24 January 2012

Toni Freixa: “The main objective is to qualify”

The secretary and spokesman for the Board has said that the club’s main objective is to qualify for the Copa del Rey semi finals by eliminating Real Madrid. On a possible suspension for Pepe, Freixa said “you should ask the people who have the power to do so”, in reference to the Competition Committee.

The club's reaction to the way Pepe trod on Messi's foot in last week's cup quarter final at the Bernabéu was one of the main topics of Toni Freixa's press conference to discuss recent agreements made by the Board of Directors.

He wished to make it patently clear that the club is focusing its entire efforts right now "on qualifying for the semi finals of the competition ... We understand that this was a serious occurrence that everybody saw, and there is a Competition Committee that has the power to act if its sees fit. Without forgetting the importance of this, the most important thing is the match. We wouldn't want people's attention to be diverted".

Although FC Barcelona understands that there are strong reasons to request a sanction to be applied to the Madrid player, Freixa said that "we do not think that we are anybody to judge the criteria of the Competition Committee ... It was obvious what happened. The events have already been judged socially, and there is unanimous disapproval. But action should be taken by those who have the power to do so."

Freixa was also asked about the Iñaki Urdangarín controversy, to which he replied that "we have to act socially in response to this issue ... In a state of law, nobody is guilty until proven to be so." The implication was that Urdangarín is merely facing charges at the moment. The spokesman continued that the former handball star "was a very important sportsman at our club, and his sporting values are still valid in the view of the people at this club. We have to respect his figure as a former sportsman and the presumption that he is innocent".

The spokesman and secretary for the Board also stated that the fans should "continue to set an example for sportsmanship and good behaviour. " He has every faith in the "impeccable and exemplary attitude that the Barça family is presenting to the world" and is convinced that Wednesday's cup tie against Real Madrid will be no exception. "We want our fans' behaviour to be exemplary" he concluded. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Pinto: “It’s marvellous to stay”

At midday on Tuesday the goalkeeper signed the renewal of his contract with FC Barcelona until June 30, 2013. He looked back positively on his four years at Barça.

As announced a few days ago, goalkeeper José Manuel Pinto has agreed to stay on at Barça until June 30, 2013. He was joined for the signing of the document by president Sandro Rosell, vice president for sport Josep Maria Bartomeu, director of sport Andoni Zubizarreta and director of football Raül Sanllehí.

Pinto told Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.cat that "it is marvellous to stay at such a great club ... I came here for six months and I've stayed quite some time ... The balance is very positive. It is in terms of titles and personally I am thoroughly enjoying being part of this squad".

He even said he'd like to retire in the city of Barcelona. "It is a very special moment and both my family and me are really happy to be here" he said.

Pinto started out as a professional in the Betis B team in 97/98 and made it into the first team. He then joined Celta Vigo a year after, where he played for 10 years and ended up as team captain, even winning the Zamora Trophy for the best goalkeeping record in the league in the season of 2005/06.

A serious injury to Albert Jorquera in the 2007/08 season led to his arrival at FC Barcelona on loan, with the club having the option to purchase the player outright at the end of the season. Pinto has been first choice keeper in all Copa del Rey matches, and therefore played a key role in the treble winning season. He has renewed his contract every year he has been here, and has won the confidence of Pep Guardiola and the affection of his team-mates. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Mourinho: "I don't provoke clans"

Jose Mourinho , coach of Real Madrid , has made ​​clear that "I don't provoke clans" after running through Madrid rumor that says that white clothing is divided between the Spanish and Portuguese. In addition, about a possible mental block of his men against Barca, Mou has not hesitated to answer, "Ask the players."

The press conference following the latest reports that have come out in Madrid, has been somewhat strained. Mourinho , dry and sharp in their responses, sent a message to the madridista environment: "When I came here the club had become tradition eliminated against smaller teams and last year we won the Cup when Real Madrid came here was not seeded, now holds the record for wins in first phase and we are leading the championship. We're not so bad. "

Looking ahead to the quarterfinal round of Copa del Rey at the Camp Nou , Mourinho did not want to give clues about tomorrow's game against Barca. "I have no reason to say publicly how we will raise the game in the Nou Camp," he said. In this sense, has not spoken to his players or a possible eleven: "I have many doubts in terms of being sure, but from there the uncertainties that I have I'm not going to discuss with you."

Regarding Barça, Mourinho has been rather quiet. Play who you play, according to the Portuguese, "Barça does not change much. It has its beginning and continues with his style." Still, the coach is aware that "the party of tomorrow can not make my career at Real Madrid."

Self-critical, low. "We may have a point in the standings, five points but we all think is the best in the world. It is because we are not doing as bad and we have many problems as they say." (via MD)

Pelé puts at the same level to his Santos and current Barça

The Brazilian historical footballer Edson Arantes do Nascimento 'Pelé' current Barcelona compared with Santos of the years sixty that he had been able to dominate the world in similar" circumstances.

"There was a time, fifteen or twenty years ago, which was more defensive. But the technique remains the same. We talk of Barca now, but we remember less than Santos-sixties, it was a fantastic team that would able to dominate the world in similar circumstances, "said the Brazilian in an interview published today in the French magazine " France Football".

Pelé, who likened himself to the music of Beethoven or Michelangelo's painting did not come, however, in direct comparison with Lionel Messi, Barcelona player reference. "It is always difficult. I have a lot respect for him, as he had by Cruyff , Beckenbauer , Platini ... But each has its own personality. However, there will be a new Pelé. My parents broke the mold after my birth, "the triple world champion. He would not even make comparisons between the Argentine and Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid because they have "different styles". "Messi is a fantastic player. It's a real joy to see him on the lawn. Is it the greatest? do not know. In the same way I do not know if it can be compared to Cristiano Ronaldo, who has the same style, "he added.

Pelé (three Corações, 1940), recalled that Messi can not play with the Albiceleste with the same fluidity with the club and said that Argentina will need in the national team is "fit, to create a solidarity , a group "as happened to him in the Brazil team of 1970.

The Brazilian Messi said recently that 1283 should match the Brazilian goals and winning three World Cup attributes so that they could make comparisons between them .

Asked about the evolution of football since retiring from the pitch in 1977 when I joined the New York Cosmos, Pelé said the sport has become "more physical, faster" but is still important to "move ball ", as did Brazil in the seventies or Germany who runs Joachim Löw. (via MD)

[Ex-player] Luis Suárez: "Knowing Mou, I think he prepares his exit"

"He has a way of being, doing and saying things that are inevitably or with you 100% or 200% against it," said Luis Suárez exfootballer "Primer Toque" of Onda Cero.

Luis Suárez, explayer of Barcelona and Inter Milan, among others, and current coach of Italian side secretary, said last night at the "Primer Toque" of Onda Cero that Jose Mourinho "has a way of being, doing and saying things that inevitably or you're with you 100% or 200% against him. "

"Just what causes it, is part of his character. Known for how it started in Milan before going, I think it is preparing to exit. I do not know how or what way because it's up to him, but I get the feeling that is preparing the change of scenery, "said Suárez, who agreed with Mourinho at Inter.

In addition, also spoke Cup Classic on Wednesday, which believes that all Pep Guardiola has an advantage but is not all said: "No one can trust and never against a great team like Real Madrid, but has many advantages for Barcelona. It has a kind of game that is very difficult to counter. It has a lot of security in his possession. Then have many solutions, and more importantly we know what it is, Messi ".

Finally, he reviewed the great moment that the Spanish footballers live and asked for if some of them would deserve to be taken the Ballon d'Or he responded: "Mainly in these last years it has deserved it more than one. The Spanish players, the Spanish Selection in this case, they are making extraordinary things, outside of the norm. When I meet tell them not realize what they have done. The day I stop playing will notice it, because others will not be able to do what they are doing them. " (via AS)

[Barça B] Rodri and Muniesa, comfortable in his new role at Barca B

Rodri and Muniesa clotted a great performance against Xerez substituting Jonathan Soriano and to Dos Santos respectively.

Barça B are living busy few weeks in the template. On the one hand, some players are becoming common in practice and calls the first team and for this reason, Eusebius can not count them. On the other hand, the subsidiary was dismissed a few days ago by Jonathan Soriano, the top scorer of the Second Division last season. For this reason, Valladolid coach has had to find solutions.

The first thing Eusebio after Soriano's farewell was to declare that it was time to Rodri. The former Sevilla recently acted as a winger and was offered the opportunity to return to the center of the attack, his natural position. Do not disappoint the confidence of Eusebio and signed the final 2-0 against Xerez. Rodri and completed one of his best games as a squad.

After the meeting, the tip was satisfied: "I thank to the trust of the míster, I have felt very comfortable. I have played in the center I am very happy at an individual and the collective."

Another new feature of Barça B in the last day was the alignment of midfielder Marc Muniesa as a place they had occupied Jonathan dos Santos, Sergio Roberto (cited with the first team) and Ilie injured. Muniesa never played there yet officially surrendered to a high standard. "I felt very comfortable, I had an error, but little by little, if I have the chance to play more in this position, I'll have to get used to," said the defender. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Youth] The formative football continues showing its good game

The teams of the cantera have had a good day, where they have won 13 of the 17 who have played the game has outstanding combination shown by the different teams .

Joël was the early can opener of a game dominated by Juvenil B, since in the minute 4 wrote down the first goal azulgrana. García Pimienta's team had clear several occasions throughout the party, until Quintillà signed the second from half field in the minute 30 of the first time. In the second part, the azulgranas continued controlling the game although Cornellà had some enough clear opportunity. However, Joël finished sentencing the encounter in the minute 75, thanks to Simón's good attendance.

Unquestionable domain of Quique Álvarez and Ramón Ros's team in the Municipal field Narcís Sala. The Cadete A opened the marker in the minute 18 with Rodrigo's goal, and only 6 minutes later Sergio wrote down the second so much of the game and he left the result in 0-2 when leaving to the rest. In the renewal, the encounter continued with the same tonic although the azulgranas was more guessed right of face to goal, and signed a true win with goals from Toni Sanabria (3), Alex, Juan Antonio, Sergio and Albert.

The Cadete B was not found from face to goal in the game against Barri Santes Creus. The game put on in against very quick for the azulgranas, since in the minute 1 had to confront a penalti in against that allowed to the locals to be ahead in the marker. The encounter arrived with the 1-0 to the rest. In the renewal, the team of Fran Artiga and Andrés Martin achieved the tie, although the rival put on again for before in a contrataque play. In the last minutes of game, the one Swept Santes Creus it sentenced the party more with two plays to the against. The goal azulgrana was in charge of Sergi Canós. With this result, the two teams are placed in the first place of the chart tied to points.

Goleada of the Infantil A that executed a great game in the game against the Junior that left without possibilities to their rival. The boys of Fran Sánchez and Xavi Franquesa was ahead quickly in the marker with a goal of Olmo in the minute 8. To the few minutes Jordi Mola signed the 2-0 in a córner play, and Olmo marked in the minute 18 again. The second part continued with the domain of Barça that the goleada continued with the reveilles of Javi Ruiz, Olmo that with this goal a hat-trick, and signed Carlos Puig.

Very good first part of Infantil B against Cirera. Denis Silva and Carlos López's boys left very strong to the game land and they dominated from the beginning of the game. The collective game that showed the azulgranas throughout the encounter allowed them to sign an authentic goleada in the first part, with Oriol's (2) reveilles, Juli (2) and Bobby. The second part continued with the control of Barça, but they could only write down a goal more, in charge of Valery. The locals signed the goal of the honor in the added time, but the game was already sentenced.

The azulgranas was imposed in Unió Jabac y Terrassa in a game full with occasions for the boys of Marcel Sans and Isaac García. Mamadou wrote down the first goal for Alevín A in the minute 11, and, in spite of the numerous opportunities that had Barça, the game it put an end to the azulgranas winning for the minimum one. In the second time the tonic was the same one, and Kabbou signed the second goal in the minute 55, a point that had just left concluded the game.

Jordi Font's boys' good game that were imposed in the field of Granollers. Although the azulgranas took the control of the game, the game enough disputed was because the visitors pressed Alevín B. in fact, Granollers who opened the marker in the minute 5 of the first room was. In spite of the goal in against, the azulgranas didn't lower the arms and they were able to leave to the rest winning for 3-1. In the renewal, the tonic was quite similar, until the last room Barça had just finished off more the marker with three points. The scorers of the day were Rubén, Lucas de Vega, Pere, Albert and Djemba.

Very complete game of the azulgranas that executed a game very good combinativo that allowed them to sign the goleada. Alex Gomez and Alexis Pintó's team went out with a lot of intensity in the game land, and they knew triangular and to enter very well, as much for the bands as for the center of the field. Alevín C had the possession of the spherical one, for what the rival had few occasions of scoring.

Alevín D could not be imposed Santboià in the Municipal field Joan Baptista Milà. The game was very even in the first time, but it was the local team the one that was ahead in the marker thanks to its direct game. In the renewal, however, the boys of Xavi Bravo and Óscar Hernández controlled the encounter and they had several occasions, but they were not managed to goal and they could not overcome the result.

Benjamin A the victory was taken against a very defensive rival that closed very behind. Marc Serra and David Sánchez's boys to circulate the ball very quickly and they had numerous occasions throughout the encounter. The azulgranas executed a great team game and they created a lot of danger in the area rival. Marc (4), Raúl (2) and Kais wrote down the reveilles azulgrana of the day.

It defeats of Benjamin B against Lleida in the Ciudad Deportiva Joan Gamper. The visitors put on for before in the marker in the minute 4 of the first part with Alex Rico's goal. In the second room, Lleida increased the differences with two goals more than Marc González. In spite of the result, Sergi Milá and Óscar Jorquera's team didn't lower the arms and it got its first goal in the minute 17, thanks to a good play of Jang. To the few minutes, Martí Riera scored again and they left to the rest with the 2-3. In the second part the game continued disputed, but they were the visitors those that were distanced with Alex Rico's reveille again. Joël signed the 3-4 in the third room, but Barça it could not overcome the game.

The boys of Cristian Catena dominated the gamein the Municipal field L'Hospitalet, but they didn't know how to find the holes in the defense of the locals, a team a bigger year. L'Hospitalet executed a very defensive position and was ahead in the marker. Benjamin C was able to tie the encounter with a goal of Xavi Pleguezuelo of lack, but to the few minutes the local team put on again for before. Starting from the goal, the azulgranas continued fighting for the game, but they could not be imposed their rival.

The azulgranas executed a splendid game as much in defense as to offensive level that allowed them to be imposed to the Mercantile one without many difficulties. Jordi Pérez and David Sánchez's boys dominated from the beginning and they had a good and quick ball circulation. Benjamin D calmly took the game and knew how to take advantage of the rival's desajustes very well thanks to its team game. Also, in the defensive aspect they also highlighted, since they were very intense and they recovered many balls. Marc Pelaz (5), Nadir (3), David (2), Mamadou (2), Eric, (2) and Gabi signed the goals azulgranas.

Great superiority of Prebenjamín in the friendly match against Cornellà. The boys of Rafa Rodríguez and Juan Antonio Gil dominated throughout the party and they executed a collective game of high school, the best in the year as for plays of team that left without arguments to the team visitor. The goals azulgranas of the day were in charge of Jurado (2), Diego, Pablo and Marc Cabeza. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Rosell: "If there is a policeman, why do we have to denounce?"

Barca president says the decision not to enter the case Pepe is "around the club".

Sandro Rosell has served RAC1 at the end of the 64 Grand Gala MD , speaking of the classic coming and all that involves, for example, Barca's decision not to enter the 'case Pepe' . "When you see these actions, of course that goes through your head report. But if there is a police officer sees someone pass a red light, why would an ordinary citizen has to report?".

"The decision is not to denounce club. We are all in this, directors, coaches and players." Barca president believes that English football is an example to be followed in disciplinary matters. About the Cup back to Real Madrid tomorrow , Rosell says that while "we have the best team ever in football anything can happen." Laporta stressed that, whatever happens, this team "has a huge credit" and frees the fate of the tie against Real Madrid of "what might happen next in the league tournament since they are independent." Rosell also relies the good response from the fans in the Camp Nou. "Barca is a club man who respects his opponents and who can forgive actions hard to forgive, even as others would not. Our fans will be with the team and if there is provocation, no case." (via MD)

[Former B player] Soriano: "Salzburg tries to play with the Barça style"

Jonathan went to Turkey yesterday for the stage with Red Bull. A club with a projection that aims to follow the guidelines set in La Masia.

Istanbul was the first stop on Jonathan Soriano in his new career with Red Bull Salzburg. The front left yesterday for Turkey to move from the capital to the south, where at night had to know his new teammates. Before leaving, the player SPORT attended and showed the high expectations you have in this adventure.

Jonathan explained that he had opted for the Austrian team after receiving a visit from his new coach Ricardo Moniz Dutch, Barcelona: "It's a detail that marks you. The team was in Turkey and prior to joining with them, traveled to see me, being an hour away and turned to go. " In this conversation, Moniz told to "try to play with the style of Barcelona, ​​with evident nuances not have the same players. Compete in the League, Cup and Europa League and play offense. "

The player had a sweet farewell as they "could do well, how I wanted. It was certainly not through the front door to be in December, but it was a good start. Barca gave me all the facilities of the world and I am very thankful. "

Jonathan believes that "everything that has happened in the Barça has been good" and among his best memories are "climbing the first season, the top scorer in Division II second and this, having recovered well from the work of subsidiary of the physios. " Both of Eusebio and Luis Enrique good memories, but their relationship with the Spaniard was very special. "Luis Enrique was the coach who signed me and made me play," said the striker, who added that during these two years and a half "my game has improved a lot with the ball. I have participated more in the game that other teams had to wait up to a center or a rebound. "

Jonathan bet big when he decided to go down to Second division B when I was following options in First or Second Division A. The player supports "It was a risky decision, but also for Barça. For them it was not as easy to sign a player who was not of the quarry and not so young as the rest. "

His march to the Austrian League has been a reality after "never spoke of the first team choice," but does not save much less resentment. "I knew it was very difficult. Guardiola showed trust me in the preseason and the debut in the Cup The issue of age as complicated, if playing a game could not return to Barça B and I had signed for the subsidiary. "

Soriano has been noted for his goals and leadership that has had among its peers. A role he assumed with great involvement. "I also had the experience of being young and grateful that someone over to give you advice. Some make you more attention than others ... (Laughs) but I'm very glad I made friends at Barça. I am proud of the role, "he said.

The striker came on Friday at the Ciutat Esportiva, where he had "a quiet farewell. When you leave it and the consensus of all, it's different to have to do it reluctantly. We were all happy." (via SPORT)

Hleb will detach of Barça this week

Barca do not want to delay the issue and most likely have to give him a free agent at Hleb.

Aleksander Hleb will not ever play with Barça and the club has already made known. After leaving the discipline of Wolfsburg, where he was assigned by the entity Blaugrana, its future is not clear, although all parties are willing to find a solution to your case.

As this occurs, the player hopes to keep the tone Belarusian physical training at Augsburg. Hleb is still pending in some of the offers which claims representative. The problem is that it only had five months of contract with Barca and clubs are not willing to make a financial investment for someone who is free on 30 June.

Chances are, finally, the Belarusian achieved on a free transfer, which would require paying the remainder of the tab to Barca until the end of the season. It can be this the only option to avoid the player that returns to the trainings of Barça in Ciutat Esportiva. There are still a few days for the winter market closed, although the intention is to close the issue as soon as this week. Hleb, meanwhile, are training every day with the Augsburg slope of the phone. At any time you can return to England or to catch a plane to play in any of the European clubs are interested. Before Barça should make a move. (via SPORT)

Competition forgets Pepe... at the moment

The Competition Committee of the Real Federación Española de Fútbol did not even mention Pepe's aggression in the last minutes of sanctioned in Copa del Rey. On Wednesday, however, may be different.

The Royal Spanish Football Federation released the minutes of the last day sanctioned King's Cup which was played over the past week.

As expected, there was there no sign of the possible punitive action that could have been brought against the player automatically Portuguese Madrid, Pepe, the stamping that struck Barca's Argentine striker Leo Messi.

The only allusion to the Portuguese that included the Judge of Competition in its report was for the yellow card that saw Pepe for dangerous game in the minute 16 of game.

However, even it is possible that the Single Judge Competition set the record any changes as Wednesday, the day of the second leg at the Camp Nou. In fact, after the meeting the single judge Alfredo Florez told the reporters that had only watched the proceedings of parties and, therefore, what they did contain the collegiate and would be on Wednesday when they study the issue and decide Pepe whether acting officially or not.

The total sanctioned in the classic Madrid and Barca is disputed (1-2) on 18 January, according to the minutes made by Competition are as follows:

For dangerous play

Ferreira De Lima "Pepe," Da Silva Coentrao "F. Coentrao," Bueno alley "alley", Silveira de Carvalho "Oak" and Piqué Bernabeu "Piqué".

For the referee comment

Puyol Saforcada "Puyol".

For infringement of the rules

Busquets Burgos "Sergio."

It should be noted that there was no sanctioned for arguing with an opponent. (via SPORT)

[Ex-player] Maradona: "I think Guardiola would like to train at Inter"

Diego Armando Maradona is back in the public eye by strange statements which assumes that Pep Guardiola would like to Inter Milan coach.

The 'Pelusa' current coach of Al Wasl in the UAE, spoke about the Barca coach's future this weekend when asked by a reporter about the suitability of Pep to lead one day to the Argentina team.

Maradona was assumed that Guardiola "must receive tenders from all sides", and immediately announced that "if some day he leaves Barça", as seen in the Italian league: "I think he want to train with Inter Milan," he said, was quoted on the website of 'El Economista'.

"Pep is a great coach and is fortunate to have the best players in the world," added the former Argentine footballer.

Guardiola's words, you just deal with Barça in June and whose renewal may be closed in the coming days, have been greeted with some interest in Italy. (via SPORT)

The boots more supportive of Iniesta

Andres Iniesta has given the boots that Barca beat Real Madrid to work with an association that fights against San Filippo Syndrome.

Remember the clásico 2009 in which Iniesta sent to remain silent to Cristiano Ronaldo? That day, beating FC Barcelona ended on a high with a goal from Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Fuentealbilla was one of the best players in the Barça.

Now, la Asociación Sanfilippo Barcelona will raffle the boots Iniesta played this exciting game to try to raise money for this nonprofit organization that aims to raise resources to fund research seeking a cure for Sanfilippo Syndrome, a degenerative disease of children.

The Barca player, who has worked with the association in the past, wanted to contribute their grain of sand giving up their boots and delivered personally to the winner.

As always, the Fuentealbilla shows her solidarity. For more information on the draw you can check your Facebook page 'SORTEO BOTAS ANDRES INIESTA' . (via SPORT)

League on hold as focus switches to Cup

With little time to recover from the win in Malaga, the squad were back in training preparing for the midweek Cup game this morning.

As is usual after a game, the players who figured in Malaga did some recovery work, whilst Cuenca, Dos Santos, Sergi Roberto and six other B team players completed the squad for training this morning.

The players had to switch their focus from the league after Sunday's win against Malaga and concentrate on Wednesday's Spanish Cup quarter final second leg against Madrid when they turned up for training at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper this morning.

Pep Guardiola was able to call on all of his available first team players for the session this morning, with B team players Cuenca, Dos Santos and Sergi Roberto again involved alongside six more B team youngsters - Oier, Balliu, Rosell, Espinosa, Deulofeu and Patric. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Xavi a Clásico away from Segarra’s record

The Catalan midfielder will equal the record of 31 games against Real Madrid held by the legendary Joan Segarra if he plays this Wednesday.

Last week's 1-2 win was Xavi's 30th appearance in a Clásico - the same number as Migueli during his career at the Club- and if the midfield maestro figures this week in the second leg of the Cup quarter final at the Camp Nou, he will equal Joan Segarra's 31 games played between 1949 and 1964

Joan Segarra played in 21 league games against Real Madrid, 8 in the Spanish Cup and twice in the European Cup. One of the most charismatic players in the Club's history, Segarra was known as El Gran Capità and in all he made 528 appearances for the Club over his 15 year career. A midfielder, he was famed for his strength, technical skill and above all for his fair play on the pitch.

Xavi's appearances against Madrid have been spread over four competitions: 23 in La Lliga, 3 in the Champions League, 2 in the Spanish Cup and 2 in the Spanish Super Cup. He's also scored some memorable goals, such as the chip in the 1-2 win in the 2003/04 season after an unbelievable assist from Ronaldinho, or the first goal in the 0-5 rout last season. He has also made his mark against the eternal rivals with a series of assists, including four in the 2-6 win in 2009 and setting up both in the 0-2 win the following season. (via FCBarcelona.cat)