04 February 2012

El Madrid wins to Barca in fiscal policy

El Madrid already knows what is to win the departure to Barça this season. It does not, however, in the playgrounds, but in fiscal policy.

And, as explained on Friday 'Expansion.com' does the economy of the white players is better off after the rise of income tax applied by the government Rajoy.

The change in the levy, which will begin to be paid this month, increases tax differences between communities, with Barça one of the clubs most affected. Thus, if a player card right now for Barça be taxed 56% and even 60% if one considers that the Catalan government has decided to reactivate the Heritage tax. If it did for the whole of Jose Mourinho the player, however, only 52% should be taxed, since the marginal rate of income is lower in this region, which also has not been redeemed tax Heritage . Differences that could be expanded if Esperanza Aguirre, president of the Community of Madrid, fulfills its promise of lowering the income tax.

Apart from these differences, the fact is that after the changes made in recent years, Spain has gone from being one of the countries with tax systems more attractive to elite athletes get on the tail of European countries with higher taxes . Although there are some exceptions such as Cristiano Ronaldo or Kaka.

Both Real Madrid players bonuses keep Beckham Act, so that after the rise of personal income tax (0.75% only if) a 24.75% taxable, the tax you pay at the moment in Spain mileurista. (via SPORT)

Barca made his last workout before receiving the Real Sociedad

Barça has made ​​Saturday his last training before receiving Real Sociedad (22h) at the Camp Nou.

The sitting was closed and marked by cold, has had starring the homegrown Dos Santos, Tello and Sergi Roberto, who will complete with the first team available call for Pep Guardiola for the meeting.

The players eat together at the facilities of Camp Nou and then go to their homes respectios remain there until a couple of hours before the beginning of a game that can be the first one in the overcome azulgrana toward the attainment of the fourth serial League title. (via MD)

Xabi Prieto: "Let's see if we can give the stroke"

The team hopes txuri urdin no repeat performance of last season.

The Real Sociedad player Xabi Prieto has said that attending the Camp Nou on Saturday with the intention of trying to "make a stir" despite being aware that it is almost impregnable stronghold Blaugrana this season.

"Last year we got very complicated from the start in 15 minutes and we lost 2-0 and it complicates the game. You have to try that will not happen." La Real will try to bring even game to try to exploit some against and "give the stroke."

In this sense, the midfield genius Sebastian appealed to the surprise and constant work to get something positive from the game and get back to San Sebastian with a different feel than last year. "You go knowing that it is very difficult. Just have given a draw so far this season, until Betis had not conceded a goal and are probably the best team in the world. But we are hoping to be able to do something that has not got the rest and that illusion, "he said.

The Real Sociedad knows that the meeting will have to work hard and long to remove some of possession to Barcelona. "All teams would like to have more of the ball but against teams like Barca you conscious that this will happen or yes, go with the lesson learned and not so desperate, it's something you expect, you know, and when the recover a view to seize the moment, "he said about it.

About the trouble he was experiencing at the ankle, Xabi Prieto says he is better than I thought. Hopes that the inconvenience of training on Wednesday not prevent you from earning on Saturday at the Camp Nou. (via Marca)

Barca set to Rami as an alternative to Thiago Silva

The sports management believes that the centre-back Valencia would be an affordable option if Milan does not adjust prices.

Adil Rami is one of the players that are under control. The center of the Valencia defense is seen as a solvent, 26, whose transfer would involve a financial outlay acceptable to the coffers of the club. The sport address has the watchword of managing different options in case Thiago Silva escapes to the Barça network. The Brazilian is still the first choice but its price soars above 30 million euros and Milan still has not opened the auction. Rami has made the cut of the technical secretariat. The defender has improved its performance year after year and be part of those bets with players from more discreet name that used to surprise Guardiola regularly. The Frenchman is there, but have not initiated contact.

Barca knows how to handle the defensive behind Valencia. In addition to monitor Jordi Alba, Guardiola has also expressed admiration for Victor Ruiz. (via SPORT)

Barca could offer 30 million for Bale

The British press says there are already first offer Welsh Barca while the player is attentive to the future of his coach before deciding whether to force his departure at the end of season.

Barca tried to move quickly and quietly, but has not been possible. In matters of hours the British press adorned the Blaugrana interest in great detail. The Welsh international like, but the reluctance to let him leave Tottenham and Manchester City's willingness to bring out your wallet hinder the option provided by the sports management.

The online editions of the British media went into boiling within hours and confirmed that Barça was not limited to contact agents and executives of Tottenham footballer. According to reports the Daily Mail, the club blaugranas have planned a first offer. The figures vary, but the proposal would move culé around 30 million euros plus bonuses.

A company spokesman Stellar Group, which manages the rights of the player, confirmed in advance for this language. "Barca, like other clubs in England and the rest of Europe, we have confirmed their interest in signing Bale." This version was endorsed by the Barcelona Zubizarreta denied trip to London. The source of the Stellar Group also advanced that the future of Welsh will not be decided immediately. "Tottenham is in full competition and not the time for these things. Barça and other clubs know they need to wait a couple of months. Then see what happens. "

The British press picked up once again the will of the London club to retain its symbol. In the case of accepting an output, the English are planted in multi-million dollar deals that tripled to 30 million euros, according to them, raises Barça.

As everyone agrees is that if Bale leaves Tottenham, Manchester City will break the market. The club have confirmed he is willing to overcome all offers. If the weight of money, Welsh can have only one destination.

Tottenham coach Harry Redknapp, has one of the keys to the future of Bale. The Welshman has a close relationship with the coach and the option to have a relay on the bench at the end of season could hasten the departure of the versatile left-handed player. But Redknapp has several fronts. In the courts, continues its lawsuit for tax reasons. The verdict can affect your career and your name seems the only one that generates a consensus to replace Capello ahead of England. With veteran coach of 64 years away from White Hart Lane, Bale would feel liberated to force him out of Tottenham.

The British star is grateful to Tottenham and has undertaken not to make statements that create controversy. For now, due to the presence of the clerk know Barca coach, Albert Valentin, in the match against Fulham -6 November 2011- has merely stated that "it is nice that clubs like Barcelona are set on me," said. (via SPORT)

To Villa they extract him the screws of their left tibia

The Asturian forward visited the surgeon Ramón Cugat in the Hospital Quirón that could verify the excellent evolution of his fracture.

David Villa is serving strictly the deadlines in your recovery. After being operated on 19 December a total fracture of his left tibia where they put an intramedullary nail supported by six screws anchored in the tibia, Villa has been totally normal following a rehabilitation plan based on flexibility exercises in your knee and isometric work your quads, leaning on crutches the first day.

The doctors who oversee her recovery, the surgeon Ramon Cugat and the doctor Ricard Pruna first team, and predicted a period of four to five weeks if there were setbacks to withdraw the screws. Well, yesterday David Villa went to the Hospital Chiron where he extracted the screws in the tibia and have formed a callus sufficiently consistent to the bone. A few days earlier also had to go to visit you withdraw Cugat points of the operation.

Now the next step of 'Guaje' will begin work with physical therapists in the fitness club to go slowly rehabilitating his left tibia.

In principle, it is expected that in a month and a half and can exercise outdoors and start running smoothly. (via SPORT)

Fontàs underwent a new control

The Catalan centre-back Andreu Fontàs, who underwent surgery two weeks ago from a torn ACL in his right knee, also used yesterday to stop by the clinic Chiron for the orthopedic Ramon Cugat hiceira him a view of control. The player, aided by crutches, is progressing well. His time off in any case not less than six months. (via SPORT)

Pedro, KO for the Cup

The canary is not for the return leg on Wednesday against Valencia, his adductor contracture is giving you headaches.

To Pedro Rodriguez was choking, and how, in the adductor contracture of his left leg he suffered last January 27 during a workout. In fact, the canary has already lost three league 'Two (Villarreal and Real Sociedad) and a Cup (Valencia)', but it seems that things will not stay there because it is also virtually ruled out of Wednesday's game against Valencia at the Camp Nou. Low doubtless sensitive, especially considering the significance of the meeting, and that Barcelona will be playing a final pass.

In any case, not all bad news on 'Can Barça', as Andres Iniesta is developing very favorably of their small tear in the femoral biceps of his left leg he suffered last January 25 during the Cup quarter-turn to the Real Madrid at the Camp Nou.

In principle, the predicted time for his return was about three weeks, so it seemed that would not at least until 14 February when the team returns to the Champions League. However, the feelings are so good that the Fuentealbilla may return a few days before, specifically the next weekend against Osasuna in the Reyno de Navarra.

In any case, the doctors take care of all details regarding the manchego, and not to forget their history of hamstring injury: he has already suffered three breaks this season.

Alves, Busquets and Messi ready against

At low accumulating injury could join FC Barcelona Dani Alves, Sergio Busquets and Leo Messi penalty if they were reprimanded tonight against Real Sociedad. In that case you lose the match next Saturday (day 11) against Osasuna in Pamplona (20 hours). Alves, Busquets and Messi lead and four yellow cards in what takes league championship. (via SPORT)

Xavi could continue 'sucking' bench to be dosed

Everything indicates that the side that comes out today is the same as tied in Valencia with the input of Valdes, Alves and Adriano.

Xavi Hernandez has all the numbers to continue on the bench tonight against Real Sociedad. The Terrassa and missed the first leg last Wednesday in the semifinals of the Cup in Valencia drag an overload in the soleus muscle that kept him from feeling comfortable on the pitch. And in Villarreal and suffered terribly, so Guardiola decided to replace him in the second half. The coach wants to have Xavi in ​​perfect condition facing the momentous Cup match to be played next Wednesday at the Camp Nou and thinking well in the demanding schedule that is coming to Barcelona in the coming weeks with outputs as Osasuna and Atletico Madrid also the return of the Champions League.

So for today Xavi points directly to the bench and just jump onto the field in case of urgent need.

Another that is also 'headdress' it is Chilean Alexis, dragging discomfort in the groin and a shoulder injury which had to be infiltrated in recent games to bear the pain. Guardiola also is considering seriously to rest ahead of this evening, so it would gain the possibility that whole Brazilian Adriano played at left back. In any case, depend on the feelings of the Chilean striker in the hours before the game against Real Sociedad.

The rest of the team to leave the field tonight is not designed a priori to have many more in wicker basket, so in principle be repeated more or less blown up in Valencia in the Cup, except for Valdes Alves Pinto by Mascherano, along with the aforementioned Adrian Alexis.
All these vicissitudes that have developed during this course must have `What Guardiola to field a total of 24 players in twenty days of the season. Were 21 in the first and 22 in the second and third. Casualties by injury, especially, as well as the inevitable rotations, have meant that Pep has had to resort to more players than ever.

It is known that the helmsman of Santpedor likes working with short templates, as evidenced by the fact that in its first three years, after 20 league games, only a maximum of 22 ranked players. But now things have changed and the number of troops exceeds two men who have the confidence of the coach.

And of the 24 players that Pep has had in the league, 15 are from the quarry, 62.5%. A figure unthinkable a decade ago. The last to have been the alternative Deulofeu (debuted at Barcelona-Mallorca) and Tello (in the last game played at El Madrigal).

If we talk about championships integers (38 days), which had more presence of players was the first, 2008-2009, with 29. Of course in the past three days, with the title decided, the technician ushered in many new faces that were fogueando. In the 2009-2010 season over the course league with 24 players lined up and the next, 2010-2011, with 28. In this, as things stand, possibly exceeding the record of participation. But the coach did not shake the pulse because it relies on those below. (via SPORT)

Thermal blanket for the pitch at the Camp Nou to combat the freezing temperatures

FC Barcelona installed a thermal blanked over the Camp Nou’s pitch to prevent the grass from freezing before the match against Real Sociedad. The temperature is expected to drop below zero tonight in the Catalan capital. The thermal blanket will allow the pitch to keep a temperature of three or four degrees. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Raiola: "playing at Real would be a nice challenge for Ibra"

"It would be a beautiful challenge for Ibrahimovic to play for Real Madrid after you've done in Barcelona. What is clear is that Zlatan will not end his career in Milan. " Mino Raiola, the Swedish striker representative flirts with the Madrid told Italian media. The ability of the agent is beyond doubt and who negotiates with Milan Ibrahimovic renewal and there is no better place to showcase the white team closed the gates of Barcelona. The problem for Raiola, Ibrahimovic is the good relationship between both entities. Another possibility is pointed in Italy is that Ibra go to England (Chelsea) with Mou. (via SPORT)

Mourinho negotiated returning to Chelsea

Real Madrid coach's days are numbered in the capital. His desire to return to England is a fact and the fans blue and dreams of seeing the Luso on the bench at Stamford Bridge.

"Coach Chelsea." Jose Mourinho is preparing for weeks which will be a victory lap that was his team in the Premier League Abramovich's Chelsea. This has made it known to his inner circle and so informed the Sun newspaper sources very close to the Portuguese coach.

According to British newspaper, Mourinho would fly to London with the sole condition of having full control of the club, just as it has tamed all the power at Real Madrid. The discrepancies that arose prior to his departure from London club with Roman Abramovich has already been forgotten, and the Russian tycoon knows his back is the best news the fans can get blue. (via SPORT)

Chacón: "I feel like Messi dodging the kicks of Pepe"

Carme Chacón, candidate to general secretary of PSOE in the 38º Congress that takes place this weekend, has been plundered by the cameras with a sentence that she will surely bring polemic: "I feel like Messi dodging the kicks of Pepe".

The comparison of Chacón makes her feel like as the Barcelona forward and the question is who Pepe of PSOE will be. (via Marca)

Montanier: "Barça is a high mountain to be up"

Philippe Montanier, does not fear the match against FC Barcelona, ​​despite the opponent's body and lows of your team, and sees it as a "challenge" professional "a lot" for its players to challenge it.

Montanier before train his team in the final preparatory session of the meeting, said that the set of Pep Guardiola is a "high mountain" to be up and calls it the "best team in the world and perhaps in all history. "

"Every player wants to play and even for all teams win this mission seems impossible, we know that in football anything is possible", stated Coach Norman.

The French coach is not afraid of what might happen in the Camp Nou, where most teams thrashed out, and believes that moves to Barcelona "good template" to oppose the Catalans.

Montanier has also referred to the configuration of its staff following the movements during the winter, which has not registered inputs but outputs, which will "more space" and result, has secured the benefit of young people who call the door of the first team from the cantera. (via SPORT)

[Barça B; Liga Adelante; Week23] Villarreal CF B 0 - 0 FC Barcelona B

There were many chances but no goal. Villarreal B and B team signed boards in a game which Eusebius not used their numerical superiority.

Mutual respect marked the first moments of a duel of affiliates eager to revenge by Barcelona, ​​recalling the defeat of the August 27 before the mini submarine. Without the 'promoted' Jonathan dos Santos, and Sergi Roberto Tello, Eusebius repeated eleven that defeated the previous day Huesca. Opposite Villarreal B grown after his triumph in the field of Hercules.

The first minutes were absolute respect, although the home team began looking for the young juanto Ortuño. The Pearl emerged from the Albacete cabntera challenged the Barcelona defense and provided the clearest chance for his team, with a Vaseline against Oier seemed short ... if not for Martin Montoya, fast and timely, arrived to clear the ball as he was about entering the goal.

Before, Ortuño himself was the subject of two controversial actions of the first act. In the first, perfectly executed technique piscinazo to Bartra and earned a yellow card. In the second, to Planas, and although there was no lack Monescillo Archdeacon seemed at first to note the death penalty, indicating finished corner.

Barça B intermittently approached, looking for speed and Femenía Deulofeu the wings and nose for goal from a well marked Rodri. It was Gerard who tried it in the 18th minute with a shot from distance that went right to Marino. And in the other camp, Villarreal B had another great chance on 31 minutes when another Gerard, Catalan Bordas, faced with Oier and found the excellent response of the newly renovated irundarra goalkeeper.

After the break, Barça B came out determined to solve, but the first clear chance was for the yellow side Jaume Costa, who tested Oier again. Not reach the goals against good defensive approach of both sets. And if the defense failed, were the gatekeepers, as demonstrated Diego Mariño with its excellent standing in a raid Kiko Femenía.

Just after Eusebio Sacristan make his first change, with input from CE L'Hospitalet former player Cristian Lobato instead of Deulofeu, Barça B gave work to assistant Monescillo Archdeacon. Muniesa finished off following a goal-kick, but the Barcelona player was in offside position.

Barça B is going to make things better three minutes later. It was when James Costa, who in the last minutes of the first half saw a yellow for a tackle on Montoya, won the second by a clear grab at Muniesa when he was leaving. Julio Velazquez subsidiary yellow coach, had to rebuild the team ushering in another left full-back Toño Garcia. There were 20 minutes and Barca B would play with numerical superiority.

However, the Villarreal B did not give up. Gerard Bordas, drawing strength from where they had won the game shortly after the Barca defense and attended Lucas Porcar, but he failed to complete exespanyolista what could have been the first goal yellow.

After Espinosa replace the other end Blaugrana, Kiko Femenía, Barça B again to create another clear chance. And they were two men behind whom were involved. Muniesa gave an excellent through ball to Marc Bartra and booted it crossed, but Marino played his leg just enough to avoid both.

The Blaugrana subsidiary was determined to exploit their advantage in numbers of players and was increasingly achuchando Marino. Martin Montoya met Toño's leg on the way to goal and the play back, Bartra topped the corner to the bottom and Rodri, offside, again look to Marino.

Eusebio decided to change the '9' in the final, bringing in young Dongou by Rodri. But who was to have another occasion was the home team. And Oier, Oier always had to fly to clear a header from a corner Lejeuene Florian.

The minutes passed but the subsidiary of Barca ran out of the prize he sought. Marino and Oier prevented the 0-0 and Barca were altered B remained winless away from the Mini Etadi. Four straight game without a win on the road. Examination of the exodus is still approved. (via SPORT)

[Match Data]
Villarreal CF B: Mariño; Lejeune, Truyols, Kiko Olivas, Jaume Costa; Llorente (Barrientos, min. 61), Edu Ramos; Porcar, Trigueros (Toño García, min. 74), Gerard Bordas and Juanto Ortuño (Pedro Vázquez, min. 86).

FC Barcelona B: Oier; Montoya, Bartra, Armando, Planas; Muniesa, Rafinha, Riverola; Kiko Femenía (Espinosa, min. 80), Rodri (Dongou, min. 87) and Gerard Deulofeu (Cristian Lobato, min. 66).

Goal: -

Referee: Arcediano Monescillo (Castilian-La Mancha). Showed yellow cards to local Juanto Ortuño, Lejeune, Jaume Costa (2, min. 70), Truyols and Gerard Bordas. and to the barcelonistas Rodri, Bartra, Armando and Riverola.

Incidents: 800 spectators in Miniestadi of the Sport City of Villarreal. Night cold and windy.

Guardiola: “We know we are in an extreme situation”

The Barça manager said that his players are aware that they cannot allow anymore points to slip by if they want to keep their title hopes alive. He also talked about Xavi’s improved fitness, saying that he deserved and needed a break. The midfielder was on the bench against Valencia.

From now until the end of the season, every game Barça plays will be crucial to keep title hopes alive on all three fronts: Cup, League, and Champions League. The team is seven points adrift from the top in La Liga and they cannot let anymore points slip by. Pep Guardiola was very clear in today’s pre-game press conference: “I will ask the players to be who they have been in the past. We know we’re almost past the point of no return. It’s not a time for words, it’s time to play the best we possibly can and win, taking it one game at a time.”

The Barça manager said he won’t be paying attention to the Getafe-Madrid match, which will be finishing up just before Barça takes the field. “We have to be concerned about winning our game, that’s the only thing we can do.” He went on to say: “our game plan is to do our job in the best way we can, like we always have. We’ll see how things go from now on.”

Despite the missed penalty against Valencia, the manager is clear: “Leo is a player that is always above average. He’s always ready to play, he’s very, very competitive. Sometimes he takes on responsibilities that he shouldn’t, but you know my opinion, he always plays well. He always scores goals or gives them,” he told the packed press room. Furthermore, Guardiola also highlighted the Argentine’s record from the penalty spot: “Messi’s statistics, taking the shot with so much pressure on him, are spectacular.”

The manager also talked about Xavi’s fitness, the midfielder was on the bench against Valencia midweek: “he’s better. The break was very beneficial. We all think that he can cope with everything, he’s very reliable, but he’s had four years without any breaks and sometimes the body asks you to stop a little. He was fit today.” Guardiola also praised Alexis, saying that the “effort he puts in brutal” seeing that he’s still struggling with clavicle pain.

On Real Sociedad, Barça’s rival tomorrow, Guardiola said, “they play the ball well from the back and they come at you from the wings and the middle.” He added: “they’ve only lost one game out of their last nine. They are a classic team and it’s great that they are in the Primera division.” Despite the very cold weather, the manager called on Barça fans to attend the Camp Nou tomorrow: “if they come, they should bring a coat. I hope they attend, but I understand [if they don’t], the forecast says it will be very cold.”

Pep's goal celebration in Mestalla

Pep Guardiola explained his celebration when Puyol scored the equalizer at Mestalla. The manager, pointed to the pitch with a hint of rage: “I wasn’t expecting the pitch to be so dry, but they have every right keep it like that. It’s their house, and they call the shots. We have to adapt.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Focused on Real Sociedad

The 15 available first-team players plus Dos Santos, Tello and Sergi Roberto, from Barça B, trained in the frigid cold. The team continues to prepare for their La Liga match against Real Sociedad (22.00).

This Friday, FC Barcelona completed their penultimate training session before the match against Real Sociedad. Pep Guardiola worked with 15 first-team footballers and three youngsters from Barça B (Jonathan dos Santos, Cristian Tello and Sergi Roberto).

Éric Abidal, who signed his contract extension with the Club, was congratulated by his teammates and coaches.

The team will train one last time tomorrow morning before the match. It will be a closed-door session at the Camp Nou at 12.30. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Pioneering alliance with Red Cross

FC Barcelona and the Red Cross have signed a collaboration agreement and have presented the ‘T’acompanyem’ project, in which the organisations will be working together to cater for the needs of people with locomotor problems. The agreement will run initially for the next four years. President Rosell has said today that the agreement “shows that the club is as strong as iron at the moment: socially, sporting and financially, we’re getting better day by day”.

Barça and the Red Cross have signed an institutional collaboration agreement for the next four years for the implantation of actions of a social nature that will help to promote the synergies of solidarity and social commitment. Among other actions, this includes the 'T'acompanyem' project, designed to significantly improve care for Barça fans and members with difficulties or disabilities.

The agreement was presented today in the Sala Ricard Maxenchs by president Sandro Rosell, the vice president of the Institutional Area, Jordi Cardoner, and the president of the Red Cross in Catalonia, Josep Marquès.

Rosell declared that the agreement "shows that the club is as strong as iron at the moment: socially, sporting and financially, we're getting better day by day". Vice president Cardoner added that "fortunately we have elderly members and we don't want their enjoyment of football to be limited in any way". Marquès, considered the agreement to be "the beginning of a very important bond ... I hope it can be forever".

'T'acompanyem' is a pioneering initiative in the world of football that caters specifically for the mobility needs of the members and fans watching games at the Camp Nou that have locomotor difficulties. Thanks to specially trained Red Cross volunteers, a pilot care and support service is being set up for people with disabilities or mobility problems on match days at the weekend.

The project focuses on two main areas: accompanying people from the care points on the Camp Nou grounds to their seats before the match and when it is over and the accompaniment of a small group of FC Barcelona members from their homes to the Camp Nou in an adapted Red Cross vehicle. Twenty volunteers will be working on the service every match day. (via FCBarcelona.cat)