03 February 2012

Abidal: “Barça is my second family”

The Frenchman has signed an extension to his contract for one more season, until June 30, 2013. The agreement includes the possibility of an extension until 2015. The buyout clause of 45 million euros remains intact.

On Friday at 13.00, Éric Abidal signed a new contract with FC Barcelona. The Frenchman and the president of FC Barcelona Sandro Rosell sealed the agreement in the club offices, also in the presence of the vice president for sport Josep Maria Bartomeu and the director of the Sports Area Andoni Zubizarreta.

The agreement extends his contract by one more season, until June 30, 2013, and includes the possibility of an extension until 2015.

Abidal is happy to be in Barcelona. "I have always said that I'd like to stay and live here and enjoy the football" he said, adding that FC Barcelona "is my second family. I see people at the club more than I see my own family". The full back and FCB have worked hard to define the new conditions and renew the contract that sees Abidal stay at the place "where the best football in the world is played".

This is Abidal's fifth season at Barça, and he is now one of the veterans at the club. But of all the seasons he has been here, he still thinks the first was the most memorable, "because I had just arrived from France, and discovered a new world, a new country, and a new language." But the second year was also very special "with the arrival of a new manager and we won everything". (via FCBarcelona.cat)

On Tuesday, Thuram in Barcelona with the Foundation

The ex azulgrana will offer a formative chat in the facilities from the Club to a group of youths about respect and tolerance.

The FC Barcelona ex-player Lilian Thuram will offer on Tuesday February 7 at the Camp Nou, a lecture on respect for young people. The action is part of the awareness campaign ' We are what we do, we are what we respect ' FC Barcelona Foundation, with the collaboration of the Department of Social Welfare and Family of the Generalitat.

The conference will take place at 18.00 am in Room Rome from Camp Nou and, besides the former Barcelona, ​​with the participation of Minister of Social Welfare and Family of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Josep Lluís Cleries, and senior vice president of the Foundation FC Barcelona, ​​Ramon Pont. The beneficiaries will be 150 youth programs related to social cohesion promoted by the Department of Social Welfare and Family.

'We are what we do, we are what we respect' is an awareness campaign promoted by the Foundation with the aim of promoting respect, tolerance and friendliness, especially among young people, based on examples from the sports and football in particular. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Puyol and one fan who has fulfilled a dream

Carles Puyol has surprised this morning by hanging a picture on his twitter . The La Pobla de Segur has asked his followers who was the guy in the photo. The answer was not very difficult as that child has not changed much. That young man, then a fan of Captain, now shares a dressing room with him. This is obviously of Isaac Cuenca.

Cuenca - Tello: Two that they step strong

Now deluxe reinforcements of Pep, both had to leave to be able to return.
Cuenca's idol is Michael Jordan, Tello was inspired by Saviola, Ronaldinho and Ronaldo.

Isaac Cuenca and Cristian Tello , the last two discoveries of Pep Guardiola , have followed parallel paths down to touch the top of the first team. The first, born in Reus on April 27, 1991, debuted at Barcelona on 10 October last year against Viktoria Plzen in the Champions League, when he replaced Villa in the 87th minute.

The second, born in Sabadell on August 11, 1991, he did only 20 days as a starter in the Copa del Rey against L'Hospitalet in Feixa Llarga. Both belong to the generation of Thiago Alcantara, but unlike the Spanish-Brazilian, who has been climbing from the lower grades, both Cuenca and Tello were the first to leave Barca and then come back and fulfill his dream.

The Reus left loan the last season to Sabadell and the beginning of this, although it did not come much Eusebio plans to act on the B, Pep-which had good reports of his from his friend gave Carreras-Lluís the alternative and established him in the first team following Villa's injury. Tello, meanwhile, came into Barça with 10 years from the equipment in his neighborhood-the-Rull Can-fry shone as being the top scorer trophy Maspalomas in 2003 - and cadet, but stalled as a junior. That's when Barça decided to first transferring it to the Damm and then not renew. No contract, Tello tried his luck at Espanyol, where he returned to dawn, to the extent that Pochettino have offered information about the first team when it comes time to renew the contract. Tello welcomes the proposal but would rather return to Barca, even knowing that will have to win a seat from the subsidiary. On November 9, dreamed would come his debut at the Camp Nou: two goals and assist in the match against Hospi. Following there, and given the losses that have accumulated then to Guardiola , Tello has earned a place among the elderly.

While Cuenca opened last Wednesday dorsal '23' in honor of his idol Michael Jordan , just after signing his contract with the first team, Tello was inspired as a child in Saviola, Ronaldinho and Ronaldo. (via MD)

[Barça B] Eusebio, against the effect exodus

The coach faces the final stretch without key players for the subsidiary, required by the first team.

Barça B coach will depart this morning, to Villarreal, where tonight played the game in the 23rd round of the Liga Adelante. Eusebio Sacristan facing the final stretch of the season undermined by the exodus of players required for Pep Guardiola's first team. Some, like Isaac Cuenca or Jonathan Two Santos they will no longer return to the discipline of the subsidiary, while Sergi Roberto will also remain in the first team as minimum until Seydou Keita returns of the Glass África or Andrés Iniesta recovers of his injury. For its part, the accumulation of low attack and high performance make Cristian Tello also remains with Guardiola.

Meanwhile, Eusebio, who has completed the call for Villarreal Dongou and Patrick, stressed that the important thing is to extend the winning streak the team, which adds two wins in a row, to get away to the maximum of the descent, "the latest results we have calm and confidence, we must use it. " Ruben Miño stayed out of the squad, confirming to Oier Olazabal as keeper of the subsidiary. (via SPORT)

[Selection Under-21] Milla has Thiago for the Games

Under-21 coach is more difficult than Busquets can be in London for more than the age for Olympic team.

The Spanish international coach under-21 and olympic, Luis Milla, goes feasible that the blaugrana Thiago Alcántara is part of the selection for the Olympic Games of included London in case he is also summoned by Vicente del Bosque to play with the absolute selection Euro cup of Poland and Ukraine. Instead, it said Sergio Busquets participate in the Olympics and was hopeful about the possibility of Alcantara Rafinha decant finally by the Spanish and not Brazil.

Luis Milla was interviewed on the Cadena Cope and admitted that the presence of Thiago at the Olympic Games "is an option although it is also called for the European, because age can join the Olympic team. Another thing is Busquets, because that would take one of three places of those over age. Through July and are still much we contemplate options. " Under-21 coach explained what the situation is Thiago's brother, the Blaugrana also Rafinha Alcantara, who doubt between choosing in the future play for Brazil or Spain's. So far it has been called in the lower Spanish. "I hope that Rafinha be selected Spanish as their brother," said Milla. "Then, if he chooses to play for Brazil, we can not force him," admitted the coach. "We want everything to be natural. He has to make his decision and we can not force anything. "

Luis Milla from the Federation added that "we are very happy with him and his performance. Rafinha is doing very well and comes with a vengeance. He knows his brother is with the Federation, we are trying very well and has chosen us. " (via SPORT)

Real Madrid copied La Masia

As reported in yesterday's edition the newspaper 'As', Real Madrid plans to build a residence for the accommodation of theier youth football players from outside Madrid.

The same newspaper cataloging project, designed to accommodate from September 2013 to a hundred kids, as the 'Masía Blanca'.

The work is part of a macro project by Florentino Perez expected to build on the sports meringue Valdebebas a residence for the first team, the said residence to the cantera and a new building that would host the team's games of the basketball section .

Although the commitment of the last years of Real Madrid has been to invest large sums of money to buy players, the evidence of the results has forced Florentino to observe the success of the Barcelona model. And apparently, at least in regard to infrastructure, the coach of Real Madrid decided to acquire two years of a training center. Another thing is that you also do sports betting firm style of play and the players forged in the base to reach the first team. (via SPORT)

Pep Guardiola "spends" to the basket

The match between Barça Regal and Zalgiris Kaunas on Thursday at the Palau Blaugrana was a spectator of emergency.

Lives 24 hours a day and football, and for the first team of FC Barcelona. It is rare to see in other sports events and attendees on Thursday that the party of the basketball Euroleague between Barça Regal and Zalgiris Kaunas took a surprise.

Yes, that was in the Palau Blaugrana was together with three small Pep Guardiola, the coach of FC Barcelona. He was quiet, in the area reserved for VIPs and before the game had time to greet the ex Barcelona player and current commentator for TV3 and SPORT, Nacho Solozabal.

It is the first time this season Guardiola will see a basketball game in Palau, but other years and had been seen. Knowing the intensity with which Pep always live matches are intense and basketball matches, Barcelona coach certainly lived the most of the match between Catalans and Lithuanians. (via SPORT)

Contact with Bale

Coahing staff consider him a crack and are convinced that the style would fit no problem blaugrana.

The market offers few jewels. The number of cracks that circulates throughout the football firmament is very small, barely a select group of stars that attracts the attention of big time. One of the names generated by full consensus is Gareth Bale. No one disputes that in his position, throughout the entire left wing, is number one, the better. Tottenham understands this and takes a couple of seasons, slowing the release of their franchise player. Today, not more than 50 million that Chelsea made hard cash last summer, have changed their opinion to the London club. Perhaps because of this, through various spokespersons and representatives, have not tired of repeating the last few weeks that the starting price of the Welsh international is estimated at 180 million euros. An outrage that ridicules the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid.

The name of Barça has associated to Bale in a recurrent way. The British press, lover of all kinds of speculation, has insisted that the club blaugrana closely follows any news concerning the versatile player. And this time it's true. SPORT has confirmed that Andoni Zubizarreta has directed the first approach contacts personally with Tottenham, Gareth Bale and his environment. Phone calls, trips to London and meetings have served to position the club Catalans as a serious contender to host the soccer player in the event that the Welsh want to leave White Hart Lane.

According to this wording has had access, the athletic director ordered to move the first tab once the season. It was a simple phone conversation presentation mode should be used to build the bridges necessary for a formal meeting. It was mid-October. Weeks later, during the month of November, Zubizarreta led a very small delegation that traveled to London to maintain at least a couple of momentous events. The first face to face with senior executives of Tottenham. Very little has transcended the game and the club is aware that the output of Bale is very complicated. There is no willingness to negotiate and the entity known as English is not burdened by doing the economic situation.

But on this trip, the really relevant was a parallel meeting with representatives of the firm Stellar Group, responsible for managing the future of Bale. Zubizarreta traveled with an obsession: to know first hand if Gareth Bale has a real desire to leave Tottenham and if the work would be signing for Barcelona. Two main purposes have been essential in negotiations with Cesc Fabregas and Alexis Sanchez. These same sources have merely pointed out that Bale welcomes his arrival at Camp Nou but it is unclear whether a hypothetical bid would assert his strength to swing the balance in favor of the final bid FC Barcelona.

Zubizarreta know directly, and it confirmed Tottenham executives, which at the very time that Welsh officially leave the market, appear at least five to six deals with dizzying figures. Amounts in excess of 50 million euros that the club will not be able to match. Only the direct pressure of the player that the proposal would Blaugrana serious fight with options to achieve your goal. In the background is a similar strategy was critical to stop Arsenal Cesc out and closed the transfer of Udinese Alexis Barca at the expense of much higher offers from the Premier League.

The club will wait. After securing the renewal of Abidal, Guardiola has the backs well covered. The coach is aware of all movements and is one of the greatest guarantors of the operation. Bale turns 23 this summer, has spent several seasons in the Premier League elite and versatility fits like a glove to the game system Blaugrana. With the departure of Maxwell, the team has a vacancy on the left.

Zubizarreta has handled all contacts with the utmost secrecy. The company boasts the most complicated and is by all means stay away from a negotiation to multiple bands with clubs from the likes of Manchester City, Chelsea or even Real Madrid, among others. And that is all white, without so many punches, has officially notified that the checkbook is about to enter the fray. As stated by Peppino Pirri, an agent who claims to have rights of Bale in the Italian market and has no qualms in saying that Madrid and a pair of brackets transalpine Juventus and Inter are you ready to seduce the Tottenham.

Bale is silent and does not comment publicly. Unless shown flattered by the interest of the `large businesses, has not said whether his future is in the Premier, or jump to the mainland. The player feels attached to Tottenham, the club reached Southampton after paying 14 million euros, and will not play on their backs. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Oier Olazábal to renew contract with FC Barcelona

The Barça B keeper will sign a contract extension that will keep him at the Club until 2015, his buyout clause will be set at 12 million euros while he remains a Barça B player and climb to 30 million once he’s promoted to the first team.

FC Barcelona and the Barça B keeper Oierl Olazábal have agreed to extend the player’s contract through the 2014/15 season. The keeper’s buyout clause will be set at 12 million euros while he remains a Barça B player and climb to 30 million when he’s promoted to the first team. The player will sign his new contract in the near future.

Oier, 22 years-old, signed with Barça in the summer of 2007 from Real Unión of Irún. Since then he’s been guarding the Barça B goal, he has also featured in training sessions with FC Barcelona’s first team. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Rexona, sponsor of Barça

The firm becomes the regional partner in Central America, Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador.

FC Barcelona and brand Rexona Thursday signed a collaboration agreement for one year you entered into force on February 1, with option to extend for another year, by Rexona which becomes the regional partner Central America, Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador.

Rexona is the first brand associated with the club in your product category and acquires rights of association, the club's image for advertising campaigns and promotions in these areas with the participation of first team football. Also, Rexona can perform different events to promote its own brand in the region, for example, campus with FCBEscola or corporate events in the same Camp Nou. Understanding prestige

With this agreement, FC Barcelona confirmed their sponsorship program with a mark of international prestige and strengthen their business relationship in a strategic region for the interests of the entity. Also takes a record of global interest aroused by the institution, making companies around the world bet to partner with the values ​​and identity that projects the FC Barcelona at the international level.

Rexona, a leader in its category, is the more antiperspirant deodorant brand sold worldwide and was created more than 110 years in Australia. Currently, develops products for both women and men in different formats. The firm owned by Unilever, a company founded in 1930 and is present in over 80 countries, is dedicated to the sectors of food, household cleaning and personal hygiene. Other leading brands of this corporation are Knorr, Skip or Dove. (via MD)

Alexis could play against La Real

Although he retired during the Cup match played in Mestalla, Alexis Sánchez can be another time to disposition of Guardiola this Saturday.

Guardiola will have the option to have again with Alexis Sanchez to the game this Saturday (22.00h) against Real Sociedad. Although it ended the match against Valencia with muscle aches, they will not be reason for Chile's need to rest and the player can be infiltrated again to mitigate prioblemas back, suffered in the quarter-final against Real Madrid.

Alexis should be a period of two weeks on the sidelines with an injured collarbone. However, last Saturday, three days after the clash against Madrid, came by surprise in the call for Guardiola to match Villarreal by lower late Pedro. The tocopillano was infiltrated and it even participated in this encounter.

He also made it - and as regular - in the game of last Wednesday in Valencia, but in the minute 58 retired with nuisances and was replaced by Dani Alves. SPORT.es has been told, these complaints are not crucial to rest on Saturday and could again be infiltrated, if deemed appropriate Guardiola. (via SPORT)

Already referee for the Osasuna-Barça of League

The Andalusian referee José Luis Paradas Romero will be the one in charge of leading the game that FC Barcelona juugará in Reyno de Navarra against Osasuna.

Stops whistle for second time this season to Barça in League. The last time he refereed the Pep Guardiola was on November 6 in San Mames against Athletic. The match ended 2-2.

The referee Antequera, 38 years old, serving his fifth season in the top flight of Spanish football. Barça has not lost in the league when he has whistled, with a record of five wins and two draws, while the two lived matched the Blaugrana on the road.

On the other hand, Osasuna is next to Espanyol, the club he has directed more times in first, with eleven background where the team lived pinko three wins, five draws and three defeats.

Meanwhile, the Real Madrid-Levante will Unidano Mallenco the international judge. The Navarre does not whistle a league match at the Bernabeu since November 20, 2010, when the set of Mourinho beat Athletic 5-1. The lift does not know the first victory in college with him, because until now has lived four draws and three defeats with their arbitration.

Muniz Fernandez will be responsible for leading the first official match at Espanyol Cornella-El Prat during the mornings. The Spaniard will beep an Espanyol-Zaragoza which will begin at 12.00 and will be the second time in the last four seasons that arbitrates a party of the blue and white. The last time it was in the visit of Zaragoza last season, the January 9, 2011, with 4-0 home win.

In Liga Adelante, Castilian-Manchego Pino Zamorano, exárbitro Primera whistle will be responsible for the Barcelona B - Cartagena at the Mini Estadi. Chas Amoedo be in the Nova Creu Alta in Sabadel-Villarreal B, De Burgos Bengoetxea be the judge of Nastic-Numancia. The Catalan club four category, Girona, Almeria in Montilivi receive under the direction of Vicandi Garrido. (via SPORT)

[Appointments Liga BBVA (week 23)]
Rácing de Santander - At.Madrid Estrada Fernández
Valencia - Sporting Pérez Montero
Osasuna - Barcelona Paradas Romero
Real Sociedad - Sevilla Iglesias Villanueva
Villarreal - Granada Pérez Lasa
Málaga - Deportivo Ayza Gámez
Betis - Athletic Teixeira Vitienes J.A.
Espanyol - Zaragoza Muñiz Fernández
Rayo Vallecano - Getafe Delgado Ferreiro
Real Madrid - Levante Undiano Mallenco

[Appointments Liga Adelante (jornada 24)]
Hércules - Deportivo Prieto Iglesias
Barcelona B - Cartagena Pino Zamorano
Sabadell - Villarreal Amoedo Chas
Alcorcón - Huesca Ocón Arráiz
Guadalajara - Xerez Arias López
Alcoyano - UD Las Palmas Mariscal Sánchez
Gimmástic Tarragona - Numancia Burgos Bengoetxea
Córdoba - Real Valladolid Gil Manzano
Girona - Almería Vicandi Garrido
Murcia - Elche Jaime Latre
Celta - Recreativo Martínez Munuera

[Friendly Match] Barça Femenino 1 - 1 INAC Kobe

Xavi Llorens’s side drew with INAC Kobe in a gripping duel in which both sides opted for attacking football. The Japanese side went ahead with a goal from Minamiyama, but Barça drew level before the break thanks to Olga García. FC Barcelona President Sandro Rosell attended the game and wanted to congratulate the Barça players on their excellent season.

FC Barcelona and INAC Kobe Leonessa met in a friendly in the Miniestadi sponsored by Seiko, and played in memory of the victims of the tsunami that hit Japan last March. It was a great encounter, with all eyes on Homare Sawa, winner of the recent Ballon d'Or for women, but it was also a great advertisement for the women's game in general, with both teams opting for attacking formats.

This historic game against a club from World Cup winning Japan was watched by the FCB president Sandro Rosell, who also made a point of visiting the girls in their dressing room to congratulate them on the wonderful season they are having, in which they are currently top of the league. Jordi Mestre, Joan Bladé, Pilar Guinovart and Toni Freixa were also in attendance.

Xavi Llorens' side was keen to go straight at INAC Kobe, who are still preparing for the forthcoming season. Barça could have scored in the 13th minute when Olga struck from the edge of the area, but two minutes later it was the visitors who took the lead with their first real chance. Minamiyama broke the offside trap to collect a Ji So-Yun assist and stick the ball past Sarasola. The Barça players protested handball, but to no avail.

The INAC goal took some of the wind out of the Catalans against one of the best teams in the world, but in the 38th minute Carol outwitted FIFA World Player Homare Sawa in a brilliant move that she will surely never forget. But the best was yet to come when Olga García latched onto a dead ball in the six-yard box following a free kick and thumped it cleanly into the back of the net.

Xavi Llorens, who was aware that there's a big match against Rayo Vallecano this weekend, rotated his players for the second half. The Japanese also made changes, with Homare Sawa among the players substituted after a first half in which we got to see very little of her brilliance. But INAC Kobe have other top quality resources, including Ji So-Yun, whose through balls were a constant menace, but none of which produced goals thanks to some classy interventions by goalkeeper Ràfols. Barça also enjoyed chances of their own, with Melani and Marta particularly active in the second half.

But there was to be no further score and it finished all square between Barça and INAC Kobe in a game in which both sides showed that they are able to play the way football should be played, with first-touch passes and offensive play from start to finish. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Match Data]
FC Barcelona, 1
INAC Kobe Leonessa, 1

FC Barcelona: Sarasola, Lau, Melani, Ana, Leila, Flor, Karol, Montse, Miriam, Sonia, Olga – once inicial.

INAC Kobe: Kaihori, Kai, Tanaka,Kinga, Minamiyama, Ji So-Yun, Sawa, Kawasumi, Takase, Ohno, Nakajima –once incial

Goals: 0-1, Minamiyama (15'); 1-1, Olga (44')

Michel Teló reveals that Neymar and is learning Spanish

Michel Teló, Brazilian singer is on tour in Spain promoting his song "Ai se eu ti pego" revealed that fellow Neymar, "is learning Spanish".

In the television program Punto Pelota, the Brazilian artist would not comment on the next club to which his friend Neymar this year has been linked to both Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, ​​but did acknowledge that the player studying Spanish in Brazil.

He also said he would like the Argentinian Leo Messi of FC Barcelona dance your song. "They already have Cristiano Ronaldo, Marcelo Alves, Abidal, Rafael Nadal and the Denver Nuggets in the NBA but I would love that Leo was launched and dance in a football field." (via SPORT)