31 January 2012

[Former player] Rochemback, heading for China

The exfootballer of Barça breaks up his bond with Union to prove luck in the oriental great country to its 30 years.

The FC Barcelona exfootballer, Fabio Rochemback, embarks on a new adventure journey to the world's most populous country: China. The Dalian Shide is the set will be done with the services of the player for 30 years.

The rugged midfielder has broken his links with the Brazilian club Gremio, where he was captain, after learning that his coach Caio Júnior, did not have it. Following the agreement, the coach acknowledged that the three parties out benefit.

Rochemback was a controversial character of the dark stage Barca is remembered in recent times, when Joan Gaspart was president.

The exazulgrana, characterized by having a very refined technique and a very powerful shot, formed in the Barca first team for two seasons (2001/02 and 2002/03), which served under several coaches ( Carles Rexach, Louis Van Gaal and Radomir Antic).

After passing through Portugal and England, Brazil returned home in 2009 to complete the template Guild. Team is now dismissed.

Hleb will cancel his contract with Barça

As reported by the program "Fora de Joc" ONA FM, the bielorruso Alexander Hleb will cancel its contract with Barça in next hours.

As reported by the program "Fora de Joc" ONA FM, the bielorruso, Alexander Hleb will cancel his contract with Barça.

Hleb has contract with FC Barcelona until June of 2012 and during today's day will be officially free.

The player's representative, Uli Ferber, has confirmed the information.

After abandoning Wolfsburg, where it was given by the club culé, the footballer bielorruso hopes to maintain the physical form in Augsburg Teuton. (via SPORT)

Van Persie wants to play with Cesc at Barca

A close friend of Fabregas, eager to win titles and gives long Arsenal in his renewal.
Contract Expires in 2013, played in three positions, Gole and is a star crack without going.
At 28 years, the Dutch striker force the machine to make the leap.

Robin van Persie comes on stage at Barca . Dutch striker Arsenal , top scorer in the Premier League with 19 goals, has gotten tired of not winning titles in the club 'gunner' and, at 28 years, he senses that is the ideal time to procure a record that of ' gunner 'has failed. This explains why Van Persie has given a long continuous Peter Hill-Wood on renewal. The 'chairman' of the London club since before Christmas, confirmed that talks to the extension of Van Persie contract postponed "until summer," solely because the player so ordered. What reasons can be moved to Van Persie not to sign for the club he has inherited the captain's armband to Cesc Fabregas ? Among others, the same that led to change the Arsenal Cesc to Barca: professional ambition.

A close friend of Cesc thanks to years of living 'gunner', Van Persie knows how well he goes to his colleague 'gunner' in the Camp Nou , with three titles in six months, more than those who managed together for years in the Arsenal, and would be happy to reunite with him.

Today, speaking market, Van Persie is like candy at the door of a school. Out of contract with Arsenal in June 2013, so the Emirates club, although he prefers to keep his best player and will try, he also knows that not convinced will soon be better to take what I can for him before he enters its last contract year, a factor that would lower their long march. In England it has been said that Van Persie, despite his feeling 'gunner', was raised even a change of air in the winter market avail itself of the 'transfer request', with the inevitable lurking City. He denied, but Van Persie forces the machine, as they did in summer Cesc or Samir Nasri. He has until today.

The 2011-2012 Barca seems determined to finish the course with what you have on staff, unless further declines may require you to act. When talking about the future is another matter. Van Persie is a tic-free mature crack, star of the current profile club. And in football, too: ductile, of the Dutch school, which began in the flanks and today is a top mobile phone capable of making their goals. Attentive. (via MD)

The momentary 'disappearance' of Thiago

The player is available with fewer headlines and minutes in recent games.

Conditioned by injuries and lower Iniesta, the name of Thiago appeared last Saturday in all eleven pools of Barca against Villarreal. But Pep chose to bring in half Busquets and Mascherano behind Xavi and Cesc. The youth player went to a quarter to end the game. And although his lack of surprise entry at the time, the truth is that entitlements and minutes lost in the last seven games compared to the rest of the season.

Lower than outside and Pedro , in this same period has had two injuries that forced him to miss three games, the player Thiago is available with fewer minutes: 228 of 630 possible. It pursues Adriano, that has 244, although in his case appeared in the starting team three times. Thiago only two: Osasuna in the return leg of Cup, yet determined, and compared to Malaga on the day 19, which in theory was 1. In the other, always in the final: Betis (7 ') in the league, Real Madrid (5' and 21') in the Cup and 15 of Vilarreal. Against Espanyol stayed on the bench. Little for a newly promoted. (via MD)

Rosell: “No Barça fan with a memory can doubt this team”

The Barça president has insisted that the current first team has won much respect and feels that “no Barça fan with a memory can doubt this team or its manager even for a second”.

He is convinced that seeing as the team has already won three titles out of six, that they can still compete for the other three, adding that “this season has already been brilliant".

Speaking at the presentation of the agreement between the FC Barcelona Foundation and Intervida, FC Barcelona president Sandro Rosell has made it clear that he has every faith in the team. Rosell answered questions about the current state of affairs, and said that he already qualifies this season as 'brilliant', in reference to the fact that they have already won three titles, and are still in the hunt for three more.

Rosell believes Barça "are still alive in the league ... there are plenty of games left." He knows that the FC Barcelona members feel "solid and remember their history ... they love the team, who are so confident and keen to play ... They won't throw in the towel and will fight for the league until the end, I'm sure of that, but there are also external factors that can make life more difficult ... But at the end of the day, we mustn't forget that this is just a game. If we do win, then fantastic, but if not then we shall still have set an example for football, attitude and doing things right".

The president of FC Barcelona has said that the club would love to renew Josep Guardiola's contract, and "the sooner the better .. that would always be a massive boost, it would be great." But asked whether he would prefer to win the league or extend Guardiola's contract he had no doubt in replying that he'd want both.

Asked about what is going on in relation to the Committees, Rosell said he'd rather answer that question at the end of the season, merely saying that "I have nothing to say about that for the moment .. But at the moment things don't look good for Barça." If he feels it convenient at the end of the season "I'm sure that Barça will say their bit ... because football should ultimately be based on fair play". The FCB president made it clear that what he was saying was purely "in the name of football and fair-play".

The importance of the Cup

Sandro Rosell said that Barça "treat all three competitions it's involved in as important, including the Copa del Rey". Looking ahead to the semi final first leg with Valencia, he said that "the team will be going there to win ... It's another title, and we should remember that if we win it, we will have won more trophies than any other European team this year". (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] The Curious Case of Cuenca

Isaac Cuenca trained this morning as a Barça B player but this evening he'll being doing likewise as a member of the first team. That´s because he is signing a new contract with FC Barcelona this afternoon at 16.30. (via FCBarcleona.cat)

First training of the day

FC Barcelona trained this morning behind closed doors at the Ciutat Esportiva, the first of two sessions scheduled for Tuesday. Fourteen first team players and eight from Barça B worked at the orders of Guardiola in preparation for Wednesday’s Copa del Rey match in Valencia.

The FC Barcelona squad are still preparing for the Copa del Rey semi final first leg at Valencia (Wednesday at 21.00) and are meeting twice today. The morning session involved the 14 available first team members plus eight from the reserves: Isaac Cuenca, Jonathan dos Santos, Tello, Sergi Roberto, Marc Bartra, Marc Muniesa, Montoya and Rodri. The injured Pedro, Iniesta, Afellay and Villa all exercised in the gym.

The team will train again early Tuesday evening at 18.00, also at Sant Joan Despí and behind closed doors. Pep Guardiola will be giving a press conference immediately after. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Former player] Víctor Sánchez signed for Espanyol until 2014

Víctor Sánchez is now a new player of Espanyol . The former player of Neuchatel on Tuesday signed a new contract that will bind to all-white for the remainder of this season and the next two.

The polyvalent midfielder, which had also been interested in Mallorca comes at zero cost after his failed adventure in the Swiss, who left that all staff be relieved of its contractual commitments in recent days.

Víctor Sánchez becomes the third reinforcement of Espanyol in the winter market, after those of Coutinho and Uche .

The player is expected to pass the medical exam this Tuesday in the medical center facilities Creu Blanca and can be incorporated into training with the first team Espanyol. (via MD)

[Former player] Edmílson: "I think Guardiola will continue another year"

The former player of FC Barcelona José Edmílson Gomes de Moraes was last Thursday at the Ciutat de Sant Joan Despi Esportiva talking to some of his former teammates, such as Leo Messi and Brazilians, and also with Pep Guardiola . The midfielder, who played this season in Ceara in Brazil, whose league has ended, said yesterday in Ona FM that "Pep did not say anything about whether he would continue or not. I just greeted and congratulated him for being the best coach 2011. It is a personal issue and I think Pep already has it clear in his head. Sooner or later the decision and tell the people. "

As for his personal opinion on the matter, said he believed that "yes. Pep is sufficiently identified with Barcelona . You have your people here. have the confidence of the Catalan people, the people of Spain, fans around the world and the presidency. I think it will. For my way of seeing things, I think so. " Finally, regarding Messi, said: "Leo is still the same five years ago. To me it is a joy to know that a guy has gone so high and still the same person." (via MD)

Tito Vilanova pending before announcing the 'yes'

Pep Guardiola is very cautious about the staging of continuity on the bench of the Camp Nou next season because he wants to be absolutely guaranteed the future of all his staff, their partners and, most especially, his 'right hand', Tito Vilanova , who is now in the process of recovery and that does not allow, at least today, focus your mind on contractual matters.

Out of respect for his colleague, Guardiola prefers to remain very cautious before making public his final decision about their future and the day will do next to Vilanova . However, before giving your 'yes' official club, Pep has ensured that all the 'staff' technical, which he considers fundamental to the success of the sport, has reached an agreement to expand its relationship with the entity.

The agreement Guardiola with the club for its renovation is complete in terms of duration and as for the sports project. There is also no economic problem. On the other hand, the commitment of the workforce remains in effect from the first day I came to the bench Pep Camp Nou from the Mini and it will also, as has been reporting on time Mundo Deportivo, a vital key in his determination to start their fifth season as first team coach. For the technician is a law respecting the form. And right now, Guardiola is pending Tito Vilanova. (via MD)

[Youth] Cantera continues to deliver good results and good football

This week training soccer teams have faced competitive rivals, and have been victorious in most games thanks to their big game of the day the balance is quite positive: 14 wins, 2 draws and just one defeat, against Jàbac Terrassa.

It defeats of Juvenil B in a game competed with occasions for the two teams. The azulgranas had the opportunity to open the marker in the first time with several plays, like one of Munir and another of Joel, but they were not lucky of face to goal. In the second time, the encounter continued disputed until Ivan, of the team visitor, wrote down the goal of the victory in the minute 86.

Cadete A controlled most of the game against the one it United Jabac and Terrassa, bu could not impose their rival. Quique Álvarez and Ramón Ros' boys had several occasions in the first 20 minutes of the first part, but they were not managed from face to goal. As it advanced the first time, the encounter it was more disputed, but no team could open its marker. In the renewal, the azulgranas dominated the party again and they had opportunities to break the tie, but they could not materialize none.

Eric opened the marker in the minute 7 of the first time in a game dominated by the azulgranas. The boys of Fran Artiga and Andrés Martín had numerous arrivals to the contrary goal, until Alexis wrote down the second goal a minute 22 taking advantage of a rebound. Only three minutes later, Alexis marked of head thanks to a center from Roger's left winger again. In the renewal, Canós signed the room in a play combinativa with Ayoub, and Paik finished sentencing the encounter in the last minutes of game.

Jàbac y Terrassa went out with an offensive daring position and an enough high pressure, but the team of Fran Sánchez and Xavi Franquesa was able to overcome it and to take advantage of the spaces in the back that the rival left. In the first time the Infantil A already won for 4-0, and in the second they continued dominating, although it broke the game for the expulsion of two players of the visiting group. Lee (4), Jang and Dani Olmo tree marked the goals azulgranas.

The game very disputed among Vic Riuprimer and Infantil B in a field in very bad state. The local team was ahead in the marker during the first fifteen minutes of the first time, although Denis Silva and Carles Lopez's boys tied the encounter with Oriol's goal, and they left to the rest with the 1-1. In the renewal, Vic put on again for before but a so much of MBoula equaled the party again. The locals marked the 3-2 in a lack play, but a goal of Guillem left the game in the 3-3 definitive when was only a minute of game.

Alevín A was taken the victory by the minimum one in a complicated encounter before the third classified of the chart. The boys of Marcel Sans and Isaac García had the possession of the ball throughout the game, but they had difficulties to find spaces before the rival's defensive good position. However, in the minute 19 Alejandro opened the can, but only two minutes later Gimnàstic de Manresa achieved the tie. In the second time, the azulgranas had a quick circulation of ball and the occasions arrived, until Pau marked the 2-1 in the minute 44 that gave the victory to Barça.

Jordi Font and Jordi Puig's team the victory was taken in a very concerned encounter, especially in the first time. During the first part, both teams enjoyed occasions, but they lacked definition, until Alevín B signed the first goal. However, the game left to the rest full with emotion with Barça winning for the minimum one. In the renewal, the azulgranas was made with the domain of the game and they solved with authority the party, since in the third room they were distanced in the marker with two goals, and in the last room they had just rounded the result with three more reveilles. The encounter was solved with the goals of Albert (3), Labinot (2) and Rubén.

Barça faced a strong team, Sant Gabriel, second of the classification from behind of the azulgranas. In the first part, both teams played very well but it lacked definition and to sum up the occasions, since the two teams enjoyed opportunities but none of them ended up in goal. Take opened the can in the minute 7 of the third room thanks to an attendance of Adrià, and scored in the minute 12 in a combination play with Adrià and Marc Carmona again. In the last room, Eric had just rounded the result with a reveille in the minute 7.

Alevín D was imposed Cornellà in a very even game and with occasions for both teams. The boys of Xavi Bravo and Óscar Hernández carried out a good combination game that allowed them to finish winning to the locals, the only team of the same age of the category. The second room was decisive for the azulgranas, since three goals that advanced them in the marker scored. In the renewal, the game continued round trip, but there were not more goals. Julián that a hat-trick, and Roger signed was the annotators of the encounter.

The azulgranas have succeeded in a tough opponent, ideally located in the standings. The team of Marc Serra and David Sanchez went very well on the field and win the game with great intensity. As the game wore on, the Benjamin A was gain confidence and taking more chances. Marc Alegre opened the scoring in the second quarter and scored again minutes later. After the break, the club became more mastery, and finished top Ilasi the result with two more goals.

Very comfortable game for Sergi Milá and Òscar Jorquera's boys that faced a rival located in the low part of the classification. Sant Celoni pressed to the azulgranas during the first minutes, but with Benjamin B's first goal in the minute 3, the visitors lowered the arms in the face of the superiority of Barça. In spite of the differences in the result, the azulgranas had clear numerous occasions of marking, but they were not guessed right, since they shattered two balls to the stick and the goalkeeper rival stopped several plays. The scorers of the day were Jan Reixach (2), Iker González (2), Eric Iglesias, Ricard Cartañá, Albert Garrido and Óscar Romero.

Benjamin C was superior and was ahead to its rival quickly. In the minute 5, Xavi Simons opened up later the marker, and five minutes, Alejandro Balde signed the 2-0. During second room it followed the goleada azulgrana with the goals of Arnau Farnós and Fasika Samuelson, and Barça left to the rest with a sentenced 4-0. After the rest, Escola Gavà marked the goal of the honor, and in the last minutes of last fourth Álvaro Martin finished rounding the encounter.

Match totally controlled by the azulgranas from the minute 1. Jordi Pérez and David Sánchez's team played very well in all the aspects, so much offensive as defensively, and they left without any possibility to the Poble Sec. Benjamin D made a good team work and had a quick ball circulation that allowed to sign the goleada. Mamadou (6), Eric (5), Marc (2), Gabi (2), Nadir and Jonathan wrote down the reveilles azulgrana of the day.

Prebenjamín was imposed with authority on Sant Andreu, a rival that didn't put a lot of resistance in the face of the superiority azulgrana. The boys of Rafa Rodríguez and Juan Antonio Gil executed a correct game and they had many occasions throughout the party. The goals of the day were in charge of Sergi (2), Iker (2), Pablo, Abdoul, Marc, Ilias and Jurado. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Youth] Dinamo Tbilisi surprise terminated the contract of Álex García

Seven months after his arrival to Georgia, the Catalan coach stopped to be yesterday the coach of Dinamo Tbilisi.

Unexpectedly, Alex Garcia was dismissed after losing a friendly match against Young Boys (3-1), in Marbella, awaiting the start of the second round of the Georgian national championship, in which the Dynamo ranks third , nine points behind Zestafoni.

The current leader is the main rival Dynamo and already won the championship last year, a goal that had been entrusted to Garcia. (via SPORT)

Charlton: "Messi is the height of Cruyff and Pelé"

Whenever there are fewer days to give voice to the winners of the Laureus World Sports Awards and the reactions to respect and began to emerge.

This time has been a jury member of the Laureus Academy, Sir Bobby Charlton, who referred to one of the favorites to win the award for best male athlete of the year, the Argentine Leo Messi.

The mythical exfootballer of Manchester United, Bobby Charlton has not doubted to surrender to the Argentinean star and in placing it among the biggest: "Messi is a sensational player, to the height of Di Stéfano, Cruyff and Pelé." Charlton has not had any problems in praising the play of Barca, but Guardiola's team has won in recent years twice in his team, Manchester United in the Champions League final. "Barca have Messi and has the good fortune to have it, but the team also has artistic players midfield and Iniesta and Xavi," said former British player.

Abidal and Messi and the first football team, also choose to take a Laureus next Monday in London. (via SPORT)

Guardiola to his players: "If I could, you can"

Optimism and total confidence. The costumes of Barca is set in the spirit of 'Dream Team' to try to overcome and surpass the feat of Madrid.

Pep Guardiola knows which key was to play at any time. That team is elated because the results are downwind and everything seems easy, and he is to deflate the locker room and quickly make stepping foot on the floor. The squad is discouraged because things do not just go right and distance with the leader begins to open dangerously, and he is to give a blow, his harangue and put a 'chute' optimism in the veins.

Yesterday obviously played the second track, the team had just left again two points along the way, this time at Villarreal, and receded to seven points behind Real Madrid.

The depletion of the workforce was well palpable and at dawn on Sunday for the return trip on the train to Barcelona, ​​few wanted to talk and faces contorted with effort made by so many been so pyrrhic one, and almost 36 hours later when the team turned to see the faces in the morning session yesterday.

Sadness, worry and despair were the common denominator of a wardrobe that had become a stave, but had not found, for the umpteenth time, the path of victory away from home.

But then came Guardiola, a manual of psychology under the arm-metaphorically speaking, of course-to give a change of direction and encourage their pupils. The technician took the session yesterday to get all their resources and entrainment motivating their pupils to the most tenacious optimism.

"Be sure we can win the league, the comeback is possible." Thus began his speech categorical Santpedor, who stressed that overcoming adversity is another virtue that build championship teams and become the legend into something unique.

"I lived several comebacks as a player, do not see why we can not we," encorajinó Guardiola, recalling his 'Dream Team' where Cruyff's Barcelona in the nineties was capable of turning the tables twice in a season that had complicated the first hurdle.

In the 1991-92 campaign, for example, the team rallied Blaugrana, nothing more and nothing less, the eight points that Real Madrid was leading them on the thirteenth day, with the aggravating circumstance if possible at that time that the victories were worth only two points, or achieved against Deportivo in the 1993-94 season to be recovered, being worth six points victory after another two-day 24. That day, February 19, 1994, Barcelona lost in La Romareda against Zaragoza by a convincing 6-3. From here chained 13 wins and two draws in the end does `rush to take the championship trophy, in extremis, in the last day.

Pep got his goal with his fiery speech because the finished costume totally convinced that the feat is possible. It is clear that the first who believe in the comeback they are and it is clear that Guardiola has inoculated them winning a virus which has now installed three and half years in the Barcelona first team.

The Santpedor also forgot to mention the transcendental Cup playoff will play against Valencia in the coming days.
The team is only two steps to reach another final, the fourth this season (UEFA Super Cup, Club World Cup and Super Cup of Spain, which was over two legs) - so the motivation is the absolute difference between the Blaugrana.

So much so that the staff includes fully convinced that if they exceed the team 'che', encouragement of such a victory will take on wings to the League.

And why the calendar this month of February is about to begin is to start trembling to have two exits as complicated as Osasuna and Atletico Madrid, also taking midweek Cup semi-final and the return of the Champions League, where Barcelona play their quarter pass against Bayer Leverkusen.

There is no doubt that Barcelona has entered the decisive phase of the season where a title is at stake-the Copa del Rey, and also the possibility of 're-enlist' the League to the team knows little to redress the situation, all in games played outside the Camp Nou.

An exciting challenge that players are willing to assume all consequences, even though some elements have as few troops against because of injuries, transfers and the African Nations Cup and the misfortune that has accompanied so far in some specific situations, arbitration decisions or tell yourself to the wood releases.

Thus, it is clear that the Copa del Rey semifinal shows literally vital to the future of Pep Barcelona. The dressing room knows that they have no choice: win or win. There is no other solution or Plan B. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Jonathan is integrated permanently into the first team

The integration of Dos Santos is ahead a few months because of injury casualties and the temporary absence of Seydou Keita.

Jonathan Dos Santos is one of a template Josep Guardiola from today. This was decided at the meeting yesterday in the office of first team coach Pep himself, the director of professional football Andoni Zubizarreta, the technical secretary of soccer training Albert Valentín and Narcís Julià professional coordinator of Barcelona.

The drops for numerous players' lesion have been forced to resort to Guardiola again Barça B players, a formula that has always given good results. Isaac Cuenca today officially sign his new contract, which expires in 2015, and becomes the first team member for all purposes. Also, It was scheduled to have Jonathan Dos Santos first team tab from the 2012-13 season. Circumstances have made the integration of the first team midfielder Barca is a few months later Guardiola has enough to deal effectively with the second half of a season full of compromises.

The coaching staff were evaluating among other yesterday this decision aspects of the area of the professional football, and they valued that Jonathan's absence won't be so decisive for the subsidiary because in these moments Eusebio Sacristán is having Marc Muniesa so that makes the pivote functions for before the defense and the young canterano is working in this new mission. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Barca is resigned to the progress of Riverola to Bologna

The midfielder's contribution is on the rise for good performance with the reserves, while Barcelona entity shall not exceed the limits.

Barca already have taken that from June 30 to Marti Riverola not have in their ranks. The club made a bid weeks ago to the player to extend his contract which expires at the end of the season. At the same time, the midfielder received a superior proposal by the Bologna, which is emerging from its destination next season.

Barca have marked its policy of updating and the parameters that will move with most players. His interest was expressed Riverola continuity with an offer of renewal was in the hands of the player. However, the offer of Bologna is superior not only in economics but also on the playing field will allow you immediate ownership of a set of Serie A. Their coach Stefano Pioli wants to build a project based on quality players and progression of Catalan has not gone unnoticed. Marti contract ends June 30 and is a player who fits the profile of new values ​​that are looking for Bologna.

The player himself admitted after the match before the Huesca its continuity at Barça was complicated from the technical staff have taken his departure. However, Riverola is one of the pillars of the team and Eusebio Sacristan will still have it. His contribution in midfield and came from behind is basic equipment for climbing. (via SPORT)

In Argentina, Leo wanted to face with Tevez

Tevez denied a fight with Messi as the main reason for their absence in the Copa America.

Tevez does not go unnoticed wherever he goes. And in his country, Argentina, football by nature, much less. Any discrepancies with the coach Checho Batista ended Manchester City striker watching the Copa America through television. Excluded from the final call, the press drew blood and in various media speculated a big fight between 'Apache' what Leo Messi as the source of all evil.

Tevez turned to an interview on Fox Sports to step out and deny rule throughout his alleged poor relationship with the Blaugrana crack. "No place that I have a bad relationship with colleagues as a pastor or Lavezzi because they have the weight of Leo in the selection. Messi is the best in the world, "argued the player.

For if there were doubts about his relationship with Messi, Tevez stated that often maintains contact with his compatriot despite the distances in kilometers. "The truth is that I have very good vibes with Leo. And I can still say the least, is the only person with whom I have conversations within the school of choice. " There is no doubt that Tevez is understood almost everything. His strong character does not leave almost no one unmoved. It's a guy who used to mark the spot. (via SPORT)

Guardiola knows well to 'Apache'

Carlos Tevez's name is not new in the orbit Blaugrana. Two seasons ago, the agent of Argentinian striker already put on the table and came to realize a couple of meetings with the technical secretariat to assess options pricing and signing. The operation was not over and never came close to call at the Camp Nou dressing room.

But the offer made to accentuate the monitoring technicians on Tevez. The documentation outlines the potential physical and easy to break as a second striker. However, it was noted that at peak times could find it difficult to adapt to the mobility of his countryman Leo Messi.

The report also impacted on more personal issues that have marked the path of Tevez. Often, the Argentine striker has been immersed in various internal disputes and friction with the technical specifications are not an anecdote. In any case, Guardiola knows in detail the life and miracles of a footballer as Argentina contrasted. (via SPORT)

Tevez offered to Barcelona

The player has asked to leave the Premier to continue his career in the Italian or Spanish League.

Barca had the opportunity to strike a blow last minute during the winter, but has been rejected in the making. The technical secretariat received an unexpected offer: the transfer of Carlos Tevez. There will be no dramatic effect despite the many physical problems that plague the Camp Nou dressing room. Pep Guardiola and Andoni Zubizarreta remain firm in their purpose of reaching the end of the season make the most of the current branch staff and drawing on when the situation deems necessary. Tevez, for now, the doors are closed at Barça.

Sources confirmed that the agent of the 'Apache', Kia Joorabchian, he has offered to Tevez in more than an occasion during the last weeks. The first contact would have arrived just after learning the extent of the injury to David Villa. The long-term low and strained relations between the Argentine striker and coach of Manchester City drew a move to Barca as the ideal solution for all parties involved. At that time, the dome Blaugrana already rejected an effort to make economic and discarded the signing. But the well-known broker has not given up and returned a few days ago to the load. The winter market development has not been satisfactory, Tevez is still anchored in the English club and such bleak picture forced another last minute desperate move. The response has been the same. It recognizes the quality of football but now its incorporation is not considered a priority for the club's sports project.

The battle between the striker and coach Roberto Mancini seems to have reversed. Relationships are nonexistent and the Argentine is the big loser. His point is clinched in the City for weeks, though its future remains unknown. Barça was aware of the wishes of the player to leave the Premier League and start a new adventure to be possible in Italy and Spain. The big problem is that the transfer required by the City and its high tab are only available to a small group of clubs. And these were not shown by the work of dealing with the 25 million claimed by the British entity.

Several clubs, especially Milan, forward a tentative agreement with the Argentine striker, but the fierce attitude of the leaders of the City and its refusal to negotiate assignments or transfers low coast `Abort all fronts. The result is that Tevez is not moving to the Premiership and missing only 24 hours for completion of the winter market. In the last hours, Kia Joorabchian himself has said that the player will finish the season under the direction of Mancini. Like Milan, Barca, Real Madrid and Malaga have slowed even dry any attempt to negotiate a possible strengthening of this caliber. The last large distance himself has been the PSG. The head of the field sports, Leonardo, confirmed that Tevez is a first line player, very interesting but does not meet the needs of all French. The millions of square gala will go not to the Argentine.

Last night there was speculation in extremis with a transfer to Liverpool. No rule is now producing news about the future of football. (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Rafinha, personal brand

He began as the son of Mazinho, passed by the brother of Thiago and has carved out a name in the Liga Adelante.
He joined Barça with 13 years as a midfielder and Oscar Garcia relocated to false nine in juvenil.

Rafael Alcántara do Nascimento (Sao Paulo, 12/2/1993) became known for being the son of Mazinho midfielder world champion with Brazil in 1994 who played for Valencia and Celta. Then it was the brother of Thiago Blaugrana in the quarry and has now won be Rafinha, the name chosen last season, when he debuted with the reserves of Barca being young. With 30, Rafinha opened against Girona. T on the outside and warm over medium to medium. It seemed very nervous.

Entered in La Masia at 13 . Dazzle in midfield, although initially overshadowed his brother. But his father warned: "Rafa is better than Thiago, most hardworking and defensive." And so it should add their individual skills, speed and arrival. Oscar Garcia relocated it in the Juvenil A false '9' last season. Together with other young hopefuls as Deulofeu or Espinosa, swelled to score goals.

He won the treble (League, Champions League and Copa del Rey) and Luis Enrique took the subsidiary, where he met Thiago, who was somewhere between B and the first team. In his first season in the reserves played nine times, scored just over 400 minutes in the Liga Adelante and was released as a scorer. With 17 years.

Wenger's Arsenal wanted to include in Operation Cesc and even speculated on a possible interest from Real Madrid. But Rafinha and was left out last November extended his contract until 2014 . Guardiola is confident he sees him as a striker for the future and already has made ​​two first team appearances for his Cup debut at the Hospi and then as a starter in front Champions Bate Borisov , where he played with Thiago at the Camp Nou, thereby fulfilling one of his dreams.

It was just an appetizer. The Alcantara still dreaming together lead Barca in the future. For now, Thiago is already lodged in the first team. Rafinha aims. (via MD)

Pedro will spend the week in La Real

FC Barcelona striker Pedro Rodriguez will have to rest for at least the next two games because of his injury.

As announced Catalunya Informació, Pedro Rodriguez will not be available for Guardiola in the face of Wednesday's game against Valencia and its presence is almost impossible in the League clash next Saturday at the Camp Nou, against Real Sociedad.

Peter and the call came in the ship's visit to Villarreal in the adductor contracture of his left leg. What initially aimed to be a little scare has become a greater problem, according to Catalunya Informació, since the low period of the canary is set in about ten days.

A setback for Pep Guardiola more expensive at the beginning of February. The Santpedor only have 15 first team players at his disposal, including the recently officially incorporated into the template Isaac Cuenca. Pedro, who was instrumental in the last heat against Real Madrid for his goal in the Camp Nou, you can not help their peers at least in the first leg. (via SPORT)

Barça recommends Dani Alves not to go to a promotional act

Barca on Monday Alves recalled that the "internal code" advised not to participate in promotional events 48 hours before a match.

After the draw in Villarreal, Barca has no more margin for error if you continue to aspire to win the league title. A title that the squad still believes possible.

That's why Guardiola wants his players to focus one hundred percent on what really matters. Prepare semi-final against Valencia to earn a place in the final of the Cup, press the second round Madrid with a perfect and start thinking about the Champions League.

That's why that of Barça recommended Dani Alves not to go this Monday to a promotional act of the championship of Forza Motorsport, a video game of the console X-Box 360. Barca defender had to go to Circuit de Catalunya, next to the pilot Laia Sanz, Trial World Champion, award the prize to the champion of this tournament. And according to the "internal code" players are advised to not participate in promotional events 48 hours before a game.

But Guardiola does not want the squad to be distracted. On Tuesday, for example, the team will conduct two training sessions. Something that for weeks it did not look at the Ciutat Esportiva. (via SPORT)

Mourinho charge against the press

The Luso downplaying the advantage that whites have with Barça and Reiber criticized the treatment by the Madrid press.

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho dismissed relevance to seven points with Real Madrid counts on his main rival in the struggle for the league, Barcelona, ​​and was critical of some media.

"Seven points? Can tell much to the press, but I do not. Those who tried to cause divisions and create conflict are the same as now write that Madrid will be champion and that Barça doesn't have options of going back", the coach pointed out.

Mourinho made in reference to reports in the Spanish press that point to deterioration in the terms of the coach with some of his players, allegedly contrary to the approach of the Portuguese in their duels against Barca.

In this sense, the coach felt that the media echoed these differences "are the same as the first draw or defeat the team" will say that Madrid is "in crisis and then try to undermine the balance of the club." "However, I am calm and ready for anything to do evil and good," he assured. (via SPORT)

Technical Summit in Sant Joan Despi

Barça returned to work after the draw at Villarreal. Pep Guardiola in the office was a very special meeting.

FC Barcelona coach, Pep Guardiola, met Monday morning with the leadership of the technical direction of the club. The FC Barcelona's sporting director, Andoni Zubizarreta, the Technical Secretary, Albert Valentin and Professional Technical Secretary, Narcis Julia participated in this meeting in the office of Santpedor in the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper.

The technical summit coincides precisely with the final hours of the transfer market in the First Division. The period closes on Tuesday and although at first Guardiola himself had said that the team would be strengthened not be ruled out that values ​​some of the proposals that the sheets can be dome on the table. And, considering the injury epidemic in recent days that have left the team picture.

In the final match against Villarreal, Pep Guardiola could only have 14 first team players after low Iniesta injured against Real Madrid, and Pedro, who fell at the last minute of the call for Villarreal, leaving Alexis his job to that originally had to rest for two weeks. Although the commonly used Santpedor the subsidiary to cover absences, the option of external incorporation is on the table and in the hands of the dome technique. (via SPORT)

[Pep Guardiola meets with the signing]

Manel Montilla photography for MD in the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper brings together the technical staff of the decision-makers in terms of signings with FC Barcelona. It was a talk in full sun in the cold morning of Sant Joan Despi, just 24 hours after the formal closure of additions winter market.

The image displayed in the center to Pep Guardiola and Andoni Zubizarreta . Technical first team and Barca sporting director chat with serious grin responsible for the management of the technical secretariat, Albert Valentin , and the coordinator of professional football, Narcis Julia .

As reported Mundo Deportivo, the club has no plans to strengthen its first team with players from other clubs to address the second part of the season. More plausible is the possibility that some incorporation to try to close the branch, since their mother's condition is affecting their first team in second place. (via MD)

Sergio Busquets: 25 Cup matches

Barca midfielder could play the 25th Copa del Rey match against Valencia on Wednesday debuted Busquets 2008/09 season in the competition, before the Benidorm.

Sergio Busquets could play its game number 25 in the Copa del Rey this Wednesday against Valencia. The player of Badia would be able to arrive to this figure four seasons after his premiere in the competition. It was the course 2008/09 when Busquets played its first Cup game, in the going of sixteenth of final against Benidorm October 28 2008. He/she made little more than one month that the fielder azulgrana had debuted with the first team, of the hand of Guardiola, in the first season of the coach of Santpedor.

From that year, Sergio Busquets has transformed into a key piece of Barça of Guardiola and the figures demonstrate it. Two weeks ago, in the party against Betis, the azulgrana played its game number 100 in the League with the T-shirt of Barça. In the three previous seasons, that of Badia has played nine, four and five games of in each course. In this, the azulgrana has already played in the six encounters of Glass disputed up to now, four as regular and only two as substitute. If Busquets participates this Wednesday in Mestalla, and everything points to that will make it, will add his game number 25. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Andres Iniesta - All Assists & Goals (2003-2011, pt. 1)

Pinto: "We're not giving up on anything"

The Barça keeper says that his team has the faith and confidence to keep fighting for the league and cut down the difference between them and Real Madrid.

Jose Manuel Pinto was optimistic despite the difference between Barcelona and Real Madrid now being seven points. The team is still alive in three competitions and is not throwing in the towel in any of them. "The message coming from the squad is one of faith and confidence... we have very little margin for error, but we're not giving anything up ... Challenges emerge every day, and that's nice. We are excited about excelling ourselves and achieving every target we have".

The Barça keeper knows how professional the players are and that the draw at El Madrigal won´t affect them. "The squad has always shown that it can stay strong despite any setbacks. The team is optimistic and looking forward to the cup".

Pinto also spoke about fitness, saying "we aren´t tired. We have good coaches and physios but it is hard for everything to work out perfectly every day ... But the team is fully committed".

Although he is an ever-present in the Copa del Rey, Pinto does not consider himself the first choice keeper in the competition. "I treat every training session as if I'm going to play. I have all the patience and ambition in the world ... Valdés is the best goalkeeper in the world ... I am working to improve and win my place from Víctor". (via FCBarcelona.cat)