I concentrate only on Tottenham." However, if the English Football Association (FA) decided to offer the position to four months of the Euro, it is unlikely that Tottenham coach declines. From there, the future of Gareth Bale is in the air. The player could be released if the coach makes the decision to leave and Barça would be a more palatable option for him. The player knows the Blaugrana and interest, by the summer, anything is possible. This is a complex and expensive signing, but the chips begin to move. (via SPORT)

[Selection] Del Bosque is confident that Villa reach the Euro

The coach is optimistic about the recovery of 'El Guaje', although his participation will depend on "whether a game has been able to play before the competition".

David Villa has fought against the clock since breaking the tibia in Japan in December. The Asturian is well under way, but their participation in this summer's Euro today is unknown. Yesterday, the Spanish coach, Vicente Del Bosque said in an interview with the program "Reserved Space" on Canal + League is optimistic about his recovery, "we have little time to experiment with players, we will support in the past. The optimism about recovery is great, but we have to wait and see what he says and if you have played a game before the competition, "said the coach. About Pep Guardiola, who opted for the vote as the best coach world, Del Bosque insisted that "I like and I like his image, speak well of him does not mean to speak ill of anyone, is one of the coaches that gives prestige to our profession."

As for the possibility that the Barca players arrive tired at the European Championship, the coach was adamant, "Barça takes up a lot of games, but his training comes through the competition, will be fine," and once again showed Sergio Busquets his weakness to "I admire him, as once admired Fernando Redondo, because in my time I would have liked to play like them."

Anecdotally, the coach explained that some months after winning the World Cup in South Africa, was presented in Las Rozas the Netherlands coach Bert van Marwijk to greet Forest and in a way, apologize for having accused the referee of the final Spanish victory. For his part, Salamanca said his coaching career will end when detach completely from the Spanish Football Federation, with which it has not yet renewed. (via SPORT)

Florentino doesn't want to Barca at the Bernabeu

Mourinho, now Madrid coach, prevented the Blaugrana play there the final of the Champions, now is the president who takes over.

One of the happiest men in the world on April 28, 2010 was Florentino Perez. The Real Madrid president should celebrate Inter's more like a team ranking of Jose Mourinho for the Champions League final. The Italians had just eliminate Barca at Camp Nou and Real Madrid are saved receive the hordes Blaugrana at the Santiago Bernabeu.

So pleased was so replete felt that handing over the bench for Real Madrid at the Portuguese coach. Later he would give the whole club and, incidentally, your lordship. The same is now absent in wanting to avoid at all costs, that the club can lift another trophy. The Copa valued it Real Madrid the last season like one of the most important titles in the history and perhaps therefore does not want Pep Guardiola's win at home. It's like the neighbor, who can not stand, to sneak into your kitchen to show off her new watch, from expensive.

Something happened in 1997, when Barcelona beat Real Betis in the Cup final, played at the Santiago Bernabeu. The Catalans won with goals from Figo, Pizzi and again the Portuguese, this time in overtime. But the image was for the story was the ride that was then Vice President Joan Gaspart, who wore her scarf Blaugrana circling the stadium. Not content with this, also managed for the Barça anthem sounded three times at the Bernabeu. Gaspart surpassed all limits and that has not forgotten anyone. The wounds are so open that Florentino Perez will prevent host the final. The renovation of the stadium are just an excuse, lawful if you will, but to excuse after all. Real Madrid has the right to decide what you want. (via SPORT)

Lillo admits he was about to train to Barcelona ... thanks to Guardiola

Juan Manuel Lillo and Pep Guardiola have a good friendship for more than a decade. And there was a time when both could have coincided with FC Barcelona.

Basque coach acknowledges, in an interview with FIFA.com , Guardiola recommended his signing for Barça over a decade ago, when today Rijkaard was part of Joan Bassat's candidacy for president of the club.

Lillo desvela that knew Guardiola during their stage to the front of the stool of Oviedo: "I had just finished a league match, played at Oviedo against Barca and we lost 2-4, but played very well. Suddenly, knocked on the door of the wardrobe and was Guardiola, who came without being changed, and asked if I cared to talk a minute. How would I talk to import the best midfielder in soccer history!. He told me he liked how I played my team, and I wanted to stay in touch. And what began as a little thing became much more professional. "

Lillo explains how, thanks to Pep, was very close to becoming coach of Barca. Something would have happened if Lluís Bassat had acceded to the presidency of the organization in 2001: "He was going to be the athletic director's candidacy Bassat, who was the favorite, and I set out to be the coach if that happened. Finally, Laporta won, but that fact speaks of the enormous professional esteem that there's one for the other, "he says.

Subsequently, the Lillo was hired by Dorados de Culiacan, and recommended the signing of Guardiola. Both athletes share the same football philosophy: "It's hard to go see play a core team of Barca do not see where the players control the ball with the leg furthest from the pass. That fact seems small butterfly effect generates a very large, because if people get that foot, it takes fewer taps to distribute the ball and thus have more vision to play the game better. "

Basque coach recognizes that the luck factor also influences the success: "Pep could be doing the same thing and lost. If Essien had cleared well at Stamford Bridge, and had not won the Champions of 2009, may not exist this club. Chance plays a huge role. It's not the results, but the process, and is the process by which we must judge the work of a coach. " (via SPORT)

Zubizarreta: "The symptoms that are favorable Guardiola renew"

Barca sporting director is usually breathe a word about the club's future plans, but yesterday was allowed a license to the renewal of mister.

Andoni Zubizarreta usually displayed elusive when asked about the future, especially on the renewal of Pep Guardiola. The sporting director of FC Barcelona is governed by a policy of not talking about anything that is not sealed and signed.

However, yesterday, was allowed a little license when talking about his friend and coach, said that "the symptoms seem favorable to renew, I am concerned that Pep knows himself knows the costumes and the club, knows what is good for Barça and that reassures me, "he said yesterday in an interview with Rac1. Basque opted not to put pressure on Mr since their day to day is focused on football, "what passes for his head is the Osasuna, and then will be the Leverkusen ", justified implying that movements are not expected until it reaches the break of selections on 29 February, week in which Barça will not match intersemanal. And although he explained that as sports director must think ahead, said that "I have a list of possible replacements for Pep."

As for names, Zubizarreta didn't doubt to eulogize the keeper José Manuel Pinto, "Of course he is wrong in any action, but his average every game has been excellent, has been at the level that is required of a goalkeeper Barça "and the great captain Carles Puyol said that" the intensity with which each game lives and passion for the game help you stay at this level. "

As for the Cup final, the manager said they have no preference for the stage, "the organizer will decide, which time and place to tell us and we'll be there" and asked to forget the debate arbitration because "that is handled disgrace to football. " (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Oier: "They have bet on me and I am happy"

Barca B goalkeeper, happy for renewal until 2015, is ambitious: "The goal is to reach the first team".

Oier Olazabal has signed on Thursday at noon for renewal with FC Barcelona until 2015. The deal, announced last week provides for a clause of 12 million while having information about the subsidiary and 30 with the first team. The goalkeeper, 22, was satisfied after the signing: "They have opted for me and I'm happy. It is a credit for the five years I've been, where I spent good times and bad. It is a prize."

Besides Oier and its representative, attended the ceremony were the Vice President Josep Maria Bartomeu sports, the manager Jordi Mestre and sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta.

Speaking to Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.cat, Basque has confessed his aspirations: "The goal is to reach the first team, we got into the group and to competition." Oier has been very grateful to goalkeeper coaches with whom he worked for his five seasons as Barca. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Miguel Indurain: "Barça transmits union and gives show"

The winner of five Tours de France and two Giros in Italy, Miguel Indurain, has been training Thursday at FC Barcelona. Laureus Academy member, after making the symbolic presentation of the trophy has been talk of Barca Guardiola. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Turienzo Álvarez, the polemic referee of the derby, Barça-Valencia will whistle

Six weeks after damage Barça, Turienzo will be reunited with Barca.

The Castilian-Leonese collegiate Javier Turienzo Alvarez has been appointed by the RFEF to arbitrate the match of the 24 th day of the season that Barça and Valencia played at the Camp Nou on Sunday 19 February at 21.30 (C +1). The circumstance is given that Turienzo will hardly be rediscovered with the azulgrana a month and a half after he injured clearly the set of Pep Guardiola in the derby match on January 8 in Cornella-El Prat against Espanyol. In stoppage time, with the final 1-1 on the scoreboard, the braid born in Barakaldo not whistle a penalty for hands in the area of Raul Rodriguez after a shot of Peter who was in and would have meant the triumph of Barça. (via MD)

Nekounam: "If you go a little low level against Barca will kill us"

Javad Nekounam declared that to win Barça, Osasuna should make a "perfect" game since "if we leave a little under of level they kill" us.

"Make it perfect, you have to do more than other parties to win at Barca. If you go a little lower level are going to kill us and put us five or six goals and out. Do not want to lose and we will try to win and make a good game, "he said at a news conference in Tajonar.

Persian Player is unusual in the press room Tajonar and in fact today was his second appearance before reporters this season, which has stressed that the Barcelona "is the best team in the world" and Lionel Messi "the best player in the world."

Still, he noted that the 'rojillos' are "ready" for Saturday's game: "We know it's difficult because the club is the best team in the world, but do not think they will try to do good things. "

Nekounam not share the opinion of some that the Barca team is not in a good time: "They are in good time. Otherwise, no gain many games. Another thing is to have injured players, but we also have. "

However, Barcelona has admitted that the low performance on the road this season: "This can happen here too because we play at home with the support of the fans . We can do something, although we know that's hard. "

It has targeted as key to "defend well." "If more slack defending will kill us," he underlined, although it has stated that it does not mean the entire grant possession to the opponent: "We can not think they attack all the time and we defend. If you only think about defense will get a goal and then it is difficult to lift the game. "

He said that if Barcelona will click in Pamplona in a "difficult" for Real Madrid in the league and has indicated that Pep Guardiola will attack more than in the Copa del Rey match played at the Reyno de Navarra in January, when Osasuna went into halftime with a 1-0, but ultimately lost 1-2.

Nekounam commented that they do not think either embedded in the 8-0 Camp Nou in La Liga in the first round and has promised: "We will raise the head in the game."

He indicated that it is key that Messi does not have a good day: "It's the best player in the world. Any player may fail chances, but most important is that each party has 5 or 6 chances. "

As captain of Iran, Nekounam used to vote for players from Barcelona for the FIFA Ballon d'Or: "For me, they are the best. Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Piqué. vote for them I like them because I like their football. taca tiqui I like. " (via SPORT)

Gonzalo Castro: "The Bayer-Barca play to 9 below zero"

Gonzalo Castro is one of the players of Bayer on Tuesday will face Barca. And is happy to be able to do.

Gonzalo Castro, Spanish-born player said on "Mas Esports" Com Radio on Tuesday, when Barça plays in Leverkusen "we will be at -8 or -9 degrees." Despite the temperature, the player of Bayer is clear that "Barcelona is the favorite. We try to put the most difficult. At home maybe it's easier poderles win but at the Camp Nou will be very difficult." The hope of Gonzalo is that "on Tuesday at home, to see if we have a little luck and Barça has a bad day, it will be a little more difficult for them." When set to Bayer, Gonzalo Castro said that "we are a team we like to play football without hard fouls. No players giving kicks, we like to play football and win." In this regard, said Pepe's stomp on Messi. "These are things that hurt, there are many cameras that see it. Make a thing is dumb." Speaking of Barca, Gonzalo Castro admits that "one of my idols is Xavi, early that I like. will be a pleasure to play against Xavi on Tuesday. I want to stay with his shirt, but my compñaero Michael Ortega is the # 1 fan of Xavi and the like. has two shirts, in part one for me and the second one for Michael. "

Despite his admiration for Xavi, Gonzalo is clear that "the best is Messi Barca" and admits that his wish would be "some day be at a level similar to Iniesta." Gonzalo Castro said in the interview on "More Esports" how you felt the day I knew he would face Barca in the Champions League. "I loved the drawing, I was very happy with the match with Barcelona because I have family in Girona and may come here to see the Camp Nou." Finally, the player of Bayer recalled that "I met the Spanish team but Fabregas and Puyol the coach asked me not reporting them. They are two great players who demonstrate every day. " (via SPORT)

[Ex-player&coach] Resigns the directive of Ajax but Cruyff could continue

The directive of Ajax resigns in block and Cruyff could be new Consultant of the club.

The entire board of Ajax has announced his resignation after long months of infighting between Johan Cruyff and the four other board members. "The board of Ajax announces his resignation, which takes place in the shortest time possible, as they are successors who have the necessary support," said a club statement. The decision follows the court judgment annulling the appointment as team manager Louis van Gaal thing that Cruyff refused flatly.

Van Gaal's appointment was a decision of the directors Steven ten Have, Edgar Davis, Marjan and Paul Romer Olfers. Cruyff had no weight in that decision, and it was in total disagreement. But despite that and leave his position at the company, Cruyff could continue to work with Ajax as a counselor, as reported by the newspaper "De Volkskrant". (via SPORT)

Piqué: “Count on us at the end of the season”

Gerard Piqué says that the team is where they want to be and that they will continue fighting for the Liga. “We’ll give it our all. Other teams will have to win, perhaps the competition will prove a bit too long for them”.

On the Cup final: “the best thing is being able to play the final and we’ve won the right to play it. the Federation will make the final decision on the venue and we’ll go with enthusiasm.”.

Gerard Piqué was upbeat when he talked to the press after the team’s training session at the Ciutat Esportiva: “If someone told me we’d be here at the beginning of the season, I’d sign on the dotted line. We’ve won the three competitions we’ve played in, we have a fourth final secured, we’re alive in the Liga and we’re about to play in the last 16 in the Champions League. We give it our all every weekend and that’s the most important thing. Count on us at the end of the season ... There’s a lot of Liga left and we’ll give it our all. Other teams will have to win, perhaps the competition will prove a bit too long for them. People need to have confidence in us.”

Piqué called on his team to keep up their form ahead of this weekend’s match and he also said that there is no need for the Barça first team to prove itself: “I don’t think we have to prove ourselves. I believe that we always want to do the best job possible. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t, but the desire is always there.” After a very demanding January schedule, Piqué said: “the load is brutal. You have to be very strong both physically and mentally. We have all participated and we all feel important [within the team]. We feel as though the load is a bit lighter after getting into the Cup final, our schedule isn’t as demanding now.”

The Barça defender considers that his team’s achievement of reaching the Cup final should be highly valued: “it took a lot to get there. Osasuna, Real Madrid and Valencia are all Champions League level teams, it required a lot of work to beat them. It seems as though less value is given to the Cup but our goal is to win everything. We’ve reached three finals in four years, we’ll try to be victorious and win another title for the Club.” On the Cup final venue, “it’s not up to the players to pick the venue for the final. The best thing is being able to play it and we’ve won the right to be able to play it. The Federation will make the final decision on the venue and we’ll go with enthusiasm.”

Piqué believes that it’s a positive thing for the team that the final won’t be played until the end of the season: “it’s a positive thing to be able to look forward to a final. We know that we’re a game away from winning a title. Moving forward, that gives us confidence and peace of mind."

Gerard Piqué talk about Guardiola’s future: “I think he’s more motivated now than he was the first year ... since he arrived the team hasn’t stopped growing. A lot of titles have been won and a lot of youngsters have come up from the reserve side, they’re an asset to the Club.” On the team’s two most recent signings this year, Piqué was clear: “Cesc and Alexis are vital. They are very important and without them I’m sure we wouldn’t be where we are now.” (via FCBarcelona.com)

[Barça B] Oier: "They are betting on me and I'm very pleased"

The Barça B Goalkeeper is pleased with his contract extension: “the objective is to get to the first team”.

On Thursday afternoon, Oier Olazábal signed his new contract with FC Barcelona. The agreement will keep the keeper at the Club through 2015. The deal, which was announced last week, includes a 12 million euro buyout clause while the player remains in the Barça B side and will jump to 30 million euros when he moves up to the first team. The 22-year-old keeper was visibly pleased after the agreement was made official: “they are betting on me and I’m very happy. It’s a reward for the five years that I’ve spent here, where I’ve had both good and bad times. It’s a prize.”

Besides Oier and his representative, the sporting vice-president Josep Maria Bartomeu, the director Jordi Mestre and the football director Andoni Zubizarreta were all present at the signing ceremony.

The Basque Barça B player told Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.com about his aspirations: “the objective is to get to the first team, train with the group and to be competitive.” Oier said he was very grateful for the goalkeeper coaches that he’s worked with for the past five seasons. (via FCBarcelona.com)

The world's best team with the Laureus trophy

FC Barcelona’s first-team players posed with the Laureus trophy, the award distinguishes them as the world’s best team in 2011. The Laureus Academy awarded the accolade to Barça on Monday.

Before today’s training session, Barça’s first team posed with the Laureus trophy, the award that distinguishes them as the world’s best team in 2011. The ex-cyclist Miguel Indurain, member of the Laureus Academy, presented the trophy to the first team. (via FCBarcelona.cat)