06 February 2012

Mascherano: “We can’t depend on the result we got at Mestalla”

The Argentinian is aware that the 1-1 draw at Mestalla has settled nothing, because “in the cup you can score at any time and a tie that looks won can suddenly change”. Mascherano also spoke of the importance of maintaining the same attitude that they show game after game.

Javier Mascherano has no doubt that Wednesday's game, the Copa del Rey semi final second leg at the Camp Nou against Valencia, will not be easy, even though they have a slight advantage after drawing 1-1 away. "We know it'll be a difficult game and that we can't depend on the result we got at Mestalla. In the cup you can score at any time and a tie that looks won can suddenly change."

The Barça player feels the semi final is still wide open, and with the team level on aggregate "people are a lot more cautious" than they were before the second leg against Real Madrid, when "everybody was sure we had already qualified ... We knew that Madrid would fight, would throw everything at us, and the same will happen with Valencia, who want to reach the final as much as we do ... We are going to have to maintain the same attitude".

Turning to their league campaign, the South American said "if Madrid win everything they have to win, we'll applaud them and congratulate them as a fair champion. We have to do our job, and then just hope that they drop points along the way. That will be revealed at the end of the season. We can't just think it's all over ... But seven points is a big difference, so there is no room for error." But Mascherano insists that "we'll fight to the end. We have to win our games and hope Madrid stumble, but it'll be difficult."

The Barça star also spoke about the partnership between Carles Puyol and Gerard Piqué, calling them "the best centre back pairing in the world ... Both of them are doing well. Puyol has been impeccable in recent matches and Gerard is a great player too. They complement each other perfectly ... It's as if they had played together all their lives."

Finally, Mascherano commented on his compatriot Leo Messi: "He scored the other day and he looks fine to me. The coach decides how much he needs to play. He helps us a lot. For the matter of rest, we have physios and a coach who take charge of that. He is a player who prefers playing to training. Every physique is different. If he plays every match it's because he's in the condition to do so."

Welcome visit from INAC KOBE

The Japanese team featuring 2011 Ballon d'Or winner Homare Sawa, as well as the FC Barcelona ladies, came to the training session this morning at the Ciutat Esportiva. Mascherano was pleased about that, saying "we like people to come and watch us train, not just from Japan but all around the world, it's nice. It is good to know people are watching us in so many places. We will try to keep this up so that people can carry on admiring this team." (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Off-road drivers for a day

Piqué, Cesc, Puyol, Cuenca, Thiago and Adriano were the six first-team players that got behind the new Audi Q3 wheel after training at the Ciutat Esportiva.

Once the team completed their first training session of the week, six FC Barcelona first-team players tested their driving skills behind the wheel of the new Audi Q3 on an off-road course at the Ciutat Esportiva. The six Azulgrana players were Piqué, Cesc, Puyol, Cuenca, Thiago and Adriano.

The players divided up the three cars available to them, pairing up into three groups of two: Piqué and Cesc, Puyol and Cuenca, and Thiago and Adriano. The two-man teams traded off turns behind the wheel of the new Audi Q3. The footballers raced around the track for about 15 minutes. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Homare Sawa’s INAC Kobe watch FC Barcelona training

The Japanese club, led by FIFA Ballon d’Or 2011 winner Homare Sawa, and the FC Barcelona ladies team were both at today’s first team training session. Xavi Hernàndez presented an FC Barcelona shirt to a thrilled Homare Sawa.

The INAC Kobe Leonessa ladies are about to leave Barcelona. The Japanese league champions have seven World Cup winners in their squad, including the great Homare Sawa, and one of the last items on their itinerary was a visit to an FC Barcelona training session this morning at Sant Joan Despí.

The FC Barcelona ladies team, who they played last Thursday in the Miniestadi, were also there with them, and the two groups of women welcomed the Barça players onto pitch number 2 with an improvised guard of honour.

There were plenty of cameras flashing and autographs being signed, and 2011 Ballon d'Or winner Homare Sawa got the chance to meet her favourite player, Xavi Hernàndez, who she had described earlier this week as "a player I like a lot, he has great control of the ball and a brilliant final pass. He is very important for his team even though he is neither a big nor strong player. He's marvellous". Sawa gave a chocolate Ballon d'Or to the Catalan star, who returned the gesture by presenting her with a specially dedicated Barça shirt. It was a wonderful surprise for the best female player in the world, and one she will surely never forget.

The INAC Kobe Leonessa and FC Barcelona players then posed for a group picture with Guardiola's squad before watching the best team on the planet train. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Iniesta and Pedro train with the group; Messi in the gym

The two players who are still recovering from their injuries, have become a part of the preparatory session with the rest of his teammates Sergio Busquets, who took a wound in his right knee during the match against Real Sociedad, has been making recovery Leo Messi has done specific work in the gym.

The first team has returned to training on Monday thinking about the important match of Copa del Rey on Wednesday at the Camp Nou against Valencia , which will be in game to advance to the final. Players have exercised in full swing, despite being the first session after the match on Saturday at the Real Sociedad . One of the good news of the day was the presence of Iniesta and Pedro on the practice field. The two players, who are still recovering from injuries, have become a part of the session with the group.

Sergio Busquets has made ​​recovery work. Recall that the player has a incisocontusa wound on the inside of the fruit of a right knee during the match played on Saturday and needed stitches. Meanwhile, Leo Messi has done specific work in the gym.

For this training Pep Guardiola has said seven team players of FC Barcelona. This is Dos Santos , Tello and Sergi Roberto, who were summoned for the match against Real Sociedad, in addition to Bartra , Muniesa , Montoya and Gerard Deulofeu . (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Youth] The game of the Juvenil A against CIDE has been suspended by snow

The azulgranas, who were playing in Mallorca, are in second place in the standings, with a game in which the leader, Espanyol in the coming days will know the date of the postponed match.

Juvenil A's game against the CIDE for the 21st game of the season, to be played this Sunday at 12 am in Palma de Mallorca, has been suspended by snow. Over the next few days will know when you play the game postponed .

The set of Oscar Garcia, who was leader of the League of Honor Division, is now in second place, two points behind Espanyol but with a game. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Tello, a discovery of the Can Rull arrived for 3.000 pesetas a month

Nico, a cazatelentos in the area, took him ten years to Barça. Despite always stress, has not lost the humility and true to his roots.

The residents of the neighborhoods of Cifuentes and Can Rull Sabadell has always followed developments with great hope Cristian Tello. His football fans for years began to suspect that in the not too distant could proudly boast of having a crack. As a child, had swelled to score goals in the Can Rull, later moved its effectiveness Barca, Espanyol and the lower echelons of the Spanish team into the last games in the player who has given it another go for the best team in the world.

Tello joined the six years Can Rull, where he stayed until ten. That's when a scout in the area, Nico, took him to Barça. As explained by the player himself years later in 'Diari de Sabadell', went charging 3,000 pesetas a month, student aid, and used the club cab to return home each day. To the technical staff blaugranas got their attention a striker and a very fast and extremely resolute. Can Rull President Romulo Tronchoni, Carlos Murciano, Cristian was remembered as an extraordinary level in the outfit led by Paco Herrera, a technician at the club. "There is always a game that stands Paco. They played against Vic Riuprimer and lost 5-0 at the break. At half time came he and Hector Garcia (now belonging to Sant Andreu) and won 5-6. Rival coach yelling at our bench: Remove this guy, please! ".

Cristian inherited the passion for football from his father. Murciano recalls as "Joaquin Tello was also front and played in Sabadell, Zaragoza and Valladolid.

He was also coach at the club. His family is very good people and the boy has come of them. " The player continues to live in Cifuentes, where, says the president of Can Rull, "maintains friendships forever and is very affectionate with everyone. When I met him down the street, I wonder if can come by the club and smiles. If we visit the most is for his shyness. I think he is ashamed to be the center of all this attention and signing autographs. "

The striker must get used to fame when his progression in the team follows the same path. The bullet is accelerating Cifuentes and neighborhoods prepare to enjoy for many years. (via SPORT)

Barça, Laureus World Team of the Year

FC Barcelona beat out the Dallas Mavericks, the Red Bull Formula 1 team, the All Blacks, the English’ national cricket side and the Japanese women’s national football side to win the Laureus World Team of the Year award. This award, which gives FC Barcelona worldwide recognition, will be added to the Club’s athletic and social achievements.

The Laureus World Team of the Year goes to ... FC Barcelona. The team lead by Josep Guardiola was named the Laureus World Team of the Year on Monday night for in London after the Catalan Club's near impeccable 2011 run where they claimed the League, Champions League, Spanish and European Super Cups and Club World Cup.

The Laureus World Sports Academy picked Barça ahead of the NBA champions, the Dallas Mavericks; the Formula 1 team Red Bull; the New Zealand’s All Blacks, world champions; the English national cricket side, reining The Ashes champions; and the Japanese Women’s football team, also world champions.

President Sandro Rosell and Vice-President Carles Viarrubí attended the gala, which was held at the Westminster Central Hall in London. The Laureus awards are considered to be the ‘Oscars of sports.’

This wasn’t the only prize that Barça was vying for tonight. Messi was one of the six nominees for the World Sportsman of the Year and Éric Abidal is in the running for the Laureus World Comeback of the Year. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

List of champions:
2011 Spain's national football side
2010 Brawn GP (Formula 1)
2009 Chinese Olympic team
2008 South Africa's national rugby team
2007 Italy's national football team
2006 Renault (Formula 1)
2005 Greek's national football side
2004 England's national rugby side
2003 Brazil's national football side
2002 Australia's national cricket side
2001 France's national football side

Guardiola gives life to an endangered species

The technical staff seemed to pay homage to their alignment to the Dream Team, which is clearly bet by placing two men stuck to lime.

Tello is a pure winger, something very difficult to find, "said Guardiola minutes after use, before the Real Sociedad, two players with different profiles but the same species, one that ultimately cost seen in the Camp Nou. And much more twice.

The technical staff recovered the double figure of the winger than at other times had been law in the starting lineup. Tello and Cuenca became Txiki and Goikoetxea for a day. Both were part of the Dream Team and occupied for several seasons bands in the whole coaching Johan Cruyff. Despite Guardiola has given new and more sophisticated weapons system that the Dutch introduced in Barça, before the Real Sociedad found that attack honor back to the origins. The continuity of the two homegrown depends on many factors, but for now, Cuenca is now first team player and Tello, little by little, is earning the right to be, at least until end of season.

Both want a career in a team that historically has had people glued to the lime. The winger example of a pair of the newest of Overmars and Quaresma, although lesions of the Dutch and had little patience with the Portuguese did not allow a regular match on grass. In fact, only shared clothing Rijkaard's first season.

Yes they did other players who lived in the lime, from which unfolded its full potential. Luis Figo, whose centers are now compared with those of Cuenca, was perhaps the last major point that has been Barça. Only his move to Real Madrid overshadowed his career as Blaugrana, although the titles and numbers speak for him leaving. Also won Giuly, who he lived the explosion of Leo Messi, let alone performance or Simao gave Geovanni Deiberson. The question is to know what would have happened if his time had been different. Barca is a team accustomed to wingers and for a long time, became absolute champion of the species. Cuenca and Tello are part of that heritage that Pep Guardiola once again put on the front line against Real Sociedad. The Sabadell scoring and claiming it held a figure that is still alive at the Camp Nou. (via SPORT)

Alves: "We supermotivados"

The fullback azulgrana summed up the general feeling towards the dressing room to match against Valencia on Wednesday.

Solved the league meeting at the Real Sociedad with a victory that should have suffered more extensive for Barca , Barca players enjoyed a festive day yesterday and today back to work to begin preparing a momentous impact the future of this season: copera round semi-final against Valencia. The culés won a matched one at the Mestalla and should endorse the pass to the final at the Nou Camp. Be eliminated would be a blow, it would mean saying goodbye to a degree, have another very complicated and virtually everything fiarlo Champions League, with the attendant risk to have a bad day and be felled. However, if Barca is planted in the end, this competition can park up to 20 or 25 May, which are the two possible dates to be played in that game. That is, the Cup final would be the last game of the season, so that means at the time of leaving a good impression last.

Aware of the importance of the match, Barca put the costumes in every way try to get the pass. Dani Alves said about that meeting that "we supermotivados.'s just one step to get into the Cup final, we all know is a very nice game. In addition, we would forget that competition until the end of season. " His teammate Adriano also highlighted the need to be very focused to the whole milk. "We have to go one hundred percent from the first minute if we remove them. Valencia is a very good team, we would become very difficult. We must be alert to the end," he said.

This willingness to give priority to Barca clash against Valencia was also evident in the lineup that Pep Guardiola put on the pitch before the Real Sociedad , reserving

many owners. Barca coach did not hide behind the shock laimportancia meeting Wednesday. "We played a final and we can only win the game," said Pep, who asked the audience to make an effort despite the cold and try to fill the Camp Nou to take the team to the finals on wings. (via MD)

[Selection; Africana Nations Cup] 1-1: Keita scored the decisive penalty to Mali dispute the African Cup semifinals

FC Barcelona still can not tell a week with Seydou Keita after achieving classified the selection of Mali to the semifinals of the African Cup . Barca midfielder has been precisely the author of the decisive penalty which classifies the Malian combined for the next round after sentencing Gabon , in a party whose regular time had ended in a draw (1-1).

Mouloungui had advanced to the co-hosts with a goal on 55 minutes but Diabité , with six minutes left, scored the 1-1. In extra time there have been more goals, despite very clear of Barca once Keita , and Mali has ended up getting the ticket to semis on penalties (4-5). (via MD)

Bobby Charlton: "In the Wembley final we pass shame against Barça"

"Real Madrid leads the Spanish league, but does not convincingly".
"Barça has given much in recent years".

Sir Bobby Charlton , regarded by FIFA as the best English player of all time, has given an interview to the program 'Tot Gira' of Catalunya Radio, which spoke of Barcelona and Madrid and the Blaugrana hegemony.

He still top scorer for England -49 goals in 106 games, said in reference to Mourinho , the Portuguese is "coach of Real Madrid and Real Madrid leads the Spanish league, but he does so convincingly. may have more points than the FC Barcelona, ​​but Barca, overall, is the team you have to win if you want to be the best. "

The truth is that the former player of Waterford United, Preston North End and Manchester United , with whom he managed 249 goals in 758 games, think that Barça "has a quality midfielders and forwards that is the envy of the world. When we -Manchester United play the Champions League final in Wembley we pass shame against FC Barcelona, so that we have made ​​every effort to ensure that this does not happen again anymore. "

In this regard, Sir Bobby Charlton, the person named as Old Trafford 'Theatre of Sueños'-Manchester United have learned a lot, so that "over time more and more it will cost Barca win", who believes that "the system has and the players to play as it does, and they have every right to say are the best . "

That was one of the survivors of the Munich air disaster on 6 February 1958, cree that gradually rivals are taking the pulse of the game Guardiola's men, "defeat depends on other computers in the world, but get. There are people prepared to break what has given Barça and has given much to the world. It was a wonderful team in recent years. "

However, it also recognizes this great footballer Ashington-born Sir recognized by the Queen Elizabeth II of England in 1994 - the machine is unstoppable Barca and the Catalan club the quarry works fine. "We have a Nike tournament in Manchester with the best youth clubs in the world. The last three years have won the tournament the Barca youth . They have done so because they have learned things that others have learned: the possession of the ball. "

Another step closer to Villa, and no screws in the tibia

"The recovery will be faster without them," predicted.

"Two screws least in my tibia. But now they will go even faster recovery ". This twitter , illustrated with a photograph of two of the six screws that Dr. Ramon Cugat was placed on 19 December in his left tibia to fix an intramedullary nail, David Villa announced yesterday that the evolution of the injury is on a distinguished road .

He was diagnosed four to five months out, but Villa works daily to reduce the time, now knowing since the bone has joined. The Guaje reported in the social networks of their recovery and this week has exceeded the 500,000 followers an official twitter a month old. (via MD)

Van Persie is still crunching numbers to play for Barca

Robin van Persie again showed yesterday is a first class footballer. After taking nearly seven years without lifting a trophy with Arsenal , the Dutch-based try to strengthen his candidacy goals to fulfill his desire to play at Barça next season by scoring three goals to two in the 7-1 Arsenal - Blackburn Rovers. With 22 points in 24 days, solidified his status as top scorer in the Premier League also expanding which is already his personal best after putting 18 last season.

Although the Gunners are still fifth in the English Championship to 17 points behind leaders Manchester City and no chance of singing a alirón that resists since the 2003-04 season, Van Persie is not fit and pulled the carriage of all of Wenger . Acting as false '9 ', broke down the wall putting the visitors two goals in the small area behind after coming from two separate centers Theo Walcott satins from the right. The 1-0 down to 80 seconds.

Van Persie broke not only instinct but enjoyed murderer released after the band further from its former habitat. In its eighth year at the club after landing at Highbury in 2004 from Feyenoord, the entire offensive game revolves around figure and assume that is how was 3-1 with a great assistance between the lines to Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Van Persie initialed his second hat trick of the campaign (the first was in the Chelsea 3-5 at home) after setting a sensational turn of ankle center of Francis Coquelin. Was half an hour but the '10 ', 28, took part in the final 7-1 to serve on a platter the former Barca goal Thierry Henry. It was the eighth Dutch assistance in the current Premier. Only the canary David Silva (Manchester City) is surpassed in the ranking with 12 assists, making the incidence of Van Persie in the offensive flow Gunners is brutal. With 22 goals and 8 assists such, has directly intervened in 30 of the 46 goals of the league of London . Some numbers you want to bring him to his friend Cesc .

As reported by MD this week, Barça was raised to strengthen the staff in the winter market but was finally discarded the option. In addition to Carlos Tevez and Alexandre Pato, among the impressive list of names that were offered to Barca excelled that of Robin van Persie . The Dutch could not play the current edition of the Champions . Van Persie still renew with Arsenal and is released in 2013. Hence, this summer could force his departure. (via SPORT)

Messi's hand

The polemic action played by the centre-back of Real Madrid on the front azulgrana has been reflected in the gaming world.

Weeks after the disputed tie between Barca and Real Madrid in the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey, the well-known Pepe stomp on Leo Messi in the first leg is still in the mouths of many fans, to the extent that industry video games has seen a reef and did not want to fall behind.

The game 'Messi's hand' leading PC sample hand a battered Barca must escape the trampling of a footballer white dress reminiscent of the Madrid Pepe. A hand as the game itself, trying to "escape from an evil player who wants to crush it." (via SPORT)

Messi's hand

Derdiyok will miss the match against Barcelona when he was injured ... In the bathroom!

Bayer Leverkusen striker can not deal with Guardiola in the first leg of the knockout stages of the Champions League after a power cut in the foot after stepping on broken glass in the bathroom.

Bayer Leverkusen suffered this weekend two important low will undermine their potential for confrontation that will check with the club on 14 February in Germany in the first leg of the knockout stages of the Champions League.

The most striking, of course, is the Swiss striker Eren Derdiyok of who was injured in the bathroom, walking on broken glass, explained the French newspaper L'Equipe.

Derdiyok received seven stitches and will be sidelined for a total of three weeks, after an injury reminiscent of other unfortunate incidents like the one away to Santiago Cañizares exfutbolista World Cup Korea and Japan 2002 to be a sharp cut with a bottle of cologne.

It will not be the only casualty of Leverkusen against Barca because, this weekend against Stuttgart, Sidney Sam went after overcoming an injury after suffering a thigh muscle tear, few minutes after entering the field in the final section of meeting.

In Sam's case, his period of leave may be higher than Derdiyok, which could prevent even play the second leg on March 7 at the Camp Nou. (via SPORT)

A tough week ahead

This week Barça faces the second leg of the Cup semi-final against Valencia plus a trip to Pamplona to take on Osasuna in La Liga.

The players return to training on Monday after Saturday's defeat of Real Sociedad. They will be focussing on Wednesday's clash against Valencia in the Camp Nou. Then, hot on the heels of the Cup semi-final second leg comes a tricky away game in the Reyno de Navarra against Osasuna. Then it's just three days to the Champions League encounter away to Bayer Leverkusen.

The first training session of the week will be at 11 am on Monday followed by a press conference with Javier Mascherano. An extra highlight of the day will be a chance for the players to test drive a new Audi Q3 on an off-road track at the Club's sports complex.

On Tuesday the players will train at 6 pm. Pep Guardiola will then talk to reporters ahead of Wednesday's Cup match (kick-off Wednesday 9 pm). The last training session before the match will be held behind closed doors on Wednesday morning at 11.30. The players will have lunch together and then go their separate ways until reporting back to the stadium at 7.15 pm.

Regardless of what happens against Valencia, the players will report for training again at noon on Thursday and 11 am on Friday. The Barça party are due to travel to Pamplona on Saturday morning. On Sunday they will be back in Barcelona preparing for Tuesday's game away to Bayer Leverkusen. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Cristian Tello: “I’m happy to have the boss’s confidence”

With a number of first team regulars missing due to injury and international commitments, plus the need to rest others to cope with the accumulation of matches, Guardiola has turned to the reserves to take the strain. Cristian Tello enjoyed a dream debut against Real Sociedad, playing the full 90 minutes and scoring a goal. He told us: "I was a bit nervous in the changing room when we were told the line-up but then I felt fine”.

Barça B forward Cristian Tello made his first appearance on Saturday and had a fantastic game, scoring Barça's first and proving to be a nightmare down the left wing for the Real defense. The 20-year-old was delighted with the win. Speaking to Barça TV after the match, he said: "It was a hard-worked victory but I'm very happy with my debut and even happier about the win".

"It was amazing to figure in the starting line-up in this team and play alongside such great players. My teammates are incredible, they're a tight-knit team." He revealed that he had no trouble in settling into the group: "It's not very difficult because in the reserves we try and play in the same style as the first team".

For their part, the older players have given Tello a warm welcome while Guardiola has been keeping an eye on his development: "He told me to go wide and try to go past players. I'm happy to have the boss's confidence". Goalkeeper Valdés posted a photo of Tello on Facebook and Twitter with the text: "A fantastic Tello scores his first goal for the first team! We have the best youth system in the world".

Isaac Cuenca, who is now officially part of the first team squad, is a good example for Tello to follow: "He's like a mirror because we have player together since we were kids and now he's arrived and got himself settled in. We all aspire to that".

A couple of seasons ago, Cristian Tello spent some time with Espanyol. They eventually offered him a first team contract, but Tello turned them down: "Espanyol offered me a deal with the first team but I already had an ambition and that was to make it here. It's hard to get over leaving Barça so when they offered to take me back I didn't think twice and worked hard to take my chances". (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Rosell: “Nominations like this motivate us to keep on working”

The FC Barcelona president will attend the 2012 Laureus World Sports Awards this Monday, Feb. 6. Barça has been nominated for three prizes. “The nominations will help us keep on working and thinking about how to keep up this level in the future,” said Sandro Rosell.

Sandro Rosell will travel to London on February 6th to attend the Laureus World Sports Awards gala. The president is very proud of the Club’s three nominations and he highlights the importance of these awards as an incentive “to keep on applying ourselves and maintain this level [of excellency] in the coming years.”

Abidal, Messi and the Club could receive awards in tomorrow’s ceremony. “Abidal for overcoming a personal health issue; Messi, because he’s the best in the world, I think that’s indisputable and the whole world recognises it, and the Club because of the institution it represents,” said the Barça president. He added: “the nominations of Abidal, Messi and the Club is an honour, and it will help us keep on working and thinking about how to keep up this level in the future.” The FC Barcelona president said, “it’s very hard to achieve things in life, but it’s harder still to maintain that level [of excellence].”

FULL: www.fcbarcelona.com