23 January 2012

[Ex-player] Belleti: "Our Barça was better than the current one"

European Champion and two leagues with Barça, the Brazilian full-back says that the set of Rijkaard was higher than Guardiola.

The Barcelona explayer Juliano Belletti has made ​​some recent statements for the Brazilian midfielder SporTV , which says that Barça where he played was higher than today. Current Barça of Guardiola accumulates prizes, holding and recognitions but, however, for the ex full-back azulgrana "Barça is at the moment in caeza of the world football, but ours was for above, mainly for the rivals to those that had to face.

In addition, Brazil is quite clear: "It's much more valuable as we did. We played against Real Madrid of Zidane, Figo and Ronaldo, Kaká of AC Milan, Liverpool or Chelsea Benitez of Mourinho." In the three years that remained in Barcelona player won two league titles (2004/2005 and 2005/2006), two Super Cups in Spain (2005 and 2006) and Champions (2006).

However, Belletti also praised his former teammates. Asked if Messi is better than Ronaldinho, had no doubts and defended the Brazilian: "Ronaldinho was very tough opponents, and Zidane and Figo. Now Messi is a much bigger team than it was Ronaldinho. If I had to choose between Ronaldinho and Messi at his best, I prefer the Gaucho "he said.

The Brazilian also acknowledged that at the tactical level, Guardiola's team is much better prepared than it was yours: "We played with a well defined outline, other than that Barça has at present. Now you do not know how they play, sometimes seem to play a 3-7 with three defenders and seven players to attack, "said Belletti finally.

Iniesta: “Madrid will demand a perfect game”

Barça’s Spanish international midfielder is clear that the team will go out and try to win against Madrid on Wednesday and certainly not attempt to sit on their 1-2 result from the first leg.

Iniesta also promised that the team would keep on fighting till the end in the league to try and reduce the distance between them and Madrid.

Despite the result in Bernabéu (1-2), Andrés Iniesta made it clear that the team will have to give their all on Wednesday if they want to make it through to the semi final and that Madrid will force Barça to put in "a perfect game - we can't afford any relaxation. Iniesta added: "the only thing I want is that the team put in a good performance. We'll have our fans to support us, but although we've got a good result from the first leg, that doesn't mean anything, this is football and there is 90 minutes more of a great game between two big teams".

Asked as to what tactics he thought Real Madrid would be adopting, Iniesta was adamant that the only thing Barça needed to concern themselves with was: "how we play - really the only thing we should be worried about is how we do and that we are able to control their strong points. We'll go out to win, if we were to just try and hold on for a draw, be afraid of losing, we would have a lot of problems because Madrid will come here to win and they have the players who can do that".

Turning to the league, Iniesta explained how important the win in Malaga was as the team fight to retain their league title: "if you want to win the league you have to have a great away record, particularly with the team we are going head to head with. We needed that win and in general we controlled the game and were really efficient. I hope that we'll continue improving as the season goes on, because we are full of confidence about our chances of holding on to the title".

Iniesta is also aware that there's not much room for error in the league: "we know that Madrid won't slip up much and we have to get points back on them. Regardless of whether they lose or not, we can't slip up. We have to start taking maximum points from every game, so that we can close the gap. There's five points between us, but we think we can get back".

Iniesta also praised Víctor Valdés, who he reckons has been: "the top keeper for a while now, he's been performing year after year" and Leo Messi: "his peak is still ahead of him fortunately for him, for us and for Barça as a whole. He's performing incredibly in every game. The hardest thing in football is to be the player who makes the difference, but he just does it naturally. It's hard to think of any more superlatives for him".

Finally, Iniesta explained that the challenge for the team was "that we keep on improving every season. I get the feeling that the team have to get better and outdo themselves every season. What's more, Madrid are forcing us to better ourselves all the time. That is what will allow us to continue to be in there fighting for all the titles till the end of the season". (via FCBarcelona.cat)

For Piqué, the Barcelona dressing room "hunger is increasing"

The centre-back has ensured that the club still wants to win: "We once again feel the pleasure and the feeling of when you're the best".

The centre-back barcelonista Gerard Piqué has revealed today that in the locker room of FC Barcelona "hunger is increasing," arises from the circumstance that motivation exerts coach Josep Guardiola , said the player in an interview granted to the channel FIFA.com .

"We want to once again feel the pleasure and the feeling of when you're the best," said azulgrana player, who has assured that despite the successful tour of Barca in recent years, "hunger is increasing."

Piqué has targeted Guardiola as head of the moment that passes through the FC Barcelona , the way football is and how to explain it. "He tells you the reasons," said the defense noted that Guardiola neither requires nor is an automaton at the time of sending instructions.

"And, without realizing it, as a player each day you learn more and start to make your own decisions in the field," stressed the defender, who has stated that Guardiola, more than freedom, gives decision-makers, by making players feel "professional."

Also explained that the option of betting on a defense less (3-4-3) is that Barcelona was already "too predictable" and that every opponent "and knew us and were locked behind. The idea of 3-4-3 is to be more offensive and we have more possession of the ball. "

The only drawback I see Piqué in this new arrangement which sometimes operates the Barcelona Barca is that the defense should have more mobility, "you have to run much more and at the end of games notes you are more tired." (via MD)

How to dribble and create space like Xavi, Iniesta and Messi

Guardiola reserves Puyol, Xavi and Cesc for the clásico

Play around. Victory in the rose garden and rest for three heavyweights of the team, who will arrive in optimum condition to the clásico.

Pep Guardiola yesterday booked three heavyweights of the team for Wednesday's match against Real Madrid at the Camp Nou for the return of the quarter-finals of the Copa del Rey. FC Barcelona coach left on the bench Xavi, Puyol and Cesc. Joining them were also Pinto, Cuenca, Dos Santos and Pedro. The latter three were those who left during the second half to replace Alexis, Adriano and Iniesta respectively.

The helmsman Catalan resort was close to Xavi, who became heated in the second half, but in the end as he had doubts, he opted for a striker Pedro. The score reflected a strong 0-3 and the absence of some 20 minutes left, it was decided by the speed of the canary as the wide area was under control.

The truth is that the three homegrown yesterday reserved Guardiola will come to Wednesday's match against Real Madrid fresh and in top condition to cope. Both Puyol, Xavi and Cesc will hold a clásico that, as elsewhere, will not be easy even though Barça has a minimum lead of the first leg (1-2) played last week at the Santiago Bernabeu.

The move will round out the Barça. Triumph in a complicated field and rest for three of the main drivers of the team. (via SPORT)

Lionel Messi vs Malaga

Alexis is going through its best scorer

Chilean striker has scored six goals in their last six league appearances.

The smile of the Chilean after marking a goal is already a habitual expression in the games of Barça. Alexis marked yesterday in La Rosaleda his seventh goal in League, the eighth of the season, and is placed to alone two of the second better scorer of Barça in the championship, Cesc Fàbregas, author of nine goals. Messi plays in another league.

Chile has struggled to justify why he threw Barça so determined to recruit and paid by 26 million euros fixed (more than 11.5 in variables) by joining Udinese, but once enjoyed a certain continuity has shown that it can contribute much to Barça. Not single goals, as important as the one that marked in Bernabéu or both that it signed against Rayo to open the marker, but an extraordinary sacrifice capacity and a great talent when opening spaces for their partners.

The injury he suffered in Anoeta and that kept him sidelined for six weeks cut short an adaptation that is slow, but steady. The 'Wonder Boy' has scored six goals in their last six league games and has become a permanent fixture in the schemes of Pep Guardiola, who has rescued the best version of Alexis just when you can not count Villa.

Pellegrini: "Barcelona, without arriving a lot, in 50' was 0-3"

Pellegrini summed up the game against Barca with resignation. The Chilean acknowledged that his team had no options at the magic of Messi.

Malaga CF coach Manuel Pellegrini, he lamented that his team did not take advantage of their chances against a Barcelona that, without much, and won by 0-3 early in the second half. "Barcelona, ​​without much in 50 minutes it was 0-3. But it was a shock over our mistakes against a team with strong technical capabilities that could counter," he asserted.

Pellegrini acknowledged today that his team lost (1-4) against FC Barcelona, ​​a rival "with great ball skills." "After the 0-3, the intensity costs more, do not think we lacked intensity in the first half, where we had four clear chances and come with more risk," stated the coach South America.

"We played against team with great ball control, but has been very little sense of danger in Caballero's goal in the first half," he said. Pellegrini has acknowledged that "some inexplicable that at 2 min of the second half the match was finished" and has stressed that if they had marked the first time "maybe the game had changed." (via AS)

[Player Ratings; Liga BBVA; week17] Málaga CF - FC Barcelona (1-4)


Víctor Valdés 8, Alves 8, Piqué 8, Mascherano 7, Abidal 7, Busquets 9, Thiago 7, Iniesta 7, Alexis 7, Messi 9 (MOM), Adriano 8, Cuenca 6, Dos Santos 6, Pedro 6. (via SPORT)

Mourinho: "It is the first time they whistle me, but here have whistled to Zidane, Ronaldo..."

"I am not a madridista, but a professional".

Jose Mourinho, coach of Real Madrid, spoke about the reaction at the Bernabeu, he whistled the end of the match: "It's okay, is not a problem, never happened to me in Porto, Chelsea and there is a first time for almost everything. Zidane has been whistled here, Ronaldo, Cristiano is also Ballon d'Or ... why I can not be whistled here? "

The coach added: "A tough week for me? We lost a game and you're done. I am not madridista, but a professional. With the direction I will not have any problems. If I whistle at a club where anyone whistle like Chelsea, but in a house where the greatest whistle the world. "

Asked about the cover of brands, and was specific: "I do not read much less Marca match days that forbid read. I will not talk."

Mourinho took refuge: "I left the bench because we played well. The first time we made defensive mistakes because of our adversary as Llorente and De Marcos from second line. I liked the team with the ball. Even losing 1-0 on team played well and won with ease. I had a feeling that we were going to win. "

Madrid finished the first round at a high level "is the first time I'm leading with 5 points. Goal Champions achieved, Copa del Rey have a game to play we are not eliminated by Alcorcón but for Barcelona and I make my work."

It doesn't create that he/she lives difficult moments in Madrid: Difficult "moments live our friend Oscar Ribot - press boss whose father died yesterday -, but we are well." (via Marca.com)

Messi: "the most important thing is winning"

Far from turning the attention on himself, tonight’s man of the match against Málaga, Leo Messi, preferred to talk about the team’s collective achievement: “more than personally scoring goals, the most important thing is to win. Málaga is a great team and every match is difficult, even more so when you are playing away from home. In the second half we played really well.”(via FCBarcelona.cat)

Barça wishes China a happy new yea

The three team captains, Puyol, Xavi and Valdés, along with Messi, wish the Chinese, both living in China and abroad, a happy new year.

FC Barcelona, through video messages made by four of its biggest stars, Puyol, Xavi, Valdés and Messi, will be present at the Chinese New Year’s Gala. The Gala, which will take place on January 23rd, will be broadcast on TV and streamed online. The estimated audience between spectators and online viewers is over 1 billion.

The congratulatory messages from Barça ushering in the Chinese New Year will be part of the television programme that not only will feature well known Chinese personalities but worldwide figures like the financier and philanthropist, Warren Buffet.

This is the second year that CCTV, the Chinese state television channel, will broadcast the New Year’s Gala in its current format. The television feed will also be disseminated through online channels owned by the biggest Chinese Internet company. This means that the audience will considerably increase and possibly reach the Chinese populations residing all over the world. It’s expected that viewership will surpass last year’s numbers.

The Gala, which will not air live, will be broadcast this Monday, January 23. Reruns of the event will be re-broadcast for the next 15 days, the traditional celebratory period for the Chinese New Year. It’s expected that the broadcasts will reach over 400 million families with an estimated total audience of over 1 billion people. This includes the approximate 600 million people with Internet access plus 1 billion television viewers. An estimated 80% of the Chinese people not living in China will watch the broadcast.

Specifically the Gala will be aired on CCTV’s channels 1, 2, 3, and 4, and on the most influential web platforms: sina.com, CNTV (China Network Television) and on Tencent’s social network, FC Barcelona’s institutional partner in China. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Iniesta equals Guardiola and Ramallets in official games with Barça

The crack azulgrana equals Pep Guardiola and to Antoni Ramallets in official parties with Barça, 384.

Andres Iniesta has matched this Sunday of the myths it barcelonismo as Pep Guardiola and Antoni Ramallets in number of games played with the Official Barca shirt.

Iniesta has 384 official matches with Barcelona turning after the match against Malaga in the 12th player in history to reach this figure. The Fuentealbilla debut in the 2002/03 season when he played nine matches. The following played 17 but was in 2004/05 when he finally settled down as a starter in the disputed 46 matches Barça. (via MD)

Seasons and official matches for Iniesta for Barcelona:
2002-03 9
2003-04 17
2004-05 46
2005-06 49
2006-07 56
2007-08 49
2008-09 43
2009-10 42
2010-11 50
2011-12 23

Messi is like César

With tonight’s hat-trick against Málaga, the Argentinian star finished his best first half of La Liga in his career (22 goals) and draws level with the record set by César, until now the highest Barça goal scorer at the halfway point in the competition.

Who said that Messi wasn’t on form? The Argentinian genius showed his quality in Málaga tonight and he equalled another record: at the Rosaleda he scored his 15th hat-trick as a Barça players -his fifth this season- to close out the first half of La Liga, in which he scored 22 goals. He’s equalled the historic record set be César, who also scored 22 goals in the 1950/51 season. Simply put, Messi is a goal scoring-machine.

Furthermore, he’s scored four more goals this season than he did last year (at this point in 2010/11 he had 18 goals) and seven more than two years ago (15 goals). Until now, Messi had only scored one goal away from the Camp Nou this season, it was at San Mamés.

In total, this season Messi has scored 36 goals in 32 official matches: 22 in the Liga, 6 in the Champions League, 3 in the Spanish Super Cup, 2 in the Cup, 2 in the Club World Cup and 1 in the European Super Cup.

As a Barça player, he has scored 216 official goals for the team. He’s only 19 adrift from the all-time Club top scoring record, currently held by César (235). (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Victor Valdes's 3 fanastic saves in a row vs Isco

Piqué: "We needed a game like this"

The FC Barcelona players are very pleased with the result achieved against Málaga.

The members of the Barça squad are pleased with the team's performance tonight at La Rosaleda. Gerard Piqué attributed his team’s victory to the “persistence shown until the last minute.” According to the Catalan, the team “had the rhythm and the ball possession throughout the whole game, it’s easier to win that way.”

The centre back also talked about the difficulty Barça has had this season away from home: “it was time for us to win the right way. This season we’ve won our games with few goals and with close scorelines; we needed a game like this, where we had an ample margin of victory.”

Sergio Busquets echoed the man he plays in front of on the pitch: “we have lost a lot of points away from home, but today we won comfortably in a difficult stadium and against a difficult rival.” The midfielder said that Barça’s first half was “very good,” however “we didn’t create enough goal-scoring chances.”

Javier Mascherano highlighted the team’s concentration: “they hardly created any chances all game long, save in the last five minutes and Isco’s corner kick.” On the chance the young Málaga player had, Víctor Valdés said, “I don’t know if that was one of my best saves, even though I try to always do my best to help the team.” The keeper called on the Camp Nou faithful to help Barça in the upcoming match against Real Madrid in the King’s Cup: “this Wednesday we hope for a magical Camp Nou, like what we see when we play in the Champions League.”

Here are the best comments made by the FC Barcelona players after the match:


“This was one of our best games this season away from the Camp Nou

“Whenever I play I always try to do the best possible job in helping my team. Things are working out for me thanks to the confidence the manager and my teammates have in me.”


“I’m very pleased for the players that played tonight that normally don’t get to, and for the Barça B players.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Faus: “Against Madrid there is no such thing as being favourite”

The Vice-President Javier Faus, once the game had ended, talked about the upcoming King’s Cup match this Wednesday at the Camp Nou against Real Madrid: “this Wednesday we are favourites because of the first leg, but it’s clear that against Real Madrid there is no such thing as being favourite.” Along these lines, Faus said that “Madrid could beat us, it’s not impossible, nothing is impossible. It’s true that up until now things have gone our way, but when you think something is finished, that’s when you stumble.”

On the other hand, Faus talked about Josep Guardiola’s possible contract extension: “We want Pep to stay here for many years. We will know his decision in a couple of weeks, we hope his response is positive.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Guardiola: “The line between winning and losing is thin, tonight is a good example of that"

The Barça manager said the play at the 15 minute mark where Valdés cleared a corner and saved, on two occasions, a goal was key in tonight’s result.

Guardiola was pleased with his team’s 1-4 victory at La Rosaleda and for the overall behavior displayed by his players. He highlighted that to do well in stadiums like La Rosaleda, “you must do things correctly”.

Furthermore, he lauded Leo Messi, who scored another hat-trick tonight, pointing out that the Argentinian’s biggest asset is “his consistency”.

After the clear victory over Málaga by 1-4, Josep Guardiola talked about a play in the first quarter of the game at La Rosaleda to illustrate the point that “the line between winning and losing is very thin, today is a clear example.” The Barça manager lauded Víctor Valdés: “if Víctos hadn’t cleared the corner or saved a goal-scoring chance on two occasions, I don’t know what would have happened.” With that said, the manager corrected some issues at half time, “we adjusted a couple of things and everything was more simple from that point on.”

Speaking on tonight’s opponents, Málaga CF, and the expectations surrounding the Andalusian side, the Barça manager said: “in sports the biggest difficulty is anticipating expectations. When you play in a big team the expectations are that you must always win by a large margin. Málaga have a fantastic manager that understands football, quality players, and young players with a lot of promise. The only thing needed is patience. They need their time and I’m sure Pellegrini will succeed, because he knows La Liga. He’ll achieve constancy, it’s always a bit difficult when you have a new team.”

Without a doubt, the man of the match was Leo Messi, who bagged three goals tonight: “you already know my opinion. His biggest asset his is constancy, to be important in every match for so long ... His life is football. Scoring these goals will help him in the upcoming matches.”

Lastly, Guardiola said that the team should celebrate because “they managed to win a game away from home with comfortability.” The manager went on to analyse the first half of La Liga: “We finished the first half of La Liga tonight. We have a rival that is sensational (Real Madrid), it takes away from what we’ve done. In general, we’ve comported ourselves well.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B; Liga Adelante; Week21] FC Barcelona B 2 - 0 Xerez CD

Eusebio Sacristan players have managed to break his losing streak of five games without a win in a game in which they had possession Tello, the outstanding player of the match, has scored the first goal azulgrana and Rodri has signed the second.

Barça B has been imposed on Xerez in the 21 st day of the Liga Adelante. With this victory, Eusebio Sacristan team breaks his losing streak of five games without a win, and adds three very important points. The azulgranas have had possession of the ball throughout the match, a factor that has enabled them to enjoy various arrivals clear on goal.

The match began with a moment of silence for Juan Carlos Pérez, who plays for Barcelona from 1968 to 1975. During the first minutes of play both teams have enjoyed few clear chances to open the scoring. The team led by Eusebio Sacristan has come to the area of ​​Xerez, but could not specify any time. As the game wore on, the azulgranas have enjoyed several opportunities, such as an influx of Tello in speed that the goalkeeper has rejected 26 minutes or 33 minutes Rodri which ended up taking the opposing defense.

The situation has changed when Taylor, on 38 minutes, opened the can with a goal. The number 7 of the boat has passed the goalkeeper and scored the first goal with a shot put. Montoya has enjoyed another occasion very clear in the 41st minute but the keeper managed to deflect opponent has, and the party has gone to rest with Barça winning by the minimum.

The second half continued the same trend. The subsidiary of Barça has had the opportunity to widen the gap in the 47th minute a dangerous lack Rafinha has kicking, but the ball went out and finished. However, the azulgranas have been quick to score the second. It has been Rodri, in minute 57, who has signed Barca's second goal thanks to a great center of Tello.

The number 7 of Barça has had several clear chances after the goal, as one in 79 minutes in which speed has exceeded the goalkeeper but the ball has come out for a corner.

After this victory, the subsidiary Barca can try adding another win next weekend against Huesca in Miniestadi. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Match Stats]
FC Barcelona: Masip, Montoya, Bartra, Muniesa, Tello (Espinosa, min 85), Rodri, Kiko Femenía (Deulofeu, min 67), Armando (Sergi Gómez, min 78), Riverola, Planas and Rafinha.

Xerez: Doblas, Campano, Mendoza, David Lombán, Cordero, Íñigo Vélez, Capi (José Vega, min 64), Israel (Pablo Redondo, min 56), Rueda, Robusté and Jose Mari (Tato, min 75).

Goals: 1-0, Tello, min 38; 2-0, Rodri, min 57.

Referee: Jesús Gil Manzano (college Extremadura). Local admonished Rafinha (min.49) and visitors Jose Mari (min.19) and Rueda (min.65).

Incidents : Meeting of the twenty-first day of second division match at the Miniestadi to 1356 spectators, the second worst of the season. Before the meeting observed a minute's silence in memory of the late Juan Carlos Perez, who plays for Barcelona between 1968 and 1975.

[Liga BBVA; Week01] Málaga CF 1 - 4 FC Barcelona

A sensational display from Barça at La Rosaleda against a threatening Malaga side. A stunning hat-trick from Messi, and another goal from Alexis, reflected the Barça superiority. Victor Valdes made a vital triple save in the 15th minute.

Barça ended the first round of League games in the best way possible. Away at the imposing Malaga, it was a fantastic display, based on control of the match and efficiency in front of goal. Valdes kept the team alive at the beginning and a monumental Messi guaranteed the three points that take them into the Clasico with their morale really high. With his umpteenth hat-trick, Messi has now scored 22 goals in the League Championship.

Barça ended the first round of League games in the best way possible. Away at the imposing Malaga, it was a fantastic display, based on control of the match and efficiency in front of goal. Valdes kept the team alive at the beginning and a monumental Messi guaranteed the three points that take them into the Clasico with their morale really high. With his umpteenth hat-trick, Messi has now scored 22 goals in the League Championship.

Gradually, Barça imposed their technical superiority in midfield, and Messi was the channel for the Barça attacks. In the 32nd minute, the three time Ballon d'Or winner put a ball out wide for Adriano, and then met the Brazilian’s cross to place a header into the back of the net, just like a heading specialist. The Argentinian’s 20th goal of the season gave the away team confidence, and they had over 70% of the possession, even though Malaga were trying to play football.

The situation was under control, but with the lesson learned, Barça came out with the intention of killing off the game. In minute 47, Willy Caballero managed to save 2 Thiago efforts (one from another great Adriano cross), but Alexis was on the spot to make it 2-0. Almost immediately after that Messi recovered the ball, and with a trademark slalom he got to the edge of the box, and placed an unstoppable shot past Caballero.

The situation was under control, but with the lesson learned, Barça came out with the intention of killing off the game. In minute 47, Willy Caballero managed to save 2 Thiago efforts (one from another great Adriano cross), but Alexis was on the spot to make it 2-0. Almost immediately after that Messi recovered the ball, and with a trademark slalom he got to the edge of the box, and placed an unstoppable shot past Caballero. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Match Stats]
Málaga CF: Caballero; Gámez, Demichelis, Mathijsen, Monreal; Cazorla (Recio, m. 78), Maresca (Rondón, m. 60), Camacho, Eliseu; Isco and Van Nistelrooy (Sebastián Fernández, m. 60).

FC Barcelona: Valdés; Alves, Mascherano, Piqué, Abidal; Thiago Alcántara, Busquets, Adriano (Dos Santos, m. 67), Iniesta (Pedro, m. 73); Messi and Alexis Sánchez (Cuenca, m. 64).

Goals: 0-1, M. 32: Messi. 0-2, M. 47: Alexis Sánchez. 0-3, M. 50: Messi. 0-4, M. 81: Messi. 1-4; M. 85: Rondón.

Referee: Undiano Mallenco (Navarro College). He showed yellow card to jellyfish Camacho (m. 62).

Incidents: Game for the first day of the League representative in the Rose Garden Stadium before 30,000 spectators.

[Youth] Mallorca 0 - 2 FCB Juvenil A

With this new win against Mallorca, Oscar Garcia boys follow the leader game, Espanyol, which is only a point of the azulgranas Dongou has signed the two goals of the day.

The Juvenil A has added its fourth consecutive win in the match against Mallorca at the nineteenth day of the Honor Division League. Oscar Garcia's team has left the field with a good attitude and has worked throughout the meeting to be imposed on one of the most powerful rivals in the category. Finally, the ownership and possession of Barca has allowed them to victory.

The guys from Oscar Garcia's party have raised very seriously and have come out with great intensity. In the first part, the azulgranas have been higher than Mallorca and have enjoyed several scoring chances until Dongou, on 17 minutes, opened the can thanks to a great Christian center from the right has topped Cameroon .

Despite the opportunities, the Juvenil A could not realize any other time and went into the break ahead by the minimum.

The second half continued having color Barca, although Mallorca ever created danger from set pieces. However, the guys have been Oscar Garcia who have widened the gap on the scoreboard with another goal Dongou. On this occasion, has released a lack Cristian quickly and picked up the defense by surprise Mallorcan striker situation has taken to make the pass to Dongou, which has not failed.

With the win, Barça are placed Espanyol just one point, the current leader, who has drawn this Sunday against Gimnastic Tarragona. Next week the Juvenil A will continue to fight to regain the lead in the match against FPE Mataro. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Match Stats]
Mallorca: Martí, Salcedo, Gabri, Juanito (Pedro, min 77), Vincent, Jorge (Álvaro, min 69), Xavi, Sastre, Vidal, Ripoll (Blasco, min 51) and Tofol (Marc, min 51).

FC Barcelona: Bañuz, Edu, Grimaldo, Bagnack, Ayala, Cristian (Sandro, min 68), Pol Calvet, Dongou, Miguel Ángel (Babunski, min 80) and Quintillà.

Goals: 0-1, Dongou, min 17; 0-2, Dongou, min 65.

Referee: Juan Alberti Oñate (Balearic committee). showed yellow card to Juanito (min 15), Edu (min 71), Marc (min 88), Álvaro (min 89) and Salcedo (min 90).