20 January 2012

Villarrubí: "To Pepe does not believe anyone"

Carles Villarrubí also believes that the Competition Committee should act on his own to punish Pepe stomp Messi.

Carles Villarrubí, institutional vice president, has decided on the action of Pepe and Messi with subsequent apology made by the Real Madrid player but has made clear that not just rely on his words of repentance.

"Pepe tries to make a correction that does not exist. It does not say he was wrong, says he does not want to do. No one believes it," he said in words to the microphones of "The sermon to RAC1 '.

"The serivce is that these people feel protected. After finger in the eye there was a justification by the club. This creates a breeding ground for Pepe is the pot and go do what he has done. At the time a station, such as COPE, which calls into question the professionalism of the team, the coach, talk about drugs, doping and the club itself is spoken as a source, then let the courts, "he said.

In addition, the Barca manager reiterated the club will not denounce this attitude because the images speak for themselves.

"You do not do anything. What happened has been portrayed. The whole world has seen. You do not make complaints," he said.

And, also expressed his hope that the Competition Committee to sanction acts of trade action. "The Competition Committee would act on its own if you want the good of the sport. And it does not," he said. (via SPORT)

These are the shirts of Barcelona 2012-13

The board has given the green light for new Nike designs run their course. The new uniform has big news.

The T-shirt of FC Barcelona 2012-2013 already have OK of the club. SPORT has had access to the new uniform, exclusively, presents it to his readers that, along with the fans, can get an idea of ​​how the team will wear next season Pep Guardiola. This is a revolutionary design in which the main new feature is the amazing blurred.

As usual in recent years, late last and early this year approved the new kit of FC Barcelona. The sports firm Nike presented its proposal to the board, which approved the absence of their occurrence final details such as location of the 'senyera' or reading 'som more than a club', among others.

The T-shirt that will play Barça from next season will be talking about because it is a kit to use. Defined lines disappear and the blue vertical columns and great feature on all shirts, and passed to a blue background on which stands a red vertical pillar as it expands from the center of the web is becoming blurred. Never, until now, Barça had accepted this challenge, but from the academic year 2012-2013 the team for wearing a T-shirt will highlight different and modern.

The trim on the collar and the sleeves are orange and the logo of Unicef, as now, remain below the dorsal. Also remains in the same place as now the name of the sponsor, Qatar Foundation, the signature Nike logo and emblem of the club, as well as leading from the January 12 as the defending world champion title won in Yokohama after beating the Saints (4-0).

The away kit will be orange, like the one used by the team during the 2006-2007 season with Frank Rijkaard as coach. This shade was chosen for the first time the 1991-1992 season, and orange, Barça won its first European Cup at Wembley after beating Sampdoria in the extension. This time, however, also orange blur, but unlike the first kit, the gradient will go from top to bottom. Ie, neck, shoulders and chest are of a deep orange to almost yellow pass to the waist. Barca is the detail on the sides, with a line on each side bicolor.

There will be changes in tracksuits, touring and training, and training clothes. SPORT, also had access to new designs and presents them in these pages. Particularly noteworthy are the tracksuits, that rescue garish colors (fluorescent) in other seasons and did so well accepted among the Barça fans.

With these new designs FC Barcelona takes a solid step forward and, surely, their example will be followed by others. A bold bid is expected to be embraced by millions of fans and amateur counts in the club on the planet.

The gradients on the shirt were already in the second gear of the team in the 2004-2005 season, in a blue shirt with vertical stripes that were blurred. And he had a great success. (via SPORT)

Announces LFP La Liga schedules for the month of February

LFP has released the schedule for the days 22, 23 and 24 of the La Liga where Barcelona will face Real Sociedad, Osasuna and Valencia , in two cases after knowing what will be done Real Madrid that measured in these three games to Getafe, Levante, and Racing. (via MD)

[Horarios Jornada 22]
Sábado, 4 de febrero:
18:00 Mallorca-Betis
18:00 Athletic Club-Espanyol
18:00 Levante-Racing
20:00 Getafe-Real Madrid
22:00 Barcelona-Real Sociedad

Domingo, 5 de febrero:
12:00 Sporting-Osasuna
18:00 Sevilla-Villarreal
19:45 Zaragoza-Rayo Vallecano
21:30 Atlético de Madrid-Valencia
Lunes, 6 de febrero:
21:00 Granada-Málaga

Horarios jornada 23]
Sábado, 11 de febrero:
18:00 Racing-Atlético de Madrid
20:00 Osasuna-Barcelona
22:00 Betis-Athletic Club

Domingo, 12 de febrero:
12:00 Espanyol-Zaragoza
16:00 Málaga-Mallorca
16:00 Rayo Vallecano-Getafe
18:00 Valencia-Sporting
19:45 Villarreal –Granada
21:30 Real Madrid-Levante

Lunes, 13 de febrero:
21:00 Real Sociedad-Sevilla

[Horarios jornada 24]
Sábado, 18 de febrero:
18:00 Getafe-Espanyol
20:00 Real Madrid-Racing
22:00 Sevilla-Osasuna

Domingo, 19 febrero:
12:00 Granada-Real Sociedad
16:00 Athletic Club-Málaga
18:00 Sporting-Atlético de Madrid
18:00 Mallorca-Villarreal
19:45 Levante-Rayo Vallecano
21:30 Barcelona-Valencia

Lunes, 20 de febrero:
21:00 Zaragoza-Betis

Carles Puyol to Tito Vilanova: "If Xavi puts it me there, I score"

In the clásico's halftime, the captain requested from an energetic way to the assistant coach to change the play that had prepared for the next corner serve.

The rally's goal Carles Puyol , the goal that allowed them to do justice to what was being on the pitch, was not due to chance or improvisation, but had its history, forged during the break , ie, three minutes before it occurs. It was during this period of recovery and reflection forces when approached Puyol own Tito Vilanova to indicate the action that he believed would be appropriate for the goal of beating Iker Casillas .

Pep Guardiola's assistant had placed four cards with as many plays in the hallway outside the locker room Barca. Then 'Puyi', no shirt and bare chest, approached him and proposed to change the play that was originally prepared for the first corner was dropped. Leveraging one of the cards that he had placed Titus , Captain Barca where would he pointed and said, "If I Xavi puts the ball there, I mark a goal."

Puyol then went to talk to his partner and put the rest of the great knowledge they have for each other. It was said and done. It only took three minutes into the second half when the Terrassa sent the ball into the heart of the area, several Barca players dragged the Whites to the post and Puyol burst with all beating Iker Casillas. To make matters worse, the captain left culé evidence Pepe , very smart when it comes to theater, kicking and stepping on Messi but very little attention to what really matters: to defend as God intended. With this action began the comeback that culminated later another defender, Frenchman Eric Abidal.

The well, although not exact, it was very similar to the master himself won the day 2-6, also at the Bernabeu. And is that Puyol has scored two of his 12 goals as Barca in fief merengue. At the time the play was not exactly the same, because instead of going to the first players to stick to drag defenders meringues, Pique did a screen so that your partner could finish the lack lateral comfort. Another somewhat similar to these two was that put the Spanish team in the final World Cup South Africa 2010. Came to Germany at the exit of a corner, and was left in the final result 1-0.

The offensive production Catalans defenders both Puyol and Abidal, contrasts with the Real Madrid no capacity for an approach that is none other than conservative and especially aggressive. That's why the club is doubly proud of his new victory in Chamartín, because it has been done by men in theory devoted to these matters but have a blind faith in everything we perform. Another achievement. (via MD)

Neymar: "To Real Madrid and Barcelona for now say no, thanks"

"I dream of playing in Europe, but do not know when it will be".
"I want to play and possibly win the World Cup Brazil 2014".

Brazilian forward Neymar, winning this event in Uruguay as a new "King" of American football , said that "at least for now," he says "no thanks" to the interest of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona for hire. "

I have a contract until 2014 with Santos and intend to stay in Brazil and fulfill it. After that, who knows, "he said at a news conference Neymar. The skillful striker was voted the best player last year in American fields in the survey for 26 seasons organized by the Uruguayan newspaper "El País", referring to two hundred and fifty journalists from the continent, and received the trophy at a ceremony at a hotel in Montevideo.

"I dream of playing in Europe, but will not know when," said Neymar, 19, and was instrumental in the Santos win the Copa Libertadores of America in 2011 after passing the final against Uruguay Peñarol. Also, "I want to play and possibly win the World Cup Brazil 2014 . I'm getting ready now and I hope that we get an optimal team and with the support of my countrymen to fight for the title, "he said.

Neymar said Barcelona "gave us a footballing lesson" last month when they beat Santos 4-0 at the final of Club World Championship in Japan. "In that game did not play as we can, but Barcelona gave us a footballing lesson and served us all to learn," he said.

In reference to your present, Neymar said he is "happy" with "everything I've achieved with the Santos." After ruling out a move to European football, said: "I think for now just work, work hard and try to be better every day . "

At the same ceremony was awarded coach of Uruguay, Oscar Washington Tabarez , chosen as the best coach in America in 2011. Neymar, who last year was in the plans of Real Madrid and is also intended for Barcelona, ​​he took up the scepter than a year ago won the Argentinian Andres D'Alessandro , the Brazilian also Internacional de Porto Alegre. (via MD)

[Barça B] Eusebio runs out of the credit to the front of the "B"

Zubizarreta sponsored a small hill with the technical secretariat and the coach to find solutions.

The defeat of Barça B in Las Palmas stung. The loss of points and the bad image that gave the team direction caused the sport to decide to take action on the matter. In an attempt to find a way out, on Monday organized a small hill to thoroughly review currently surrounding the subsidiary. The appointment had the director's of professional soccer presence, Andoni Zubizarreta, those responsible for the technical secretary, Narcís Julià and Albert Valentine, and the coach of the team, Eusebio Sacristán.

As has transpired in the meeting, in addition to finding the discomfort of the evolution of Barça B, the dome blaugrana demanded an immediate reaction. In fact, it had an impact on the team has two consecutive clashes Mini Stadium, against Xerez and Huesca, which should serve to radically change the course of the championship and move away permanently from places that they can question the permanence in II A. No one can speak of any ultimatums and ready to take over from Eusebio.

The mission statement was accompanied by several specific details that have surpassed the walls of Mini Stadium locker room. On the one hand, there is evidence of some disorder in the template you have liked least. In addition, during the break in Gran Canaria Stadium events occurred which are considered worrisome and can not happen again.

Fuentes of the club has confirmed that Eusebio pointed out that it is convinced of straightening the address of the team. Throughout the week there have been several internal discussions to correct defects both in sporting and internal functioning.

The technical secretariat also outlined the need to address a major refurbishment in the template with the end of the season. A priori, one senses an impressive list of high and low. As for the future of Eusebio is a mystery. The coach has one season left on his contract but whether to continue or seek new challenges in the football market. The doors are open to what is deemed necessary. (via SPORT)

The football world cries: Out Pepe!

From the car on Wednesday night, Pepe's misdeeds no longer have even the Madrid media apparatus muffler. Although it was very difficult, the Real Madrid central violent perpetrated in the Cup 'clásico' against Barca their overall performance more shocking, kicking, treading treacherous hand to Leo Messi and simulating attacks from rival that never existed. For the umpteenth time, and as usual thanks to the unjustifiable under the Spanish referee, Joe remained in the field as would his coach José Mourinho. The referee Muniz Fernandez mortified obvious what the whole world. The press around the world denounced the devious repertoire of defense, he was seen as a symbol of Madrid deranged and shocked because Pepe was sent off, rather than the game of football as a universal concept. Real Madrid, frightened by the international echo of a clásico that has damaged his image much, Pepe brought in to fix the television, but rather it down. Now is the turn of the sports courts, or at least should be.

However, the Competition Committee of the RFEF has shielded-almost-always in the omission of arbitration proceedings not to judge flagrant aggression such as Pepe. This time will not wash. Even without the minutes, the Committee has already made exceptions in the past has been arguing that "social alarm". Well, what now Pepe is not "social alarm", is "global alarm". In recent years, Kluivert (2000), Ayala (2001), Alfaro (2003) or Pedro (2003) were automatically punished. Not so the Madrid Figo (2005) after removal of César. Yesterday was already circulating that the Committee would not act on its own initiative 'because Pepe did not cause serious sequelae.' If you eat the inaction of the Committee, the credibility of Spanish football and Messi will be so trampled by Pepe. Pepe is not to punish him carte blanche to remove someone someday.

As in the civil courts, have the background. And Pepe are creepy. If there are no exemplary punishment, the Spanish football will be the laughingstock of the world. (via MD)

[Embarrassing! Pepe go unpunished]
As the world of sport in general shows his rejection of the violent attitude of the player, everything points to emerge unscathed.

Pepe has enough numbers to make him go free violent attitude shown in the first leg of the Cup played yesterday at the Santiago Bernabeu between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. Today we meet the Competition Committee of the Spanish Football Federation to discuss the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Cup and all indications are that there will be no penalty for the Real Madrid player. Federal sources consulted by SPORT said yesterday that the Competition Committee does not usually act on its own in sets that are not in the arbitration act without a prior requirement of a club. Only in exceptional cases, for example you have an injury involved, often act ex officio by the Competition Committee.

These conditions play for Pepe ... and detrimental to the sport. The referee Muniz Fernandez, besides tolerating brusque Real Madrid, did not witness the stamping of Pepe so Messi did not contain such a lance in the scoresheet. FC Barcelona, ​​meanwhile, said yesterday that it plans to apply any punishment for the Real Madrid player. The board believes that Barca behavior Pepe report to the Competition Committee would only serve to add `poison do some clásicos already too intoxicated from last season or, which is the same, since Jose Mourinho takes the bench Real Madrid. Barca believes that Pepe's stomp is judged on its own and that the images of the action, which have been around the world, and punishment are a recurrent image of the player and the club they misrepresented.

Apart from the official position of Barça, large sections of FC Barcelona do not understand the impunity with which acts Pepe and yesterday, through social networks, many fans were felt his discomfort Blaugrana to transcend the serious possibility that the stomp of Real Madrid Messi left unpunished. Many fans do not just Barca do you consider it rains, it pours and that Pepe has an unsportsmanlike conduct that has the support of members and of the disciplinary bodies and that it is time to put an end to impunity for someday that will happen something big if the player is still rampant.

The world of football and sport in general expressed his perplexity and indignation with the new show hosted by a player who causes embarrassment in many sectors including their own club. Many players, former players, coaches, etc., through social networks, immediately decried the attitude of defense Portuguese midfielder yesterday.

The sharpness of the images leaves no room for doubt about the violent and unsportsmanlike behavior Pepe. The Real Madrid player is ashamed of the board raises fines and even pierce, but Mourinho will have the last word, always protective of his compatriot.

Competition office itself has acted in the past even though the action deemed not recorded in the minutes, without going any further, the 'dedazo Mourinho did Tito Vilanova. Simeone (Atletico), Salgado (Celta), Kluivert (Barcelona), Ayala (Valencia) and De Pedro (Real Sociedad) were punished by stomping, kicking or punching not reflected in the minutes, while the most famous case was the entry of Goikoetxea Maradona, sanctioned by the referee with a single yellow card and then earned him player of the Athletic 18-game suspension. (via SPORT)

Sergio Busquets vs Real Madrid

Fernando Hierro: "Málaga can win Barcelona"

"It's a young project that wants to think about the future and know that not be an easy road".
After incorporating Kameni "in principle include not think anyone else".

The general manager of the Malaga CF, Fernando Hierro , stated on Thursday that the club is an "absolute confidence" to the coach, Manuel Pellegrini, and to a template that is closed with the arrival of Cameroon goalkeeper Carlos Kameni .

"Manuel has extensive experience and know how to handle the locker room. There is an absolute confidence in him and his way of working. We know that January is difficult, but the feeling is that we are round and have very close opponents of the seats up there, "said Iron news conference.

In this regard, said that there is no best coach possible for a project that will go together "Whether or not" targets. "We must be realistic. All we know is a young project who wants to think about the future and know it will not be an easy road. We are quiet, things are all working with a common idea," he said.

"It's a happy day has come Kameni, who knows our league and appreciates the willingness to bet on us having other offers. It's a fantastic addition. Is your card? By Rosario, we are engaged in other businesses, but Hélder who is then removed in a timely and temporary, "he said in Portuguese downward. With Kameni, thus closing the chapter of entries in this winter market. "In principle we do not include anyone else, there is a large staff and the coach has confidence in it, "he said about it.

"If nothing happens extraordinary, the template is closed. We work in groups, the coach is happy with the addition of Carlos Kameni and are happy with this template, there is no need to change constantly," he added. Regarding the visit of FC Barcelona on Sunday, confident in the possibilities of Malaga begins to need the victory. "We think we can win. No doubt, Barcelona is a wonderful team that has three or four years sweeping, but as a sportsman can not imagine that we can not win," he said. (via MD)

Pepe ruffles the ripple: It was an involuntary act"

Real Madrid defender Pepe official media used Real Madrid to apologize your way Messi. Judge for yourselves.

At 21.00 hours on Thursday, the official website of Real Madrid played the words of Portuguese defender trying to apologize for his stomp on Leo Messi's hand during the Cup Clásico. The controversial player apologizes "if Messi is offended" and insists that "never" hurt a colleague, although some of its predecessors like Casquero for almost three years.

"With regard to the play with Leo Messi from and I mean that was an involuntary act. But even then, if Messi is offended I apologize for what I intend to defend my team and my organization. I surrender body and soul never goes through my head hurt a colleague, "said Pepe realmadrid.com.

Madrid's apology comes almost 20 hours after Messi stepped on hand during the second part of the Real Madrid-Barcelona. Before this action, the player himself had faked an alleged slap in the face by Cesc in another action. The television cameras betrayed their theatricality.

FC Barcelona has not filed any complaint with the Competition Committee, as these actions do not appear in the minutes of Muñiz Fernández because they were not penalized during the game. Despite the apology from the player, this Committee is meeting this Friday and could act on its own, depending on the impact of an action that has been around the world.

We must remember that years ago was slapped with Pepe and eight-game suspension for assaulting the then Getafe player Casquero during a league match played at the Santiago Bernabeu. On that occasion, the action itself which was on the record as Pepe was sent off. (via SPORT)

Teixeira will arbitrate the Villarreal-Barça

The Cantabrian collegiate referee Jose Antonio Teixeira Vitienes Villarreal-FC Barcelona, ​​for Week 21 First Division, which takes place on Jan. 28.

The Basque collegian Eduardo Iturralde González the game will whistle Real Madrid-Zaragoza and the Galician Iglesias Villanueva Espanyol-Mallorca.

The Federación Española de Fútbol (RFEF) announced the nominations Thursday for the aforementioned arbitration day 22 First and Second, which are as follows:

[Primera división (Week 21)]
Racing-Valencia Álvarez Izquierdo (C. Catalán)
Osasuna-Atco. Madrid Pérez Montero (C. Andaluz)
Real Sociedad-Sporting González González (C. Castellano-Leonés)
Villarreal-Barcelona Teixeira Vitienes J.A. (C. Cántabro)
Málaga-Sevilla Muñiz Fernández (C. Asturiano)
Betis-Granada Turienzo Álvarez (C. Castellano-Leonés)
Espanyol-Mallorca Iglesias Villanueva (C. Gallego)
Rayo Vallecano-Athletic Paradas Romero (C. Andaluz)
Real Madrid-Zaragoza Iturralde González (C. Vasco)
Levante-Getafe Teixeira Vitienes F. (C. Cántabro)

[Segunda División (Week 22)]
Deportivo-Cartagena Ocón Arráiz (C. Riojano)
Hércules-Villarreal "B" Jaime Latre (C. Aragonés)
Barcelona "B"-Huesca Prieto Iglesias (C. Navarro)
Sabadell-Xerez Martínez Munuera (C. Valenciano)
Alcorcón-UD Las Palmas Miranda Torres (C. Catalán)
Guadalajara-Numancia Amoedo Chas (C. Gallego)
Alcoyano-Valladolid Melero López (C. Andaluz)
Gimnastic-Almería Gil Manzano (C. Extremeño)
Córdoba-Elche Sureda Cuenca (C. Balear)
Girona-Celta Hernández Hernández
Murcia-Recreativo López Acera (C. Extremeño).

[Barça B] José Marii is wary of Barca B

The forward of Xerez José María Romero 'José Mari' noticed this Thursday before the game of next Sunday in the field of Barcelona B that the filial azulgrana, as that of Villarreal, they are irregular" "teams and "if you catch them with the good day, they can make you a mess".

At a press conference, the player stated that the joint Seville subsidiaries "the same play a game with four players not playing and they do come in the same way" and said that players are "very dynamic and with great quality."

"The key is to be a hundred percent. Do not think they have a better team than us, a key can remove the ball, because they enjoy the ball and when you take away the ball, suffering," said the striker xerecista.

He also stressed the importance of the victory achieved last Sunday in Chapin, compared to Hercules, and acknowledged that "it is clear that when one gets the victory has been training with other spirits."

He emphasized, however, that the staff knows Xerez still "in a difficult situation" but said they have "caught a little air and the team's morale has been strengthened," because "it has seen" that are "capable to give more. "

Jose Mari also emphasized the importance of the games played at home, because "in the second division, at home, make your field is a fort is critical," and stated that this was the "pending" Xerez from the last year, but "now it seems that things change" and hope "to continue like this." (via SPORT)

[Ex-player] Schuster: "Pepe when you put the shirt is another guy"

The former Real Madrid coach Bernd Schuster passed on Radio Marca and Pepe came to the defense, while acknowledging that "when you put the shirt is another person".

"I will not say how good it is Pepe, what a good person he is, a great professional, he has to be in Madrid. We must not exaggerate more. It is an ugly gesture, but now we see everything in the field . The Migueli, Iron, Ayala gave up ... All in the neck, but now we see everything. In my time, the spittle flying in all matches. Now, with so many cameras, we see everything, and not pretty. Pepe, Casquero from the day I do not know what happened. It's weird, if you know him closely, you can not explain. These are the typical players are transformed, as happened to Stoichkov, who at short distances is a phenomenal rate. It's like security guards, who are at the stage of uniform, wearing it is other people. Pepe when you put the shirt is another guy. Mou knows how to use these things and sometimes it happens. You can be in Madrid for their quality. It has been applauded at the Bernabeu for his bravery. These small details make him much harm, but will regain the ground game, "said Schuster. (via SPORT)

Group meal at the New Masía

Barça’s first team met at La Masia. Centro de Formación Oriol Tort to have a group meal.

After the brilliant victory at the Bernabéu and this Thursday’s training session at the Ciutat Esportiva, Barça’s first team celebrated their recent success with a group meal, a fairly common occurrence in Can Barça. However, what was new about today’s traditional meal was the venue: for the first time the team ate in the dinning hall of the New Masía. Centro de Formación Oriol Tort.

The group luncheon also served as an introduction to the new facilities to some of the first team players. At the same time, some of the Masía-grown footballers took advantage of the situation to greet and meet with the workers and cooks that help run football boarding school.

None of the players recuperating from long-term injuries, David Villa, Ibrahim Afellay, and Andreu Fontàs, missed out on this afternoon’s luncheon. The Barça B players that were named to Barça’s Clásico squad were also present (Cuenca, Montoya, Sergi Roberto, and Dos Santos). (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Abidal, goal scorer and photographer

After scoring his second goal ever in a Barça shirt, Éric Abidal was the center of attention at this afternoon’s training session at the Ciutat Esportiva.

In was the 76th minutes when Éric Abidal controlled a magnificent pass from Messi and, with a subtle touch with the outside of his foot beat an outstretched Iker Casillas. Thus, Barça’s French defender scored his second ever goal in the Azulgrana strip and the match winner. He did it at the Bernabéu, in the quarter-final away leg of the King’s Cup.

The team spent the night in Madrid and returned this morning to Barcelona, and subsequently went straight to work at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper. Abidal, always good humoured, walked out onto the training ground and decided to test his photo-taking abilities. The Frenchman took aim at Gerard Piqué. He found the best angle, focused, and pressed the button. This is the result:

The worldwide press lauds Barça once again

The international press outlets agree that the Azulgranas were superior to Real Madrid, they highlight the play of Guardiola's team.

The worldwide press concurs on the latest Clásico: the game (1-2) that leaves the Azulgranas a little closer to the semi-finals of the King’s Cup was an magnificent display of attacking football. Barça was, once again, superior to Real Madrid. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

'The Sun' (England): "Abidal destroys Real Madrid"

'The Times' (England): "Guardiola's men allow Madrid to score, but, they still win"

'The Guardian' (England): "Barça beats Real Madrid and Mourinho has a little problem"

'Tuttosport' (Italy): "Always Barcelona"

'L'Équipe' (France): "Abidal trashes Real Madrid"

'Corriere dello Sport' (Italy): "Puyol-Abidal, what a Barça team!"

'Gazzetta dello Sport' (Italy): "The Cup Clásico, for Barcelona"

'A Bola' (Portugal): "Mourinho doens't manage to defeat Guardiola at home"

'Record' (Portugal): "The luxurious Catalans silence the Bernabéu"

'Clarín' (Argentina): "Barça celebrates in the Bernabéu with the magic of Messi"

'El 9 Esportiu': "A classic"

'Sport': "The f****** owners of the Bernabéu"

'Mundo Deportivo': "Heros and monsters"

'As': "Mourinhada, the same as always"

'Marca': "The never ending story"

[Barça B] Agreement in principle for Jonathan Soriano transfer

The Barça B striker has been given permission by the club to travel to Austria to close a potential deal with FC Red Bull Salzburg.

FC Barcelona can announce that an agreement in principle has been reached with FC Red Bull Salzburg, and the player has been given permission to fly to Austria today for a medical examination and talks to finalise the deal.

Jonathan Soriano joined FC Barcelona in July 2009 as a free agent after his contract with Espanyol came to an end. A few months after joining Barça B, he made his first team debut in the Copa del Rey against Cultural Leonesa. In his first year, his goals helped Luis Enrique's side win promotion to Division 2A.

He had a magnificent 2010/2011 season. Barça B finished in their highest ever position, fourth, and Soriano was top scorer in the division with 32 goals.

In 2011/2012, Pep Guardiola took him on the preseason tour with the first team, but a knee injury in Munich meant he missed the rest of the trip and the first few months of the league campaign.

But despite that lack of match practice, Jonathan Soriano was soon back scoring for the team, now coached by Eusebio Sacristán, and he was on target five times in ten games. Half a goal a game is not a bad rate for a player that had been sidelined for so long, showing he had lost none of his magic touch. (via FCBarcelona.cat)

Moniz: "I had a very positive chat with Jonathan"

The manager of FC Red Bull Salzburg, Ricardo Moniz could see also of his solid will for himself in a personal conversation with Soriano, plays henceforth for the bulls and, to want to meet.

Moniz: "I had a very positive and also promising conversation with Jonathan and could determine, that necessarily wants despite tempting offers from England and Portugal to us. And that was crucial for our offer - but also the fact, that Alan will be missing still very long time. (via redbulls.com)

[Barça B] Barca made official the agreement in principle between Red Bull Salzburg and Soriano

FC Barcelona has arrived to an agreement principle with FC Red Bull Salzburg for Jonathan Soriano's transfer. Jonathan Soriano travels this afternoon to Salzburg, with permission of the Club, to pass the medical recognition. (@FCBarcelona_es)

The Barcelona player Jonathan Soriano has received permission from the club azulgrana to travel to Austria and pass a medical with FC Red Bull Salzburg team he signed for three seasons and a half, until June 30, 2015 .

The club has made ​​official through a press release that has reached a tentative agreement with the club for the transfer of austíaco forward as anticipated and Mundo Deportivo. (via MD)


Barça superiority in numbers

The statistics from the 2-1 win at the Santiago Bernabéu show how dominant Barça were in every way in the Copa del Rey quarter final first leg.

  • Barça had 72% of the possession away to their biggest rival.
  • In total, Barça made 744 good passes compared to Madrid's 234.
  • Xavi completed 122 of the 140 passes he made. Busquets made 109 out of 117. The best Madrid managed was Xabi Alonso's 35 out of 40.
  • The visitors had 10 shots compared to the home side's five.
  • Mourinho's side committed 20 fouls, while Guardiola's made just 12. Madrid also had more yellow cards: 4 against 3.
  • Madrid only had one corner and Barça had eight.
  • Puyol scored from a corner at the Bernabéu, a very similar action to his goal in the glorious 6-2 win at the same stadium in 2009.
  • The corner was also taken by Xavi, who is one game short of the record number of clásico appearances held by the legendary Joan Segarra.
  • Abidal scored his second official goal for the Catalan outfit. His other was last season at the San Mamés, and also in the cup.
  • Leo Messi made his 300th official appearance for Barça and was able to celebrate by setting up the second goal with a majestic pass.
  • The win means the teams are now tied on 86 wins each all time, while there have been 45 draws.
  • Madrid have scored first in the last four meetings with Barcelona at the Bernabéu, but have not gone on to win any of the games. They have drawn one and lost three.
  • Nineteen different Barça players have now scored this season.
  • Gerard Piqué won far and away the most ball of the night, 16 in all.