07 February 2012

[Ex-player] Mendieta: "In my time, Valencia had taken the measure to Barcelona"

Basque forgets its last culé and says that when it was "so much ché in Champions, like in Copa like in Liga we used to plant them face" to Barça.

Gaizka Mendieta, formerly of Valencia and Barcelona, ​​teams will play Wednesday at the Camp Nou to qualify for the Copa del Rey final, recalled that in his time as Valencia he had "taken the measure" the Catalan.

"In my day was Valencia who, somehow, he had taken the measure to Barcelona. Both Champions, Copa and Liga as we used to face them," said the former captain Valencia in statements provided by the Mestalla club.

The former footballer said that, as then, Valencia "has been characterized as a team over the individual". Argentine striker Claudio 'louse' Lopez was with his goals the 'black beast' of Barcelona during those clashes Mendieta and now that role would occupy Roberto Soldado. "Today the 'louse' Soldier of Valencia has shown with his goals is, at present, player reference, goals and performance that is giving the club," he said.

Mendieta, who stars along with another former player Fernando Giner, a video promoting the club to promote travel to Barcelona for the return of the semi-finals, said to the players is important to feel supported by their fans when playing on the road. "It is always important when you go to warm up to see people with their scarves, the people who have been displaced, which has made the effort to get there and somehow you owe it to them," he argued.

Mendieta encouraged followers to support the team at the Camp Nou by stating that "it is a historic moment in the history of Valencia and they themselves may be part of it. It's something they can remember in the future and say I was there, and for players is also important to see how many more fans in the field. " (via MD)

Emery: "It's outside of place that they accuse us for the grass"

Unai Emery has stated in the press conference that it is "important" for the team through the tie "against the best team in the world".

The group trained by Unai Emery needs to score at least a little to reach the final of the Copa del Rey first leg as they drew at home against the rival team

"It's an opportunity we have to work their best to try to seize it. It is the party of our opportunity and illusion and we have a responsibility to work the best for it. Although we made a defensive approach, we would come to win," Emery stressed.

Valencia coach is aware that there are "enthusiasm and desire to enjoy a final" and therefore the preparation of the party "aims to nullify Barcelona, ​​a great team in every game they play against Valencia looking surprised."

Emery, who has stressed that the team will have "a plus" for the displacement of nearly a thousand of fans agree with the "strategy" Barcelona "do not give anyone clues" about the medical report.

The technician asked someone some complaints of Barcelona on the lawn of Mestalla in the first leg, Valencia replied that "played their tricks."

"Yesterday we asked for the lawn. We leave it as it was, not watered or cut it. They put the field as they wish, with the dimensions you want. Barcelona is a big club, but his greatness may lose some at times. It's out of the fact accuse us, "he stated.

"Here we are sometimes too open. Report is to report, but the opposing team ... now I do not know who will play for Barcelona, ​​maybe if I did something adelantaríamos. They do so and not bad, I looks good, "he commented.

Emery also pointed out that the team is "within limits" in regard to aggression, and who knows "how to stop this 10 short that is very good," referring to the Argentinean Leo Messi, but is aware that "stop it, stop it very few."

"Very Careful, do not want to enter the house of another, Messi is the best in the world and that is wrong, me or I think so," Valencia coach stressed.

Asked if tomorrow will use French as a winger Jeremy Mathieu down the left, Emery has responded with a laugh that "Mathieu will play in the right" and asked reporters not to tell "anyone."

The Basque coach, who will assess the pros and cons of calling all staff to the party, stressed that he will not ask the arbitrator "or to help or to harm."

"If the play balances Mestalla, nor tell him no. You have to understand the difficult task they have, the intense games of this type have to be difficult for them. Now, when they speak to the contrary, kill it," he added . (via SPORT)

[Selection: African Nations Cup] Keita appeals for peace in Mali

The midfielder broke down in tears during the Africa Cup on Nations post-match press conference, after 20 people died in clashes in the player’s home country. On his Malian teammates, Seydou Keita said, “we’re celebrating our win but at the same time we are very sad”.

Seydou Keita called for an end to the violence in Mali after 20 people died in clashes in the Timbuktu region of the country. “The president of the Republic is doing everything he can to stop it ... I plead with the people to stop. It’s not normal, we don’t do this kind of thing. We need peace, we are all Malian,” the player told Reuters. During the post-match press conference, after Mali beat Gabon in a penalty shootout, the Barça midfielder broke into tears as he talked about his home country: “we are celebrating our victory but at the same time we are very sad. There is sadness among the players.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Mendilibar: "Barça can suffer here, but it's clear favorite"

Osasuna coach said he believes that FC Barcelona has to suffer in his visit to the Reyno de Navarra, but stressed that Guardiola's team is "clear favorite" for this match in Pamplona.

Mendilibar's view, the only way to beat the Barcelona is that "first they do not have a good day and you're good."

Biscayan coach has said he is "convinced" that FC Barcelona "will lose points by the end of la Liga," but stressed that the Saturday's game "are clear favorites in principle" but has stated: "We know that here may suffer."

When asked if it can be a good time to defeat to Barcelona and this can be carried away in la Liga for the distance with Real Madrid, replied: "I think it is too early to get carried away. Are seven points, but I still see options to win la Liga. "

"Another thing is you have to take care of the players because of injuries. May play here with some of the subsidiary, but not mean it's going to throw in la Liga, because those people will play to win. Can be a time ?. We'll see, "he opined.

Mendilibar noted that in a clash against Barcelona depend more of rightness or wrongness of rival your own performance.
In this regard, said that against Real Sociedad "Messi had a goal, but had six times."

"I was watching the game and tell us we would have gotten four and we had gone with 7-0 to home, but not because they play better or worse, but because he at that time was not right," he observed.

"It's not that the opposite did wonders. Had sometimes very clear. Who lose by 1, 3 or 5 depends on them, because you always create such occasions," said Mendilibar, who does not believe further that the party of Seville Nou Camp as a reference for how to play to Barcelona: "I could get five," he remembered.

Osasuna coach pointed out some years ago "was pretty" face the two 'big' "because it could compete more."

"They have always been the best, but now is very complicated and more in your field and how is the rivalry between the clubs, including coaches, between the cracks: Messi and Ronaldo. Now do not relax or stop. While going 3-0, want to get your goal, "he said.

He refused to have more "feeling" with Guardiola, which coincided in 2009 at a workshop for trainers in Lanzarote, with Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho, and in this sense has said he is grateful to the Portuguese for giving permission to observe their training.

"I have gone to Madrid workouts with the permission of Mourinho, when I could not get anybody, and I think since people wanted to go and could not. I have nothing against Mourinho, on the contrary, I have tried to I no longer wonder and see the coaches in a privileged home, "he recalled.

In this regard, he added: "There are times that bullshit they say 'this is friend of the other' and if I pass over that and then I'm going is enlarged more milk. Let everyone do what they want. I have a normal relationship with Guardiola as another coach. "

"They have proven to be very good both. Guardiola at Barcelona and Mourinho in the best teams in Portugal, Italy, England and Spain. How can we say that a bad coach?. It is impossible," he explained. (via SPORT)

Go for Thiago Silva

It is the main option that Guardiola shuffles to strengthen the defense.
There has already been contact with the player and with Milan.
The price will be located on the 30 millions.

The primary objective of Barca in the summer market is the signing of a defense and is best placed Milan's Brazilian Thiago Silva, for whom the club azulgrana and was interested last summer . The club still have not come to negotiate the transfer itself, but have sent the message to both parties that are interested in the player.

The club azulgrana has in principle 50 million euros to sign on the market, and the bulk of this amount will go to a defense. The two main candidates are Thiago Silva and Gareth Bale. But Guardiola is inclined in principle by the Brazilian defender. The renewal of Abidal, who has taken longer than expected to materialize, it also has its influence.

Thiago Silva is conducting a major campaign in Italy and Milan want to do with the transfer box. The operation could be in 30 million. (via Marca)

Alexis: His ownership, in hands of Guardiola

Alexis Sanchez trained normally yesterday, after not playing for a minute before the Real Sociedad because his problems were reproduced in the clavicle. The Chilean, who already played infiltrated Villarreal and Valencia will be available to play against Valencia, and the decision on the take ownership Pep after talking to the player. (via SPORT)

Busquets: 15 suture points...

Although it seemed that Sergio Busquets have options to play, even as a starter, against Valencia, the team doctors have advised rest. The midfielder could not work out yesterday because of the fifteen stitches he still has in his right knee and advise rest to ensure a perfect scar. (via SPORT)

Xavi can play the rounds of the semi-final against Valencia

The big news to prepare for the Cup semi-final is the return of Xavi, who will start against Valencia.

Not the same prepare a game knowing that Xavi Hernandez will command to live in uncertainty. Fortunately for Barça, the midfielder will return to the lineup tomorrow, after two consecutive absences, against Valencia in the first leg against Real Sociedad in the league, two games especially complicated for the Blaugrana, who tied at the Mestalla and won with the team struggling San Sebastian.

After the game against Villarreal, who returned to full play, Xavi needed a break. He was not injured, but the body asked for a stopover in Ecuador again demanding a season with Barça alive in three competitions and no room for breath.

Xavi needed a few days pass without competing for no more squeezing his muscles, especially his soleus and Achilles tendons, especially punished.

Like Leo Messi, Xavi is one of those players able to string matches with Barça and the selection without rest, but in this case, the midfielder felt he needed a break.

Guardiola summed it up before facing Real Sociedad. "I am the first to think that Xavi takes it all, but one day falls. It takes four years without a break, and one day the body says to stop, "said the coach. There was no injury or cause for concern, just a break that has lasted for two games.

The coach needs the best version of Xavi for the clash against Valencia and so I booked in the previous two games, knowing that the Cup semi-final is by far, the biggest game of the year for the team.

Against Valencia, Barca recovered not only his compass, but the pause point matches required to meet as risky as the semi-final, which could end up turned into an exchange of blows. (via SPORT)

[Youth] The cantera continues to show its good football despite the cold

Low temperatures have not affected the training soccer teams that remain unbeaten this week with 15 wins and only a draw against the Sant Andreu of the 16 matches they have played the game Alevín C had to be postponed by cold.

Juvenil B could not be imposed Sant Andreu in a game enough disputed in the first time, but with clear domain azulgrana in the second part. The local team came out very strong during the first minutes of game and it pressed García Pimienta and Marc Guitart's boys that didn't have a lot of occasions. In the second time the situation changed and Barça was made with the domain and the possession of the party and enjoyed several opportunities of opening the marker, but they were not managed from face to goal.

The beginning of the game was complicated for the Cadete A, since Cornellà dominated the game at the beginning and generated more goal occasions. But starting from Toni's first goal, of penalty, and with Blas' expulsion, of the team visitor, the azulgranas was catching force and they were imposed in the game. The possession and domain of second o'clock leaves it was also for Quique Álvarez and Ramón Ros's boys, and two more goals arrived, one in the minute 51 of Albert, and another in the last minutes of the second time, of Fran.

The boys of Fran Artiga and Andrés Martín left very intense to the game land and quickly they put on for before in the marker with a goal of penalty of Canós. The azulgranas left to the rest winning for two advantage goals with Marc Rio, although the difference could have been superior because they enjoyed numerous occasions thanks to its good game. In the renewal, the Cadete B continued with its high motivation and it was able to round the party with four reveilles more than Enric Franquesa, Alexis Meva, Canós and Adrià Vilanova.

good game and they had clear several occasions in the first time, but they were not lucky of face to goal and they left to the rest with a tie to zero. In the second time the dynamics continued equally, with control of the Fran Sanchez y Xavi Franquesa's boys, but the azulgranas was more effective and in the first minutes Lee opened the can. Lee's reveille and one of Carles Aleñá sentenced the encounter and they gave the three points to Barça.

The first 5 minutes were complicated for Barça although they had the first occasion of goal of Oriol's hand. Manlleu went out with a lot of force, desires of attacking and they marked its first goal in the minute 3 of party. In spite of it, the first goal azulgrana didn't take in arriving, since in the minute 5 Mboula opened the marker of Barça thanks to a combination play with Guillem. The team visitor advanced later five minutes again, leaving the result in 2-1 when going to the rest. Manlleu came out to defend with a lot of force in the second part but Infantil B had the domain and the possession of the ball, and put on for before with the goals of Bobby and Fortet.

Alevín A was imposed with authority to a very defensive Cornellà that only enjoyed an occasion in the whole party. The boys of Marcel Sans and Isaac Garcia wrote down a good goleada thanks to his quick game and the combinations with speed, and to the stocking it leaves the result enough sentenced with two goals of Dani was already and one of Sergio Gómez. The second part continued with the same dynamics, with the azulgranas controlling the game and more reveilles of Pau Sergio and Víctor de Joaquín. Barça could maintain its goal to zero thanks to the great work that executed at defensive level, and to Rubén's great stop that stopped the only opportunity of the locals.

Jordi Font and Jordi Puig's boys' absolute domain against Escola Calella in a small field. In the first room the team azulgrana had some occasions, but it could not materialize them and in the second room Barça opened the marker with two goals. In the renewal, the party continued having accent azulgrana and Barça continued with the possession, what helped them to mark five points more. The goals of the day ran in charge of Lavinot (3), Albert Portas (2), Guillem and Djemba. With this victory, Alevín B leader places from the classification to 1 point of Damm that lost this day, again and at 2 of Cornellà.

The party of Alevín C in Manresa was postponed due to the bad temperatures.

The team of Xavi Bravo and Óscar Hernández controlled the game against Vilanova i Geltrú, last classified of the chart, without too many complications. The locals went out with a very defensive position, but the azulgranas they knew how to overcome and to find the holes with long possessions and a good combination game. Kenneth Soler (4), Marc Dominguez (2), Dani Morillas (2), Julian Mahicas and Nil Garrido were the scorers of Alevín D this day.

Unanswerable Goleada of Benjamin A in a game in that had in all moment the possession of the ball. The few occasions of Espluguenc survived with the interventions and the splendid work of the defense that it recovered many balls. Marc Serra y David Sánchez's group goleó in the first time, and left to the rest with the result of 7-0. In the second part Barça continued being very superior to their rival and had just rounded the marker with four more reveilles. Raúl Martínez (3), Marc Alegre (2), Aitor López (2), José Martínez (2) and Toni Calvo were the annotators of the encounter.

Sergi Milá and Òscar Jorquera 's team dominated an encounter that at once was put of face, because in the first room they already won for 3-0. And Benjamin B enjoyed numerous occasions and had the possession in a party where Tordera didn't have any clear opportunity, and could not make anything to confront the superiority azulgrana. The goals were in charge of Iker González (3), Jan (2), Òscar and Sagar.

The azulgranas took the initiative of a game totally dominated by the group of Cristian Catena and Albert Puig. Benjamin C had the possession of the spherical one throughout the game and executed a good team game, although didn't enjoy many occasions for the pressure rival and for some imprecisiones. The scorers of the day were Arnau Martínez, Marc Pelaz, Toni, Arnau Farnós and Fasica.

The game dominated by the azulgranas that had the possession and the control in all moment. Sarrià tried to brake those of Jordi Pérez and David Sánchez, but Barça it was very superior and left its rival without possibilities. Also, starting from the stocking Sarrià leaves it lowered enough the intensity, what allowed Benjamin D to mark 14 goals. Mamadou (4), David Ruíz (3), Nadir (3), Gabi (2), Jonathan (2), Sicu Camera (2), Bernat and Marc were the scorers of the game.

Very complicated encounter for Prebenjamín against a superior team physically in a very small field. The boys of Rafa Rodríguez and Juan Antonio Gil began well the game, with two goals to favor, but the locals were able to be ahead in the marker up to the 4-2. Still and this way, the azulgranas continued fighting for the party and, in spite of the drops, they overcame and they knew how to overcome an adverse result in the last room thanks to their good game and the team work. Sworn Marc that signed a 'hat-trick', Iker and Pol wrote down the goals of Barça. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Diego Alves warns Barça: "We will leave the soul"

Brazilian goalkeeper Diego Alves Valencia believes "will have to play almost perfect" to reach Cup final.

Valencia's Brazilian goalkeeper has recognized, at a press conference that the fight in the Valencia round of the Copa del Rey semi-final against Barcelona "until the last second" and in that game will be "the soul within the field."

"We do not know what can happen, the truth is that the style of play and aggressiveness often generates Barcelona in ninety minutes. Is the idea that Barça is wrong, but it is not, but lately has failed have many occasions, is still the best team in the world, "he explained.

For Brazil, the rival of Valencia Cup "has a unique and very strong in their field." "Now take a small advantage to have scored an away goal, but we can go too," added the keeper.

Alves, who asked with a laugh, "there are no penalties", pointed out the danger of the Catalans to pieces, "which surprised the Madrid and Valencia and also from the far post."

"We must be prepared to watch caught us," said Valencia's goalkeeper, who also pointed out as the key to win the game against Barcelona did not expect the opposing team because "the ball generate many times."

"The word pessimism is not in our plans, we get the better of the team to move forward," Alves stressed on how the team faced the challenge on Wednesday at the Camp Nou.

Asked about the timetable they have lived separate Barcelona and Valencia this week, the first played in the league on Saturday at home and did all Valencia on Sunday outside but Alves has stated that "this is the schedule and must be accepted" .

"Now there's a game on Wednesday and the desire and illusion covering the fatigue of the previous games," he pointed the goalkeeper.

Alves also referred to the meeting that played Valencia to Atletico Madrid (0-0), in which the team led by Unai Emery "managed to find a point where it managed to be strong and aggressive, not like before." (via SPORT)

"We are slowly improving during the season we go through turbulent times. In the last game we did well, but we must continue to work and minimize errors," he detailed.

The Brazilian has rejected assess his career in front of the goal of Valencia until end of season because "a lot and has regular goalie life is ups and downs, we must be prepared for a good regularity."

Balotelli: "I can win the Ballon d'Or if Messi lowers his level slightly"

The Manchester City striker wayward recognized the talent of crack Barca to ensure you have aspirations of winning the top prize individual only if Leo stops her unstoppable run of success.

Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli said this weekend that aims to conquer the next FIFA Ballon d'Or, as long as azulgrana Leo Messi slightly lower level.

"Winning the Ballon d'Or? Messi Only if the level drops a bit," said Balotelli to assess their ability to jell a great season and claim the top prize individual.

"If the Argentine plays as usual, I see complicated. I think I can win the Ballon d'Or Messi .. but must lower his level of play or I can not do anything," said 'Supermario' in mics 'Telefoot' in an interview with his former teammate at Inter Olivier Dacourt, which reflected this Sunday newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Balotelli also valued his personal life issues, usually somewhat messy, and considered that it has found some stability. "I spend much time with my girlfriend and less time with my friends," he said.

Nor could forget about his relationship with now Madrid coach Jose Mourinho. "With Mancini I have a great relationship but I also liked 'Mou'," a yearning for Balotelli put together some great season with City and play the European Championship with Italy. (via SPORT)

Reiziger: "The league is very long and no doubt the Barça"

Michel Reiziger said that "no doubt" the chances of Barca in the league since, despite the difference of seven points, Guardiola's team "is still great".

"Madrid this year has a very good team and in recent years has always been between Barcelona and Madrid. But the league is very long and anything can happen now coming Champions League games and can not say anything at this time . Everything is open, "he said.

The Dutchman, who resides in Gava (Barcelona), has been sworn brother of the traditional Snail Festival has been held for 28 years in the restaurant Can Soteras of Barcelona, ​​along with other athletes such as Olympic medalist exatleta and Fermin Cacho or Young Espanyol striker Alvaro Vazquez.

Winning two league titles, one European Super Cup and Cup with Barça between 1997 and 2004, Reiziger is confident Pep Guardiola's team going into this season.

"I see no doubt. What I see is that the other day could have won 4-1 and I have doubts at all on this team," he asserted, attributing these recent hesitation of the Catalan side to the "pressure on the nerves of the environment" and not a computer "is still phenomenal."

Reiziger, international with Holland and with a long resume that led him to wear the shirt of big clubs like Ajax, Milan, Barcelona and PSV Eindhoven, has praised the philosophy of the Barca team to bet on the quarry each year.

"The whole world is now watching you may have this quality. They enter the computer and still doing well, is amazing. The moment each year may climb three or four, all have demonstrated their quality and on the field is impressive, "he acknowledged.

Nor has she been spared to praise one of the best players in the Netherlands today, Arsenal striker Robin Van Persie, a player who used to be always on Barca orbit when the transfer market opens.

"He's doing an incredible season in London. Is technically good, fast, and I think I could play at Barça," he thought about it.

And, in conclusion, has sent a last advice to the Barça squad about the criticism of members who currently have focused Barca and Real Madrid in recent weeks: "It's a topic you never have to enter, because they want to do the best job they can. " (via SPORT)

Marc Muniesa's great pass vs Villarreal B

FC Barcelona, welcomed to London by Prime Minister David Cameron

Sandro Rosell and Carles Vilarrubí attended a reception at Downing Street, home of David Cameron .

The FC Barcelona President presented a Barça jersey to the Prime Minister's name embossed on the back.

Sandro Rosell and vice-president Carles Vilarrubí, in London for the Laureus World Sports Awards, were hosted by David Cameron in at a reception at Downing Street.

The reception was held in support of the Laureus Sport for Good foundation and for the launch of the British governmental athletic programme. David Cameron also received the 2,012 Laureus World Sports Awards nominees in a show of gratitude and support ahead of the Olympic and Paralympic games in London this summer.

FULL: www.fcbarcelona.com

FC Barcelona 6 second rule vs Sociedad