21 January 2012

Guardiola: “We cannot lose more points”

With Barça five points adrift of the league leaders, Guardiola said that his team cannot allow more points to slip away and that they must start securing good results away from the Camp Nou. Guardiola warned that Málaga is a dangerous side and that “the teams managed by Pellegrini always play well”.

Josep Guardiola is very aware that to maintain Barça’s Liga title hopes alive, seeing that Real Madrid currently hold a five point advantage at the top of the table, the team must allow as few points as possible to slip away. Furthermore, the team must try to improve their results away from the Camp Nou. “We know that in the Liga we are behind a rival that doesn’t lose points and we cannot allow any more to slip away. If we don’t want their advantage to grow at the top, we cannot lose more points,” Guardiola explained. He issued a reminder that “we still have the second half of the Liga” and reiterated the importance of maintaining the form showed in the Cup game against Real Madrid. In reference to how his men performed at the Bernabéu, Guardiola said that “we must make it the norm so that we can have options of winning the title at the end of the season."

The first step towards the title is Sunday’s match against Málaga at La Rosaleda. The manager is clear that “the teams managed by Pellegrini always play well.” He adds: Málaga is a very solid team, with a manager and footballers that have a lot of experience. Their left and right backs play very deep, their wingers know how to play and their strikers look for spaces. In general, they are quality players.” Guardiola said that in order to cut into Real Madrid’s lead, his team must “run a bit more, and attack and defend a bit more.”

The Barça manager qualified January as the “most difficult month of the year,” saying that: “you come back from vacation, the climate ... the demand, in every sense, is very high. There isn’t time to think about what happened two or three days ago, you just have to move forward to see where you end up. It’s a month that wears you down because you’re either in or out of the final of an important competition like the King’s Cup.”

Finally, Guardiola, who didn’t want to get too wrapped up in Pepe’s apology or Mourinho’s comments on Sergio Busquets, said, “I don’t respond to what is said in press conferences held by my colleagues.” He also was very pleased with Pedro’s medical all-clear: “it’s great news. We’re talking about a player that I have a lot of affection for, he gives the team a lot of things”.

Puyol's performance

When asked about Puyol’s form this season and when he thinks the Barça captain will retire, Guardiola said: “We missed him a lot lat year. He’s a very important player for us, he has a lot of experience, he’s unique, he’s our captain ... He’s very respected, he gave the Champions League trophy to Abidal so he could lift it. That says it all. Retire? It depends on him, he says he’ll continue playing until he’s 40. Seeing how he takes care of himself, how he lives out his profession, he’ll continue until his body tells him to stop.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Fontàs, undergoes surgery, will be out for 6 months

The player underwent knee arthroscopy surgery this morning to reconstruct his anterior cruciate ligament. The operation was led by doctors Cugat and Pruna.

The player Andreu Fontàs underwent knee arthroscopy surgery this morning to correct the ruptured anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee. The surgery was led by doctors Ramon Cugat and Ricard Pruna, the player’s estimated recovery time is six months.

Once Dr. Cugat and Dr. Pruna completed the procedure, they held a joint press conference in the pressroom of the Ciutat Esportiva to explain the details of the operation.

Pruna said that Fontàs is in high spirits despite the gravity of his injury. “Frankly, he’s dealing with it well. He’s been in high spirits since the beginning and he isn’t afraid of dealing with a long recovery time,” said Dr. Pruna. The doctor went on to say that “he already had a corrective surgery, when he broke his fifth metatarsal in his foot. He was out of action for three months.” The past injury, according to the doctor, has mentally helped the player deal with his current injury.

Dr. Pruna went on to say that the player will be out of action for sex months, “we hope to have him fit for the preseason.” Dr. Cugat added, “the doctor isn’t in charge, it’s the player’s injured knee” that will set the recovery time.

It’s worth noting that Fontàs injured his knee on the 12th, Thursday, during the first half of the last 16 round of the King’s Cup match against Osasuna.

On Villa: “He is doing very well”

The doctors were also asked about David Villa’s progress with his injury (fractured tibia). “He’s doing really well and he’s working. For the moment, everything is going according to plan, his recovery is great - but it’s too early to set a return date,” said Dr. Cugat. He went on to say that Afellay, who is recuperating from a long-term injury, is also doing “very well.” The doctor concluded with, “starting this February he’ll begin his recuperation on the field.” (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Pedro returns to practice with the group

The focus returns to Barca in the league. Barca's first team place this Saturday, its last meeting in preparation towards the game that will face this Sunday at Malaga, with the outstanding innovation of Pedro.

The canary player joined Saturday to work with the group after spending 10 days because of a section in his left thigh problems. The player could be discharged from care during the day and normally travel with the rest of the team to Malaga. Also be exercised with the rest of homegrown players available Cuenca, Sergi Roberto and Dos Santos.

Contrary to what is usual, the template will Barca night in Malaga. And remember that the game will be played at 18h.

To Barça goes the League in Málaga

After the new exhibition in Bernabéu, Guardiola demands a chip change: you cannot give more terrestrial.

"Credit must be earned every day. It is no use what we have done if we repeat not," said a thousand times Pep Guardiola. His words would be perfectly applicable to this new day league, which once again will be critical to gauge the choices of Barca in the league championship. For the coach, the new display Wednesday at the Santiago Bernabeu is history. Parked around the quarter-finals of Copa del Rey until next Monday, Pep and just think about the meeting tomorrow against Malaga and it has been so transmitted to his players the day after defeat by 1-2 in Chamartín.

In the Barca dressing room are very clear that your options for league win the title passed to change the dynamics mainly negative results away from home. Except for the Santiago Bernabeu, where he prevailed 1-3 in the league, Barca are finding it difficult to get their games away from Camp Nou. And is that except for the overwhelming victory in Chamartín, Barca have won only by the minimum in Gijón and Granada, and the remainder have drawn (Anoeta, Mestalla, San Mamés and Cornellà) or lost, as in Getafe. In total, only 13 of the 24 combined points as possible at home, hence the difference of five points over Real Madrid.

Although Guardiola wants his players have the five senses in Malaga, in the Barca dressing room not escape them that this day would be conducive to close the gap. The Athletic Club Bilbao Marcelo Bielsa, that Barça suffered in their own flesh in San Mamés, visit the Bernabeu after, as Barca on track to make it his Cup qualifiers, where, after a 2-0 win over Mallorca in the Cathedral.

Currently, Atletico are fifth in the standings and if he goes to Barca's the League, the Champions League they are doing because they have to lift his four points higher. (via MD)

Guardiola would sign continuity following the Cup clásico against Real Madrid

If, Carles Puyol talks will not be until May or June, renewal of Pep Guardiola is immediate although subject to the timeline. Two prerequisites must be given to formalize the agreement.

The first sport. Do not want anything to jeopardize this important stretch of the season and the second leg of the Copa del Rey against Real Madrid . Hence also it has paralyzed that of Cuenca.

The second is administrative in nature. One of the few requirements of Pep is to have the large group of collaborators who have accompanied him successful over these past few seasons. Wait until the signing of its continuity. The final track continuity of the web revealed the MD to report Pep food even with his colleagues after the clásico at the Bernabeu in which he said: "You encourage me to continue." Soon the club will communicate the 'yes'. Two years ago, mandated by Joan Laporta, was 20 January. Last year, with Sandro Rosell as president, reached the decision until February 8. No more. Over the next month will be held crucial meetings to prepare the draft next season. (via MD)

The continuity of the captain Puyol will be addressed in the summer

The player has proven to be essential when it is in perfect physical condition and will be given the option of extending your link.

Carles Puyol has recovered his best. The captain at the Bernabeu showed that no other central and whenever he is in perfect physical condition. The presence of veteran Blaugrana player brings serenity and poise that at times has been missed in the coverage of Guardiola. With Puyol on the pitch, everything is much easier and the yield is multiplied. The La Pobla plays and play to their peers.

This reality has prompted the sports management has taken steps to address the future of Puyol. The Catalan defender is now 33 years anniversary in April, and will contract ends on June 30, 2013. He still has one more season ahead, but as Guardiola Zubizarreta both have commented on more than one occasion that address not in favor of the renovations in the last year of contract.

No rush, but from the offices of the Ciutat Esportiva and has slipped to the end of this season will hold a meeting with Puyol and sound environment for future approaches Blaugrana player.

The initial idea is to extend the contract of captain following the parameters established in other veteran players like the case of Keita and Abidal. Ie, plants each season in light of developments in full competition. Puyol has free rein to choose their option. Nobody on the board or the technical piece discusses his contribution to the team and its weight within the locker room.

Only a matter of finding the right time to open the contacts. In principle, as reflected by the first informal discussions, any official contact will be postponed until the end of the season. Nobody wants to individual situations get in the good of the collective. And Carles Puyol, the great captain, much less.

The willingness of all parties is to sit in summer and implement a framework agreement to help ensure that the Blaugrana will defend the honor of putting an end to his career at the club all his life, Barça. (via SPORT)

[Barça will begin negotiations to renew Carles Puyol]
Barça will open negotiations with the captain to seal its last contract
Except Pinto, is the only player in the squad that finished in 2013.

It is not just an award for outstanding thirteen seasons at Barca . The club are convinced that Carles Puyol has power and gas for more travel and sports management that Barca has taken the decision to renew his contract, which expires in June 2013, when I have 35 years. It is the only component of the current squad, except for Pinto, which ends next year and will be cleared by Pep Guardiola, who still considered a key element.

The negotiations will not be immediate because there is no urgency. The player even has not been reported. The intention of the club is open contacts at the end of this season and try to solve its continuity during the summer. The economic formula is not designed but will not differ from that followed in similar cases: an optional one more season in terms of games played.

Today there are all conditions that the great captain did not leave the boat in the short term. Puyol has left behind the torment of last season, when injuries cut short his usual presence in the eleven, and again feel useful in the field. He's started 9 of the last 11 games. His performance in the last classic , goal included, can not imagine a Barca without it. At the center is not going to play a secondary role and become the spiritual advisor of the other players for their veteran status. Want to play but, above all, to end his career on the boat and on the lawn, as did the great Paolo Maldini, his relation, who hung up his boots under 40 years and play a major role in Milan until the last game.

The Sa Pobla still watching as the first day. Comes early in training and leaves last. No wonder that recently joked, saying that is capable of following "eight years". Football is his life and Barça, too. His dream would have crossed the door of the farmhouse and hung up his boots at Camp Nou.

Keita: "I speak a little... and less with the coaches"

The African Player sail three days only weapons his debut with Mali in the African Nations Cup. From Togo, the medium is present Barcelona.

The Blaugrana Seydou Keita land remains concentrated in Togo with your choice of face to the African Nations Cup which begins tomorrow with Equatorial Guinea and Gabon headquarters. The Malian international gave an interview to 'RMC Sport' in which he reviewed various aspects of the current boat club, where he arrived from Sevilla in the summer of 2008.

Keita explained the reasons why, in his opinion, Guardiola has so much appreciation. "I think it all started when we played the final of the Champions League in 2009. Everyone wanted to play and coach 'does the job offered left side, a position in which I had never played. He said it was fine. I'm not selfish, but no one would refuse to play a Champions League final. I think that's why I have great respect, "said midfielder Africa.

However, Keita said he does not maintain a special relationship with the coach, in part because of its classified nature. "Pep and I do not talk about anything. I am a person who does not speak ... much less with the coaches. The coach always praises his players, not just Seydou. Guardiola gives me nothing! If you do not play well, put me on the bench, as all, "continued the Malian footballer.

As for his future, Keita said we will wait to see how things develop. "It depends. I played at Lorient, Lens, Seville and Barcelona. No one knows when they can change things or what will happen tomorrow. I do not know. This is my fourth season at Barça and has done quite well, although I am a starter in every game. I think I've been scoring six or seven regular annual goals and four assists during a few, not bad for a defensive midfielder, especially in a team with all these great players ... But you never know, "he added.

Keita debuts Tuesday at the African Nations Cup with the Republic of Guinea in Franceville (Gabon). (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Dongou raises the penultimate step with only 16 years

Injured Carmona, Gustavo, Lobato and Ilie, Jonathan Soriano in Salzburg and Montoya (if you train it), Sergi Roberto and Jonathan dos Santos first team remaining, Eusebio Sacristan was forced to resort to five youth to complete the session yesterday.

This means Jordi Quintillà (18), Patricio Gabarrón (18) and Miguel Ángel Sainz (19), defender Eduard Campabadal (18) and the great name, the Cameroonian striker Jean-Marie Dongou, of only 16 years.

Born April 20, 1995, Barça signed him after seeing him in a football tournament played seven Cameroon through Eto'o Foundation. This campaign is one of the stars of the Juvenil A who heads up as Oscar Garcia and topscorer the Gen Next Series (Informal Champions in youth teams). Dongou is beloved in the locker room, known for its power and ease-to-door face. Furthermore, even dares to Catalan.

"At the moment training will go more often with us for taking the pace I go to the category and, if we need it, I have no doubt that he has the ability to help us," Eusebio said yesterday. (via SPORT)

The other 'pulga' Argentina begins to see the light

Buonanotte has gained prominence in the Malaga Pellegrini. The lower front of the League has the classic dribbling pastures.

With all the love in the world, Malaga and have imported the nickname of 'El Enano'. The fans of La Rosaleda has not had much opportunity to see him live, just a couple of league games as a starter, but Mario Buonanotte Diego (Santa Fe, Argentina, April 19, 1988) begins gradually consolidated in the Pellegrini's team. The player often first division (161 centimeters and 57 kilos), dribbling skills and a good kicker foul, faces Barca Messi in a duel of 'pulga' that, despite the huge difference in football, has links between both players.

As Messi, who shared the Olympic selection in Beijing, Buonanotte fought a physicist ready to help you give up for victory in the first end. In his case, River Plate, Passarella's hand, who made his debut with an opening 17 years, replacing Higuain. The Monumental made good genes from his father, Mario, player of merit in the seventies, and progressed in the shadow of his idol, Ariel "Burrito" Ortega, to become one of the more market players in Europe. Atletico Madrid began to follow him, but an unfortunate accident in December 2009 slowed his trip to Europe. That day, Buonanotte was driving the Peugeot 307 from his father on the way to Clementina, his hometown, and he lost control of the vehicle at the height of the town of Arribeños Aires. The three friends that traveled died on the spot and Buonanotte suffered a broken clavicle and humerus. He recovered without problems, but had to face the charge of negligence and recklessness resulting in three deaths. He was acquitted. Soon after, he married and has just become a father.

Malaga signed him in January 2011 for six million but kept him on loan to River last summer. His first experience in Europe, is currently being bittersweet. "I can not just be pleased that I played," he told the newspaper in early January 'South'. Last week, however, was the best in the Molinón and perspectives have changed. (via SPORT)

Pelé: "When Messi has scored 1283 goals and won 3 World Cups, we speak"

Pele said that Lionel Messi is your favorite current player, but said they "never" be born another Pele.

"When Messi has scored 1283 goals and won 3 World Cups, we speak," said Pelé in an interview published today by the newspaper 'Le Monde'.

"Records are made to be broken, but it will be hard to beat mine. People ask me all the time to be born when another Pelé. Never! My father and my mother closed the factory," he said.

The historic Brazilian footballer said that "technically" Messi, 24, and Pelé, 71, are "virtually unchanged" and that both received a "gift of God."

"With me, no one knew what was going to throw leg, played with both. Also got many headed goals," said the Brazilian, who noted that Messi "is a great player at Barcelona, ​​but when he plays with Argentina not has the same success. "

Pelé also highlighted the talent of his compatriot Neymar Santos, who said he "can become a great player" because "it is very good with both feet and very smart."

"This comparison of styles reminds me of Platini, who was a very good player, but Cruyff was faster," he added. (via SPORT)

[Former player] Riquelme: "That of Iniesta is incredible"

Juan Roman Riquelme is among the millions of football fans watching vibrating play FC Barcelona.

The Argentine midfielder praised the style of Pep Guardiola and Barca considered a role model: "To play well is to play like Barcelona plays. To see Barcelona is obligatory", he said at a news conference.

Boca star enjoys following the evolutions of players like Leo Messi and Xavi. "That of Iniesta is incredible", it put as example, highlighting the manchego midfielder's vision.

Riquelme, 33, belongs to Boca Juniors and played for all azulgraba 2002/03. (via SPORT)

[Former B player] Jonathan Soriano: "In Barça I've given everything"

The now former player of FC Barcelona Jonathan Soriano has attended Friday afternoon a program called 'Catalunya Vespre Esports' from Catalunya Radio, a few moments before his plane departed. Over a few minutes Jonathan Soriano commented that he has given everything in its Catalans stage, which by Barça only has words of thanks, and that is very hopeful of his new adventure in the city that gave birth to Mozart .

Jonathan, whose hiring by Redbull Salzburg has aroused much excitement in the Austrian club, as evidenced by the many welcome comments can be read on the club's Facebook has said that since leaving the Red Bull Salzburg's bid "was the best . They are the ones who have opted for me and most have insisted , and has done everything we wanted. Since last year they came to ask me, I liked the team. They returned this winter and I liked it. "

Soriano has missed the detail that you put a private jet to travel to Salzburg to sign the new contract, because "they are secondary things and what matters is that the team do well . "

The new player and the whole Austrian said to be club blaugrana "with the feeling of having everything I could, I did my best . " He stressed that it has done everything possible to help young people and that "I'm the boat with a good memory . It's been two and half years of a great stay. All are good memories. "

In turn, has acknowledged that he would have liked more opportunities with the first team, but has acknowledged that came into play factors not conducive to this. "It was a bit of everything, between the old law, which in the front of the boat does not play anyone and that is very difficult. I knew it would be complicated, and the idea of playing in Barca B always had. "

One of the issues that have come out in conversation is the fact that Jonathan was not left On our league, a team of the Liga was not interested in a great scorer like him, but Soriano has indicated that "want to leave abroad. Try things , experiences, and hope you do well. "

The change of club and city brings big changes: customs, climate, language, style of play, club, rivals ... Jonathan has acknowledged that "I know the team, know them from next week, the competition will be good." Yes he has seen the stadium and visited the club, the picture proves it-and in this regard notes that it sees "that are betting on football and things are looking very well. "

Soriano, who signed with the Red Bull Salzburg for three years and a half, yes you can play the Europa League , and although as indicated must go slowly, has not hidden his goal is to play the Champions League.

But to give you everything that is inside, you first need to position themselves and adjust to the new environment around you. For the moment it is looking for an apartment or a house with his wife when he finds his daughters to travel and Salzburg, and has admitted to have to get used to the cold, "takes all day snowing and very cold. " (via MD)

[Barça B] Carles Rexach encourages partners to go to Mini

The Barca excoach and led the campaign "Come to the Mini, come to see the Barça are looking to encourage attendance at home games of the subsidiary.

For the second consecutive year, FC Barcelona has launched a communication action to promote the games Barça B in the Miniestadi . In this case, the former player and former Barca coach Carles Rexach is the protagonist of the graphic campaign to promote attendance of members and fans of reserve team matches. The message is clear and direct: 'Come to the Mini, come to see the Barça' . Thus, we want to create an emotional bond between the subsidiary and the first team, especially now that many of the Barca players have been through the youth ranks.

The campaign starts this week, now that the team Eusebio Sacristan consecutive games played at home against Xerez , this Sunday (7:45 p.m.), and against Huesca , next Saturday, day 28 (18 hours).

The campaign includes television spots, radio spots, print ads and social networking presence, with the participation of Carles Rexach. The former coach, who in his time as a player also played for the reserves, then FC Barcelona, ​​uses arguments to convince football fans to go see the Barça B: "The future of this great team that trains Guardiola is now in the Miniestadi. " "Partners can enjoy a high level soccer players and we will soon see at the Camp Nou, sure" says Rexach.

The invitation from the fans Charly Rexach, surrounded by groups from the same tier of the Mini, is a guarantee that what fans see on the lawn will be a quality show with a record one hundred percent football club. The goal is to get a warmer environment in the stands and improve Miniestadi assistance, which currently has an average of 3,500 spectators per game.

It should be remembered that access to Miniestadi is free for members of FC Barcelona, ​​which also can buy three tickets for the price of 5 euros. Children under 7 years also have free entry to 12 years can access Miniestadi entry free with an adult. For the rest of the general public can buy tickets from 8 euros (category B games) to 15 (Category A).

To spread this season, FC Barcelona also has the strong presence it has on social networks. In little over a year, about 55,000 people follow the Barça B on Facebook ( www.facebook.com / FCBarcelonaB ) and more than 40,000 do through Twitter ( www.twitter.com / FCBmasia ).

Rexach's opinion

"It is showing that the first team and, especially Pep account with them and is showing that they are top players. I invite people to discover not when they reach the first team. I like that, they can , go see this team in the Mini also works wonders why football terms. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Great results after the clásico

Barça has won eight, drawn one and lost just one game immediately after playing Real Madrid over the last three and a half seasons.

Guardiola's side is rarely caught off their guard after facing their biggest rivals. In fact, they have generally picked up great results the next time they have played. They have only been beaten once in such matches over the last season and a half.

In their most recent matches, Barça thrashed Al-Sadd (4-0) at the Clubs World Cup and also Napoli (5-0) in the Gamper after winning at the Bernabéu in the league and at the Camp Nou in the Spanish Supercup respectively. Last season, FCB won at the Reyno de Navarra 3-0 after their historic 5-0 demolition of Madrid, and Osasuna were again the victims, this time 2-0, straight after Barcelona had been beaten in the cup final. They also won the derby with Espanyol 2-0 immediately after putting Madrid out of the Champions League.

In Guardiola's first two seasons, clashes with Madrid were less frequent affairs. But in 2009/10, after beating Madrid home and away in the league, Barça defeated Xerez 2-0 and Deportivo 3-0 and the previous season won 2-1 against Vilarreal.

Paradoxically, Barça's best result after a clásico wasn't a win. It was the last-second draw at Stamford Bridge, which came just four days after winning at the Bernabéu 6-2 in May 2009. The win in London sent Barça into the Champions League final. The other time Barça failed to win immediately after a clásico was last season, when they lost at Anoeta, 2-1, but the result didn't matter too much, because the Catalans were already well on course for the league title, which they did indeed eventually win. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Session before receiving the Xerez

Barça B has continued on Friday with the preparation of the game this Sunday at the Miniestadi against Xerez. This time, Eusebio has had five players in the Juvenil A: Dongou and Patric, who already exercised with the reserves on Thursday, and Miguel Ángel, Jordi Quintillà and Campabadal. Another new school session has been the presence of Montoya, who in recent days had been training with the first team. We must remember the casualties of Gustavo, Carmona and Ilie. For its part, Lobato has become a part of working with the group. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Barça B] Eusebio: "It's Rodri time"

With Jonathan Soriano's confirmed march to FC Red Bull Salzburg, the coach of the branch aims that Rodri is one of the players that can be better in centre-forward position Eusebio trusts the quality of the Juvenil one fully to reinforce Barça B when it is necessary.

After that was the penultimate training session before receiving, on Sunday, Xerez , Eusebio Sacristan has assessed the progress of Jonathan Soriano . He also made ​​mention of the various options to meet its low and pointed to the importance of achieving the three points on the commitment of this Sunday's Miniestadi against Xerez .

Thus, the Barcelona coach has explained that his staff has fit very well the progress of Soriano , because it is a great opportunity in his football career: "All the news we have fitted very well. The staff is happy for him because will improve in his career. This is good news for the group, and we are very happy for him. "

In this sense, Eusebio commented that during the preseason and worked to plan a template that could be produced this way. Fully influencing the options to meet the low Soriano , the technician pointed very directly to a specific player, Rodri. "Rodri is a player who is better in this position of striker. This low will allow you more minutes in this position. It's your time," he explained. The coach also has until the end of the season with Rafinha as an alternative in this position, as it did at the beginning of the course.

As already shown on other occasions, Eusebio has full confidence in the Youth A to complete his team: "If there is low in juveniles have players that are doing very well and have the capacity and quality to strengthen us." One of them, as confirmed by the same coach, is Dongou , who participated in the last two preparatory sessions of the Barça B: "He's doing very well. could be strengthened in a particular time and for this reason that we often with us from now on. "

The Barça B faces two home games against Xerez and Huesca . The goal is clear: "Trying to break the streak of games without a win." For now, the team is fully focused on the first of the two, this Sunday: "We always focus on the next game, which in this case is that of Xerez. We hope to get three points so you can see the future of a much more optimistic. " (via FCBarcelona.cat)

[Official; Barça B] Soriano transferred to FC Red Bull Salzburg

FC Barcelona have agreed to a 500,000 euro fee plus 500,000 euros in variables for the Barça B striker.

FC Barcelona have confirmed the transfer of Jonathan Soriano to FC Red Bull Salzburg. The Austrian team will pay a transfer fee of 500,000 euros plus 500,000 in variables.

Jonathan Soriano travelled this Thursday to Salzburg, with the Club’s permission, to pass the medical and definitively close the deal. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

David Villa’s condition improving

The striker, whose tibia was operated on a month ago, has published a video on his Facebook page showing him pedalling an exercise bike.

“It’s a month since the operation and I’m able to pedal a bike. The leg is getting better each day and I’m getting stronger”, says Villa.

It was a month on Thursday since David Villa underwent surgery on his left leg following the injury he suffered at the Clubs World Cup, meaning he had to return to Barcelona ahead of schedule. The Asturian has been describing his road to recovery on social networking sites and this Friday published a picture of himself on an exercise bike, along with a text saying "It's a month since the operation and I'm able to pedal a bike. The leg is getting better each day and I'm getting stronger". (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Demichelis: "Barcelona is played the League and will come to win"

The Argentinean defense of Málaga Martin Demichelis has noticed today of the visit of FC Barcelona, on Saturday to La Rosaleda, and has assured that the League is played and, hence, will come to win."

"Barcelona is one of the best teams in history, because it is analyzed every weekend for coaches, journalists, players and one finds a way to beat them, "said a news conference. The Argentine defender has praised the Catalan side that "has the best players "as well as" a defined ideology, "but has qualified Málaga players they want to" play a great match."

"Playing against a team that's one of those game that all players want to play, "insisted the South American player. It has rejected the possible "physical exhaustion" of Barça after Wednesday's game against Real Madrid in the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey , and commented that " the victory at the Bernabeu have been strengthened."

"They will be motivated, because they are playing the League and they will come with everything to want to win", Demichelis has said. He has referred to the five days that Málaga takes without winning and has said that besides the rival this Sunday it worries the gust of results that is all the players' that are those that are on the field thing ", but that these things are those that stiller encourage to achieve a good result". (via MD)

[Ex president] Gaspart: "Pepe has offended all of us who love football"

The Blaugrana expresident believes he should apologize and not in a way so "light" than it did.

Vice President of the Spanish Football Federation and wxpresident of FC Barcelona, ​​Joan Gaspart, said in an interview on 'El matí' de Catalunya Radio that the Real Madrid player Pepe deserves punishment because he believes that Messi was stomp an assault.

Joan Gaspart believes that Pepe had to apologize in a more clear picture of how he did: "I think we still have time to do so, and thus as' light 'how about saying,' Well, if one has bothered. .. ! Man! If almost breaks her hand and then you tell if you have bothered ... It is clear that bothered, has offended and insulted us all that we love football. Pepe still has room to apologize for truth. "

For the expresident barcelonista, ​​the punishment could fall Pepe is not the highlight of the event: "The penalty shall be that, if no penalty, but for me this is not the most important, the most important a person and a player, do not argue that it is a great professional, recognize that it is wrong and say publicly. And above all, not to say that only apologizes to Messi, but he will not say more. "

Gaspart noted that the Federation will be asked to act ex officio against Real Madrid, "is directly the Competition Committee who assumes or is not assumed. The Federation never asks the Competition Committee. Or is the record of the referee requiring the Competition Committee to enter into the subject or is the same committee, they are people who look like us on television and see everyone who has spoken on this subject, who decide whether acts or no. " (via SPORT)

[Barça B] Bologna will be taken to Riverola to final of season

The president of the Italian side confirmed the agreement by which the young midfielder will leave FC Barcelona in June.

The Martí Riverola's future is in Serie A. The young midfielder Barca B will leave the discipline of the club azulgrana at the end of the season to anchor in the Bologna after the great interest shown in the Italian club.

Its president, Albano Guaraldi, traveled to Barcelona to close a deal and stated that the transfer of the player is already agreed to when you finish this season.

Guaraldi has confirmed the deal on the microphones of RAC1 and revealed that Riverola sign a contract that will join the Italian side for the 4 seasons.

After Jonathan Soriano's exit to the Red Bull Salzburg, Riverola is the following one in abandoning the ship barcelonista. (via SPORT)