26 January 2012

Did Pepe try to step Alves?

The centre-back of Madrid committed a foul on Dani Alves strongly and immediately faked with stomping when the Barca side was writhing in pain on the pitch.

It was the 91 minutes of the match between Barcelona and Real Madrid when Pepe, center of attention after his violent actions in the first leg, made a strong foul on Dani Alves that cost him a yellow card.

Live around the Camp Nou could see the hardness of the action, in which the Portuguese central ball did not touch at any time. The controversy exploded seconds later, to witness the repetition of the action and watch the attitude of Pepe.

The centre-back of Real Madrid, with Dani Alves grieving on the floor, made an unusual jump with his left leg, which does not correspond to a normal trot and it appears that there was intent to tread or side kick to Barca.

However, the action is not as clear as stomp on Leo Messi in the first leg and raises certain questions. It is, however, other actions you can take that to speak after the previous severe Pepe treasured in their curriculum. (via SPORT)

Barca left with 14 players!

After the suffering and demanding Cup match against Real Madrid, Barça has only 14 players.

The second leg quarter-final of the Copa del Rey against Barca has made two new lesions in the Barça squad. Iniesta and Alexis are two key men in the scheme of Pep Guardiola. With these two losses, the Barça first team left with only fourteen players available.

The player suffered a little manchego hamstring tear in his left leg and a sprained acromioclavicular Chile in the left collarbone. He had reached the half hour mark when Fuentealbilla had to leave the pitch with sore muscles.

After the initial exploration has confirmed that the player has a small tear in the hamstring of the left leg. On Thursday you will be more tests to know the exact extent of the injury.

On the other hand, Alexis has suffered in the second half with a sprained left shoulder acromioclavicular. The approximate time low is between one to two weeks.

Barça nursing builds long-term injuries Villa, Afellay and font. With Iniesta and Alexis low and the stay of Keita in the African Nations Cup, coach Pep Guardiola has only fourteen players from first team to face the next league match against Villarreal. (via SPORT)

Xavi skill vs Kaka

[Ex-player] Sergi Barjuán: "Guardiola has something of a psychologist, knows which key to play"

Sergi left the Barca Juvenil B for a career in professional football, waiting for a good deal has been done by players without a team of AFE.

Sergi Barjuan (Les Franqueses, 1971) aims to implement the logic football from the sidelines of a reference computer. Former Dream Team left full-back for half a year left the Barca Juvenil B do despite being offered a renewal, because I wanted to make the jump to professional football. After several months talking with coaches and gathering experience, Sergi has taken over the third edition of the Sessions of the AFE for players without a team (from 13 to 26 January). The aim is to direct his own project from next season.

Is there a difference between training in a club or players without a team lead?

A huge difference. The most important thing is to encourage them psychologically and highlight their strengths, because some are touched.

In addition to coach should be a psychologist ...

All technicians must have that feature, the coach's success depends on that skill in a few per cent higher, so that in moments of weakness of a player can animate quickly.

Guardiola seems to have this quality well developed ...

Yes, you are part of a psychologist. After four years, and with how many titles they have achieved, shows he can play the key just to motivate them.

He left the club in search of a career, how he has been these months?

I've been talking to coaches and looking for ideas, when you leave the train with Barca know the philosophy of the club but on other computers may not have players with the same characteristics.

Do you think that was right out of the club?

When you see that you do not have the opportunity to prosper and make a decision you must believe in what you do. Had he linked with Barca's youth teams have ever come looking for me.

Do the doors still open club?

That is a very distant, once told me that there were other people ahead and should change a lot. The gates never be closed, but my goal is to train a team of First or Second or a major European league.

As a former left-back, how about the names that appear to strengthen the position (Jordi Alba, Gareth Bale ...)?

First you have to be aware of what needs to Barcelona and Pep knows that alone. Alba has a plus and you know Barcelona's youth system and has a lot to get Bale, a great shot did the fortunes of Barca is that every player will want me to get ahead. The player who comes to be versatile.

As a connoisseur of grassroots football Barca, who is more prepared for the first team?

This Barça is taking minutes to many players such rotations B and help them emotionally. But the base of the team is very young and should have patience.

Pepe: "I speak not of whistles, I talk about football because we are superior"

Pepe would not go to appreciate the whistles and insults at the Camp Nou to himself and said he prefers to focus on the positive things that made the elimination of Real Madrid in the Cup "of whistles do not speak, I speak just about football because we have been above the Barcelona, ​​"he said.

The Portuguese central was very pleased with the image left for Real Madrid. "I help my team forever, I best for my team. Today I demonstrated with my colleagues that we are a family and that's the most important. The Whites have to be proud of us because we played a great game. During the ninety minutes, Real have been higher, "he said.

Pepe said the breed of Real Madrid 2-0 up against with that which was to rest and stay for a single goal to remove the boat and go to the semifinals. "Real have shown here the whole spirit Madrid, the whole spirit of a great club, a large group to arrive here today and show that we played well," he said. (via Marca.com)

Xavi: "We beat a super team"

The midfielder praised the supporters and he's optimistic about his future: "I hope to remain here for many years".

Xavi Hernández recognised that “we suffered more than we thought we would against a super team, even though we dominated up until the 15th minute of the second half.” the midfielder admitted that the team showed their best play in the away game: “at the Bernabéu we were superior, today, not so much, but be won the tie. It’s time to enjoy it and celebrate.”

On Barça’s drop of form after Madrid’s goals, Xavi said it was a mere “mental problem” and that “the team disconnected a little bit and we lost control.”

The vice-captain praise the support shown by the fans: “the supporters were with us and the mosaic started us off in spectacular fashion. Sometimes you forget what this team is accomplishing, but it’s extremely difficult and we have to enjoy it. Seeing how difficult it was [reaching the semis], we enjoy it all the more.”

One of the sour parts of the match were the injuries to Alexis and Andrés Iniesta: “both are very important absences, especially because both of them were giving a lot to the team. The boss will have to solve the puzzle and replace them, but we have players in the reserve side that are very good and we’ll make it to the end of the season [with a chance to win].”

The midfielder also wanted to talk about the polemic calls from the referee: “the referee issue is relative. When you finish a game you think that he was against you but Madrid thinks the same thing, even though the red card [play] from Lass was obvious. I think the ref called the game fairly.”

The Masía graduate, who turned 32 today, said: “I’m really enjoying this period. From now on every season is an extra year. I love Barça, they have the best team in the world and I hope to remain here for many years to come.”

"We’re happy, the semifinals await"

The defenders Alves and Piqué also weighed in on the game. The Brazilian fullback highlighted Real Madrid’s play: “they were phenomenal, they pressed us really well.” The Catalan defender said: “we’re happy, the semifinals await.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Arbeloa: "We got where we have left"

Alvaro Arbeloa, who plays for Real Madrid, Mourinho claims justified in asserting that his players had heard that it was impossible to win at Camp Nou.

Alvaro Arbeloa, owner of the Real Madrid side in the match against Barcelona in the mixed zone ensured that his team has been "better than them, we had more chances and we did better football."

"We played a great game until we have left. It is difficult to emerge stronger when you removed, but it is very difficult to win here," said the Spanish international.

"We have to go back in the league insurance, Champions still do not know ...", said about future clashes with Pep Guardiola, adding that" it is difficult to leave happy today, because you have been eliminated from the Copa King, it's been things that we liked, but we'll go with the fact that it was better than them. "

Declarations of Mourinho told a news conference after the match, which claimed he had heard his players say that it was impossible to win at Camp Nou, Arbeloa was justified by saying: "You go to the locker room too hot, there were things that we liked with the referee, are small details that are not going to make an excuse, but it has been wrong with Real Madrid today. "

VIDEO: www.as.com

[Player Ratings; Copa; 1/4 Leg2] FC Barcelona - Real Madrid (2-2)


Pinto: "I am happy to have contributed my bit"

Pinto was very attentive in the first minutes on the Real Madrid stalked Barca goal.

José Manuel Pinto was instrumental in the first section of the meeting when some of their interventions prevented the Real Madrid went ahead in the score. "I'm happy when one brings his bit for the win," he said.

However, although in the second half, Madrid was higher, Pinto has no doubt that Barca deserved to take the tie. "We made a very serious game in the second half but we lacked a little more the ball. However, we are just passing the qualifying worthy," he said.

Pedro also answered mixed zone and aligned with the words of Goalkeeper: "They have come up and have gone for the game. In the end what we have achieved and have complicated the game but we made it through to the semifinals."

Pedro recalled that in the locker room knew that Madrid "is a great rival" and highlighted "the good form of both teams." Regarding the arbitration proceedings merely remarked that "a wrong both to others." (via SPORT)

Alexis, injured

Alexis suffers a sprain acromioclavicular of the left shoulder. The approximate time of drop is from among one or two weeks. (via FCB twitter)

Casillas: "Yes I told to Teixeira 'it Vetoes of party with them"

"What Mourinho said he heard that it was impossible to win here we heard of us, but missed more chances almentamos that the referee's decisions," the goal.

"It is true I told Teixeira, 'Go out partying with them.' I do not remember well. I have captured cameras Canal + and Cuatro. These are things that happen in hot , "admitted Iker Casillas told reporters after the match against Barcelona. But then he said: "Maybe we regret the more chances we missed that the referee's decisions, although we sometimes do not hurt because you look the other way. It's not about to complain, even when there are situations where you feel anger."

On Teixeira, added: "He took the yellow Lass and I went to take people protesting. And warns me because it says I have left the area. If I go to help and shows me the card, forget it " . He also confirmed that "Mourinho said that he heard that it was impossible to win here we heard us . "

Regarding the meeting, said: "The costumes are proud of what we have done. Today we stood up and we played football. ... Then there was making front we have a very good opponent. The whole world saw that deserved much more. From the minute we created chances of scoring. It was a shame not to materialize. Alves scored a goal, but we have been much more. We do not have to agree last week. We are left with a draw and you can not ask for more . We have done great and we're proud , as you can feel all the Whites. "

"Barca have done a few times and found a long goal. They know that today we deserved more. We're sad, but also a bit happy because we have good image. A week ago it was said that Barça was a step above and today has been that things are more equal, that every game is a world. " (via AS)

Piqué: "With one less, the game had been different"

Xavi and Pique responded to complaints from arbitration by some members of Real Madrid.

The centre-back barcelonista defended Teixeira Vitienes assuring that "the referee has tried to be exactly", and it threw a clear message to his rival remembering that "with one less, the game had been different." "We are pleased, we now expect the semifinals," he added in remarks to Canal +.

In the same vein, Xavi Lass recalled the lack of pre Messi 2-0, in which Madrid midfielder escaped being expelled, "The Lass second yellow was very clear. I do not agree with Mourinho," he said.

Barcelona captain lamented that "we have failed to sleep the game, and the Cristiano goal killed us." In his view, the downturn was due Barca "more a mental issue than anything else. In football we have played well, it was a psychological issue." (via SPORT)

[Copa del Rey; 1/4 final; Leg2] FC Barcelona 2 - 2 Real Madrid CF (Total 4-3)

Barça drew 2-2 with Madrid in an electrifying Clasico, taking them into the semifinals of the Cup. Barça went ahead before the break with goals from Pedro and Alves, but Madrid tied up the match in the second half.

Barça are in the semifinals of the Cup after eliminating Real Madrid. The second leg of the quarter final was brutal, with a first phase with the away team on top, a second with Barça in charge, and a third of heart attack proportions where the balance could have come down on either side. In the end, a calm Barça managed the draw that made the first leg win at the Bernabeu a great result.

The game was spectacular from the beginning. Madrid, with Pepe as central defender, and booed every time he touched the ball, were far more ambitious than in the first leg, and almost scored after 15 seconds, when Higuain took advantage of a defensive lapse, but with only Pinto to beat he shot wide. In the 3rd minute, the Barça keeper stopped a shot from close range, which was later invalidated for offside from the free-kick. The Barça reply came after 8 minutes with a situation in which the referee ignored a Ramos foul on Alexis, when he was the last man. Soon after that the Chilean couldn't control a great pass from Xavi that left him in a wonderful position.

All this in ten minutes. The game was how Madrid wanted it, not controlled and physical. They threatened with very few passes. Barça, however, found it hard to find that point of calm and precision in their passing. Lady luck smiled on them from an Özil thunderbolt that hit the crossbar with Pinto beaten (min 25). Just after that the keeper gave the ball away inside the area but redeemed himself by blocking Higuain's shot. The situation became more complicated with Iniesta's injury, and he was replaced by Pedro.

Around the half hour mark, Barça regained their patience and, finally, began to dominate the game. In the opportune moment the superstar took centre stage. In minute 43, Messi took the ball in midfield and moved like lightning before slipping a through ball to Pedro, who beat Casillas from the edge of the box. There was more excitement in store. Lass got away with a clear second yellow card, but from a deflection from the resulting free-kick, Dani Alves hit an unstoppable shop into the top corner. The players went into the dressing room with the Camp Nou euphoric, and a 2-0 lead.

The fans were still enjoying the game at the start of the second half. They didn't stop singing while their team found more space and carried on attacking. Without the finesse of their best exhibitions, the Barça game was still easily recognisable. They had the ball and Madrid were suffering (with a goal disallowed from Ramos after pulling Alves shirt before heading in from a free-kick). Nobody would have predicted what might happen in the game. Two consecutive goals from Cristiano Ronaldo and Benzema, when Madrid were not playing as well as they had done, changed the whole match.

There were 20 minutes of true heart-attack football left. Moments of nervousness and tension that claimed the sending off of Sergio Ramos for two bookings towards the end of the game. Barça showed their maturity and saw out the 2-2 draw. The 2-1 recital in the first leg at the Bernabeu sent them into the semifinals of the Cup, where they'll face Valencia or Levante. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Match Stats]
FC Barcelona Pinto; Alves, Piqué, Puyol, Abidal; Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta (Pedro, min.29), Cesc (Thiago, min.70), Messi; and Alexis (Mascherano, min.79).

Real Madrid Casillas; Arbeloa, Pepe, Sergio Ramos, Coentrao; Lass (Granero, min.51), Xabi Alonso; Kaká (Callejón, min.61), Özil, Cristiano Ronaldo; and Higuaín (Benzema, min.61).

Goals: 1-0, min.43: Pedro. 2-0, min.46+: Alves. 2-1. min.68: Cristiano Ronaldo. 2-2, min.71: Benzema.

Referee: Fernando Teixeira Vitienes, Cantabrian committee. He showed yellow card to Lass (min.26), Ramos (min.33), Messi (min.45), Casillas (min.46 +), Cristiano Ronaldo (min.55), Coentrao (min.80), Barn ( min.90), Puyol (min.91), Pepe (min.91). Ramos drove in min.89, seeing the second yellow.

Incidents: The second leg of the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey match at the Camp Nou before 95,486 fans. They observed a minute silence in memory of former player of Barcelona's Juan Carlos Perez, who died a few days.

Guardiola: “We were just winners after 180 minutes”

The manager said that it's not easy to beat Real Madrid and he considers qualification to the semifinals of the Cup as a "great success".

It’s now three times Josep Guardiola will play a King’s Cup semifinal since he took charge to the Barça bench. The manager qualifies passage to the next round as “a great success,” and even more so if it was achieved against a “very good” Real Madrid team.

Guardiola believes that the overall score of the tie reflects Barça’s superiority: “in 180 minutes we were the just winners.” He added “the fact is that we played a great tie and we qualified for the semifinals. We would have preferred to have fewer problems against Madrid, it’s difficult to beat them.” He finished by saying that “we were up to the challenge the tie.”

On Madrid’s play at the Camp Nou, Guardiola wasn’t surprised by Mourinho’s game plan. “We knew that in their situation they had to fight back, and to fight back you have to go on offence.” The manager reminded the gathered journalists that Real Madrid played similarly in the semi-final return leg of the Champions League last year.

The Camp Nou faithful answered the Barça manager’s call. A total of 95,485 spectators made their way to the stadium on game day and Guardiola congratulated them for their “spectacular behaviour.” Guardiola also had words of praise for his team: “I’m proud of the way these players competed.” It’s not easy to face off against Real Madrid and that’s why “the run against them is meritorious.”

The bad news were the injuries of Iniesta and Alexis, both of whom join Villa, Fontas and Afellay, plus Keita, who is playing the Africa Cup of Nations, on the not-available list. The manager admitted that “we aren’t very many and between all of us we must move forward.” Guardiola is pleased, however, with Pedro’s return to goal-scoring form: “we needed him because the situation was precarious.”(via FCBarcelona.cat)

Bartomeu: “We deserve to go through”

The sporting Vice-President of FC Barcelona Josep Maria Bartomeu said that the effort” that Barça put in during the two matches of the tie “are more than worth going through justly.” The director congratulated the two teams because they played two games that “made the fans happy.” Bartomeu also praised the response from the public at the Camp Nou: “they were very correct, respectful and they gave and example” of how to cheer on a team.

He also weighed in on the Competition Commission’s decision to not ban Pepe for the stomp on Messi: “We respect the decision because they have all the right in the world, but a revision of the Commission is needed.”(via FCBarcelona.cat)

Alves: "Barca return the ball and Real Madrid not'

"This version of Real Madrid is the more problems we create, they pressure a lot. They have been phenomenal and difficult by tightening the ball out," added the Brazilian.

Barcelona defender Dani Alves was satisfied with the rating of your team to the semifinals of the Copa del Rey after defeating tying two goals in the Camp Nou against Real Madrid and enforce the result (1-2) made in the leg at the Bernabeu.

The Brazilian, author of the second of the Catalan side, said the Barcelona knew that "had to suffer until the end." He noted that "this version of Real Madrid is the more problems we create, they pressure a lot. They have been phenomenal and difficult by tightening the ball out. The important thing is that we have the classification in the pocket. We knew they were 180 minutes and not 90. We are very happy for qualifying." On his goal said it was "a great shot that has served to help and that has seeped out there."

The FC Barcelona player finished sending a message to his opponent and said "one thing is that the ball goes and we will return and the mother does not. That's the difference between a computer and another." (via AS)

Mou: "Listen to the booth can not win here"

Mourinho veiled complaints about the school. "To Barcelona I congratulate you on the game at the Bernabeu," he said.

"I have not heard anything. If you can recognize who has said anything ... I do not speak of the referee. What I have heard in the locker room is that it is impossible to win here," said Jose Mourinho after the match against Barcelona when asked by the reproaches of his players to school after the final whistle.

"You and I understand football less. And although I'm not addicted to reading and listening to the sports media, I'll wait to see what is your analysis," he said.

"The players have made a good match. The rest was easy because there was little change. Not me to say if the winner of the tie is fair or not," he said of the crash. And why no congratulated Barcelona, ​​added: "We must know why we Guardiola congratulated Cup final after perhaps because it was a meeting where nothing happened. I also congratulate the match at the Bernabeu." (via AS)

[Mourinho: "In the dressing room I heard it's impossible to win at Camp Nou"]
"My players have done a good game".
"We came with the hope and motivation to win".

Not wanting to talk, resigned, and with little desire to give an explanation has appeared Jose Mourinho told a news conference after being knocked out against Barcelona .

The Portuguese coach has started his press conference praising his players, who have "made a good game." Then, Mourinho was asked about alleged cries have been heard in the tunnel to "go party and celebrate with them, so much dick and shit." But the question Mourinho has said he had not heard anything.

He would not enter value 'Mou' if the club has been fairly or not and in fact has returned the ball to reporters, saying that "why you are you," and also said that the referee did not speak.

Mourinho , bypassing his mouth to put in some words that could compromise, said that the tunnel had players who said they "could not win here," especially because "we have come with the enthusiasm and motivation to win. We knew it was very difficult, we were behind on the scoreboard, but we were under the illusion of doing. " And if anyone dared to read between the lines, said that "I am not suggesting anything."

As has refused entry to assess whether the club has been fairly or not, has not wanted to say if the fans could be happy with Madrid tonight at the Camp Nou: "It is you who have the control. You are those who understand football. Despite not read or listen to the radio or watch television either too I will wait for the feedback. " As the result so tight, the coach of Real Madrid does not believe that the approach was wrong party idea.

In the hints discussed in previous lines, the white coach has returned to remark that what happened tonight at the Camp Nou "is nothing new to me, is a situation known, and played here with Chelsea, Inter and Real Madrid in the Champions League. "

The truth is that the whole approach of Florentino Perez in the first half was very good reason why it has been a single break for the visitors in the Camp Nou, "because there was little to change. When your team plays 10 minutes while the rest are short. Today could have been a minute, did not speak more than one minute. My team played very well the first time, "and once again has delivered a new dart" sometimes score goals doing nothing to mark them and we have had three or four times in primert time, not to mention other things. "

Finally, Mourinho has refused to congratulate Barcelona , as he did Pep Guardiola when Madrid last won the Cup for the game tonight, even though he specified that if the journalist who asked the question he wanted to "congratulate Barca for the win at the Santiago Bernabeu. If you want to do it with total ease. " (via MD)

Cries of "murderer" and placards against Pepe

Camp Nou excused to the centre-back the hostile reception that was expected. He was booed and heckled from the heat. The whistles grew when his name was announced on loudspeakers.

Camp Nou excused Pepe the hostile reception expected. During heating, there were shouts of "Murderer, murderer" and was constantly booed since appeared at the tunnel. The whistles were deafening when her name was announced over the PA. After continued these shouts of "murderer" and when he was fouled and hit the ground he heard the "Step it, step it".

Even a banner was particularly offensive. Pepe, cage number 3 could be read in one of them. Thus the Camp Nou Messi failed their stomp on the leg. Mourinho decided to align, against the opinion of the club, this time as centre-back. (via AS)

Iniesta injured

The midfielder has a small tear in his left hamstring. The player will undergo further tests this Thursday to find out the extent of the injury.

It was the 29th minute when Andrés Iniesta couldn’t continue on the pitch, Pedro came on in his stead. Initial tests confirmed that Iniesta has a small tear in his left hamstring. The player will undergo more extensive tests this Thursday. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Marcos Senna: "It is difficult to find a way to beat the Barça"

Spanish midfielder Marcos Senna Brazilian Villarreal said that playing against Barcelona, ​​a rival league next Saturday at El Madrigal, is "a privilege" while recognizing that a game will be "very difficult" for the Castellón.

"We played against the team more difficult, but we face forward. We are more relaxed about winning on Monday and have more confidence. Today Barcelona is the best team in the world and is difficult to find a way to win," said Villarreal player. Senna, Villarreal pointed out that "try to be well positioned and not try to stop thinking only" to achieve the goal of overcoming Barcelona, ​​who will try to "catch doing a good match." In addition, said that "today the club is a team that seems to be less tiring than others", so now wished to be forced to play extra time in the Copa del Rey match against Real Madrid "to see" if they "favor of something."

On a personal level, Marcos Senna has said he is "very well" after admitting that last season was not up to their usual level for injuries. "This year things are going better because I found a way to perform better within the team. My intention was always to help the team and now I am getting to do what he was doing before," he added.

Regarding the possible departure of fellow team Da Silva Nilmar has wanted to "do well, either here or elsewhere" and commented that his partner had told him he had "never wanted to leave, but has been a decision of the club. " "Nilmar is waiting to see what happens.'ll Continue training in a professional and I just hope it is resolved as soon as possible for the sake of him and the club," he concluded.

Mateo Musacchio, Villarreal central defender, meanwhile, said he is "one of the few people" who believe they can win at Barca in the league game that pits two teams on Saturday at El Madrigal. "I am of the few people who believe we can beat Barcelona. I know it's difficult, but trust us. As much as the Barcelona play at home and need the points or yes," said Rosario defender.

The champions of Europe and the Spanish league has also stressed that to overcome "you have to give any lost ball" and warned that should "be very into the whole game" in addition to "run a lot." He also separate chapter on Lionel Messi fellow, which the player Rosario said this is the best player in the world, so that Villarreal wanted to have "a good day to stop it."

With regard to possible ups and downs that may occur in the club, Musacchio has ensured that the Villarreal players "think of Barcelona and not people to be or is to come" and wanted his desire to play this game because they "look forward" to face "is a great team like Barcelona." However, the possible arrival of Mexican Giovani Dos Santos has said that a player is "too fast" and that he believes would bring "a lot, because it is very dangerous." In addition, he recalled that at Sporting made a "big game" and that this is "the line to follow." "Now we face the world's best, but try to make a good game to keep scoring points," he concluded. (via SPORT)

Vilarrubí: "No change anything on the basis of complaints"

Carles Vilarrubí, vice president of FC Barcelona, ​​has given its opinion on the fact that the Competition Committee has not acted ex officio in the case of Pepe's stomp.

To Vilarrubí what has failed to Pepe has played at the Camp Nou, has been "the model. Spite We are used to sense and it seems unreasonable to what happened. But we concentrate on the game. We have to move on ". Barcelona vice-president asked why the club had not filed a complaint for the facts. "The noise does not help to take forward parties and all elements of the club decided not to report. Everyone knows who is the victim and who the aggressor. And that's enough."

And what would the club if you repeat a case? "No one can speak in the conditional. I just know what happened now. If something happens again and decided we all speak."

Vilarrubí not agree that the club has requested specific weight within sports institutions. "Our opponents did not say that. In the past we had much less weight now sports institutions." In addition, the Barcelona manager spoke of the possibility of changing the "model" referred to earlier. "We will try things that do not work, work. If you are in our hands we will. But we will not based on complaints before a game. When you have passed all be discussed."

The vice president expressed his hope that during the game, "the public is with the team and forget Pepe" and with respect to the relationship with the mother repeated told by Sandro Rosell. "In Madrid just hope the mutual respect between the clubs and friendliness." (via SPORT)

Beenhakker: "Guardiola's Barca is a machine"

"Guardiola's Barca is the best team in football history, is a machine. Never loses his head, Madrid itself. Madrid plays with heart," says the excoach of Real Madrid.

The Real Madrid excoach Leo Beenhakker has ensured that FC Barcelona is a "machine" to do football and therefore is the best team in history, and has featured Guardiola never lost his head and play well, always with discretion.

"Guardiola's Barca is the best team in football history, is a machine. Never loses his head, Madrid itself. Madrid plays with heart," he said this Wednesday in declarations to "Mas Esports" of COM Ràdio picked up by Europe Press.

In this sense, the white extécnico the end of the 80's argued that the Luso Real Madrid Jose Mourinho "lacks joy." "I do not enjoy playing, however Barça is a group," he said about it.

However, the Dutchman said that the best weapon of the Real Madrid is his "mortal counter" so that if he occupied the bench which merengue at the Camp Nou this evening would play "compact" and "from behind."

As for Pepe's stomp action Messi had no hesitation in that Madrid should have sanctioned the Portuguese not to "lose face". "It is wrong for Pepe game tonight, no way. This is very ugly, ugly," he said. "The Pepe is a terrible example, you can not afford," he added. (via AS)

The Committee had acted against Pepe if "you had to amputee Messi fingers"

Speaking to the program 'La Graderia' Ona FM, President of the Competition Committee, Alfredo Florez, had made it clear that only officially entered against Pepe if Messi had hurt.

Florez did not fail to record the conversation with 'La Graderia', but explained the reasons which led to the Competition Committee of the Real Federación Española de Fútbol (RFEF) over which he presides to take the decision not to impose sanctions, at Pepe for his Leo Messi trod in the past Bernabéu clásico.

First, Alfredo Florez said he had decided not to punish because the stomp Pepe had not caused physical harm to Barça. "If Messi had amputee fingers of the hand, the Committee does that have intervened," he told reporters Florez Ona FM.

He added that when the Committee decided to punish himself for his attack on Mourinho Tito Vilanova in the last Supercopa of Spain, it was because the game was stopped.

Neither argument would justify Florez explained by Pepe has been left without punishment for his stomp on Messi. First, because the action with the game was stopped after a failure to do the same Leo Messi.

Second, because throughout history the Committee has intervened on numerous occasions that there was no obvious physical damage. It happened to the 'finger in the eye' to Tito Vilanova or, for example, with the aggression of Kluivert to Cota mark in a Rayo-Barça of 1999, in one of the first occasions in those that the Committee decided to behave of occupation against a player. (via SPORT)

[Ex-player] Luis Suárez: "Luis Suarez: "they’ll go down in history as the best"

The former Barcelona player and Golden Ball winner wished all the best for the team for their Cup match against Real Madrid, and he expressed his admiration for them. He suggests that other clubs don’t try to copy the Barça philosophy.

The training session before the return leg of the Cup quarter-final had a special guest: Luis Suarez. The former Barça player from 1954 to 1961 took advantage of his stay in Barcelona to greet the coaching staff and wish all the best of luck to a team that he admires. "They are playing wonderfully well and will go down in history as the best, because they play so well, and are winning lots of titles, which is difficult" he said.

Suarez praised the importance of the manager with regard to these achievements: "When a manager has an idea and puts it into place, like Guardiola has, it's really important. He's getting the team playing really well, and being practical at the same time". With regard to this, he had advice for Barça's rivals: "They're playing a new game, and I would tell many teams not to try and copy them. Imitating this kind of game is very difficult because you have to have a certain type of player. So, teams should do their own things and leave it to Barcelona to do what they do, which is wonderful to watch".

Finally, in an interview with Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.cat , the only Ballon d'Or winner in Spanish history predicted a Barcelona qualification for the semi finals of the Cup: "I hope it's a great game and I hope Barcelona win it. They'll win the game and go through". (via FCBarcelona.cat)